The Bodhisattva's Perfection of Being Ordinary 

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there are several people here how we're here for the first time you're welcome here and
hi you are arriving
in the midst of an ongoing cycle of
teach him
an ongoing cycle teaching about how to study
and understand delusion
by understanding
ha realize freedom in the midst of delusion
which is said to be
my are buddhists
the in the midst of delusion to have great understanding of diversion is buddha's so there's been an ongoing study of delusion and
offering and receiving teachings about delusion
and what it looks like and how it functions how it arises high ceases how it arises
and there is a particular
teaching about this process of the arising of delusion and how to understand it and be able to be free in the midst of it which is called a great vehicle which is a a teaching not only to understand origin butter
but to do so not just for the sake of one's personal liberation
once personal understanding and liberation and the mr delusion but to do this primarily to help other
living beings who are living in the midst of delusion
a willingness to live in delusion with other beings
to help them become free
have suffering
so this is the ongoing process tandem
but i i did use recycled cycle and part of part of it being a cycle is that
i am glad to go back to the basics over and over
i'm also partly because evens or even some people who have been involved in the process for a long time have forgot most of what i mentioned earlier so going back to the beginning is
oftentimes new used to them
even though they've been there many times a psycho was wonderful
and also even though i keep going back to the beginning
and an awesome going back to the beginning is something i'd been taught to do
still even at the beginning not to mention and the middle and at the advanced stages even the old timers sometimes don't know what i'm talking about
then they tell me that and but sometimes they tell me and i don't know what you're talking about but i'm very happy to be here with you
i sometimes very happy to hear you talk even though i don't know what you're talking about some i feel encouraged
and sometimes i i'm like get discouraged because i think what shouldn't i be understanding better than i do and than if they tell me that i say no you should not be understanding better than you do you should be understanding just the way you do
and if you can really accept that you will understand better than you do

so it's possible you know that you've understood somewhat what i just said
so far
but it as i go on things may get more and more hum
difficult to understand as i go deeper and deeper and deeper into the nature of the mind
one of the basic can teachings in the tradition is that dumb because living beings non voters
hum have certain misconceptions about the nature of phenomena
no there was because they don't understand the reality of their experience
they crave
they have cravings
because of their misunderstanding of their experience
and based on those cravings
which arise from the misunderstanding
our misconceptions about experience they clean
because they cling
i stressed
they suffer
and in their suffering they try to do something about it
supported by misunderstanding craving and clinging so what they do i
must firmly establishes his suffering and kept it running very nicely pretty much indefinitely
this is a basic girl teaching
which i don't mind remembering every few seconds
having this human mind i can easily remember five things quite frequently and i can also forget but doesn't take too long to remember
craving clinging suffering

