Buddhas Turn the Wheel of Dharma in the Midst of Fierce Flames

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Manjushri's 'the teaching of the Buddha is thus'; accepting suffering and pleasure; being gentle with your own body.

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this morning i brought up the
expression of mangia sri bodhisattva or he said clearly observe
the teaching of the buddha
the teaching of the buddha is thus
so one way to hear that is the teaching of the buddha is thus another way to understand it the teaching of the buddha is to let things be

and a touch i'm one of the first stories i brought up
was a teaching which i brought appear a number of times
which is that the buddha met
where are
a yogi came to see the buddha
he felt he needed teaching from the buddha his name dismount this does yoga his name was bahia
by yeah
d h i y a
and so there's a a scripture come by here suitor

some minute just tell you that the centerpiece
the central part
mr with the central part
of the scripture which is the buddha says train yourself thus
which could also get he said train yourself in bussiness
the buddha said
in the scene
there were just be the c e n in the heard that were just be the heard
and then in the text that actually says and i think sense which includes the other three cents which be in touch still be just detached in the tasted just tasted and in the smell don't just smelled
and in the mental
objects the of awareness though be just the mental object
so train yourself
and then what is as when for you
it's like that when for you
in the scene
there's just to see
and in the heard
there's just a heard
and in the tasted just the tasted
and in the smelled just a smelled
and in the touched just attached
and the mental cognitions
just a mental cognitions
then you will not be with
you will not be in it
you are not locate yourself in it you will not identify with it
and then there will be no here
are there are in between and this will be the end of suffering

i would expand that slightly to say when in the scene there's just a scene
then you will not be with it but also you will not be separate you're not been not worth it either
you won't be in it or not in it
they were just things will just be thus and you won't be in addition
or with the way things are
and this is the end of suffering

in this case the and suffering as when you're completely let things be the end of suffering comes when you in the suffering there's just the suffering
when in the suffering they've just a suffering
in the scene
there is suffering in seeing things
and here he thinks there is suffering is included there and when you let the scene just be the scene you also let the suffering be just as suffering
and that letting the suffering and letting the scene just be the us is the end of suffering

it is also
realizing the teaching of vastness
it is also the buddha getting up in the seat and the buddha is just
sitting on the seat
the it isn't with sitting on the seat or n sitting on the seat the border just sitting on the seat and not even telling you that the buddha is just sitting on the seat

the buddha is just completely sitting on the seat
i'm just completely accepting all suffering sitting on the seat in the middle
i'm all being suffering
and that's the end of suffering
the border sitting on the seat so completely that the buddha's not abiding in the seat or the city so this is called know abode gesturing towards wherever you are
just being wherever you are you're not
abiding and wherever you are you're not with where you are or in where you are and as know here or there and between and that's the end of suffering
and say you know
we gather here and you i think you do kind of i just sit where you're sitting and that if the end of suffering so that's why you come back here because you liked the end of suffering but you don't abide in right
you don't abide in in the end of suffering
no you just accept suffering and you accept the end of suffering along with separating suffering and you don't abide and suffering you just in the suffering they're just as suffering

