Everything is Calling for a Compassionate Response

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Buddha's sitting - who do you think you are; ; Buddha, dharma and sangha are all-pervading; Yunmen's appropriate response.

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thank you




the may i tell some stories

once upon a time
there was a person
who realized
and this buddhahood which was realized
was not realized by a person

the realization was
the story i'm telling about the realization it was a realization beyond all stories
again i'm telling a story about a realization that's beyond all stories
i don't know if exactly believe that story but i i tell that story over and over
that there was a realization a perfect
enlightenment complete enlightenment great compassion
unsurpassable wisdom
let's be that's beyond all stars
and from this realization
a person started talking and a person said
to some of his friends when they asked him how he is doing he told them that he realized
perfect awakening

and then he ah he told the story of of awakening
a number of times and some of the ways some of the story he told about the awakening
which don't reach the awakening and were written down eventually and we can read them
so he he or his he said he said he he sat under a tree which became the tree of awakening and
and then ah
and the way he told the story or the store the though the way the story goes in some of those stories where the sun like he sitting under the bodhi tree realize the awakening by himself it sounds like that the way told the story
i know he's speaking conventional language i realize this i realize that
so there's those stories which sound like the buddha's saying that he realized
the awakening
but later in the in history of the tradition
others scriptures appeared were booted said told a different story
about the about the
becoming buddha and one of the stories is
that the buddha was sitting and and and saw the morning star and said now i together with all beings realize
i together with all beings and the great earth
realize the way or become the way the boot away
that story is a
in a told often in the so-called zen tradition

and there's there's it a story which is more like a legend
about the buddhists the buddha sitting under the bodhi tree
which the legend goes something like this that the buddha i don't know at some point the buddha went to to a river and
i think put it up his when to get water and he put his water container into the river and the ruined the water container went upstream
and he he thought oh it's time for me to sit
and realize the way
and he sat down under this tree and he vowed not to move until he attained the way
and he and while he was sitting he got various large number of visitors came to tim to see him who seemed to be trying to get him to move
to move from his stillness
and he responded to these visitors who are kind of challenging him
challenging the stillness he responded to them with loving kindness and they backed off and let him sit
but then finally on the super challenge came the super challenge game of somebody came to visit and said who do you think you are that you can attain the way that you can do it and i'm anna he didn't quite say it the way i'm gonna say it now who do you think you are that you think you can
attain buddhahood by yourself
this is a legend this is not in the canonical stories of the buddha
realizing the buddha way it's a legend but in that legend
the last challenge was who do you think you are the the that you can attain the way by yourself and the buddha
i think with his right hand
reached down and touched the earth and asked the earth to witness
but he could be still and be allowed
to retain the way and the earth shook i think a thousand ways a roar of support came to the border and said yes you can sit but in this story he wasn't doing it by himself he was being witnessed and supported by the great earth
as but again in zen story that's i told earlier where the buddha says he attained the way to gather with all beings
some people might say well that zen story
the story of the zen tradition is a legend someone might say
so i'm suggesting that the buddha way the way of the buddha's i can't see the way of all zen practitioners are all
a central asian or tibetan or chinese all the schools of indian and tibetan and chinese and southeast asian all those different forms of buddhist practice i can't say that all of them think and understand that their practice is practicing together with all beings i can't read
speak for them
and i really can't really speak for buddha either but i can offer you the thought
and i can offer with some energy
that the buddha way is a social practice
it's a practice
together with all beings and the great earth
and that social practice embraces all the beings who think they're not doing social practice
all the beings i think they're practicing by themselves for their own
personal liberation they're included in this social practice with the buddha's even though they don't think so
and of course it includes the people who want to do a practice which is the practice of all beings the practice together with all beings those who want to are called bodhisattvas
who do not practice by themselves
who do not want to practice by themselves who believe that they wanted to the buddha practice together with all beings


ah it seems like most human beings have
a mental condition called consciousness
that has it in other words i so it seems in this consciousness it seems like there's a lot of human beings who have consciousness like this consciousness
where there's like me and a world filled with many living beings
from what i hear from people there they're living with a consciousness like that too
a state of awareness that has me in it
i has an eye on it
to to some of you have something like that
three three people have that
as i thought
in in consciousness i think that i think that or that is thought and consciousness where where i appear there's a thought that other people have such a mind

seem to appear in this consciousness and also in this consciousness is the thought that there's other cognitive activities besides consciousness that are simultaneous with the consciousness
one of them we could call unconscious cognitive processes
so in consciousness there is the thought and in the consciousness which i might call this consciousness there is the thought that there is a vast and in some ways much
faster and more complex cognitive process which is not known to consciousness consciousness knows about it but not directly i just by hearsay
and i'm saying that that cognitive process is the one which is for example responsible for these hands moving in the air right now i'm not consciously moving his hands however i am conscious that they're moving but i'm not consciously i'm not consciously
orchestrating this amazing event
i cannot consciously do this but i can see a picture of what is going on a but you also see this may be right you also not consciously orcas orchestrating this are you know i'm no more consciously orchestrating this than you are
i eat my hand just stopped i did not decide consciously to have them start i think they're going to start again now and they didn't
now they're gonna start but they didn't i said they were but they didn't say where you actually said they were in then you told them not to
i'm not in shock do it i wasn't i didn't do that in other words in consciousness where i seem to appear if they moved more due to see him they're all over the place who's in charge of these things while i would say nobody's in charge of these things
the unconscious cognitive process isn't as somebody
it's not even in nobody does not a self there it's to camp the self can't keep up with it it's amazing is totally awesome is just
indescribably wonderful and it supports the arising of this consciousness
however yeah however it can hear stories about buddhism but it in some ways
yeah it can hear stories of 'em toryism but the consciousness
the consciousness
and what to say about it the consciousness is an important place to practice
the consciousness been practice going on there

