Awakening Lives In Silence And Stillness

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In the midst of stillness there is the awakened activity of liberating beings; lovingkindness and politics; becoming Buddha by realizing causation; not being possessive of anything, even the dharma, or compassion.

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once again i i say over and over that awakening
his living
in silence and stillness
right here right now
another way to say it is awakening is alive in silence and stillness right here right now
but they're slightly different ways
speaking but i agree with both
i'm enlightenment is right now living
hepner enlightenment is right now living in stepped illness and it's alive and stillness and when we are living in stillness than we were there with it
as usual
we have to make an effort
stillness we don't have to make stillness
stillness is already present
and again in stillness
there is awakening there is a wake turtle or wakefulness
and then
there is
the activity in this stillness
the awakened activity
liberating beings
so they may realize peace

her in stillness there is a m
in this activity there is a
hmm there is her
a dynamic interaction
between each thing and everything else
this the activity that's going on in stillness
which we can call buddha activity
here's a pivotal activity
and stillness as a pivotal a pivotal
mr going on
for a mysterious pivoting going on in the stillness which is which is the buddha activity
there's a mysterious
pivoting going on which is
liberating beings
from being stuck
in their position
things are always in some position
but they're not stuck
because they're in this pivotal relationship with everything
that's not them
and this this this relationship is that is an activity it's going on and stillness

in our daily life
we can remember stillness
we can
receive it
it's they offered to us
every moment
where to go any place to get it
if we go some place when we don't to any place to get it but if we do go someplace when we arrive he will be given to us but it's not necessarily go some place else to receive it it wherever we wind up
he will be given to us
but if we don't remember it and receive it it's almost like
it's almost like it's not there
and then it's almost like the place where
this poor activities going on it's like someplace else
so we need to practice remembering the illness
in order to realize it and we need to remember that enlightenment living in it in order to realize it and we need to receive it
and then we need to practice it
and then we
can we need to transmitted because we do
only because we do
i think i may be on saturday on
tracy asked me something about something like
why something mentally town help me with this why do we have to like gown
the include everything
do you say something like that
i was talking about how we how i include every but all of you
and how all of you include me
have you could everybody and everybody includes each of us an efficacious why do we have to include everything
some that
the reason why you have to include everything is because you do
that's the way you have to because it's your nature
which also means you include all evil beings
and all good bags
he admits you include all evil beings while evil you include and you also included all good there's no good or evil that we do not all include so
those who practice this inclusion of everything and be included everything they can say you know
like took and handset i am the pirate
i am the cruel person
i am the selfish person
i am the insensitive person
but i'm also the sensitive person and the kind person and the careful person
and in stillness i receive all beings and the stillness i give myself to all beings
i need to remember the stillness where this is living this is enlightenment is the realization of reality
and being inclusive
ha is a and in our daily life
trying to be inclusive in our day life where we can actually see like i want to include that person and i don't want to include that person
but when i don't want include somebody i i this is a problem for me
because i have a teaching given to me which was i doing for everybody
so i also included i don't want to include that person
i don't want to i don't want to abide in my opinion or my feeling to include people
and i don't want to abide in my
feeling and i don't want to include some people
so on either case if if i if i want to realize all inclusiveness i need to dialogue with those i want to include
in order to realize my all inclusiveness and also to dialogue but those i do not want to include or who i don't think i do include i need to dialogue i need to have conversations
in order to not be trapped in my view
or my wishes

