The Buddha Way is Ongoing Crisis 

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now i returned to buddha
now i returned to dharma
now i returned to sanga
this is
the setting a buddha
this is this getting of dharma
this is the setting of sondra

i want this to be the sitting on buddha
i want this to be the sitting on dharma
i want this to be the sitting of samba
how are you

i don't want to be involved in anything but the sitting buddha
i want everything
i'm involved with to be the staring and buddha
how are you

if any of you do not want every moment of your life to be the sitting buddha you are welcome here
this is the place for you
this is the sitting buddha and buddha welcomes all those who do not want to be close to buddha
and of course all those who do want to because the buddha are also welcome
but they are not preferred over the rebellious ones
they're all adorable
all beings
are invited to join the practice including those who do not want to

but of course it's painful to see people who resist joining
this wonderful party
of having this be sitting buddha is painful to see someone
not accept the great gift of the buddha
but are still welcome even if they don't accept and it's really wonderful to see someone accept
the invitation to come home to buddha is really not able to see that

so we sometimes they life is short
but also i decide to emphasize that life is infinite
life is short so don't waste any of it is precious don't waste it but also it's infinite so enjoy it
help please keep enjoying the infinite life
a buddha the infinite life of life which is the infinite light or buddha
just like we received his beautiful halter from the
devil days of the buddha of infinite light
and we put shocking when you bought it here in this afternoon we invited another person to sit up and alter our old bodhi dharma is there looking at you
so please come and say goodbye to him when you leave tonight
he goes very well with a halter does he
yeah he's actually have a low-key touch bar
but looks different
is there anything you like to express on this saturday afternoon
yes anita
how are the have going on there are they also in this place and crisis
buddhists all live in crisis guess as where they live
they live in a fierce flames
of the world of change
that's where they live they don't live in the
what he called the
they would come a deal the static suburbs
they lived downtown change
but they sit completely still
in that crisis
they sit still and quiet and cool and warm
but that's what they live they live really read in the middle of the
of this dynamic universe
and were actually there with them
so why not enjoy it
yes homer
absolute older to take it comfortable

and the buddha's i sitting with all the unsettle mess
they're open to all the unsettled nice
they're breathing with all the unselfishness
they they've trained to open to all the unsettled us
and they're practicing with us right now

they're supporting us they're embracing us are sustaining us and we are supporting them
although we may not know understand that yet
they send the word that that's so

yes jimmy
does it require
now if buddha is to be manifested
what kind of faith you're referring to
i suppose it is clusters
what everything be all right
well either couldn't or kind of i don't exactly have that kind of faith that have it is gonna be all right because i don't say that when people have been cruel to each other everything's all right in their cruelty i would just say that
for buddha to manifest
there is a m a wish of the one of the prerequisites for buddha manifesting is no wish to open beings who do not see
that that get there were living in peace to open beings to the wisdom that sees that we're living in peace that wish to teach beings this manifests buddha in the world
we're not everyone has yet seeing this
and that buddha has the faith that the best thing to do is to work to help bangs open to is truth
things are right because but it doesn't say it's all right that people see
great suffering but isn't say that's all right buddha is just trying to teach people
that right in the middle of the suffering
there's a peaceful land it's right in the same place but people need need to be educated in order to open to that
and the wish to educate beings who are living in various states of
suffering that wished to educate the manifest the buddha
but the buddhist already in on manifested form can also in all situations
buddha's sitting in the middle of everybody's suffering
already but they aren't manifested
mrs thoroughly but they do manifest if we
you know if we cry out in suffering and they they will respond to that and if we notice
our cries we want will notice something comes to meet them
and then buddhist become manifest

so from our side the buddhist side is the buddha has faith in in
helping beings as buddhist faith
and but has faith that a bees we start to be concerned about helping beings that would be helpful to those damn
as their faith arthur it might be for example faith in being where we are
returning to where we are returning to this mind and also faith to return to this mind in a way that it doesn't abide in a way that it doesn't clean in the way that it doesn't grasp there is a way that the mind is that way so this is our it out
would be that could be your fate or my faith would be faith in medic meditating on the non abiding ungraspable truth he will be fade there's good to keep thinking about the truth all the time the boot all the time and also be here in this life and with my suffer
and feel it and also remember this is where buddha is site i have faith that is good for me to be aware of what i'm feeling what i'm thinking what i'm doing i have faith in that
i could have faith in that and also can have faith that while i'm this way and while i'm aware of being this way i also returned to buddha so not just be mindful of my experience i'm also mindful of returning to buddha that can be my faith that faith meets buddhist faith
that faith meet buddha reaching out to assist me to become buddha
but it isn't just me being aware of what's happening for me and me being aware of what i've heard as the buddha's teaching
it's also the i get i get what he called is a matching grant there
when i give myself to my experience and being present when i have faith that being present as good and now that but i realized a big present is returning to buddha i get met by buddha what is trying to meet me all the time but if i don't make my contribution
when i miss buddhist contribution
so buddhist completely faithful to all beings who is it ready for that they're willing to be to have devoted completely to all beings that's their faith that they believe that would be good they wanna do that
i would like to learn that
i would like to return to buddha to learn that i would like to make buddha help a helped me learn that and i also have to be willing to pay me i can't like do that from some dislocated position so i believe in being me and i believe in having me be return
the to buddha
it's not that i'm buddha is said i'm returning to buddha and realizing than me and buddha or not to
and buddha wants me to realize that because buddha already knows that
that's my faith and buddhist faith the gradually becoming one
such faith is required you can say different ways but
faith is required buddha has faith and those who wish to become like buddha have to develop but his faith
tammy says no gang thank you yes
to follow up on that when i was going through a major crisis in my life i had my daughter paint me a painting let's that faith while and i i had it i see it
and for me it meant and having faith in what was happening
and what was happening was less buddha
was from my higher guy was covered in the process of learning wonderful
the that's how i am
interpret faith good
i also think when you use to turn to that lot
peep here you can get confused a little bit by that yeah because he has some people might be that big fat guy that smiling years yeah
rather than that enlightened part of ourselves yeah they might think it's that rather than that
so when you said find earlier but as mind this very mine is buddha that's what martha said
for for me it's hard to think that food i can also you know the mind can also be evil yes
so it's difficult for me to thing
the buddha is not just the enlightened part of as it also
the negative part it's difficult for you to think that booed as the negative part yeah it's know some of the buddhist the negative part but buddhism
the way the mind actually is it when there's a negative mind
the way that mine actually is is istook is buddha to the way the negative mind is is that it doesn't abide in anything
so so the buddha is not just a negative state of mind it's the way that mind a negative stay really is that's the way the mine the very mind the way the mind really is his buddha
switching campuses both parts as voters sanctuary it encompasses both parts and is can a core is watch it's what the same about the two parts
is what was the same about a wholesome thought and unwholesome thought towards the same of water cruel thought and a kind thought that the same a bottom is that you can't abide in either one
so how do you take refuge in him he took refuge in not abiding in your states but not abiding doesn't mean you space out where that you run away because running away is biting
a negative version of of biting has tried to get away from your evil mind
so you don't indulge in your evil mind you don't run away from even mind you
pay attention to your evil mind and you take refuge in buddha which means you take refuge in in the non abiding quality of your mind

