On the Body 

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for this last class i have them
two new sets of images for you
for your imagination
and again as i said over and over
there is a path
of of freedom which is using the imagination
there's a proposal that living beings are
i'm kind of in bondage or
trapped by their imagination
by the imagination of a world
and in that imaginary world is were suffering occurs and then teachers come to that world and are rendered into images and those images can be used to liberate the sentient beings from their imagination so we use imagination
the is use living beings imagination to liberate living beings from their imagination
what is don't in a sense have imagination they just have wisdom but their wisdom when it touches sentient beings gets converted into images and most images can be used to liberate living beings from their images which are the only problems living beings have is their images
images of
various kinds of suffering and distress
and freedom
saw a few more images tonight
one i think i've mentioned before is said
now i say the body
and then i say the body has three aspects
an imaginary aspect
and other dependent aspect
and perfector or reality aspect
three aspects of the by of of of the body
the imaginary aspect is the one is the way we have learned to imagine our body and as what most people know
as their body
what people know as their body is an imaginary body
but there is a another aspect of the body
which is the way the body is
other dependent the way it lives in in relationship to the whole world
and it doesn't it doesn't depend on itself
the because it is actually only comes to life in relationship to the environment
but the body isn't the environment
it is a sensuous thing that only lives when has touched and when it response and it all so many lives when consciousness arises
through it
interaction with it's environment
so the body is not the body depends on the mind which depends on the body
which depends on the environment which depends on the mind which depends on the body so the same thing i said about the body can be said about the mind the mind also has a other dependent character
you cannot have a mind without a body and environment
the environments as other dependent character to did you can have an environment for a living being if you don't have a living being and you can have a living being without a consciousness which depends on the living beings body in relationship to the environment so environment body and mind
work together they're all depend on each other they all have other dependent character
and this other dependent
is our basic life
our basic mind our basic world physical world in the sense of our basic sense data and our our basic sense body
none of them can be grasped because they're all in there their interdependent they have no core self they only have the self that's created independence as a second aspect a third aspect is the freedom of the body from the imagination of the by
body that the body this other dependent body is actually free of
the imaginary body
and it's freedom from the imagine a body or the way that the image of the body is never the body is the purified or real aspect to the body
get of the three aspects of the body and then another way to say the three aspects of the body is that there is a to aspect of the body a pure aspect of the body
and an aspect which is defiled impure
one aspects to filed one aspects pure another aspect is defiled and pure
the other dependent aspect of the body is defiled and pure
why is it to file pure because it supports defilement and purity
there's no freedom from imagination of the party without the body there's no pure purification of the body of the of the defiled images without the body so the bodies as an aspect which is defiled and pure the body sponsors
defilement and it's the sponsors
purification and it and it is purification and it is defilement both
the reality aspect of the body is not exactly the real body is the reality aspect of the body which has three aspects the body doesn't just have the reality aspect it has a unreality asked
dec to because it supports all illusion and it supports all wisdom
this for some of us are reviewed it can panola you not all of you have been all the classes that may be news to some of you
those are images to but they're not to so poetic they're more discursive now the poetic image
two poetic images
are you ready
i think it's kind of poetic
once upon a time there was a zen master
who lived in china and his name was cloud gate young man
students by asking them a question and then answering the question himself
occasionally they would answer questions but lot of his recorded teachings where he asked the question he gives an answer here's an example like that
actually this is not exactly here's a different example in this case a monk asked him a question i think
just to check them i just check

either a monk asked him where he asked himself
the buddha is

and yeah mine said
eastern mountains
travel or move
the water
i i wrote that up
have you want a copy of this to remember this teaching
here yes
come in
you can come and receive one at the end of class
alicia unless you have to leave early and they didn't get it early
yeah eastern mountains travel over the water
ah can you remember it all with the question might have been
where where
i think it's all the buddhas were all the boat is born
eastern mountains travel over the water or waters

