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i think i promised to tell you about the another disciple of duggan's vow and this is a var buyer
a monk named kong and geek in
and his vow goes in english in the authentic zen practice of china
it is necessary above all to arouse sincere heart and pure wow
to put yourself in the sight of buddha ancestors
offer incense and make prostrations and
in treat the buddha's request the buddha's
may the ocean of vows of the three jewels be dedicated to this body received from our father and mother
may lack of faith in every fluctuation are condition be wiped away
and from our current body until reaching the buddha body may reserve buddha and not be separate from buddha dharma through lifetimes and generations of birth and death
may we fully liberated
sentient beings from all locales and situations without becoming weary
whether a top the sharp trees on the sword mountains are inside the fiery furnace of molten iron simply hold is true dharma i treasury taking responsibility accepting responsibility and managing it everywhere
humbly request the boot ancestors were verified three route three jewels to protect and attend to this ah
to witness this far
forget says may
you know and that's one way to translate the
this chinese character for which can also be a bow and so i'm in actual fact a practice eventually this may this wish
nice to turn into a witnessed promise

basically i just wanted to open up for any offer you would like to make but i would like to mention just a little bit about this when even for a moment
you express a buddhist seal and your three activities
the entire
universe becomes the buddhist seal
the whole phenomenon world becomes the buddhist seal and the entire sky turns into enlightenment
and the translation is whenever
even for a moment
uk's breast the buddha's seal at the same on whenever one displays the buddha buddha seal
in body speech and mind
again the entire phenomenon where it becomes the buddhist steel and the translation is when even for a moment you sit upright imprinting the buddhist seal
in your three actions of body speech in mind the entire phenomenal world becomes a boy steel
and his words sealed in the chinese characters knows in
ah it means seal
but also used in his mudra but they're trying to sanskrit word mudra means a physical shape like hamburgers and body mudras
but it it actually means it also means a sir a circle or a ring so it refers to the ring like quality of our body so these are murderous but they're also that there like rings they make sense and even this is actually a murderer is kind of a ring here and your postures also kind of a ring
samudra refers to postures
but also could be a ring
so if the ring of your body so as body motorists or it can be a ring of of beings but also can mean a seal like a seal it is edges stamp something with
so translating you can translate the murder as seal or circle
or you know round shape but also as posture so this third translation says when even for a moment you manifest the buddha's posture
in the three actions a body speech and mind so the boy in a posture can also mean an attitude right so when you when you manifest the buddha's mind and body and speech in your mind body and speech
and the entire world turns into buddhism wardrobe the entire phenomenal world because buddhist posture
this is kind of an indirect recommendation to expressed the buddhist seal in all your actions because if you do express the buddha seal in your action even for one moment at that moment the entire phenomenal world also becomes the buddhist field
the buddha seal is realized
by you expressing the british c or in your speech in your postures and and you're thinking
south dennis like a good deal to express the buddha sealed those relates to gyms question about
how do you affect this world so it just saying if you express the buddhist seal a year speech and you're thinking and your posture the entire phenomenal world becomes that including george bush
a the entire phenomenal road joins this buddha posture when you use your posture and your speech and you're thinking to express the brasil southern someone might ask what's the to steal again
what's the better seal again
hmm what actor
yeah it's your attitude so it's it's the attitude of your body is added to to your mind so what is the attitude which is buddhists attitude
compassion right
what else
wisdom yes
and bowing buddhism buddhist compassion
when a candidate buddhist when the buddha's comes to put his mind buddhist mine has the shape of allow the put it to where the buddha thinks is the boys always thinking all the time about how can i help people and i want to help people i promised to help people i'm always thinking you about
helping people in the reason why i'm always thinking by helping couples because i promised to help him for a long time so now i always think about my promise to think of helping people has now come to fruition
and i always think of helping people that's all a rethink about every thought i think of is about helping people and not just helping a little bit but helping him enter the buddha away
that's the way good us that's the buddha seal in terms of british thinking and wouldn't put a talks the talking is expressing that bow but also wisdom
so both express the boot expresses the buddhist vows matter what the buddha does and a buddha expresses the buddhist practice which is to contemplate the way things are
so whatever you do in body speech and mind even for a moment if you make this posture an expression of the buddhist bow and you make this posture
an expression of contemplating the way things are vanier posture has the buddhist seal
your body is
expressing that what you're really doing with the world
is you're contemplating this is a contemplative physical body that's it your stats at your shine
