Conscious and Unconscious Obstructions of the Buddha Way 

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if the person asked the question by science leave
mother there is so what does your question
about science and and dharma practice



well without saying what scientists do i would say that the scientific knowledge
as a lot of similarities with his knowledge
and scientific method has a lot of similarity with
practice method
so for example in in science you have theories
and then you have experiments
that are designed to test the theories
and some and following from the theory there are some experiments with some people would agree if this experiment comes out this way it would disprove the theory and as this or says experiment comes out that way he wouldn't prove the theory but it would
be in accord with what the theory would predict
and so then people do experiments and something would say that good theories are theories that on
seem to encourage or support experimentation
but the theory isn't scientific knowledge of the theory of relativity is not scientific knowledge it's a fury
but by doing experiments in relationship to that theory something happens
the experimental process
for the uncommon knowledge grows
and the knowledge is not
it's not the experiment where the results of the experiment it's i would say it's the interaction is something arises from the interaction between the experiment the results of experiments and fit and the theory
which sure is kind of supporting the experimentation
so knowledge is is innocent if you can't grasp the knowledge but
then you can do the you can do things based on that knowledge over and above in some sense
here you can you can actually then go from this knowledge that comes through the experimentation process and go from there rather go back all the time to the theory even
you can act directly from the knowledge which comes from testing the theory with the experiments
so like for example you have a theory that the earth is round in a certain experiments you can do based on that theory when you knew those experiments
based on not a certain kind of knowledge comes in from that kind of knowledge you can do other things
and but do not to keep going back to the earth is round
every time but your current but i mean in are you need to you you have some the a new knowledge comes that was there in addition to the third theory
and you can't really grasp it but you can act on the basis of it
and in buddhism to ef series like we have this theory a theory i propose this morning but the to give two different aspects or mind one conscious in one unconscious and as a theory of how practice works with this records with his mind with this two minds
and so you could then test that theory by experimenting with it and by experiment do with it
in this case we are clearly articulating them for not kind of yeah
no actually
we are trying to develop a transformation of the storehouse consciousness
but doesn't exactly mean we're fixing the storehouse contact this even but rather were creating a transformation of it for transformation of had actually maybe could coexist with that seeks to have the storehouse consciousness and have this other consciousness which was all of all the while living not duly with
ha with historical consciousness
but by by experimenting
with the theory about storehouse says act of consciousness we realize another consciousness which in the senses a transformation of the storehouse consciousness permitted without getting rid of the storehouse consciousness
and add other this other kind of mind is like a knowledge which is the fruit of studying the mind and that knowledge in some ways isn't isn't ordinary consciousness and again it was it isn't ordinary consciousness in the sense that it was always co-existence
with ordinary consciousness
but pointing to be realized in the price of realization is to study the ordinary consciousness which is limiting which is confining which is the circumscribing sentient being such amazing
as long as they grasped the south they live within this circumscribed mind
sony says buddha's knowledge and scientific knowledge are kind of the economy analogous to each other
and in science others two basic ways to
a validate or verify
experience one is inferential
indirect and the others direct and the not supposed to be using scriptures and size but they do to some extent new scriptures in the sense of 'em but how to call professional journals so they actually
side journals and some of the journal's a site re-submit journals which with information was not just citing journals
if you just say journals is not as strong as if your own journals plus reason analysis not to mention direct experience whereas buddhism we we let we allow ourselves to use scriptures indirect inferential knowledge and direct perception halted three
and the southern part of the the bosom some of the teachings are coming from an authority who has had direct indirect and direct experience of some of the things that they're being taught
but then again there's a parallel between science and
and put as knowledge to they have this
direct perception and inferential knowledge are superior to just what has traditionally been taught
the deeper understanding and just hearing the thing and believing it and trying it
so again if you hear a teaching and you experiment with it in the process of experiment is other kind of knowledge comes
hump me be a valid inference comes
which is parallel to the knowledge that comes with experimenting
with a theory in science
so knoweth
and in both cases you if you think you can grasp knowledge
that's a mistake
the knowledge for example that the earth is round or that the plot the planets in our solar system rotate around the sun
wow that's a theory
and you can experiment with that and as result of experiment with you can get some knowledge
but the knowledge cannot be grasped his life
it doesn't belong to two or three scientists
it belongs to all our beings could it is it's a it's a sitter transpersonal
law but the login doesn't mean that you can get a hold of it
are the things are always that way it just again a useful law which again
you can be interacted with experimentally to create more knowledge
and that's what it in some ways it's nodded it's not a good for his practitioner gray scientists to grasp knowledge
hot and knowledge and sometimes cannot be grasped but it can be realized
by practicing and living in accord with it