so this class is were meditating on body so

eastern mountains dogan angie says eastern mountains means all mountains not just an eastern ones also the western ones northern once in southern ones
the place where the buddhas are born is where these mountains travel over the waters
so what i'm suggesting to you now is that the mountains are
a body
and which aspect of the body to think it might be
pretty scary to say answer
it's getting one in three chance
theoretically accept that some of the answers maybe more attractive which makes it were twenty think it is yes correct
the imaginary mountains study the imaginary mountains travel over the waters
where are they travel over the waters is where the buddhas are born
now you could say i've i'll just say to you
that the top of the mountains in a sense when the mountains are traveling over the waters the top of the mountains in a sense i traveling over the waters but in a way it's like the bottom of the mountains are really where the mountains are traveling over the waters
the bottom of the mountains where the mountains meet the water
in their travels
where the mountains meet the waters in their travels
that's where the buddhas are born
and if the mountains are the imaginary aspect of the body
if we're talking about bodies which we are
what are the waters
try the waters are the pure or the are the the reality aspect of the bodies
right so where the reality aspect of the body
the pure aspect to the body
whether where the reality aspect meets the fantasy aspect and the and then they moved together that's where the buddhas are born and what is the place where they meet
the other dependent body is where they meet the act for meeting of the defiled and a pure
where they dance together
that's the
other dependent body
it sort of the fundamental body basic body because it supports both defilement and purification that for buddhists are born a buddhist or not necessarily born sometimes buddha's can just hang out
in on borne illness
just hang it we can hang out in
they can hang out in freedom from ideas about things
they can be a body that's not dabbling in images of itself they can be a body which isn't concerned with not being known
but when buddhas are born
they wanted the place where there can be defilement and purification but at that place where they meet
that's where the freedom touches the bondage as what buddhists are born
k got the image
go now
you don't have any questions
a mountains

the realities
so the imaginary body is the mountain
and the place where the mountains touch the water the bottom of the mountains
that place they meet and interact is the other dependent the all they're all they're all the body
but one is where booed as are born and a place for buddhists are born are in the body or aspect of the body where defilement and and purification or were purity and impurity are inseparable
but not exactly the same
because one is the absence of the other
one is the freedom from the other
so defilements free of purity
and purity is free of defilement imagination is free of no imagination
so the the waters are not imaginative wisdom
the mountain is imaginative division and the place they meet and dance is imaginative wisdom
so that's the basic image and now the next phase of the story is hard how do we who hang out in the mountains
get to the place where the mountains meet the water
well again i'd
i align myself with the ancestor a dog and who says that the mountains
meet that the mountains meet the waters at their feet
the mountains meet the water at their feet and not just at their feet but at the tips of their toes at the tips of the feet which our toes
points of the feet touch
the water
this doesn't exclude the peaks of the mountains but the pigs of her mountains except when things get really much car when they've get really wild the mountains flip over and and the peaks touch the water but usually at first waking up the borders it
it's the toes as a mountain that touch the water
and then then things start flipping around and the waters can fly an air and mountains can tip over and skit around on the so
kinds of things are possible but for starters let's get to the toes of the mountain
i'm done
sometimes we're at the peak so have to go all the way from the peak down to the toll sometimes we're halfway up go from halfway up down to the toes sometimes are poor in the foothills and then we just gotta go from the foothills to the toils
how do we get to the toes of the mountains how do we get to the toes of the defiled aspect of the body how do we get to the toes of our imagination of her body
can you guess
this is the final exam