you're expressing them
so you meet someone
have you don't do anything with the person you just contemplate what they are
you observe how they really are that's the way your body is with people
and when you talk
you're talking he is actually the same
it's contemplating the way beings are but your body without saying anything or moving just your body when your body is
this vile body and also is meditating body this is the buddhist seal and it transforms the whole world this is the amazing statement that he's making their
about how
expressing the buddhist seal and our bodies beach in mine changes the whole world
it makes the world into the is sealed now also if we do not practice this way
if we do not express the buddha seal in our actions of by his beach in mind
our actions also changed the world the world is
the result of is the consequence of our actions of body speech and mind i just mine yours and mine all of our actions what make worlds
that's why action so important is because it makes world
but actions a body speech and mine actually actions a bodies speech and mind plus vows so the world is the result of actions karma and bobs selector
behind me i put the suit job tom saga surgeries on the on the altar the if the flower adornment scripture big scripture and early part of the scripture as a chapter called the formation of the world's and a narrow it shows it's tells us at the world's the world and worlds are the consequence
of karma
and bombs
so your vows and karma no matter what they are are transforming the world but if you're if you're carmen and vows are expressing the buddhist sealed they're transforming the world into the buddha seal
if not are transforming the world some other way which you probably are relatively less happy about

also i put the suit drop their to show you how big it is and to tell you that that has i did before the main bodhisattva that sutra this is samantha podres sutra
samanta pod your peers also in the lotus sutra very important figure in lotus sutra by this sutra he's a main body softball
and the and this hinders their are his vows are featured throughout the sutra in various ways but the ten balls are actually an appendix to the sutra this sutra has thirty nine chapters and as its fortieth chapter which is about his vows which you won't find in cetera so if you go look for you won't find it
dirt but but it's on the board there and also if you want to full
the full presentation riches
looks considerably more amazing than that
if you email me i can send you the text
and right now i refrained from getting into that and and just stop and say if you'd like to
come forth now
like to offer you the opportunity
how can we have a self taught notice

and while i'm waiting for somebody to come forth i just want to mention that someone brought up forgiveness
and i intend to address that issue
they said i didn't hear you talk about forgiveness so i commit to talk about forgiveness
before the end of this session

i'm kind of picking up on our conversation
about us know year again
when i'm sitting
and i'm i wanna pay homage to all borders yes
he knows i'm trying to figure out exactly what that looks like
he example i gave you already was so if i noticed like a sore shoulder
and then you said on
i think this is what you said that
i could pay homage to all buddhas and that's that's sort of like on
making explicit kind of was implicit that
add soreness is being created by
i don't know they're all the relationship with everything in the world i don't know has quite the words bouncy or for me he would be explained for somebody else they may have some exclusive that my time more implicit credit
it doesn't relate you are here you got a sore shoulder and when you say homage to bhutto's you have just said i'm in relationship to bruise and saw my shoulders
in celebration
i'm paying homage to british and i want my shoulders to come along
doctor sleep they're sore
my my whole body and mind is now when i say i i mean my whole body and mind our are being offered and aligning with a plunging into the boys
the formal way a a formal posture the traditional form of posture an amish his cabal as getting a diving into something so amish to buddha means i dive into buddha
i i line up with a pencil whatever's happening with me goes with that so if i'm healthy i helping us goes into into the homage to blue
an unhealthy and the pain and pain comes with me
into the homage pan all me cause with the you to the relationship preclude him
i'm practicing
giving homage to greta
honoring buddha
it also has some people would translate just as worship worship has the etymology of
so i consider going to be worried
i worshipped i venerate buddha
a homage to florida i align myself with and all of me and give all of muslim
and then the next one is is making offerings i offer myself to britain
by going to this end or since i going to send all i can say i offer myself to the brutus and i sit i offered myself when i get up by offer myself when i'm walking and all whatever i'm doing
i'm invited by the body such as a mom to ponder to offer whatever i'm doing i'm thinking something i'm thinking a hotter myself for thinking person
the thinking woman
to the booze all that like that
this is i could i keep talking that way long time the notice that i'll be saying many different ways however i am is what i offer
and one thing also sworn to save just briefly
he said
you can make offerings like incense flowers and so on but and the highest offering to the buddhist is your practice
salt may be mentioned later
little bit about the varieties of dharma dharma offers are the best offerings to them
a physical offerings are good too but later i'll mention of dharma hoffman's so you when i going to zendo usually i think that i'm giving myself to the zendo to the practice to the people i usually think of them i say here i come here am