i early buddhism the buddha taught that the way from ah the way phenomena are is that they often all compound and phenomenon anyway are impermanent
the subject to change they are unsatisfactory
and they are on
then i have a self don't have it in a in an independent existence and he taught that because or again
beings sentient beings because of the misconception often have the view that that phenomena potentially are
pleasure for
i like granddaddy this is really going to be fun
and that they're pure
ah her beautiful
and they didn't get good stuff from them and that they have a self
another permanent
with that you know you want to teach the children
the born with this these these upside recalled upside down views living beings are born with his upside down views
so the buddha teaches
a kind of
contradiction to that politicians that things are impermanent not self and not gonna give you pleasure in themselves
and by meditating on if you can hear these teachings and let them sink in and be able to see that that's the way things are then you will start craving them
and when you stop craving them your stop clinging to them and then you will or one will
be free of suffering due to the clean
this is a early teaching in the later teachings of the buddha's disciples they came up with a a more radical teaching and this radical teaching is part of this in great vehicle
and the radical teaching is saying actually even in the street even when you're practicing these three meditating on these three characteristics of phenomena impermanence ill and not self still you need to radically understand that even then
everything you're experiencing
is just
simply an idea
so that one idea
is a basic teaching of the great vehicle
it's a basic teaching is like the one like a single idea
a single teaching
to remind us that whatever experiencing is just an idea
hand the the beings who practice in great vehicle
of compassion and caring for all beings the beings who are devoted to the welfare and happiness and freedom while being these beings are called bodhisattvas well actually they're not only is devoted to the welfare all beings but they're devoted to realize understand
profound understanding and delusion
so that they can help our beings these are called body surface and this body for
need to understand
that all phenomena are
just conceptual constructions just cognitive the constructions at all they are and then to understand that
that is that dharma the great vehicle
and they need to understand it because
as long as our consciousness doesn't terminate
in mere concept
so long movie will we be inclined to to crime two kinds of clean
the clinging to the self of purses and clinging to the self
of of phenomena
as long as our consciousness is not situated in this reality of conscious construction own way
the residuals of duality or the the residuals and dual thing will not come to an end
and so will keep clinging until we understand this is what basically space said so we do need to understand this with museum we also need to understand impermanence in this is a a radical not self and then we also need to understand that
phenomena are not gonna give us happiness husbands and wives
ice cream and health
babies and good whether i'm not going to give us happiness
these things do not have the ability to give us happiness what gives us happiness is to be kind to all things
with no clinging
to be compassionate to everything we experience with no clue
to be wish the welfare of all beings with no craving and clinging to their welfare
an order to do that in order to be devoted to the welfare of beings with no clinging we need to understand that we live in a world
but his mind constructed
if we don't understand that we will continue to not always claimed by a tendency to claim will still be there will not come to an end until we're really completely situated in this teaching
and this teaching is a counterintuitive because
ah of are misconceptions we we must concede that the people were looking at and the experiences were having
our separate from us
for her experiences are separate from the mine which experiences them it it looks like that we have a mind which is a trickster
which makes pictures of people and then it says those people are not you the and their separate from you
handlers wonderful stories about why we got in this tricky situation but anyway
if we're really kind to the situation
if we really can immerse ourselves in the process of the situation
we can stop clinging and if we can stop clinging we can be free of it
but if we claim ah
we're not really in the situation so
now so the that's the teaching and the i think maybe i'll stop on that frantisek for a little while
and go back to it later another way of talking about this which i mentioned in a class at green gulch is our

the way to or
understand the teaching
is to be kind
to all of our experience the fact is compassion towards all of our experience to practice compassion towards our misunderstandings to patch practice compassion towards
our addictions
and our our compassion practice before we understand this teaching
the to practice compassion towards all beings as
prior to understanding this great vehicle teaching is impure
so there's some clinging involved in our practice of compassion
before were enlightened
after were enlivened in other words after we understand delusion
we continue these practices or compassion but then they are purified
there's no clean involved anymore
so as we merge is weak and as we use the practice of compassion to immerse ourselves
in the flow of events
there's something
if we don't yet understand this teaching of conscious construction only
once we understand the teaching of conscious construction only we continue the practices a crook of compassion in the flow of events that there's no clean so the practice is unhindered and pure
when we first start during these practices we have some resistance to this teaching
no basically the resistance to this teaching is that we see things different today from the teaching

i was talking about
being an artist the other night and somebody said the point one and a problem but being an artist and set is this often associated with the word genius
how is so the bodhisattva artist is a genius
as being an ordinary person
they've really know how to be an ordinary person
who is having ordinary experiences
i'm clinging to them
ordinary people cling to their experiences
and clinging and concludes holding on and trying to get rid of
so ordinary addictive addicted people cling to their addictions and try to get rid of their addictions but that's not the way that addictions will be released and actions will be released
by practicing compassion with them
until we understand them and we understand them they will be released but they'll still be there to be loved
when you're cleaning
long and liberated with no clingy
so the body sought for needs to learn to give up grasping she needs to learn how to give up grasping
she needs to understand the great dharma of the great vehicle which is her vehicle
and she does this by listening to the great vehicle dharma of
conscious construction only she listened to that a lot
she has a great deal of what called permeation of hearing
and she listens to their death that teaching
i'm conscious construction only and she practices the six
forty south of practices while she's listening
and why she's doing the practices of the six body the six boys are for practices she listened to the kitchen
both the teaching of heart into the practices and and also the teaching of the nature of the practices she's doing
so the six forty south of practices are
giving generosity
ethics they have a order ethics or justice
patience enthusiasm are courageous effort
and concentration or am
the tranquil and relaxed and open
and the practices which make us realize
open relaxed tranquility and then wisdom which understands the nature of the practices and the nature of all phenomena
so the great vehicle teaching is given us cost instruction hot under these practices
but the main point is the nature of all the practices
which is that they're just conscious constructions to
for us
for non buddhas
while the practices that we experiences are just ideas
an understanding that is the wisdom practice
and there's also
the wisdom practice is also just an idea for us

