Contemplating Torei Zenji's Vow

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Everything is manifesting the path of the ancient buddhas, abiding together in their respective dharma positions. Abiding in this moment and being free of it, even if we think it is obstruction or that we are stuck.

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i like to say a little bit of bud
the use of the word stillness
so in a way there's got to kind of stillness one kind of stillness ah is stillness which some people
which humans sometimes think they can see
there's another kind of stillness which cannot be seen which is the ways things are being themselves
the way yeah
who if you see a tree way moving in the wind
you might think or that tree is not still
but every moment the tree is where it is being how it is and no other way
and it is completely the way it is and no other way and that is the stillness of the tree at that moment
then the tree changes it changes in relationship to
the wind and gravity and other factors that we have a new tree which is in a new position in the universe
also the teresa if a trees on earth it is also moved with the rotation of the earth
and the orbiting of the earth around the sun
and our galaxy's movements
each moment the tree as a different place in the universe it's a different tree has a different shape
a different weight a different temperature is constantly being a new tree a new tree and whatever tree it is it's that tree and nor the tree and being what it is at that moment
is the stillness of the tree
and we're the same were always in our phenomenal position which could also be called are dom of position
we're always in our drama position or never someplace else
and being where we are as we are a stillness
i propose that to you and i offer that to to meditate on
now there's also ah they stillness well where we my look at ourselves and think oh i think i'm still are we might look at ourselves and think i don't think i'm to tell
and went the moment when i might be sitting thinking that i'm not still somebody else can be was looking at me and think he's so still
when she saw somebody asked me how how can you be so still i said because i'm always moving
but anyway
we might think we're still are we might think we're not
those opinions
being just what they are
guest stillness
if you think you're still
at that moment that would you think and at being that way as stillness if you think you're not still that thought is also in the position of thinking i'm not still and had thought is still
stillness is not a matter of opinion it's reality
an opinions are also
in stillness
for the full fleeting tiny moment that they are they are just that way and then they're not
we practice in buddhist tradition in various schools with practice sitting on the earth upright and still
but that practice we do is like you know when we're walking to r c we might think i am not yet at my seat i'm not yet practicing stillness fun
i know you're not doing the ritual and ackman habit of sitting at your seat
and then you search your seat and you sit and and this posture is
a ritual an argument but it's also a testament a statement of belief it can be a statement of belief and stillness i know i moved slightly but every moment i'm sitting here is a statement of my faith and still in the stillness of all phenomena
my faith in that things are the way they are and no other way
and i'm one of the people in the world who sits and an expresses their faith in the stillness of all things
expresses the faith of being an art
dharma position

my dog and says the mountains and rivers of the immediate present
are the manifestation of the path of the ancient borders
the mountains in the present right now the rivers right now are manifesting the path of the ancient buddha's abiding together
and they're phenomenal position in their dharma position the accommodate the qualities of thorough exhaustive and us
we're that way to right now we are manifesting
the path of the ancient buddhist we are a binding together
all of you are biting with meme making may be here and nowhere else

and that is the exercise
oh and we sit in practice meditation and this posture to exercise the reality of our true possession which is always so
sometimes we may be moving with sometimes remember sitting still
but whatever we do it could be a testament to being an our drama position
and that exercise realizes
the path of the ancient put us

yes have a misconception operating because somehow how i thought that stillness was born my mind is in a presence when i worked what's going on but that's still but if my mind's racing ahead into the future we're going back into the past who is that massive stones
when your mind is racing into the future it is none other than racing into the future
when your mind's racing in the future it isn't racing into the past
and if you could pull off racing into the future and the past at the same time than that would be your mind and it would be just like that and no other way and being just like that is stillness
whatever you think
day and night
it's always what you're thinking at that moment
know if you're thinking
i wish to be mindful of the present
and i think actually i am mindful of the present and i do feel like i'm really here and that that can be your thought and that bot is also still even though it's thinking about being mindful and remembering it it's also still
you can also be thinking i wish to be mindful but i'm totally distracted
you know
and i'm barely i'm not even i'm i'm not even aware that i'm distracted
but of course he just told the joke
just like people will say
hello i don't want to talk to you
you hear me i do not want to talk to you
and i don't want you to talk to me either and tell me that you heard what i said but i do want you to listen to me but i don't want to talk to you
i can go on like this until everybody gets the joke

