The Buddha Mind Seal Is Face-to-Face Conversation

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Buddha mind is an intimate conversation; Dogen's meeting a master for the first time; conscious and unconscious mind.

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i'm just a week old man but somehow
my voice gets support in sometimes to have volume
where's gina
ha i noticed she wasn't here
did she come with you

hi i have a public service announcement which i will make at the time of work meeting
thank you for helping me remember
it concerns
a follow up on discussion of traditional funeral practices
sol time
bought it at board meeting time
now it's june and
hum this year we've been emphasizing building sanctuaries
and we've been emphasizing the opportunity to build a sanctuary
moment by mama
step by step wherever we are
the buddha has sent a message that this place
is good for building a sanctuary
and also i would add this time

and ah
what who are building sanctuary within my wonder or what when what do we want to use the sanctuary for displace and for me i would like to

realize the buddha mind in the sanctuary i wouldn't like to realize
the buddha body in the sanctuary
now there's buddha mind ah
doesn't abide in anything it's a mind of know abode
so this practice place is called new abode it's a sanctuary for the buddha mind
which doesn't abide
in the sanctuary or any anything
also this year i bent
saying over and over that this buddha mind
an intimate transmission
it's a mind which is
i transmission process
it's a face to face transmission
it's a mind which is a conversation
face to face it's a mind which has it
a great activity of transmission
as its nature

so there is the appearance of this person
here and a person here in a person here i see the appearances of persons
or i should say
i'm michelle say i will say that there is a state of
cognition which i call
ark and which i call in which you could call consciousness and in this cognitive process there is a sense that somebody's here
so there is a cognition here now
which i call consciousness and i'm in this cognition
and you are appearing in it too and i say to you in this
i'm saying or i'm hearing myself say or i'm hearing the words being said in consciousness where i am i hear the words that i am a conversation
i am a conversation
i start i'm saying that and i also wouldn't
say that you all of you are also a conversation
that this is our nature is that we are all conversations

i am myself
and i am
i bought a self and others
and i i who am myself and i who am others say to you that you are a self and you are others and you and i are conversations
between self and others
where a conversation
between the south part of herself and the other part of myself

