Embodying the Lotus Sutra 

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donald meyer asked me to that
give him a some kind of description of them
kind of course it i would be offering this summer and then
i wanted to ask you if you had any suggestions
part of me just want to keep studying a lotus sutra keep practicing a lotus sutra
but i didn't have chance to see if you want to do that
so i gave a description to him with sure cause i'm saying like a load of cetera but would be quite compatible with a lot of cetera
somebody something about them who can i think in the what i said about a year
the description the class was something like
realizing the truth is a mecca
yeah something that entering
embodying and enacting entering in body and acting
continuing in body acting the truth
i think also i went on to say that
the source
truth is unconstructive nurse and stones
just some my painting it to happen to you know
and so i set the course of be just offer ways of entering this unconstructive stillness emerging from it and and body it in the world
that's actually kind of her away that certain zen teachers who remain unnamed at this time teaches and meditation
but it's really also without saying of it's a way of so a lot of such a works
so i think i'd like but i'd like to hear from you how it's going on
either now
if you want to send me emails or something to say how you feel about steadiness
in practicing this
chitra this lotus sutra see in the usa now
a little more
i've never had
i just
lastly selflessness
i knew
well in this class and meditation is the lotus sutra
that's an annotation over others
not supposed to be i'm not saying you're supposed to but kind of think but this class and meditation and this class is the lotus sutra
so and a lot of surgeries and discourse
it's a written discourse by also can be a verbal discourse so this discourse
is what is contemplated so the meditation in this class is basically to contemplate the lotus sutra
get a mistake that saints day when you're sitting in his class when you're sitting or standing like when i talking
you know
when i'm sitting here with you in silence
i'm contemplating the lotus sutra i sort of don't want to play with you
and i think you some of you are learning how to contemplate a lot of secure when you're sitting
and some of you haven't learned how yet as with classes for
you can also if it is also a meditation
to contemplate or to pay attention to your breathing when you're sitting
or to contemplate your posture and you're sitting does are also meditations in that case the meditation is the body or the breath that's the that's the discourse in sense the discourse of the body at the discretion of breath can be something you contemplate
but the first meeting and meditation and the english dictionary is a discourse that is the object of contemplation
which has given by an author so that the condom players will understand the intention of the author will understand the mind of the author
so this lowest cetera
is a physical object in my hand right now
and i can open it and read it and i actually will pass your pieces of paper but i have words on later and you will be able to read it out loud and los will become a physical thing in your hands he will become a physical thing in the air which is bumping into your ears
this lotus sutra is a physical thing which and in this physical thing for our word will tell you that this physical thing is the embodiment of the truth
the highest truth
is embodied in this text
when you meditate on this text therefore you are meditating on the highest truth
yeah you are contemplating the highest truth you're contemplating this meditation object and this meditation object is countless is telling you that it is the embodiment of the supreme truth
in other words it's the embodiment of buddha
so this class is actually called the body nor researcher
and the lotus sutra is the embodiment of a lotus sutra and the boat load of city is the embodiment of buddha is buddha in a form of a book
if you can't implement in the book even if we're not opening a book this book is telling you that you're contemplating buddha
there are many kinds of meditation
in the world
one type of meditation is and meditation of one called body surface these are being so on the path to becoming buddhists
meditate on buddha
they meditate on the highest truth
and the lotus sutra is one of the things that has appeared in the world
to help bodhisattvas meditate on the truth it is a teaching of the truth
and it is an embodied and and teach the teaching a senior about the truth is that it doesn't tell you what the truth is but it tells you that this is the embodiment of it
but there are other meditations like for example you can say when you're standing that just that you'd be aware of your standing posture
be aware of your theory actual posture and that's there too
and part of what we will get into perhaps is that your body since the lotus sutra since the truth can be embodied in this sutra according to the sutra
the sucre says that the truth is and can be made flesh
by the suture and as such also tells you that it can be re embodied in other ways
because the truth is the truth of emptiness
this sutra
it's empty
and because it's empty he can embody the teaching of emptiness
this the sutra is empty this suitor doesn't have a self
it's selfless since jeff it's selfless
being selfless it is
it it tells you it tells you i am selfless and i am an embodiment of the truth and it implies or even says you are selfless and you therefore can also be the embodiment the truth the truth can be embodied in the lotus sutra and real body in you
and can be real body in our culture and our society in our relationship with each other
how to keep a i'm here with the intention of helping you keep your mind on
the ultimate truth
so you can embodiment i've been body it and also to help you
put your mind on the lotus sutra which is not just the ultimate truth it is the embodiment of it
so in that sense that
not yeah
this is the most advanced possible can clasp it's also kind of simple to
i got do think about this book
i i do is think about this book
be devoted to this book
an advice being voted to it it's imply that you think it's worthwhile some worthwhile book
it's a book which if you take care of you will have a happy life and that and you will manifest the truth
in this happy life are you have a happy life of manifesting the truth and also
you will in that way your life in that way will transform this world
into a happy world
this is the proposal of the suture
which tells you the power of the truth the ultimate truth has the power to transform the world and in all the individuals in it
so i asked how i was going i got a question from gary scary
and i gave a lot i give a response any other things you like to say about how the system studies guy

