Buddha’s Zazen is Face-to-Face Transmission

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The personal practice of paying attention to the posture of samadhi; mindfulness of breathing; remembering stillness as transmitted by the ancestors;

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i've been down in the mountains south of here and in a monastery and i left there yesterday as i wanted to come here and meet you

how wonderful to meet you
a pen

the day is a tenth anniversary of the ceremony to give the bodhisattva precepts
some both of whose name is karen they never yet
in graduations

garnet amount is in a monastery there is a themed or having a practice period between about almost ninety day practice period not quite
and the theme of the practice period is
something like zazen as face to face transmission

when i was younger i didn't think of zazen as face to face transmission
now i do
when i was younger i didn't think of face to face transmission as zazen now i do
so i tell you about it
down in the mountains i'm telling people about it over and over

the are the head monk of the practice period
many of you know her by the name yuki and she gave a talk as part of her head monk ship and she was sort of imitating me
you know
what you'd iconic
zaza and his face to various transmission

and yuki was also or i ordained ten years ago
today she was in that same group
and now she's the head monk of the practice period

which remind me to get a no case of for her back agree not
i also want to tell you that our friend and rica
his home she's home ah in hospice so on
her illness is not
him being treated it's more being cared for in a hospice mode
but she's still very grateful for the face to face transmission

so and also the theme for the
january intensive a green coach is
called the pivotal activity of our buddhas
i think it says
face to face transmission in zazen
i agree face to face transmission occurs in zazen but also face to face transmission as as and zazen as face to face transmission at the theme of the upcoming thing had green gulch
did you meet zucker she when you are younger woman
did he come to your high school
did you enjoy the movie the face to face transmission
so she got initiated face to face when she was younger when she was in high school she graduated from high school the right

it may surprise you if if i would suggest that face to face transmission is not something that can do by yourself
some make sense

it's something that's that lives or that
functions in the meeting of you with
the whole universe
that that meaning can take infinite forms like he could be you can meet like a good meat suzuki roshi when you're in high school face to face and that's pretty nice but then there's also you meeting whole universe when you meet him
and whenever you meet anybody in reality you're meeting the whole universe
in that face
that faces
a portal
through which you meet the whole universe
actually the again yuki and don't toss the higher she said i use his son this expression for face to face transmission which is men the chinese character men which i said ms face and jew which means to give so literally the turn that i
using for face to face transmission his face giving and she said why do you say it's face a character i usually that character means mask
so it means face and mask
and you know the word persona these mass growth
so this the word that dogan uses the ancestors used for face to face transmission his face giving or you could say mask giving
we give this mask
and the same time we're giving face of the universe the mask is the portal to meeting the face before your parents were born
and again this is not a practice that you'd do by yourself you do it with another

but i would also like to point out that part of the one meaning of zazen that people use is they use the term zazen or sitting meditation for their personal practice we do have personal practices
we have practices a personal effort
and we have and these pract many of these practices have been transmitted to us face to face
and so on this and tradition nursery
many stories of a face to face meeting where one of the people gives the other one a meditation practice that that person can personally do
so one meeting his eyes and that people use is in the what they used to and for their personal practice
for what they're doing in our consciousness
and so i the list of personal practices is
more or less unlimited but i thought i might just give you a few examples of personal practice
for example i when i sit in meditation i do the personal practice of sitting upright
i can do the personal practice of paying attention to the posture of this mighty
i can also do the personal practice of paying attention to the posture of other bodies
says one of the practice i do is i and i do it a lot
and i kind of need to because i need to find a place
in the middle of the flames of my body or i can sit
and if i don't pay attention to my posture i don't find a place in the middle of the flames and then i've i might find sitting intolerably painful
but by paying attention to my body
i find a place where i can sit in the midst of the flames of impermanence and suffering in which my body is sitting
in which i'm sitting in in my body so i do that
and i'm being challenged to do it thoroughly and in each moment pretty much that's a personal practice
the buddha taught that practice
in many scriptures
i'm being mindful of your posture
like when the monk practices mindfulness of posture in that when she's standing she knows she's standing when she's walking she knows she's walking
when she's sitting she knows she's sitting when she's reclining she knows she's reclining
the buddha taught mindfulness our posture
and he said mindfulness and posture is a direct path to nirvana
this is a personal practice at the buddha transmitted face to face
if transmission face to face was is not a personal practice it's not the buddhist practice separate from the person is listening it's not the person is listening separate from the border
face to face transmission is the buddha's the boat away and in the buddha away individual practices are transmitted for example mindfulness of posture which maybe some new are also practicing when you're here have you been practicing mindfulness
your posture
yeah say you're you're making that effort to
then there's my full of some breathing you can personally be mindful of your breathing
but also recommended that
i'll say it can be mindful of your feelings and would also recommended that
and so on
you can be mindful of zan stories
so one of the famous and stories is the story
does a dog have buddha nature
an ancient teacher was as does a dog at buddha-nature and the teacher said
no which means in japanese move means there isn't any or no
since that time many meditators so called zen meditators have meditated on know on low
they think about mood while they're sitting there doing a personal practice of thinking about that story
and one of the members of this community comes and tells me that he says my practice is call on introspection in other as he practices mindfulness of zen stories from traditional collections
i also practice mindfulness of zen stories
the way i often practice it is it
they come to me and talk to me like i'm sitting and is in-store just pops up in my mind and says hello and i say hello
thank you for coming
i usually don't know before i sit down which and is going to come
and usually when their comments very helpful
and that's a personal practice i have a personally
paying attention

