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and the green light goes on
and if you tap that the red light goes on so i think it's happening
i have a memory that in the first class
i said something like
the creative mind plays with the objects it loves
and and i clarified that love doesn't mean like or dislike doesn't mean like a like it means love in the sense of compassion and then i've tried to discuss with you what that love is like and that love is basically on
even though some creative minds do not have not heard of the teachings of compassion a bodhisattvas in fact i think the creative mind needs to be something
like the body sought for
compassion practices in regard to the objects
but they're aware of in order to
enter into a concentrated relaxed playful relationship
with the objects of awareness
and then in that playfulness
one enters into
the creative relationship and in the creative relationship one finds freedom from suffering

now in particular talking about bodhisattvas being creative and body sought for freedom
so that would follow the similar rules of other creative peak beings except that the body sought for creativity is not just about their own personal freedom but it's primarily about the freedom of others
so for the bodhisattva
this are being compassionate with
what they're experiencing
and being concentrated with it based on that compassion and being playful with it which is the beginning of wisdom and entering into creativity with their experience is done together with other beings
so that they will be free
it isn't just personal freedom that their foot that they're devoted to
somebody thought was
part of their work is not only to be kind to what they're aware of but to teach other beings
how to be kind to what they're aware of so that other beings can relax and focus
and play and then with that
bodhisattvas then played together
their playmates
and they together with their playmates
realized freedom through that creative play

i have an odd number of
examples of this
which we can get into some this weekend next week and some of the examples
playing with a green gulch during the session
so in addition to saying that the bodhisattva of course has is developing a compassionate mind
and then the compassionate mind
leads to a concentrated mind and the concentrated mind is focused
and flexible
so it can be focused and playful
but again
they they practice with others and their job is to teach others how to play which means they need to teach others how to concentrate which means they need teach others how to be compassionate
at the compassion move forward into concentration and play this they move into wisdom
so their ultimate job
is to teach wisdom and teach it by realizing it together
so the body start but it's not like they have the wisdom and the other people don't they have their wisdom is the wisdom i realized together
which example should i use first
what before i use example i just well so want to point out something i mentioned at the beginning of this session we just started
which i think it's good to remember that for most of
the practice of the buddha way
for most of the practice of the teachings of the tradition
the central concern
is living beings
now you could say then a sense the central concern is enlightenment but the center concern is the enlightenment of an enlightened beings
it's not primary concern a buddhism from most for most buddhists is not the enlightenment of the buddha but how the enlightenment of the buddha can help suffering beings
and in the great vehicle tradition it's primarily how
living beings who are suffering how others who are suffering can
be benefited first and liberated
the main cause of suffering is clinging
the basic definition of suffering is experience
attack with attachment
so the buddha says in the first teaching the boonies said
the the noble truth of suffering is this
and he didn't say life is suffering well he sort of did
he said birthday suffering old age is suffering sickness is suffering pleasure is suffering pain is suffering
in short all experience where there's clinging involved is suffering
all experience where there's grasping of the experienced we live we live we experience and when those grasping in our experience that's the definition of suffering
and the grasping his based on
on delusion
what's the delusion that illusion is there something to grasp
like you know health
life life can be grasp we had that illusion you can grasp life
and then we have that illusion we believe it than we try to grasp it and we suffer we think birth can be grasped we think pleasure we think pain we think other beings we think food
we think health we think sickness can be grasped and because we think they're out there separate from us if they were we could grasp them they're not
we realize that there's no grasping and there's no suffering
the process of being compassionate
to what we're aware of while we're still deluded
leads to the ability to be concentrated with what we're aware of when were diluted
and that least the possibility of being playful what we're what we're aware with what we're aware of when were diluted
so when we first are playing with our experience we still think that our experience can be grasped
but when were concentrated in relaxed and start playing we start to enter into the realization that there isn't really any separation between
experience or an experienced between knower and known
between self and other
but until we enter into this dynamic intimate relationship with what we know we still keep thinking that what we know is out there but it's not
but we think it is
so we talked we we don't try to get rid of what we think we tried to engage it compassionately concentrate italy playfully
creatively and then we understand that nothing's out there
out there is a construction that's not our relationship with each other we're not out there from each other
we are other but other is not separate from self
we're not all the same person we're all different people and none of us exist independent of each other
we have a mind which is constructed in a way that it looks at itself when it meets somebody else and while i was looking at itself it says it's separate from itself
so then it also feel separate from the beings which it meets through its constructions
and there's a cure for this delusion which means to the cure for attachment which means a cure for
suffering and that is
what'd you said
be kind of the situation concentrate with the situation
situation and enter into creativity with others

