Buddha Sitting as Us; Us Sitting as Buddha 

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into every

at green gosh now we have a
in autumn practice period
ha i'm sort of emphasizing ceremony
or practice as ceremony or
emphasizing the practice is ceremony and hopefully ceremony is the practice
so sometimes in the tradition of this person is a coastal what's gone on a mad person that does zen master
a dogan zingy
the way he tried his close disciples was that
but a ceremony
or the ceremony of of buddha's is the buddha away
the buddha away is the ceremony at the boot away
there's not another boat away
if we don't do the ceremony or the buddha way the buddha away is
sort of lost in the world
and this actually is a as a teaching of
ha dorgan which some of his best students had difficulty understanding
so i think
he won't be surprising if we have trouble understanding this to
on the cover of
and the book being upright there's a chinese character which is a character for ceremony or ritual
and has to parse the partner right his character for person a part in the left is a character from meaning
or righteousness
or justice
and but to join the person together with justice
get character for ceremony so there's a there's a background in chinese culture
the way to connect meaning or righteousness or justice
the way to connected to a person or the way to connect a person
to justice and meaning is through ceremony
and this this character was in china before buddhism before bodhidharma was transmitted
but in the end when it got transmitted
part of what happened was that the teachings of buddha the truth and meaning of the buddha dharma
was also
united with the person
through ceremony or ceremony what is the vehicle was the vehicle and still is a vehicle in a in asia from to join to unite
the person and meaning
or to embody the meaning and the person
and embody the person in the meaning
sudden there's not a person in addition to the meaning for a meeting in addition to the person
the ceremony is the meaning and the person
is one kind of ceremony
i think i would have my understanding of dogan would be that etiquette is on this is one example
of the way a person unites with meaning
be one way
but strictly speaking we don't usually call sitting meditation etiquette
but you could you could say that sitting meditation is a certain form of etiquette
our walking meditation like have been doing that it's a kind of etiquette
could say it that way i be open to that
but if you have some other meanings of etiquette i think i would also be open to dollars but and if you didn't consider sitting meditation if you didn't consider yoga exercise as etiquette than i would say fine but let's make that a ceremony to
so in the case of etiquette or in a case of a certain yoga yoga practices like sitting
what i mean by it become being a ceremony is at your
you're doing the form like form of etiquette perform of posture
you're doing the form
a physical form or a vocal form
the manifest something which is not a form of justice
or compassion the truth
the me and the meaning of the truth certain i just the truth it's the meaning of the truth because truths around all over the place where as a meaning while the meanings there too but we need to
add some form to manifest meaning in our human life
so if i say to you
the welcome honored guests
and i say that in a really kind
gracious way he could say well that was that was a nice expression of etiquette and
i felt that that etiquette manifest is something more than just
this person welcoming me i felt it in manifested a great truth of our relationship a great meaning comes with this nice welcome so then it's then etiquette is a ceremony offered for this great realization
another way i i i think you've heard me say before is that
well you've heard me say before and you've also said before when we had our heart sutra
we say
given emptiness is the term translation given emptiness there's no eyes no ears no knows no tongue nobody in our mind
another way to say it as an emptiness there's no eyes no ears there's no color is no sound in emptiness or another way to say it is in the context of emptiness
so in other words heavier actually aware of emptiness if you're aware of the ultimate truth
like if you're looking at the ultimate truth was the ultimate truth you're looking at
nothing can be found
no dharmas can be found
i see gordon i see charlie ice and tracy i see bernard okay
but all these beings that i see are marked by emptiness and when i see their emptiness i can't find them
i see that front i see i understand i see and i understand bernard cannot be found in that context there's no bernard
if nothing is non-existent is just that he's ungraspable i can't find him
and in that context when i'm when i'm aware of the truth than what i'm stan my words and my gestures
our rituals
when you're in golfed in the radiance of ultimate truth everything you do is in that context
everything you do cannot be found
cannot be grasped
and yet you speak and make gestures but these gestures are ceremony celebrating the ultimate truth
which of course they always are but people don't see it people don't see that the fact that she can move your hands and stretch your arms is because of the truth the truth sponsors or your action
when you see the truth you feel it sponsor your action and then your action is at a ceremony manifesting the truth in your action
so again if you or i or if one understands the truth
a vast emptiness than in that understanding
no actions can be found nor people can be found no colors but can be found and and then all actions in a place where actions can't be found rituals are ceremonies to manifest or truth in these actions
you can eat when you do a ritual
if you directions along enough you start to realize the emptiness of all your activity
when what you do as a ritual
you will if you if you do if you're if you make an offer your all your actions as rituals to the truth to realize the truth you will realize the truth and ritual
and that's what the rituals were are for the ones who realize the truth so those who don't yet realize the truth if they realize everything they don't do as a ritual than they realized the truth

