Buddha Has Reasons For Teaching Non-Self And Buddha Has Reasons For Teaching Self

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very much
we just recited up
a file written by
zen priest zen monk
in the like eighteenth century i think
and he's gone toward a zingy which means tories and master
and yet he starts off by saying when i a student of the dharma
so the zen master this and master anyway as student of the dharma
did you use a story about me at us are
which where did you hear
did you hear it

ah yeah so there's another one
which is i was having dinner with the guess
i'm not a breakfast with the guess i said timetable table with this woman and she said to me are you a student here can i said yes
and so we had breakfast together and later someone told her that i was the abbot
she was so happy and we she asked the abbot if the abbot was a student to abbott said yes and it wasn't just being modest i'm happy student i love to study student of the dharma
student of the teaching the borders student on reality
yeah it's a wonderful to
still be really interested in studying the dharma i'm so happy that i
and still interested
and i am so interested
so this morning i told you something i was interested in
namely the early teaching
the things have the marks of impermanence ill and not self and then
later teaching is that some things are permanent
somethings are joyful and somethings are self which is boys enlightenment
but as buddhas are like that
they're joyful and peaceful and
permanent of course shakyamuni buddha also has an impermanent body
the died
but there's other round of enlightenment
that are permanent because they're the realization of the way things always are

and you have attended the first one day sitting of the year twenty twenty kind of like that number two thousand and twenty reminds me of certain things
may this be a year have excellent vision for all in here
may you clearly see the truth of all things
and so this is the first one day sitting of the year at the place where things don't abide
and from this not abiding
comes the appropriate response to the world

a theme
one theme is
i don't have one thing one thing is
i think it's
flower blooms
in the withered tree
what blossoms in the withered tree is one thing
which is the theme of the practice period that's gonna start a green gulch in about a week
now refers to the withered tree is like ah
when discriminations
kind of wither in the presence of great compassion and then they deserve not getting in the way anymore
then the book the flower of wisdom blooms
when wonder
discriminations are not held to so tightly
that's one thing

there's a is more but that's one
you may as you may hear more themes of the year moves on

well it's more like
some people wanna be a good person
and they're really afraid of being a bad person or some people want to be a good person and even though they want to be a good person they're still afraid that somebody else might think they're not a good person
i some people would like get some mothers wanna be a really good mother and they want it really do good things for their baby they really do and they have this side issue as they don't want anybody to think they're not a good mother
he couldn't there be themselves don't want to consider that

they're afraid that they will think that there are bad mother or there's someone else will
and then they are in response to that fear they something maybe overdue
their caregiving so that no one would ever say
so so maybe no one would ever say you're not a good mother or certainly they overdo their diligence so no one would ever say you're not diligent they overdo their attention to the welfare of their child so no one would ever say you're neglecting your child i think some people and know
one ever says that about them
they avoided that
like some people never drink
so and and that really terrified that someone would think that they're an alcoholic
so they don't drink but they overdo it
and they admitted they hate other people who drink or whatever you know they overdo it and nobody calls him an alcoholic and they don't drink but they have an addiction to avoiding you know being called into question around that
be kind to the fear
but you might not be a good person or that you might be unskillful that people might think you're below average
be kind do that and that will protect you from being addicted to being a good person being good persons okay being addicted to it is misery and to say the least not to mention what you might do if someone then by chance mentioned
that you're not succeeding
add in your addiction to be a good person
even like
i wonder if you're really a good person might be just too much for such a person how dare you question
that happened to me a few times when i was doing something good and someone questioned me and i noticed i got super angry
just like turn it into a pillar of flame i was trying to help you know and then somebody sir
didn't appreciate said it you know question me
i just like
you're questioning me i'm the one that's here to help you
and one person one case i'm thinking of i didn't really hurt anybody has result of that
backed away
but i turned into it is super aggressive person actually somebody was gonna beat up onto my friends who was misbehaving because he was drunk and he was
i guess you could say being disrespectful to this woman
and her husband or boyfriend ken wilber was gonna beat my friend of
an was trying to him he's just drunk on pill
don't don't don't hit him i've tried to prevent a fight between them
that guy would have got hurt to if you attack my friend my friend would hurt him and he would hurt my friend and would just would have been a mess i was there to save the day
to protect them from each other or the guy turned on me to not me i'm the good guy here i'm trying to protect you from my friend and my friend from you it just a big mess i'm trying to let me protect everybody including your girlfriend your question me
but that was and of it
you start questioning i didn't hurt anybody further i scared some people
it it's it'll ever lame it's it hung around row so huge it took a long while for to come down how i got really dramatic arts with that anger comes a huge adrenaline rush right so as i could i just turned into this
this monster which fortunately nobody like wanted to mess with it so he didn't
i just had to do with this monstrous energy is this sir is a dragon they came from self righteousness
which is similar to sell protection
so yeah we need to like
not be afraid that somebody for trying to be help helpful not be afraid to somebody or question you
be kind to the fear
out you that you might not be skillful he might not been doing good people my question you be kind to the fear of all that and then you're good a good position of your kind of that too
whatever you know to be a good person
the try
ten make sense
oh again
as you book on that
number one be generous towards the sure
how to like it
but let it be
welcome it
renewing thank you for mac thank you for dropping by fear a rock him to be here i'm not gonna try to kill you fear or get rid of eliminate you
i'm here for you i'd starts there
then now now after that said
now let's be careful of cause furious if you don't pay attention to you can trip up on it
so on a potential of like don't don't deny it
don't try to kill it
don't try to get something on the other than the fears that stereotype drawn to get a more or less fear and don't say bad things about it him don intoxicate yourself in relationship to like lot of people drink when there
they get angry and then they drink
are they get if they get frightened and then they get angry and then they drink products will know that
like one person came to see me one time and he said
if i'm angry at you i'm at risk of of relapsing into alcohol and i gotta come and tell you that i'm angry to help me like like all of it
and i listened to him and he told me you what he was angry barton hours he came back a few years later did it again got angry again so him being angry i think is related to him being afraid of something about or himself so he can be kind of the fear
and you might not slip into anger
and then if to be careful and kind and then be patient with severe cause pure fears as is it's it's basic is our basic discomfort
that comes with our addiction
and an interception that's the basic
we have started to get compassionate and then practice enthusiasm about these practices think about hundred there and keep refreshing your energy for compassion
and then you move onto concentration and wisdom but that's a good data kind of compassionate when to run out of fear and of course come so often we have lots of opportunities to practice compassion