salvage ship around the world
using that knowledge
but doesn't mean you're grasping as my life just using it with some now
hopefully with some sense of flexibility and and sense of humor

thank you
welcome ursula richard
something second
say it disappears
for me too
about that you can keep saying i hate to say
from he said again what
when i say contention say
i'm we can now that can
there's two kinds of ways that transforming the past one actually transforms the past itself and the other is like a a transformation which is not just the past but the simplest way is transforming the past is that every time every moment
of active consciousness like when now i'm having this active consciousness of where i think i'm talking to you
and now that's gone
and but that has an effect
and now i have a new past which incorporates the effects of that conversation i'm referring to some of my my past has that conversation in it and my past didn't have that conversation and before and i'll market past does to new a
new past a changed passed by my conscious activity
get smaller
they see fit
and then there's another transformation which is a transformation that central can even transcend the
the past
and the present which is the practice with the present in such a way that that also has effects on the past where to beat him
assisted the next
at present active consciousness
and that creates a kind of transcendent body that's not just the track but so when you say that when when we say that the transformed this is consciousness one would understand is that the transform racist consciousness was totally transport
there's no more home base consciousness and will be say when you completely transform the space consciousness is still there but you've made this transformation from it
come like a work of art
come in our perfect work of art as a complete transformation of a deluded consciousness but the lose consciousness might still be there but the art is a complete transformation the art merely would be like no no no elaboration no birth no death no trying to get anything
as a transformation of the mind and spirit has locked in by is the history of lots of concern for gain and loss so descended discussion here a number whether we say that the transformation of the store consciousness means that the old door consciousness
well the also consciousness is hard always change that that there has been no store consciousness there would be eliminated as one understanding the other is said it's been transformed all along and now it's transformed as such an extent thereafter it is hidden hidden it it real
realizes its own transcendence
without but without changing at all even though it has been changing all along without any further changing their is the transcendence which was always there actually so that this is a pointer have a son and elusive point

an oscar yes
a rip reserve the earlier you you refreshed to credit past the past a moment ago and yet the vast yeah actually i would say i was a three pass one is yours your dream of the page
past and present
and then the and consciousness that just passed that's an important one
and then all all the
paul the past consciousness and before that
and the the totality of all the past ones
minus the one just passed that's the storehouse consciousness
analysts and is the one that just passed is or a special one which is pointed to as one of the essential ingredients in the arising of the next active consciousness
so when a consciousness when are active consciousness ceases it because if he plays a contribution to the to the past which is a support which is a support for the rising of the next act of consciousness but in another support of the act of consciousness
as in addition to the whole past is the specific immediate past and plays a special role in the arising of the next active conscience because that past is a past active consciousness
or whereas the storehouse consciousness is a past of all the past active consciousnesses and it's not unjust just past active consciousness is all the past karma
rather than the specific one just happening before
and so the three past as or
come to story of the past which we know is very selective this particular immediate and a and past and then the actual impression or consequence of all of our past actions which and sometimes there's no selectivity there other than
you know maybe the pass the past consciousness are competing with the or something and but there's nobody in charge of selecting there
cause an immediate past
as a lot of power
it has a lot of power and the present story has a lot of power particularly has a lot of power to cause trouble
because you know we have the story about what just happened than other people
and there are more conscious that we can argue about it
whereas we can't really argue about are immediately antecedent since consciousness does that a rated argue about their and up
and then the other one where you were not conscious of but the how know which is most powerful they're all powerful than this to the base consciousness is very powerful
because it's the best consciousness it's the you know consciousness includes all the possible things that we can become actively aware of
an immediate and a seen is very important for the arising of the consciousness and also the immediate antecedent
has is too tight one type is just to serve the function to support the arising of the next moment in particular from the previous one but also it's the place where the projection of self his focused
in this in this later teaching that followed the about thousand years after the boot of this fc
the aniseed moment is both the support for the arising of the current consciousness but it's also the place that's designated as where the projection of self occurs to see that throughout consciousness as a grasp of boy entity
and also it the files the present active consciousness with that
so that's why
how to plan a consciousness is all we have in is defiled
and or is based on this past climate consciousnesses so if i were to travel of
be mindful of what's going on in my life that's actually what of being mindful of that and to see the older know you're basically being mindful of your current active consciousness which has a certain pattern which has got your story of what's going on right now if you on your present active comic cons
and it's related to a specific object
whereas the storehouse consciousness also has objects but it objects are more likely
the just a general sense that there's a world
that desert that there's a world that contains all living beings there's some sense of that in the unconsciously we kind of feel like there's a world
but we're not always looking at the world that contains all beings are you looking at some specific being in the world
and we feel like as a world in which this current with as so we're looking at some person for example were proactive consciousness where of this person at this moment
and this crisis is specifically related to this person but there's an underlying on conscious like an assumption or sense that this current object is contained in a world that has continuity would so i think this person the way they are right now has continuity
we did somehow tend to think this is the same oscars or was yesterday but also know that in a way this is different oscar
but he's but an unconscious level i assume he's living in a world that's changing but basically containing all the constantly changing people for example
concentrating birds or weather