is there a difference in pain and suffering
the other is there is a difference but not in terms of the practice
he was the one way
the store
the i think kind of adding story so you got the pain and then you add the story of yourself that there's a pain and me
or it's my pain or not my pain
so there is not just in the pan as not just a pain there's me and the pain so me being with the pain is suffering but also pleasure me with the pleasure is suffering too
so the practice with pain and pleasure is the same in the pain they'll be just a pain in the pleasure there will be just a pleasure and when in the pleasure there's just a pleasure because you have to train yourself because when you first start
if you try to apply the teaching of in the pleasure they're just a pleasure
at the beginning is probably like i'm doing the practice of in the pleasure they're just a pleasure
or i'm trying to let their just be pleasure in the pleasure but i seem to be there with the pleasure still i heard about in the pleasure they're just a pleasure but there seems to be the pleasure and me and i'm with it
so that you at that point i haven't really if i really completely let the pleasure be pleasure there's no me in addition to the pleasure
and that's the end of suffering with pleasure
same with pain and if you can't tell whether his pleasure full or unpledged of all it's called sometimes neutral so in the neutral sensation sensations again these pain pleasure neutral are not like colors and stop them those are mental dharmas
so yeah
and the same with fear
and of course same with greed and hatred same with any story in the story that will be just the story
but what you have to train at that
so at the end of this verse we just said we pray that all beings were reach maturity and buddha's wisdom we have to train
where the practices trainings in order to be mature so that in the suffering of just suffering
there's no me with it or not with it does no me in it or not in it and then i'm not abiding in it or out of it this is the end of suffering but not of course we want freedom from suffering but we're not trying to get freedom from suffering we're just trying to let things be thus
and so that's our training
and this train is going on in the middle of
fierce flames
of all the beings who do not know how to let pain and pleasure be thus
who do not know not let gain be thus and last angeles so all these flames are around us and we're sitting in the middle trying to let everything be thus trying to hear the teaching that the buddhist teaching as thus
let things be thus cause they are
but again we we have habits of not letting things be thus so we have to train and we can train athletic things be thus we can do it and make him do it so wholeheartedly that we're not doing it is just been it's just a way things are
so we enter the way things are by this instruction
just temporary leap the bodhidharma dharmas practice there's body time up there he said
with a mind like a wall
you enter the way walls let things be their upright and they have faces and they face everything and let everything be thus
if you can be like that you entered body dharmas wall club
by the way it in the early days of greens restaurant when zen students were mostly working there
they they are
then very zen names for the various dishes so one of the dishes was called of the desert and it was called a bodhidharma
and it was a walnut clip kik
because bodhidharma is a walnut

damn is also a walnut but bodhidharma is a walnut he all he has been for quite a while and he still is and you could be a walnut to if you train and dustless

pleasure is just that it's not measure
when you let the pleasure just be pleasure
then you realize
by letting it completely be pleasure he realized that pleasures not pleasure
and the same with pain in other words you realize the pivotal activity of the mind which doesn't abide in anything
and then you can incorporate
the patterns of now into the practice you can work with the pain
you can use the pain as a creative opportunity like it and go oh wow
earth but not not to try to manipulate anything but just show people
a crying buddha a whining booed him anyway
the way you explain
with pleasure
there's no separate
yeah when you look
know why you don't become it you already are it but you are not with it anymore
but you're exactly become it because you already ariza
you already are but you had to let it be to realize that you are
before you let it be it's you with it
and that's suffering to be to be with what we are is it is painful
because we're alien than were alienated from a we are so but book but we start that way so here's the instruction and were alienated from what we are which is the whole world so let the world be the world just a world and then you your neural become free of alienation
and suffering
but not but if you try to get it
you're not practicing such miss
you're practicing basically
delusion you're trying to get pray him from suffering
but we're going to give that up and we're going to like practice such this we're going to let things be and then
the with that will be the end of suffering
and the meantime we can let it be that we're still kind of a load that with things that were trying to we're trying to let them be but we're still a little bit with them and we can let that be
accepted were not the maturity doesn't seem to have come yet
we're still a little bit
with something or in something
so the time between now and maturity you have you can enjoy the mature maturation process you don't have to mature instantly and miss out on the metric maturation
you can in a mature from quite a while and then enjoy how much how walk trifle it is to slowly mature
right just boom are ripe persimmon is like gradually turning orange like not how they have persimmons their green
and they'll probably get orange and then they'll either be taken off the tree or they'll fall off but usually take him off because they fall off than they go splat in the dirt
so you usually take him off a little ahead of time and let the mature off the vine and they get really soft and you can make persimmon pudding with them
or if you like slimy fruit you can either all slimy
does are also has the asian persimmons which we you don't you eat them while they're still crunchy to different experience we have different instruction for that one
anything else today matt and