the way i really am is before my opinions and views
but the way i'm all inclusive is before my opinion that i'm all inclusive
and the way i'm ah inclusive is also before my opinion that i'm not inclusive
it's before any kind of
but discrimination if it were all inclusive and we are that way we are away that's before our are discriminations
we are that way and we also in in that in that way we are includes us have discriminated years that so we are discriminated
but our discrimination cannot reach
the way we're really inclusive and be included we can practice that
in our realm of discrimination we can practice trying to be inclusive of everyone and then how did and and talk about how to do that
like if somebody walks in his door and making a loud noise during meditation we might we include the person but we also include that we might ask him to be quiet
so in order to really realize that we have to have conversation
about this these issues which we doing this class and and other venues week we talk about this
with each other face to face
we talk about
real issues face to face in order to realize
the face before we were born
a face before we really born is our face
of the our body
that includes all bodies and that is included nobody's
that that we had that has a face before our parents were born we say
so i will continue to explore this
it's original face before our parents were born with you which is alive in stillness and from which the activities or buddha
not from which with which the activities are buddhists are living and and from which ah the boot activity appears in the realm of discrimination
appears name in the realm of after were born
where we may be see some people who do not go on who do not want to be inclusive and we don't want to include them
we only want to include the inclusive ones
so that's kind of a summary of quite a bit and
i'm a that's enough for starters


dear what you said she remembers asking me if hitler was just coming into office
should we be compassionate yeah you said that the your question now
okay could i change your question
if hitler came into office would be would it be appropriate to the body sought away
well as part of the answer okay okay sorry
should should we be compassionate and i said and you said well no shit
should i took away the ship to sue
you're not
yes in any past
that doesn't mean you just
give out the map
can to say
elsa the distinction between he didn't waver in the other jobs compassion and i didn't know this is a very much so
no permission to compassion demanding to be compassionate
demanding yourself demanding yourself to be complaining because you wanna be so you demand that of yourself
with me to define it just me
a great that was nice
now many emotions are have just come into office in our bodies
it's appropriate to our bodies up the way to be compassionate to all these emotions i have moved in
how is difficult emotions and many other people are having a really hard time and it's it's good for us to be compassionate to the emotions that are moving into office in them
so they can find their way to deal with these things so the to his emotions don't undermine their efforts so some people are like
while of thinking is moving into them are so involved with thinking they're getting incapacitated by over-thinking
and again you know that that has long history of saying to people get you know can let go of your thinking not stop you're thinking but like all of it but before you let go ahead have to be kind to it
the which we're not trying to kill our thinking
but if we don't let go of it it can wipe us out and forget to got caught up in right now a lot of people are having trouble sleeping because they're thinking too much
but i'm not only start thinking i'm around i want to bring compassion to their thinking so the more dwell on it so much and then they will get wiped out we want people to be serviceable
and with what's going on right
but and we're not telling you should but if you wish to
free people from this sigil in the midst of the situation than there would be appropriate to be compassionate to everything and by the way somebody told me that a michael moore predicted
trump to win and he and he went to from headquarters and they're very nice to him because him his predictions and he here he won't to see trump and he went in and got quite a ways into the building because he wanted to ask trump to you know
not take office
he wanted to talk to him in and say what would you please not
except this offer
he didn't get all the way though but he got quite a ways into the building in and the people were quite nice to him and he was most of them
so i c c c leslie
have you changed your name julissa