and when we can actually a while we're doing all these compassion practices simultaneously remember that teaching to doing them

then we can not cling to our ideas of the practices
somehow the the message of these practices has been sent to us
we've heard it in english
chinese or japanese or french
but it wasn't sent in chinese japanese or french
it was sent from a place
that cares about us
it sent them a place of understanding of this teaching
and was sent in such a way that we could turn it into ideas and we do
just like other things that were sent to us we turned into ideas we turn everything into ideas we turn the sun into ideas we turn the day into ideas we turn our friends into ideas or mind construct things
in response to everything that were given
and at some point the process we were given something we were given the dharma and we constructed a linguistic rendition of it
for example we constructed the word generosity
how we constructed the idea
ethics and justice
and we constructed the idea i would like to practices
and we we constructed the ideas food encourage us to do this and we constructed the idea or buddhist practices six perfections the six disciplines we constructed those ideas so extract trying to practice these things
and we haven't tried to practice them and we are somewhat successful in practicing them
but also
our approach to them is through our ideas of them because as the only way we know how to operate
to cite guy we say an hour
you can't get to the zen center with us an idea of a zen center so them he saved present center so people can come to send center because they don't know how to go to is incinerated it's not called is and center

and people don't know how to start practicing giving even now it's been shown to them until they're allowed to make an idea of giving an unreconstructed and they can grasp the idea and try to do their idea
but the some grasping in the practice of giving and the prices of giving is helping us get ready to not grasp
but we start by grasping idea of giving him the practice of giving and the more we do it the more we practice giving them are we notice that some grasping in a given in the more we know is that graphing in the giving we can be generous towards i grasping and get ready to actually understand
and then actually not attached to that and then practice giving with no grasping
that's what giving basically is it's
it's not grasping it's not grasping had our on
had our prosperity is my grasping at pleasure
but our approaches that actuality of my grasping his to the idea of giving the idea of not grasping
and we're being told that if we do this practice over and over
we can realize it
if somebody said to me
we need to practice good and order to realize that good cannot be found
and when you realize when your practice good and realize a good cat defined than you can practice good with no hindrance
and also you can find giving you can find justice he can't find patience he can't find enthusiasm it can't find concentration and they can find wisdom but you have to do those practices in a way you think you can find before you can
realize that can't be found