i believe that i am still
and i want to practice
to realize that
that faith and also to encourage other people who are are quite believe are just as still as me
even though they may say
i don't wanna practice stillness and i don't believe in it they're just as still as me who believes in it
that's why i believe and i would like them to realize that
which hundreds i would like everybody to realize what i think is the truth
and i think the truth is that if you are who you are and you're nothing but and that your stillness and if you can accept that stillness you can become free of what ever you are
and you are free of whatever you are because you only the stillness for the moment and then you're free of it and even before you are free of it the next moment you're free of a right now
yeah the stillness of you and the still lives at me
is the liberation of me and you
the stillness of me realizes that i both me and not me
when you completely what you are
which is on the way you are all the time you're a complete as a way you are and you're not the way you are that's going out so stillness is always there and because of an inner stillness which is always present in every moment you are yourself and you are otherwise
but if we don't accept and believe in to jonas
retired drastic step in believe that we are ourself and not ourself which means we have trouble accepting the truth and truth is i me and i'm not me
i me and i'm other than me which means i'm free and being me without getting rid of me
i'm nothing but the whole universe
coming together and meeting the whole universe giving rise to the whole universe and this unique form and has the same for everyone
but the whole universe bearing down on you i should say bearing down on itself to give rise to you there's no room for getting away from that
and even of i don't believe it
the universe made me a person who doesn't believe it

yes yes
it was the major hindrance
officiating freedom or and an obstruction to
when he keep
yes that's part of what keeps you having the sensation of being stuck
that can be a condition for the sensation or the idea of not being free
that obstruction
which is a condition for the not feeling free
that's feedback to you on your faith and stillness
they have strung and obstruction is is feedback to you that you
don't believe in stillness
because if you believed in stillness you will see the obstruction is an opportunity
to let it be and realize the obstruction is not an obstruction

all obstructions our feedback to us to see if we can let the if if we can let the obstruction be completely the obstruction
and if you can't than you think it's an instruction but you are resisting it cause obstruction that isn't very nice and are like obstruction but if you completely
let the obstruction be obstruction which another race lead
then obstruction is still which had art is you will realize is not an obstruction
so the phenomenon of feeling obstructed and not were not all kinds of other good struck
the obstructions or call feedback and something back you realize it's originally looking like an obstruction but actually it's coming from maiden to get the joke
it's a setup for the joke that it's actually not an obstruction
and here we chatted today in any event
for example in any obstruction
in any moment
in any place
all are none other than the marvelous
revelation of the glorious light
any obstruction any time any place
is none other than a revelation of the light of bird is wisdom
all obstructions or none other than that all non obstructions or none of that everything is actually revealing the light or buddha's wisdom does this then guy said
how are you gonna see the light and angela and dylan and gloria and murray and robin
an audrey how are you gonna see that light
which is
in any event is being revealed
of i know
i think he might consider having faith that that might be the case that everything is that way
and be there for it
would you are you're there for obstruction are you
you may be you know economy but you are
you're there you're there for the obstruction and you're there for to wanted to get rid of them
but even know he was he would you want even here's obstruction it's an opportunity for revelation
here's resisting it's an opportunity for revelation everything is it any event
and any resistance to any event the hall opportunities for the revelation of the marvelous glorious light a bot wisdom
and you know we have some other possible examples where we're just not gonna go with that
the t word
the t word is not
is it if the t word
a moment is it an event
the t word isn't even an event
i'm gonna go to be an event i'm resisting is so much i'm not going to emulate it exist and i wanted it exists
it falls into the category of any event with knox no exceptions
a crazy person is
the marvelous revelation of the glorious light a his wisdom a crazy person
a same person also
parenthetically i heard a definition of safe same sane is not the opposite of insane
same is the having the resources
to not humiliate others
sane as pick is the having the resource to have a conversation where others don't get humiliated and you don't either
sane people are none other than the marvelous revelation of the glorious light of the togheter and so are insane people and and saw a crazy people and sane people know how to not humiliate the people and one of the resources
that would allow you not to humiliate people if if you could remember that every body is the marvel as revelation of the glory has white and also you are looking at them even though you might have trouble seeing it