oh well that's a
yeah well basically before i get into the zen stuff
ah i think that at a good a time like a wholesome response to
are not too much thinking know overactive thinking overactive discursive thought
ah blog that loving kindness meditation is is a good response to that
to to be saying to yourself may all beings be happy may all beings be at peace may all beings be free of stress and fear k that's discursive thought that's thinking but it's not overthinking
if it's actually a kind of
how might say on inflamed
it's kind of simple relative to what we can get into because where we have tremendous thinking power
so that's actually the substituting a simple form of thinking from kind of like a
ah inflamed a potentially decay or harmful overthinking
so good substitute the simple which is heading towards letting go and that kind of that kind of thinking leads to relax relaxation usually and calming down and opening up
and in the process of opening up and relaxing
the you even let go of the thinking may all beings be happy
see you when you first start thinking now beings perhaps you might be kind of rigid about it
but i can do it more and more
he started to think mailbags be happy and you're doing it and if you don't do it fine and if you don't do it finds lovely lovely to your lovely not to do it
it's not like when you're doing loving kindness meditation it's good when you're doing it and bad when you're not
when you first start you think it's good you're doing bad or not but the person who thinks it's bad not to do loving kindness meditation we want that person to be happy
and free of such nasty thoughts as people who aren't going kindness meditation are naughty
okay so anyway and so
thinks that that's not a zen meditation
really nothing's as zen meditation
zen meditation is that whatever you're doing you do it
wholeheartedly that's the zen thing
so if you're doing loving kindness meditation you could say was not zan unless you do it
but if you do loving kindness meditation
you know totally exerted
it's not that then the loving kindness meditation zen but you're practicing zen because you're totally exerting loving kindness which means you're not abiding and loving kindness
you're doing it to beat the band is essay
so fully that you're not abiding in him
so all the difference buddhist meditations that can hear about in the history of buddhism
you know a lot of people say what can you do that a zen temple sure you name it
and you can do it it is in temple but at the same company are supposed to be working towards doing it so fully
but you're not doing it
so i can you think in zen meditation sure is in meditation thinking know
can you not think in zen meditation most people think we're sure you can definitely not break down meditation and you're right you can you cannot think into rotation is not thinking zen meditation know zen meditation is not thinking it's not not thinking what is it
it's ah
if it's sinking which is so energetic and wholehearted that it's not thinking and it's not thinking we're just so energetic
that it's thinking that's the kind of thinking that there isn't stillness is a thinking which is not thank you
so if you can think of any other buddhist meditations and ask him to can do it if they're part of zen
not really but if you do the whole heartedly that's totally at the center of them and where do you do wholehearted x in stillness and then this in the stillness the loving kindness meditation is pivoting with not loving kindness meditation