saudi working with this particular this fall and i'm also going to be had green gulch for the practice period also be working on the lotus sutra
because the lotus sutra is etc which very much says
make all your day actions or ritual of the lotus sutra
and i mentioned to fear before
the when this when this ancient teacher dogan was dying he recited the lotus sutra and the part of the lotus hickory recited was
where it says wherever you recite the lotus sutra that is where buddha it is born that is where buddha
is enlightened that's where buddha walks
so he was walking reciting the scripture which says when you recite this scripture buddha is walking here
the visit this place where you're reciting scripture he a place where buddha is walking so he was walking reciting scripture which says by the fact that reciting the scripture buddha is walking here
which is a simpler way to search which is not quoting the lotus sutra according me earlier today is
when you're walking when you're doing walking meditation hear that walking meditation
can be walking as buddha
and that walking meditation can be buddha walking as you
if you use scripture to support that the lotus and script can and server-side the load of scripture while you're walking and then you're walking his buddhist walking and is walking is you're walking
put is walking the buddhist send a message to us that the buddha's walking is not other than are walking
an are walking has no other than buddha's walking
that's the situation
but we have to practice that otherwise we will realize it we have to dedicate our walking make are walking and offering to the buddha's which means make are walking buddhist walking and make buddha's walking are walking we have to think that we have to
offer that
even though it's already true

someone who
he's a
very impressed by death because of the death of people close to her asked me recently
what is the great matter of birth and death
so on
while there is on that wooden board up there we can call on which is chinese word for board
on that board
which we strike to call people the meditation it says great is the matter of birth and death
and that words matter also can mean meaning a fair reason thing
great is the thing of birth and death great is the meaning of birth and death great is the affair of birth and death
and birth and guess i think all of us are somewhat familiar with birth right
happened to us not too long ago
and also happened this morning and death we have some experience of death we heard we here it's coming we see other people manifesting it birth and death is is one of the is is the way the chinese road samsara
sometime is going around and going around birth and death chinese your birth and death has understood cyclic birth and death going around in birth and death so you could say great is the matter of some sarah
now also nirvana is a great matter to
and some people might say well
the great matter of birth of samsara and nirvana
but also
sending a message to from nirvana
birth and death samsara is the great matter
since process as me what is the great matter of birth and death and i said the great matter of birth and death is the presence of the buddhist
and the bodhisattvas
so we got birth and death
plenty of it
spinning around were in a birth and death crisis right
what's the great
matter here the good matter is that the buddhas are present
and because the buddha are present in birth and death there's no birth and death
and because the boat as a present we can practice with them they are here to practice with us they manifest in birth and death to practice with us
and we can practice with them by just offering our life to the buddha's making a making our life the buddhist life making our life the way of the buddha
the buddha's
our of course
practicing the boot away
the boot away is present to us is present with us however we need in order to realize that we have to make give our life
ife to the boot away moment by moment