ha the the the the the example that is pressing for me to bring up now is one the some of you've heard before i'll tell it again when i was
about eight years old maybe nine
i spent a lot of time playing
by myself
in my room
i was actually having pretty good time
i was pretty happy playing in my room by myself
and now looking back i feel
so blessed that ah with all my problems whatever they were i actually could enjoy
being quiet
and playful and pretty relaxed
however i didn't really understand that the things i was playing with
we're not out there
but i was and why i was in training
my parents were concerned though that i spend quite so much time i did play with other kids
and why i play with them i think i often times was not very playful even at that time
and i'll talk later maybe about maybe i'll talk about now no fuck later about how i wasn't playful
and how and what is not playful so they they had my ears test and some they thought something was wrong with me to damn your tested and my ears were okay how many people are destroyed before
what if you can tell again
my ears are okay so then they sent me to a child site kyat trust not a psychologist psychiatrist somebody who could administer medication
his name was dr hansen
and my mother took me i think the first time
i lived in minneapolis which was not huge city but anyway she took me to the hospital i think in the name of the hospital was st barnabas hospital
and ah and i think the in a first session she was there with me and she waited and dr hansen and i went into his office and he said to me is there anything you'd like to talk about
and i said
no if you destroyed before judge i said no and
he said well would you like to play
ryan murphy said play maybe he said would you like to build something like a boat for an airplane
and i said yes and we started building things and we've go boats and airplanes and ships and cities and
and he pianos material to build a stuff with
i support my parents were paying something for this but anyway
we built this stuff and he was you know a grown man and his work together we could actually do quite
they'll really nice stuff and then i got to bring stuff home
from a little brother to destroy
and at the end of each session he would say is there anything you want talk about and i think every time i said no
and they can briefly mentioned that once a month all the crazy children were gathered together and we had a party
and i remember particularly playing old maid and that there was ice cream and cake
at the party and i traveled all the way the city by myself in those days you can send a kid across the city by himself
and and back in the winter because i enjoyed it and i stopped going because i want to play soccer after school instead of going to see him but i really enjoyed my time with them
playing with him

i'll basically with with the kids are
when i was playing with kids i wanted to win
and i would say basically when you're trying to when you're not being playful
children can be playful and i would say that when they're being playful they're not trying to win and adults can be playful
i mean we're playful we're not trying to win

gracie's furrowing intensely
in my sure well i'm i'm sure but i'll but i'm playfully sure

if you want
she said it my saying that if you're playing and you'll want to win does that mean you're not being playful the answer is no
yeah but if you are playing and you want to win than what you do with you're wanting to win
tracy you be playful with it and how you be playful with wanting to win
you don't know that's playful i i proclaim that to be great playful
i don't know is quite playful actually
which is again i just said
you said be playful right right thing to say be playful with the flavor with the i want to win and i asked her how do be playful and she said i don't know that's being playful with how do with wanting to win ah