and that and not covered in the fullness of their conversation we have what is called
the transmission of the buddha mind
and in the conversation which
i am
there's a conversation between me the the finite may
henna finite you
and there's a conversation between the finite me
and the infinite other
and this way i have a finite life i am a finite life
and i am an infinite life
and everything that has been said so far i now add one more statement about everything has been said everything has been said
has been offered
as a conversation piece
i can also say everything has been offered
has been conversation pieces
everything i'm offering to is something for you to talk to me about
everything i say has no abode
and then one more thing is i would say it early on in this
is that i don't know if this is early on in the conversation
i don't know how long this conversation has been going on
i don't really think it started like
this morning
i don't think it started yesterday
but you can say start anytime you want and that's another conversation piece
when you can also say that this conversation
that is infinite
it has no beginning and it will never end
and before i talk about this thing called sitting i just also want to mention that i am aware that what i'm saying could be considered an opiate of the masses
or it could be construed as me saying speaking of everlasting life
and in that in a really kinda and my god i'm i'm offering you like the suggestion of everlasting life to assuage your fear of a limited life
where the criticism could be looming but i want wanna say that i'm not so much talking by everlasting life catherine ghouta can you hear me still
ted brown okay matthew okay
jack okay so
i'm more saying that her life right now is infinite
and it's also impermanent
impermanent an infinite
and if anybody here is afraid that their finite
consciousness is going to and
i would say a big part of the conversation is too
use the fear as a conversation piece
to bring all your fear out in front so we can talk about it and and the conversation piece the conversation
that were talking about is an intimate genuine fully responsible conversation
so i'm ah i'm suggesting i'm a conversation and i am a genuine whole hearted conversation i'm not a half hearted conversation
and anything i feel like fear is part of the conversation and i want to bring it all out in front so we can take care of it
and it can be included
and the buddha mind seal
and i like to i was talking i was speaking this way
in berkeley on tuesday night last
the conversation was going on then to and at the end of class somebody named john came up and said to me how does this relate to sitting
and i said yeah bring it up next class
but before the class i wanted to bring it up with you and suggest to you
the buddha mind is an intimate conversation
and the buddha mind is
are sitting practice
are sitting meditation is the buddha mind be heard that before
kenna the buena mind is are sitting practice i know you heard that before
so you got are sitting practice called zazen it's the buddha mind seal the border mind seal is it's a seal of the different parts it's the way the different people in the conversation or sealed in the conversation or
completed the buddha mind seals all beings into this conversation into this transmission the buddha my seal is are sitting practice so our conversation
the which is ourself which is a self and others that conversation is are sitting practice
are sitting is a conversation
and the conversation is sitting
still an upper it
so the buddha's which are
an intimate conversation manifest
as a sitting upright body
and that's sitting upright body manifests as a conversation
it's just that as we say when one side is illuminated the other one is in the dark
so sometimes the cynics in the foreground hey we got sitting at his whole hearted know well you let's work on that
sometimes the sittings in the foreground and we can see it and face to face transmission is in the background
sometimes the face to face transmissions in the foreground
this whole hearted fully responsible conversation is like alive and has like a right
there in the foreground we can enjoy it wears the sitting it's in the background
you can't have this
whole hearted
conversation without it being whole heart and sitting sitting were sitting and you being you
you have to be there with everything that you are which is yourself and others have to be like with that completely and not move away
in order for that conversation to happen
but when the conversations happening the setting is in the background
and has been realized in the wholeheartedness of the conversation vice versa
when the sittings wholehearted
the conversations in the background
so people think i'm not i mean maybe they might think i'm not having a conversation
but if you wholeheartedly sit with that thought i'm not having a conversation
you realize the conversation you think you're not having
for that god thinks it's not happy
so this is my nature i'm telling you about the sheer nature i'm suggesting to you and right now here we are to
gather meeting face to face so i say to you thank you for coming to the meeting
and we also have this expression from ancestors from the first time you made a master
just wholeheartedly sit there are some other words between the two but i'm just
from the first time you meet a master just full heartedly set
now when you hear that you might think when you first wholeheartedly meet a master
vince have when your first time you meet a master i'm adding and i think that means from the first time you
fully responsible meeting with the teacher
just wholeheartedly set
when you hear that sound you might take me to teach her then sit
but nine emphasizing from the first time you made a master you are wholeheartedly sitting
needing the master
meeting the teacher
is the foreground and background is wholeheartedly sitting when you meet
the other
yeah that's wholeheartedly sitting and that drops off body and mind
and if you think that you can wholeheartedly set without meeting the master i would say
you're missing you're missing what whole heart is sitting is
whole heart and sitting is not something that i do by myself because wholehearted sitting is my nature not half my nature
or a part of my nature sitting
wholeheartedly sitting means
the self and the other sitting together
some meeting the teacher is wholeheartedly sitting
and so this morning
you all together
really we're sitting wholeheartedly
that's what you were actually best reality you were wholeheartedly sitting you were guiding each other to wholehearted sitting
which means you were meeting the master
we're really doing
and i was another room while you are sitting here i was meeting people right
but the whole heart is sitting was there too
but we do need ah
we need both we need to do the face to face meeting
in order to realize the sitting you cannot do it without a meeting
what the buddha
and you can't meet the buddha without the whole heart and sitting
they are
a zen phrase a two characters and phrase for on
face to face transmission
menu which means man his face and jew means
there's another character for that fernando do which is very similar which means receiving
but that the manju his face giving
and translators face to face transmission
but it's kind of interesting that casual term that ancestor dogan uses his face giving
it's like you and i are maybe i'll just say for me i
have the opportunity to get my face i have a face and i do give it
but if i don't practice giving my face i might not understand that all day long i'm giving my face maybe i won't meet anybody that's interested in my author
but i'm still gonna give it i'm going to and i would also like to be aware of that and say yes i am giving this face which i'm giving all the time anyway

