Embracing the Mahayana: Do You Want to be an Artist? 

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we have been
from beginning to study an ancient teaching
a teaching which was offered
probably not
the fifth century or late fourth century of the common era
in india
and the
the name of this teaching is some
embracing the great vehicle
a great vehicle is up
have a universal process
how liberating beings
who are suffering
due to their
ah afflicted
for afflicted and deluded consciousness
so i saw it a teaching to embrace this vehicle to liberate beings who are suffering from delusions
and it is
a teaching to embrace
he's very minds it is a are teaching to help beings embrace
the mind of delusion
for the sake of realizing liberation for all living beings
it's a teaching offered in language so it's primarily for human beings
and part of the teaching is actually teaching and how language and mind
evolve the how the human mind
and human language
how language is actually part of the affective system and how our language can be incorporated into the system and delusion in order to awaken the system of delusion
to the truth of the mind

this process of
i'm receiving to these teachings and
paying attention to our own deluded mind with the aid of these teachings
ah transforms our minds
completely if the practice
very thoroughly
with these teachings and with our minds
the end result of this complete transformation is called the true body of buddha
so the end of this
how does teaching on the yeah
i'm embracing the great vehicle is the final chapter is a chapter about what's what's the fruit
of thorough study of the deluded mind together with the teachings about the diluted mine and the fruit is is the buddha the true body and buddha
and that's disgusting
at the end of his teaching
after teaching starts with
ah how is how are deluded states how deluded states arise
what's their support
how do they keep going and song

the first chapter is called the support of the norwalk or
the support for all all these known
and the author of this book his name is sandra
one of the great bodhisattva as one of the great compassionate beings in there
tradition of the buddha's disciples
he starts up by saying in this english translation
his first explained
that the support
the knowable is termed the container consciousness

in sanskrit this is called alia virginiana
container consciousness or storehouse consciousness

there is apparently
an ancient text
called the rv diamond sutra or the scripture on the highest
the coach the buddha as saying
from the beginning this time
this realm
is a support for all things
only if it exists to all the destinies exist
and it and is their access to liberation
the destiny refer to all the different
ah modes
all the different basic modes of
ah bondage and suffering
they all
are supported by this storehouse consciousness
his supports all forms of cyclic existence
all forms of bondage and suffering however
it is also our access to liberation
the mine which supports all the filed afflicted diluted states that mind is also the way we
come to freedom

in a second verse
it is said that the buddha said
the hidden ground upon which all things depend is the consciousness his consciousness with all seeds
thus i call it the container
and have caught this to superior persons

oh a song and comments that these two scriptural vs express the basic structure
so his consciousness or
is the support of all defiled states and this consciousness is also the place to enter liberation
it supports all bondage and it's also the place where the work of liberation
is you could say

the state of consciousness is
an unconscious

so it is an unconscious
state of mind
that supports all the files states and it is the place
of transformation
to become free of these files dates and to realize a buddha

it is
our past
not our past in the sense
that it that it's the things that have gone away
not our past in the sense of all of our experiences that have passed it is our past
in terms of
the consequences of our past
it is the results of our past
it is our past presented to us as a consciousness
and every whenever we are aware are the consciousness
which is the result of all of our past awareness is
a supporting our present awareness
and his past which is the result of over past knowing is if is the support of our present knowing
and we do not know it
by paying attention to our present knowing
especially with instructions about how to pay attention to our present noise
our past
is transformed
are proud of our past is constantly transformed even if we don't pay attention to our present consciousness if we do not pay attention to what we're thinking now what we're experiencing now if we don't pay attention to it
this present on
attended state of consciousness immediately simultaneously supports the past which supports it
however if we pay attention to are deluded mind with the aid of teachings about the deluded mind
the past is transformed in a different way
the pass is the seeds for all of our present consciousness
this past unconscious
this results in the past this consciousness which is the result of the pass supports our present
mental functioning that were aware of
and our present meant are functionally is right now transforming
the results of our past
if we pay attention to our present functioning and received teachings about our present functioning the way our present functioning transformed our past is at it plants knew it had an ex new impressions right now new impressions on
the vast reservoir of results of past action it plant seeds of buddha in this ocean of sees for defiled
deluded afflicted consciousnesses
in this way this texas proposing than by attending to our conscious mind we could eventually completely transform our unconscious mind and the completely transformed unconscious mind is called the true body of buddha or the dark the teaching body
so now i'm
conveying this teaching to you from sixteen hundred years ago it said
could be called a my yona a great vehicle model of mind
it's a model of mind
to help us study or mind
have it be transformed into the great vehicle by a book by using these teachings to embrace our mind we also come to eventually embraced the great vehicle realize the great vehicle and then offered to others to help them
embrace their mind realize their mind
realize the buddha and help others
les les for while i've been asking people who come to see me
ah i've been asking them do you want to be an artist
our most people have said yes
i ask you today
do you want to be an artist
some people who send me i am an artist
still i asked do you want to be an artist like some people say do you want to be a man and some of you might say i am a man
but then i shall say you wanna be
do you want to work at that
they wanna be a woman
i am a woman fine to wanna be a woman