i will say it alone because that's not the decorous
there's no else comes in said i'm here i'm yours but i feel that way want to go into zendo
and i feel like people are happy that i'm giving myself to them in this end of it able to say thank you
forgiving yourself to your seat
well i think that
and then i am and i and i think and then also think i'm paying homage to the people who are the ancestors of is tradition i think that
i guess i'm going back to what you did yesterday so you would like scratching your cheek and then you're down you're having a thought about that about paying homage so so i'm trying to work within my practice but i don't know how like i don't know what to do with it next so there's my sore shoulder and then in on next there's the tree
in in all there's the sky or whatever but but i noticed like it's much easier to think about paying homage to like the lake and the trees than like the radiator i mean so should i
you know should i balance this out
after i don't like i don't i'm actually pay homage to radiators
and i don't pay homage to trees you unless the truth radiator is i see the radiator as representing
the buddha which is representing
the way all beings are intimately related to each other
so i was thinking about
what's the managed made makes two glasses
john so i sleep when i started your journey is talking but his monastics who are discussing some details about salt or something and i thought is a way of taking care of the monastery and the salt and pepper which is like you feel like you're taking care of buddha's eyeballs in your own eyeballs it's very tender and
sweden and compassionate is another way of taking care of things like radiators and salt and people which is not very compassion so if i if i see the radiator as representing
this interdependence all beings than i would pay homage not to the radiator
but when it represents to me that moment sometimes you can see
that's some physical object is teaching you have
why guess what i was trying to get out with the thing about the making explicit it's sort of like typically if i'd have thought like this i wouldn't add on like i wouldn't add on this layer of i'm paying homage like so so it feels like
there was an ad on their an overlay or something and so to me it seems like at practice was gonna gonna care think we can turn up with documents before but it's explicit overlay is to help you realize something that's implicit in a president or minor route of record well i don't know if we did earn
not but i and so the vow is actually implicit in your mind already
and so it's it's not a not adam it's a practice to realize that this is actually already in your heart and
when most people have troubled realizing this in their heart him as they say it when they first sight they sometimes be insincere
but by saying the bars over and over to finally realize that are totally sincere and at that point i realized actually it was already in my heart and part of the reason i think some people feel that and some zen teachers do not talk too much about some on typography dog is one that does talk about basel
lot but sometimes the teachers do not talk about explicit falling
through speech and thinking and posture but part of the reason for that may be that they're trying to help the student find about in that kind of the ball is actually inherent to the mind
so they direct the student to look in mine and find about in there
as the know style practice
another way is to say it out loud until you feel sincere and then you notice that actually rousing
and some other people actually feel like work involves already in me so why say it
one reason for saying it is that
unless the bog is turned into your thinking and speech of posture and about isn't if of arc isn't enacted it doesn't have the transformative power that it has so fitting the mind in a laden non active way it doesn't transform the world the way it does when it becomes active in since your active anyway
why you let the bow into your action because then your action your didn't your actions will transform the world in a positive way because if you don't connected with the by your actions are going to be transported in the world
in in least a status quo may be a negative one
yeah that part was very helpful helped me certain some patient then

dobyns teacher lou jing
said to his group right at the very time you're sitting
you can make offerings to all buddhas
in the whole universe
without exception pay homage to buddhism make offering ceaselessly while you're sitting
if you're not thinking
hey it's talk for your body but you probably are thinking so after for your body speech and mind when you're sitting make it offers to britain and he says
do you know and see this he asked the monks do you know and see this if you know this do not say that you're wasting your time if you do not know this do not avoid what you are facing
so he say when you sit
you can make offerings to all booed if you don't have to get up from your seat going to alter you not to say anything you can just as him you're sitting can be authorized always you're sitting can be ceaselessly without exception making offerings
and if you if you can see this you're not wasting your time if you can't see this
he's not saying if you can't see this you're wasting your time he says he can't see this you should face the situation i don't see this
you shouldn't avoid that you do not see that what you're doing is in relationship to the boots you should face that okay i do think i'm sitting here by myself i'm not sitting with all the is like i accept my face i confess i'm sitting here just with a few other monks that buddhism i don't think the buddhism
here and i don't think this is an offering to buddha's i