there's a book
by c s lewis
which has called until we have faces
and that title is referring to the teaching
i guess by him that until we have faces
which of course we have been until we're willing to accept that we have faces and give them than the other face we i'm done with the other face has trouble giving itself to us
not really but we don't see the other face being given to us if a hold back our own face so the process of realizing buddha mind starts with act of generosity
and i'm in particular it starts with you giving your face to a conversation
which in reality you do
but if you don't act it out you might not understand what i'm talking about
and it is sometimes hard to give our face
cause we have some vanity about our face like some people
stay home and don't go to high school because they have pimples
and they don't want to get her pimply face to the other kids at school
some other people don't want to go out on the street without makeup on
so we have some issues some
challenge and giving our face to what to the conversation with who
with everybody other than us
and if we give our face will realize that the others are giving their face to us
and again in a book aside until we are faces we cannot realize
the divine is coming to meet us
but after demand cat meet us before were able to sit and have our face
which work
we're struggling to do because our face has all this of the stuff going on with it
all fear and
where the someone will see us and might not approve us
so our job is to sit upright and give our face
to this meeting
and again in reality that's what we're doing but a free john
join that
it's like well i'm i'm not doing that or i don't want to do that but that's just too much
or i'm willing to do it with some people but not with this person
where i'm going to do when my face looks better but not this one
where i'm going to do with some people who i'm not afraid of what they'll think if they see me
so aren't just recently in new york and the a young man spoke to the group he said
now i'm talking in this group and i'm even though i know everybody in the room is my friend i'm terrified
but he
he said that so he got his fear out in front of him so everybody so we can talk about it and in a talking about it
we realized but a mine which is we become free
of our fears
and we realize peace
through face to face
we also open to are infinite life
and then we continue the conversation with are infinite life
there anything you want to tell me yes

hmm for our nature is conversation

know what
i go in a conversation
i agree with you so i would say
if i don't know my nature
i don't then i don't know that my nature is a conversation
but maybe for me it's good news to me that if i don't know that my nature's is his conversation that i would be
are guided to conversation in order to realize that that's so
yeah so if i don't know what i am
then i wouldn't know that i was a conversation even yeah so if i don't know that i'm a conversation i don't know what i am if i don't know what i am i don't know i'm a conversation however in your case the good news is that not knowing that your conversation you started to have a conversation which will the guy with which will guide you to
realizing what you are
so by conversation

yeah why you will also leads you to realize which you're not guess what a conversation is is that you realize what you're not
in other words
you are what you are but you don't yet you haven't yet realized what you're not
your coat of into what you are rather than what your aren't what you are not

why why why
he want to end to what you're not
so thank you very much for
offering that conversation piece that you want to end of conversation
and so you have just offered an invitation to a conversation by saying you don't you want to end the conversation
see some irony there visiting
it's kind of saying how something as the opposite of what you want
that you want you want a conversation because ever you are and you're saying you want to stop the conversation
hi guys i mentioned actually i was in minnesota how i went to new york and minnesota and i mentioned when i was in minnesota that when i went to the university certain young women came up to me and said i don't want to talk to you

and i found that very interesting

that one by the way that wasn't what they were saying to me either
they were saying i don't want to talk to you that was their way of getting me to talk to them
and one of them were was in the audience at that time
and she came up to me he said afterwards she said i was quite successful wasn't i
i mean it's somewhat interesting if a person come after me said i want to talk to you but it was a little more interesting why someone would go out of their way
also as also sensing that i wanted to talk to her go out of her way to go walk up to me and say i don't want to talk to you

here he is doing it
she knows this is more interesting than
yamaha pretty series
this this is a syrup is a serious


