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The work of buddhas — buddha activity — is realizing intimacy and liberation in conversation together with all beings. In this series of meetings we will contemplate what it is to fully engage with such an activity. Everyone is welcome to come, study, and realize this work together with all beings.

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we've been using the word
your activity

another word that kind of the salem is
the light of wisdom or just wisdom ah
unsurpassed wisdom
perfect wisdom
so wisdom is an activity
i'm proposing wisdom as an activity is punches like
yeah so it's like an understanding that's an activity and and yet and some part of the activity of wisdom or
awakened activity or boat activity is to free
living beings
from delusion so they may live in peace and harmony
before we are free of before we are free of are deluded consciousness and our consciousness is normally deluded
our work to realize peace and freedom
harmony justice this kind of work is fraught
by the biases and
of our conscious mind which are supported by an unconscious mind and body which also have their rigidities to

now this this
this booty activity were already living in it
what i'm proposing to you were already that were already living in it
we have this expression
i take refuge in border or i'd go for refuge in buddha
i go for refuge and boating activity
and the word refuges really nice and english word has etymology of reefer gay which means to fly back
it also has it has the meaning of returning but also have like a sanctuary or is a shelter
and buddha activity is a sanctuary
it is a shelter it's shelters us from
war and strife and injustice and
hmm shelter so i read like a bird refuge is kind of like a room
a safe place for birds
it's also plays birth can go back to
like if they're scared of getting hunted they can go back to the bird refuge but
except the thing about the buddha activities we never really leave it we just
our thinking makes it so makes it makes it that we've left but really we haven't left we just think we've left
because there's a way we think and so we yeah

the the buddha activity is not clinging to
all the things going on in our consciousness
our unconscious or a body but starting with the consciousness it doesn't cling to the discrimination is going on
and because we are almost constantly or we tend to be very frequently involved in discrimination and not really involved in it but kind of focused on it
we get kind of tight or could make use the image are discrimination or mind becomes like hard ice frozen in discriminating and discriminations
and that makes it kind of hinders or you know
forestalls of realization of where we already are
but this this hard
strong habit of discrimination
under the auspices of warm careful compassionate
the the hardness of it can melt away
and they're still discriminations but there is clean to them
and so ah as sick or she says so i think he said this non
he's not not discriminating
you could put in brackets not discriminating wisdom is not not discriminating
it's studying everything
so your mind discriminates in like between are not good and evil good and bad
delusion and enlightenment
republican and democrat
male and female existence and non-existence
and ordinary mind is like constantly doing that kind of thing
once people hear but not discriminating wisdom they sometimes think well what we should do as get rid of the discriminations and create a mind that doesn't have any thoughts so then there wouldn't be any attachment
two thoughts
are not discriminated wisdom would be no discriminations
but that's not what's meant
but some people have bought so and then some other people have criticized them and so on

if we can let go of the discriminations not not get rid of them but let go of them let them be soft and flowing
they can do their job
alienating us from the wisdom and which were actually the buddha wisdom and which we actually live


by the way i just want to say again i think i said last time but
cruelty is not buddhist wisdom

but the however put his wisdom engages cruelty and
liberates it so that there can be peace
kindness is also not buddha activity put his activity of course is kind but it's not kindness
but it's not kindness it's the cottage it's kind in the sense that it does the greatest kindness which liberates beings from attaching the kindness
and of course attaching to cruelty
but kindness which is a wonderful thing
gets all squished and distorted and defiled claim to it
it gets it gets strangled or and cleaning to it just like a baby you know that we love so much if we claim to it we can strangle it
and if we if we don't cling to it and it's survives our care if our care isn't too oppressive can grow up to be a teenager and then you know there's no way