except responsibility for that way of seeing things
which i have heard his delusion
if you face that you will come to see that actually you are practicing with the buddhas and your practice isn't offering to bruise
what is appreciate that you come here and sit still
even if you don't know that you're doing something they appreciate but if you come here and understand what you're doing isn't offering it is that they appreciate you more
it just a new understand that

we are generous fees
what is appreciate
if you don't practice it you don't appreciate
which is it it's a tragedy
and i realize that you're a generous be
common tragedy for people who don't practice

i have a spare were nice be right behind the special english is only like a chemical
first of i really wanna think to you and i hear or into soccer member and teachers ah for me is feeling out
i'm very valuable moment had a meeting be with a remember
use that and the the first can you hear
i'll give you
can you talk about down
the grey
what is or back to the hell
and also the packet the whole i couldn't practice and then is great for to some profile and
he will you
explained his gray bodhisattva vow here in there
inconceivable inseparable
it's ongoing
if he's no com local ages
i got into it as to it really is it seemed really seems to come and go
so you
when you meditate on the way things are you also meditate on the way the is in the way all things are including the file that they don't come and go there are not born they don't die the ungraspable their infinite so the vow is like that too
and when you said his practice or her to eat and i can see here is here is in the gray police are about as emptiness of our
a it and i can see it is in your practice or or heartily there's a phone their appearance and
you said that
the for her to the practice is contemplation no way things are and
to me during the session i can see myself and i keep watching myself and dry
contemplate the my contemplating the way things are and
with this session to me is very asked almost as it right com it's almost work
okay i am
well i'm going to tell my field and the way we have possession session there is probably different than the way manifestation here there's i can see more on involving mutual is a lot of foul language of hear him and so things
different yes
and when i see that i continuously
my when i watch myself
i don't just contemplate the way things are i just keep reacting to what have had a experienced before and then here is tissue experienced here but
i just keep putting my mining there and then or is a good or the that i can just a com i saw myself the oldest good boy this is not good in august during this is how i ah
in the beginning i usually and again in the beginning and then
the what you said is just right there and i can practice so or use a drink deserving the you in those places where you're comparing okay
not that be and look at how is it repose it actually
he's like lucky and don't get into can figure me out just what is he
what is this what is this comparing mind what is this line with the saying this is good this is not good this is barely visible
treat that mind like you treat a person wherever you meet contemplate the way they really are how are they actually a middle way where's the middle way and they are
how would you know what is the emptiness of this person what is the ultimate truth and whispers she looked at her in the boys high profile helps you have him energy and wholeheartedness to do such a difficult meditation and it's easy to fall into our thinking
we had a lot of encouragement while support to like watch our thinking and counterfeit how it really is rather than getting caught up in it
and also we'd encouragements and support to the cause
to not get depressed when we do fall into our thinking and then just say called while i confess that i onto my thinking i got caught by my thinking i was contemplating my thinking i was believing it
so i confess that because that's part of about to
the vow help you be wholehearted in the contemplation of reality
with whatever unique inwardly and it
thank you want

earlier this morning he talked about the difference between
having a desire to help people the compassion towards people and all been versus a action of taking on a bow
and to help i'll being or and my question is a good between or how in a sense of a plow beef is not just a desire
it's a solemn promise
to act in accord to to or john greatness
what do you suggest and how to you
cultivate the some promise versus just the desire
well first of all
ah i would say do you see any solemn vows in the neighborhood
if not you see any desires
and then no now
and if you find a desire and you might say okay how do i wanted to dwell on do i want to commit to that desire
like i'd like to clean my kitchen
okay yes i do i would like to prima gigi were like somebody agreement
how we like to help
not now nor do i want to commit to it but i want to promise to do it and the answer might be wow no not yet you okay at least you noticed you wanted to do something he noticed you want to awesome to have to run every promise solemnly
to do it so you weren't ready to make a pile concerning is actually which you actually would want to do
did you just wait until that answer for yourself and yeah i
you don't have to dissuade you can keep looking you could wait but
if you would like to if you'd like to accomplish some of the things you would like to accomplish
on be kind to everybody
then will be good to keep checking
where do you still want to and checking when you're ready to keep keep in touch with it and keep checking to see you still want this is is still really important to you
so yeah so i often ask people to beginning of training barriers so she is easier in a time but a be getting wicker training group which is longer i asked people to beginning what is your deepest