also there can also be events in sitting meditation you could practice mindfulness of loving kindness
you can remember
but of loving kindness while you're sitting at another personal practice
now some people have also some
some personal practices which they don't necessarily call practices
but in fact when they're sitting
they are personally paying attention to stock certain things and they and they sometimes don't call paying attention to those things practice but in fact that's what they are personally doing when they're sitting on the cushion in the zen meditation hall for example there personally paying attention
a planning
there personally planning were later the day they're planning various travel arrangements they're they're wondering which airlines to choose their planning menus they're planning what to say to certain people later in the day
they're doing that in the meditation hall and they may actually when they tell me that they may be saying kind of like i'm sorry i'm planning
but does what i'm doing that's my personal effort

so part of what our life is personal effort
then there's his face to face transmission
and some of those practices of personal efforts is and in meditation hall some people call them zazen so and i will say fine with colonies awesome and you could have in parentheses personal zazen
and is another zazen in a way which is called buy me food has zazen

now buddhism zen includes all of the individual thousands
buddhism zen is all the people who are doing call on introspection all the people who are following their breathing all the people who are trying to follow their breathing but not following their breathing all the people who are trying are paying attention to their posture
are all the people who are trying to pay attention and posture but are not a new vision their posture an angry about their posture and angry at their neighbor who's moving a lot and all the people who aren't planning and all the people are feeling guilty for planning buddhism as in includes
all beings

buddhism as in is
the same practice
as all the individual seasons including all of the individual not ovens
it's the same practice as whatsoever individual it might be for example me
buddhism is the same practice as my practice and everybody's practice that's buddhists zazen
so i mentioned personal practices and i support personal practices and i support personal not practices
when i also just happened to mention by the way there's also buddhism zen buddhist meditation and that is including all of our individual practices including when we forget our practice but we forget our practice were doing some to other were doing something else
whatever it is and that is the same practice as buddhists is not the same practice as me
i'm doing something else i'm working on my posture but also i don't just work in my posture
while i'm working my posture i remember would as i said
i don't always remember to work on my posture
but when i do i also want to remember buddha is awesome
sometimes i do and when i do than i have this thing called
awareness of buddhism right while i also have awareness of my personal effort to pay attention to this posture
if i'm looking at your posture then why i'm looking at your posture that's my personal effort and while i'm look at your posture i also remember i that
me looking at your posture is the same practice as all beings
can otherwise i remember the buddhist practice in other words i remember
face to face transmission
which is the way your practice is meeting the practice of all beings face to face

down in the mountain somebody said to me a couple days ago i had this vision of you
having your arms all around
the song here
and the saga having their arms all around you