i didn't ask anybody do you wanna be deluded
if i did some on my sam deluded
and i might say yes but you wanna be deluded
it's hard to want to be downloaded for some of us even though we are even though we a yes i am are you diluted yes i am do you wanna be my group i wanna be
do you wanna be the way you are mine know if i wanna be the wareham
i'm not telling you that you have to want to be deluded
i might say well if you are deluded would you like to embrace this delusion
and if you say no i don't want to embrace his division than i might say all
let me ask you do want to embrace the great vehicle and then you say what's the great vehicle is the path of liberation of all beings on the beach the path of buddhahood
now do you want to embrace to get vehicle you say yes say okay one of the requirements of embracing the great vehicle is to embrace
a mind of delusion
if i'm not willing to embrace the my delusion
i won't be able to embrace the great vehicle
what's the question about hardest have to do with this well
when it has to do it this is that if you are willing to embrace and sustain if you're willing to
fully engage the mind of delusion
then you would be able to gradually more and more fully engage the great unconscious mind which supports this mind of delusion
you wouldn't you would another words become an artist
because you would by taking care of but you can see
you would start to work with what you can't see
and what you can't see is the creative process by which the mine arises
but you wouldn't in that way the entering into this process which is going on anyway
it's a creative process where a mine is arising moment by moment and ceasing moment by moment but it's not arising by itself it's arising with another mind in this model is my on a model of the mind there's a least two
there's a conscious one and the countess one can actually be of six types or seven
and the unconscious is of one type
but the one type is all the seeds for all possible
the file mental states

if we were unwilling to embrace to the mental states they were unable to embrace
this causal process where the unconscious is right there
and the unconscious is actually working with excuse me the conscious he is actually working with the unconscious the unconscious he's supporting the conscious and the conscious is transforming the unconscious every moment if we don't fully engage the unconscious we don't engage the process of transforming
did i say if you don't really engage the conscious if we don't fully engage our conscious deluded mind
which is not that easy to engage sometimes because it's so painful and deluded
and even sometimes thinks it's not deluded
now some of you might think but when the thinks it's not diluted i have an easier time embracing it when it thinks it's enlightenment i'm willing to embrace it well that's good
the least you're willing to embrace them a delusion of grandeur
that's good delusions of grandeur need to be embraced if you embrace a delusion of grandeur you're embracing something that is transforming its support
it's input impact and it's perfuming is impregnating the great unconscious were supports all states all things all things that we live that we experience are supported by this
seed reservoir this container consciousness
we're constantly and a prop creative process with it it is giving rise to our conscious life
we are it actually and i've had to slice is supported by and are conscious life is transforming it all the time
this teaching is saying one two three let's get ready to embrace this deluded mind completely
with the aid of all kinds of practices of compassion
and if we can fully engage it we enter into the process of making a buddha
and we do this together
there's an intersect intra psyche part of it
henderson enter enter subjective interpersonal part of it
there's a way we work i work on it
by myself myself and as a way i work on it myself with yourself or mice my consciousness with your consciousness we need both
that's why we have this talk here so that the teachings of the ancestors can come out in the room and interact with all of our active consciousnesses and when you're active consciousnesses are thinking of these teachings your active consciousness as are more
ready to be fully engaged for the embraced and therefore more ready to plunge into the process by which this trend by which this past
becomes our present and future
and as we enter this process
we can speak about what's most vital and important in living
what's most important most what most important is cruelty
and kindness what's most important his delusion and enlightened what's most important as birth and death that's the stuff of living beings and we can speak and act upon these important things with authority
if we enter into this creative process which is going on anyway
sir question is do you want to be an artist do you want to plunge into and be immersed in this process which you are plunged into and immersed right now we're in it anyway but you want to get into it and you need me help
and the ancestors said yes i do and i do need help and the ancestors were helped by the ancestors the teaching these are teachings to help us become artists
to become beings who are in his creative process
and therefore can speak to what's most important in life for living beings