space is fine in space
it's same space
no problem
is this there's when and loving kindness meditation is done wholeheartedly it becomes not loving kindness meditation and that boys activity that's what as pivotal active
city so we get liberated from
loving kindness meditation and then we get livid liberated from being liberated
and go back to loving kindness meditation maybe
in the meantime we are thinking
but we know we have to train to think wholeheartedly because we have habits of half heartedness
and again we're kind of the habits of half heartedness and when we are the half heartedness becomes wholeheartedly half-hearted
and then and were free of half heartedness and wholehearted wholeheartedness it doesn't patient doesn't get stuck in wholeheartedness
so now
this world needs us
to accept the responsibility
in our daily life up being wholehearted if it can do that
we can we can make our best contribution and
of course beef or we can half ago that was our that was needed that was needed and if we're willing to his practice we are needed the world needs us to live this way
really needs it and it needs it now and needed it before and in a way
miami's clearer that it needs it now and maybe it's clear that if it's our responsibility that we aren't if needed for the world needs us to do this
and we're going to be acting all day long for the rest of our lives
that's gonna keep going on but is it going to be wholehearted and i don't know but i wanted to be
i think wholeheartedness again will help being not be stuck in their position if they're republicans and their wholehearted they will be stuck in their position if the democrats and their whole hearted they will be stuck in their position and one of the ways to test if you're stuck
is by conversations with people who have difference of opinion which is really kind of everybody
like my granddaughter she has differences of opinion with me but what what we're working on it what what are we working on or not i'm not working at getting her to switch her opinions to mind i'm not trying to do that
it ain't it ain't gonna happen
a by me trying to get her to be she might switch but that'll they won't be me that does it'll be lot higher know what will make that happen
and i might switch to her views
that may happen but it's not going to be that you know
no external forces gonna make the switch gonna be this
total dynamic relationship that's gonna make it happen
is it seems seems that people do with activity
do you say you say affect affect them and get them to change
us with fox news fox news for twenty years he certain things out into says and that has caused them to force your opinions will push them further to his hands
wherever i think people do persuasion a talk to each other sometimes it doesn't mean
stated that says our perception is wrong or is there somehow not as big difference from what you're saying when i'm saying
i wouldn't say your perception is wrong i would you say your perception is a limited version of the causal process the way it's actually working isn't a is not within your perception but you do have a perception of how it works like you you have a perception of hulk
how can how fox news affects people's opinions have a perception of that
but i'm not saying your perceptions wrong i'm just saying the way it actually is working and i'm not saying my perception of of it is wrong either
it's hard for me to actually see how fox knew i had a hard it's hard for me even to have a perception of it because i don't watch fox news enough to give him get a perception but i hear about it so i have perception by hearsay
but the way it actually works the way the people and fox news effect on a people the way that works is inconceivable
i would say
but we my consciousness
i i believe and i received a teacher at my consciousness has impact on yours
and yours and yours and yours has impact on me i have a feeling i have a perception of the impact of your consciousness on me i perceive it you know and i'm sure i'm enjoying right now the in the in
the impression the the way your consciousness is changing me i have a perception that i know and i'm enjoying it and i feel good about it and i i don't think was something wrong here vs consciousness is impacting mine i'm for like more yeah that would that was supposed to be going on hand i kind of feel like
mine's impact a you like you're nodding and you know that's a perception of that so i agree fox news has
impact on all of us even those of us who don't watch it because it has impact on people who we know and so on that but that a perception and the way it actually happens fortunately it is much more wonderful than any perception can reach
so like i had the perception that
fox news is
i have a perception that teaching is at fox news is working with me and i'm working with fox news in a peaceful and harmonious way
i have a perception about teaching like that but i actually can't see how that is i actually feel like there's some stress between me and some of the people on fox news i've heard that there's a guy in fox news named riley
and i've heard of some of the things he says and what he says the mp has an impact on me when he says and i think heck has to do with his consciousness and the impact it has on me is it's very painful for me to listen to what i hear he says it sounds very sounds very disrespectful and whatever
i have to impact on me does it does it change my views
you know it changes my life i cannot avoid being changed by mr reilly
all right he's affecting me he's affecting my life
but he's he ain't in control me he has no id even how to begin to control me
eight in our it and
movie doesn't have an idea but his idea is not gonna control me but it's going to affect me
and my sense of how it's affecting me is not it's just a a limited version of it
but it doesn't mean i don't respect my perceptions of the process or yours or my granddaughters
what i'm proposing is that we practice properly with our perceptions of causal process we will come to actually understand the cause of process beyond our perceptions
getting an understand the actuality of cause of causation understand in the actuality of causation is to understand something that inconceivable
and that leads us to be able to do this thing called most effectively working for peace
but there's nothing about in this process of realization of causation about in any way disrespecting anybody's perception of how the processes going but also understanding that the perception is always a very limited version of it
and we're not going to stop having these limited versions that's gonna keep going on
the question is how to become free of are limited version and the way to become free of it is by being kind to it and also other people's limited version
i'm not an inner and avoid having a war with the different with people who are wholly by people holding onto their limited versions as the actuality of causation
and then also not only not get into war but access the place where peace comes from hers living
where honest living
so i agree with you totally
we we impact each other i am and i'm i'm totally into that innocence of i am nothing but the impact of all base at all i am as is the sum total of the impact of all beings
but the fact that i'm nothing but the impact of all of you etc
is why i'm not stuck in being in this position and why i why i can
because of the way i really am of including all of you i'm not stuck in my how i am and that's how i can receive that and transmit that
which i'm believing is the path of peace
and it means that i respect all these people who i perceive of speaking in a way that i find painful my perception is that that's really
harmful on kind speech
but that it in my perception is that there's a teaching such as i should i can practice kind speech towards people who are
apparently speaking unkindly
and i don't have to like
get into that it's just apparently unkind i can try to apparently spit kind right away and began receives on and that is proposed as the path to enter stillness defined the actual activity that liberates beings in may and realized his peace
so we're gonna we're gonna continued on a daily basis on an hourly basis on a moment my moment basis for gonna keep having perceptions and our perceptions are going to be affected by other people's perceptions