and i said yeah right that's that's the truth that's a vision of the truth the truth is actually invisible you can actually see how much everybody's got their arms around me and how much i am my are on everybody but when you have a vision of that and second vision of an inverse
ausable infinite truth but is it is correct it is true i do in my arms around the whole saga and whole sondra does have their arms around that is true magic but you know when everybody runs out of the room you might say will now be don't have your arms around you
still do you just can't see it with your eyes is bigger than what your eyes can see
grandma you have such big eyes all of a bitter to see you

so sometimes i use the word zazen and sometimes other people have used the words as and as a synonym for the great way of all bushes
sometimes as and is used as a synonym for unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment and sometimes it used as a synonym for personal effort
so there's a little bit of confusion there which
we can deal with we can work with this confusion caraway
we're we're teaching to help us deal with some confusion for using the same word for personal practice and and that we use for
if an unspeakable immeasurable interdependence of our bags he's the same word
and we could have some program to stop using the same word but i don't think it's gonna succeed i think people are still going to use the words as and for personal effort and i managed to be beat the drum for using zazen
from buddhists us in

so we can sit so and sometimes you may have heard people say the great way of all buddhas is awesome what a great way of our booties is buddha zazen the great way of all buddhas is nothing other than
giving a face and receiving of this

is nothing other than a face given and a face received
that's a goya way

so the buddha's the buddha way is pivoting between giving your face
and receiving your face
receiving buddha's face in giving voters face that pivotal activity
if the put away

and one more time a little differently
a moment of experience
is the whole universe
meeting the whole universe
giving rise to the whole universe

they say moment of experience
now say it again a moment of zazen
it's the whole universe meeting the whole universe giving rise to the whole universe

each moment of experience
fully accords with all things and resonates through all times
each moment doesn't fully accords with all beings and resume through all time
and there is a call to us to be fully
here in this moment
in the way that it appears
and the way there it appears is
a delusion
is a reduced
overly tidy version of the whole universe
like a little baby girl who is not so little
a face is a
this ambiguity it's version of the universe
and if we make that face wholeheartedly

that mask drops away and opens onto the whole universe
in early buddhism they taught that experience arises with the meeting of
sense organ
with sent data
giving rise to sense consciousness
this is this is in accord with that teacher
it's just add a and that when you're sense organ meats sense data it's the whole universe as your sense organ meeting in the whole universe as since data giving rise to the whole universe has since cause

so this is this this this way of talking was not so explicitly used in the early centuries of buddhism
in the twenty-first century of version of buddhism in this room
the basic buddhist principle it's still there
since data fast as horgan madrasa a sentient being needing sense data
giving rise to sense consciousness yes spring have been warned of picture
who the worst spring all of reality into the picture
all of the entire field of experience
it's been brought with this sentient being to meet whatever essentially being mates giving rise to whatever ascension ascent whatever sentient being made
as the whole universe in that form giving rise to the whole universe
as awareness in the moment

okay that's probably enough so
thanks for coming to the meeting
i came up here to meet you and you came here to meet me and we met
were successful in face to face transmission congratulations to this group
and while another personal practice which we can do is we can personally remember
so the ancestors have transmitted to us the wish that we remember stillness
that we receive it
it's being given to us
and they wish we would receive it and they told us that they wished we would receive it and then they wished that we would practice it and then they wished that we will transmit it
this is a personal request for us the personally remember something called stillness and while you're at it silence
in the mr barn busy daily life why we're jumping around and talking away we can still possibly remember stillness and silence it is possible
the ancestors are asking us to do that in the midst of our daily life transmitted in the midst of your daily life in all the actions of your daily life got the wish here's to
here's the ancestors wish i wish that all the great assembly will remember stillness and silence will receive stillness and silence will practice it and transmitted and all their daily activities
in that personal practice we're ready to meet face to face we're here we're not someplace else we're here remember a stillness and we're ready to meet face to face

good as as is living in stillness
in other words right here this is worth living

okay so ah i see i see i saw two hands raised and they are connected to bodies yes
did you say something way
when mask weeks now
yeah they're still facing this means is not seeing into them when mask meets mask
if you're totally there with that mask the mask will drop away and you'll see that you're meeting more than just a mask you are meeting the mask if you don't respect the mask the mask is gonna just stay on
and you're going to and because of human consciousness we have a tendency to think that the universe actually as lot simpler than it is

