Bodhidharma Listening to the Cries of the World

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Avalokiteshvara clearly seeing the emptiness of five skandhas; listening to the cries of the world, the suffering of beings.

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this tattered rob has made from one as a commercial when of sissy garages old robes
it's falling apart
just like us

if interview another i want to come up with a space up here
we just chatted the heart sutra did you notice
and it starts or something like this
i'm a lucky tesh vara bodhisattva
when deeply practicing
prajna parramatta
clearly saw
the all five aggregates are empty
and thus
all suffering and distress
who was relieved
i'm a lucky touch bar
all living bags
with eyes of compassion
observing all living beings with eyes of compassion he is practicing product apart meter when you do it wholeheartedly
observing the five aggregates observing forms colors observing colors
with eyes of compassion observing feelings observing perceptions
observing all kinds of emotional states and observing
self consciousness with compassion you see that self consciousness is empty that the emotional factors are empty that perceptions are empty that feelings are empty i should say are empty and emptiness and that colors and sounds smell
ailes and tastes are all emptiness
by observing these factors of existence and by deserve are observing
each sentient being with eyes of compassion the sentient beings mask drops away
and you see ultimate dharma
in their face

so it's one of the wonderful things about novel about the hard hitters it sang observing sentient beings with eyes of compassion sees that everything that's being observed is emptiness
and this vision this compassionate vision
is perfect is practicing perfect wisdom and this vision relieve suffering

the enlightening being
of observing all sentient beings with eyes of compassion
the eyes of compassion the eyes of compassion observing all sentient beings
enlightening being
practices deeply prevnar per meter

and then and then he starts talking when it teaches the great
the great discipleship brighter he teaches him
about what he sees
what he sees is coming from his eyes of compassion
coming from them
coming through them coming with them

at the end it says ah that on that this
teaching is a mantra
i really great long-term and and it tells you what the montana's got they got a potter got a person got their bodies far
gone gone gone beyond gone completely beyond gone completely beyond welcome awakening
this mottram is being given by the one who's observing all sentient beings so it's not get you just say the marjoram
and look away from and not pay attention to all the suffering
while you're looking at all the suffering beings and while you're listening you say that that mentioned to help you listened more wholeheartedly
it's not a way to escape from listening to people and listening to yourself

you get clock on yeah

and one more story
which i tell often but to seems apropos of salt
that again is the story about
ah sincere person
who are
who had a sensi he didn't really understand completely reality
i know it's a how he he felt that so strongly that he got visited by a deity by a divine being who said yes it's true you do you do not understand reality but there's somebody who does and if you go visit him i think he can help you
out his name's gautama shakyamuni buddha so this monk was when there's no he wasn't really a month this sincere person who really wanted to understand
life traveled to meet the buddha
and to make a long story short
he finally got the border to talk to on
ah i'm i'm going to make the story longer he found the buddha after a long trip he made a long trip to find the buddha
he made a big effort he didn't just go to his computer screen
he traveled and then he finally enable a went to where i heard he were heard buddha was and he went to worry her buddha was staying and buddha wasn't there and the people's told him where buddha was told anyone to i heard buddha was and there was buddha and he went up to the great teacher and he said you know
please please teach me i'm i feel like i'm don't understand
and the buddha said this is not a good time
and then he said yeah but one of us might die this afternoon we don't know what's gonna happen till please give me the teacher and the border said
venerable sir this is not a good time and he said again please
we don't know will happen in our life
i can't wait till tonight please give me the teaching
third time buddha has to talk
he twice not a good time doesn't say it three times and saw the buddha said okay by yeah train yourself like this
in the scene there will be just the scene
so he was telling him you know how to look at something
in such a way
but you're not trying to get anything from it
then he said in the scene that will be just the same that's it
and then he said in the hurry they'll be just a heard telling him how to listen
this is like a zen teaching person to tell somebody how to see and how to listen and then he tells them how to smell or taste how to touch and how to observe his thinking
this is the early teaching now in the later teaching when the bodhisattva comes to the to the breweries the body self-assessed i'm listening i'm listening i'm listening to the cries of the world but i don't really know how to listen and then border would say something
in the voices that will be just a voices in those suffering faces over just so suffering faces this is the
training into the really hearted listening and really whole hearted observing but starts with
you are listening
and you're trying to listen to everything
and if and when and when in when when it comes to the place where in the heard they're just to heard and then the scene they're just a scene
then there will be no here or there are in between
if we're trying to get to this wonderful state of know here or there are in between we will get there
you have to let things be
and we would say now that
it helps to let things be when the things are the cries of the world let them be
otherwise you might slip into worlds just for me

