Is the Bodhisattva Path Exclusive? 

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let me know if you can't hear me can you hear me back husker

he's since our last
sitting here
ha couple of things came up in the world and you may have noticed
hand down
many kinds of suffering calumny awards
and that you know some people had a joy to see a woman when best director
for a movie which is about how to face great suffering
and also or
at a green dragons and temple there's a practice period going on and i heard a request from a number of people to talk about or bring up
ah which i was happy to respond to

he could say you know in bodhidharma intimacy as our business
our only business

which is the same to say enlightenment is our business

in response to this request out
my mind or thought of
many stories
one of them hears about them
one of the ancestors in his lineage was name in chinese is the young shown here on guan
and his teacher was
ah named
paul on
the ladder there was to there's to tongue hands in our lineage see his teacher was a second tongue on
and he was serving
ah his teacher as attendant
and the teacher were went into the teaching hall
and the usual
involved him wearing this patch one of these patch robes
so the attendant
you're on guam the student brought the road the teacher and as he handed to teacher the teacher said
what's the business
under the patch robe
you could imagine either that is he's holding the pleasure of up like this as he gives it to the teacher what's the business under the patch robe or when we have the petro wrapped around us for we have the patch robe over our heart
what's the business under the robe
i already told you what the businesses
and after the attendant gave the road and the teacher said what is the business under the robe
the tenant stood
and you could say the attendant had no answer
which is when it says in this record record but also you say the attempt stood stood quietly
and presence
of his teacher
what is the business under the patch rob
then the teacher said

practicing the buddha away
and still not reaching
this realm
is most painful
and then the teacher said to the student now you ask me
and the student your on guan said what is the business beneath the patch robe and the teacher said intimacy

and then it says the master was greatly
and then it says the master our experienced tears of joy and prostrated herself to her teacher
and the teacher said
now that you're like this
can you express it
henna students said
ah yes i can
and the teacher said
what is the business between beneath the patch rome and the students said intimacy
and the teacher said intimacy intimacy

so high i offer the comment that story could have
could have been
what is the enlightenment under the petrol
student could have stood quietly
in response to the
and instead a business he could translates eke by saying what is really going on under this robe
what's really going on his robe is intimacy what's really going on under the roof on this temple

another comment i offer is that it said in the story it says after the teacher said intimacy and it says student was greatly awakened
how she doesn't say then
it doesn't say that it says the student was greatly awakened
we might think the teacher says intimacy and then the student is greatly awakened
i think it's more intimate to see it a do differently that when the teacher says intimacy the teacher saying intimacy
and the student being with her at that time it's not just to teacher says intimacy the teacher and student together with the teacher saying intimacy that is great awakening it's not like
i'm suggest is not like the teacher says intimacy and then the student has a great awakening herself like oh i get it
teacher student teacher say intimacy
damn being together and one talking and one listening in this case
that intimacy right then that is the great awakening
an imagined that they mentioned the student
i was greatly awakened because the teacher was already greatly awakened
so in some ways it would be more intimate to say
the student and the teacher were greatly awakened
so i'm not gonna change the texas is an ancient text i'm not changing it it does say that the student or taxi says the master because this is a story about the master who was a student at the time of the story says the master the student
was awakened but it also does say the master was awakened
but it's understood that the master
is the student and that the mat and that the students teacher called the ancestor
but it says the master was awakened interesting
i think today we need i need to say to you that really what it means is that the teacher and the students were greatly awakened together
because otherwise you might think that the teacher was awakened before and the student wasn't an independent the teacher did something and in the student was awakened this is a way a lot of people think about awakening that it's something that happens to somebody
and it was gonna happen if somebody's going to happen to somebody that would be a good thing to happen
but that's not what it is things like that our delusions
delusions happened as to one person
my delusions don't happen to you
fortunately for you
but my enlightenment does happen to you
fortunately for you

this is a form here the form was a number of forms there's a form of a teacher and a form of a student there is a form of a human being in another human being ones playing the role of the teacher the other the student
who becomes a teacher
because of the relationship with the teacher as a student
this is a form there's also this particular form of being an attendant to the teacher
to bring the teacher the robe when the teacher needs it
that's a form
it's a form
to realize what's under the robe
it's a form to realize what's actually happening
the robes of form
which we can use to realize intimacy
in making the robe the making of the robe is a way to realize intimacy a practice or realize intimacy then the giving of the robe than the receiving of the robe than the wearing of the robe all these are forms to realize enlightenment
it isn't it could put on the robe and then you're enlightened afterwards it's that wearing a robe is enlightenment