so if you don't accept this simple version you have the universe like this mask that is your eagerness should be stuck in your simple version
like that that saying i
put in one on one of those books
i don't wish one it was but it was a quote from kafka which is something like you don't have to leave your desk
i guess coffin when he just energies as any had to have a desk in front of him and our with paper and pencil or pen or we don't have guess we just how you not to leave your seat
quito require notepad to sit still right but he did so anyway he contracted to herself you don't have to leave your desk
and i'm not sure exactly how going to happen sunlight
you jump you far as not next
you don't have to leave your desk just wait
don't even wait
just something don't even do that
just be still
and the world will come before you and take off his mask and role at your feet and ecstasy
ecstasy for one that had gotten met as somebody was there and not trying to get anything from it or just
there and the universe will come before you and take his mask off
and you will be so happy to meet you
one thing he said something about accepting or similar
yeah this your simplified version is your in this room and you're feeling this way and the desk looks like this and that person looks like that this is not that this is a simplified version of what's going on this is like a
a call her called a coherent version of the universe
which are unconscious cognitive processes like to make the universe into coherent things
so if you put in front of human beings random numbers
there are a lot of them will see a pattern and there is important
sometimes there are patterns and we do see them and has very useful so we got a pagar a pattern creator and generally puts patterns on things whether there's a pattern or not and when we can't and if if we having trouble putting patterns on things
we feel nervous and we just keep working until we can put a pattern on it just keep showing people most people just keep showing a random numbers long enough they will not be able to resist seeing a pattern
it's like people look at this wall long enough pretty soon they'll see a puppet show no harm know me and once they get into it is kind of like oh what a relief from this random surface now i can now i got a puppet show and a walk or you know some other story
we put stories on something whether the and sometimes there is a patterns for the basis of the story but would put it on even there's no basis this is our nerve this is our delusion we meditate on our delusion we let our delusion be we practice compassion towards our delusion
and then are delusion will take his mask off
we meet our delusions face to face or not trying to get this
the the theme or meeting to be different were trying to learn how to let it be who we let it be it'll take his mask off
and will may have the meeting that we came here to have
and because we can be kind
through our delusions we can even taught we can tolerate reality
really kind to our delusions but if when practice it we can tolerate meeting the dharma
that as long as
i believe there is a delusion
there is a window
or if there is a buddha
well it integrates crushed after thirty second it is true that for as lot whenever you believe anything there is a buddha the buddhist practicing with you no matter what you're thinking
but if you changed what you just said you're believing to something different though would it would be with you than to yes
i also to me as long
there's this idea of that person and personal effort and that person and that effort face
it not reach buddha as buddha is the totality kept ringing and that person is not the totality as long as he believes that than simply separation and this duology will continue here i i i disagree to to now we know we have a disagreement
okay ready so you said something i think like as long as as person's thinking
an x whatever you want to say that there's some kind of like alien nation from buddha
to number one buddha at the moment that were thinking however we're thinking
and no in the moment we feel alienated or whatever and the moment of harbor were thinking
buddha is practicing with us
no man there's no way you can think and buddha will not be practicing with you
you cannot get away from buddha practicing with you
the next thing is
the neck
he's not practicing
the a buddha i wouldn't say i'm not saying good is not i'm not saying but is not space i won't say what does not space can not gonna say that not gonna say that i'm saying buddha is your practice
whatever you're doing but if your practice and nannies practice and andreas practice ten
okay so we're all set
and then there's you can get into the details which are whatever way you're thinking
with the help of all beings you're thinking it
wholeheartedly if you try to think just on your own you're not gonna reach wholeheartedly thinking
unfortunately everybody's practically with you so you can actually think wholeheartedly and when you think wholeheartedly you think
not thinking
isn't your whole hearted in he is that already includes
exactly your whole year any kind of thinking you're doing already includes everyone but if you don't join that thinking and let everybody help you join that thinking than you might they think that you're thinking is this way and no other way and i were to be stuck in your thinking
oh i still think you're taking is
sagan and you think that you're thinking is the only right
but actually when you think wholeheartedly you realize you're thinking is not thinking
that's the way a buddha things they think not painting because they're practicing together with everybody and that's really the way we are too but we have to this is this is our this is our mask our thinking is our mask we have to fully inhabit our mask are thinking that's our job
our job is a whole heartedly thinking away worth thinking so that we can be free of the way we're thinking and realize that are thinking is not thinking that's the kind of thinking but it does the buddha doesn't like not the buddha doesn't do not painting
but it was thinking not thinking about it doesn't do not taking the wouldn't us thinking and good it has not thinking thinking and thinking not thinking the buddha is in this pivotal relationship with all beatings so there's no place to abide in personal effort
but if we don't take care of personal effort or going to
be ignoring the fact that the whole universe is helping us take care of personal effort
we really are wholehearted let's let's accept
all the help that we're getting to be that way
which is it would call full-size job
it's the whole universe working has a so after i often tell you my name my name's enki which means the whole works so this sinecure she gave me a name which means the whole works
has my name my name is the whole works
how can i got their name using your name can be thank you to but it's not my name and the whole works means the whole universe but also it means the whole universe works and the way it works as each one of us
by as hard for us to accept this big working
we're having trouble
the year when that's our assignment
as our assignment
all the horrors in the universe are making us
and all the courage and all that you're rowing standing up in the middle of all those horrors
that's awesome making us so we can we can be serene and the middle of all those horrors and show other people and they also can be serene in the middle of horrors and they can walk forward with courage and carefulness and then
intelligence and let go on for freaking out
originally i was just heard by this person we should know we have heroes in our culture
this culture where we have slavery and had slavery we also have heroes and one i just found out about his name's donald
hello well h o l l o w e l l mr holwell and he's a person who walked through the flames of racism in this country
to protect his people
from injustice and he just he didn't lose it he just stay present an upright and diligent and intelligent and he showed and even a brought that to the white people and they can see it but
his people hits black people watched him in that and they saw it was possible in a hopeless situation to be a great person
and the whole universe made him be that great person and he was willing to be that great person
and we aspire to be such a great person
the live in the middle of the flames of this world and to show people that weekend
sit there calmly courageously and we can ask questions and make statements
about what's going on
in order to promote justice
have a right with you i think was of ahead of you she he wait
if it's the same thing that you're saying
today how you can't really do that
you you with the aid of the whole universe can make personal effort and zaza
and then there's another zazen which is the way you in the whole universe are doing zazen
and the way everybody else's as in is the same sobs in new year zazen that also you cannot do by yourself but you you are with our support you're able to make a personal effort