if you don't have a pretty soon i will yes what
seven didn't go up to seven that's good
he's just gone from six to seven
this will actually you don't have to use all seven ignore nipped up use or six
use five
he's ah yeah mindfulness of the mindfulness of the defiled aspect
of the defiled with the defiled aspect
devotion to defilement
mindfulness of defilement will take you to the toes of love firemen mindfulness foul mindfulness all the way to the end a foul the mindfully follow the illusory mountain of your body all the way to the tiptoe of your body
thought you exhaust your body
in a compassionate way
be prep be practice devoted presence with your body all day long if possible but in a moment even go all the way to the end of the moment of delusory battery
so we have been mindful
completely so mindful that you don't even do the mindfulness
so mindful that you don't gain anything in trying to gain anything you're just following through following through on illusory body
practice mindfulness of the body without trying to be mindful
this is to be completely follow through on the delusion to the end of the delusion to where the end of delusion that tip of delusion midst the tip
of enlightenment or the tip of reality the tip of the delusion body meets the tip or the water the top of the water of reality body
and at that point dog who says the water splashes up at the tips so we have to be thorough with our delusory body so i ask you when you're sitting is this sitting
upholding mindfulness
is this posture like support supporting my point is this posture and opportunity for mindfulness
well one could say yes it is this kind of this illusory body we can be mindful of the illusory body because it appears
we get so does support it does uphold mindfulness but also mindfulness oppose the body so you sit there new a paul giamatti with mindfulness and your body upholds mindfulness they support each other
and i confess to you that i've been noticing lately
and i'm kind of happy to notice and kind of embarrassed to notice
i've been walking around this house where i live at green gulch and i've been noticing
that sometimes i'm walking and i'm not upholding my body with mindfulness
i don't want to play the bodies there where the bodies not hoping to upholding mindfulness either but are in a way it's true
the way the body is sometimes when it's not upholding mindfulness is the way the body is when mindfulness is not all yet
so usually what and that's one of the advantages excuse me for saying so sorry when the advantage of sitting here and class at the beginning where most of you are upholding your posture with mindfulness
during this class at the beginning most of you seem to be upholding the posture with mindfulness and mindfulness seems to be
upholding the body and a body seems to be upholding the mindfulness that's when a nice things about this like sitting in a posture which is primarily there to uphold mindfulness and primarily is calling from mindfulness with some which the mindfulness please come here and make this posture
your and then which make this posture or once i make this posture this past year
it keeps calling from mindfulness
i'm very fortunate that way that i have a body which when it's sitting it calls for mindfulness if this body slumped like this the body says hey man
it doesn't it doesn't it won't let me stay like this for very long it's a sit up my say o k o slot lotta work but yeah you're right
so for all for many years now
more than forty
i spend quite a bit of time sitting like this and this body keeps telling me sit up
but when i'm walking around the house sometimes the by doesn't say
stand up
if i would stop and listen to it
then i would notice that it's asking me to stand up but sometimes even though the body is calling me when it's walking sometimes i don't hear it calling because the footprint the footsteps or so noisy that we gotta go from here over there to get that candle we have to go from here
here to there to turn the t on
and in that hubbub
sometimes i admit i don't hear the body thing would you please do this mindfully
and then i analyse i noticed the shape of my body
when i'm going to do something
and i'm not hearing what you do is mindful the i nor my body is kind of like bent over
you believe it walking across the room with a bent over body cause it's like it's the somebody thinks to get this body over here to make some tea rather than listen to the body asking you to be mindful from here to the t area
so i'm telling you that
and i'm telling you that i'm happy that i have noticed that and i'm
and many times
even recently i have said i really what i said this is really a good opportunity just walking around the house is a really good opportunity to actually be mindful up uphold your body in the house
just when you're going from place to place
it's a great opportunity and easy to forget
and therefore easy to stay up in the mountains and be kind of out of touch with where the buddhas are born
be mindful for the body doesn't immediately put me down to photos
i might have to walk around the house for quite a few hours to get all the way to the toes of my
the illusory body
but that is that opportunity right in your own house
but still in your own house it's good to actually sit down because the sitting posture
in going someplace to do something so it's choir so you can hear the body saying you know it's really weird to be leaning over in when you're sitting
but the body doesn't come with wires that go off when you're walking saying you shouldn't be bending over
but when i'm sitting i have those alarms i don't know about you but i feel really weird if i'm sitting like this i'm uncomfortable my body says do not what are you are you know it is it's got really pretty strong alarms what if somebody sees me now
two rooms full of people what if somebody took turns around and sees me go
but walking around my house by myself
that's pretty much you can usually mean that catches may only and my body of not squawk and i'm not upright
but he ain't even when i sit in a chair my body squawks if i don't celebrate
so sitting is really nice because i think sitting does say would you please be mindful