it's a form
to realize enlightenment wearing a robe realizes intimacy
what's really going on here is intimacy right
i mean right that's what i said isn't it
i don't know if you agree with me but that's what i'm say what's really going on here is intimacy what's really going on here has great love and compassion that's what's really going on
and we can use his robe to realize it
when we put the robot on in the morning first things first put it on we say great role of liberation a field of virtue beyond all marks beyond form an emptiness of form
wearing the to target is teaching saving all beings
it isn't that we
put on the robe and then save all beings
it said putting a robot wearing a robe is saving all bigs
and the next moment
we were the robe and save all bags but as soon as it's put on that saving all beings it isn't that you put it on and then you go meet somebody and save all beings it's that you put it on and save all beings and then you can meet somebody and save all beings
and you still wearing a robe
wearing robes saves all beings wearing a robe is a form to use to realize intimacy
has one so i just saw this this discussion here i'm having is one of the fazer
a repetition of earlier discussions in response to the question could we hear more about intimacy dash enlightenment yes you can hear it is here's the story from ancient china
there's another one but i'm in a postponement till later
but i like to say that something else came up since the last one day sitting and added we hadn't
a ceremony
cause leaving home and attaining
sometimes difficult priestly ordination
which is true it's like
welcoming certain people into the order of priests but the name is simon is also leaving home and attaining liberation
so five people went through this ceremony
and hundreds of people came to support them and there was a tremendous feeling
of something or other during that ceremony
there was one of the longest a three-story nations that we had for a while
partly due to doing it alone more fully than sometimes in the past
fully meaning doing things that can be done once or three times but choosing three instead of one
during the informal comments i was going to say but forgot and would you believe this was the abbreviated ceremony
and if it was long and wonderful
it was a real dharma party
we and we use forms to realize intimacy
forms were used
one of the forms is a form of come into the ceremony hundreds of people came to the ceremony that's a form for them to express intimacy for them to express enlightenment people came from
far away
made a tremendous effort to come and witness a ceremony
and that's that that form of that effort is is one of the ways we
express and realize intimacy through effort
and then there's all the other forms of the ceremony like cutting the hair
cutting the hair and cutting the hair
and saying that only buddha can cut this pair off
only buddha can cut off the clean
now i will play the role of cutting hair will you allow me to cut hair and saying that
five times three times and having people sit there and watch that and perhaps feel like
why this is a lot of repetition
and yet
pretty patient with that
pretty intimate with these people with this event so anyway this this this this exercise and intimacy occurred
henin a and in the next day and interesting the other side you know whenever there is a yeah so what is one of the things which are he might
he might have noticed is that when you had intimacy
dash enlightenment there's a there's light
there's light in intimacy it's radiant
but when there's light
the shadow
and the shadow know
when there's a bright light
then there's a deeper shadow
when he was a great life there's a deep shadow so next day shadow came up one of the initiates
expressed or two of them actually
express the shadow side of the brilliance of intimacy
what part of the should they actually can be quite a big shadow
one part of the shadow which was expressed is that this intimacy using these forms for intimacy
and when it's actually successful
it becomes are going to sense an exclusive
correct and a kind of an exclusive radiance or those who get to practice the forms and play the role of are outperforming the forms they are kind of in
they're different from the people who are not doing the forms
even though everyone is welcome to do the forms some people say my karmic situation is is such that i can not
do with these forms
i cannot spend the time it takes to learn to do these forms
you know
and now and nya know that but now these people who are who are or day now they're going into it another phase of framing where they're going to you know because when they put the roseanne was very sweet did the they had trouble getting them on some of them got amazingly wonderfully entangled in their robes
some of that got tangled was i never saw before
like we're for and we even practice beforehand and one of them was pretty roads on i say you will probably never put your hand and that part of the role began
i mean i never saw anybody for and and it's amazing that you got it anyway and and
there was anyway there was some amazing
ways of wearing a role that occurred in that ceremony to me amazing
in the reason why they're amazing to me is because i've seen the put on so many thousands of times