yeah but you're not gonna hear it unless you start having even more whole heart and conversation because the silence is the background of the conversation the silence and stillness is the background of the a
actual conversation which you are the background of you which you want to realize
the background of you when you're talking to me is silence and stillness that's the background but when you're talking to me and when you're saying i want to hear the silence
the background of that is what you want
in in this particular case
if you say i want noise i say your success got it if you yelling i one noise you've got noise but if you say i was silence
you've got to the good is it but it's in the background and so you can't see it when you're begging for it are campaigning for it you can't see it explicitly but you know it you wouldn't be able to ask for silence if it weren't surrounding you all the time
you already have it it just that when you're talking you can it's it's a it's implicit it's quash it's tacit you know the silence silently when you're talking but when your silence
you know the talking silently
so if you want silence and you can add to the list few stillness if you want it then you have to like move wholeheartedly and speak wholeheartedly and listen to other people's speech and yeah
and you are i think doing a nice job of speaking in the service of realizing silence
and you will not be able to realize silence without a conversation so some people sit in sandoz where everybody's silent but actually everybody's having conversations but she can't hear and you're having a conversation which you can hear so he was sitting there in silence
thinking that you're not having a conversation and actually knowing if you are
like epbc sin thousands of conversation while most people are like jabbering away when they're sitting
but then there's this moving without hearing jabber
gay guy can happen the silence becomes the foreground
and the talk the conversation is in the background

he i think you are pressure have looked i'm going on as and katie and somebody back there k up charlie
oh well
princess what to say the fun thing about having a question around here is that you raise your hand and wait patiently for your turn to ask the question and you listened to it being said it's pretty much every time your question gets answered before you get a chance to ask it
could you hear him catherine
hey ted you
great so thank you over through your question
i hear it
oh but i as you are speaking this morning
a lot of the things you're saying reminded me of what you've said using the word relationship
conversation and serves the game of the relationship of relationship with conversation and
because i've her
we all really are his relationship
and so i'm guessing of my question is is is
maybe be conscious manifestation of a relationship and
it is putting words to it and
or maybe there can be verbal conversation and silent conversation but what would you like about the to the difference there
i would say the noticed this is kind of like conservative the what i'm saying know from from my perspective from for me who have not very conservative this is a conservative statement
the conversation that occurs in the cognitive field of consciousness is language
but we also have non linguistic conversations
like the conversation between my body and the unconscious cognitive process is not linguistic but it's a big conversation and when a conscious conversation gets turned off which it can
the other conversation goes on and may reignite the consciousness after it's turned off for a while so there's conversation and consciousness with language
and as conversation between my conversation field my cognitive language conversation field there's a conversation between that and yours
and as a conversation between this conversation field with as language and your body and your unconscious process
and similarly between your cognitive process i'm conscious cognitive process and my body those are conversations to but they're not in language
however language the language around is really important because that's where we somehow have translated the
the buddha mind into conscious instructions about how to practice with
ah with our
fear and so on which if we don't practice with these
a phenomenon consciousness we have trouble realizing all the other conversations
which are going on but we don't realize and because we aren't taken care of the the conversation in language
and then again i i mentioned before i'm that are three types of mind conscious mind
which is linguistic unconscious mind
which is not linguistic and there's not a self no i'm not i'm not there
and then com
buddha mind or the conversation
the conversation is is buddha mind and it's the buddha mind is the way the other minds the way my conscious mind is conversing with my own conscience my conscious mind as conversing with your own conscience and your conscious your conscious as cumbria my conscience and my unconscious me
the whole conversation is the border mind
which is nothing none other than all these conversations between all the living beings and all the different parts of their unconscious process in their bodies which are shared and unsure in all that stuff that whole conversation
it's going on and but if if we don't practice it consciously like we're doing right now we're consciously and consciousness we are practicing conversation
if we don't do it here we won't realize that it's going on here which it is and will it is going on whether we practice it or not but if we practice it will realize it and so you can ask that question homer can say i want the conversation to stop all they're going on and consciousness every
nobody here can enjoy but it also simultaneously as transforming our unconscious processes in our bodies as check my speech is me my unconscious process in my body but my speech is also transforming your consciousness and your unconscious pro
ss in your body that's the conversation which is the reality of our life

i scan the one would think that's a conversation piece about the reality of our life
yes sorry

for quitting big i'm glad i missed that one
it happened but i'm glad i wasn't there