there may be other great and other great a meanings are great matters of birth and death that's the one i mentioned the other day
how someone also said to me recently that ah she sometimes she feels she has a view that
which which defines nourishing shows a a nourishing view
and the nourishing view is that she supported her life is supported she has a life that supported that's kind of life she has supported one rather than unsupported one percent and she finds that view nourishing
she finds the view that she's been nourished nourishing
and i will share i know if she said this by think she probably would agree that she has a view that her life his nourishing to her life also supports and nourishes other life sometimes she has a view and she finds out nourishing and healthy and
feeling groovy
does make sense
that she would find such a view nourishing the view the nourishing view nourishment that she has another view the unnerving view
it's severe that she's not being nourished or the shoot any moment she might nourishment might be cut off
she's not be supported she's alone
and she finds out you're not very nourishing and terrifying and cramped and uncomfortable and
as some people see that that view and they don't even open to the pain of it they just start blaming people
they stayed they they see that they're not being supported that damned that view they feel bad about it and then they go around telling people
that they got a problem that they're not being supportive
but i don't tell you you're not being supportive of me do i
i don't think you're not be supportive of me i don't have that views i don't tell you that you are but if i have that view i would feel very bad
i used to have that view sometimes that some people were not supporting me
fortunately i was never had that view anymore
however if i did have that view i would encourage myself to take the nourishing view
seeds are nourishing have you know you can eat seeds
this nourishing view is a nourishing it's nourishing it's a view of being nourished and it's nourishing i would take the nourishing view and bring it over to the underage and view and plant the nourishing view in unnerved xing view
that's one of the best uses for the nourishing view is the planet in a field of unoriginal views
the nourishing is great and feels comfortable but it doesn't really do its thing unless you take the nourishment and put it where there isn't nourishment
the plant the seed of hey i'm supported and i want to support and i am supporting and i i was put that see that happy nourishing seat and bring it over to
the muddy field
hey suddenly there's done enough nourishment here i don't want nourished you if you don't nourish me but i'll put it in that field of suffering
bring the buddha and plant the buddha in the realm of beings who do not appreciate buddha
and put that seat in there and blooded embrace let the nourishing view fully embrace the unnerved and unnerved xing view
put down roots and deeply embrace and engage the unknown are issuing
mud and then that will germinate and was set up a sprout and that's brought will make a great lotus are a great tree
and this tree visit this is the buddha this is the boot away
it's not just hey when support ville we take support villain put an unsupportive
a planet and we keep planning it and keep watering and tell the support will completely permeates and then develops this great lotus oliver
the world where people do not appreciate that they're being supported and supporting
so we do a ritual
we bring that the buddha of review into a form in the world

i i also wanted to ah
just mentioned to hear the all the time psycho sutra the flower adornment scripture
in this translation it is
sixteen hundred pages and on page twelve twenty six