as if you can't you can't do experience
but experience doesn't do you i mean what we are is our experience and southern
is not
so powerful
is so powerful you is some powerful
everything so powerful because everything includes everything

lying down is also
really powerful
every posture is really powerful because every posture includes
the whole universe and every posture is included in our universe this is a wider was upright seating
i would say condition
from it is and tradition
why do we tell their stories will because it's as and tradition to chosen answers but that doesn't mean we don't to other store is it just we keep the family stories together so that whole family together
sometimes it's hard to whole families together unless you have found me stores
and we need families we need a song
and sometimes in the song of people have found stories which are not found these stories and there if you've got a strong sanga you can have stories that aren't family stores
but in order to have a song that you need some family stories to keep the family together and you need the family together to be able to tolerate the not family stars
i'm not too long ago i said to my daughter that i have some stories to tell to my grandson
and you know i found to be good to tell him because pretty soon i won't be able to tell him anymore
and if you if he listens to him now he'll remember them and then he'll have some family stories
and then she sent me an article a few days later
and the article was about this britain by this guy who was
tell your story about dinner at his house
so they have dinner and they have some some families have this idea you know it might be good if the people in the family actually have dinner together and my mind a good kind of like me to help the family be a family like can be together occasionally like a dinner so they get this family together
and some people are like there to eat and some people are there to eat and talk to the other people in the family
but some of the people who found we do not want to talk about family stories they want to talk about stories that are on their devices on their ipads and iphones these aren't and by enlarge not family stories
but they're interested in them
and if you ask them
to come away from they're not family stories to have some family stories like how was school today and could i talk to you about you know something related to our family
they don't want to put down there are not family stories
the talk about boring family stories so he said pretty soon nobody was at the table
and then he says
how do you hold a family together and he said with good stories
interesting stories
they hold the family together generally speaking families like song as have a tendency to
it takes it's a big effort to keep a group of people together
but things can happen when have a song or that they're not happen when you don't and things happen when you have a family that did not happen when you don't there's some virtues to capping a family or a sonra how do you hold it together when people are interested in so many other stories
and do not want to spend their time listening to family stories you've gotta have good stories that is that can compete with the internet
about your family that's up like stuff a big challenge
it is and we need to meet that challenge so
we have these and stories which are actually pretty interesting and they made it into the twenty-first century now but their had
their risk can be lost all this good stories because they got such heavy competition
that's why we get together here and tell stories
the whole disk community together
the other stories will take us away
and then when we have the story then we can realize the story is not a story we need a sanga to realize these stories are not stories
but i cannot overcome my stories by myself i need a song
and ai-powered to have a sanga i have to have stories to overcome of stories everybody's walking around stories but not too many people have been liberated from their stories
like stories of injustice
they're stuck in them we need a sanga and we need a saga which has people in and who know how to like the operate with stories to show us how to be free of stories
so this is a story of horrible injustice how can you relate to it to show people a path of life in the face of such stories
we have examples but we also need a song and that's why they said when he was in the courtroom mr holloway was a civil rights lawyer he was talking to the white power structure and he was very good but he was also talking to the people in the balcony
sean how he could stand up to being disrespected and ignored by the power structure and how i just continued to be
courageous and smart and com and energetic he showed them that there was possible
does he knew that he needed sanga and need a song
a song that to work for justice and civil rights and the work goes on right
it goes on
we need stories about mr holloway and about mr bodhidharma and saw on to keep these songs together
and we've gotten so we don't
and sonia
go for it
your description