when i'm gonna let him be just for me i don't think so
or maybe maybe i can do it
you're making a face like i'm considering that maybe you can do it
maybe you can really let things be for your own benefit
it's possible
but now what you're letting be is the beings that you're listening to with compassion you're letting them be you're letting their cries be
you learning their cries be and then also your cry which is what can i do to help them you let that be too
you let their cries be and then you let your cry i have to do something for them you let that be
you let their cry be and then if you let your voice i wonder if i'm doing enough for people you listen to that just like you listen to them
to their cries you listen to your cry i don't think i'm being helpful i'm not worthy this is too big a job for me this is a job for superman
he let all those be completely
with no gain or losses distract to you and then you see that all these things are emptiness and that does the job
that vision of the way all these cries really are the cries take their mask off and show you the true dharma

so we could imagine by saying well
if you're only interested in your own salvation i'll give you a practice for your own salvation
which is in the senior will be just to see in the heard they will be just to her i'll give you that practice and when you actually become like that there will be no here or there in between and that will be the end of your suffering
now if you're a bodhisattva
and annual and you want and you're listening to the cries of the world i'll give you the same teaching
and this will take you to the same place
and they give you the same relief is just that you're doing it together with all sentient beings and they're included
so it's a funny thing in our circuit says blah blah blah and thus of relieve and thus all suffering was relieved or thus
all suffering is relieved but don't say who is his ability test far as
or is it the cries
the listening is not
suffering the liver it listening the listening is compassion
it's happiness the listening is not suffering the observing is not suffering the observing his happiness not happy that that they're suffering happiness that you care about the suffering and that you're giving your life
it's the giving of life to suffering that's happiness and this happiness is not trying to get rid of this suffering it's totally embracing it and in that embrace
there is the transmission which is this happiness
is exactly the same as this misery
they're not separate
and i am and i'm even more happy about that i mean i'm happy i care about you but when i'm really happy about is that you are emptiness and you and i together
you and i together aren't exactly the same your me
and i knew it just it i more you than you you

who here
as a matter for
but the same for you
if you're good you get to be more me than i am
so ah
thank you very much as anything you say to me before i go back and rewatch
why we thank you
orchestrated very nice job got amid a good belzer they sounded good

but somebody over here that soon as such on is pointing at somebody and you have a question there as my factor there is
it is the first person and the second one you described the third
any difference other than
their conception of what they're doing
you know there's not or doesn't even and they're even their conceptions aren't really different but they're the same the person who the person who are caught his only concern for their personal liberation
is the same as the person who is concerned with the liberation of all beings it just that the person who who's concerned with the liberation all beings knows that they are and the other person doesn't
but relive it that's really rather at they don't know it and and knowing that and not knowing is not really different than knowing it perfect not knowing it's flooded better than the people know it
a little better
but the bodhisattva as who don't want to be bodhisattvas are really more like bodhisattvas in the bodhisattvas i do want to be body surface
the slightest a slight advantage because if you wanna be a body out for you might kind of
get stuck which is not a bodhisattva
so it's a little easier for bodhisattva as not to get stuck and not being a bodhisattva
although you could pull that off to get almost anything you get stuck in but you know the people said do not wanna be a bodhisattva car like