could you come closer please
sit there maybe it's just always a conference about want to speak up you don't want to leave you a comfortable spot


how to enter
to how to enter the source
the source of the truth
it's not easy now

once you enter it a you do embody it if you bring your body with you as you enter

was in my hand is task even

it is sufficient
ah what you just said is that something which i consider to be a gift from you to me
why not give each know if you've given me enough gifts
do i know
i like
actually actually i'm not into liking or disliking to gifts you give me
i mean to loving the gifts that you give me which is not to like and dislike them fortunately
so you just keep giving gifts and i will keep appreciating not liking
if i like that's my problem
i welcome your gifts i do not like or dislike them that's my mouth i love to welcome stevens gifts
and give up liking and disliking
i love to welcome stevens gifts
if i can welcome stevens gifts there's a possibility i will welcome the supreme truth also if i get into liking and disliking stevens gifts
the door closes on the supreme truth i'm distracted by liking and disliking stephen and his gifts but fortunately for you and me i'm not into that
i'm to welcoming stephen however he appears and with needed says because that sufficient i would say thank you very much do not stop
do not think all that's enough i know i don't practice anymore no more gift from me please do not deserve keep giving okay
and i have a lotus sutra here for you

read assistance
read assistance at
as dc dot org
okay so the beginning in the i told you you know this is amazing scene and that the bullet does not teach the lotus sutra
by not teaching those so to the buddha teaches us how to relate to the lotus sutra
if he doesn't teach a lot of surgery which means he doesn't teach he doesn't teach a lot of sick and mean he doesn't teach the lotus flower of the supreme truth he doesn't teach the wondrous truth he's teaching the lotus sutra because he is a lotus sutra what he's doing is the lotus sector so
showing you the lotus sutra
and in the lotus sutra is tells you is gonna teach you the truth and he doesn't teach you the truth directly but that's how it teaches you the truth that's the beginning of the sutra
the teaching you that the truth is empty and the truth is emptiness
and that what he's doing is manifesting the teaching which is not teaching you
he's showing you what is not teaching you
and wonderful things go on from there and then we can have to present full chapter thirteen fourteen which i like to discuss with you
and during this class series where they given wonderful the structures about how to teach the lotus sutra
thirteen fourteen and twenty
and chapter fifteen is a wonderful chapter
in chapter sixteen is the fundamental chapter at the lotus sutra
it doesn't tell you what the ultimate truth is it doesn't tell you what the wonders diana is but it tells you the basis upon which
it was built it tells you the basis upon which
we can manifest
and the lotus sutra can manifest as supreme truth which the boy does not teaches
so this is the the checker sixteen is the center of the future
and it's the fulcrum of the sepia where the suit to shifts from one way of teaching to another way of teaching
but it's in some ways the central and most important chapter in the way especially from doggies point of view
so i brought it with me and if you're in i thought we could recite this texts

and how past us i think i'll passes out again next week and again next week i think this may be the main recitation piece of the class
this is not the whole of chapter sixteen this is the diverse section
get approach section before the verse section which is about twice as long as the verse section
this is about one third of chapter sixteen
the the section of chapter sixteen which i often recite to you
and because written on the back of my robe
the part i often tell you about body that those who practice all virtues
hi gentle flexible harmonious honest and upright will see the buddha teaching the lotus sutra right now
let me tell you about that i could it says here
that in this section you'll be recited tonight
is it chapter sixteen
it's chapter sixteen which is called the lifespan of the buddha right the lifespan of the photographer
right that's the name of this chapter
this is the foundation upon which the truth of this sutra is built
are you ready
shall we begin
the world of hundred one than desiring to reiterate the teachings meaning spoke thus verse would you chat with me
since i have realized