all things are calling for compassion and compassion does not
clean however the process of compassion has a
you know as a new kind of want to a danger of slipping into attaching to what you're caring for a danger that way also there's a danger of getting depressed
slipping off compassion into depression sometimes happens that's not compassionate that's falling into a pit while you're trying to practice compassion
okay so we have our consciousness which has a strong tendency for it also has tipped as tendency to try to understand wisdom with discriminations
so part of the way we come to understand wisdom is by having conversations
about the teachings about wisdom but in the conversations the wisdom will not be arrived at by the discriminations that we use in the conversation
when we when we met when we have a conversation we are making discriminations between different words
but and if we're warm and careful and compassionate in many ways of compassion with the discriminations that are involved with the words the ice
melts away and will you we can use the words and the discriminations in such a way
that they melt away and let us realize the wisdom and which were already living
so for example when suzie qureshi said non-discrimination is studying of it thing that would mean you'd studied republicans with as much carefulness and warmth as you just study study democrats
that you could
you could wake up studying republicans and you can wake up studying democrats you could wake up i don't know what
one party more than your appreciate the other one don't you can be kind to those different levels of appreciation and their to the the hardness around that discrimination
by treating both of them by studying both of them
you don't don't just study this study everything that's what non-discrimination would do
the light doesn't shine like over there but not over here it goes
it's unhindered because of not because of the mine not being stuck
on discriminations
another thing besides the discriminations won't reach this place where we already are
striving also won't reach the place where we already are
however were you already are you can strive doesn't take you away from where you are but it seems like it does so striving again can alien nature from where you already are
but you still where you are just to your alienated
you're seeking something other than just this is
so i think that's maybe enough to start with maybe yeah possibly

am i speaking loudly enough
discrimination people have opinions about it was also have ah
people draw the line up happy
oh i ah
was passionate
like a sample essays he ah
go and lot of her over open roads are people there is a san francisco about
yeah is a real strong opinions about letter so all the exercise or not i as strongly opposed to
as i didn't think it was
he's really passionate say oh no this really enabler
it's not really helpful
trying to balance get angry all that that's a good idea i'm trying to pass
how highlights are sound great why passions ah
discriminate my case and was beyond
he goes to earth
the air
yeah that's an example here so buddha's wisdom
could be working with these issues at you're just mentioning but i would do so without being stuck on your view or anybody else's view or your view that the your views and years me up your view plus you might have been a cold
lateral view which is that you think your view is pretty good
so you have to view and what is this
this is my view and it just happens to be right
what can i say so anyway
buddha's boot activity works with
those views in such a way as to liberate your consciousness and enable you to use your views in a way that would help other people's be free of their consciousness you still mine at the same view
but now you can use it in a liberating way for example and he may say
you may you may rather have your view when than liberate people from their minds
we can we can work with that too but i'm just saying
that you i could have a view and i could work with it in such a way that there's liberation from my view
and then i can use my view in a way that liberates other people from their views and their views might actually be the opposite of mine which i saw it and if people have different views from mine now in different but there's a wrong views
of course i want to liberate people from their wrong viewers
let me relieve you of your wrong views hand them over
if i become free of my right views
i can free other people of the wrong views
and the right views
so then we are so then we got these people got the wrong use these people have the right peers and everybody's free and when three people who have different views come together they can come together peacefully
and and treat each other justly
but an order to treat each other justly we need to be compassionate to r discriminations about self and other
view of self and other
as an a our conversation piece for a liberating conversation
so you don't have to change your opinion in order to benefit everybody in san francisco
but to really help people and not to mention the people he to drug addicts can help them to by becoming free of your idea of them and help them become free of the ideas themselves when they're free of their idea themselves they'll become free of drug use
they'll become free of it
they may continue to use drugs i'd either no but they will become free were no longer be addictive
but you know probably don't actually stop because they'll see they'll be able to see to see because they like they're not tech when i attached to my views i can't see
when i like all my view suddenly i see
yes it's just stay guests
but actually world
physical world society in which there
people do make choices are we going to have seen
come on me right
of people answer yes liberated from holding our time
he appeared
can you hear him okay
the national for the editor day unless you just start treating everybody since your time
how are you choose i'm on what you just said upside yeah
the seems like you're saying we should abstain from pay per view or do in the world right now i don't think it means yeah well thank you what you're saying there yeah yeah yeah the game show that to know we're making a distinction yeah
is where you can say you could say it to end of the day but actually at the beginning in the day you're doing that too
hey there very be revised and what you do with the different yeah so the beginning in the day you're doing it at the end of the day maybe you're not free of your ideas so i just want to mention that it's you you didn't say that you thought maybe i was saying not have the views or not
do something
change objective
we got a solution i will perceive as j role outside is an animal so you thought maybe that someone might think that's what i was saying
know what i'm saying is that
you got your views you got your views you got your views okay now if all of us were free of our views and
i've used to and i'm free of my views and we have a meeting between for people who are free of their views about what to do we can invite patrick to
about well what what to do about this injection center and we can have a conversation
and then maybe would
maybe we'll have decided to have when i'm able to decide not to have one k let's say we decide not to have one
and that's what patrick wanted
so you might think what so patrick's happy
and maybe a maggie didn't didn't didn't maybe magic did want to have one so maybe she's not
maybe you did so maybe you're not
and maybe i was not sure that was my view and so
now so maybe i'm
but if all four of us let go on for our views we would be friends
and the decision which was made was different from some of our
values are wishes but we're friends
and we're free and were at peace with each other but the decision didn't give me
i got a few years ago we had an election and and
how a man named barack obama got elected
i remember it then
i bought current record deal
inauguration now somebody said a peaceful transfer of power
an african american got to be president and normally blew up the
but the thing it was a peaceful transfer it was a big transfer of power power got transferred all over the place but it was peaceful now maybe it's not as peaceful as it could be but it was kind of peaceful
and then got another person elected and that could have blown up to you know we could have a civil war so we got we got problems right and we can have on top of that we can have several war or
under these search under these circumstances we might be able to work in such a way as to bring peace to this country under these
adjective adjective adjective conditions
so i
so if you know and here's an example of
my case which i often tell when i was abbot of zen center
there are going to remodel our founders hall at tassajara
did you hear this story
so they are not remodel it repair it because them the building was made kind of like on it but japanese temple construction principles and the outside was mud
not stuck or but mud mixed with straw kind of mud
but the formula for the mud was the formula of for japan and so it didn't work and toss harwich is very dry saw the much time to crack and fall off the building
and so someone had night so we had to repair it we want to return and so somebody had the idea of pull off the
though is it laugh
pull off the laugh and then put in plywood and spray it with stuck stucco somebody had that idea and i am i would think assaulted me because i had that position and i said okay then somebody else came and said you know i think another way to do it would be too
i used mud and not take to the last structure off use mud but chain there's a there's another said that another kind of formerly you can put in which will make it more
enduring in the polestar dryness
plus the person my my the person has ordained with was the person who built it and somebody so i think he would like that kind of surface better
so i thought i think maybe the second way better
and you know
and then that view the first year was gonna soft you know like only yeah
but i wasn't really adhering to it so
i was kind of at peace with doing it the first way they suggestion
there wasn't a big kind of thing on their like this is the way to do it it was the discrimination but it was soft
and i was relaxed and calm and i didn't hate people who wanted to do it another way
not there was no turbulence in my mind or in the valley do to me because i was sitting in a position of power
and i heard this second idea in my mind kind of start to fix on it
even though it's hot and dry my mind was like ice
and i told one of the people who was involved in the project i told him that i thought the second way was better but because of the charge that had developed on the second view as being the better one not so much right but better i noticed that when i told the person to happen
he almost fell down got knocked over by the
by the charge
i realized i should disqualify myself from them to sit from them decision making process about whether we should have injection centers are not because i was like i was i was like laying waste to the situation so and also i so
i could see that i should be disqualified because i was not contributing to the welfare of the world
a decision process was going on it and i was coming in with all this power in righteousness and