so another basic principle which i say lily is that my immersion in the process
on delusion
why choose are you by immersion in a process of the illusion or delusion there is freedom from delusion and that can as a general principle immersion and x
is liberation from x
immersion in suffering is liberation from suffering
immersion suffering help you understand that the pinnacle arising and suffering which is attachment
an immersion and catchment help you realize that the pinnacle arising of attachment which is this craving and immersion in creation have to understand the dependent arising of craving which is misconception and immersion in misconception house
you understand that the pinnacle arising of misconception so all these things you can realize transcendence of by immersion in an immersion comes to being compassionate with all this with everything
there are ah
so i'm thinking maybe of pausing now little bit before going deeper into some subtleties concerning conscious construction only to see if you have any questions about
how to
practice with and be immersed in your experience
i am
thank you
really appreciate the way that you gave
pressing issue
when i heard the your explanation
spoke of until he understand the ideas only nature phenomenon that we're not free actually that is not liberation and so in my mind my idea of that is that that teaching sounds like a view
recently i heard another for safer for you it is
and when i'm and when i'm just saying it to you for me it is but the teaching is not have you
it just that when we hear these teachings we make a view out of them
but the teaching isn't a view of the dharma is not a view the time is not a conscious construction
the fact that things are conscious construction only is not a conscious construction
well when i was going to say yes
happy and i
places it that's what you might say
because but for me it's a conscious construction and for you as a contract construction on only
and for the teacher visit a constant kind of instruction
what for this teacher again
for this is an ordinary persons
faces of the hopefully being a genius had been ordinary
but i'm not saying i got the total ordinariness yet i aspire to it i'm working up to it he noticed
my fight is that it sounds like incomplete liberation if it's views are a conscious construction for the teacher for you and certainly for me in the manner in which him
in a way you write are so one thing is a is until you understand conscious construction
you're not liberated from conscious construction
until you're totally immersed in the teaching of conscious construction with no clinging you haven't really understood the teacher here
so you're not liberated but in some ways equally important are moving more important than that is that the practices you're doing which lead which support liberation and understanding or understanding elaboration which you're doing for the welfare of others these practices are somewhat while they're kind
of a struggle the practice of this could be practice of compassion is somewhat of a struggle before you understand
an an and in the struggle sometimes it seems like we forget to do the practices likes my son was suddenly slap him in the face he might forget from system just a moment you might forget to say thank you
or you might ramona ah get distracted from being just
towards what seemed to be an injustice
and for a moment you might flinch from patients with that insult and that attack
and that getting distracted like that is due to the not understanding what just happened
so and understanding and been distracted is related to not being liberated after understanding
then the bodhisattva never forgets she always remembers the practices no matter what happens the practice is not a struggle anymore
hence is uninterrupted
so she not really liberated but the practice is liberated once she understands and before she understands and she still ordinary person after she understands it just as no hindrance
and stress in being an ordinary person
ordinary people can do these practices
uninterruptedly and it's rare that they can because ordinary people have a hard time completely accepting their ordinariness which is that for example at the center of it is that were fantasizing beings
so yes before you understand you're not liberated plush up your fear practice of compassion and wisdom is somewhat a struggle somewhat hindered and you have to really work hard to have
really great energy and courage
but you can you think you can actually work up on great energy and courage even prior to enlightenment
yes my question is why does this teacher recommend that with well does the teacher recommended practice the six perfection in addition to the for measurables in addition to the for measure was are included in the six
the sixth perfection could haul practices including the foreign measurables are not in addition
and one of the fun part of it seemed like it was
this down the for the before were priced out from the sixth
included in generosity
the for included in ah justice the for inclusion patients the for included encourage courageous effort before included in concentration
the and the for included in wisdom and ah the for measurables r r r on
loving kindness compassion
sympathetic joy and equanimity right
those for are in the sixth a community is sort of literally tranquility and openness and relaxation
compassion is literally
the first five perfections
loving kindness is literally generosity
heck and sympathetic joy is also literally generosity and literally justice
so that even when you see injustice you he relate to it can adjust way which means that you that you're kind to the injustice the you that you can see some you can see some something good in all situations
you can rejoice in the and with merits
a beings practice he can see that there's also included in wisdom sympathetic joy as and wisdom wisdom has sympathetic joy all the time which is one of the nice points about wisdom is that you see you can see everybody's
excellent qualities you can see how he can see that she's really a very good girl
even though she's late for dinner
you know that story around like that talks in the garage he told a story about
they will you know
one of the notables and teachers in soto zen
our that he actually saw how when he little boy
and that later he realized he had seen him and this teacher was an officer time and when he was a young monk at the monastery the he was sent ah
ha to
he was the pickle store and total store
it's two versions of this story
so it goes so he sent to the store and on the way to the store
he's this is like in the late nineteenth century and and way the story season is beautiful are woodblock prints
in on the nineteenth century japanese woodblock prints for they used him for
you are making pictures of my fuji you know but they also did it for advertising services
and that the skill level was you know
pervasive so you want pilots are this beautiful advertising for a circus he's a young monk but he was attracted to the picture of the circus he started look at the picture a circus we don't know how long you looked at it but anyway why was looking at the picture of circus he heard the bell temple bell ringing announcing
evening service which happened before dinner and he was posed to get dinner
so he woke up out of his enjoyment and ran to the
store and ran in and sent to the proprietor give me the tofu
united answer
he said given to me
give it to me and the proprietors as right at the total is a given the topo and then it runs out of door and like running back to the temple and he realize he forgotten as has he runs back to the store and says the prefer given to me in a price as what is it my hat since i'm putting your back
so then he runs back to the temple in his late for even his like getting through to the monks for dinner an act of sneakers she told a story he said he was a very good boy
when he was a very good boy
honey was also a naughty boy
he was very good naughty boy and became great zen master so
that's part of the six perfections that you see this and that's part of sympathetic joy that you can see the zen master running around with his hat on his back
but it's hard sometimes when people are being ordinary to be compassionate enough to see
he reminded us of curie
the organization
this word and this word purity are also means beautiful
he refers to that point when you when you look at i don't know what
a beautiful new car
and you think that that beautiful new car that beautiful new person of that beautiful know it when you think that that that thing will give you pleasure
that's what's meant there
purity in this case means that you
don't believe that anymore
you don't believe that things are gonna give you happiness
you also don't believe that things are gonna give your unhappiness you understand that thinking that things will give you happiness and unhappiness that gives you have unhappiness thinking that things will give you happiness and unhappiness his source and been concerned for that
just thinking that and also been concerned to get them
that would touch with my by the belief impurity
that aspect
let's see the difference different idea
the says
i think that there's a pleasure thing is
which know where is where is it