ergo the song is go young
same with but i would say from fat same same for family families to go beyond family and make more families
song to go beyond saga and make more tsongas song as not to be trapped in song and attached a song have people don't need a song to be attached to their situation we need song as to be free and we need to family to be free of family
otherwise we're trapped in our personal stories of family with no family to interact about were just trapped in our stories of tragedy and abuse
so both saga and family are vehicles for transcendence
ah and
as for say
when you when you have to say
yeah i guess i feel like it
seems like the roman britain further step in and to articulate also
it is i'm dropping just like dropping stories
yeah right he arrives at times were thinking of the of sectarianism parade and as and we need a song in or to tolerate dropping sectarianism like in the monastery some people honestly come to me and says they're afraid of letting go of and forms a logs and torn so much
they wanna hold onto them such as zen monasteries place for people to like engages and form so they can let go of them
but we need a quick
we we need a saga to let go of them my brilliant i go and rather than throw him out the window
we know how to throw things out the window but how do you take care of something i let go of it we need help to get that one
like you missing while i'm doing is formed as informed i love and i'm not totally not attached to it and then somebody comes up he says i you know i think maybe you are attached to it and then
yeah maybe the oh yeah you're right thank you so much and there's no no you're not attached
so we made a song it to approach them the vortex of the pivot healthy of our life together and we need a song and as help us deal with what happens when we do pivot
because we might like to run away from the life we get when we actually enter the profession of family not family
and most families machine biological families cannot actually handle the full pivotal city but they get didn't a family and we're ready to go a place that got a big enough sondra
the handle it to to make a container for it
otherwise we jump out of that intensity
with the container people say where you going but she wanted to be in the container
one and been cut it anymore
well when you can say that years kind of back in the container but you need a question to wake up to that you didn't you can't get away
so good and needs sanga
to support the exercise and buddha
that means
i keep them through
what would be no
our awakening
suffered you could sit for twenty years and waste your time there's nothing other
i said that some person
somebody's probably said
i mean i might have the
there is
must also
yeah voters zazen includes buddha zazen includes all suffering
how could i i mean
say again how could i sonia just look great
so you think your you think you look great
and maybe and maybe mean and and maybe nina thinks she she'll experience yeah
but i might think sonia you look like you think you look great
yes does that mean that
who decided we would have had a easy
that kind of thinking whatever he was that kind of thinking is the same practice you know to stop doing that kind of thing to realize buddha a buddha was you buddha would be to exactly that kind of thinking except more so
you know there's no way to get away from buddha and no way for butter to get away from you know way for border to get away from me no matter how evil i am no matter how arrogant i am boy can't get away from me and i checked get away from gouda but i could be
arrogant and say this is awesome
and people can say yeah it looks good
and good looking zaza might be helpful on a certain point to attraction people to try it
for me so there wasn't really from i think is a picture in new building the picture yeah would you bring in so i put a picture of that was a picture of somebody suing thousand i thought it was beautiful a beautiful picture of a beautiful human performance
as and then hundred and in the original magazine article on the wreaths said in deepest thought and i thought yes
that beautiful posture flipside deepest thought to me
i really don't know i really do not know
so here's the picture of somebody doing looking good
and this attracted me to them
short of us people up there
yeah i spent away sonia
pim it away
seven away sonia