and if i need to tell you how to set if you just mind for you figure it out you'll figure out to pasture you want to be in if your pay attention
and then when you figure it out then try to practice that posture without trying to gain anything or do anything or try anything
do you
practice mindfulness in a pure way just let mindfulness do the work of upholding the proper posture and let the proper posture do the work of whole appalling proper mindfulness were there won't be any again trying are doing
i also have thinking you know
that so i say we if we want to find a place where buddha is a born we need commitment and devotion to postures
the call for attention
we need commitment and devotion to attention to the postures both ways and then i said sometimes we say good posture
are you could say auspicious pastor in our auspicious means
it means conducive to success
could a auspicious posture posture which is conducive to success
a buddhahood
a buddha making auspicious
you might think the postures auspicious but it's it's not exactly the postures auspicious but it is sort of the posture which makes which supports
is auspicious posture but also when you treat your posture with mindfulness in that auspicious so that way you treat your posture auspicious
and the posture which calls for being treated with mindfulness is auspicious or skillful or conducive to are appropriate to
freedom from
and here's one more if you can stand one more image the guy thing goes with the first one but and it's also got the water stuff in it
it's the image
have a pulpit
so i talked about this green gulch in the zendo on the morning of december second
on that morning that was big storm
i'm a huge tree fell down at the end at the road coming into green gulch so people couldn't come to sunday lecture very well
so that almost nobody in the sand or
and as always
anticipating thinking about going down from this house where i walk around sometimes on mindfully
i was thinking about going down there and i was thinking well here i am about to go
give a sermon on a stormy morning
and i thought that reminds me of have a book i read once or yeah and what is the book it's called moby dick
i wasn't there a scene towards the beginning a moby dick of a preacher coming into a church and and the door the church flies open and wimbledon and this guy comes in all wet yeah so
slap opened up my button found moby dick
in the storm's going i'm reading moby dick and i look through in i saw a chapter called the pulpit
and so i opened the chapter called the pulpit and i read
but i guess each my mile ishmael is in this church with a bunch of other sailors and a stormy morning or evening and the door of the church flight is thrown open and the wind blows in and incomes this guy in black all wet and he comes in and
this is the
well respected dignified pasture
father map will
or maple
and he comes in and he's all wet it takes off his wet clothes and hang them up and then he climbs up a ladder to the pulpit
this pulpit which is quite high i guess in the church
dip that are having a stairs going up to it the church was kind of small and in order to conserve space they had a rope ladder and going up to the going up to the pulpit
so this
the preacher climbed up the rope ladder which has no i wouldn't rounds i guess so called suspended by rope climbed up the rope ladder to the pulpit and then he posed ladder up into the pulpit
and each miles thinking as rather unusual kind of funny that he would pull the ladder up into the pulpit
but he said but he's a highly respected person is probably not doing that just for some
you know just to be shocking
he must be doing it for some good reason perhaps he's doing it as a symbol
at the pulpit
is as he says it says are self contained stronghold
for replenishing
the meat and wine of the word
i guess in this case is the word of god but and the disk in the case of this tradition it's the word of buddha it's the buddha dharma
we go to the pulpit we pull the ladder in
to find a stronghold the self contained stronghold
for replenishing the meat and wine
of the word images of the dharma which were dealing with
to replenished the meat and wine
the mountain of illusion
and then the other dimension of this is what is a pulpit well it's an elevated platform for giving a sermon but the origin of the word pulpit is an elevated platform
on the prow of a whaling boat
so if you climb up in the pulpit and give a talk it can be quite intense up there lot of people listening on a stormy day and you're trying to find this place where of
where the word is replenished where the the meaning of these teachings is refreshed
but the origin of that pulpit is to be out on the elevated platform in the front of a whaling ship boat
hey you're standing out there in the water with the whale out there someplace
and you've got sitting next to you with his chapter sixty of no of moby dick
chapter sixty of moby dick which is called
the line
the line means the harpoon line
so on these whaling boats there's one or more sailor on the boat
so let's just say there's one and this sailor is someplace on the boat may be on the pulpit
and he's got this harpoon and he's got his rope
and he throws the harpoon at some point and if the harpoon goes into the whale
that rope starts moving
and it moves
it doesn't just uncoil in a predictable way because the
because the boat is gonna start moving in a lot of unpredictable ways and the ropes can produce be moving and unpredictable ways
and the person has to watch that rope and if you lose track of where their rope is you're dead
i'm not not always but probably
so on the boat there is death
and there is
the birth of border
and you find the birth of buddha if you're if you are totally following through on where you are
you're totally following through on being in the present with this body pulpit or this mind pulpit
or this wooden pulpit
you're totally present and this rope is whipping by you and your totally present with the rope
and you're not trying to get anything if you try to gain anything you're probably slip if you try if you try anything if you
and you rather just be present
and if your present you'll find the place where buddhists are born and you'll become free of ropes puppets
oats water birth and death