okay so let's say you're you're you're captured by
a body sought for the opportune room they say you have to choose between pen and pleasure
you have to choose
okay and then the instruction is in the choice there will be just a choice
now hopefully they don't make your choose before you've become mature in this letting this choice just be this choice say so you can really like really let the choice just be the choice and then you will be free of suffering and then come back
enough they were which did you choose and then you from freedom from south rink and entertain the bodhisattvas
with your interesting answer
i am i don't know i'm not in charge of why you choose what your tours
i'm just a messenger from the buddha's telling you how to deal with
your your choices but i don't know why you choose what you choose i don't even know why you would listen to the instruction
but i think you are listening to an hour know why you're listening to it and are know why i'm telling you but i'm very happy to tell you and i and when i heard about it i was happy to listen to it but i don't know why you choose our know why i choose to come here
but i've never regretted it so
so what you say that's what that's why you come as because you never get it while maybe you might be right who knows
but i don't know why i'm doing what i'm joy
like i also mentioned i don't know why i got to hang out with suzuki roshi why why did i get to spend time with him i know a lot of people who
there are a lot more virtuous than i am but they didn't get the hell with and park am i got there now with them i even some of my friends i said he loved you want her to hang out with them they were busy doing other things you're missing out
and i didn't do that too much because i didn't particularly
you know want to share
so do i said that i don't know why i was so fortunate to meet him and be able to spend time with them
and after the after i said as wife imagery said i know why
and i didn't ask her what she knew
because i don't think she'd to either
we don't know why we're so fortunate
there's many stories you can tell of why we're so fortunate to hear this teaching
hershey or buddha to hear these teachings is like meeting these people face to face and if you do these teachings and practices teachings and you'd become mature anime you realize oh my god i'm meeting them
these teachings take you to face to face meeting with the buddha
which seems kind of far right pete a face to face well
many scriptures were say when you'd do these practices you will see buddha right in your face give me the teaching
but gonna how do you get so lucky as to hear the teaching and practice at i don't know but if you do you will become mature and you will meet the border but i don't know how that all works
oh who knows how it all works
the meeting with buddha knows how it all works the meeting knows how it works not the people that people don't know how buddhism works but the people the practice know is the knowing how it works
if you're new hot work in practice if your practice that is not that if you practice than you know how it works you're practicing is knowing how it works just like
to know how compassion works as practicing compassion that's hot works that's how you know it ignored by practicing it not like all i know hop the compassion working is how the compassion works

we still have a lot of time left
oh michelle he's still here hey michelle

did you have somebody you want to tell us why wouldn't you just that was unsafe
choice lies
choice is a concept
when you said
he are we to see
suffering know
more supper choice
suffered you said suffering by itself
some mythical suffering by itself yes the stuffing ya
yeah let let the mental construction be just a mental construction
you train yourself to let the mental construction just be a mental construction train yourself that way because at first it's hard
and still at the first if like me and the mental construction on me in the training
oh okay okay fine
but then i confess that
there's mean there's me and the training and i'm sorry but the meme and the training but by and that's all i'm a little distracted from just the training
so you do train yourself but the training is actually to let things be which is not you and the thanks

have you done
in the okay is are just the okay

yes michelle's friend
oh yeah i was wondering where that story is that way about with manjushri yeah
where is it
you never heard before isn't that terrific
it's the first case of the book a serenity well is the first one you are such a hurry to get to the second one
is the first run is the number one case in the book of serenity number one we have a kept arriving
we had a cat here i think that the cat should leave the woman locked building up we don't want to get trapped indoors i might undermine the cat being here but
make sure not an alexa she's pregnant and also the the kittens to should go because we don't want animals trapped in here
it's a neighborhood catch so this then and they like to come to zazen which is fine but then they get big if they get trapped does not good
so make sure the cats not in the house when you lock it up please

anyway the doors are open
the cats come in the people come in but don't trap him and don't walk it up and trapped inside okay
okay number one
it's not a and in it's is the main case is monday she's talking right buddhists quiet manjaro she's the talkative one and then the verse is says and nothing can be done about manjushri is leaking
it actually says it well in it's a translation from the chinese
is leaking outflow or defilement
like gain and loss around things is like an outflow

