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The work of buddhas — buddha activity — is realizing intimacy and liberation in conversation together with all beings. In this series of meetings we will contemplate what it is to fully engage with such an activity. Everyone is welcome to come, study, and realize this work together with all beings.

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some of you weren't here last week right
would you tell me your name again
christine and yours
the lady behind you
and who else wasn't here last week
okay so on
this couple things that we that came up towards the end of the last session that i
the kind of echoing and also yeah so i might be good to bring them up again
one of them what was i mentioned
i think i said everything i say is questionable
also everything i do
is questionable
and everything i think is questionable
including would i just said

in other words you're welcome the question me about whatever i say or do
yeah the right now and a green gulch we have a session and pour the people in this group or at a discussion topic of the session as
buddha activity
buddha activity is questionable

and buddha activity welcomes being questioned
and anybody or any anybody who doesn't welcome been questioned is questionable
anybody who does welcome being questioned his all the more questionable
he's makes it easy to question them because they encourage us to question them

as i may have mentioned to you
good i mentioned to you that i used to walk around with a little notebook with questions for suzuki roshi
i know i held on it or not small notebook i had questions so if i ever ran into him i would i would have questions if i couldn't remember if they weren't at the top of my
mind or the forefront of my mind i could open my notebook

and when i asked him questions guess what
guess just now yeah
to get a nice guest
another one
ask people questions
no no i'm talking about when i asked suzuki roshi questions
i said guess what and justin said he gave me answers were just he not necessarily jeff
what wasn't in the notebook
okay yes
but what i wanted to emphasize yes on more
sometimes but the main thing i wanted to mention was that he was questionable
he never said you know on the later man he could have but he didn't he never he never felt like well you know i'm too busy to answer your question i would often ask him i think i don't remember if i said may i ask your question but i don't ever remember him saying no
and even if i didn't say may i when i asked him questions they all seem like that's what he was therefore to be questioned
and i did not ask him all the questions in my notebook because i just thought that was to bit much
since he was so generous with his presence with me i would ask some but not all of em
he was questionable
yeah he didn't he didn't seem to get tired of being questioned

at last week your tracy says something like this and please
what i say of course we're not only be questionable but can be edited
she said something like you you talk you talk and talk and talk and and you didn't say i don't think you say that i listen and i listened and but you said but i don't understand what you're saying something like that or if you said for the most part she doesn't understand what i'm saying

why she also mentioned something about maybe some to the something about faith might be relevant here and i thought later it seemed like the faith one part of the faith that's going on
it your relationship with me
is you
have the faith of asking me questions and listening to me you kind of seem like you trust listening to me not don't think you are law you can speak for yourself but i'm not saying you trusted i'll always say something helpful
and certainly not always say something you understand you don't trust that road
but you trust
asking me questions can trust us be questions yeah you trust asking me questions and your trust listening to me not necessarily what i say
so i i would encourage you to find faith and listening to everybody
with you know some kick some carefulness questioning everybody