i wonder if one more little section if i may may i
so a song as why did why did the buddha teach that this consciousness is called a container
and i wanna say that for me it's called the container consciousness but it's not in an it's not a container in addition to what it contains it is also called all the seeds it's the consciousness which is all the seas so as call the seeds it's kind of
go to call it a m
political quality a bee swarm are seen a bee swarm it's as mall these floating through the years you know it's a swarm is all the bees
but there's not there's not a high around the these is not a fly hive
it's the inhabitants of a hive
congealed and and moving through space together in a recent times atlanta in a tree
that's that swarm is actually i think it would have been better if the buddha head said
swarm consciousness the swarm of all seeds
but no matter how he how the buddha puts it we have a tendency to make a container of all the seas it's called a container because all the exceeds are gathered together
all the seeds are embraced
but it's not like as a conscience which is in that comes along without the season embrace the sees the consciousness is just
the gathering and the embracing
of all the season the seeds are
the seas of all states and the scenes are also the results of all states so they're they're permeation or perfume ings
as results and their seeds as cause it's the same
think the results in their causes and are gathered together very nicely and none of them slip away enough from not from the swarm the all together they can't get the all associated
so how come the buddha call this consciousness the great swarm
because the results of the filed states of all sentient beings lie concealed and stored up
in those mental states as their cause
all my mental states
however pass mental states the results of all repass mental states are in our present mental state
hold the results of order past karma is in our present mental state
but is hidden and concealed we can't see or whole history of all of our actions in our present mental states but they're here
and the way they're here as a cause that's one way that's that's the container consciousness
in our present mental states
as a cause and what is it is the result of our past mental states
furthermore so it's both cause and result it's called the resultant and resultant is the is the support of our present consciousness
so it's the result of our past
active consciousness and it's the part of our present active consciousness but is hidden in our present consciousness is right here but we can see it
and what we're thinking now which depends on it transforms if it supports i was thinking this way and where we think transforms it
it's it's sir
totally in us and also us as active conscious beings and it's also not are active consciousness
they're not they're not part of each other there are two different types of purchases
in furthermore it is called the container countess and spinners much has all sentient beings clean to an image of selfhood are themselves contained within this consciousness
for within the confines of this consciousness