data i hope your friend can come back in the room i don't mind if you're coughing
just tell him until the end of the story or not the end the next to the next section of the story was after i kind of like backed off from saying anything because i could feel that my thought had turned into like
i don't know what a dangerous thing that was not helping the process and let the other people decide who weren't so uptight about this i went to the meditation hall and i noticed my mind was turbulent i wasn't so much thinking about that project but my mind had been really
set into a storm
i think in relationship to that
and i noticed it
and i and i was embarrassed because i'm the abbot of the temple and my mind's like a storm
the other supposed to become
i wasn't because of this attachment
which made me kind of and unhelpful
but but i knew i was unhelpful so i went and sat and then this thing came to me came up in my mind clearly observe
which is an instruction from beginning of a book i study a lot and when that came up
my instantly was calm i let go of my
attachment to my beers and that was that
and i still didn't get involved in the decision-making and they and they did it the way i suggested
but if they hadn't i would have accepted that i could have accepted that
if at the beginning night i was had more i realized more wisdom i would have been able to beginning just to say i think the second way is best and had a conversation that didn't blow people apart
create division in the community
but this is the this kind of wisdom is to help us have conversations that come to can fruition not as this decision or that decision or electing this guy
and then like the this guy that happens
but it's also possible to have peace here and piece here even though we have this to have peace and some other people even though we have this to have peace if some people and hopefully many people are doing this work of cultivating this border activity so i'm
not saying we don't participate in the process talking about how to percent participate in a way that that does justice to self and others these others and those others these who we agree with and these who we don't we learn this mind
this buddha activity helps us do justice to those we disagree with
without this wisdom we don't do justice even to those we agree with
we don't do justice to anybody because our mind does it basically doesn't do justice to other people without this training
would say that
it can be problems not be wholeheartedly
not that that's that that's the point if your whole heartedly take care your views you won't be attached
three the able to hold
you are
the answer
the desert or the same
the whole heartedly of a view
you're not attached to him
you have nothing left you have nothing extra to your it's you get to the point where there's the view is just a view there's no way to attached
for that you live
if you were password
oh yeah
why would you be aware you would be aware but you wouldn't necessarily be thinking i have a view
there might be just a view without you at added onto it
it's a
you and awareness you that
you know you wouldn't be invested when you wholeheartedly take care of something you're not invested in it
putting yourself in it is not wholeheartedly taking care of it when you wholeheartedly take care of something
you let it be what it is you do justice to it
and then you don't put yourself in it or outside of it
whatever care
you emily he was fighting here you know
i think admitting that you don't know what it is is in the process of learning how to wholeheartedly take care of it like if i'm taking care of you i'll take care you better if i realized i don't know who you are that you're here hearing your
far beyond my idea of you but i do have an idea of you so i work with that idea like you know
know somebody says well eg wants to talk to you so i see size their wall pj oh yeah so i think of the ej and and i use that ideas to can have a meeting with you but i also maybe even before i see you i realized ej isn't just my idea by which i locate him
ej isn't just what i think aj is that will help me be wholehearted with you and that will help you tell me if you think it's necessary that i'm not what you think i am not that i'm not what i if that you're not what i think you are you meant you may not find that necessary because you can maybe you can tell
that i do think your something and i'm not limited by that because i let go of that and i'm open to you being much more than i can ever think of your
and you feel well cared for when somebody isn't just dealing with you in on their own terms
they're willing to listen to you and have a conversation with you and give up their idea of who you are
i think we i you know we often appreciate when people will let go of their idea of who off of but sometimes people are not that way sometimes we think somebody is the cat's meow and they want is to hold onto that
but that's an immature person
who would later learn that somebody holds onto the idea of cats meow will suffocate them
and would be possessive of them so as as we parted
yeah or to the worse of course if if somebody thinks there's somebody is
the worst that person would like them not to believe that
i think that's really how much cheaper material person would want each
he would not want somebody to believe what they think you are even though they think you're just terrific you're okay with you're okay with them going a continuing thinking that but you'd rather not have had them attached to it because then you could like tell him the truth of who you are you wouldn't you wouldn't be afraid of losing their view of you
you know you you most wanted them to know you rather than to think you're great
when you're mature
and and so yes husband