let's see what did i ask i said howdy be playful and you would stand a new would say this is the way to be playful i wouldn't be so playful and then i would say no it's not new to yesterday's but you actually you actually would mean you wouldn't be just playing with me you'd actually think that you found a way to do
bi-fold that wouldn't be so playful
but i was actually even though she'd even though she gave a better answers and i was gonna give by saying she didn't know the way you be playful with the wish to win
is by being compassionate to the wish to win
loving the wish to win
love the wish to win into playfulness
be generous with the wish to win don't hate the with nasty little trying to win now love the child who is trying to win
be careful and ethical and just with the child who is trying to win even though the child is
a number of decades old
be patient with the child who's trying to win
and now you can calm down with the child who's trying to win and now you you can play and being playful is i wonder how we can play now
what is play again what was clear again
and that starts to now you know your com you're focused on with your playmate your plaything
your your your field to play you're focused you're flexible and you're wondering what it is and then somebody can tell you it's we're going to play this today and you can say i don't want to and you can be playful with that and they can be flipped and so
you don't have to not want to win in order to be playful but if you're attached to wanting to when you can you're not playful if you're attached to wanting to lose your not playful
i once
was blessed
with the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with gregory bateson
and to your beno braggart gregory bateson
yeah so he's phone
he may turn out to be you know are a major thinker of the twentieth century
his father was also named basin and was a close friend of darwin and his wife was as zen student and she kind of broad gregory design center so he gave talks of zen center and then also up
his wife you know actually got ready to come to the zendo some said and give some toxins and center and i and nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty i was invited to go to esalen institute
and at that time i was going to bring my daughter and my wife was gonna go to france my daughter was three and a half
she's the mother of a person i'm going to tell you a story about a bot play in a minute and also she's the mother of a person i'm i tell you in responding to robins question about miracles also in a little while if we get to it
she's the mother of two topics about play but anyway that time she was with me and her mother was in
and gregory was at esalen institute to and he would come to my talks i was invited to give toxins and he would come to my talks
so here's this
you know leading thinker margaret mead's husband and so on come into my talks about and now it is this kid
very interesting man
and he liked by chest so he asked me if they just with them and we play with his father's chest set said eighteen sixty on it
so we played chest and how did i played just did i try to when i did not try to win
did i try to lose and i did not try to what did i try to do i tried
and i have always played chess this way i tried to play
the most interesting game for him with doesn't mean that i don't pay attention and it means that i'd tried to make moves that i thought would be interesting i pride to play with him
and in fact
i did win some games and he won some games but i was primarily trying to make an interesting move
maybe a shocking move
donald what's happening
your face
how are you feeling
a good
so i was written and he loved those games and he wanted to play again and again and he was dying
and when and when i left excellent after two months i i gave him my beads to hold because he had ah yeah is a longtime smoker and so and so forth and he was looked like he had lung cancer but he certainly had breathing problems and when i
say goodbye to him i didn't know if i'd see him again
but i did see him again because he came to sense enter the die
and he died that spring of nineteen eighty
and yeah
i played with him not to win and i and i noticed that this was the first time in my life that i played chess with somebody not to win
but to entertain them
part of the reason i did that was because i thought how disrespectful for this young guy to try to beat this brilliant but old man chest
chess players usually are not very good when they're seventy six
so i just thought if if my young mind could beat him yeah i'm fine no problem but to try to beat this this great man it just really seen off the not i he was being kind to me so kind to me to come to my talks you know and
spend time with me and and tell me about his his friends and as he was and then for me to try to beat him it just didn't seem appropriate but he wanted to play so i played with them and i didn't beat him sometimes when i beat him heaves happy and when he beat me he was happier
and when he went in and as he was dying he he said i hope we can play some more jazz
this is what bodhisattvas are interested in they're interested in playing with somebody
which brings you to notice to example
another principle
when bodhisattvas are playing with people
when people when people are being playful they're not playing to win i would say
well how does the game end
they're not interested in playing a game that will end they want to play a game that doesn't end
and it's very difficult to play a chess game that doesn't hand but that's the kind they want to play
and twice here's an example of a plank i recently on my trip down to los angeles to see my newly born
my grandson
we were staying in a place to have a nice table tennis startup