there is a discussion about time and an end and the end of the scriptures of the desert
there's a bunch of stories about this young young man named my suit enough and sedona i think means
like rich or wealthy and talent
very talented young boy and his he's going around to visit he visits fifty two or fifty three teachers fifty two fifty three bodhisattvas
to learn the boot away from them
and of the number eleven
the fifty three is a monk named
it's the same soon his name which means
skillful or
well and darshan means vision so skilful envision among the and sudarshan he goes and meets this monk is looking for him
and finally the searcher says that sedona
saw the monk
and he saw the monk walking around in a woods
and this monk was
do you not just a pseudonym this monk was really good looking
very handsome
with you know the characteristics of a great person the appearance of a great person walking in the woods
and his gaze was steady
and ah mindful
and it had his gaze had vast intelligence and his gaze was intent on the
insuperable knowledge
and his mind was free of vacillation and vein imagination idol fantasies
false ideas he saw that when he saw this monk walking in the forest
he saw him walking and you can see that she was walking and he was fully resolved to guide our beings to full development
of the vast spheres of great compassion
he can see this monk was ever mindful of the buddha away and that this monk was treading the buddha way for the sake of all living bags walking quietly
so i bring this up as am a my on scripture source
for the walking meditation of the bodhisattvas
so we can practice walking meditation
and so i encourage myself and i would like to encourage you to when you're doing walking meditation look into your heart and see if you feel a firm resolution to walk in order to guide all
beings to full development
of the vast sphere of great compassion
i'm walking now
i resolve for at least i consider the resolution
i considered too firmly resolve to walk in order to guide all beings to full development of the vast sphere of great compassion
this is a assistance with suit in her saw his monk he's committed to come into his teacher when it is
teachers this is what he saw his teacher showing him
so even santos and we we do walking meditation oftentimes between two carries acidic
so we we we have a scriptural source here now for how to practice walking meditation as this body for teacher practiced it
to make the walking the form of walking a ceremony to manifest the bodhisattva
and of course bodhisattvas are walking the buddha away their minds they're mindful of walking boot away right this presets for my book doesn't mean they never forget
never slip never get distracted but anyway they are when their bodies sought on the job they are mindful of the boot away and they walked the boat away for the sake of all beings and they are
resolved to guide all beings
to the vast sphere of great compassion
today we can walk that way we can walk with that resolve to walk for the benefit of all beings to walk to guide this world of bags
we can walk that way we can think that way and walk that way and when we do were walking like this bodhisattva
i feel completely in accord with
what he said my about of dogan we just recited
his disciples are bringing our attention to this scripture as
instruction and how to do walking meditation as a ritual to manifest the border way i should say to manifest the buddhas in the world as the boot away
and then another scripture source
ah there's the lotus sutra but
before i go there
i wanted to raise up the job comes like a secure again
and also mentioned that we when we
when we awoke this halter we put a load of center inside of shocking money border
so the lotus sutra inside a shocking when but and here's the autumn a and both these texts are encouraging us to make are walking
a ceremony for manifesting the buddha way in this world
and so i bring are going to bring this up later than lotus sutra or thing if you'd like me too but now i feel like i should say i seem to have given a speech
and now that i'm giving a speech for now that the speech has been given i welcome an interview
he could ask questions and see if answers or something kind of response comes so i see linda and i see robin and homer and you and your hundred quite a while ago i just don't want to bring something up there
maybe heron sir aaron gonna start
i was talking about fear years

i at a ceremony cultivate frozen or stuff

and so if i'm if i'm not walking
i'm laughing because
i just said if i'm walking and then boom a search comes to mind about the buddha walking
i didn't mean to bring this up is so lovely how that's how how the mind when it's train in a certain way and somebody has a question about how you would
our ceremony would go with fearlessness that i i think i'm talking about walking because i was just talking about walking and i say it and then boom or here i sutra comes to mind about the border walking
cape and the buddha says when i was walking in the forest and fear came
i would continue to walk
so i just tend to scientists from laughing how as laughing how beautiful and funny it is how the hump how the mind works when it swims around in the teachings
isn't that cool the buddhist the buddhist said when i'm walking in the forest and other words yeah when i'm walking in the forest and fear comes i just keep walking until the fear goes away
i don't stop walking when when i become afraid
i keep walking i keep doing the ceremony of walking i'm walking in the forest as a ceremony to realize the truth but still fear comes
but the boot is for stumbled upon this buddha the kind of story is a historical buddha who to who had past experience studying with buddhas
buddhist told him before when you're walking in the forest and fear comes keep walking boy so he remembered that some hard came to him stumble upon again in this in his life as shakyamuni buddha
when fear comes keep walking
and he said and when i was sitting a fear came i would continue to sit until the fear passes away and if i was standing i would continue standing until the fear passed away and if i was reclining i would continue to recline until the fear passes away
this is the buddha way
it isn't that you're walking for us to get from one side of the other you're walking in the forest to manifest to put away in the forest that's why you walk in forest
are you do walk to the grocery store but you don't walk to the grocery store to get to the grocery store you just happen to be walk into the your strength and purpose of it is not to get to dorsoduro the purpose is to the ritual of walking meditation to realize the boot away every step between here in the grocery store now when you get there than you have another
actus called shopping
and then you do the practice of shopping not to get the things you're shopping for but to manifest the buddha away in the shopping center
and if when you're shopping fear comes the buddhist as i continue to shop until the fear passes away
the systems
so this is how ritual
ritual in opens opens us to the whole world
and fear comes
can be treated respectfully by continuing the practice and helping the fear come down not into practices not so that i will be afraid anymore i just practice and tell there's no fear
do this i do this to guy all beings the bodhisattvas walks in the forest to guide all beings and when fear comes a body but this is a body surf this is a buddha who was a bodhisattva at that time he continued to walk in the indian forest
the guide beings to show them and he found the way in the forest
by that ritual
the ritual of the buddha that's a buddha ritual of walking in the forest for the welfare of beatings and good realized buddha and he he became than realized buddha by practicing that way
and if we practice that way
we will realize fearlessness and not just fearlessness but what comes with fearlessness the buddhas and bodhisattvas practices were
what can we
say it louder
a suitable okay you are number four k pick ticket
hey linda
it is past he was me want to say