how do i withdraw
and if you notice any once called impulses to withdraw
do the same with those because withdrawing from or from withdrawing from projections is a little bit not warm
so it's not quote not grab i'm not pushing him away but study them closely and carefully and the withdrawal or the letting go on will naturally happen
thing for the that the the clinging will melt of itself

you don't have to say that but if you do say that we can work with that too
does it one time i i often tell the story of one time i'm talking to someone and i and i found myself saying i do not believe what i think you are
i do not believe what i think you are
which was kind of like saying rab do not believe what you think she is because that would not be good
and things you know and she could tell i was trying not to believe what i thought she was and she kind of thought young whatever that is i think it would be good if you didn't
and yeah we we got through that time and nobody got hurt
the projection process is gonna keep going on
and if we practice with it
we will realize that the projection processes going on in the midst of free all beings including freeing the projection process
so they can dwell in peace
there was a bunch of hands
justin and michael
this striking

yeah yeah you're not right
hope that
he understood

dc should be ok
i would say that yeah you basically you're you're kind of on the right track there yes
shirt on
a suspected
this is it is not to agree
you're welcome to bring it
so talk about the servants
there's no no no no no
discernment discernment is is different than discrimination
yeah yes
they're not
that they are
when i believe that i recognize this is part of my dilution of they are aspects of him sorry
a non-issue
i i imagine
because you are okay
relationship between them so they are major yeah that is whatever
the harness that though the ideas spectrum various parties
will the ah right i am hoping the same year
a straight line well as if i own this idea that is a novice really like spectrum
yeah how about partners that yeah i know that far know what i say so let go there are
my second pair fall apart and i've kind of assuming there and avoid related to someone who have always been that like when free love my imaginary states
extremely loud remaining of all way that kind of their products id ah michael l in who it's a funny mood sometimes
that's scary claimants like a those are going and i share
most part of all i'm sure i didn't listen
that it grows up the way that i first came out as idea
three hundred percents about i think most about the right now the
sheryl gay