always be

would it be rude if i said something at this point he said whatever what would it be like and ah
either were popular my mind as buddha's don't necessarily know that their buddhist when they are
so what it will be like is called buddha a buddhist when is when they're when buddhas are like buddhist they don't necessarily think oh that is like this
they maybe they could no but really even buddhist do not actually consciously know what is like to be a buddha but when you're talking about his his recall that
that's the buddha mind that's the conversation
and we can realize it but we may not be able to know it because that which can be met with recognition is not the realization itself
but the conscious mind can like i wonder what buddha's like was really sweet
you know and you can go ahead and wonder and and buddha's likes totally like i'm with you wondering what i what it would be like to be border i used to be like that to my effect i am like that right now because i'm just like you
so go right ahead and wonder what is like
to be border
what's it like to be the universe in a wholehearted hearted conversation i wonder what that's like
i'm sorry i interrupted you we're done
kitchen and an entire tisch anti

what did you ever seen a conversation between self and other
the difference between a conversation and union
i don't know i don't know
yes in reference to work
have you heard to say we're all one
oh look there it is
so in a way that's like the weight and an ocean in the ocean
the wrong one
had a drop of rain
a separate from the ocean
why is it
connects with the ocean
one with the ocean
but when it's outside of the ocean and the clouds of down
it doesn't matter that the drug does not know

does say something to you

did you say so

you're my sister to
and i just wanna say again that everything i've said this morning
as conversation pieces so i and that's reality i don't really mean that
i mean that statement is something to talk to you about
so miss i miss talk like that sometimes
i'm karen and then simon

no yeah
no young
it's a really good idea like as a beethoven's fourth piano concerto
or the music going along and under the silence and then it and then there's like
one touch on the key
when my note
you know that one
it's the fourth or fifth piano concerto and as an inner as the site
the silence all around this before
oh and i'm after

you know
he said
i say a massive open
i guess i would say
the other
not just the other life and know my idea of you
but the way you're in far beyond my idea of you when i meet
the other
ness of simon which is infinite
and i like open to that and i again i won't be able to open to that unless i'm like doing my homework being me
so in order to meet you i have to actually actually be wholeheartedly sitting but if i were a bit but maybe i don't know how to hardly set except by meeting you fully and then when i meet your fully i am wholeheartedly sitting because i've opened to
i'm open to how you appear
i've opened to that
there's just a mental construct a statistic conscious construction and i opened to how are you actually are me
which when i first looked at your you look like can cuddle label on you not rob
so i gotta deal with that if i wholeheartedly deal with that i opened to oh my god
i see ramp in the otherness of not wrapped in an inner you know the red part of the not rim which you show me every time i meet you if i'm therefore it and if i'm therefore it and we had that kind of meeting well i'm just wholeheartedly sad but i could
do with are you
you and also not you which is me
it's a conversation piece so so the the professional zen teacher gets all these people coming and saying i'm not going to wholeheartedly said
i'm not wholeheartedly sitting or i don't want to talk to you many people come in the ruins sad i wanna be here
which is totally like were attacked is to say that when they feel like that
so everything's a conversation piece
and and you can say what conversation pieces are helpful but again that's a conversation piece you can say conversation people's or pieces are not helpful fine we can work with that and we do and we will
but if we don't enact that we would do we will then we missed that we do and we well
and then we are stressed and friend but then if we're frightened and the fright the fear becomes a conversation piece and weight meeting
that wholeheartedly his whole wholehearted sitting and that is dropping off body and mind
if we can have a whole hearted conversation
which might be images listening to you
you know you talked i listened he quiet i listen you talk i listened he acquired i listened i not to say a word to have a conversation with you
but we do need to have a conversation for me to realize that we are a conversation
i am conversation your conversation where a conversation
as the buddhist as an early teachings there's no here or there are in between and that's the under suffering
but isn't a buddhist asset and he was listening
and he woke up to what a bullet was indicating with those words
the buddha's teaching as records of conversations
which means records of buddha mind because the buddha mind is the buddha teaching
and the buddha's teaching is what we call wholeheartedly setting and the buddha's teaching is dropping our body and mind
of self and other