and he mostly wanted to play with his
mother's husband who is now his parent in a way doesn't call him father
but he's he recognize that this person has his parents now
and he wanted to play with him for whatever reason
probably he on already been playing with him and the had a nice games but when is when when his when his father was not available he asked me
and when we start first started playing
i have not played ping pong much in my life and the last time i played was bought a half a century ago
so we started playing and i and i think the first game the score at one point was eighteen to one
and he had eighteen and i had one
and we played some more and the spores were similar to that
but at a certain point i felt on
i felt like well he wasn't really playing with me
and what's i playing with him i thought i was i was happy for him to be eighteen to one
and then i got to be like two thousand and one to three or whatever and that's the end of the game
and then there was nothing that we play some more games and and there was our other opportunity to play but had a while after what i felt like he was a really
kind of into crushing me
and didn't read in one of the games basically didn't want the games to go on her forever he just wanted them to and as quickly as possible with him the winner and then another game which would end he wanted a succession of games that didn't go on
and i certain point i said i don't play anymore
when he accepted that and then we play some more games but finally got to a place when i started to it's sometimes we learn how to play the game
but one game was specifically really interesting because he invited me to play and i was tired at the time and i thought well i i didn't really want to play but i thought well he's inviting me so i play with him that's where all is what has been
and i started playing and i was i really felt like like i was almost falling asleep when i was playing with them and i
i noticed that i didn't have to be awake into play
and i was actually playing better than before i mean out there was no cup and
and he became much kinder to me in that game and
and the game went on and on and on and on
the score final score was
thirty two to thirty
he really enjoyed the game and saturday we really got into playing
and ah
if you're trying to make the game will eat each third try to make each circle as long as possible
even if you wanted to go a long as possible that's not that takes some skill but then in the process of promoting it to go on
you are mostly concerned with getting the ball back to the person so that they can hit it back to you rather than getting back to the person so the thing can get back to you so one or both of you might be tempted to return this gift in such a way that the other person couldn't return it
and the person's giving you
i shot that's easy to return that makes it easier for you to return it in a way that they can't
so he was tempted to do that but didn't
and says game went on and on and he really enjoy it
so the bodies thought but not only of plank the bodhisattvas play and really anybody's play is not is wanting it to go on forever
which is pretty hard
it's pretty hard to keep the play going that's a characteristic of play if you're not playing if you're playing football or baseball or tennis or ping pong if you're planning but not to get it to go on
there you're not playing
i say and that's easy to keep that going because it's gonna stop soon
but play that's going on it it's easy to lose the play
and that's part of play being playful is you'll lose the play and yeah that's part of what you have to accept is that you keep losing it but playing in a way that we're not trying to play you don't lose that
because that one is not you're not trying to make that keep going
so it's pretty difficult actually to so that would that would lead you to play ping-pong and get to a score of one hundred and fifty or something can you imagine that that could that with that's good that work that could happen and this would be
this is called freedom from suffering
but it takes concentration to get the score two hundred and fifty
but it takes more than concentration it takes generosity to keep returning the ball in a way that the person could get it back to you and all this maybe without even telling the other person that you're doing this so that you're both trying to get the score to go high
and now a related topic
this grandsons sister he has a sister now
who has actually this this little girl has a blog
she has blog
she is the blog and her father maintains it for her
and so ah
the blogs that the blog is is frankie laine dot com
pronounced francesca
hi fi and only i only so the blog is frankie laine dot com if you want to see your check it out
record when i was a kid there was this a tv show called think was called andy's gang or something and spawn it was sponsored by buster brown shoes and the ad for buster brown shoes in the you know
in insole brushed brushed brown branches was a picture of buster brown little boy was his dog and then ad was i'm buster brown this is my dog tag look for him in there to or something like that so anyway look for me and the blog to
i'll be the guy with the short hair and the baby and the baby's head in my hand
so anyway i wanted to play now with
last week
gave a gift just saying something like she doesn't know if you ever saw a miracle
to sit something like that
so i do some research
yeah he sighed and recognize it so anyway i am i thought about that and i'm still thinking about it so i've come to play with you around that issue of of miracles and one thing i want to say as i look up the word
and the first meaning of the word is
or something that happens