this situation is death or nirvana
if you're on land that that is not that's
that's just you know hell
that's just being stuck in a mountainous
there's not really any movement is just basically mountain mountain mountain squash in your life
it's hard to be on the boats extremely challenging to be on the boat but that's why real life is
is on that boat
is at the tip of the mountains
and we have to be really thorough
debate the whole mountain all the way down to the bottom
and again you're on the boat you're on the pulpit
which is pretty good but you're not really on the pulpit until you throw the harpoon and the rope dart moving
just sitting in the book and the raft is coiled up in his little package
it seems pretty predictable
it's when it starts moving and the when it moves the whole boat moves
that's when
that's where the buddhas are born
so how can how can we find that place when we start just for simple stuff like being mindful of your body and then be mindful of your body then be mindful of your body and then noticed you're trying to get anything out of it and dropped that and notice if you're trying to be mindful and drop the trying and noticed you're trying to gain anything
and and the notice you think you're doing mindfulness
and drop all that him to this just body mindfulness
and then there's
freedom from mindful not creating from mindfulness but freedom from the mountains
our life is very dramatic
walking around our house
on a on a sunny mild day or a cold winter storm whatever day it is our life is dramatic
and if we're mindful we enter the drama where things go
to realize buddhahood and freedom from our illusions or to stay kind of half involved with the mountains
and then we don't have mountains moving over the waters we just have mountains of confusion
but if repressed are taken care of the mountains of confusion of our body
and there's endless investors an endless versions of confused bodies which is why mountains are nice images we mountainous of a mountainous images of body's fat body skinny body sick bodies healthy bodies pretty bodies ugly bodies aging bodies young bodies growing body
shrieking bodies all this stuff all of these confusions they're all can be mindful play upheld