now back to
tripp tracy who asked lots of questions and who we really appreciate are asking questions don't we
did you hear that little louder
so you ask questions in sometimes do when you ask them you your effect is something like why don't know if i should be asking this question of but anyway i think people or anyway me me appreciate you
or even if not even if i'm not here there's appreciation of you
asking questions
and then i said something to her after she said for the most part i don't understand you
anybody remember what i said
it's kind of hard to remember what i said because of what i said is pretty far out
as part of the reason i'm saying and again is cause you know you're not telling me what i said
i'll make it easy on you maybe i can actually to but anyway what i said was
i might have said this buddha dharma
buddha dharma that the teachings of the buddha
which by the way are the highest truth
highest truth truth the teachers are the border of the ultimate truth
the last word and truth put his teaching the teachings of the buddha are not understood by a person is that member that
purse of of the buddha or not understood by a person for example they're not understood by me
and i'm not going to point any fingers these in this way
but without pointing any fingers i just say that teton the buddha dharma is not understood by a person
oh no not understood by deluded consciousness which and to lose consciousness often harbors i wished to
understand buddha dharma which is not a bad wish is just said that ain't happening
that diluted common consciousness cannot comprehend the book put it arm however bodhidharma can illuminate and liberate
human consciousness
but human consciousness can't get it
but it can get human consciousness and not blow it out of the water
not kill it not
and not diminish it not inflate it illuminated and the liberated i didn't say that last part last week
now the thing i want to say which also said last week
the buddha dharma is understood not by a person like as as for example this person get that the rep says that
i'm copying ancestors
the buddha dharma is not understood by this person the buddha dharma it is understood by
our relationship
our relationship realizes buddha dharma which means in both senses the were realize our relationship understands the most profound truth and our relationship makes it
and there's no other way to make it real outside of our relationship we can't make it real quick it can't be made real just with me and leaving you out and you can't do it without me either
but we don't think get into that because that's not possible to have anything like that going on what we do have is what is possible and that is we have relationships
and our relationship
realizing buddha dharma and it's an open ended process of realization we're not done our relationship is not over
ongoing realization of the buddha dharma that's our relationship
now there's some instruction on how to have a relationship that's part of what
our relationship is realized the buddha dharma and part of realizing where dominates our relationship is calling for buddha dharma and buddha dharma is responding to our relationship and feeding and instructions about how to negotiate of relationship for example
buddha dharma is sending a message to our relationship and the messages
everything's questionable
everything is questionable his instructions for how to have a relationship
now some people actually have no problem thinking that everything everybody else says is questionable
but they leave themselves out
so it's okay to think that what those people are saying is questionable but remember year what you're thinking at that moment is questionable to
like someone could come up to you and say may i ask you a question you say what
oh never mind oh what do you want to to ask me do you think that what they think it's questionable yeah i do
some more questions
okay for the sake of realization of buddha dharma keep asking me questions so
the the teacher says decoration for the sake of but he wasn't doing me a favor he was doing he was for the sake of buddha dharma he was listening to me and responded to me and he didn't answer my question so he might have
so that's something from last week about
it oh and again it's it's not it's not necessarily the case if i'm talking and you don't understand what i'm saying that's not exactly the same as say this is not not exactly the same as saying that i'm talking the buddha dharma
that what i'm saying is the buddha dharma it's not quite like saying that however everything i'm saying is a door to buddha dharma
if i say it's thursday even to believe that
you don't have to disagree with it but what i just said it's questionable if i say it's tuesday it's questionable if you have a wholehearted relationship with me than what i say will be
doors to buddha dharma
and also what keeps us will be a to buddha dharma and gloria says will be adored the buddha dharma it's not so much everything they say is buddha dharma but having a relationship with them
will make everything they say a portal into the highest truth through the relationship
ah really
well maybe it's a good time to express the question
he said something last last
we didn't expect
well i actually i knew everybody didn't understand and nobody wanted to show off
now i don't think so you did he didn't look like that in effect you really never heard me say anything before
you're asking me if i'm discouraged
when you know i'm i'm like honey
well it is so pithy that would make be difficult to remember
anyway i i i i do not expect people to remember what i say
i mean i almost never expect that they will remember what i say and they frequently
can you don't so i get to say it again therefore i'm saying the same thing over and over anyway i do not get discouraged by that
what are high but i do get encouraged by people continuing to listen i get encouraged by people listening i don't get an discouraged by them not listening
like my granddaughter almost never does listen to me but if he ever did i would find out quite encouraging
but i don't get discouraged that should almost a lot of most doesn't listen to me
because i'm not giving my life to her to get anything back from her life
and she doesn't tonight she's not into that with me i think she might be into that with some of her friends because if he's not compassionate to them now walk out on her but i would
and she knows it anyway i'm not discouraged by
people not remembering what i said last week
i'm really not
if you had remembered i will adapt as cool
i actually decent their schools and hundred people tell me what i said and sometimes he'd tell me something i don't remember i said that sounds really good
thank you i don't know
sometimes people
they do
they quote me and say it was the dalai lama
and they sometimes quote the dalai lama and say it was me i don't mind these mistakes those particular ones
hi i'm not discouraged
because as i've told you before and when you don't remember
when i teach when i'm going to give some words and you listen to them
quick in the you consciously listened to the words that transforms your unconscious processes and transforms your body
say buddha dharma is not understood by a person and you listen to that even if you say pool but not to mention if you say who
or not to mention if you say that's something i would really like to remember or that's that's really astounding
if that goes on in your consciousness your unconscious cognitive processes are changed and your brain has changed and other parts of your nervous system are changed by that conscious reception of that teaching however that doesn't mean you got changed enough sort of i asked you later what i
i said you can it comes up but it's it you have been changed
however if i say it enough times
each time you will change and eventually you'll just be one big fat clear mind
that can say buddha dharma is not understood by a person buddha dharma is understood in a relationship of a buddha in conversation with the buddha
if i said it over and over and not times and you listen to it you will be able to say that and maybe even say that the right time
so i don't get discouraged
this is like again one of the characteristics i'm the same on that way one of the characteristics of a bodhisattva teacher is patients with slow students
i would say that's also a good characteristic of a spanish teacher
me gusta la ledger
but if you if i ask you how do you say i like melt next week he can say i'll just say it again over and over
because that's my job and to be impatient as yeah i'm not teaching you in patients i'm teaching spanish
okay i don't get discouraged
and i just wanted to say one more thing rubbery view i see i see our breads hand and haley's hand and
maggie's hand and lane his hand but i wanted to mention something that jeff said which was
when i was talking about this buddha activity which is
the activity of our relationship
in which the dharma is understood and transmitted
k and i said that in in the relationship where
we understand the truth
in that relationship we are supported by all beings and we support all beings we might have a particular relationship like like was now specialising my relationship with trace your could be my relationship with gloria that's a particular relationship but in my relationship with gloria
i am supported by all beings
to have this relationship
and in having a relationship with gloria
i'm supporting all beings and of course so is she were both supported by all beings to have our relationship
however and it just said well i can see how were interrelated with everything but i don't see how it's support
yeah i would say that through our relationship you will understand that you will come to understand that the dharma that everybody supporting you all the time and you're supporting everybody all the time
and of course you also interrelated all the time
i see how to sick and was i can
because her
so diverse
want to know in the
did you won't you want to ask if it's relevant before you ask it to afterwards did you want to ask if it's relevant
even before you find out where there was relevant or not