at that time the world honored one wishing to restate this meaning spoke vs saying

his hands in order to save living beings i experienced the manifest nevada but in truth i do not pass into quiescence i remain here speaking the i always say right here and using the power spiritual penetrate
asians i have inverted living beings
me not to see me the multitudes see me as passing into create
a extensively may offerings to my shadow
sheriff and long for me that there has have to me in first living beings when faithful and subdued straightforward with compliant minds single mindedly wish to see where buddha hearing not for the very nice
the time i am the sun assembly
together in magic healthier mountain
say to living beings that i am always here and never cease to be
using the power of independent
has been interested in manifest ceasing and not ceasing to be
playful faithful and aspiring
the fast
are you do not hear that think i have vastly different
i see the family in misery as i refrained from manifesting for them to cause them to look up in first than when their minds are filled with longing or emergent speak the dharma with the
of penetrations throughout some cases opinions i remain always make well mountain
in other places when the
hi the great hi my name is feasible and secure
millions and they're as fresh as adornments there are your freeze any thousand food
when living beings room in tonight
making various kinds of music and went out her files
it on the and very assembly
man is not destroyed at the multitudes said mean and anti worry terrified and miserable ones are everywhere on these beings with eyes
houses and conditions pass through as some ideas
without hearing the name of to go
how to marriage and virtue
and me he is speaking madame sometimes assembly i said because
as nervousness
see the only at long intervals as we could the border as being difficult to me the power of my wisdom had unlimited illumination and my wisdom is my life span is one of countless aeons the team through long conservation and work
view with wisdom
it's about this cut them are entirely and forever
this was a real not for
scions of a physician
a is insane children is actually alive says he is dead and and can say that he speaks thursday i too am into the world saving suffering and whoa
i speak of cessation although i actually remained otherwise they see me they would grow arrogant and last hungary and attached to the five desires they would tumble into the evil house
well be
fact is the way and those who do not
the various time as for their sakes to save them in an appropriate manner i am always thinking how can i was living beings
the perfect the body of a buddha
he pass the vaccine
sabrina good