if people perceive me as a bad guy
even if they don't tell me that they do it changes me if they perceive me as a good guy even if they don't tell me it affects me if they actually tell me it affects me in addition to the than thinking about me if they make hand signals to me
other hand signals
which i won't make if they make these hand signals that impacts me their gestures
the facial expressions their posture their voice and i thought i'll have i'll have consequence for them the actor and from me their partner so
we're not we're including all this with compassion in order to enter into reality and use reality to become servants of reality and then let our perceptions
be servants of reality
causal relationships are too complex
yes i do say that and buddha teaches that
and you can have perceptions of them but again the perceptions are what we call a reduction a narrow view version of them
he said
cause relationships
something in the perception
conscious perception perception of purse i'm going i used to a perception i mean a function in consciousness
in order to understand
yes which is
it's like it's one of the central air
causation is buddha
on the dorm is that is actually causation we caught the dependent or arising dependent or arising is the dharma the pinnacle rising is the buddha the buddha is the process of creation
but the boot is not the creator
realization of kasich is buddha is
that is
not conscious
that is consciousness that it's not it's not conscious it's not consciousness it is it is the
it is the truth of the dependent arising of anything including consciousness
it's it's the dependent or arising of consciousness is the buddha is the dharma and and realization of that is peace the dependent core rising have a feeling that the pinnacle arising a color the the pinnacle arising of a person
that's the dharma of the person color
it means many many factors are coming coming together and so the buddha teaches and not just buddha but hundred people like mr hume and mr conte they say you know causation is is not you cannot perceive causation but you can realize it
and they were they were working at realizing it and they've got pretty good at it
you know and if you read here might think you're like if you get in there and you're kind you're going to indirectly you're going to enter into causation by entering into this total exertion on his intellect
but he he but he's he's not perceiving causation he's exercising his intellect to a point where he realizes it
yeah i realize it we can realize causation but and we can perceive it like we can say you know we can say
like we had this class and we and then at nine fifteen ended so the class cause the end of the color the class cause the end of the class which came right after the class was over
say you know but causation enough sequence it's much more complex than that
yes yes i think i heard would burbage i was asking about ridge estates said it's it's beyond conception not beyond consciousness
i think that's the thing you are hearing acuity and said papacy so it is in consciousness know i wouldn't consciousness is a dependent arising but consciousness cannot realize the political rising costs consciousness where there's somebody there is a limited version of cause
isn't then what you see as causation in consciousness is a reduction of the process
an unconscious as we do have various perceptions are theories of causation
it can make a theory of causation and then we make an experiment maybe that would test that theory and then maybe the to the experiment
agrees with the theory but the
is that my understanding of the scientific processes when the
when them
experiment agrees with what the theory would predict it doesn't prove the theory it just means that experiment accorded with it and at any point the theory can be refuted by as by a certain experimental result but some theories
i call good because they stimulate people to do experiments and then it after the to experiment if the experiment confirms the theory by by being with the theory predicts than that tends to produce more investigation
and that's called a good theory but you cannot prove a theory as true you can but you can disprove it
and you and you state
what would disprove the theory and once you do that a theory is done for what i'm interested in this is the
is this buddha
the realization of causation yes and
isn't it possible to be conscious of realizing that he will the buddha's conscious so the buddha is conscious i realized causation and then the buddhist says my consciousness that i realized it is not the realization itself
it gets not gets not with any consciousness but it's it's not to it can't be consciously described or or oh he could he can he can consciously describe it and then reach it and then he would say this description doesn't reach it here
and he did say that he said in an so he could for example the buddha gave this teaching how many be people heard heard about the twelve or length of causation
now some anybody where there's he gave this teaching of the twelve different phases of of dependent or arising of few sample human life and death
he also sometimes presented his ten as eight and at six and i think maybe down to four but these these are conceptual versions which consciousness is can hear look at and there's pictures i'm to you may be seen this whale of life
and it has these twelve things around it and anyway
this is a picture this is a concept of the pinnacle rise in which the buddha gave
but that's that's not the pinnacle rising knapsack conceptual version of it
the buddha said i have realized an inconceivable thing and i'm talking to you about a right now and what i'm saying doesn't reach my realization to say i have realized is that to say i have become conscious of
and i had become conscious of but also i've become conscious of so i can tell you that i realized it because i wanted to mention that to you because i gone beyond words and there and i've come back now to use words with you so you can go beyond words i've gone beyond
our conception and realized this thing which is inconceivable and i did that in order to come back to show you how you can do the same
and there's no such thing is realizing without being conscious that now you up has casey said there's no such thing is realizing without being conscious of it and there is such a thing was that if what's it like it's not like anything
it's actually a number wasn't it like anything
so we say you know you've heard this thing when buddhas are truly buddha as they don't think they're buddha's you heard that or they're necessarily yeah sometimes it's cache is not necessarily and sometimes is translated as not i think not necessarily better so i think of buddha you know where you people can re
realize causation the buddha the buddha said you can realize causation in other words you can become buddha
and when you become buddha by realizing causation
you won't necessarily think hey buddha
you won't necessarily think that he won't necessarily think i've realized causation
however if somebody says where why we have some questions for your buck causation you might say is more what are they and then they ask the questions and a new start
given this this teaching which you're in you're aware that you're giving them is teaching and you're aware that it's correct
but you know your awareness that is correct is not it is just like a conscious thing but you don't necessarily think that but you can and album and i also often say body such as do not necessarily walk around thinking i'm a bodhisattva they do usually walk around thinking i wanna be a bodhisattva
but when they're actually a body sought for they don't necessarily think it
ten market they might even say to their teacher do you think i'll be a bodhisattva some day and a teacher might say ah mere fact you are now they got all like the dalai lama in he was told me as a young boy that he's an emanation of of the body for have infinite compassion
you know you're told that when was a little boy and he thought while it's really bizarre
now i think he's about eighty
and but i think when he's around seventy he thought well maybe so