so so your question is is is your question is is this a good question
i know
have you ask it
okay go ahead
when someone else the question

the well well-thought-out question
are you implying the vessel triggers a an evolution
an evolutionary movement in once spiritual including physical physical evolution mental ray
yes i am i am saying that yes and that's a good question
the pardon sir
that was a good question and the answer is that when you ask a question it transforms you
yeah every question you ask the wind like for example the the one to two he just asked transforms you everything you consciously do in speech thought and action transforms your unconscious cognitive process and transform your body
because you're unconscious cognitive process is very closely related to your body now people emphasize the brain but it's more than just the brain to whole body gets transformed but everything you think and say and every gesture you make transformed you
which in some cases is very sad because if you do something a skillful at transforms you in such a way as to set the stage to make on skillfulness
likely to arise again or skillfulness
has the other effect of making skillful us likely and sang certain teachings over and over and practicing spanish over and over as good effect of making you are able to remember spanish and the teaching
yes maggie maggie

if i
that well generally yes
however if you ask a question about buddha dharma
if to trying to get something for your question like present will trying to get fame
as the most brilliant person in the room by that great question if you're trying to get something although as a question about something that
will be very beneficial to understand if you trying to get something than that question is somewhat
i afflicted
are polluted by trying to get something whereas if you ask a question which you probably did as a gift without trying to get anything then
then that promotes realization of buddha dharma
it's not just a question which transforms the questioner
and therefore transforms the whole world
but the relationship
between the questioner and the questioned and how they're actually
working together that is what is going to be realized in the process of this question and response and that relationship will realize
the dharma which has been asked about
in order for the conversation to occur
now i should say we have to be we are called in order to have the conversation in which
buddha activity is alive
buddha activity is a conversation in which it's the truth is understood and understanding the truth in buddha
activity understanding the truth in buddha conversation liberates beings from
karma contract from self consciousness and realize his peace and freedom
but a part of that relationship exercise is to respond to the call of the whole universe which is acting asking you to be who you are
and if you are somebody who's trying to get something
which is
undermining the the conversation so in a conversation if i'm trying to get something that in a sense i undermines it it it obscures the realization of the conversation it scares the relationship
if i'm trying to get something from their relationship however if i am i'm being asked to be just that at that moment completely and in being that completely even though that's off track
now the the actual the actuality of the conversation of the relationship is coming into focus