here's the second crushing
it's simply are easily from unconscious the way you finish
and there seems to be some similarity
in these two concepts all your secret
talk about that a little bit
to what extent there's a similarity
these fears of knowledge
edward instead
well ah the similarity seems to be that dumb
that ordinary in western psychology ordinary consciousness and close people's intention
the you know included they have some sense of what's going on consciously
and then they have some new engine like a particularly might have a intention to do some good in the world or the benefit beings they might
and then it can they couldn't i consciously notice that they just forgot what they wanted to do
we forgot what they wanted to help this person when this person or spit in their face
and somehow they'd lost track of the deep
interest and deep intention to benefit this person because this person does something shocking
and when the person does something shocking
suddenly they did something which they really feels now wasn't beneficial to the person
and i think that or even here in and so i think some western psychology would say that this coming up with is very unwholesome response and unkind response
surprises the person themselves so where did they also say where did that come from how can we suddenly hated this person who i was devoted to for hot you know or even a person doesn't do something is something major see know they're actually being friendly and you and your be friendly to them and you want to continue to be nice to him and suddenly you say something
upset them are disturbed and more frighten them or
you know
maybe you don't really say you want to hurt them but in fact you do something that they feel hurt by and later when you look you save yeah what did i say that that that was kinda nasty
i didn't notice it right the time but
it can be taken that way and i didn't want to be nasty at all but i
i think of says something quite nasty
or another possibility is so that would be saying this is unconscious
has no manifested
it is present active consciousness and dumping the proceeds to contradict the previous moment where we kind of had this positive for towards the person
or another way to put it is wicked had the intention to be kind but also to be contemplative about what's going on on the time talk to be contemplating what is a real hear what is real
and we get to get distracted from that where's that coming from mirza distraction coming from a previous moment i didn't want to be distracted and even now i don't want to be distracted but between now and couple moments ago i was really distracted and where does that distraction come from
since western psychology with their comes from me unconscious that you spent many many moments not going to contemplating reality but contemplating what you can gain
what you are you can exploit others are explored situations and now his shift from contemplation to exploitation and now you're back to contemplation after several moments of exploitation and sekai surprise that you kind of forgot how how are you really want to be exploiting situations or people
even exploiting them in a way there was clearly harmful to them
i can give sometimes exploit people but my recent not that bad for them like can be a football coach and exploit the players by making them very skillful players but you're to really trying to make yourself a winning coach
but doesn't hurt the players other times you might actually try to her the players have another team so that your team would win and that seems to be really harmful intention based on exploitation
that you want to hurt the other team you want them to be at all their necks broken set your team would heretics to win and win a game activity was annihilated by fish
might he might just be called off but see my say well that was really some skillful because in i couldn't win a game i i was so has my evil thought with op effective
they've actually modified next time but a person might have been if you know the person this person who is a football coach at the high school could have been a philosophy teacher you know besides being a football coach and dinner thinking of going to be inefficient thoughts and then forgot them when they got into field and stop
attention to herself but later he realized to said i was really stupid i'm really sorry that i where did that come from unconscious
and what isn't concerned that the obstruction to the path of peace is because in any past moments or not devoted to the past the piece sofa try to walk that path
that's retry and then
the unconscious the past cut which is unconscious and unconscious way supports the rising of some really distracted
contradictory intention from a pack a peaceful thing to do
the two concepts a pretty are related but
thinking ahead
good idea
she discussing it earlier today is a little larger
the encompasses more than the individuals like is to my encompasses more than the individual's personal history
in that way i i i know i opened the flyer in that way and in some western psychologists might be just as wide as buddhism but some may not movers in buddhism or trying to study psychology
not just to improve the psychology or improve the active consciousness and southern more and more skillful
what kind of transform the basis for his active consciousness is to realize a transcendent totally unobstructed mind of wisdom and compassion son the western psychology may not have that goal
the to and too lofty for them but sunlight some some light-weight wish to make beings who are not just more skillful and more happy and more effective that watch to understand that the process is an illusion and and not be dispirited by the
that but actually be released to guide beings some buddhism's trying to make two rather than just too much more healthy are sentient beings
either make buddha's or liberated beings but in marianna were trying to make buddhas
and in some other vehicles are trying to make individuals that are free from this comic consciousness by than just made the kind of conscience better and better and better
but some psychologists may have this
more you some sense exalted go to
so i can't you can't say that but somehow don't have this big goal or spirit ago rather than just psychological go
but some don't some ever more limited scope for it seems to be seem to say i have a more limited scope i just want to make people are less neurotic