which part
yeah he saw the monk so sudanese saw that suited it was looking for sudarshan sudan i was looking for suit for sudarshan up and he saw sudarshan are walking in a certain forest
and he was handsome and
had the marks of a great person his gaze with steady and mindful
of the vast intelligence
and his intention was on the sphere of insuperable knowledge of the buddha's and as mine was free of vacillation
and free of vein imagination and idol fantasies and false ideas
and he was aware of vast range of enlighten knowledge and firmly resolve to guide all beings to full development
a vast spheres of great compassion
ever mindful of the boot away treading the buddha way for the sake of all beings walking quietly and steadily
and it also says neither quickly nor slowly
in such as we walked me to quickly move slowly and other ways we walk super slowly
super slow beyond slow and quick walk we walk
with are moving
we're we are walk we walk on movingly are walking is an expression of immovable setting
which means are walking is an expression of the buddha way
and then robin

how'd you do it
well for example if you ever had a vision a nourishing vision like oh my god
all these people in room rumor supporting me on my god i actually am
i'm like willing to support them all and i have she's i am supporting them all this is a nourishing vision then you might be an olympic later you might be walk around some of these people do not support me here
and you know
i think i can say more about them but i was basically i feel pretty bad about these people and these people are source of irritation and repulsion etc
but i am
i feel supportive of this nasty old thought i'm having now and i'm supported by this nasty thought and i'm gonna bring my my gracious nourishing view right over to this narrow narrow or narrowing tightening tense
on appreciative strangling view i'm going to bring all my warm supportive views over and homeowner not just bring him i'm like
i'm going to like supplant them in this
in this land of pollution
and i'm gonna just keep engaging
this area which seems to be a problem i bring the nourishing view to the so-called problem area because i can see from the nursing have this problem area is actually an opportunity area it's an opportunity to grow something that cannot grow in better neighborhoods
the lotus grows and mud doesn't grow in sand
doesn't grow in air hair and sand or fine
the view you know an interview of being supported can can you can have that in vast space but to take that wonderful view and to bring it into a most difficult narrow type places in our own body and mind and in other people's body and mind's to bring it there
and engage those areas
we had a guest speaker i bring us other night and the thing you say which i appreciated most as he said something like i don't know what the system like i i don't wish my children to be happy i don't wish them to be unhappy
i wished them to be engaged
the bodhisattvas are not written david the courts they want people to be happy and one didn't want people to be unhappy but the main thing is that they they weren't they engage everybody
they embrace everybody they they bring their
there nurturing view their healthy view they bring it into
close relationship with
everybody all sentient beings have this
whatever kind of views somewhat limited view it's okay boss feels that makes sense
get homer

