The Bodhisattva's Perfection of Being Ordinary 

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i wish i had two bodies
one the kids are out about it that two parts one that can be in the and or another another room
great it so i was here in with you have wonderful
earlier today i i he shared the ancient teaching that
i'm putting it negatively so long as we do not actually situate ourselves in the wrong of conscious construction only
so long movie with the inclined towards grasping
towards believing duality

on the other hand the once we have entered the realm of conscious construction on right
by practicing the six perfections
ten body suffers attain the six perfections of a purified
ha aspiration or disposition
therefore even if they do not make much effort
in the six perfections their commitment to the true dharma of the great vehicle
and are reflections of spiritual relish pleasure delight their contemplation of kindness acceptance and rejoicing will be continuously cultivated without interruption
without even making an effort to practice the six perfections their aspiration will be unhindered
i'm interrupted unstoppable
and pure a penny grasping
so this teachings that kind of a tough teaching to imagine that you would actually like enter the realm of realization of just
the conscious construction but once for in their the practice really flows forth in a wondrous and unhindered way
and then there's a verse celebrating this situation written this is written by our ancestors sanga
our body such as accumulate the pure dharmas cultivating radiant qualities to perfection
the bodhisattvas attain
a subtle patients and keen acceptance
on the great
discourse on the perfections
the profound and vass aspect of their own vehicle
so they are aware of only ideas they see nearly one single concept
and they attain wisdom and does not clean
the purity of their commitment
is described as a stage a purified aspiration purified faith
living in the unfolding of the dharma abiding in this dharma
the bodhisattva see all the buddhas
and those in the past and future
needing the buddha's they know that awakening is near
without difficulty they attain it easily
in the presence of the buddha
of course as nearby
and the practice is not difficult but it's difficult was difficult
this to be a human being
it's most difficult for a fish to be a human being
our dog a human being but very difficult much more difficult for us to be a human being and to be a dog
that's why are people like dogs better than humans
it's okay that you like dogs better the humans as a common human characteristics
so the job is to really be totally ordinary human being and that's really hard
and you need to practice the six professions to derive and if you can practice is six profession to do it and you can really be a human and you can then you will find out that you're living in the realm of mere concept that's the kind of mine human beings have said january concepts
the gemini generate objects minds to arise with objects which looks like they're separate from the subjects and it's natural for us to
before my that
that's our situation as difficult to live in accord with that but if you're really kind you can and if you really do than your practice will really be unhindered
your aspiration will be purified
and this will be extremely joyful and
you'll have tremendous enthusiasm
and it will be uninterrupted
i'm a texter goes on from here to elaborate on this in wonderful detail but
ah we don't have time to go into that but there's wonderful discussions of various aspects of these practices and bodhisattvas elaborating on what it's like
when you actually accept
conscious construction only in arab some of you are familiar with her
the description of the was called self fulfilling samadi her self receiving and the samadi the amazing inconceivable realm of the workings of the buddha that's what it's like after you accepting a human
sargon that are difficult job is to accept our humanness are human delusion are human half a vulnerability to being duped by our mind which creates false images
the principle again is
by immersing ourselves in the flow of the unreal
we realize the real
but that's not easy to do
and so we have practices of kindness and patience for ourselves and others who are trying to do this
difficult work of being ordinary