it's i can see i can see right now what the difference between thinking that that that the thing will give you happiness and thinking that the thing
and be concerned with a thinking that this thing will give you pleasure some i can't see the difference right now

any other responses to yes

the understanding
there's no more emergency
the ages
snow then then when the understanding is correct
in this in in a given situation when they understanding is authentic and correct
then there is complete immersion and complete transcendence
in the moment
yeah in the moment
for that for that on that occasion and then and then the body starts the the lightning being wishes to keep doing this until everybody learns this for the moment
when there's winners are
that'll can be enough immersion to lead to understanding and then when there's understanding than there will be total immersion with no struggle
but the the ordinary situation keeps going on and the bodhisattva in the ordinary situation keeps immersing herself in the process
what's understanding of what's going on here that the we're we're continuing to immerse ourselves in the process where we where the process looks like
i am
looks like an image and where we actually that can understand that the is not external
it's an image but as not external
and without the andrew wouldn't be able to demonstrate to other beings who don't understand this
how they can do with their images which they think are external in a way where they could immerse themselves in their situation where they think images with what they're looking at is external the for them to immerse themselves in their the through compassion and realized that the images that they're aware of are not extra
we're working on this is more is not this story isn't done yet which and we continue to be ordinary
for the sake of ordinary beings
and it at any other ordinary beings who understand that their ordinary than their kind of like our peers so we're working together until everybody's our peer
but there's no end to the immersion until until everybody's enlightened and everybody's in the immersion for the sake of all other beings
then we have
the job would be done

if you don't if you don't see any suffer from yourself than ah
when does if you don't see the ending a separate from yourself i think either year completely enlightened
or you just don't see that you see that way