ah yes
ha some tea or some some some pf us
that means or you could say
that means incalculable inconceivably great
more than a billion more than a trillion
even more than the national debt
many large large number of fields
so in the earlier part of the chapter the but it tells a story of this
parent who is a physician and the children become ill
because they eat poison
and he gives the medicine
and some of them
receive the medicine and use it and become well others because they become so loony from eating these toxins don't take the medicine
then he says
so then he says i gotta leave town guys
and he sends a word back that is dead
and then the ones who who
i was so intoxicated that they wouldn't take the medicine
if they grieve the loss
and there dear parent
in their grieving they sober up
in in their sovereign this they remember
the medicine that he gave them and they take the medicine into their bodies
and they become well and when they become well
their parent comes home
so by analogy the buddha says some people will not take the medicine unless i go away so i go away
and after i go away
they sober up in their in their sorrow have losing the buddha know some people do not care that the buddha went away
pick some people are so intoxicated they don't even mind that the buddha went away
they're so intoxicated they don't know the boot is here and also when they hear that a buddhist left they don't even care
so either you realize a buddhist here which is great because that's what the you're saying or if you don't get it you would like the buddha to be here and you really would and you really would like the buddha to be here you would like to meet the buddha
and you're longing for the buddha and through your longing he was sober up and when you're longings for the buddha well
appear to you
the boy is already here with us is what this is say
and one of the way the buddha's with us
is this sector
there's other ways the borders with as to the buddha's with is all the time in every way but this is one way to help us concentrate
now another way
the traditions of this is this is the because the buddha is always with us and didn't go bye bye
we can realize buddha because booted here with us
and one of the ways to realize it is to touch the or researcher
another way to realize it is to open it up
and read it
use your body to make sounds
read it with your eyes
but realize it when you read it with your eyes your whole body is realize is reading it
that will make the embodiment more full
horse saying the lotus sutra say the words out loud can also as a way for you realize that you're reading is not just in your head
and as you know when we read we often hear we read with her eyes we hear the words in her head an a in our in our mind to reading actually is ready card is it's one of these are cross circuit cross the collectors when to census cross
he was is one of those things where yeah it's a synesthetic that you're reading with your eyes and hearing with your ears
it's a bot is a neurological event the sutra really another thing you can do is copy the lotus sutra
it just copy the title in capital of a section and then when you copy the a secret you can i had a lotus sutra copying area in your house i want a nice things about the about america got having not been such a over populated country is a numb
have you probably have a desk in your house someplace they get a clear some space
and makeups and make a
a scripture copy a scriptorium rate like a scripture copping area in your house a place where you copy the lotus sutra place where you embody the lotus sutra
by having a place and also having a body that goes to the place and has some kind of writing instruments and paper and you prepare the space in your in your house starts to change into a truth embodying center
a truth manifesting place your house
not to have a meditation cushion your house
where you sit he's also manifesting meditation practice
your house is transformed into a meditation place when you make a meditation place in your house
an an addition if you want to meditate on the truth one way to do it in a dish to sitting and thinking about the lotus sutra
our thinking about the teaching of emptiness thinking about how everything's empty thinking about everything selfless thinking about how are getting selfless is embodying a lot of surgery because the noticing teachers
that people who want to take the lotus sutra spend time thinking about emptiness
so when you think about the internet you're not only met doing bodhisattva meditation and selflessness
you're manifesting a lotus sutra
you're manifesting the teaching of emptiness by practicing meditation the teaching emptiness
so you can consider now
whether you would like to but you'd like to make a place in your house
where you copy the lotus sutra
and you might think about if you want to do that you want to copy one chapter two chapters all chapters you want to start with the first chapter or the maybe can start with the sixteenth chapter
since we're doing in class
this is something you to consider i'm not pressuring you
i'm not pressuring you to do that because i'm coming to you from chapter fourteen rather than chappie thirty
chapter thirteen if i come to you from chapter thirteen i would put tremendous pressure on you
and i'll explain to you have a very soft teaches the high pressure and low pressure methods of kitchen and how they work but tonight and think kind of low pressure
i'm being gentle about this and i sincerely
welcome you not copying a lotus sutra
if you don't cop it lot of cetera i will welcome that
if you don't memorize it if you don't read it if you don't recite it i will welcome that and if you do read recite copy and start teaching it i will welcome that too
however in the latter case
i would say you are you would be actively manifest you would be embodying the lotus sutra in your life
in the lotus sutra is saying hello please in body me hello
i'm the truth please in body me please invite the truth
sprays bring this truth into from into flesh in this world and transform yourself
transform the truth into yourself and transform the world by manifesting the truth
hen this way of truth is saying that this is this this way of manifesting it is not fixed it can be anyway but
it's necessary that you think that this way is manifesting otherwise you miss it
when you think about that how you feel about that yes

do you wish to be embodiment of a low dosage
do you think it is and wanted to be
do you also wanted to be
so the lotus sutra says for teaching blurted he says that laurie can transform the teaching of lotus sutra into her notes and the lotus sutra
and since the lotus sutra is empty and selfless you can fill the lotus sutra with your notes on a lotus sutra
you can fill and fulfill
the lotus sutra by you have a note on a lotus sutra and your notes or your interpretation of the lotus sutra your interpretation and your note-taking of your interpretations of what i'm saying those are intimately
the lotus of city doesn't reject your interpretations of it
because the very sick is open and empty
it need you to fill it with your life it wants you to fill it with your life
her notes are also empty but her notes may not say that they're empty
her nose may say i'm promoting me say something which sounds like she's saying that you can you know what the truth is in her nose i don't know we have to read her notes her notes are empty everything's empty but not everybody says everything's empty
and some people who teach the highest wicket emptiness will tell you what it is the lot of was teaching you the highest truth which in the law center says the highest empty ness an empty empty and emptiness
but it doesn't tell you what emptiness is
in that way it's like soccer least as appropriate
so her to her notes are empty but i don't know if or not say that that that are notes are empty
maybe she'll let you read show you the place where it says these notes on emptiness are empty
right that now

was it somebody else gary you just new number three someone with a medical local forest okay and you know any anybody else have any questions before gary does number three
how okay gary number three
i was like