like if you believe in something
that's like kind of as an outflow of you believing in it it's kind of an awful are so the buddha had this six kinds of wisdom that came at the time of enlightenment causally is very supernatural powers like on just have knowledge of past lives knowledge of the karma of other people
and on software knowledge of others' minds the six one his knowledge of the end of these outflows
so manjushri is knows about the end about flaws but for our sake manjushri points out luckier is the buddha here is a teaching the buddha didn't say hey look at me i'm giving you the teaching the burgess center
no i flows
madrid said i don't think they're going to get it look here
good miles history
attention to where we're seeing with hours
yeah be good of he could but he has just been indicted by the poet the pot for leaking
for example story could have been munters she walked by the buddha and tripped on a cat
and and fell into buddhist lap
and everybody noticed oh look look at the way the buddha caught jeffrey of there's the teaching and then issue wouldn't have had that point anything out and yet his body falling in the buddhist lap would have drawn people's attention to the buddhist great compassion
but then he wouldn't have been accused but he he really did tell us some stuff
and he also gave us some instructions you know if some verbal instructions like clearly observe you know
but how nice how compassionate that he descended into the realm of defilement for our sake because that's where we live the buddha's like
can work i like
so what
and when just comes in puts it in an hour and a way that we can write go to little bit of a prominent even though it was wonderful
so then people not and people buds and people are often pointed out that day they let go of the ultimate and come into the weeds for us
don't just float in the ultimate the record
and come and talk to us and our terms like hey look look usually was there
nothing can be done about it i'm a bad boy
the sorry sorry yes
instruction on when we are sitting i'm taking care
being careful when you're sitting
careful of the sitting resemble care for your pi yeah careful careful of your body
your body posture
welcome your body that you know to thank you to this body
welcome the room
now let it be
and then be careful of it like
ah be gentle with it and tender with it because it's fragile
you know don't lie about it don't try don't try to get something other than what it is
you know don't kill it
don't be angry at it
or if you're angry just for a flash and just let the anger be
don't try to be possessive of it don't slander it to be careful of it and be patient with it cause sometimes it it's in pain
and be diligent with it
relax with it and be open to it
and then you're ready to like really let it be like the sitting just be sitting
and also realize that
you don't do these practices of carefulness by yourself
you do it
in relationship with other people there
they're calling you to take care of your body your body is calling you a responding to your body your body is asking you to be kind to it your minds asking you to be kind it and there's a compassionate response and everybody else's asking you to be kind to it and asking you to be kind to them
he also letting all that
conversation go on so you're practicing together with our beings
all this is part of taking care of the sitting


not just mine
mine mine and missouri
but the border getting up on the seat and just sitting there
he didn't get indicted
and also i don't know how long after the buddha sat there
i don't know how long after that the manager should hit the gavel it might have been many aeons
or just a second

so maybe when the buddha sets some bodhisattvas
they see the boy said and they realize oh i'm sitting okay as it don't need manager sure to say anything to me
they didn't even try to sit they just saw a and they realized that there were just like buddha
there were sitting to and they weren't moving to be where they were just like the bullet and moved to be where the buddha was they just walk up in the presence of the border without the border indicating anything
but then some other people didn't realize that they were just like buddha and buddha was just like them so the said oh by the way you know

you mean like in case number one

he mean about a leaking or

no problem and they give it that way no problem at all
as long as thinking about that way doesn't close the door
you know
he may have to league for our sake
shouldn't cause out the possibility that it may be necessary for bodhisattvas to present the teaching and a kind of twisted way to fit our twisted mind and if that's what we need far as i know they're willing to give us whatever would be helpful have to have to squish it and
twisted to make it work for us okay
for the people that were you want to do anything within okay
def so the buddha's he doesn't have a fixed thing you know it's like for whatever the person needs so the buddha gave this teaching for people who could just wake up
without any indication and then when they're all awake than wonder she said for the rest of us
you know some instruction some verbal instruction
clearly observe
make said i didn't seem to be that bad at making a know it's wonderful is not that bad clearly observed it's really wonderful teaching which has once monday she said it now it can come up in our minds when we're walking around or were settings that teaching can just come up in your mind and you can like wake
up your doctor him try to think of it it just pops up because you heard it cause manjushri gave it to you
so now i can come to you whenever whenever it would be helpful
but also the image of the buddha not say that could come to you and i go oh my god
now i see what he was up to
he was sitting there i in there but i didn't realize the was actually teaching me everything at that moment now i see
without pointing towards himself or towards me
by still appreciate mangia shoot hitting that got you know making that noise
thank you so much noisy zen manjushri
you're welcome
thank you for coming to the meeting

well it's almost five o'clock and i just want to thank you again for coming to meet me and i also want to thank me for coming to meet you

may or tenth
the really
extend to every day and place where the true marriage ah
does way be a
nonetheless i love to save them delusions are inexhaustible hi sharon them in time on a side boneless
hi to enter them buddha as way as on are possible
hi to the economist