yeah and i seems to me that ah
you can be free of his wish
the turn on you can be free of that if you could immerse yourself in the switch been turned on
but i don't feel i feel you're hesitating to immerse yourself in a switch been turned on could you want to switch to be turned off
which is important in common common condition so i'm trying to encourage you to accept the switch muslim turned off and you'll be free of the switch nothing turned off and you'll be fine
and you'll be able to do all the practices which i'm sure you would like to do which you might think you'd be able to do of the switch was turned off
and but you wouldn't be able to do them if the switch was turned off because you wouldn't be an ordinary person anymore
she wouldn't be able to relate to the other people you want to help
karvy you would be liberated if you get to switch turned out somehow
yes right that's right because it's which been turn on that that does happen
but again if you can be kind of that situation you can be free of that situation
and then you can be kind to other people
and show them how to be free cause they're in that situation
the bodhisattvas is staying in a situation you're describing in order to totally engage it and thereby be free of it and show other people had a totally engaged and be free of it
and even if you want just personal liberation and you don't want to stay after your free
even personal liberation you still to is to have to immerse yourself in the process is just that
after your free he might see well i'm just gonna turn off his keep it turned off
in which case i won't be able to i'm surly be able to relate to the other people's to have it on
but i don't care i just i'm just out of here fine mice
i might free bye bye
no more thought constructions you know if money's no more world
just pure life
i'm here right i i i think that's fine you loose and artistic conscious construction
by pure light
as possible
it's not so much to trapped from and i were not just tracking are some sort of activity were also trapped in our objectivity
there's no such thing as subjective
well yeah your subjective version is that the object of things are separate from your subject that you subjective version
you are you are so you a few is not just right to not really stuck in your subjective you're stuck in your conscious constructions and you're conscious constructions aren't actually just subjective their constructions
the objects they're not subjects so you're not actually stuck in your subjective you're stuck in your conscious construction which is both subject and object so you stuck in your subject and your object because your subject
constructs objects you're stuck in conscious construction that that's not just subjective
and you're stuck there means needs us where you live that's ordinary place for it were a non boy lives
and those shoes
a as and of immerse themselves in this with compassion
i have transformed the basis of this construction
and this transformed basis of the construction project
is the pure body and buddha which is sending messages to those of us poor or no bags and as telling us how to get free of it has also telling us how to be body suffers and become buddhas by helping everybody else before it free of it
within this within this enclosure within this cognitive enclosure which is not just subjective it's also objective
and now that but the object looks like it's external to the subject but a smart so it's not just subjective and our objective is both subject of an object it's just as no external object in this world and it looks like there is
yeah and you have craving to connect with lot of other stuff too
have creating to connect with essences and also known as a citizen and deepness and supervision is one if you are craving to connect with everything because everything looks like as connectable and since is connectable if you're not connectable since the contract p m than the connecting has to be done so the you
screaming it's not really an option you crave it and therefore you clean and aphria suffer
well as a situation okay yeah that's a situation so now let's completely embrace it and the way to completely embraces to be thoroughly compassionate
thoroughly compassionate and been thoroughly compassionate is something we need to learn and so there's teachings of my how to be thoroughly compassionate which we can learn and practice but it's
thoroughness is really a you know something we aren't born been thoroughly compassionate
simply perfect little babies are thoroughly compassionate and i can meet those because my grandson is much
there's nobody more adorable on the planet but this guy is like
he is amazing selfish but still he can do it still he can in his conscious construction he can do great acts of generosity
it's amazing it's so beautiful but boise selfish and boys he scared
and the buddhist love him
and they love all of us and i sending his dharma all the time and were receiving it and turning it into conscious constructions
and work and or and were and replying it to the conscious constructions as we do were practicing in a great vehicle teachings
as we do it more and more the basis of this conscious construction gets transformed so that we can mourn better and better understand it and therefore better and better practice compassion and therefore better better understanding and better better practice compassion and transform the basis of it all more and create
the true body of buddha
so that the emanation of the dharma will continue to go to beings who will turn it into conscious construction and practices and inspired practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing

this is
the first three are not antidotes to that fear they are benefit they benefit that fear thinking they benefit and nurture and encourage beings who are afraid the last the last tour the antidote
concentration and wisdom or the antidote to that fear but before you can antidote it you have to already be kind before her basically before you liberate something or set something free you have to be kind to it
because they're not kind to this on liberated situation and library situation is not open to being free it says now complete a may not be a good idea i'm just gonna hold onto this misery
yeah it's terrifying so he gave enough love to the terror the terror relaxes
and and in the terror opens up to concentration and in concentration mind and object become one
and that in the moment that antidotes the basis of the terror because there's no terror when mind and body or one
however that antidote at the moment isn't is temporary it's a temporary antidote that being relaxed and open and one point are temporary can we also have to contemplate the kitchen which is a permanent antidote
so the last two perfections are the antidotes the first floor
our was the fourth one support the antidotes and supports the benefactors the first three or benefactors to living beings who live with unconscious construction the first restart the process of immersion and conscious construction
the fourth one inspires a continuation of the immersion and set up the inspiration and aspiration to practice concentration and wisdom together
what's concentration wisdom are realized then the six perfections go on but now
unhindered lee effortlessly
how can you practice was to before what
before you what
how can you practice with them before your wise or
in practice it by our ah listen lubricating your concentrated
can you practice by listen to the teaching ah and listening to the teaching and asked questions about the teachings and listening to the teachings and in the teachings and then you start to analyze the teachings and has questions about the teachings this is a wisdom practice you have not yet achieved wisdom
but you're doing wisdom practice so you can practice wisdom before your wise
so actually all the teachers you're listening to even teachings about
the early practices or the compassion practices
when you learn learning these teachings his wisdom practice learning his wisdom practice
and then you continue to learn after you learn how to be compassionate and your learn how to immerse yourself and what's happening then you leave apply the tetons to the nature of what you're experiencing when you first start practicing given you're not emphasizing more what is the nature of the giving and what is the nature of the gift and what
the nature of the receiver through just practicing giving with unnecessarily probing the nature of the process as you get immersed in the process of giving and become concentrated than you can actually probe and analyze and study and pie teachings to look to see is the process of giving his the process of justice is the
process and patience is the process of concentration did they have the character that the teacher says they have are they conscious construction only as you proved the teachings about the nature of phenomena you really getting to the essence of the wisdom teachings and as you probably are doing wisdom practice even before you understand
but also destroys the any of the teachings is actually somewhat
a wisdom practice because you're you're trying to understand them well this is is giving is that giving now that's not getting the mrs over here you gotta stop his part to make a given his on that's with that's actually something to do with wisdom
so you can practice wisdom before your wise you can practice reading the teachings before you understand them and wisdom is functioning they're asking questions before your wise is still the working of wisdom
so the question you just asked his living wisdom even though you may not yet understand these profound teachings
and yes meal you
food or know the full body and buddha the true body and buddha realize the historical buddha
the historical buddha is a combination of the true body and buddha and historical buddha told us that but the historical buddha is a what he caught on
he's a am
yeah he's a the the historical buddha is called and a transformation body for a a magical body of the true body because we live in the realm of magic so the buddha does a magical show mixed system because we see magic put it presents a magical verge
and buddha for us to see because we like magic shows
we don't like show us where nothing's happening
and the dharma the true body and buddha is not happening it's not in the realm of happening and not happening which we find kind of like either inconceivable and or not very interesting


those those teachings are you could send the teachings that have been handed down you might say our conscious constructions but actually behind all those teachings is the actual teaching which is not as nothing
construction was behind it
actually right
get the actual dharma is has gone beyond conscious construction is realize i think our buddha's wisdom which is freedom from conscious destruction and buddha cares about people who are living and conscious construction so broadest sense
dharma messages back to us and we convert them back into conscious constructions and in particular human beings convert them into linguistic conscious constructions dogs and cats don't make him into words the way we do but they may come into conscious constructions to they also make him they also
oh imagine the dharma is coming to them as some a know in form of something that's out there suffer from themselves but they can also get instruction in compassion
you can teach dogs and cats and other animals compassion but they don't they are linguistically deal with it but they also converted into
their own image system
but they are different types of images than we do
so the kitchens far both about the nature of phenomena and also
the teachers are about how you can practice so you can real of understand the nature phenomena
and to some extent how you can practice so you're willing to listen to discussions about the nature of phenomena because i think lot of people
find the instruction on compassion more accessible than conscious construction woman
to be really get to really be compassionate to find conscious construction only extremely interesting
but you know in order to benefit beings fully you have to actually have a keen interest in these teachings about the nature of phenomenon and the when you get a keen interest is by practicing compassion with everything including the teaching
the talk about them and to the cindy
things sending emanations to yes s makes me think sense buddha is outside of myself he didn't get it makes you think that you already knew how to do that before but into your message is
it doesn't creep in nobody doesn't do it does not do that you knew that your mind does that lines does it yeah your mind says it's outside myself when you hear when you hear that somebody has transcended inside and outside you think there's outside yes
but it's not outside but it's not outside and but is not inside buddha is neither inside nor outside but
some people actually when they hear this they my body inside it might be better to make it outside and inside or know but some people's minds say that when i hear this teaching them is bhutto's inside they think
check your mind is making booty into an object but you know how to do that with the historical buddha to in your mind makes most of our minds make the historical buddha into an object also
so you you don't need to hear about the true body and voted to make good an object
see you only you'll need to hear anything about buddhism to make me an object
so since you know how to make me an object and boot an object and everybody else and object when you hear about the true body and boating you can make got into an object to but the food is not making us be deluded
the buddha has realize transcendence
of division and in that transcended state very much wants and wishes that we would open to the to the wisdom which would has realized or which boutique is the realization of wisdom so and barbuda as it doesn't broader cannot go in and turn off the switch
and sort it make us stop making things external but i can't do that somebody doesn't try to turn off the switch because buddha can do it but what good does is try to attract us to practices by which we can immerse ourselves in our making things x
can immerse ourselves in a compassionate way so that we can receive teachings which
tip us off
to the fact that we're we're doing his delusion and gently remind us
remind ourselves to remember the teachings about how to be kind and remember the teachings about the nature of what we're been kind to
the kind to ourselves or experiences other beings are being kind of the practices
and the story is that if we would do that
this contributed to creating this buddha again not an external burden and how to internal buddha
but an understanding but it isn't understanding the great vehicle is an understanding and is understanding
which is not
you know if something that happens or doesn't happen is not inside or outside is completely free of any kind of elaboration our mind would make this buddha is sending us compassion and wisdom all the time
any other comments this morning
well i particularly i wonder if the new people would care to say and people with her the first time yet any comment to make which tell me your name again
telling yemeni comment on this morning
k j