yeah the first meaning is something that happens
that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature
and saw was held to be supernatural in origin
or as an act of god so in buddhism we don't think that events
we don't say that events are explainable by the laws of nature
but we do not think their supernatural
they might be explainable but we may not be able to explain them we have told that the buddha could can explain them by the laws of nature but only omniscient beans can see the laws of nature working
and we don't think there's a god that's running the show we think causes and conditions of nature caused events but human beings
i just make up stories of how cause and effect goals they don't actually see it on tell
on tell
the enter into a creative relationship with these events and become free of delusion and then they realized how the laws of nature work but prior to that we do not see how anything works really we just had stories so in a way according to the first definition a miracle as
something that we have been trouble making a story about how it happened
but the second meaning a miracle is one i like to talk about a little bit second meaning is something that excites
and i think i maybe i told you
the the grandmother who i'm married to have this girl was down at the birth did she call me and she said unbelievable
unbelievable and people often these days when they're very happy about something now they say incredible
with something wonderful happens they say incredible in other words i can't believe it is so wonderful i can hardly believe how wonderful it is
i'm so happy i can barely believe i'm to happy or whatever
it's like when things are really the way you want them you say save can't believe it
funnier and so i said to my life
is she really or is it not much she but is it is this thing called birth this thing this this thing that are living being
freshly delivered into this world is it unbelievable and she said no it's not an unbelievable it's miraculous
it's awesome
it's our it's all it's it's awful you know it fills us with all sometimes and that's another meaning of
a miraculous or miracle is something that makes you feel like makes you the root of it is
wonder for and then then the route goes to some something to wonder at and wonderful soul that's it means to wonder
and yeah so it's not so much it's actually in the miraculous she doesn't like you say or that's a miracle
it's more like you
you may be say it may be saying miracle but it's really because of the state you're in it's not so much the thing is
a miracle
so it is your state really
and when you're in that state
when you're in the state of awe a wonder
then what is at that moment whatever you're looking at
according to that meaning is a miracle and also like with gregory bateson
it was kind of a miracle that i got to spend that time with them i was in awe of not so much him but the the beauty of the relationship that he neither one of us were in control of and many beings were contributing to him have this young devoted person to be with and
me to have this old devoted person to be with it was very it was i don't know how that happened and i said the same thing about being with suzuki roshi
and sometimes i said it out loud but often thought
in i i know a lot of people who
the they're really good
compared to me a compared to them i haven't done much good i know
but they didn't get to meet him and i did how or why did i get to meet with him why did i get to hang out with them
i couldn't figure it out and i still can't
but lot of things come together to
to do that and when i got married my wife mother said about me as a chinese expression which is he must have broken a lot of moku beos in his past life
moko here this wooden fish it's it's a wooden drum that struck in in in east asian buddhism when they're chanting so as an expression he must have broken a lot of those not not by crushing them but by using them so much by practicing so long that he wore out a bunch of drums he must have
wore out a bunch of drums in order to be able to marry my daughter
which is true
which is true i must have i have no idea that i did but i must have i must they must
there must be some reason why i got to spend time with gregory bateson suzuki roshi
a lot of other kind people so many kind people dr hansen
down where
laura ashley all these people how to walk hockey i'm so fortunate to hang out with such wonderful people why do i get to talk about time all the time i can't understand why
it's a and
i'm protocol
it's awesome
it's just awesome
so it's a miracle
that's for you
you're welcome thank you for accepting my homework