so there's no even if i have a kind of greedy questioning
to the extent that i can be a greedy questioner
which means i'm open to my question being questioned about greediness
i can be that person and that person can be buddha in conversation with those who are questioning me and the relationship
realizes buddha activity
say again said
well i'm just saying that the kind of relationship
you know
the kind of relationship that understands the buddha dharma which is a relationship between a buddha and a buddha the to boot neither the buddhas are trying to get anything
they've got enough were being themselves it's a fourth time job to be who you are
and to try to get anything is a distraction
yeah so so you weren't doing your job by trying to you got you got distracted from your job by trying to get something
you know
some people ask questions because they wanna give a gift
that's that's that's the way they ask questions they do not they're not trying to get anything they're just question after question they're giving as gifts to make the person there a relationship with
come alive with them
you know we also have this term good friendship you've heard about it it's it it's another in another way to say this is that the dharma is not understood by a person by this person or that person the dam has understood by good friendship and good friendship maybe it makes sense to you in a good friend
chip at the moment of good friendship you're not trying to get anything
you're you're trying to give something like you're trying to give your interest and your compassion you're trying to give your questions
i cut i kind of open to questions for you can hardly wait to give them to you but not because i'm gonna be like your favorite friend i'm going to get favorite friendship by asking you excellent questions
it's because i wanna give you excellent questions
you ask us questions do you wanna give them to me
we're just still take one step back do you want to give me excellent questions do you want to give them to me to help of all beings yeah so just against to drop off the other part
just drop after i want to get something
you can drop it i mean you have my permission and my support if you do drop it is because i'm supporting
and everybody else does
you behavior the if you're the choice
i can ask a question and liberate beings but i don't get an answer i can ask a question and get an answer but don't liberate things which would you choose now and impact the kind of questions that liberate beatings are questions will teach people to give up trying to get something out of law
life because we're trapped in a get something out a life prison
that's what we're trapped and boot it activity is liberating us from the mind that trying to get something from our relationships
i wouldn't that be great see their witness witnessing there's a lot of hands now
next i don't know if still there
by liberation
what i mean yeah
from what
yeah in other words liberated from what i think's right
and what i think's wrong
without getting rid of what i think is right or getting rid of what i think it's wrong
most people are in a right and wrong prison
and because what
can be trapped
wisdom is with liberates wisdom as with liberates boot activity is wisdom it liberates us from what we think is true and false
and we were free of what we think's going on and what we think's not going on when we're free of it we still think
what's going on is like this i think it's i think we're having a nice class tonight
but i wouldn't do want to be in a trap the nice class trap
not a trap nodejs not not attached to yeah not attached also not not in the pit of it
not in the dark pit of i know what's right this is it
i'm in a dark pitch holding onto what i think is right and then everybody says could we have like some peace here please
and some harmony while i'm sorry we can't hear if an injury because i'm bowler and onto this thing and as pet
we want peace and harmony
that's we can work for it when we're not stuck in our views but we do have views and conversation the relationship years of from part views so we can see the truth
so that this is right opens the door to dorm this is wrong opens the door to dharma
and then we can do what even why we still think this is right we also by the way see the dharma to and weeks the old now i see what's appropriate to do even though i still think this is right and not attached to it so now i can do what help will bring peace or not can act in a way this yeah so
it is
that real our relationship are actual relationship is freeing us from what we think is right and what we think is wrong
so we work on the relationship we're working on relationship right that's we're working on her right isn't that what we're doing here working on our relationship and this work will free us and free me us from what we think
which is were trapped in what we think

hello ryan lewis
and he he had these what bills yeah
and if you so
pedro paper
so here so
it appears he
or will they ever had why results to say
how do you resolve it