excuse me he said how can one be engaged so open so vast
it's rather it's to take the open open use the openness
to support you to be engage
so first of all i had this open attitude gay i'm open to supporting everybody i'm open to everybody supporting me
i'm opening to
sarah palin and joe biden supporting me i'm open to them supporting me i'm open to barack obama supporting me i'm open to john mccain supporting me
i'm hoping to them supporting me and i'm open to supporting them i don't just support one
candidate and not the other i'm open to supporting them all and being supported by all
and that openness that vast openness sponsors my willingness to engage for example and just now talking about them i just i just engaged in particular language about particular people
hopefully from the place of openness to them all that wishing and wishing that they all took that they too will was also be fully engaged with all being and why want that for them
and i i have confidence that that's
that that will be helpful in this world
but the openness is it was allowed me to be not exactly not hope and but to get particular
so emptiness makes me open to all situations
the truth oppositely all situations and makes all situations open to me and that that's what supports me willing willing to be particular it to some particular place the some particular thing and engage it
and when i can engage is because i i got distracted from the truth
i forgot that this thing is vast emptiness
so then i said well i can't engage this
the my relationship with this person is not a ritual not a ceremony this is just
you know lack of appreciation this is not a ceremony of lack of appreciation this is just a non ceremonial lack of appreciation this is this is an opportunity to not manifest the broader way
and this is a good person to not manifest to boot away with
this person does not deserve the buddha way no way i'm not going to practice with this person this person is not going to get booed as love from me
no this is a good case for an exception to the rule
forget emptiness smokiness
so in southern his body sought for on break
on vacation but it's a true and juvenile delinquent boys up
so then i confess and repent okay i'm sorry
that was a that's not what i want to do
yeah so if you don't want to do that anymore than if you ever do do it then confessed and repented before the buddhas and that will not the way the root of doing that

yeah so sometimes your mindfulness breaks you lose your mindfulness
so that's why then as sometimes lost is mindfulness that's why he was visiting all these teachers is to get help had been more mindful of what you want to be mindful of and sometimes you forget so than you confess i forgot
i i want to be mindful but i wasn't i forgot
that this get all all situations are supporting me and i'm supporting them i forgot that all situations our doors to the truth i lost my mindfulness i'm sorry i want to go back to mindfulness of the teachings again
now community one more time
me the sudanese
okay souda bay bay yes

you're welcome and alcides want to say i wanted to ask first of all
is iran part of asia
his is his real part of asia
who is iraq part of asia
is china part of a year his career part of asian is japan part of asia is india part of asia is nepal part of asia
i just wanna say i'm glad the lot of asians here today
three nights i think we have about ten asians here keep wonderful
happy said the committee heard the other night
i think of now beings
maybe be happy
it may all beings be happy as is from the metasearch of buddha said that may all beings be happy to be this may all beings be engaged
that's of my personal
that's what the police
you're happy buddha says what they may all beings be happy he calls me i'll be beings be engaged
right that's right that's what a milk
a fair amount of mischief
society at large that people who equate be happy
that engaged
the i do too
yeah so we want we want the when it caught the nurturing view to engage the non nurturing view
who want to bring that movement to bring the that nurturing via over and an avid engage to nanda tree
but the emphasis is not on you know has getting happy that it's the emphasis is we are happy and we want to bring this happiness
to those who have unhappy view we want to engaged push them or not as i often say those who know how to play
need to teach those who don't know how to play and the bodhisattvas are playing
in the realm of supporting all beings and being supported by all beings everybody supports the body's up a second play
together with everybody but some of the people were playing with don't know how to play it so they have to not only play with them but they have to play with them such a way that they learn how to play
this so they need to bring are playing over to interact with those who don't want to play until those who don't i play learn how to play and in the place where they're playing together is where
the great lotus grows the healing of
of he owns a on being on playful and all the wounds that come from on being playful that all those wounds are healed in this place base
ceremony relationships
the nourishing side
nourishing you was always
yeah the nourishing view the the reality of of nourishment a mutual nourishment as always the case
but if we don't do the ceremony
of nurturing
we don't realize the reality of nurturing nursing
so we do a ceremony of nurse like now we have a new were doing a ceremony here are having a diamond talk but we're feeding each other you know damn has been fed to us we're offering dharma words dharma dharma food
two has a ceremony to realize the fact that dharma for it's always being offered
so i'm garages a dharma the one from time up food tell you teachings about how to walk
in a way to make your walking nourishing to yourself and others
and the ceremony is for you to realize that that was at always the case but without doing without bringing this up without mentioning this way of walking you might not realize that this is the way were merely walking really you're you're always walking to help other people that's really why you're walking that's really how you're walking
he's your always helping everybody and everybody's helping you but unless you do the ceremony of walking to help others to help all others you don't realize you're walking to help others and unless you did a ceremony of continuing to walk when you become afraid you don't realize the reality
a fearlessness really you're not afraid
really are with buddha and buddha's with you in a land of fearlessness but if we don't practice of ritual of that we can miss it
and even if we practice it we can do with in mindfully we can have a elapsed in or mindfulness and slip into forgetfulness and then forget where we are
yes eileen