and not wholeheartedly sitting is a conversation
with wholeheartedly setting there's no not wholeheartedly sitting without wholehearted sitting
so it's all these are more almost only bar know
in what almost only as and students don't do wholehearted sitting
well i don't i'm probably not gonna do it but we could go down a safe when we could ask the people safe way if they know what not hard sitting as and they would probably call security
because they would do they would be scared you know they would want some security
present students talk about not wholeheartedly selling quite a bit right there kind of into it
those people are not wholeheartedly sitting
or i'm not wholeheartedly city it's a big issue for us who are totally dedicated to wholeheartedly sitting right
our dedication to hard and city will not be possible without not wholeheartedly city
so whenever there is not wholehearted sitting guess watching the background
and whenever there is wholeheartedly sitting guess what's in the background
you can't have one without the other
and if we have a conversation about this will realize that there was a realize what wholehearted city is is that it doesn't abide in hard and sitting
and it doesn't abide in not wholehearted city that's where you know concerns mainline teaching what are you doing when you're sitting what kind of thinking is that not thinking
how do you not party and practice not thinking non thinking
in are sitting thinking is not thinking and not thinking is thinking and are sitting wholehearted sitting is not wholehearted setting and not wholehearted sitting his whole heart sank how do you practice that way
by being hearted about
thinking when it's happened and being wholehearted or but not thinking when nothing is happening
being wholehearted about fear when fear is happening you realize it's not fair
a half hearted about fear you
here stuck in it
and how do you be whole heart and about your fear
you can't do it by yourself he got it talk to somebody in
like you go i'm afraid
and somebody's listening
i'm afraid and somebody's listening i'm afraid if somebody hears you calling for them and they respond that conversation you realize that your fear is not fair
but we have to talk about it otherwise we might think that fear actually we just plain no fear rather than also equally not fear
talk we have to meet and we are doing it so let's do it
yeah and we're we're doing it yes
which was just in the nick of time
you're initiating conversation with simon you said something that the red part of not read
when you were talking about other
giving and receiving part of not
yeah i know if i send but i'm talking about the simon but did i say ram when we get like four hundred look at the red part of non-rem yeah in in so in other so so the rampart the red part of an arab is you is in the other that's what
the rim part of not ram
not ready yeah the rampart of the other a label and others not read
yeah so the rampart of others is me
i'm the red part of others
and others are the not read part of ram
just seems like that stops the they can fall away
other solidify finance
say this is the heart that's the part that i
it struck me that the the ramparts solidifies reb
yeah well that and so because rab can be solidified which is not it needs to be in a conversation with not rib
and if there's belief in his in the solidity of reb that might be in accord with resisting the conversation with not ram
but it also that could be
there could be solidifying not ram
and some people and that's even more dangerous just but if and when you solidify not rub you might really be unwilling to have a conversation about it
so whatever it is in consciousness
there is it there is a risk of solidifying of saying it's not a conversation
and but then you say and that's that
that's just the rampart that read part if it's offered as it as a m conversation paste them then you can say i think that looks like that there is solidified our could be and as a conversation opens out
we become free of that tendency without getting rid of the tendency we don't lose our solidifying powers of imagination by having by becoming free of them my fact we can use them even better and doodle in the magic tricks to people for people
of solidifying things right in front of him
he deceives that language is
just as the simultaneity