i believe it is from gallery
do you have all three copies yeah the we do have several translations
gary i'm gonna give you will give you this you can if you want to copy the so you can take a home with you please bring back next week okay so if you're going to use it for that purpose stephen if you

but that
i was a whiff of thirty

so i would guess the thirty's not a rugged chapter for stephen starr with
do i have
this is a this one is called
threefold lotus this is a translation by this have through three suitors in it it has a main body of law who and has that the city of innumerable meanings which this such as get lord two sets up i think that the buddha went into the samadi of numerous meetings and and there's a suture about that too that's that's in here
first and then there's a suit at the end and the sutra vast amount of hydra are universal goodness bodhisattva was was a bodhisattva who's like
gonna make sure that the lotus reputation goes on
robert is hiding out
the buddha goes away
until we are ready to let buddha reappear but in the meantime when we can't see what are we have not of who is making sure that copies of those sick are available so as a threefold notice and this is translation by cocteau foothill and somebody else this transaction
keto sit here
and the nurse
job at him
yeah are not to do i could bring pieces of paper but you can also just don't
email my of system and get the names of them
there's quite a few english translations that are good by six

you kind of my mind

the gets totally all right yeah
it's an artifact is wonderful
that's that's that's burton watson
now one
there's a english translated from sanskrit by crew and there's another kinda nice one that was passed by herbert's so michael got her of it
norbert scott
watson it has cutler said hill and an asset that the institute here in berkeley ca the new moto institute made it a translation
and then you want
wow i'm seeing fellow citizen anyway because it's so many i think nobody's going to get that far off now
because they all look at the other ones
interesting that this gassed up they feel like a some nuance that they want to do some new translation