well you didn't say i'm stuck a little bit
and when you're stuck
and as a discussion about becoming unstuck
then when one of the reacts and then this can be a reaction to the possibility of becoming unstuck in the reaction could be kind of like go
something that is maybe not
not good
on yeah unknown and and maybe bad
yeah so yeah
but actually the unstuck with these discriminations
yeah it's liberating but as you think about it because we're stuck we think what one would happen if i wasn't stuck
that's why would waste one of the bad things that might happen without some instruction is you might just throw the spectrum out the window
throw the spectrum out the window and or throw the self out the window
yeah right so but then if yeah so that's
that's a scary kind of reaction to the idea of letting go of your some part of the content of the of these image that goal some of these discriminations could be turned over into
no discriminations and know discriminations would be kind of like nor self not not like no self in the broadest sense but like there isn't a self and that could be kind of like no consciousness
because consciousness has discriminations and self so when the consciousness hears about letting go of the discriminations and then think so was i would also be letting go of the self it can then go into a reactivity
which is thinking that the whole consciousness will be dissolved
which are not impossible but then you just passed a new basically just be unconscious for a little while
but the problem is that you may be like
rather than take the chance of being unconscious for a little while it just let that happen which will kill you
you resist letting go
because other party who says that would be a disaster
and so i thought that would come up so thank you for bringing that sign up
jeff kind of butter up in the sense of looks like people can participate in a normal social conversation if they would let go of their views but you can have a conversation buddha activity can have lots of views and be working with them with people without attaching to any of them and without getting rid of consciousness
but when you first hear about this of letting go of holding on you might think we wouldn't be possible to have normal social relationships and actually you might lose consciousness
and again you might lose consciousness but only it's possible but only for a little while and then is hopefully usual you're not standing on a cliff when you do this
i wonder what wanted it when my friends had a fish to have a boy when the boy was little the boy was talking to him about god and
and the boys have well what's god and my friend said well he's he's like pretty much everything in and the little boy says while he's he like you yeah this is just like me and as he's like that they like this room and he said yeah and he said is it like this chair and just kept going on like that a know why past hour

and my friend called nine one one
anyway it it it worked out okay he he the little boy went for it just opened up to like
in one can pass out and under the circumstances but then you wake up and you in your back
to this thing of the normal consciousness this practicing compassion with a normal consciousness it isn't you let it go or the discrimination letting go there already let go and you just allow that
and then you find oh still got me got the discriminations but there's no attachment and a ending
i and the discriminations are free together
it's hard work lay low class she
this could be you could you could ask your discriminations questions
you can take your discrimination shopping with you and i'm sure i stay
i'm talking about you gotta discrimination about good and evil and and you'd and you're you're working on it and you just taken with you everywhere like taking care of a little kid
and but im sorry
having a conversation with your with your
discriminations with your thoughts is part of the process of becoming fried that's why
so if i
an internet sensation
you see it now
the car
the i am
see me
he less than s a is here in it
good healing that
oh man so later he'll when is a raid
me i'm really just
well you you might not feel afraid but you might feel more frame and if i'm more afraid you do the same thing with the fear
fear is a discrimination to so into the same thing with fear and were not to have a conversation in such to try to reduce fear is not a whole hearted conversation
to have a conversation to try to increase fear is also not wholehearted but of sometimes in conversations fear comes up
that's that's calling for for compassion that's part of the conversation
this is good activity
and so to imagine that buddha activity would be like wiping away consciousness well it don't have to be that way and usually it is but if if we didn't wipe way consciousness there would be the activity to but they'll be normal consciousness of it when their number is consciousness of it
but sometimes there's no consciousness of it and you're conscious and sometimes there's no consciousness of it and you're not conscious
but it's going on with your anybody's conscious of it or not i mean conscious of it means you're thinking about it but that's not it
so we can we on we cannot are discriminating consciousness cannot reach this activity but when it tries we come up with various
stories about what might happen if we did try or what what is happening why we do try and one of the things that might happen when we do try is we might become afraid certainly might become afraid of losing control because again the conversation is not commerce
whole hearted conversation is now trying to control the relationship with the discrimination
so this specimen was
a way
they see what a recipe or