buddha activity
but activity or resolve this
whatever it was
it will resolve this buddha activity will will resolve this whatever this is
so for his pardon
hi the the buddha activity the resolution by the way is open ended so that the process of reveled of of resolution will not like end in three weeks and i've gotten that's that is an open ended pay
process of resolving all obstruction and one of the things that helps of resolving obstruction is to be willing to be in an open ended process
to be in a process where year you know you're giving it three weeks
that's not generous enough that's not a generous enough relationship
you can have deadlines in your mind
without thinking that at the time of the deadline you can be done with deadlines
i said buddha activity that's the name of the class another name for that would be
the generous towards this situation be generous towards what situation whatever she said did you hear what she said so being generous towards that will
the path of resolution of that
and also being generous with that
is complemented by
realizing that your generosity is questionable
other words don't have a fixed idea of that your generosity is what real what get real generosity is and it's not questionable this is unquestionable generosity
that's not the kind of generosity i'm recommending i'm questioning i'm recommending a generosity which is questionable
now we're now we're rolling on the path of resolution and we don't have to wait until our bills are paid to start practicing diamond with but we just started your in the dharma now you're not behind the plow
you'll never get rich by digging a ditch your in the dharma now
you're in the darman now
that's the way to practice with the situation now is your in it now practice it now and
all things will be resolved living beings will be liberated we will peace will be realized by this process
and maybe bills get paid i don't know
but as far as i know there's always going to be bills there's always going to be death and taxes
but there can be motor activity or right along with whatever it is and liberate being so that whatever it is there can be peace and harmony that's the proposal and understanding that isn't something that
i understand by myself it's understood in my relationship with you my relationship with you is the understanding of it just like five relationship with you is my understanding of it and your relationship with me if your understanding

there is no
there is what

yeah yeah
rare occasions
you know what i'm excited
and even even if you don't do those practices is changing quickly
however in the example you gave you basically gave an example of what i invited tracy to do
stop trying to get something you let it be
and that so you were trying to get yourself out of like trying to get something
he started to practice generosity so now you're back and then from that that stepping-stone you could not get home and asked the question again as a gift
the same question but i'm not trying to get an answer
when you are
he started time
i can't get it have to get into a relationship that twenty good as you sit out a relationship and i'm wondering if our relationship includes the relationship one one
hands with oneself with better and on yes so that the conversation that i have with me in slaughter of can be added long as i continue to question so yes and the conversation heavier
with yourself is part of taking up your position in the conversation
in in their conversation myself conversation
in the camp was not so much a conversation with buddha dharma it's a conversation with other beings in which you will understand buddha dharma
it was like here's one example out that's taking them
i you know i can think okay now i'm raising my hand
like i'm doing this
rather than my hands going up
as in this hand is supporting all beings and is supported by this hand raising the hand is supported by all beings the hands supports all beings and the the raising up of it is supporting and supported by all beings
but i can also say i'm raising a hand
forget about all beings i'm doing this all by myself and i don't need anybody's help


even the my notice
so you've heard this song
i can do what i want i'm in complete control that's what i tell myself i got a mind my own i'll be all right and loan don't need any body else gave myself a good talking to know more be a fool for you but then i see you and i remember
for how you make me want to surrender to buddha dharma
you're taken myself away buddha activity you're making me want to the stage and bought our way
and so
by yourself
gay as a norm quite a common thought for humans to have read i can do this by myself mommy can only help know
i can do it by myself
and ike and now i see that or there it is that's that's delusion i think i can do something by myself without all your help
that's my thought
and i can say okay i can let that be and i can give up trying to get something from the and really support that and feel supported by that in the whole world is i can do this by myself and whole world makes me do that and supports me in and thing i can do this by myself supports the whole
the world
and i need a real i need relationships to act out him
and i need to be there being this greedy person that i am
dinner to meet the other person i need to be the person i am and i can be i'm trying to get something by this question i'm trying i think i can do things by myself that's who i am and that's what i'm giving right now is this person
and we're training
to give ourselves
to our relationship and we were completely what we are that's exactly the way buddha would be us