if it's fact that dispense it does seem like that yeah it does it does seem like that it's not doesn't really cause you cannot tamper with it but it does seem like a that's consciousness consciousness seems like language is a problem language seems like it's messing things
as up in his creating divisions were not really there that's what it seems like
languages where it seems like were strangling ourselves
because language is occurring in the strangulation area consciousness his strength strangling
the consciousness of strangling our life
apparently it's not really struggling our life it just looks like it is it just looks like it's cutting us off from the universe that and not stressful
but but there's also language in the language field where this looks like a big problem which tells you how to relate to the language in a way that will show you that language does not strangle us if it does then we should just accept it had been miserable and frightened and etc
but it doesn't
it doesn't but we have to exercise that language in such a way as to verify that language
that is not much that language liberates us and it's also not so much that language in traps this is pissed said in the process of being trapped language is definitely part of it but really in traps us is losing the conversation
so it says in here
when we meet
to say meet
upon meeting it when you meet
the dharma you will renounce were affairs
in this terms of this talk print worldly affairs are not being in conversation
really affairs are like that's solid and that solid or
i don't believe a solid but i think you do and then my opinion of you a solid the celebrities
if then seeing oh now we have a chance for conversation now we're in a bot and liberating activity if we if we see the dime or here there are remitted arma we will engage in conversation
and so of the appearance of a solidifying occurs we see that as as a we see that as a call to conversation and it was and you responded
by telling me or concern about this apparent solidification if we can talk about this solidification we will realize that it's not solidification
will be free of
certification and will be free of not some application
what will be free of form an emptiness
through conversation which is the spiritual work is conversation
which is the pivoting
a self and other
and so on
i see lots of hands yeah yes this yes
there's stories

new perspectives
yeah right and and

it's at this artwork raping yes
in patients with the anger that arises with these stories are the c n m fear
oh you say anger about the new stories
yeah the other part of the reward of accepting so grief is calling for for you to listen to it and part of the reward of listening to the call of grief is you get new stories
so your body wants a new stories your mind wants a new stories and sometimes when certain things change to go now
i'm not the story can not gonna change i'm not going to accept it and but the call of your life is new stories please i don't wanna have new stories new stories please no
the grief comes we'll have i'm just feeling as grief and you're open to the grief and then you accidentally let go of what was asking you to let go of it and you open to the new stories so i have new stories and then the conversation goes on you get angry at new stories part of the reason why you can get angry at and stories is that you realize you
let go of the old ones
what you didn't want to do
but your life huh
you are holding
your your life want you to somebody said no we're going to hold onto this story and then the grief came in and you're open to the grief and you let go of what you didn't wanna go of and and then you let the new start and neutral i've come so here comes your life and it looks like a new story and you realize how it and new story but that makes me realize that i let go of what i wasn't intending logo
and then go back and try to hold onto the whole story again and grief says no no
come on listen to this see i listen to the grief and you'll i go again in the new story comes again or another even another one which so this is this is what grieving does it help you open to your new life and not hold onto your old life
which happens to be bye bye so yeah so we should have really have a
a welcoming generous
aa meeting with grief and then be careful of grief and then be patient with grief and then we'll be able to have our life which we we do want but we also one hold we want our new life and we also want to hold onto our old one sometimes especially if our old one was
that we were a patient person and a kind person
do wound and a little wonder that and then it goes away and go no no no i'm a patient competitive not gonna go
the election campaign we have was of on come on
to grief comes said i'll get she's not gonna let go but hello hello please commercial shadow image but purchase a nice lady such as okay i'll listen to the grief and then accidentally you open to letting
you accidently let go of your past and then the in your life comes in and ago
sometimes exit or i get it i got it instantly you don't get angry that assure you they actually let go of what he should have let go but sometimes you to can't quite accept how wonderful this is this life and the feel loyal to what's going on right
which is like being a nice person a kind person and generous press it's gone
did you quit the henry's was coming you did but now by you how by you
but still
what comes to my mind is which you say that dependent polarizing is another word for the conversation it gets into words it's a conversation piece for the conversation so i had this is these words about to panic or arising to help us converse about the pinnacle arising
the pinnacle rising is a word to concept
which is trying to help us understand dependent or arising which is not just a concept it's also dependent arising
a basically to political horizon
defendant is is something similar to the
or to panic or arising it includes a non conceptual conversation
it is i would say a non conceptual conversation which allows itself to be made conceptual so the buddha he actually gave us you know the story about twelve twelve foot chain of causation which is a conceptual picture about a inconceivable non conceptual process
but the non concept non conceptual process does not forbid being made into concepts
because that's how we're going to have a conversation with the conversation with the concepts and realize that the pentateuch horizon is a conversation it's a conversation and if we talk about it wholeheartedly will realize that that's what it is he said
it's nothing more than a conversation neither as buddha
but is just a conversation among all beings which is simultaneously the liberation of all beings it's when we stop the conversation that we sink into
some form of big and then our life stress stress as us help help help somebody not listening to me
and then we start listening and that's the conversation starts again