so learned concepts
sometimes it does a lot of story creation yeah
it's very hard to see this what happened without cashews
story rounded
he he he said it's very hard to see it as what's happening without creating a story around it it's impossible to see it as what's happening without creating a story about it
as soon as you see as soon as you see the something's happening you just created a story
in reality things do not fall into happening and not happening in reality her life is free of happening and not happening which is similar to saying birth and death
we have a life that really doesn't fall into the category of birth and death birth and death is the way life is
when you make something happen and so you tell a story like this is happening and now it's over so it's impossible to live in around where things are happening
without that without not telling the story that something's happening and you can as library and estoy quite a bit and that makes have a point entertaining
you know a movie about where nothing happens well you know and might not attract a lot of people
but a movie where something is happening than people can come and tell stories resort
we do do that and we're not trying not to do that we're trying to completely immerse ourselves in what we're hope we are doing and what we are doing is where elaborating on reality
that's what it means to be a sentient beings to like to elaborate on reality
and the buddha's do not elaborate on the true body and but it does not elaborate on reality and therefore it's very difficult for us to understand it however it compassionately a sending us messages from the realm of nine elaboration which we then elaborate into language but still the teaching get through
this elaborated linguistic form and still guides us to be kind to our elaborations our stories in such a way that we can be totally engaged
in our stores and thereby transcend them by that tone engagement so the the buddhas are teaching us how to engage in the unreal in order to transcend it
so the funny thing about this six perfections or six transcendent practices is their six teachings about how
to engage in unreal
they can transcend them that are six ways to engage so that you can transcend most people are
call it a little bit everybody's a little bit engaged in their life almost nobody can avoid one hundred percent because then they wouldn't be suffering they could avoid a hundred percent but our inability to invited entirely is enough to make us miserable
and doing half is miserable during a two thousand and nine percent is miserable seventy five percent is miserable we actually have to get to higher percent
so we're not being the least bit stingy about being ordinary and that's
those practices help us do it
so the practices of transcendence are really practices at the beginning before enlightenment their practices of total engagement in non transcendence
but the difficult to be totally engaged in non transcendence
but these practices are how we can be totally engaged in non transcendence
i remember one time i read kerchief said something like
something like this you have to understand that you're in prison
people have to understand their in prison and that's not a nice thing to understand
here we are in his beautiful temple of know about and courteous saying you have to stand you are in prison in know abode
and then you need somebody who's was in prison who got out to instruct you how to get out
so the buddha's have been in prison and they were imprisoned such a way that they got out of present and other sending us instructions about how to be free of prison in the first instruction is in the year demeter in prison
and news what's happening with you have your way out
use what's happening with your not what you'd like to be happening now not what you used to be happening
but what's happening now which just happens to have the virtue of happening now it's not better than what's happening yesterday yesterday or tomorrow is just most relevant to liberation
again that story but the
the muslim was put in present and that's one of his friends sent him a prayer rug and he was really disappointed with getting a prayer he wanted to you know a bomber you know some money to bribe the guards or a saw to cut the bars but he
a prayer rug and he really was upset and after some time he calmed down enough to figure well designing president maybe i'll just use the prayer rug he bought in a prayer rug and bought and prayer rug in a surgeon notice the pattern and the prayer rug and the you notice that it was very strange pattern
the apparently never seen one like that before and the boy looked at the more i realize how strange it was he realized that it was actually a diagram of something
we realized finally was a diagram of the lock of his cage and so that he knew how to unlock at because
he paid attention to where he was
so our our our way to help all beings be happy he's actually
written in our situation right now
and our situation right now is that we are
and that means we have a story that were telling right now
which looks like something other than a story looks like actually something true about it and we can prove that it's true to probably to the satisfaction of our self anyway

ah i was somebody from chapter four of the are embracing the great vehicle which com the cause and fruit or the cause and result of entry into
the realm of conscious construction only the realm in which
enlightenment lives he enters the realm and then gives up the entry in the realm
and it enters by the six professions that's the cause of entry and the result of the entry is the six perfections so the same practices cause the entry and how the fruit of the entry
it just it afterwards they're effortless and before they're a bit of a struggle
afterwards is easy to be ordinary person and bodhisattvas a wannabe ordinary people because it there
teaching ordinary people they don't want to be liberated sages cause they're interested in helping ordinary people so they want to be in the realm of ordinary people and once they accepting ordinary it's actually not so difficult to be with these
ordinary people
but before me accepting ordinary is kind of difficult to deal with ourselves and with his other people
who are so ordinary
actually they seem kind of extraordinarily ordinary

ah yes sir
why are you saying that the practice
the is ordinary or at least a person how's our
ah well is it's extraordinary for somebody to accepted their ordinary
and these perfections are the com perfections but perfection probably means that there can complete the can put through these practices you can be country completely accept being ordinary which is rare
you know it's the kind of extraordinary that a sentient being what accepting ordinary but still they have just accepted being where they are so it really is ordinary it is that they accepted so it's unusual is extraordinary but they're they're they're completely ordinary just like everybody else except the you know it
they really know the drill they know their ordinariness thoroughly
and and then they can drop that get over that get over there thorough and a realization of being ordinary so that the realization of ordinary is something out there
and then they continue to be ordinary and show other people who are having hard time being ordinary how to do it cause that's what everybody's problem is
it's so hard to be ordinary
but the great body surface are the ones who are the champion ordinary ones
and i got all kinds of encouraging ways to encourage us
the to follow them and being
ordinary ordinary human or dog whatever

the their beings who completely accept ah
being in a claustrophobic situation
to encourage the other people who are are in a claustrophobic situation who are having trouble accepting claustrophobia

the days are becoming ah
autumnal more and more autumnal
i i hope you enjoy the autumnal days they help us get ready for the mind of winter
the minor winter is the mind
that accepts conscious construction online
but we have to come like die into it
as plus die into
this die into it
a stand to the place where
the survey the
how to say say
he's us all
hi down
his answer as ago ah to be comments and one more thing
they're called perfections because
they they enable us to be completely imperfect

thank you very much for the great day