if you've never seen it happen you can kind of tell you could you get even if you can tell those people seem to be entangled in their robes you can probably tell even without ever seen a book seen before but the details them really amazing details were revealed only those who've seen it many many times and the
impact is stronger on those who know
who know the farm well
and again this impact the penetration of the of the intimacy of the form is strongest for those who practice at a lot so then again you can say what the next the people who don't get to watch the form don't enjoy the show as much
there was a movie recent fairly recent movie called it's called enlightenment guaranteed
at a german movie did some of you see it
anyways a german movie made a
about it's in german and japanese navy little english but it's to german guys who go to japan to study soto zen so school custody then i go to study soto's and so people practice soto zen when they watch that they got to see these photos and forms and if you know the forms it's a very funny
a movie
because these people who happen to be germans
did the forms and unusual ways
hey my wife is not a priest but you've done some sort and forms says she also could appreciate how funny
the movie was an afghan and movie she said i didn't know germans could make money movies
in tea ceremony
one of the implements of tea ceremony how many of you practice tea ceremony
one of the forms of tea ceremony one of the one of the forms his it
you could say it's an equipment t equipment t utensil it's a t equipment is called a kinsley which it's a wastewater container
and in the person doing the tea ceremony brings the wastewater container end and the way they hold it it's a wastewater containing you don't put your thumb into the t ball but you can put your thumb into the wastewater ball like this
can you carry your left hand
forward like this like this yeah i'm walking in this way of carry like this
it's it's it's more it's bigger than this company so you come in turn it down to side with your left hand and
a and the and from the balls the front of the containers facing forward so one day someone came in
facing this way
fishing this way instead of this way just turn around that were walking with the disarray
and some of you are kind of smiling but none of you are laughing
but when i saw that it was like the funniest thing i've seen my life
and the other people too who were the guests watching this he was like it was really funny
but only because
this is like something i'm going to create this is something as zen center in a green gulch farm tea house so what am i
one of our dharma of one of our students
one of our older students who had been practicing t came in with a turned around and it was very funny but it's only funny
other people thought well why not this way this listen to you know he might he might actually think we pride better to hold it the way they usually hold it but the other way to to those of you hadn't seen it
many many times the other way when you turn it it's not that funny or like
there's a t with your probably seen those t with their bamboo and enter their flayed into many little tongs or teeth which make a beautiful kind of like flower arrangement up coming out of the bamboo and it uses a whisk to whisk the t and then as
do you in set end sometimes
after you with the t just set the bamboo
copyright with the head going like this
he has settled down after you use it
when as teeth when there's actually teen of antimicrobial he set it down vertically like this one day somebody said it down like that vertically they put it down and it
tilted and fell over
and that also was very funny i only saw at once
usually people put it down and stands upright this time put it down and fell over but it was like you know excuse me for saying this it kind of medicine exaggerate it was like seeing a giant redwood fall you know when they fall they don't just call
they go
right here seen him that's how they think fell over there was like
this the whisk the whisk is seems to be falling and it's still falling that whisk is actually it going to fall over and hit the ground all that happened to you know faster than the redwood trees ball but it was almost it was almost like that because it's
when things are that amazing you really look at them and you see this thing which is only three inches tall you see it falling for quite a long time and the whole thing is really amazing
but it's only amazing because you have set that thing down yourself
over carefully over and over and over and over and over and you've seen people set it down over and over and over and now when somebody sets it down and it
start the teeter and fall it is a major event
and you know it's not like an earthquake
but an innocent it's like why it's like a half is like a happy earthquake the person who who's doing the thing and has falling over they might be a little embarrassed because they are they know that they never saw this before either and so didn't feel like oh i made a mistake so that's part of it
two but
the main thing is that these forms when you practice them
you become intimate with them and every little variation especially like big ones i should say not every little one but some of the big variations like falling over backwards are major or mean like
never seen before in the history of the world kind of thing
so this is all nice but the this shadow side is some people don't get to go in a tearoom
because they're busy taking care of their kids
or tired of cleaning up after earthquakes or
and the interests of the point of the intimacy
the point of intimacy is to help all beings
so here's the shadow side as you're doing something which actually the point of it is to realize a life where you're amazed
you're amazed by the great enlightenment you're amazed by intimacy you're amazed and enlivened and liberated and totally ready to serve all beings and this is all good but
what about the people can do it and nice start that you have a problem with that so part of this kinda messy business in this intimacy training which we are practicing here
ah because he the form of sitting that you're doing here is one is one of the main forms of the school
when informs you used to realize it not to get enlightened by to realize it to to embody it to embody enlightenment by sitting
all of you can do this but some of you can't do the tea ceremony or someone you can't do the head shaving yet
even though i'm not trying to get you to shave your head and become priests
but basically you you're all welcome to be priests
and then after becoming priests you're welcome to do the training which follows
the intimacy training