so when you understand you don't necessarily think i understand
but you might he is okay you could be a boys have a good thing i'm a bodhisattva they could think that it's okay to say i can think i'm person i'm i'm a republican you could think to thought but the thought i'm a republican doesn't reach what a republicans
and the thought i'm a man doesn't reach what a man is but i could think that but i can also walk around without thinking i'm a man and still i am i realize it but do i realize it well no i don't realise unless they practice being a man
but i still am
and if i finally did practice wholeheartedly being a man i would realize it but i wouldn't necessarily think i realized it but people might say have you realized it i'd say yes because they asked me and i said when asked me to oh yeah right
it's like when i was in japan one time i
i was in a temp on this thing came up my mind know the collider
i heard that in my mind and i thought i knew as japanese i thought what does that mean i didn't know what it meant
i thought about it either oh i know what he means it means i'm hungry and the i'm thirsty noto the throat collide item is has become dry
i said oh it means that i'm thirsty and i thought oh and i am thirsty
i didn't really notice that i was thirsty and then i thing came up node kovida and told me i was thirsty and i didn't know what it meant and then i forgot what it meant and i forget who replied to me so you know i i i was thirsty and you can actually like
before of compassion like be totally like i'm i just feel so much compassion and the thought comes up to you may me of that your compassion and a foreign language you don't know what it means he figured out to or yeah right i am
and you are
but when you think it
that is not yet that's just like know roku it is not being thirsty and i was thirsty and i didn't even know it and then the thing came but that wasn't the first endeavors wasn't i didn't know what it was a i figured out but it never was being thirsty
and you are really actually he really hard
yeah you really are thirsty
and and and then sometimes when you say you're thirsty you realize you're thirsty and sometimes when you say i feel compassion
you realize your compassionate but also you sometimes realize your compassionate somebody walks up to you and they say something like a like sometimes women particularly when a breastfeeding somebody else's baby cries in there are no their breasts get milk
they don't even know it may look down their their blouses wet
the compassion comes you you are compassionate beings
you do give yourself to everybody and you receive and you accept everybody that's the way we really are you are bodhisattvas already and you can't get away from it except by getting distracted
and then sometimes you can think oh i am a bot his cell phone
so anyway you can thank you are enlightened it's okay but the thought i'm enlightened or the thought i'm stupid does not reach your condition yes
was somebody in front of you
okay fran sorry