and the more thoroughly you do it
the lesser gets to the less it's boring
and and sometimes the scarier it is but you don't have time for scariness to when you're being thorough
so those are the images that i offer you tonight
and that's my
my offering to start
is there anything you'd like to say before
before i move on the waters
over the waters over the bridge over the waters

ah well i don't know but you know you you you heard enough
you heard in the heart sutra form is emptiness emptiness is form
so the heart sutra just says there's the reality aspect and there's the illusion aspect
there's there's the body which you ha
not that well i'm not saying it's not because the other dependent has the emptiness aspect
but this teaching came along because a lot of people when they look at the teaching that illusion is insubstantial
they say that near listen
west lot of western philosophy of a nice look at the teaching that form like images the images people have their life
our just insubstantial imagination
so then also the images they have ethics
would be the same we have images of ethics that we practice
and again if you the there can be a which is the image you have your ethics you follow the mountain of the image of ethics all the way the bottom and you find the emptiness of ethics the insubstantial holidays the on grasp ability of them you find the way ethics are free of any idea you have of ethics
but without talking about that interaction between the two the other dependent is the way they interact
there could be a neolithic understanding so this teaching you're saying that the other dependent isn't the other pendant emptiness yes but isn't the other dependents form yes
but there's not just form an emptiness there's their interaction and their interaction is the way everything depends on things so nagarjuna says
i declared that whatever is dependent core rising is emptiness
he says that
and i would say he says that to protect the teaching of perfect wisdom from being taken nihilistic way
but this teaching
does it really gets into and and it says and that he doesn't say nagar jews doesn't say i say this to protect this teaching from mt from neil listen
but the teaching of the three characteristics says if you
if you denigrate any of those characters you denigrate all of them if you denigrate the the imaginary characters huge to integrate the other dependent and your delegate the ultimate
of course if you denigrate the ultimate you denigrate the others are people don't usually want to denigrate the ultimate they want to delve and great them
the the illusory and some people also wanted to denigrate the other dependent because the other dependent supporting the illusory
if you're really enlightened when you hear about form and emptiness you don't take that neil heuristically you say or all these forms all these practices all these precepts all these people there in substantial and all that's that's all the more reason why i'm devoted to liberating them from any kind of hindrance from being
just in case anybody would miss it again like i say a lot of western philosophers and even eastern philosophers when they looked at that teaching they said this is neil isn't
some of the tetons a thoroughgoing neil is
one time up
a vietnamese woman mit of i'm actually a mere vietnamese monk
who is a gringo she said to me at lunch one time she said what do you call it when somebody has a misunderstanding of nothing
and i said that's called nihilism
sure english you know she was trying learning as neil islam
when you think that nothing or nonexistence and our standard properly
so when buddha first taught when when when that when the tradition first came up with this
a perfect wisdom scriptures i was just great thing but then it look like people were misunderstanding it so the miss next turning came
i've haven't the three characteristics which are implied by the to characteristics of form and emptiness but
it protects the form is emptiness and emptiness is form teaching of the heart sutra from being taken realistically and are still people who can't stop people from be a nihilistic but this helps them not slip into that
so the basic our basic life is is other dependent is is a dependent core arising is that everything about us is dependent on things other than us each thing depends on things that aren't itself
but that allows but that doesn't stop the imagination of something graspable about this inconceivable process
this unimaginable pot process
avails itself of images
because of the nature of biological phenomenon they they had their that
the body supports imagination
imagination is an aspect of our bodily
so we don't denigrate the imaginary
we take care of it to be liberated from it
if we denigrate it would be trapped by it
and one way to denigrate it
is to call it reality and it's not a one way to denigrated is to say it has objective existence which it doesn't
misunderstanding it is a denigration
but i appreciate your question and i hope you keep looking at this issue it's this is a very subtle teacher
about our body
when i asked you if this posture upholds mindfulness
when i just what was your response he didn't say anything out loud now you can speak out loud it's not silent time
does this posture of the sitting posture or paul mindfulness
lots and lots of lots two possible answers you can say yes say no you say maybe you could say i don't know can say i wanted do you can say hallelujah for you say
sometimes sometimes
never gonna say never
what else
that's i actually did does mindfulness uphold the posture
yes sometimes
mate ha
i don't know
but i actually the question though the questions out there
the invitation to explore the mountains is out there does this mountain uphold mindfulness does mindfulness are pulled his mountain there's the question this question is inviting you to board his wisdom
this question is inviting you to go the place at the bottom of those mountains and you can answer i don't know
at your answers not as important that you keep asking a question and answers may come i'm kind of interested in what answers will come but my more interested
in the continual questioning
does this i pulled my mama's is this mindfulness authentic is is mindfulness pure
address can come is is mindfulness pure antigen has come
and if i asked the question of somebody answers and i can ask the question again
keep their questioning process that will take you to the toes of the mountain that will take you out into the pulpit
where you're in danger because things are very dynamic
but where you can realize this place