he i hi up
i think that time
what i'm facing of the mind is that personal and collective
i seem to be are things that occur inactive consciousness
you know things that work like objects of active consciousness like this is personal or is a collective
yeah yeah i don't and i think that the in the unconscious
there are seeds for this is personal with its collective
so when we think all this is a personal consciousness or this collective consciousness
ah i don't think there actually is such a thing as a personal consciousness in our collective consciousness
so sexy someone asked me is is is this consciousness the same as use collective consciousness and i i don't know exactly what you means by collective consciousness but i would you say that collective
and person who are just things that act of consciousness as think about but there isn't really a collective on a personal


yeah so being feeling responsible for this comic consciousness this active consciousness
and being responsible for the consequences of this which are namely in particular hallways
this storehouse commission is the basic
our is the basic consequence of my actions
so i'm respond to this i'm response for this process but i'm also i also could feel
from hearing teachings my comic cotton sharing teaches i could also feel responsible for your active consciousness and for how your active consciousness is has consequences for your unconscious
i can feel responsible for that
because in fact i might say to you good morning patty
are you meditating
and you might say totally and i might say you wanna keep doing it all day and you say yes and sam supporting here so the new at the moment i'm i'm actively party i'm consciously actively conscious that i'm participating with your meditation on your active consciousness so i feel like hey we're doing this together
i sharing the responsibility of your own thinking which i understand will be if will transform your past
your your future cast and will be transformed by the way i interact with you
if i try to distract you i will might not be successful but even if i do try to distract you and you're able to concentrate it
while i'm doing that and prayer and that influences you cast your think your past which you use for the next consciousness and still responsible even was trying to distract you look i'm trying to help you concentrate and you refuse to concentrate and i'm i'm trying to help you but you're not cooperating i'm
but i'm not in control you now cooperating otherwise i'm just dial-in perfectly enlightened person
right and then you'd be that way so i would be responsible you wouldn't i mean be in control and lot of people want to teach a distant do that for them just tell me into enlightenment and then let me go
well the teacher can do that but teacher does influence teacher is responsible and student is responsible particular consciousness so for me to feel responsible for my own past that i'm gonna be using as a basis for my next unconsciously using for my next moment of wariness
i'm also responsible for everybody else as current past and future consciousnesses and not control of anybody's but i'm responsible but i don't have to feel like that personal or
collective but i could but it's not raining personal collective is just that's an active consciousness imagining collective and personal are there does seem to be this language thing we're doing and we all agree to do with language you know and a certain way within certain systems and the fact that we're all willing to take
all or our action are are thinking in our speech and our postures to like italians and norwegian gesture differently
and chinese and indians gesturing differently
by by channeling our are forming our collective consciousness according to certain conventions we do very similar karma such as you do very similar karma for making similar deposits into the storehouse
so now way there's a similarity between our minds which can be seen as collective are separate they're not really separate and they're not really are going to cause they're not really an overlapping or for not you know they're not really even united because he kept me neither minister separate so not really a nice
and not really separate the interdependent so our minds are interdependent your mind and my minor interdependent but my mind and my mind is interdependent my active and passive my active and
conscious mind my my defiling mind and my store has minds are all interdependent it can't find any of them you can't find a separation between them you can make in the same you can make the right to make him different they're different but they're not separate your mind i would say is different from mine but not separate i liked and i can
project similarity
i can project
collectors i can collect all these are possible but you can't find any of them
so if he only has something that's a sang really is a collective thing i guess i'd have to hear more about when he's trying to say and see if they made any sense to me other than just
basically a delusion
i lost it now here