used too busy not doing that
what you mean not doing busy not going it

would you like us
would you like a suggestion
i asked me for suggestion

would you like to copy the ginger coin i would suggest you do that first
because i won't take you very long the copy
yes it does it does count and i would i would recommend you to by hand
i just i i recommend you to by hand but i'm typing it's fine
i think it's i think it's good them on it's a little bit more body to it
you have to you have to sort of like a guide the panel but rather just press it is depressing payments don't tend the same motion right over and over where i got to do all these different things with your body to write it
and the way and also that the copy that you make will be different from the copy that i make if you're right it so you will be more it will be more in your body will be more in your handwritten copy
then if you and i an my mind than if you and i both typing
so it's a little bit more physical
look and i think if you made somebody a handwritten copy and gave it to him i think they probably feel more from you than if you typed it
the feel more tracy there you know how to think
but typing it's good to
thinking about it just think about
that counts and when you think about it you can think in typing where are handwritten way
you can think about you can think about it with good ready with your feet you can think about sticking your head in ink and doing with your head
in more ways
the more you're transforming the world this sutra is about
bringing the troops into the world
it's about a truth that
a curse in the world so i've been
ha ha
do you know that the lotus is if one type of a flower by the lotus is a flower that grows in mud it's a particularly beautiful flower but it grows in a mud and
but it it grows in mud and water action
and when an end and so i put down roots into the mud
the see the sea goes into the mud and the seed germinates and puts out sprouts and put some routes out into the mud and from those brutes in the mud the stock comes up above the water and
water and then this far as stock comes up in the middle
into from of a bad
and all the while the roots are in the mud
and then the flower opens
and when the flower opens the fruit is exposed
and then the florida
her field and in a flower petals drop off than the food is completely exposed
and then
and in the stock car becomes soft
and limp and the fruit
is then lowered back into the water
and in the funnier the stuff the seedpods in the in the lotus fruit swell up
you have seen a lotus fruit kind of like a sore like a disk and has holes in it inside the holes are the teapot
does like all they're like little on of balls
that's and that actually not a seat as a seed pod and then they swell up inside this up
enclosure and when the pressure gets strong enough
the the seed pods burst and in they're bursting they propel the as that seed pod holder up out of the water
the broken thing comes out of the water and see like a flying all over the water
so the the loudest is a particularly demonstrative of the process of transformation and spreading of the truth
the by its own process it it it explodes and the exposing the explosion is part of the reproduction is part of the spreading
and then they seen the seed pods
we're down the water again break apart and the seeds come out and then they go into the mud again and then so this is how this truth can spread
and how it can root and grow and flower and fruit and go beyond the fruit into more more seeds and more routes and more flowers in more fruit
so i said
it's a floured which is very demonstrate very much reproduction and ah
and spreading and continuing other teaching
the teaching of the truth
and then the embodiment of the truth the embodiment of the teacher
the buddha is the sutra in the city is the buddha
the truth is a buddha and buddhist sutra and sitter is the truth in the suit truth as the border
this truth and is buddha and etc
i always hear
and then par with the fifties doing is is
speaking about are expressing the issue of who is gonna take care of the lotus
who wants to take care of the lotus do you want to take care of the lotus you want to take care of the suture do you want to take care of the truth
and you want to take care of it so that it can be transformed and manifested in this world
and also
deal with the dynamic between this is the manifestation of the truth and the truth is not limit to do this manifestation
that because the truth can be this book the truth can be manifested in other ways
but it is the truth and how to take care of this book
then there's no fixed were to take care of it but somehow we the issue of reverence
and veneration
our are part of what's going on here
i brought the seekers over venice
this containers
i could try to promote this container
so long
has all these names that is wonderful sense to inside practicing and center crossed out to independent interdepartmental mail
in an apartment or female
yeah so i i thought maybe i'll try to find another
other way to take care of visa
capita the lotus sutra
and and recycle this
back to the inter departmental mailbox
but doesn't the envelope contained the heart
he the envelope contains the of the decision
it did before so it was at put a guard a normal servant of the lotus sutra
it presented them when it said it contains it it contains the i contains the heart of it now
so we we own exclude the virtues of this anvil
how we practice compassion
yeah and i are so i can continue to use this to with the sense of that this is really a good container for lotus hitches
and family
it's been a good servant
as i have to be to think about whether this is really
the most appropriate container further for the scriptures your name you keep your eye on the next week and see what and bring it
as you like or dislike are you accusing me something
are you kidding me something
are you kidding
where is not devices
where is not the lotus sutra
i don't know
but if you ask me where is a lotus sutra i can say here
the lotus sutra
which is actually be on time and space and the truth and lot of a which is really cannot be located in time and space is now located in time and space has this book
but i'm not saying you can't say the lotus sutra isn't somewhere because
it's not located in you know not not someplace but it can be located here
but by it's very teaching we know that the lotus sutra can be concretely manifested
in any way
but it requires
he requires us to join it
the buddhist appearance in the world requires us to practice
if we don't practice if we don't want to see the buddha the buddha
hides from us
or makes it so we can't see it
in five
this what was years
i can go to the buddha the buddha is embodied but the buddha amida buddha said and which is read that i make it so people can see me i don't want them to see me if they don't want to see me
i i'm here for their service my body's here
but i won't show it are actually make it so they can't see it unless they've really want to see it
and that would be partly that they would take the medicine
when they take the medicine and become well then they will see me
but the book the body is actually with us all the time and in part of it's power is to not show itself
until we really are ready to see
but he but the such after saying but it's here always and this is shakyamuni buddha
who historically went away but he's saying the same is true for infinite food that all here with us
the buddhas are present in this world at the same time they're telling us
you have to practice in order to realize this


all with whenever you meet a snail whenever snail comes to you always think of buddha
dash think of the ultimate truth whenever you whenever i smell comes to you
and if you don't see a snail
don't go after in his nails
just practise the lotus sutra and see if the snails come to you
when they come teach the snails the lotus sutra
whoa okay
but otherwise i would how would i wouldn't necessarily tell you have any relationship with a lot of suitable with the with the snails
this is a gentle approach by the way
also asking for even though we buy
yes sir
deserve the conventional world
go on
telling are
he music as she asked him out yeah
that seem like you know it
that day
the saturday
them or kill them
laughing at

i don't get it
forget if if if you want to
that's this is the this is a gentle approach
if you want to be teaching loads of to then
you are
you basically just think about the lotus sutra and then see who comes to visit you
and when they come to visit you
you teach them the lotus sutra
and while you're teaching them a researcher with them you may take a walk with them or you may have lunch with him
you have to see what's appropriate while you're teaching the lotus sutra whether you would
whether you would move them or not
i'm not to do with them i don't know what i would do with them