hand i can remember
yeah question yes

it's interesting at the beginning of this chapter quite a few people asked that question which has dealt with at the end of this chapter however hey
so what that the matches and end of the chapter
our one as a dancer is that this consciousness has
can be spoken of in terms of well
ah of having three kinds there are three kinds of this consciousness
and also can be spoken of as having for kinds
so you might be interested in what the three kinds are but because she didn't ask about with are three kinds are i'm not going to tell you right now with three kinds are i'm just gonna go into the for kinds but since you didn't ask about the for kinds i'm just going to talk about the fourth kind and the fourth kind of this consciousness is this consciousness in terms in his care
interests and the characteristics of this consciousness in this text or spoken of as to there's to characteristics one characteristic has called the common characteristic the others called the uncommon characteristic for the specific characteristic
the common characteristic of this consciousness is
our experience on the physical world
so our experience of this room and of california are
the plant that planet earth solar system are experience of physical world is a common characteristic of this consciousness
all sentient beings working together
have created the common characteristic of this consciousness
which is which is the physical world in which we live
and we live in the physical world with non-humans to and they live in with us
they also have passed karma
but purpose comment is different from our past coming because they're here our past karma has language in it
and so
our world is a language constructed world
and there's is not but they kind of live in the same world they they can like they think we're in narrow world and we think
there are in our world
but the world they see is constructed by different karma than ours so it looks different to them but ours because our karma is quite similar in terms of them are language beings our world has a similarity for us that's the common characteristic the individual characteristic is our individu
sewell sense organs are individual sense organs and our individual sense fields
so in the vast possibilities of sensory experience
i'm looking at some things right now that you're not looking at and vice versa
and i my sense organs are specifically focused on things that year sense organs are specifically not focused on year specifically
sensing other things that is the uncommon characteristic of this consciousness so he both supports
if it's connected to our sense organs and supports our specific sense experience which is not common among us
and it also
ah the supports a common experience like language
and kirk and supports
i'll a world wherein the people who get to in this world that we're talking about here they are admitted to this world by language
language karma not just language but language which they
act out
that's the common aspect of this consciousness
i just really love it more
scriptures such as
the yeah
scripture we should call on explaining the
the profound meaning or explaining the profound intimacy the summoner matata sutra
which sure
i've just been given the manuscript of a book about the about the sunday morning on a soft drink called the third turning the wheel
that scripture says the appropriate in consciousness which is another name for the container consciousness is deep and subtle
constantly flowing along with all
the seeds of things
it's the seeds for all of our active consciousness as the scene for the world we live in
it's the scenes for the linguistic karma and therefore the seeds for the world that the speakers of karma of speakers of language can are living in together it's the seed for all of our mental states and to see for the world we live in if the seeds for all things it's the seeds for
for our sense of the universe
for our experience of totality

and then he says i have not talked this to common world wildlings because they would reapply it and cling to it as a self self
i'm telling you about what bossy binder said the buddha said and this teaching is for the enlightened person that you can be
this is for you who will not real vi these teachings who will not make this storehouse consciousness into a self and clear to it that's the distinction for so please be the fatty person
however i know there's a tendency
when you say container to make a container something in addition to the contain that's why i start off by saying there's not something in addition to the contained there's no self in addition to the things that the self is made of this consciousness is not something in addition to all the seeds is not something in addition to all of our the results of all of our past action
that can be careful now if you've seen any real going on to be very kind to it the redefine woke her in your active consciousness if it does you'll be really kind to it
put it in little anvil up and send it to me
come from
when dixie
the origin of the origin
when did
i guess you could say about the big man would be one answer

is to create a big name
ah i guess the hardest of how the big bang were
then the the big not bath
but for the medium not bang for the not big not bank
they're not big not bang the origin of the big bang
yeah mortgage you say not big bang is the origin of the big bang i think that's what they say isn't it
that there was a not big bang and then there was a big bang and they're not big bang was like to know like was a point right in total darkness
when it is a singularity
not a i'm not big bang
but have enough
then there was a bang
and the source of the bang was enough nothing bang
next question
the question it's question but now that we've had a big bang
there are the there is any arising of ignorance has been the arising in this cosmic situation there has been the arising of living beings
that could imagine that they're separate from the universe like i often draw a picture if i have a blackboard iran i draw a circle
and i say this circles the universe and it has a little bump on the top it's the university or something there's a little bump in addition to the universe and guess what that bumpers
what is the thing that's in addition to the universe
yeah so she's kindly pretending to be a sentient being sentient beings think that they're in addition to the universe they don't think other people or addition to the universe they know everybody's included in in the universe and then there's me
don't there's all the seeds for all the states plus me is always plus me and and i can since i'm in addition to all the seeds i can grab the seeds i collect them mike admitted in i can open a star selfies
this the it has arisen among living beings and when they start i don't know
didn't have a start ah doesn't have an origin and are starts and origins trumping that living beings makeup
well this text says yeah we we we have that the start and origins were concerned about or the starch and origins that is supported by our past karma so our present active consciousness can think about starts and origins
but our ability to think that way supported by
task force that way
an example was there an original thought of origin
was there an origin of the thought of origin i would have put together by some other things and where was the started them and so on
and to understanding this will actually come to you in a little while
at first of all before you're omniscient
it's required that you engage your non omniscient mind we have all us have non omniscient minds which are defiled by a sense of separation from other beings
or we think are suffer from the universe or in addition to the universe
well we think containers or addition we have no like this is cop seems to be a container in addition to the walk to the water or to the t inside this cop seems to be in addition to the space it contains
but isn't really in addition
now it's not really but we can think that way and our ability to think that way or are thinking that way is supported by our passed by the results from our past karma which is present right now supporting us to be able to have this diluted consciousness
and as gonna keep supporting us
until has totally transformed
by the teachings and practices of the great vehicle
the model to bouquet vehicles model of mind and the great vehicles model of mine
as this storehouse consciousness in it early buddhism had a our consciousness but it was barely noticeable pretty buddhism seemed to just be talking about the conscious mind and it taught people how to be present with the conscious mind and if your present with the conscious mind
beneficial things start happening actually when your present with the conscious mind you started transforming the unconscious mind whether you know or heard about it or not you still transformed by presence and mindfulness the my honor model in mind the great vehicle monument is no kidding people off
to the whole creative process in a more articulated an explicit way
yes charlie