how's it possible hire you how is it possible to have collective karma but not collective consciousness
well on for example we can build a pyramid together and saw our collective karma bills is this big monument but each person i the add different active consciousness while they were building it and each person was making different
contributions to their own storehouse consciousness so each person now after the things built has a different consciousness about this thing we collectively did together
and we don't have a collective consciousness but in a sense we had a collective karma in the sensory did them the pyramid is our collective criminal but each one of our comrades each moment was our own karma i thought i was doing this you thought you were doing that
and because
the consequences for the of for the for in mind the consequences from my past i would say are somewhat different than for years like you could be you can be saying why would i love building pyramids and actually i hate building pyramids were both putting the rocks and them in the same rock and you say i loved the raw
where can i say i'm thinking i hate this rock work perfect i wish this rock with fallen on the pharaohs foot and you think i love the fairest foot i out this rock the texas forever you know we can have quite different attitudes but we're working on the same rock and an and there's a pyramid it's kind of like a collective
event and there's the there's a teaching from the buddhist saying that the world
the so-called container world you know like the planet or the solar system the container world the world reimagine
that we're sharing physically is a result of all of our karma so that's like you could say the result of all of our karma together is a physical world where we feel enclosed in
but this is it also an illusion
the border would say this is like this is our mind in this physical form so that the the place where where our karma kind of shares his the physical world
but again the physical world which that also the fish in the flies and the rats are also contributing to it's not a isn't just humans it's a day living in the same physical world we see them in the same physical world then see themselves in same physical world but to the fish is water to the bird
that air and to us it's like shopping centers
but it's the same moral and and we all feel enclosed in it
it is the fish feel like you know the water parks where they live and they don't think waters and water the way we think water to water they think water is a stable housing project
where they can move around there are plenty room and we sit in a little container matty
but we also see that don't seem to have a life and they don't complain about you know i've been crowded x unless somebody else they're not crowded by the world are discarded by their neighbor to get their name to back away
i think they're worlds preferably big enough if it is would get rid of all the competitors and we feel that way to
so but it's all just you know an illusion created by active consciousness which is based on a past of act of consciousness
but there is a sense of a world
which is the it's not collected karma but it's it's a rule which is the result of all the individual karma was collected
hol the individual rock workers consciousness collected to make the pyramids or to make
like what is it is it isn't a bacteria the collective action of bacteria make iron ore deposits isn't it
yeah i think the iron the iron is sometimes collected in in some very dense area where there's lots of iron you know to make an owner like within a two square mile area there's tremendous amount of iron ore but that's concentrated there because iron fixing backs
area this bacterial over the place but some some bacteria come into a colony and they start working with the iron in them in in earth and they they make a huge iron ore deposits as a result of living together and colony like go up like coral to you know they have these big reefs which are there is
salt of them living together processing these chemicals in the water
three as his big body of this big pieces minerals in the ocean but it's really the result of living beings it's a physical thing resulted and we have pyramids and skyscrapers and bacteria have iron ore deposits
an old days i used to think that there are no deposits were deposited thereby dwarfs for what else was the other animals that the other days if they are no deposit not worse from outdoors recalled
africans nice
yes anyway
people used to think that something more like a human was making his iron ore deposits at this
the all those all those iron ore deposits eventually became coots
you can order coot is know a geezer is
i don't want modification for what was my interpretation of a geezer
nomad do you know what a culture is a codger hazard
apparently apparently your coot and geezer are synonyms
and they are and they have been some people think that they're responsible for the fun even distribution of iron ore on planet
the iron ore mining companies
driving cars yeah and when they were young they were disliking on driving trucks and stuff but when they really became have a lot of responsibility when it became geezers
couture nastier than users and where does the codger fit into this car years are the least cause of the other least obnoxious for the most obnoxious some codgers the worst
the coats or next and then geezers of the nicest
vessels and buzzards
fox and silver car fox