you have a friend who's not only in denial but stuck in it

and for you probably
here to watch them now

do you want advice i give to you how about do you
what you're the person talking to me now

how would i would invite you to be compassionate to this person who appears to be denial to you in denial if your compassionate to him
if you let him be that way
the eleven be stuck and you know in denial denial is not a problem unless you're stuck in it
like you said me he said me will you help me ram and i say no or i know you you you asked me for help and i deny that you asked
the you know i'm i can i can switch from that position but if i'm stuck in it than i have a problem so if you are compassionate to me when i'm in denial
you transmit that to me if you're if you're generous towards me and let me be the way i'm and the way i'm suffering if you let me be that way
and you also let yourself be the way you are
who's concerned for me and you allow yourself to be somebody who's letting me be who i am starting to be compassionate with you and me and you're transmitting that to me i mean i get it right away and then you're careful of me
lucky dog you don't kill me you don't lie to me you don't slander me you don't think you're better than me
you know you're not stuck into now you may feel
but you don't think you're better than me this is that been careful
you don't have the a will towards me
and you you're not a new not trying to control me and you had to have ill will towards me and in your patient with me of all these practices with you're doing with me who is gonna stuck in being in denial you're transmitting them to me because it impacts
and you're not in control the impact and i'm not in control the impact but everything your consciousness does changes me and if you're practicing generosity towards me that changes made in a different way than if you're trying to get me not to be in denial
trying to move control me that also affects me
but if you're transmitting compassion to me i can learn it from you
and if i can be compassionate with my denial i can gradually come to a place where i'm living and stillness with it so these all these compassion practices help you be still with your love of your friend and help you and then to help you transmit your stillness to your friend
and he got a gradually gets the transmission of stillness and in stillness he will whole heartedly now
be in denial and when his wholeheartedly in denial he will realize that denial is not denial and the he'll be free of it without getting rid of it
when you wholeheartedly exert denial you realize you verify you prove that denial is not denial
and where were you realize the pivotal activity of buddha's
not by getting the person to stop being a denial but by helping them be wholeheartedly the way they are
by you rooting for the person to be wholeheartedly like now loving kindness meditation could say isn't them denial isn't zen but wholeheartedly deny i'm dipping wholeheartedly being in denial the wholeheartedness has said
not abiding in the denial not abiding and telling the truth
telling the truth if you're biding in it
you're you're not you're not in stillness
and here by abiding you're resisting a non-binding quality of
in this case
denial denial is not abiding in the position of denial it is an opposition
and it's much more important to me to help the person who's in denial not a in it than to get him to stop being a denial because if they switch to something else what else could it be be denial can give another example is something else besides the and
for a person
yeah can you think simply