stand seeing the asian americans score
we talk about nurse

his name
the city in that races

to remember we're walking and nourishing place

the other way
who can have it
we get and if we do have a pattern of walking the other way than we need to bring the bodyshop a walking tour other way of walking
and we need to bring it there
in a playful way so we don't shove the boy subtle way
on to those who are walking none bodies up the way we need to bring it to him such a way that they they open to it so in this example
these asian american women were
they were
talk to about how asian american women are really good at math
but they didn't realize that there were being kind of like
i don't know what the word is primed
by this talk so the conversation we just started just talking to them and i just mentioned that asian american women are good at math and then it took a math test and did really well the math test
but the way the but the way that the experiment it was talking to him i guess what sort of playful and are certainly really notice that they were being
the offered this is view that they could be good at math so when so they opened to this view and and it took the math doesn't do really well
and then they had another conversation with some of them where they didn't they talked about asian american women being somebody what was it
all women all women about women being what what was that example women being
it wasn't i break them that there was some good at math but it was it
there was something different
there been talk to who they're asian men women taking the test either is asian women
do you think was asian man
yeah so one one in one way of talking to him was a second group is a to positive statements about women but not about math and then it took the math test and didn't do well
and then positive statements about women about math and they did well
so the thing is then he went to engage with people
the thing is engaged with them and and make the engagement the point
and then the engagement shows all kinds of possibilities
because when you engage you don't engage doesn't mean you engage in impose your view on them it means you engage in you bring all the possibilities that you bring and in the engagement they opened to the possibilities with you you also open to the possibility of the engage with being different than you intended