nice a book but but if i did believe it and then i saw it than i would be looking at crazy people and seeing the light and then moved them what would happen
let me know
tell me for the problem that you have the most profound respect for crazy people
that you really really respect them
you know to the bounds of the universe
and can have a relationship with somebody based on that yeah and you can say excuse me could i ask you a favour of you or which may i say something or i need you just be quiet or i need you to move over a little bit you can talk to somebody like that
with a lot of energy and love and respect is possible you can also say nothing to the person
can you don't respect them
can i think they're worth your time or your love they're so worthless i'm not going to waste any love on them
this is saying they all deserve tremendous gratitude and respect but we have to treat them that way be in order to see this and when we see it will be natural to respect them comes naturally why you see the light
and what you see the light you will know he will be able to give them the best medicine for their illness for their delusions for their as attachments for their fears for their resistance to their own life and the life of others you'll be able to dispense all kinds of good things
for them
which will reverse global warming
this is all going to reverse global warming
it's not separate from us though to i mean it includes us the crazy for some it includes us crazy eating i'm included in nor crazy people and all crazy people are included in me that's the light
that mutual inclusion is the light it's a glorious light to to open that's the glorious light is where all
working in harmony giving life to each other with no exceptions nobody is left out nobody's not your support her there's nobody you don't support or crazy people i support i contribute i'm include
and it
the zen teacher sees that now after lots of years of learning how to respect everything he can now see it can tell us everything there's no exceptions
i'll be right back
he said was the you
wish are you hope that someone remembers cause practices and transmit stones and we've got one thing remembers and receives remembers
and practices and transmit stillness so i'm now remembering it and i'm receiving it and i'm practicing it and i'm transmitting it and i hope you all do the same and is available so it's you know but if you don't receive it
he kind of miss it and away not really but i pray that you that you even though you can't miss it i i pray that you remember and receive it and practice it and give it to others i do pray for that yeah
it says
zero shares his stillness within the are participating in the stones altogether
go into a reveals that rings true and then i also hear that teaching or transmitting stores and i don't quite understand how like a transmissible we already are
well that's exactly what buddhists transplant they transmit what we're already are
that's what they transmit they transmit the way we are the way we are is that we're transmitting it were all transmitting the way we are the whole universe transmit to me the way i am
and i'd and we all and i'm transmitting to you the what you are i'm part of it i'm not confident
i'm not doing all by myself but i'm part of the transmission of you being you
so and buddhist transmit that reality they've they've realized it and like a beacon of it
they're saying everybody i'm just like you and your just like me however i realize that you don't quite believe it as fully as i do he don't see if the way i do but i'm totally included in you're not seeing at the way i do and your included and missing at the way i do and you will come to see this
more fully you're on the path to fully understanding this and then being an and then when you understand what you're going to be able to do some things which haven't been able to do yet
like respect
the most disturbing things and show people other people how to respected and in that place will become free of the most disturbing things we will reverse global warming this is how we do it
global warming comes from disrespect
disrespecting our own fear of pain rather than giving it love disrespecting other people's fear and pain their fear of their lands being taken away the trees being cut down or losing their jobs cutting down trees everybody's afraid and because of a lack of love and combo
or station
it's getting it's getting hotter
and hotter
this is feedback there were not the conversation isn't full enough yet with there's somebody we're not talking to and a whole heartedly enough so let's work on it and work on it and that will reverse this
direction that were on
and the direction is still think years we're going in a difficult direction but where kelly you are going in a difficult direction we're hearing that were telling each other we're listening to it and we're considering more and more
then maybe we will realize that this is calling to for for compassion not calling for hate
but telling us we haven't been
we haven't finished our job
and now we have this job
this great job
and we are receipt week we remember the way things are we received the where they are we purchased the way our and in this way we transmit the where they are
and others are doing it for us to
and then while we do realize we're helping everybody and everybody's helping us
this is the buddha's the buddhist vision
and again the buddha says i see this now is