so if everybody at our day then there would be no
exclusion except for the say what my kids little kids will then they will be excluded
what about a preordained kids too
why and a special form for kids while then answer be excluded
and the banana slugs
we had as at the beginning of this year we had a ceremony which we called xico bodhisattva new year's greeting
and we also the end we did that on the third of january and else in earlier in the third of january and before before the city we had here where we did that new year's greeting here we did the new year's greeting a green gulch which for their for the shoot k bodies
surface to leaving home bodhisattvas who did it i agree not for the priests so we did one for the priests in one for the
for the z k bodhisattvas
so part of what's going on in this
in the saga is negotiating what forms we can use what forms are appropriate both for so-called priests and householders what are the forms we can use to practice intimacy and whatever forms we use whatever forms the priests use whenever formed as
householders use whatever friends we use there is an element of exclusion to all beings who cannot use these forms and this to some extent probably pains us
because he pain some other people
some of the people are using this formed are pained
because they don't like elitism
so there's different layers of elitism but even
even you folks who can sit in this way today in some censure in an elite
and to some extent that may bother you and the people and priests training to some extent you can say they're and l in an elite
now and i offer you is not exactly that i believe this but somebody told me this one time who used to work in hospitals and i thought it was really interesting she said in a in a healthy
knew she said healthy and on name she said healthy maybe she said a living but in a living organization there's insiders and outsiders

and she said this but
that that should not be static
but i actually it does no insiders outsiders than i think what's going on in the organization or in the community is dead
i kind of think that
i think it there's no insiders are outsiders in a community i mean it is no illusion it's not really but if there's no sense of insider outsider excluded included it there's no sense of that and i think the community is dead
if something's happening and people don't even notice that anybody's inside or outside whatever it's happening must not be very interesting
are things that are going on that are not interesting to to any of you and when you look at those thing you don't think what who was included who is not but if there's really a nice meal
you know served in a graciously
then you kind of think well who gets to eat who doesn't
are you know it is anybody excluded when there's really a feast going on your then you've done being excluded comes up
and in fact somebody will be excluded the kids either do sit at the table or they don't but if they sit at the table than some other people can
there's some exclusion that appears and if there isn't than the thing must not be that good
and even if everybody gets to the table who gets what he called the drumstick
our who gets seconds
there's never a it is really good there's never enough for everybody to get the same out somebody's there's some insiders at this feast and there's some outsiders and i think
the it should not be static that he should be able to trade places in a healthy organization to
a something in other words if we if we want enlightenment and proposing if we want enlightenment if we want great wisdom and compassion
we seem to need training
children do not tell them seem to be frightened and greedy and deluded but they don't seem to be a kind of like able to work with that stuff in a compassionate way and manifest intimacy they need a they need a lot of education and with it they can
learn to be intimate
if we want to realize enlightenment we want to realize intimacy in such a way that all beings are benefited we need forms and when we have forms
there's some inclusion and exclusion and then how do we do with that is also part of the way we develop intimacy
i offer this to you i invite you into the
the dance of intimacy and therefore the data therefore the dance of working with forms and therefore the dance of who gets to dance with who how
why cannot say whether jesus closer to the the tendons closer to the master than the non attendance
somebody said to me recently somebody told me a priest and training taught me some of that some people tell me that you don't like me as much as you like the other priests one of the priest told me that somebody some people are watching me with the priests and calculating which ones i like best and then sometimes going to the
a ones they think i like less and and telling them that they think
they think i like them less so in a press group
there's the included and excluded in the press group
and then in included group you know how almonds and the included group but in the included grew up there is a really included and the not sorry they included
who's who's the one who is really really really really really really intimate
who is clothed everybody else who's that one is that the buddha is buddha the one who gets to be totally intimate and never excluded
it's amazing to me that someone would that
this is going on it's amazing suppresses someone came and told me that you aren't isn't iraq is nice to me as you are to the other priests and i said that just really this is like amazing this is like the though key risk falling over like wow
right here in in the in the inner chamber of pre-screening we have like
envy and jealousy and who was amazing
and then some people think
in our or he really likes the priests more than a non-porous as for and so on i feel excluded
now if i if i would tell everybody that really i i like the non-porous better than the priests
then the priests have a problem with that
i really like the non-print better but the precinct only ones you want to be priests so they get free streaming