so again bodies bodhisattvas aren't interested not just themselves playing
like with colors are there on mind but they play with their own mind together with somebody else playing with their mind and as and there's an overlap
between the two people playing with their mind
and an overlap between the two people or more
two people are or a whole group of people
can all be playing with their mind i'll be
practicing compassion towards what they're thinking
practicing compassion towards how they imagine each other
pink com with
what they imagine each other to be
being playful with what they imagine each other to be
and then there's an overlap between the way we're playing with how we see each other and then that overlap that's where the bodhisattvas enlightenment lives but isn't it's a it's an interpersonal enlightenment
it's not
this body as enlightenment it's not that bodhisattvas enlightenment it's our enlightenment
and that's the
that's the bodhisattvas freedom is freedom together
i have and a green gulch now we're studying at some stories and were playing with those stories in the session and but i think
for now
i feel i've offered you enough
so i now invite you to play for the rest of the time
in whatever way you like we can bring up those stories later
when said people from session come back
i welcome your feedback i welcome your gifts

where'd you say

so you're not only didn't you didn't you agree with this person but there are a crummy
it's possible that somebody would be not properly and you wouldn't agree with them right
could be a genius who you disagreed with but it wasn't
okay okay for good
well that was playful of you to drop the crummy
hand over the crummy because crummy doesn't sound all that bodhisattva
oh okay sorry sorry
this is this and from you we your past your pressed thoughts of of communists about people before you started practicing athletics
i was ten years ago

this this crossing their fingers means many things one of them is i want to remember something and this
now there's no i just want to say this cross finger is a bot slimy going
he get a color
and eric
you know


wonderful wonderful awesome awesome so slimy is
the bodhisattva
the baby body sought for a new ten years ago but he sought resort interested in slimy people
they made me feel guilty about being interested in slimy people because they think that's something perverted about it but actually bodyside are interested in slimy people and also they're interested in non slimy people
so your interest in her was
you know signage your open ear you're interested in in things that are not necessarily what you would consider to be
let's say
ah enlightened yeah

you have seen that if you've you've seen how so you've seen outside

so if you go to their to be playful that's good and then bring now than bring your playful and meet somebody else because it is or yeah it's more challenging to do it together even though it's more challenging to do it together
because sometimes the other person
doesn't seem to wanna play they want to beat you maybe
so then how do you were how do you work with they are wishing to beat your rather than play with you rather than replay for with you
and so sometimes you say i don't want to play anymore
but you know that just temporary in the long run you'll you'll you'll come back and play
sometimes you sometimes you're getting tired you need to rest said she come back and play again with somebody who doesn't want to play who wants to win once the game to end and then play another one i want that one to hand
but that's harder
you see it's playful him it's playful you to be opened to that you might be missing something that's playful
yeah this has good that's good that you open to that you might be missing something
op that's not so good
but i was kidding about that nuts
that was good too
ha ha
yeah yeah

yeah she said she'd understand about going on that you're playing a game that you would like to do forever
thank you for coming murray i hope you feel better
thank you thank you
so i'm saying the body sought for while the body start for wants to play a game that goes on forever until everybody is happy
he's happy that's one way to understand it