well you understand on a boat right
so if you don't pay attention
you get tripped up on the rope
if you don't pay attention on the mountain
you'll get hurt
you know he'll get hurt you even yogurt killed your diet
that's not a permanent printer condition
but the you know
what can happen to if you don't pay attention what can happen to you
especially as you get down to the that this i'm talking about when you get down to the tips of the mountain what could happen to you what could happen to i just said it what a woman happened to you what might happen to you
what might happen to you lori tell him
tell him
what's even worse than death
ah neal islam
neil of them might happen to you
and then you might say well you name it
you know your name what analysts can think would be okay wouldn't that be like have you would be death but are you a beer or a cruel death which you might say is no problem
because you're down where things are flying all over the place and you're not paying clear attention
that good enough
pretty bad the pub by the worst thing like a you know karma doesn't convert doesn't really matter doesn't matter what i do
in this situation and i'm you know
i'm beyond cause and effect right
i mean i'm i'm not worried that man
i don't have to worry about precepts anymore
people who get down close to the bottom of the mountain and then lose their attention up at the top and now it's a solid kind of doll
you know as you know you got problems as know neal is up there your so far from the ultimate
you know your hold back from your life you know your kind of dead in the water
even though you're kind of sort of alive but when you get down to towards the bottom and when the roof zipping by
you know you you have to really pay careful attention otherwise
there can be major setbacks but we store courage to go down there
and hopefully the skill that gets us there will support us when we get there bernard the your hand raised
i know that was a lot of

yeah so the deaths here
the death here would be you wouldn't be practicing your be the death of practice
which only happens this kind of that kind of death
can happen to somebody that's really gone for long ways
people hadn't started yet it's you know than some sense there's not so much problem to dying but as you get into it this continues to be a danger that you'll get distracted or are you have distracted
so we're trying to be mindful of our situation of being confused and misled
well there's a wonderful suture which is highly revered by people who i highly revere
and that's even revered by people who i
don't feel highly revered like me
which says yes everybody is gonna become buddha
but even that sutured goes along with
the understanding that to become a buddha is gonna be pretty difficult for us until this world system comes to a conclusion because the buddha has already but he caught hogged the buddha ship
so we can be body surface
but because of shakyamuni buddha
we can't be buddhist because he's already spilled the beans
but the lord city says all you bodhisattvas are gonna become buddhas and everybody is going to eventually become a bodhisattva
i think the lotus sutra says and his son month some like i said some of the people who we most value whose whose practice was most
i don't know wonderful and inspiring they said lotus sutra is number one for me
and the recipe says everybody's gonna become buddha
what well actually that part of this story is that
that this world system there will come a time when people will actually forget about the buddha dharma
and i was thinking it out i was talking to somebody about what might be the conditions for us to forget about bodhidharma and somebody said well materialism might do it in
materialism might make us forget the buddha dharma
you know just how just musing what what what would it take for
all the scriptures to be lost and everybody to forget about all the teachings of all the buddhas
but the buddha said that's gonna happen and then there's a chance for another border to come and in and discover when there's no sign of boot anymore somebody to come and say oh look here's the dharma while here folks
and that person gets to be the border then but because the dharmas up party out there we get to be disciples of buddha
we get to be put his offspring the buddha gives the dharma we take the darmian converted into word images
stand in the pulpit and then we're if we're we're planting shh the vitality of the word images
and that's ah
you know and that will lead to buddhahood that will make a buddha but we can't make a buddha until buddhism disappears
i'll go somewhere it's not yet now like get on a spaceship go into a black hole and then and then discovered dharma there and you get to be a buddha
so the meantime does anybody want to be a bodhisattva and then we have a we have a path there which is
being in a offered
so low dosage says everybody's gonna become bodhisattva and some of the people who don't even look like bodyshop is really are and all those bodies sought are going to become buddhas and lotus sutra even tells what their names are going to be
however it doesn't say you know rob anderson's going to become buddhas and his his name's going to be blah blah can say that
but you know eventually your name would be in the lotus sutra except that this thing they stopped at the know around the fifth century they stop adding people's names
otherwise there was a time at which you can get your name added and then he would actually your unique your buddha land would be named and stuff like that
those were the good old days
when you can get out get your name and scripture that says you're going to be one of the you're going to be a savior of some world and your your your her name would be such and such