but you know i'm not gonna denying
likes and dislikes i'm not denying them
i really do like someone's old best of all it's true
and so so it's really my most on favorite is really true however this has got basic in this has got this i should say this is just all this is just food for intimacy all this likes and dislikes has just started intimacy comes and practices with with these for
arms likes and i'd like this period to be little longer this is really a cool and little extend this one or bit i like this period to be a little shorter i like it in now
i like this talk to be a little longer this is a good one keep going keep going unlike you just shut up now this is enough likes dislikes arise when we have forms like sitting
talking what are all these formed people's likes and dislikes are flaring up around all these forms and in those are new forms to be intimate with this is normal and again this whole wonderful thing can be seen as exclusive
but it's pretty clear that the party line is all these forms are just not to eliminate exclusivity because eliminating exclusivity is another kind of exclusivity in the great openness and buddha exclusiveness is allowed
loud and inclusiveness is allowed we don't make a situation where there's absolutely no possibility of any exclusion
no we make a situation where we can open to the pain of the slightest bit of exclusion
which is similar in are usually we when we put the t with down vertically we in the sense we're excluding at falling over because it's not falling over its standing upright when you put it upright you're excluding falling over
they could feel sorry for all the phone over to with that don't get to you don't do their thing
what everything you do there's there's an exclusion and there's some there's some problem there which we can embrace with compassion and realize
it's ultimate truth but it's hard it's a struggle it's a struggle
if the dead organization we don't have any exclusion but that's because nobody even paying attention to it
really the illusion of exclusion and the illusion of inclusion they come up naturally the question is can we meet it with compassion and realize intimacy and for these forms
at his robes are are offered in this way and
and yeah

zone thing anyone you like to say this time you're welcome to do so
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


giving it a sentence and a letter is not capitalize who and
sorry i just stop maybe somebody could responsive and in the future and i wanted to offer that some people do tea ceremony and and some don't put all of us work with language sometimes all day for very often so i i just wanted to offer about him
i noticed a lot with email and things like that that people
maybe don't seem to be checking your language and language is a form know has a lot of powers make it positive and i just have a request for wish that
can we really impatient
i hear you request that we in a fully engage with language different
and just like the same something very subjective
stance my observation when i visited to censor i with you estate you were pretty remarkably equitable relationships
yes you couldn't stand the year someone else i don't really care for picnic and have to look make good about how you
moved among the people
why thank you
ha ha
so use the term couldn't stand
couldn't stand means challenge can be patient perhaps someone's doing something and it's can like like their tipping over t whisks into a know in various ways with their
with their the way they perform the forms or don't perform the forms which is one of the ways that perform uniforms is don't perform performance
one of the ways of relating to the to sitting meditation as don't do it
don't do walking meditation is dead
or you know
but whenever you do those things if you have a relationship with somebody around the form it affects him or her
and you make it like can summer was somebody was making me t recently and she did something on you was a t and it just like i wouldn't say it was like a dagger in my heart
but they didn't it didn't really hurt he was more like for somebody who is pino into into physical contact it was like you know
he was like me it was like being tackled as you're running down the field with a football or something it's like a real strong contact
it wasn't i don't really pay was good was wonderfully amazingly
so in that case i would he really i wasn't challenged to be patient and i express lots of amazement
but sometimes people do things which are kind of painful and then i'm challenged and have the opportunity to be patient
and that certain people have come to me after practicing with me for number of years
and thank me
the for being patient now i might wish that they would thank me for being wise
but they thank me for being patient with them selves and i find sometimes when they say that i think you're welcome and then i even say you're welcome and i even think yes i have been working at that for some time and and you have been a great opportunity
and i'm saying i and you've really helped me
because you've given me all these chances to be patient with you and i have and and and i been graced with that ability quite a few times and it's really wonderful
don't tell anybody i said this
but a certain person who i've been married to
of nicknames for me is polly
is short for
and she called me tell you i'm not saying i'm tolerant but she calls me totally because she thinks i'm quite tolerant and sometimes she said she says
you are really tolerant how sometimes i'm not and then she tells me i'm not but but don't tell her i said this okay
so i hope to live up to my name rab think it's a good name
i hope to live up to an intention
it's a good name zachary she gave me hope to live up to the whole name tensions and key i hope to live up to the name polly
i really want to be tolerant of all beings and
why process says you're pretty good you have just a student you deserve