it is busy specific it's specific to the situation how you engage with a specific situation so if there was a war you might if you are very you might be able to engage with the war in such a way as to what awakened in people are way to be playful and harmless in war there are examples of peace
the kindness in the middle of a battle
there are examples like that where somebody here in a middle of a battle and somebody's buy to do something unnecessarily cruel
you know doesn't really help anybody is just to kind of under thoughtless cruelty and somebody else can come in and point on you know you don't have to do that you don't be cruel i think people say crawling war isn't that like aren't you all was cruelly war know
some people go into a war situation and demonstrate kindness i had told you this example before of in the battle of waterloo
and on the british had this line and the french were attacking on horseback mostly and than this one particular case of this french officer who was in retreat stopped to pick up a fallen soldier
and a british riflemen was going to shoot the officer
in his office said don't shoot that guy
christina if he's a good person he's he's risking his life to help somebody else russians him and it's in retreat anyway
and as you could think well maybe i few takes a guy way me with the other guy will you know get medically treated and come back to fight but actually he's not going to come back to fight that was the last thing that was dumb no more from the french for a while
so actually did wasn't going to they're just wasting a bullet and being unkind to a good person then i'm pick him up and take him away like the red cross is basically red cross worker he was a he was orderly he was a doctor let the doctor take away the injured people don't shoot the doctors
so that's an example of one soldier was not be mindful of being as kind as possible under the circumstances and the other one was reminding him so those tomb when being kind and one of them was not so it is possible to engage in war and
make some compassion be there in the field
it's possible most people are not fearless enough to go into that field and remember compassion
so this is part of the bodhisattva
challenge is to learn to practice walking
and continuing to walk when fair cones until the for goes away and then from that fearless place in the dangerous situation to demonstrate compassion
if you start walking in the jungle of the for the for the battle fears gonna come see you have to stay there long enough to find the fearlessness in this dangerous situation and then you can teach then you can help but you gotta stay
to settle down and that's hard
tired and but we have we have this opportunity coming to us we are going to be receiving situations all of us
we are guess where where it's gonna be easy to become afraid
and so they were going to be able to continued walking or sitting until it comes down
and then the body suffer what happens now
if you're walking in the fair comes and you keep walking and it instantly goes away that makes things simple but doesn't just go away right away sometimes it takes it can see quite a bit more walking before it comes down and we know from from are sitting we do you know we sit and pain comes and we don't
necessarily keep sitting long enough for the to see the pain go away or urgency to me i think about were sitting and pain comes and we become afraid of the pain
we're afraid of you know it's a guy get worse how much longer it's going to go on weekend so but we we do sometimes sit long enough for the fear to go away the pain may stay but with the fear was away too many of you have experienced this in your longer settings sitting comes
the pain comes the fear comes to continue sitting
the walking comes the pain comes the fear comes to keep walking and the fear goes away and you keep walking through the pain and sometimes a pain goes away
the pain it will go away
when you realize the truth doesn't go away it just there isn't any pain
and then you bring that
back into the pan
yeah those you in past lives were not excellent mathematicians will now be excellent mathematicians
pecan slip that in the conversation and then give a of dust
for in our case give a buddhist alpha test
those are past lives were not great bodhisattva as will and his life be great body surface
so i have confidence in such a practice and i think such a practice
will bring about a good result for this country
the practice
have respecting people
i've having a steady gaze
a being like a redwood forest as someone said this will facilitate a good ah
conclusion not conclusion or good turning of this crisis
into the next step and the next step if we continue this practice
the practice of the boot away

why you think kanye someday realize that

yeah we're order to hear and expression walking the line heard it recently
do i hear you hurt walking light
well i heard it recently
hello i think i heard it i heard it in texas as for i heard it
ah i went to texas so i went to england and i went to texas and i went to santa barbara than i went to montana than i came here
and when i was in texas we did a retreat
north of houston and we did it was in up
a temple
called it's called days lotus legs and center
and they have to have a lake full of
lilies lilium no water lilies they're not lotuses they could have been but they're not they're water lilies
but anyway they call the lotus pond
and se and and and they talk about walking their practices walking
and they they're totally can they have little to have my
quite a few acres and they have walking pass out in the woods the woodlands around their temple
and they talk about walking walking the light or walking in the light their practice and i think
i think i have confidence that all human beings are going to wind up walking and delight now i don't know if they will be humans at the time he we might have a different name for our successors
our disciples may not be called humans anymore
but we are heading we're all heading in the direction of all beings walking in the light i have confidence in that or i would say everybody is heading for the big buddhahood
i don't think there's no way to avoid it were being forced to become buddhas
we will not be able to resist
much longer

may tangier the extend to every be in place with the true
his way
umbrellas to save them delusions are inexhaustible i about to end them dharma gates are boundless ah
wow to enter them buddha as way is unsurpassable ah to become it