jaime now and in the future i mean still want you are you're already have you been wanting to be and are you going to continue to wanna be in the present and you want to continue in the future would you like this to have a beginning and no
is it
it might help you engage the present moment
and not an engaging the present moment
but you realize that engaging the present moment involves a involves or
yeah involves or entails
entails engaging in the support for the arising of the present moment in other words that your in volunteer you that the creative process involves
the unconscious
that is not just manipulation of your conscious mind it's working with your conscious mind in order to transfer for to interact with and transform the unconscious
which is why when we think of doing good thing retry button because we have the influence of passed on kind karma we are unsuccessful have discussed by thinking of kindness
so it kind of infant encourages to keep trying work and even though it's quite difficult because it explains why it would be really difficult this is teaching me explains that it's gonna be really difficult for us to actually be artists twenty four hours a day seven days a week because of this this teaching so that's gonna be hard

it's allowed totally allowed
yes i wanna be deluded for the welfare of all beings because in order to help all beings
i need to embrace the way i am i have to willingly a plunge into
the world of delusion where i'm living
so again sometimes the image of the enlightening being is that they're in this ocean and delusion with all the other deluded beings but they are there because there's something really good about being there which is helping other beings
so they dare to play or this is really terrible is is really terrible and i wanna be here and i'm and i want to stay here until everybody catches on to a wonderful it is to be in this terrible situation with all the other suffering days
and so i wanna be here i want to embrace this i don't like it it's painful but i wanna be here and i'm saying that because saying that his verbal karma which takes me into a new world i'm transforming the world when i say i want to
i'm i'm getting closer to creating the world and buddha every time i say i want to live in this world for the welfare of all beings buddha's the shack the buddha says in the lotus sutra i'm all was thinking that food is always doing
the mental karma of thinking i am always buddhist thinking i'm always thinking i'm always thinking of what how to help bees enter the great way and quickly realize buddhahood as always planting that seed kindly dealing with her active consciousness
and naked and six being able to actually constantly make her active consciousness this thought along with lots of other good thoughts on this one the buddha says i'm always thinking of this one i'm always transforming the consciousness in this way and more showing other people it's might be boring world if we were all thinking has been
this would transform the entire world into buddha if we were all consciously think of
helping others enter this way of constantly thinking of how to help others into this way
which is saying with you if you want enlightenment than you should want if you want to embrace and sustain enlightenment that you should want to embrace and sustained delusion which is the same as saying i want to embrace and sustain living beings because they are deluded
i mean since they're deluded i want to embrace their decision
but i want to embrace them for their welfare
and i do sometimes get queasy and then i want to embrace that queasiness because they're queasiness is in another variety of delusion
the beginning
yeah was just a guest
additional actually to see
a captain
the mountains
and some question to answer
his original