i think actually i the etymology of sin was and i haven't been for i have not been able to verify this etymology but i heard that one etymology of sin is related to the root of thunder
and sin is to split or separate
so let's say we got some splitting or separating okay
and that causes suffering
let's say
buddha is fully accepting her suffering

not eliminating it but fully accepting
pardon my mindset
if you're not doing it that's suffering
and but completely accepts you
being that way
buddha completely access my suffering you suffering
the full acceptance of my suffering as buddha
which my end but if i include if i accept mind but not years as not quite there yet so it isn't just fully accepting mine is fully accepting mine and yours and everybody's
i'm going for that buddha
the border that x fully accepts all suffering and causes of suffering delusion
and this is a difficult thing
yes so as everything the way
it's i in the boot away
so the buddha fully accepts suffering what about not accepting suffering the buddha accepts not accepting suffering is not accepting suffering the boot away know the buddha except suffering but the buddha accepts not separate suffer not the buddha is
the same practice as the person who doesn't accept suffering
but not accepting the suffering is not the motorway
now complexity
last year
who said as that time used throughout my life he said he is
you are one day and here's point b have the cow like light mode here you are starting today we go on about line your hate her
the now said wenger
again smoking traces version years but then then you're and quite see i knew i'm neither practitioner it didn't work and you know what i think he says when you get to that point see then walked back in this line between a me how how did the whole thing is being on the
is it may be in clean see
but yeah except except you don't have to walk back
just recognizing points is already included
what's on his visa what if you don't recognize that your point deep and
i had a good so is there a fight
is there a boy see no t d c as you wake up in i think we've got a point d
seriously who worth
here we are pointy

the episode of instruments well if you're serious is there a point a
if you're serious is there a buddha
in the answer is
the buddha is nothing in and of herself or itself so is there a point as well there's no point eight in and of itself is buddha real understanding that yes it is that understanding of that somebody in and of itself know
is there such a thing as point b or then there's no such thing as point be all by itself in and of itself there's no there's no point see in and of itself there's no point d in and of itself
if you're gonna be serious
but there is an aspiration
to walk the path of compassion that is that aspiration however there's no aspiration like that in and of itself and therefore if you jump out of that aspiration into not that aspiration there's really no not that aspiration in and of self
the fact there was no aspiration in and of itself so that not aspiration is completely included in this aspiration this aspiration is the aspiration for compassion and wisdom wisdom is that there's no aspiration and of itself so it includes all aspirations
there's no aspirations it excludes
so this is the buddha and it was not the in and of herself
including everything
and along the path
say i don't include that but that again is the way you are at that moment which is included there's no way to get away
from buddha and no way for buddha to get away from you
and even if you think it say well i by succeeded in thinking i got away from buddhists i did succeed i am away from where that's the way your with buddha and as and that's the buddha and the borders with you that way no matter what you are you cannot ever make good and disgusted with you
you can be disgusted with buddha that's fine

can i tell what

oh the dogs terraria so
a monk as gl joe does god have buddha-nature giorgio say
no or doesn't have any
well known and on another occasion
a monk as georgia does a dog and buddha nature and he said yes because i work for you
okay there you go
you're still in the family
okay well some time ago i was thinking this talk hasn't been very long
and then and now i feel like i think it's long enough
ha ha so anyway thank you for coming to the meeting
me or intended
equally extend to every being and plays where the to marry
the buddha the way and beings are numberless i know she saved them delusions are inexhaustible
right to end them
karma gates are boundless
hi joanne to enter them
his way is unsurpassable ah to become it