our concern was twisted they want the most in life
and there's often can answer for wow
but when they asked me when we finally i don't find it and come and tell me that i said well now that you've found out what's most important if you want to know commit to them
and then after may take longer after they find out with most important there's still not ready to commit
and i think it's good to be gracious with with ourselves so we don't aren't coercing ourselves into the promise are there's some some teachers like the coerce people into promises maybe that's great but
cause it
if the wealth they make promises domain so i'm gonna do it never
but i i think my personality is that i wouldn't if i pressure people that lose track of what they really want so i kind of his keep asking them are you want to commit and ready to commit
if you keep the question out alive
and again the good the question
you can also learn some a buddhist violence on the body so for hours and ask yourself does was questioned site
can i help all beings enter the supreme way and attain buddhahood and asked that question and then if you enjoy asking it and you can say or now maybe i would like to promise to keep asking that question could actually do enjoy it
and i'd like to be more consistent
i can get a promised that we promote consistency
okay i'm ready i hacking problems
doesn't mean i will be consistent but it will help and be consistent always think of them
just like we have zen centres for people who want to sit in meditation
who notice and coming to send them and even if you don't make a promise when you walk in the door and there's there's an implicit promise when you come in here at you'll sit
especially would come around the time into city
so when you join us that she and is kind of up you don't ask you do you promise to sit this all these period we don't ask people that there's a feeling like you feel you're sort of promising and so in fact we can sit and most people cannot set of says she without promising are going to apply
place where the promises implicit like this and he packed with this implicit promise of join him session were out were actually able to do it
if you do a long time he didn't promise because completely takes over and you become consistent
so particularly if you don't have
a social situation which implies the promise
it's competitive more necessary look inside secure your regiment promise you can have both
have some people get married and make promises with lots of witnesses but inside you don't feel it
but i'm actually sort of view feel i'm pretty takes many years but crashes than there and ready to really in her heart promise with a promised

when thing that struck me when you are reading the power the beginning of this with this talk about holding that a whole thing the shape of a foul without getting weary
and i was noticing as you were talking about doing this on a day to day way will transform the world that i what arises is feeling weary and also kind of cynical about it that are you go about wow oh well about the power of about trends
for the world
because it i sometimes think well if i look around it's not really seeing to be happening and for instance i was reading about even dalai lama of tibet and the people there and that's a big macro level but i'm like
his approach isn't seeming to be bearing any fruit yet know how many is happening and so people were feeling discouraged and then that's why they were rioting
it seemed to be having fruit in the west
he had i mean i think i think his messages is transparent lots of people in the west maybe even if you even if some people into bed
when i read about it it is painful to see that the people in tibet are still being treated the way that they are and then when i think about a closer to home it feels painful and i know some of it is when i was talking with you last night about in my own family it's a generation
soon after generation after generation of people who are violent alcoholics and i'm so it's how do you hold that shape of the bow without getting discouraged well before i address that is wanted to say again which
which is a present praise which the horse arise before the donkey mean square k so
if you have generation after generation of what in my family of alcoholics violent alcoholic peaceful had this is very muddy toxic situation came as the donkey but the horse can arrive before the donkey goes away
in the horse is compassion growing in soil of this alcoholic tradition
and that at
the her compassion he gets stronger and stronger before a family
has changed to have no alcoholics in it anymore
and so it may seem like the oncologist still there when we have something new in the family called great compassion
which wasn't there before before we just have alcoholics and frightened nine alcoholics
now we have alcoholics and fearless bodhisattvas in right in up and pride in alcoholic situation
with current alcoholics
but now we have a bodhisattva in the pan
that's the transformation is how we have a great compassionate practice living where it should live in the waters of alcoholism in the waters of addiction
boy soccer has come into it's best to change
and so on that small level i can kind of see that like make that would help to have body in the family was certain helps the boy soccer yeah maybe it helps somebody psychical research is very happy and that's kind of it night but what about this trend
farming the world business for the body is in the family have had intended for people ever happened to have a break in their alcoholism they could tap the notice if somebody somebody's there be kind of them
and they do have breaks
sometimes they sometimes are sober for little while and then they noticed that somebody said who loves them who really loves them has been loving them during the whole time