some somebody doesn't want to be something you know what a once i'm somebody became an abbot of have some organization who said they didn't want to be the abbot but then they accepted and an ad in that estimate at their installation ceremony i said reverses the most popular more powerful gear
reverse is the most powerful gear i that's true but i heard that
anybody know the true yeah easily
it's the lowest gear thought in the whole foods parking lot this morning and mill valley a gentleman was put his arm reverse in a woman and bow vs little if you don't want to be a body sought for in a way that's really powerful wanting to be bodhisattvas is great but not wanting to be like if you really don't that's really gonna get your
in there
i don't wanna be a body shop in another way i don't want to be buddha
stand that gear you'll be fine
but you can do the forward you can do low
no medium drive superdraft those are fine to at all of my fine
you're gonna
give me an explanation for why
or maybe how
witnessing the suffering
is necessary because
because for me i feel like
my view is an like expansive enough to conceptually up conceive of why or how that works at why why would the same transportable and i know you've given sunday
talked about different evolutionary i can have like a biological explanation you know about her child without works and how we develop our personalities phone
face-to-face communication from the whole the who is there
the most compelling that now isn't that that's the explanation of how we develop a self
that the psychological face to face is how we develop a self
so one example i was just talking to somebody about a dream
and in the dream she was being kind of kind to people tender with people than she woke up from the dream and she started to feel tender towards people in her waking state
how the ah how them
kindness towards the inner the inner kindness could pivot to be kindness towards outer
ah hodor objects that's not psychological that spiritual and that we kept psychologically explain the pivoting from concern for the self to concern for other how that happens
is a spiritual thing
and if not psychological even though it has psychological impact
so like the arising the the normally self conscious beings like us and dogs are you concerned for their own territory their own stuff you don't have to teach two kids to be possessive
and to think they own their mother and their and their siblings really i have no claim on her you not to teach him that much as you can tell him is not true and they just like norway
the go to kindergarten to find out that that's that's true
so it's built in that we are selfish self and may understand not understand the self is called being selfish
where does this thing about being concerned for the welfare of others big time come from it comes from a face to face transmission with somebody else it comes from a communion but it's not from the other person is it's in the conversation so there's a there's a face to face transmission
giving rise to the self and then there's a face to face transmission where we turn from self concerned other concern but it isn't like a term from self concern to other concern and you stay on other concern and never go back to self concern is that you pivot
and make a vow as your pivot and then you go back to self concern and then you pivot again so the buddha away
is not self concern and it's not other concern
it's self concern pivoting with not self concerned and other concerned pivoting with not other concern
that's the middle way
sometimes the bullshit
feeds herself sometimes she feeds others and the place where that the feeding comes from is the middle
where it spontaneously arises that now with now i feed me and now i feel you and sometimes as the food on the way to my mouth if something about your face it makes me turn the spoon and the other direction
and just before it gets to your face i realize it actually should go to somebody else but i'm not operating this feeling
process i'm in the middle and my activities are coming from that place that middle place between
self concern and self denial between self benefit and other benefit it's like not being stuck in either one of them
of course buddhism not being stuck in self concern everybody knows that
but it's also not being stuck in other concern
but other concern is a step is it may be one of the first steps for some people for many people if the first step towards not being stuck in self concern then some people switch over to other concern to get stuck there so they need some help now so the teacher has to come and say hello
i want to talk to you may i yeah what he won't talk about i won't tell you that i had a strange thing happened to me i got stuck another concern
and the students at all i did to you're just like me
and i feel totally self concerned this is wonderful
i'm free or other concern so now i can be self concerned and when i'm totally self concerned i'm not self sir
but get most people to really become free of self concerned i'm really really deeply you have to try and other concerned and do it without get you stuck there too
and then again
you need help now to get stuck and other concerned some people are some people are addicted to your self denial
like shakyamuni buddha was addicted to self denial for a while some people are addicted to self affirmation
self affirmation of sometimes totally enlightened other affirmation or self denial is sometimes totally perfectly spontaneously liberating
they both come from this middle place of listening to all the cries and not abiding in any other
this mean to all of them realizing they're all emptiness then
the time to feed others just comes right out of their perfect timing
other feeding time self feeding time and the next moment
other feeding time
spontaneous which means there's no additional stimulation to the process the conditions are there and it comes right up there
with no deliberation
read our work
listening to the cries of the world in stillness seeing that their emptiness than the spontaneously comes
which might be of new to the cries a world again
and lets me drive to well can be self affirmation
or self denial
okay i just listened to the guys in the world i've totally hear me
oh i listened to grabs the world i'm totally denied and nya annihilate know negated
but not stuck in either one just flipping back and forth
liberating all beings

well i see so in your hand but it's pass five o'clock to you so you know how maybe with
congratulations sonia
she is alicia liberated me
there we go again i rest my case
thank you very much see you soon and i mean soon