when people call you a geezer a conjurer a coot
holidays are good opportunities for you know what

he saw an old your women are called krones
when i saw hags

what what other word who says crone and hag
harvey sugar kruger

so in reality i proposed to you reality
is a round but not a world
it's domain and not a world world i would use a word world for spring enclosure an enclosure a beings
and the word diffusion
an indian buddhism is
it's called the container world and in the container world living beings are contained therein but the container world is is basically the same as the storehouse consciousness that's what we feel contained and the storehouse consciousness as within it the sense that there is a world
there really isn't that the sense that there is one is confining and that's an and we feel it unconsciously and sometimes we feel are consciously but even when we don't feel it consciously we feel it unconsciously and in both both makes dispute contained in closed but also lead to secure likely won't fall out
of the container into vast uncharted emptiness working in out so
this stars consciousness creates a sense of know
enclosure which also masks or hides
on hindered freedom
what kind of like who give me a break from that where you got when
you got an enclosure you're trapped in it and yard
you're safely separated from ultimate truth your success
robin yeah

he's the sense of enclosure give you a feeling of aloneness
he couldn't i think i think more the thing that gives you a sense of aloneness
is to see yourself a nickel enclosure
and see yourself as or by yourself in the enclosure
the projection of cell phone this on this realm of of unconscious
a consequence from past karma
to see it to see that the south is what i can really is when mrs few alone all alone and separate
and then the container in some sense dealing with i'm alone listed as a list please contain me to me someplace to be if i had to be alone maybe somebody else to come in there but the container does not make it does not make us feel are connected the people
i i make us feel connected to people is reality
and the teaching and in the realization of tv will make us feel
ah like we don't need the container anymore but we can use it but we don't need it because even if you take away the boundaries of the world were still supported by all beings
so when i can follow any place

history of

she might have she's modeled she never was alone and she will never be alone but the it has a deep tendency in all of us to see our children as separate from us we know they're not but we see them that way and we we see a mother a separate to
and lately we feel that way
our children think they own their mother that their mother is there's there's some sense that this thing which is me in which i own have it been out there and that's the basic ignorance
which is to again project a self and everything
and that's what makes us feel frightened and alone
alone and frightened
but if we fully engage this the file affliction of a self on everything we can authenticated and authenticating it
we realize freedom
we realize wisdom and and we have to be compassionate towards this
delusion of a self separate from us or as a self separate from other selves we have to fully engage that with compassion in order to see that it's one hundred percent illusion that never can be found
an accepted the jury's is why wire mind creates this name way
a long history of doing that
so again fully engaging this process
we verify it verifying that were released from it but it's hard to engage it because we have passed habit of not engaging it and just and then it was not engaging means believe it and go with run with it rather than study it read wonder what is this what is this what is this
the train ourselves to contemplate this
while constantly being
then impulses to distract ourselves from contemplating
okay well thank you very much for another
lonely day in the mind of new abode
a to after the race
the a game
no less
to save them
a solid alibis
the encountered