i don't know which when he was first tyler and katie
you said something free his class that aren't
yeah i remember another question there was before that
asked fall
some activity was also lost their and i think our employees and it was not at all
was trying to understand
well i guess i would say
like grass
is engaging and boater activity the earth is engaged in buddha activity you are engaged in but activity
it's not exactly that your buddha activity or that the grass is buddha activity little bit different but the grass is engaged in put an activity and if i have a bot like i can do things without anybody's help if if that's where i'm at
i'm engaged in bude activity saying basically i'm not engaged in booty activity and i don't wanna be
i'm a christian and i don't to put activity
what happened to dan and i got sick
did he leave anything
he brought his in love with it okay
so we are engaged in productivity if not executive with hardwood activity
and if we're engaged in doing something and thinking we can do it by ourselves and and yeah and not feeling that that thoughts questionable then we kind of like feel or which we kind of like her hindered and realizing that were engaged and
good activity but if i think i can do something by myself and i remembered that that's questionable
and i'm really like open to that being deeply questioned
now i'm starting to opened to the bullet that body activity that i'm engaged in which is in the questioning but even before the questioning
i was engaged in bot activity but because i forgot to question what i was doing
i kind of with the off-center being me so in a way in order to be fully yourself you sorta have to remember that your questionable
to think you can be yourself fully without remembering that your questionable i think you're kind of like not really take your seat yeah yet even though you are and your seat still even though you have a great responsibility
to be yourself somehow you can say it's too much for me but again you can also realize okay i
that's questionable then i said as too much for me i mean that's not true that's just what i said
now again i'm i'm opening to the good activity which was already there right well i said i can't stand it is too much for me i don't want to think about how i'm supporting all bags
but all being supported me to say that
and been questioning what i my rejection of the teaching hope is me to accept the teaching
and and accepting the teaching and being open to being questioned about accepting it opens me again
so yeah i exact thing saying everything is
put activity rather everything is engaged in it

well i think trying to get something is not really good activity
but the way everything support somebody to try to get something in the way somebody was trying to get something like the way a selfish person is trying to get something support can supports all of us and we support that person to be that way they couldn't be that way if we didn't support them however
they probably don't get it
better understand because they're closing the door of that teaching by trying to get something
i'm right back to you katie
he are
that i can are

the hour
did you say that somebody said we can't use our egos ethically by ourself
we can try but
you know
i want to be at i want to live ethically and in order to live ethically i need to be open to being called into question
otherwise i'm just trapped in my own little view of what ethics is
which doesn't do justice to justice
so i want i want to live and i want to live for the realization of justice i do but i know i need help
and not just i and i don't need help just by everybody agrees with me i need people to question may so jeff and linda so a wonderful tyler's chris
victor was satisfied greater answer so is one thing to say that gauged react to realize it or ask questions so much for selfish reasons what the answer who
this question whatever it is to on what about the
well we certainly yeah he was killing somebody violence toward somebody that sort of the a still say they're engaging with activity
i would say
yeah i would say i would say i would say they're engaged in buddha activity in the sense that we all support them to do that act we support them to be ignorant of boot activity so people who are ignorant of buddha activity are are still engaging in buddha activity
he is the sense that everybody supports them to be ignorant and be an and their ignorance supports everybody else
and as manifesting in the form of disharmony
and and war or cruelty that's the way the universe is manifesting and it's manifest in that way because of a lack of understanding a good activity which is going on
so someone who is violence
because person what we think though because that person was beaten themselves a child
well not only with a those saving you'd extended that far and say that still it was our ignorance supports are are our activity supports the ignorance or the parents are you
yes i'm responsible for the people who are cruel to that person
for his for him and for his cruel acts this this teaching what makes no limit on my responsibility
what is he not have a little responsibilities were all should be responsible for it goes on for work you do we do what we should be responsible for it
so i had trouble with still think about it more about whether they can actions that were talking about the violence cruelty war or themselves what to say that yellow spots well that's that's the same as say that i'm not saying that the cruelty is buddha activity
i'm saying the cruelty is engaged in bude activity
the way the cruelty comes to manifest is that it supported by all beings all beings are responsible for this cruelty
and as cruelty supports all beings to be more whole hearted and understanding their responsibility
but the crew this the cruelty is the cruelty or rub rub is not put activity the way reb really is is bot activity and the way cruelty really is as good activity and if we understand that there will be freedom from cruelty that's the proposal there will be jus
but even justice
k even justice is not just as all by itself
it's something that the whole universe makes and this supports the whole universe so it to is not this fixed thing it's it's it's realized in conversation
so i can say that's justice and that's injustice i mean i can say it but that statement is an upward activity but buddha activity is going on at right there and if i say that's justice i may distract myself from opening to boot activity
which brings justice
i'm in in savoury for each class discussion starts using the word stillness and silence each time
angelica sentence is why what would this be one it like
it's really or is live in silence and stillness
and if is
also live in
noise and around