is he me
i guess in southeast knows on things that on
maybe you want to start acknowledging
that's one thing
well get another and not being a fully realized mood i don't know if the best answer that question is but a i will say that
the dharma is there
before the big bang
i'm i even before the dimas there with the big bang enlightenment i don't know if we need enlightenment unless we have suffering beings if everybody's cool with no big bang and big bang i don't often need enlightenment
we just got very just have reality is when people get second from reality that we have to have special reality courses and reality t v
but if you know if normally separate from reality if there's no big bang nobody's people are being blown away from from reality we don't need enlightenment enlightenment outing as much point aside from delusion
and we don't really need the reality we just got it
we need to do is get in accord with it if we're not and if we're in a way of delusion we need enlightenment then because delusion needs enlightenment in fact so the teaching is years we've got to live and we've got enlightenment that can be brought into intimate contact with it so enlightenment is willing to embrace deliver
and if we do that we will along the way we would just slip some omniscience about stuff like origins is a fight that but the omniscience may just turn out to be nothing more when i said namely the origins of things is not the origin of things that's really the end of the story
but at the beginning in a story you may be looking for something better than that
in some as to say
the are looking for year
i up to the
disagree all that entails tulsa yeah
yeah homie and you could say i want to be an artist and say but i don't want to suffer and i would say will fine but cannot be on the artist
even if you want to if you're not willing to embrace suffering
hard to open to beauty and art we have to open to suffer you can't like close to suffering and find another door into art
you can't be in this world you know and closure and close to other beings in this world you have to open to suffering if to open to anxiety and fear we have to do that
and because of our past karma which is presented to us by our unconscious mind it produces is supports the arising a mind will say well how know if i really want to be open to all this suffering
or i don't know if i want to but i'm willing to consider possibly to learning today
i can see i can see i can see it makes sense to me that i have to open to everything in order to open everything there are not going to be able see the truth if i'm closed to one single suffering me
but i can open a little bit to the truth if i open a little bit to one being yeah if i embrace a little that once since you're being i'm embracing the truth a little right
now do you want to be an artist and with a hard practice opening to haul suffering which means opening to true beauty and true truth
well i like to learn that i can't really say yes right now and in specific cases there some beings who suffering i actually do feel some limit and hamlet i'm willing to open to it but i'd like to learn how to completely open to it eventually because i realize it's necessary
that's the word from this the ancestors is we have to completely transform our unconscious mind in order to realize buddha for the welfare of all beings but it's a gradual process
and so we can be kind to our present state of openness to suffering are present state of of artistic activity which is to some extent constructed and limited and title
so they can be mean to the fact that we're not open to everybody will just make is closed more
if you see somebody is not open to somebody and you need to the so okay for a close to everything now how it is opening a little bit now you're punishing me for not opening to all while i'm just gonna closed all the way down then
i don't wanna be an artist
as if you force me to open up anymore i'm and a close down all the way
please except during the present level of openness that's enough that's great thank you yes so
my down the river was power
yeah this transformation
the sofa has for is transforming
like are just physical
yeah i could it could be just as interface
so you're karma's arising based on your the results of your past karma my karma is arising all of our com is a rising every moment based on her past at the results of our past karma and then there's teachings are coming into our present karma
kittens were saying be very attentive and kind to your present karma that will be good for everybody and with that those teachings in
even if somebody else to say why don't really want to practices teachers yet but i'll let him in for further considered later consideration the teachings are getting and the farm is getting in and a diamond than if it's in our present karma it becomes part of our past and supports the grout the gradual process of filling a lie
while filling the storehouse consciousness with all kinds of fill you with filling a filling it filling it with dharma and donner practices with dharma and the results of trying to pry to storm
along with as infinite past com
ignorance of dharma and practicing in accordance with ignorance that they're all their do
like depersonalize it
the personalizing as is one of the things is recommended to do with your karma received teachings to depersonalize it right along with wired personalizing the personalize it be kind to the personalizing that will help you join the deep personalizing
give rise to that gives rise to buddha etc