here's the conversation that's february
why should say if we if we turn away from it if we if we give up on it
anyway just thinking
not in the congresses
yeah thank you the conversation does not end the worldly activity is to fruit that we could end the conversation like i can think okay i had enough
end of conversation i taught you long enough you know by now you should have understood you know that i'm right
and if you don't that's it
it for done but i don't want to do that i don't want and my conversation with your even if we're both say hey this is really good you know we finally agree perfectly there either way of ending it because we can't get along or any of because we think we resolved yes
it we can't it doesn't end but we can think so
okay so like i said or done so i had you may as you may have heard me say if if if if you think that you know there's no point in talking anymore because you're never gonna get it or if you think there's no point in talking anymore because you got it you should go to dockside
henna of course if you know if you don't think you've got it and also you
you think you you're thinking might not get it is you got it off center
but especially if you think there's no point in continuing this conversation
you know either he's hopeless and i'm hopeless i'll never understand this teaching i'll never be able to do the practice i quit and i don't want to talk about it you should we didn't go quickly
or if you think i've finally i understand and i don't need to practice anymore
i talked to my teacher you should go quickly
didn't wanna go see water
can he thought there was no conversation he thought that was well first of all he thought there was no as first of all he thought there was no necessity of conversation because he thought he understood already and he did understand really well he was an excellent student of the dharma but more zhao thought well yeah you're great
eight but you should still go talk to him and then they went and he didn't think it was a conversation so he said okay it not a conversation i don't want a conversation
and so this was one of the great conversations in our history
but it's it's partly that is the story starts with him it's not really necessary for me to go
and then also what is it we have like what is it done
ah fai un and and director to drink it said fires are you will never come to documents away and you know i didn't you know i already have already understand and so on
so if you think you already understand cause the a teacher fast if you think you never will go see a teacher fast
if you think you might someday
it can wait a while because you're actually in a pretty good place if you think you might and if you think you never will but you don't really believe it you couldn't even wait a while but if you thinking ever willing you believe it it's an emergency case yes
totally the conversation is totally not a conversation
which of course is another conversation
yes other day dependent core ryzen
for psychology of language is there term or name for a language that strangulate
yeah language
language can appear to strangulate
it doesn't really but it really looks like that it says it says strangulation and ended it appears in consciousness the words strangled and your the word anxiety has a rule
to be strangled or choked so there appears to be choking of our life and sometimes it's really like around our own neck and that's language
now where you see what about the body while the body is
is also a problem may be fairly strangled but it doesn't have words for it and therefore it's not stuck in some limited version of what strangulation is but in consciousness is site this is strangulation and underneath is written subliminally is true
image of a physical situation and it's not and has actually mental but it's really looks physical so the language is basically a deceptive and limiting and it's it it's it's how we get entrapped
language is also
balance and imbalance language is gap it balance is imbalanced languages skin balanced and by using the imbalance you will realize balance
so we have to work with language if we don't we won't realize the face to face conversation which is what buddhists are
and if we if we don't work with conversation
we might if i'm not having any conversations with you guys anymore and if i if i go with that than a not gonna realize that conversation is not conversation i have to use conversation to realize not i have to fully engage with fear to realize fear is not fear that's not saying
there is no fear it sang fear is not fear
fear is a vital call for conversation
not fear again is a vital call like somebody conducted me and says i'm not afraid i don't need to talk to you anymore
that's a vital everything's calling us to engage
the respond
and realize that that's what's going on

now after that it has become quiet
but what's in the background

it's always in the background of silence
may or
answer a extend to every the