it is this isn't just a theoretical question
well even even and that's another thing that that was part of what i was gonna say to jeff's question or statement last time but not quite he can get this but not this
what i was gonna say is that
the didn't the buddhist teaching often is theoretical
and it but it's a theory which is telling us how to practice and by following the theory of how to practice you understand you realize the theory
we need you to the practice to test the theory but the theory also tells us how to how to test the theory and verify the theory so it is theoretical but it's not theoretical abouts any old thing is theoretical about how to practice
i'm my question
i have a short sentence i've said my a million tops and sides first hit a planet in seventy eight
it appears to me that on your sentence to transform
i buy me and my arm
wouldn't that be poor
can be
and silence
is it a good one i find it would be very good however however is questionable
it should be questionable
well i asked him
exactly and that that's that would follow from it being questionable and i'd an idea that i wouldn't i say when you said is it alive there too
he said is it alive in noise and and hysteria hysterically running around like a chicken with her with her his head cut off i guess hurt her to off is alive there to yes however
i often say this thing about in stillness
buddha activity is alive because i say to people who are have been just given stillness that's where they are however if i told you if i'm out in the street
i could go up to the people in the street who are and i could say buddha activity is alive here however if i do that they may
freak out if they may not be able to listen to me it's not impossible
and many sad stories are about in those situations where somebody comes up and says excuse me but activities alive here and the person season cause it's it's everywhere however
i'm talking to you about at a time when you're accepting the gift of stillness and now that you've accepted it and i'm telling you it's alive right here
but ideally if we were having an argument on the street i would like to be able to say the same thing and you go
because it is it is it's everywhere there's no place it doesn't reach hurt so i
madison said the same morning
which one
in still i do recommend it
yeah and i i also sometimes say i pray that the assembly will remember that
and i and i do i remember it because i pray that you remember i remember it and when i remember it i am i go yeah you thank you remember thank your memory
when i came out of operation in my hip two years ago and i was on all those poisons swirling through time and space
i prayed for i prayed for silence and stillness
for this
this intoxicated delirium i was in yes
where to go to mention that medium and wire your gosh yeah couple of the earlier how it's something special going to have a question given that
yeah five on my experience there are some people are questioning causes them pain and berkeley for example lot of all very tightly air in the world their story that written about their identity and if you offer a question on
you're busy with causes to soccer
so what do you do a lot of good questions to help but you know
they won't receive it well as are so fixated on humans are the world and among themselves well it seems like the example you're giving you are actually realizing that what you want to do is questionable
so so you're you're you're having kind of ethical you're acting ethically
so you want to offer people some good questions but but you're you're you're realize that your will your your good intention your loving intention to ask some good questions is questionable you're just you're doing it right now and that will make your question any more in line with essex
because your question or year you're questioning
and then you might this intimate you might say the people you know
would you like me to ask you a question
you know and you know that when you ask that that also questionable and then they and the neha save something and you know that's questionable and then you say well you know
he go you got on the path and it's all it's coming from generosity and and then questioning his is protecting your generosity from being unquestioning who are blind
just you know i'm giving you i'm giving this to you
you know take it
and no arguments this is a gift know it it is a gift but i wonder what kind of a gift it is i wonder about this gift i'm giving
this is really good to do in berkeley
is to give gifts and questioned the giver
when you're the giver and when somebody else's a giver question them and question you know just question crushing question but again but not to try to get something from the question i like not to try to get you know some civic award
for the great peacemaker of berkeley even though this is the path to peace

thank you so much for
this relationship
thank you your won't