to you concept
relaxing in this can be just relaxing
this morning
the idea
did really appreciating that the switches on
is can i relax with that
and we're doing that i can see that arm and
and in order to deeply relax with that situation which is that situations rather uncomfortable sometimes
or rather uncomfortable all the time whenever the switches on with a very kind to the situation and that generosity and justice and patience and aspiration to relax instead of the possibility of being relaxed and open with it which begins the antidote process
i've always had trouble
flying the concept of compassion
you can actually relax
if it works for me
or if he tries in vain
check out of kindness compassion
well as left well no it's it's semantics years but you're going you're sort of attracted to the final step
rather can i'm just mentioning that in order to relax some people need to decent one exercises
like you think sometimes they try to relax in the cat but maybe you've done your mental exercises and now you for relaxation and that's going to finish off your practice
yeah right
yeah i agree
i agree and i'm just saying some people when they try you that they can do it because they haven't had or they didn't turn off day or you know the gas on of stove they weren't careful when they left the house so it's hard for them to relax because i'm not sure whether they turned it off or not because they weren't careful when they left the house
so they have to go on like difficult back to the house and check and then in the next time they leave the house and come to meditation is the right to be careful now because i don't make sure that everything's ok in the house when i get to sit i'm having trouble relaxing or some other people's before the gordon and meditate they go to the toilet
so that they don't worry about going out that never went to golden toilet while sitting something that can relax so that's part of that's part of the warm up to relax you may be ready to relax great i'm just mentioning that some people who may not be able to relax with the situation if they were practice giving an ethics and
patients first
the thinner central canada knows okay i would dare to relax in kind of a difficult situation
and in you may you may be ready now because you've done your homework of the first three to do the fourth the fifth
thank you
when you tell me your name again bring back
kevin comments on your first experience here
our second time welcome back

and you she can't see which is making a gesture of putting her hand out and trying to close your hand and then open your hand again and so the as i think that as i saying earlier as you enter the process which sets of wisdom if you cling to something in the process you're not in my
first and if you're not immersed wisdom he has been postponed wisdom energy wise it with what's happening we have to really be open and relaxed with it
so in the process of our moment by moment experience if we're immersed and not grasping we're ready for wisdom if we try to get wisdom or get anything
but maybe especially try to get wisdom we lose it
if you try to get compassion you don't really lose it you just defiled but she can still try to practice giving even though you can like grasping giving but at wisdom level a little bit and grasping really kind of like it elude you it's very subtle
it's very subtle a an elusive and it's sort of say i'm here for you if you don't grasp me
if you're here good now you're ready for me i'm here with you can you be with me with grasping can you relaxed and not grasp

i thank you very much for your attention and
and relaxation
an openness
and wisdom
may i in tangier the way expand to a meeting and vase
the as way bases are a number less
lot to stay around
hi inexhaustible
hi u n
hey about less
how to enter them
why is understood as a bottle
how was to become

i know we can have what's called