you did you say did you say you've you feel you feel like you have to freeze

right and you're saying you feel like you need to stop don't know
and i would say
well the thing is
there's another way which isn't really saying stop which is sank remember stillness
so remember it stillness does not mean stop
stop i would say stop is another thing to practice compassion towards
you may feel like you have to say stop but really not that that may be actually just another thing to be compassionate to has not actually stop is not necessarily compassionate it may be better to stop them to act on the hangar or whatever come may be better but anyway
and i'm recommending
i get i find with remembering stillness which helps you be there with with it and then apply the compassion

why do what would i wanna do know i don't know i might do the same thing board i wanna do
if i if i see the aka here i am i'm gonna like protect all beings in the parking lot it was in a parking lot
i'll start of a restaurant
me and my drunk friend i was not drunk my friend was drunk here we are we're gonna go into this restaurant
so i would aspire to
protect my friend and everybody in the parking lot
gotcha under what i'm doing here and also be aware
that i might be at risk of being self-righteous since and to in such a good thing here
so here we are moving across the parking lot and movie across the world i'm trying to protect beings and i'm at risk of being self-righteous some watch out for that
and then
hemet that our store
and then if if i get
if someone interacts with me in such a way that they crushed him my righteousness
then i know okay if they questioned my righteousness and i'm self righteous i'll probably have some reaction to them and if i'm a reaction to run us now on i'm self righteous
rather than they questioned my righteousness and iraq thank you for your question
that's what i would like to do
as and i thank you for questioning me and our and i'm sorry if i if i was on
i'm sorry for me and my friend
thank you
and i apologize for any any disrespect towards your girlfriend are you
but that's after i mean didn't get all self-righteous about him
question you may or accusing me i'm doing something i'm on a book an appropriate
that's why i waited
another story that comes by minors
towards the highway there's a thing called seven eleven spending for there's as there's as business called seven eleven and the on highway one between here and the highway the highway
everybody seemed seven eleven from her it ever gone in there
i've been for i used to go in there by it's it's
but now i don't go in there anymore anyway
at one time i rule maybe i was buying it it's it and i was wearing my robes
and i asked i think before after i bought the it's it i was getting into my car
and a woman i think was getting into her car getting out of her kidal i don't remember which but you were there was a woman there and i looked at her and on
i think she said what are you looking at
so maybe i looked at her and disrespect can not in a sufficiently respectful way which was probably not to look at her
when she says what are you looking at and then
partner boyfriends kind of also appeared and then he said this basic of the same thing but much more fiercely
maybe you just said again what are you looking for something like that very fiercely
well and i think the self-righteousness came up
and i like i didn't do anything or do you treat me like that for
i thought if i would do anything it would really be amazing
for me i my robes on right
if i would say anything or do anything
it would really be big news
for me to get in some kind of up i don't know what
what this man with my robes on
so am i think i'd promises i'm sorry forgot
yeah gross rooms help you realize that certain things are really inappropriate and they might be an appropriate even if you didn't either of zonda with the ragging on it's like oh no way
that would really be silly to
get an argument with somebody in a parking lot of its other of egypt
but there was some there was when they both like get a strong reaction to me looking in their direction there was something came up in me some defensiveness and
leon and like wrong that's that there's nothing new about this the and doing anything about this is like not not not appropriate no way really ridiculous
i thank you for a lovely day again and as they say it's a lovely day to day
for doing things by to
one ten but if today is not a day for doing things by to or to lovely day anyway