okay so acceptance so for me it it's nice to switch from denial to acceptance i thought i like that but it's more important me that the person doesn't abide and acceptance
then to be an acceptance i like people to be and i i like people to be kind but was important to us are not abiding and kindness because really we don't abide in kindness but yeah to practice kindness in order to realize that you're not providing and kindness
you don't have to practice creel cruelty to realize you're not abiding and cruelty it's not necessary
unless you have cruelty
dennis sir
but you can realize that does not abiding and cruelty by not by not abiding and kindness
an order to realize not abiding and cruelty we have to be kind to the cruelty
i've been kind of the cruelty we settled into the stillness of cruelty
and they're cruelty as not cruelty and that's where the liberation occurs so anyway back to your example if you just pour on the whole hearted compassion you transmit that to your friend you help your friend be
totally in denial they'll become free of denial
and up and not by switching from denial to affirmation
which they could do any time but if they do switch if they do become free of denial and switch to affirmation than they might also not a not abide an affirmation this is what i want for people this is the body sought mind not abiding in anything
including compassion
he said shouldn't again
and i'm not telling you i'm not telling you you shouldn't say shouldn't because every time you say it is so wonderful
who am i correct
or you can say an advanced bodhisattva doesn't
beginning body surface so we say what we say our disciple of buddha is not possessive of anything we mean and advanced disciple you could you could be aspiring to be a disciple of good and still be a kind of possessing some dharma teachings
but advanced student is not present possessive of even the dharma even compassion are not possessive
and in order to not be possessive of compassion you have to practice lot of compassion
and when you practice compassion you probably will notice occasionally that your of it stuck in compassion
and you notice that compassion which is such a good thing when you get stuck in it it becomes a bad thing not the compassion but this big stock
yes valerie

he mean can you talk
no he said his are other ways to help people than living in silence
yes yes i said that
stood still as well service
by the way the chinese character that's good that's been translated stillness also means silence
so in stillness and silence is where beings are helped save your question is is if some other way to help deliberate things other than stillness and silence
no there's no other way that's that's where yeah but in that silence and stillness you can talk and dance and shake hands but there's no movement necessary
the go someplace else and be somebody different to wake people up you don't going to blink your eyes to wake people up you can be just like you are right now
but totally
if you're totally yourself that liberates you and everybody else
but if you move a little bit to try to help people than you are moving away from being yourself
in other words there's no other way to help people than stillness which is to say there's no other way for you to help people than to be completely yourself that's the only way to help everybody and when you're completely yourself
you're not yourself
so non abiding is the is the only way and it to liberate beings because that's the way we are only reality liberates pigs
and reality is not moving and in reality is not talking however
a reality sponsors all the movements and talkies that are going on
and the way that happens is inconceivable
you can realize the inconceivable process by being completely yourself to join the inconceivable process by which you being completely yourself which is not moving from yourself in which is not saying anything about yourself
that memory saw beings and how that happens is inconceivable and you realize it you prove it even know you know whatever you say about it it doesn't reach it and you can say when in you can say stuff about it but you can hold you're just kind of kidding

anyway i have this big job and so to you my job is not to be valerie is to be grab your big job if you want to liberate all beings as to be yourself and be yourself
is stillness
you don't even do not have to move at all to be yourself right
now you can move if you want to but that's basically should be another valerie who creates not moving

that's what i mean
yes but each moment that can move your that person you're like you're sitting there you're that person than you move over here you're that person so the movement is just like really just change which we interpret as movement so your there's constant flow of valorized each moment is a new one but each one is
just that one and not another one
and there's this practice of you like really accepting that is settling into that that's the practice by which you realize your this person
and that helps us all if you would do that and transmit that to us which are doing already but if you don't practice it you and me kind of don't get it
so please do
which of course rod we are doing so do it again

yeah john did you are giving hand raised a while ago

well guess what she and i have a big job
and so do you
so you've gotta be john and you know i think you're doing a pretty good job

and i are we are likely to continue please okay
well i'm glad you came for the finale

that's called
they call that home homework
this is a class where you can try it at home
try it at home
again thank you very much
may or in
is equally extend to every be and plays with issue marriage
the way be
numberless ah to save them delusions are inexhaustible ah to end them yeah mom gay saw boundless ah
to enter them
the way is unsurpassable i can become