anything else
did you like to bring up this evening
welcome strange question

did you say you deal with people who end their life
they're dying look towards the end of their life roberts a nurse right so he's working with people who seem to be towards the end of their life

i think that do you say something about the ladder we referring to the pulpit yeah i think that's a good thing to can mine look at the person and try your best to assess
what their pulpit is
you know what state are they going to what state are they gonna be able to like be present the best what state will be does have a best chance to be present on their pulpit
that's you don't know maybe they can't tell you and then when asked what he said that i thought of suzuki roshi
and i used to he was towards the end of his life he was having shiatsu treatments from a japanese priest who is that center and also to mock moxibustion from this priest and i said who am i said could i just sit there while you're getting your treatment
i'll just sit there quietly i just want to watch be with you when you're having your treatments and he said okay
so when he was having his treatments i would just be sitting there like this he'd be lying down getting massage and and moxibustion i watched
and i watched it and i watched his response to the to the shiatsu
the way the guy would massage him and who and cisco she's response
i don't know if he was thinking but
i watched that and then i watched what it was he would do the these collins is this these incense cones
on the spot on his back and they let him burn down and i watched as a garage his face and in a he would he would start to wince a little bit
and then he would pull the cone off at a certain point
when let it burn all the way down he would take it off
so i kind of felt like what he was getting this treatment
kind of like maybe like giving some kind of medication
and then then the person giving the treatment would like let it go to a certain point but that's enough
so you might watch you feel like
that's enough you know if it's any more than that i think i'm on my mean other than that it's gonna be too much too much medication but this maybe that maybe this is too little
so what's too much and much to lives watch that to the best of your ability try to help the person
be in the place that most completely as much as you feel that it can be completely there
so for another example is a on
a friend of mine had open heart surgery
and after he had the surgery he didn't he didn't take he didn't accept much medic pain medication
so says in the doctor said you're breathing very shallowly
because after hearts open heart surgery if you breathe deeply commit hurts a lot so but then since he wasn't breathing deeply his fluids from building up in his lungs
the doctor gave him some pain medication and it could breathe and clear his lungs so a little bit of pain medication helped him be able to breathe helped him dare
to breathe
so maybe they found the right amount where he could do his job to breathing
because it wasn't so painful but not so much medication that it couldn't do his job so i think you just have to try to find that with person but good with yourself to
find your place where year
being a thorough you can be had being where you're out with your pain
not too much or too little
and help that person fine
because that's sort of with the way the buddha taught at the beginning right not too much or too little not too much self mortification not don't get too much in that rut but also don't get too much and making people comfortable don't get addicted to since pleasure and comfort and don't get addicted to like toughing it out
so we're trying to find that balance place sometimes toughing it out is really good sometimes being a wimp is really good sometimes it really beneficial to be a wimp but to be addicted to sense pleasure
that's the problem and sometimes to be at the and to be addicted to being tough on yourself is not the point
every situation is new where's that where's the thoroughness
so there's some mindfulness and just try them
be completely thorough
and potter being a thorough is not to find the complete thoroughness before you find a complete thoroughness you probably will be concerned about whether you found a complete thoroughness or not
before you find the right the right way you'll be a little concerned about whether you found the right way
so try to give up
beach knowing that you're doing the right way try to do the right way or practice the right way search for the right way without trying to trying to do it
when you're on the right way you won't know it and you won't be trying to know it
but on these serious matters we kind of wanna know
well yeah it's normal
but don't get into that too much
because that is just another mountain to go all the way to the bottom of said makes sense
very challenging
but down
one could be really enthusiastic about this challenging work i hope you are
so this is the body same applies to the button to the mind same applies to a cup of tea or a chisel
everything as a three characteristics everything should be dealt with
thoroughly and then everything is an opportunity
to realize
where the buddhas are born
thank you for it again thank you for coming tonight for the final class and i
wish you happy new year and i i wish you to find the path that you wished to walk