his language for human beings
i'll enlightenment is free of language but we need but we live in a world that we entered by language so the buddha's manifest language is sign language to us because language can transform the mind which has created by left wish to create in by language
and language can transform the world created by language so for human beings we need to receive the dharma
importantly anyway and language gonna can be conveyed to other beings in non linguistic forms because they live in normally goes from linguistic world's so buddha's can teach beings and other realms without using language but for us the world we live in his language constructed so it must be language liberated saw the buddha's
the the him the the great silent one the buddha's the great silent one our historical buddha is the great silent mooney mooney mom mooney great silent one
very talkative creature talking a lot
not all day long he was quiet part of the day i could use eating and don't think of talked
put the food his mouth actually him we don't nobody recommended that when you're when you're when you're eating does not to talk to concentrate on the experience of chewing food so out of the buddha was like talking wise eating
there were breaks in the talk but he did say a lot and because
the human beings live in a language constructed world so the words come in here to show us a world which is free of these constructions
from this conscious or unconscious and conscious or unconscious mind
we at some points
he's not to find seats
well rules no see when we can't know who we actually wanted we want to promote the planting of
dharma seeds of buddha sees into this kind of unconscious we want to do that you want to keep planting and until is enough season there so that all this season delusion had been completely antidote and or transformed into wisdom
so there's a lot of simpler of there's a lot of dharma seed planting that needs to be encouraged so as you as you may or may not know i just told your buddha says in the lotus sutra i'm always planting karmic seeds i'm always thinking but as weren't thinking is to plant this brute a seat over and over ever
a moment
so you can just spend the rest of your life constantly thinking of how you can help beings entering the path
a freedom and enlightenment just constantly think of that which is constantly going that karma of thinking has going to constantly plant these kinds of seeds and he sees will mix with the seeds of for what about me and while and i that's mine and not yours though seeds the seeds return result of that kind of thinking or
are there too
one a mixed and we want to put darmian or two
in one it or whatever formerly competitive doesn't an english german chinese ah
you know as many ways of thinking that are planning dharma disease and we just keep planting them until the whole our whole past is completely transformed that's the idea of this teaching of this model

i didn't quite hear what you said if that happens in a specific what

yes it does
he said if you he she said in a specific unconscious has transformed and again i don't know if there's a specific unconscious there's to and first there's a specific and as in common
and both specific and common part part of this consciousness
what she'll learn more about
anyway just in terms of those two points when we care for our however we care for our active of consciousness however we care for it it permeates for it influences our unconscious and it includes his or unconscious as two aspects one aspect of our unconscious is common
we share it it's the and that his physical world we live in it transforms the physical world
when we care for our on our conscious in a certain way and it transforms it another way would transform it in another way when we take care of our active coaches and other way and it also transformed our specific uncommon unconscious so our unconscious has shared aspect and unshared as
perfect and the way we care for our conscious life the way we practice with karmic consciousness influences the whole thing which has these to characteristics
was fantasy
you have also been to this is a song as brother younger brother oh so he's too great city right thing to have a great mom they're the same mom
and she i know i you know you can see her as safe various things bearing way she thought i'll want to make
don't want to have two children are more
who will become as much as possible like buddhists and i think i've got some really good things here
fell wanna make too great and so she she had his two sons with two different fathers and she really encourage them to practice the dharma and i became he's great
this great
great teachers and help
well one thing about a binder road or was a commentary on this text
he wrote commentaries on some of his brothers writing but he also wrote the arbiter mucosa heal any road on commentary and hearts on a diamond sutra he wrote a various independent tracks on various teachings of our karma
anyway here a lot of writing his brother also did a lot of writing the stories of them ah if you keep if you keep it encouraged me he will be many stories and by foster bonder and a sondra happily recited by
the person you're stimulating
to recite them
yes gloria

i've been feeling that

yeah yeah
some say something

bubbling up
it fell to me
in more joyful more alive yeah so we don't say move towards pain and we don't say move away from it we say
don't move don't move towards or away we say turning away and touching her both wrong for it is like a massive fire
if you go away from a your freeze you touch it your burn so we we stay close to the suffering
who are we just stay in the present relationship they don't go away or towards we stood upright with it and if we can sit up bright with it that's one of the ways for caring for your active conscious mind which will then the stimulate his relationship with the creative process will help you enter the creative process
cause there it's entering that that will make are offering in this world most alive but is
it means opening to pay
you ought to go towards the pain
and you not to go away from it it just have to honor their for your present relationship with it and then try to cultivate the teaching of opening to your present pain
your present person hood your present suffering a present delusions try to cultivate opening to it
and that is how we transform
the vast mind on the results from this vast past karma which supporting all of our present kind of consciousness