what can i say i see it and this is the way it is but i also understand that people don't get it yet so i'm here to help them get it
just like people tell me that i want to talk to me and they don't realize that they're talking to me
and then i just love it when they tell me that are to talk to me i love that way of talking to me i find it very attractive
rabbi do not want to talk to you hear me
i know no know do you hear me
but don't say anything because i don't want to talk to you and i want to hear from you they don't get the joke
but some people say that and they think it will other telling it they're getting the joke it's a joke they're putting on a little show the show is i don't want to talk to you i you know
do not talk to me and i don't want to say one more word to you so i'm not going to ever say anymore to you and i and if you make me in and so on to get the joke
yes jackie
services kind of rudimentary oh that being silent and still city ya attention yes and then there are lots of conversations going on yeah
when i think i've not been silent and still and that's another at another moment of conversation is that your your here is the instruction be silent and still you'll notice that this a conversation going on and then you and then use another word another sentence comes in what looks like i'm not being silent and still be
also the instruction is just concentrate on your breathing
okay there can be that instructed to happen
there could be that but that can be a destruction there's no instruction which is do not pay attention to your breathing
does not refer another guy just give it
we do not concentrate your breathing to hear it
that's another instruction and while i'm giving you various instructions some of which might even contradict each other
for your benefit
i'm saying can you remember stillness no matter what i to you
and you're also seeing today that you're still no matter what you know if there is no gap been so savage say i'm saying there is no not being still
except for of course not been still a see only one earth
so if they're stillness there's not tell us
there is not nuts and there's not not stillness and so on
so but we're not be wreck or not i'm not praying that you'll remember not stillness
and i'm not print and i'm not praying that you remember not not stillness and so on i'm not praying for that i'm praying this remember stillness
i'm pray that you remember being where you are in your possession
and while i'm remembering stillness in my position i can remember stillness while i noticed that somebody's talking
and it seems to be me
i can remember stillness right now while i am talking
why does it feel like it feels
and i can remember stillness wife why antique while answer your question but why is it
the texture of that so
all the stillness doesn't have a feeling
it's just siren is silent yeah it doesn't have a feeling but you can have feelings about it you ask me how i was feeling but i thought you asked me how i'm feeling when i was remembering it
i i was trying to understand your error
your body's going still my body doesn't know stillness my body is stillness
my body doesn't know it it's not something other than my body it's my body being in my dorm of position is the stillness but when i pray that you'll remember it that's that's an that's like a verbal verbal thing in my head that's a prayer and when i do that prayer i feel something
was i do that prayer and feeling what i feel encourages me to remember stillness more
and the more i remember stillness the more i realize it or the more than remembering realizes that but realizing it doesn't mean you feel it does again people think i don't feel still
when you don't feel still you're still when you do feel still you're still but the feeling of stillness and nasty illness is not the stillness
it is still when you feel not still you are that's the event of the day
when you feel like you're still that's the feeling of stillness is not the stillness but that feeling of stillness is still it's not moving
and i want remember the stillness as there with regardless of what i feel
that's what i'm trying to remember because i feel various things you name it i feel it
and as i go through all these feelings
and as you go through all your feelings i pray that i and you remember stillness has the feel and come and go and change this way in that way
but the remember and and when i remember that a mental activity which i can perceive and i feel good when i remember when i'm remembering i feel good when i'm praying for memory
but i pray for this because i think that if we practice if we remember received practice and transmit we will open to the actuality of stillness
and in the actually realizing the actuality of stillness
we realize put his wisdom we realize that whatever you're going through
is a marvelous revelation of the inconceivably glorious light
can you see that's thousand
he kinda by the stillness emptiness
i don't know but i'll take that under consideration

that was all delivered you
in stillness that's still lists can can sponsor that kind of person
so i hope to see you again for more conversation
the reverse global warming could i don't think we want to angles for me sometimes it's a good day
like his number
person would cool it down but not eliminate warm warm is sometimes good
one vs on a cool it off but not too cool
it just reversed the tendency
bring it into balance just so you have just so bring it into just so with our practice
make a