ah yes
when you mentioned about compassion
and whether
the candice how can how can we
as much as i like to practice it i like to to take every opportunity to bring that up
i don't know how practical
that could be or isn't even practical or isn't in my medication if you're asking
how what is practical to be contrasted to to anything that comes up to totally still with it
now when you say you don't know if it's if it's practical what do you mean if i can do something like that you are you saying you don't know if you can do it for you know so compassion practically speaking can i do it yeah why don't they are so i don't know practically speaking of i can do it however i think it's good to
where i think it's good to remember that you will be able to do it
you will be able to do it you will be able to do it that's one thing i would say the other thing is when you are able to do it you will be able to do it and when you are you will be able to do it because you are being supported to do it
my what by your past karma your past karma will support you someday to be compassionate
and if your compassion today your past karma is supporting you'd need a compassionate today and all beings are supporting you to be if you can be compassionate day it's because all beings are supporting you
you cannot be compassionate by yourself practically speaking can be compassionate dancer is i don't know i don't know and i don't know but also i do know that i will be able to be compassionate when everybody supports me to be compassionate when everybody gathers around me
says be compassionate to him it is enough people asking me okay i'll be compassionate
this person's really may be rude to me mean to me hates me tries to hurt me and i feel like why i don't really want to be compassionate this person because of my past karma i may feel like more know my past karma being like thinking that he's mean to me i don't want to be kind to him but if enough people gathered around
me i can imagine suzuki roshi coming and shakyamuni buddha coming and say come on
be kind to him even though he's done all these things be kind to him
and when you're kind of somebody's it is is because whether you know it or not everybody's like really want you to do it
everybody does want you to be compassionate
and when when that comes together you will be able to be but sometimes it seems like the conditions aren't there
our past karma or whatever things the situation is complicated were not clear that it's not clear to us that everyone supporting us but when it does happen then they are supporting his and it's clear to us and so we can be compassionate but we can't do it by ourselves we cannot be compassion by ourselves and nobody else is going to do it for us either

i to expressing that came up when you're talking to said
i wasn't able to shave my head on some aerobics last weekend but
i felt included in my friends doing that
so i didn't feel excluded by mean a delay yeah it may be that none of the people who weren't ordained felt excluded is possible can anybody was there feel excluded
i know it's possible by people who i'm talking about who felt the exclusion where the some of the priests they feel like oh now i'm really included
and if a it and they don't want to be any given an exclusive club and in fact i think we should be open to being an an exclusive club
we should be open to it if we're open to it and we have a chance of not attaching to it and giving it away but if you're close to it you're already caught by you caught
and the thought did cross my mind you know
now with there's five new precinct green gulch so there's more prisoners and ando the thought did cross my mind what can we have too many presets and center like would it be would it be really bad if like everybody who lived a green gulch was a priest would that be like a bad thing and i kind of thought at first i
thought kind of like
yeah but then i thought no no i think yeah
i mean you know it's it's dynamic it might be really need to have everybody a green gulch is a priest
and then people that's going i say what have you're really a bad scene
just priests are you can some additive typical ah it's so beautiful you know it's all priests it's real it's really you know
either way you do it and how no priest have priests or priests yeah someone's get moved around there you feel it
i say let's feel it and let's be honest and let's be kind and supportive of each other and including on when we feel exclusion or were accused of including let's open to that because again when there's a vital event like that like last sunday there was a very violent event
very bright there is a shadow don't pretend it's just the light their shadow and it's good we bring it out when we see it and welcome it and if we welcome the shadow of them we get more like can we get more light will give more shadow this is
as i think
this is what the traditions telling us and so there it so there is a light as great ganesha great