said that's why taking refuge in buddha as this
and when you first say take revision buildup people have various responses and
some of them are can be confusing so hopefully they'll ask questions
like you did somebody say what's buddha so when we say
that doesn't end the confusion but
at least that people can start to see how we are other people are confused besides me
or everybody else gets confused but me
as an interesting
that's why we need
sanga we need to interact around our understandings of these things
winter express ourselves and get feedback
which were doing
yes this really appreciated and
he reminded me where he is taking taking refuge in africa's
it is actually is really really nice to be so aware that that's what i'm day
and it's not as if a different person that when i hear or when i'm sleeping when i'm not thing says bit i'm aware
how crazy i have when i take refuge because i feel like
that's okay i still literally like i'm taking refuge from
this just crazy why and if still crazy but at least one i'm here i know if it's great i know what's going on rather than being delusional getting caught up it
i just
he should be
check mine that great

yes you said this morning trips to
i e
came to buddha i
he went to i had a camera extremity
the can go off here he is the on top of my whatever the soul you know if couldn't see very well and then you'd get all involved in the school and then go
head over to forget that like to do

another thing about mr magoo however was that as far as i've known her many piece of me or know more about mr mcguigan me but
i recently met mr magoo and i noticed that he
he didn't really see any evil whenever people were doing evil things you'd always he also started really nice things he says oh thank you so much and by responding to their evil we thank you very much to their evil was disarmed
granted the
you know like i don't know what the somebody who'd becoming a robin hood and he would think they're coming to help so he opened the door and to let the man and then they would go right through the house to the other side or something you know that he couldn't see so he was bumping into things a lot but he was also he was seeing a world
of kindness
so on
he's got booed is kinda like mr magoo
except put it has two eyes one you can see oh yeah this is this is the world of suffering and this is what these people are really up to how wonderful and i would like to show them with the really up to

this is an offering she's gonna make which is a song and like to kiss
the whole heartedly is is
that is the sutra and home and after on matter in mom and p
me day
the there's a me when the state or be accomplished
accomplish that way
that the
the and berlin and after mom and a blue now is there a hobby
is there a way to a high today
after them then a name
usb speed and ah them away

if i say that i
want to encourage all beings
to enter the buddha away and attain buddhahood speedily
i am quoting a lot of future when i say that
even though i actually may feel that i want to
live in such a way as to encourage our bigs to enter the buddha away and attain buddhahood speedily still i am putting a lotus sutra
but what i fear could be actually already written down in the great mahayana saddam up the pondering sutra
and there's the dharma printer rico sutra says but i'm going to say no to it says that when you say something that didn't know sutra you're quoting that sutra and when you caught that sutra
buddha is more right now
what it is leaving home right now but is attain the way what is teaching and buddha is entering into perfect nirvana
so i just said that imagine the lotus sutra and because i said that the lotus sutra says that that's what's happening now
when when i say
i want to live so that all beings enter the boot away
at that moment but is born

thank you for taking care of this practice place
i hope he can stand home
ah beautiful it's becoming body by arm bodhidharma his eyes are popping out
it's getting so so lovely and we're going to have a workday and know on september sixth
can have a half day working which half is the work
so in the morning is gonna be like nirvana relaxation time
i'm kind of like massage each other
and then in the afternoon
we're gonna get dressed up in bulletproof vest
i mean a number of ah pois no proof vests
we're going to god and clean the yard up and stuff like that were renting a dumpster serving a clear out all the older
the brink of debris and to make the to make this park their clear for various
and we'll probably do some other work too but so others can be worked to simulate to come to the work a half day and half not work day so the first part not work in combat in the park is not work and leave
he didn't come to the part does not work and stay for the work you guys could just come for the work
lot of possibilities it's a multi-dimensional practice opportunity
on september sixth
be there are you know what

i do enjoy laughing at my on jokes
because otherwise i might like to laugh much

thank you very much