there's that there's that too or that it isn't i but the i is included in this big long term program of everybody being at peace and being happy
so that's gonna take a while that's one way to understand this
and a key ingredient in realizing the happiness of all beings is that you
well as many aspects of at one is
i do not trying to get anything
like the end of the game and and also at the same time i want to say again the playfulness which is a key ingredient in bringing happiness is very easily lost
it's very fragile
so even though we're trying to keep the playfulness going in fact it's hard but the bodies thought for would like to keep the playfulness going would like to be playful and creative with in every encounter
but other people influence it and maybe the bodyshop shouldn't keep playing too long after the playmate loses it
but it's also possible that has played the playfulness will go on even though your partner loses it
and you can play fully recognize that you don't have a partner anymore and you just keep the playful thing going until they're ready to play with you again
so in a way you want it you wanted you want to maintain that the fire of creativity for the work for the welfare of the world you want to keep it going
you don't want to go out the spirit of not just just it's the spirit of wanting people to be free of suffering and wanting them to understand is it's that spirit but it's also the spirit of knowing that this this is wish needs to be flexible and own
open it can be like a tough if it's a hard edged
wish to benefit all beings than it it'll it'll be lost so the playfulness the generosity and ethics and patience and concentration
they protect the spirit of enlightenment they protect
the wish to live for the welfare of others they protected but the ultimate protection of the spirit of compassion
altruistic wish for enlightened the ultimate protection is creativity
which is which means wisdom which means the whole process is insubstantial the realization of the insubstantial day the whole thing really protects it
and in the in substantially in it's in its impermanence is included so i can continue even though it's impermanent there can be continuity
a of the discontinuous events
that's why them
the bodhisattva wishes due to do this game forever
accepting that that's an aspiration and sometimes they do lose it
so then i go back and try to find a way to play it more continuously
and also it's not they're they're not driving it by themselves there is like a river of creativity there like a river of this creativity that the bodhisattva can plunge into with everybody else
so once i get in the river they aren't they want to keep going to just had this case swimming
and they want to keep swimming until everybody jumps in and realizes that where we are together
we initiated
there's a real initiation of a appalling away and that can be that can be from the point of view of the body sought for herself for her friends who are
you know kind of falling are caught kind of falling out of the flow back onto the bank
are falling on a flow up into the road
the the paved road
where there's games at hand and winners and losers and
and people who somehow don't really feel devoted to all beings but just some
but very big jumps in this river this
there's it's impartial that the compassionate impartial and is easy when you're in the river but we can get distracted from them


how'd you get playful with terror
well i have an answer but i've given it before tsunami to ask you you tell me bill how do you be playful with their i've talked i
didn't i didn't say i know there's just the story word studying at gringo shredded now the teacher says i don't care whether you figured it out or not how do you play with how do you do just wish written by play

yeah right
and so i'm not

right a trying to obliterate terror is not what we call lightening up
ah you may have seen that that a technique used right we had some care
back now what was it not in two thousand and one was it we had a tear thing and the the response not right away but after all why they attacked the the response was obliterate the terror
that was not that's not not seen as lightening up
so you're right lightening up is not the way to play have a playful response or light response to terror so i'll i'll give you one more chance to tell me you for you to tell me how to lighten up when terror comes i've told you before and i don't mind telling you again by want to see if you
can tell me since i work
why things that can tell you the answer because you didn't ask the question before but i told you something which yeah yeah toy i have told you the answer
so it's fun for me if you don't know because and i get to tell you again but you i'd like to see if you can tell me
okay good idea i think that ah
a new verb
exactly got some tear around yeah
who doesn't okay so what do we do we compassionate
number one the first dimension of compassion is what
i was pretty creative of you but it wrong
where'd you say
what is love the first dimension of love is
trust trust what
the first well
the first it trust means the first is pay attention to it
acknowledge it but acknowledging is the first dimension of being generous so the first practice with terror if terrorists were talking about the first practice is
thank you very much welcome terror
there was a moment they're apt at nine eleven where people were somebody said i think it was calling power all said patience there was a moment there and the whole world was in sympathy with us and then pushed at war on terror
he didn't say be kind to terror he said kill it
i love terror
not like i love it and i'm gonna keep loving it and tell all beings are free of it bodhisattva vow is
terrorized beings are innumerable i vowed to love them into freedom
first by being generous towards them or towards their terror
taryn me to renew bodhisattva vows
to welcome your terror some tear welcome terror welcome terror welcome terror thank you tara
i accept your terror and then
next practice of compassion towards terror is be careful of it
practice ethics with it be just towards it
don't slander it don't call it sleazy slimy terror
call it awesome
terry is awesome