in practice
consciousness and
the show
for that means
for me
a show
did you hear that okay so it's kind of a big topic but i'll just do a little bit here okay
somebody else not you somebody else could ask me
what is the role of eating rice in zen practice because if you eat rice particularly if you're hungry if you eat rice it will change your blood sugar level and you'll get a little bit you'll have a different mind before he ate it
because the chemistry of your body and mind will change if you eat the rice so but we don't usually eat rice so that we can work on what's happening when we ate rice we eat rice
because are hungry and then we deal with what happens when we ate it
between what to say

what i eat the rice because i'm hungry and then i studied at mind and i study the mind before
but i don't eat the rice so i can study my mind i don't eat the rice so i have a new thing to study

this is
who knows it doesn't it's it maybe it is the same
right now i'm studying this mind
okay i don't drink water so that will have something different to study
yeah but but i get one because i i'm drinking water so i change but i didn't drink the water so i'd have something different to study than the way i am now that's the problem with the drugs
does not try it
yeah i'd i'd i yeah i know that would be don't be fine you could also ate rice not to get a different mind however you do get a different light
no matter what everything you do your mind changes but zen practice doesn't do things to get a different mine and just studies whatever comes up in relationship to what appropriate so in this case what's the what's a what's appropriate about the drug so if you if you weren't
trying to get another mind and i guess what would you want your motivation for taking a drug me
just kind of seem to it
i'm still
ha ha
i mean i know that's what used to happen at the great
yeah yeah so
so again again if i'm like you know i'm not hungry and my friends are eating rice and they say what do you have some to i might say okay
it's possible but i wouldn't be say i wouldn't be eating the rice and wouldn't be a i wouldn't be eating the rice because i wanted to see what what what's going to happen played the race i would just be the right because my friends said why don't you have some to and i might feel like okay but i also might say to my friends in i'm from i'm for
i just i just ate and and they might say okay
but to do but to either
to to eat food to get something is antithetical to opening to
the light of
buddha activity
the way of opening to the lineup with activity is to practice generosity not try to get something and if if it turned out that she thought it would be a gift
to eat rice that would be a way to eat rice that would be the best way to eat rice so
those to what the stats of what why we have a price on back back took those girls were found to visit these scripts we have going to happen if i buy instead of three strict or what happened it so he is doing everyday
to honestly get the presidency
yeah and you know so maybe it's not really asked me to words
are you in
he's just getting this guy that says
a good for him
and also reminded me of
in suzuki roshi met term shogun from by nineteen seventy i was just happen to be at tassajara
the at the time that trump or and machine came to visit her you wanted to meet security
you know trungpa
he's a a node in a very important tibet and teacher and his he's tibetan and is a buddhist teacher and is very important in the american seemed put a c and and he will upset he wanted to meet suzuki roshi who was that ah say it came down
and yeah and they met and i think they really loved each other
yeah and then it came to as a garages attention the jumper and bush ate drank a lot
i don't know but he he drank a lot lot of alcohol
and people asked zucker sure what about them
in secret you say well usually
usually we don't do that
but in his case i don't know to say in his case we're in this case i don't know i don't want to say
he was he he he wasn't wasn't judgmental about it or he didn't he didn't need he wasn't judgmental but he also just didn't really know how to judge it he wasn't sure about it usually we don't do that he said
so but maybe in your friends case or she'd say well usually we don't do it but i'm going to say in this case
but in my own case i can look to see am i trying to get something
and if i am than much time i can practice with that but to go ahead and do the thing and skip over that i'm trying to get something that's what that's calling for compassion right now i was trying to get something when we got problem here this is this something calling for some compassion
if this thing is compassion it was let go of trying to get some
and i still might a ricer or drink alcohol if you know but it might do it from not trying to get anything
it's a is a tiny to get something
that's the what's going on there wanted to work with what you've got
now if you are trying to get something will work with that

my that
air or
saturday's okay
if there are certain areas
i certainly hope that the same dollars and your ways that eating right

just this practice
yeah those aspects so atmosphere
so i don't know that it's always about is