when limit
i want to live myself myself
it seems to me like my of evicted too small i want to enjoy the beautiful silly things over
small all
if i'm to limit
allow myself to express an explorer do the my mind will become
can you like me
who who seems to me there's some sort
get appropriate limitation who the the appropriate limits but another thing i think you are you are hinting at but didn't say it's not so much that were too limited but there were attached to the limits
in sometimes we can't be co limited in some sense you could never be any more limited than you are right now you are come you are completely limited to being yourself he couldn't be any more limited however you don't get attached to that
anything you do you put your hand here you don't put it someplace else it's your limited so we don't we don't really have to be any more limited
while but we do need to some forms to tune into our limits
like yoga is a yoga yoga postures and your reforms are ways to
be mindful that you're limited beating that you've got a limited body and a limited mind now to limited i think what you mean by to ltd is that you cling to your limits and that's basically what we're trying to learn how to let go of is clinging to the form of the forms of zahn
the forms of yoga the forms of compassion the forms of law the forms of society were trying to relate to them in a compassionate way so we don't cling to them
but we have to get intimate to test to see for clean because it is if you're far enough away from things you can say i'm not cleaning
when you start to get closer is you start to notice oh oh my god
i think i own the yoga tradition
i think i'm the teacher
which is true but i am clinging to that i think i'm not the teacher and i'm clinging to that
both student and teacher with any foreign can to their position
so how do we so i would say when we wholeheartedly exert our position our limit we won't cling to it
but if you don't wholeheartedly exerted you can be clinging to it and not notice it
and again if you use an interview using form and exerting holy in sometimes it's exclusive only you get to work with your body in certain ways either people can work with your body and other ways and you can't
like the surgeon can work with your by in a way that you can't
massage therapist work with your body in a way that you can't
but you can work with your body in ways that other people can't the way you can is exclusive
only you can do it in certain ways and the and those are your responsibilities and your opportunities for intimacy
those a year opportunities to realize that you're clinging to your body being this way
you're clinging to your body being this way other people are cleaning your body to be another way like the mothers clinging to her body in one way and the baby claim to the mother's body in another way
the baby doesn't care whether the mothers fashions he likes lots of flesh to get ahold of the baby doesn't want the mother to get too skinny the mother maybe wants to get skinny so she's clinging to her somebody in a different way than the baby is they both need help
to be devoted to each other in such a way that there's no clinging
yes think about the role of commitment and the role of commitment yeah
exertion right
exclusive includes exactly so these forms at everybody got to see these forms last weekend these priests were doing these forms
they were receiving these precepts everybody got to see what they were
but they also saw the priests committed to these forms
and they committed to training these forms and then again some people could feel
i wanna i wanna come into this form to bid on the people would feel like i'd like to buy i can't i'm excluded from committing to these forms because of some situation so the commitment is part the commitment to the form is part of the way to realize the intimacy commitment to and is part of the way to realize if there's any clue
you if you don't commit to something you may think you're not clinging to it when you commit to yamagata cleaning
you don't notice it before you claim just like some people gardner who are who are living together and not married to get married i could live together for long time and they just amazed by what happens
which is the point of getting married to be amazed right

and went for thing just came in my head was somebody came to see me recently he said
i'm wondering what i'm doing here he was in a little room with me
instead i wondering what i'm doing here and
and i said you mean in the party what you're doing in his world
he said no i mean i wonder what i'm doing and buddha dharma and i said wondering what you're doing and buddha dharma is one of the traditional forms of dharma
wonder what am i doing and bodhidharma what am i doing in bought a buddhist in the boot away what am i doing it okay to answer the question but keep asking it what am i doing in a buddha away
what am i doing in the boat away
lots of answers but the question is wisdom working
thank you very much
equally extend to every being and plays like an interview with an aluminium mag
nonetheless i go to save them to time
these hospital
the to a damn die
the anchorman
this way is unsurpassable
the become it

this is what of those awkward
how it just by taking this off

of vicious lunch
the men will probably have a little work period