no wallowing wallowing is not compassionate
he sought to do not wallow in terror
they meet tear upright they stand or sit upright and open to terror when it comes what i mean by you know train bodhisattvas
they welcome it they sit upright they open to it and they're careful of it their martial artists
they don't try to kill it
they don't lie to it they don't slander it they don't put themselves above it or below it
they don't hate it
they don't get intoxicated in the presence of it they don't miss your sexuality in the presence of it
lot of people when they're terrorized they use misuse sexuality
and so on they practice ethics when terror comes the practice ethics that's the next dimension of compassion and they practice patience with it they meet the put the meat the meat the meat the meat the meat they meet the terror in the present and then
they generate the energy to calm down with the to focus on to pay attention to it and to relax with it and then they start being playful
then they start dancing with the terror
and in that dance
they realize what terror is they realized terrorists not out there and there they realized freedom from terror so first compassion towards terror
leading to playfulness leading to lightening up big time
but not lightening up like spacing out not dissociating lighting up like you mentioned earlier not wallowing in it not dissociating it's a concentration that doesn't disassociate it's a concentration in which keeps what does the like that
in the godfather says keeps your your family close but keep your terror closer
keep your enemies closer
and then you can protect your family
but if you're if you've got your family between you and your terror that's not a good location
you want your terror close so you can take care your family and who is your family all beings the bodhisattvas
all being so they get close to the terror so that they can protect beings and they can show other beings what to do with their terror
because everybody's got terror as you say who doesn't have it
so boy sat but this is how they will lighten up with their and this lightness leads to playfulness and creativity and freedom
and thank you for your question
thank you for playing with me
a heifer
yeah yeah right exactly you can scare me i'm already is frame
go ahead
go ahead and i'm already what is that you know that that that story
i know it's it's politically got problems but anyway you know the story of bram bear a rabbit and rare fox bear bear in the story
where they finally blair of blair fox and bear bear finally capture braille rabbit you know
bruh rabbit diluted they get him with the with the tar baby right he sticks his home in the tar baby and tries to get outright tries to push himself away from this trap he isn't compassionate he doesn't say or type ab were first of boys and compassionate tar baby says he says he says hello to the tar baby
cardi if he doesn't answer
he didn't treat the tar baby like dr hans and treated me
a tar baby won't talk to me
no he got angry at targeted because hardly be didn't want talks then you hit the tar baby well it's not good now i stuck what he's tried to any stock he tries to get out of being stuck so i guess more stuck he was not practicing compassion towards the tar baby and so he got in trouble big trouble
so then i got em and so then the bear and the fog wonder what to do with this rabbit and the bears as or wanna knock his head off
fox thanks well maybe we can do something better than that this is that what are going to do with him before you cook up
those knockers head off
torture when what kind of so the rabbit gifts of torture ideas he says
you can you know you can talk to me this way you can put me in solitary confinement whatever you know anything just do not throw me in the briar patch whatever you do
don't do that
this is being playful with the terror
and it worked out really well the rabbit protect those guys from being murderers

but there's still hungry
in the end they became vegetarians
they switched to a plant based diet
bears actually can be vegetarians right
the other omnivores didn't fox's fox has actually can can get by on on on plant-based food to i saw a fox with her up with her pups one time
walking around green gulch with a huge a loaf of bread normal
there's almost as big as she was
so they they actually can then there's somewhat on omnivorous to so if if they wind up in a vegetarian community they can survive however it's difficult for the vegetarians to live with bears a but not impossible we had a bear recently and it was difficult to
to integrate into the community
but anyway it left on its own accord after interacting with the dumpster
so thank you for playing with the body sought tonight and we have one more play date next week
i'll bring some more things for you to build and you can take him home with you thank you very much may ten jan equally extend to every being and blaze
the true married on buddha as way
beings are numberless ah a vow to save them delusions are inexhaustible ah a lot to end them die margate saw both
boneless ah a lot to enter them buddha as way is unsurpassable ah a lot to become it
and now