yeah i don't know either maybe his friends and i'm trying to get anything i don't know but i'm saying is that we're talking and talking about how to set people free so they can be a piece one of the thing main things i set them free from is what is preventing to
some extent that being free and one of the main things that prevents people from bring free his attachment to discriminations and one of the main discrimination that people attached to is getting something so seeking something other than this is a major obstacle to
opening to boot activity but if you if you feel like well okay so i want to promote people
you know giving up trying to seek something and we're going to build a zen center for that
so we have this building which were building to help people have a place to go to let go of trying to get something
or we're going to do a ritual to help people that go but the rituals not trying to get something is trying to help people who don't understand yeah that there's nothing to get
so we're going to make a ritual to so they understand that but we're the ritual or not we're not setting up the ritual to get something
but if we're setting up a ritual to help people get free of get it a try to get something and we're doing it to get something then we're kind of
it's contra indicated
it's not setting a good example to try to get people together you know try to get them to become enlightened but that's a big problem in buddhism is that were already have this boot activity who had to be very careful not to go some place else to get it
seeking and discrimination are what i'm talking about now as key factors in how to open to the put activity
i have a problem with the word discrimination we all do
not only the word
wondering if the if it could be
substituted are used as judgments our judgments okay like the judgment discrimination between good and bad judgment of good and bad yeah
so yeah so it's not that we get rid of judgment it's that we we practice in such a way that we're not
attached to judgment because attachment to judgment or you know and one of the judge says gain and loss attachment to it impedes realization yes
i would i
often think of his tapes of line that's not fixed dates there are getting changed but anyway we like let's say his name
people to hear waves
asked me to help
when i have escaped
i feel like mile range in chapter nine
but it it's painful so you suggesting fear
somebody has fear or something that feels like an unpleasant the spirit have a whole hearted conversation with it who
i i just find get a right
so one question is
who who's the conversation with somebody having a conversation
i i think i'm trying to get something
i had try to get games
experienced just to let go so do you have any advice about how to work with a state of mind
quite a bit
but it's not me

i'll be with you if i ever finished talking to her
so anyway i heard a story about some kind of like
difficult state of mind and then there was a i wish to get something came up in association with it
conversation or yeah
okay one to do that through to a conversation with fear
okay conversation with a painful state of mind the conversation with papal state of mind the first thing income com percent the current conversation i'm talking about the first thing in the conversation is a welcoming
welcoming that's the begin that's the basic thing is welcoming
as the beginning and also
nine one one
at the beginning
up the conversation is welcoming
the thing that you know that the pit the the painful situation welcoming at is the beginning if we don't welcome at word the conversation is going to have retired hard time getting started even
be careful of it
in other words be careful of what you think about it would you say about it and watch you gesture towards it be careful to not read it kill it we have painkillers you can take a painkiller you can take a painkiller without trying to kill the pain is possible
don't lie about it don't misuse sexuality and relationship to it don't try to get another conversation than this one guy i should say don't try to get another conversation piece the conversation piece is a painful stadium
mind body it's a painful state the first after you've welcomed then
then don't try to get another thing to talk about
don't try to get another conversation it's the conversation piece it's the pain so don't try to don't kill it don't try to get another one do we work with this one now we're getting into the ethics of a whole hearted conversation
practice patience with it and patience
if you remind me we can go into extensive detail on patients next week when basically patience is if you can have a conversation with something or somebody
it's really appropriate to be right there at that moment with them not to be thinking how much longer is this conversation going to go on
how long is this conversation been going on
you know that's
that happens but that's not being whole hearted about it when your whole hearted about it you let go of how long it's been going on you're just there you're there for this this is your life
and you are thinking about how long it's going to go on how long it's been going on you're just there and it's painful maybe
venture there
really there and that what's been called for
generosity welcoming being careful and gentle and tender not pushing away are trying to get something else and being in the present that's a brief answer to how to get into the conversation with painful
states or body and mind
and also by the way pleasant ones same
same welcome them don't push pleasant states away welcome them and be careful because careful you might try to get more them and that might be really bad
really mean
somebody give you something to give more
it's not compassionate to try to get compassion is to give and be careful what everyone
and that
takes us to open to up was already going on
which is buddha activity it's already here we're already where we want to be where are a doing are already involved in it but we have to practice in various ways that are really challenging with all of our difficulties in order to wake up to it that's they we're doing it to this conversation is here
we're trying to wake up to reality
and reality is really wonderful it's a wonderful thing
and so let's keep work