and that person is now able to not teach them a bodhisattvas can't teach before people wanna be taught but they can develop their themselves to get ready to teach will for whenever people are already and where they get ready is by living in places like alcoholic families from and practicing general
awesome towards the alcoholism and then the new compassion grows and then when the time's right for the hundred people and maybe the are college don't notice them but the other people in the family nor of some may start practicing compassion to sell maybe the alcoholics never changing in their lifetime but everybody else in the family he's trans
and yet later maybe the person may in a million never liked time they may actually realizes
and so when you're talking about that and what i was say when i was thinking was that maybe that's why i resonate to discouragement because that's been my family situation
but when you were talking about if we do this and we will be able to hold the seal and ill transform and be with all the bodhisattvas and i felt silicon about that and i wondered what makes you like you been doing this
believe the stuff that is in his suit dress
and they don't mean that i'm not trying to be i don't know what makes me believe it but
but ah and i know you you're saying i do believe it i just say that i feel fearless when i talk about fearlessness and i feel compassion i'm talking about compassion and when i talk about cynicism and i'm gracious towards that but i feel i feel afraid of cynicism but
if i'm not gracious toward sentences and cynicism takes me on her so cynicism is it is
it's another be
to grace and integrations with it's another being who i wonder how can i help the cynicism entered the bridleway berkeley
and when i think that way i feel like a fearless forty some i feel ready to die to be unhealthy
and so on when i forget that and i get disoriented
and don't have gives stupid
and fucking on can be gracious for the stupid one
i don't you just i look i don't usually feel stupid and also get angry at the stupid one i just got a stupid and i you stop there and say okay can get easier
he just got disoriented by the change of gate
for a momentary didn't he didn't realize that this is all there to help him develop his practice practice or got shaken of the okay
so whatever you know whatever cynicism patterns of addiction all this stuff
we have practicing for this stuff
which is reflow to what
he asking it we vow to work with the oddest things we have to try to help yeah we asked to help me wonder how we can help and not only that but he also vow to contemplate what this stuff is when it has got alcoholism cynicism
happiness enthusiasm all these things happy people unhappy people everybody no matter who we meet
we contemplate how they really are we we and we listen to the teaching will get a little tip on us you know that says all these beings are vast and they're not forewarned and don't die they don't increased don't increase their unhindered and the only reason why they appear to be born and dying is because
upside down viewers with listen to those teaching and they guide us in our meditation so we're not just vowing to help everybody wonder how to help are also understand we have to practice so we realized we have substantiate
human beings banana slugs alcoholism cynicism enthusiasm pleasure we have to practice with it another way to start queen and that this orients us again and then we lose our valley
selten i don't know why i love you like i do
it was a good i would know why but i tend know
thank you
thank you for giving them my practice

and our thing is that the dalai lama's said that lot of people practice they don't see that to make any progress but sometimes it's hard to see progress in yourself in less than twenty years but he can see progress in people are less than twenty years in so can i
and lot of people come to censor anything these people who've been here a long time and are like this
other than
those troublesome people whose well tell and back
what they expect to gotten bags they think okay i'm not very developed but everybody present already should be
after i'm there for love i'll be enlightened but the people who already there should already be enlightened great promise we let on a like people in all the turn
related people come and find unenlightened people in their shot
anyway so they say stuff i got nancy
i know i know him but you should see what they were like before
the i knew this person twenty years ago when i tell you this kind of thing he has developed
i know high looks now but make sure this not this is a vast and the vast growth that he's gone through much more like a body up and now going the houston and
and also this shows that you can practice you do whether they are so hot i can see people developing i see them development the ones who practice i see them developing i i i am not just belief have see
seen people evolve positively who practice appropriately to the positive evolution and i also see people deteriorate who do not practice
i should say who practiced it in appropriately to deteriorating i've seen people go downhill who practice one way and be can grow up here who practice another it's terrible to see them go down but it's the dharma if your unskillful we go down
you don't pay attention and get he made mistakes you do pay attention and get more skillful so i've seen that and it easier to see another people than yourself
and also we don't have control groups which is no problem
haikus i seen but you know i said dispersed has evolved positively tremendously but they might have a proper they might have evolved more positively if they become i don't know what
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