the ah
you know the source of this teaching is truth is a place where there where the precept of know killing lives
that's where that's where the reality of know killing it as a source is in this sticky
meditating on silence and stillness meditating on
this emptiness which is the and constructed this the emptiness which is silent is still entering that place is entering the world over there is no killing and then what kind of relationship do you have
in your garden with snails when there's no killing what than what is that and also know taking in not taking was not given and know
please myself above someone and what kind of that's the kind of world that is and then just to activity there
you still functioning i don't know what would be you have to look and see what works what person that place and if you're not in that place yet then you'd fine you already see
the no killing you don't actually see the nokia when you try not to kill the is fine try not to kill
when you still think it's possible when you starts to when it looks like there is killing try not to try to avoid this that falseness
but if you actually practicing lotus sutra you actually seeing not killing and then what kind of that sin now than how can your relationship with them snails manifesto
so chapter thirteen is kind of like what you can't do this weekend
get the fourteen is like my gentle
see if you can be gentle with the gentle and patient that's part of chapter fourteen the gentle and patient and not nasty with nails
and then
don't really be concerned with like having a relationship with the nails try to focus yourself on the truth and then see it as nails come to you or dogs or people or whatever and then when they come
and people will come teach them
teach them to show them how you're meditating on the lotus sutra show them how you're meditating on
on embodying the truth in your relationship with them shown
help them help open their eyes to how you're practicing with them
good question i looks like you understand how to practice sort of yes have you eventually
solve it
i didn't actually solve it
they keep coming down
they keep coming
and coming and coming
not shooting shooting i think
yeah i wouldn't say found everyone exactly a fantasy was it was a thought
has going to the hardware store and getting some
offer free
so they become a beast that they couldn't get after holes anymore
i think go and what i was i didn't try to think about gopher poison
and then there's also a go for fishing can fish for golfers to
by putting you know something delicious on end of a hook you putting it on the whole thing
i also thought of gopher snakes
and i thought of those things but i thought i have not gone to the hardware store
i did research gopher snakes on the internet

but the gophers are still coming and
and they still make mountains
and then i rake the miles away you take the rocks and throw them away i do sometimes think the gophers are making my
making my garden rock free because they they kind of regurgitate rocks up you know the mounds and i throw the rocks the winds so the ride that that the the gardens becoming less and less has lesson as roxanne it is surrounded by mountains of rocks
the garden itself i think course you could say what they think it's going deeper deeper the fine rocks way way down there
i just started one night
discriminations you have to kiss me on now and discriminations of the benefits of golfers they're also gonna air it the soil
but i ladies and gentlemen have still not killed
a golfer
and they don't come that close to me a chance to to solicitor
up close they don't get that close
i do sometimes seem sticking your head up and wanna go over and look the depopulated for effect very quickly
but dying on these days i'm i'm really not that troubled i don't feel harassed by the gophers i think that they're giving me kind of an easy time lately
but it could get difficult again

i hope i never have to come here and confess that i killed off

i come from minnesota and is that the mascot of of the
the university of minnesota golden gophers
so my wife good refers to me as the king of the actually the king goal for

they can to get more active when i'm out of town

medical law
the of side
yeah i saw that movie did you want academy warden

so wilson wilson a man
it wasn't a man or grommet the man
wallace is a man grommet is the dog so i think wallace actually turned into this giant rabbit right now
he became this he became huge monster rabbit because it has problem with rabbits rate is a right it is a that's so i want to be gotta want to become the huge go
the such

also people are given me give me this
these go for saunders is of this disease buzzers that you put down in the ground suffered of to like
i'm a sound that a noise on me made the and on never page me
get the magoffin didn't mind it
they make they actually nice i can try to do but they made lot of moms around the place
the same thing was
can down on the know they're singing or long the singing louder so they can't hear that they didn't work
but see why people gave him coming because they were afraid that i might kill the gulf
these things cost forty nine dollars apiece
how long you the location
they look like guy you know they look very ballistic and
but i have i use us
i am i'm feeling pretty happy about my relationship or gophers recently and i think it has a lot to do with the lotus sutra
so i'm just very happy to be studying law such a with you i'm trying to i'm trying to like relax and i get too excited about it but i am pretty darn happy about studying the wonderful situates
i feel like enough the seeds germinating
i shall return next week
i will appear to be berkeley now