well here that i'm sorry that does happen sometimes
thing is that if he was just a glimpse of said

have you you are reminds me of the story of oliver i was sitting a session one of my first sessions as zen center when zen center was located over japantown
then i was i was having a lot of pain in my ah
donnelly area
and i went to see suzuki roshi i sat down and
we started to have an interview
and i don't know how long we're talking britain it for one not too long less than half an hour we're talking
and they said excuse me
he sent to stay here on the party back and then he went out and i and i went into the room the interview room was on the first floor of the temple and i send the xander was up above that room and i heard him going up the stairs
and i heard him going down the hall to his office which is next to the zendo i heard this office door open and close and then i heard a new service start
chanting for counting new in service
the heart sutra
where it says no suffering is on and so i heard the chance of for hearts for then i heard the service and and then i heard the the chance for the meal service sky on some they had darden that and to the there one wonder was one chapter
and he told me as to way here from signs waiting downstairs and and lunch was going on chairs and then after lunch is over i are all students going down the stairs and then i heard him finally come down the stairs and came in a room or open a door and he said
i wasn't sure if he actually had forgotten me
or if this was a big set up because
i was sitting there for a month
almost two hours
in for lotus
and there was no pain and i at a certain point i i i noticed and i thought wow this kind of trick is done on me
just like put me in his transcendent let me see that
but there's no pain for two hours and he came back in and he said pope and that he sat down we continued the interviews and then any and we ended it
and that was that but it was interesting that
it has upstairs you know and send along was really really difficult but somehow it just wasn't there so that i went back after lunch and certain pin came right back pretty much the same but it was helpful to see
ah this mysterious disappearance of it without anything happening to make it comer now it's it's helpful to see that occasionally and then with that encouragement okay now that i've seen the truth now i can stuff for the rest of my life
bring it on
for the welfare of all beings
and if i shrink back from it if it seems too much
my kindness and compassion com
to to the suffering and to this hesitation to open to the suffering
get robin is suffering as the primary act of compassion to are suffering but sometimes we just feel like where's the compassion i just want to get outta here well
that's something going to be kind to
i wanna go so i want to have a different body
okay when we know it
now i have this strange thing on my elbow
which apparently is my a bursitis that for some reason as of the verses above and below the tip of the elbow have swelled up
i don't know as kind of annoying and come annoyed by it
but i'm i'm i'm i'm can be careful not to wish to much that it will go away even though i can't read like to go away

can like okay this can be my problem this can be my physical problem now
brown and we just went away and and see what is replaced by his successors

hi i have committed to keep going through this teaching
we we've done first three all sections of the tax and we did something at the end of the text today with cairns help we went to the end of the text to i believe
like the sixtieth section
i told you have one of the four types and i am told you for the three types so there's all kinds of wonderful opportunities ahead of us if you would wish to continue studying this text
in the meantime perhaps enough for now okay
and we can use with your activates the text of the translator for like mention it yeah i a fish this text has been translated by john yeah john keenan and is published by the new moto institute
as i mentioned on thursday night over at the center of the universe berkeley
so end up and as as a public service or
shocker g is willing to receive your orders and or in the books for you as a bodhisattva kept the correct yeah and the new marty institute will give us sooner have been caught
the educational institute discount
so we will will make an order and if you'd like tissue or it's like only fifteen dollars or so yeah so you can get this wonderful little book for fifteen dollars there is also an online version of it which is translated which was translated into french by the grey
eight scholar eighty anne lamott
and that's been translated from french into english that's available online
go and look at it is got a footnote say can really get into it
i'm like you don't have to stay it does the text
hang out with with me i'll give it to you
but you can also study if you like of course that's wonderful
that will be an experience for you
your you'll be amazed by what you see her
i know exactly recommended
thank you
the ice dancer
san remo the had place etc
hey day
to say
the day
i was
the to act around
the sitcoms
which of these passes to johnny
would you mark that text at the place that are recited this morning
or he's tell me where it is in a o market