this that was unconscious and i mean i i i saw it but i am not
anyway ah i heard a teaching and i heard me say it
which is that pretty much everything that i hear is calling to me for compassion
everybody i meet is calling to me for compassion
i hear that story
in consciousness as story is arising
infinite living beings
that scene
external and internal are calling for compassion
and i hear actually some of those voices are some of those voices are heard and consciousness and there's a thought and consciousness all these voices are calling for compassion
so for example someone just told me that in his consciousness of voice arises occasionally which is something's wrong with you and in the you is it has been referred to is the person
who seems to be in our consciousness they can also say take the voice can also arise and consciousness and be referred to other people than than yourself both of those voices for example
reb there's something wrong with rub is that that voices is calling for compassion there's something really wrong with rib that's calling for compassion even though i didn't mean it when i just said it still it was going for compassion
you know like
would you can put you please compassionately appreciate how funny that was
would you do me a favor of realizing that was a good joke
now when i think there's something really wrong with you that's also when i think that's a that's also going for compassion when you tell me that there's something wrong with me you're calling for compassion when you tell me that years something's wrong with you
you're calling for compassion that's what i think in consciousness for frequently
hundreds of times thousands of times
hundreds of thousands of times
hmm what do i think
i think everybody i made
everything i think everything they think everything they'd tell me they think every think everything they think about themselves everything they think about others everything they think about me everybody's calling for compassion
and big good wonderful real great compassion to
that's the that kind of stuff comes up in consciousness i don't know if that's coming up and unconsciousness
if it is great
great it can't come up in the unconscious without having been supported by the unconscious however so all these wonderful thoughts like everybody's calling for compassion everything's calling for compassion that wonderful thought i say wonderful thought i
i think wonderful thought
that wouldn't be there without the unconscious cognitive support
and it there is the unconscious cognis support so there is that thought
how just wonderful
if the thought that just a rose
in consciousness about consciousness are you following me chess
okay now
although you know with you looking at me right now and with me
feeling in greek feeling rather the i feel called for compassion by all of you and i feel called to talk about compassion
by all of you to talk about it in hopes that will practice it of that all practice it because without talking about it
it might not be practiced talking about it transformed my unconscious proc cognitive processes every time i say something my unconscious cognitive process my body changes to support more of that kind of talk and when i talk about compassion my body and my own car
yes cognitive process change in a in the direction of supporting more talk about compassion
so here i am doing it
because i'm called to be doing it and i get it that i've been called to do it so i'm doing it and i'm going to changed my talk pretty soon probably just as an act of compassion
because i know it gets irritating by say it over and over too many times

now get where it is this where is this talk happening for me it's happening in consciousness now what else is have in consciousness well it's a lot of other stuff's happening
consciousness that i'm talking about where i am
ah it's giddy it's very excited it's turbulent it's excited to the point of making it difficult to stay oriented to be oriented to what the listening to the cr
arise for compassion
i recently or a green gulch and i slapped myself in the face and somebody said you know it hurts me when you slap yourself so i'm not going to slap myself today
good i want to hurt you when you see me slap myself even though it's okay i feel fine by flattering myself but away when i get slapped
in in the face or with someone spits in my face or with someone tells me
that there's something wrong with me with us with us frown on their face
so i don't understand that they're just kidding
i could they go there's something wrong with your granddaddy okay beer granddaddy you're funny
sometimes i get this oriented
from i don't get this oriented towards being defensive
but i'm not trying to be defensive i don't feel everybody is calling me to be defensive i don't feel the car i don't think that i don't think that's what you want from me
i think you want to take care of me but i don't think you want me to defend myself against you
and ward off ward you off i don't think you're out calling me toward you off even i think you're calling me to open up to you in a really kind gentle tender way as i think you're calling for but if you come up to me and slap me
my unconscious cognitive process is right on the job there and says this may not be good usually when people slap you it's not a good situation this is not time to be less me into somebody with compassion is time to defend
so the unconscious send a message of to consciousness defend and the conscience goes whether i was trying to like of not have trying to listen with compassion and i get this big strong message defend and now i'm kind of disoriented should i respond with compassion or sure i defend it
it's kind of it's it's a challenging situation as consciousness consciousness is also by just is also sometimes called
headquarters is also sometimes called control center so also contains called command center
which just makes things all the more confusing and turbulent anyway here it comes somebody slaps me the unconscious says he you know
high percentage of the time when people slap you this is not good
high percentage of time when people slap you an insult you it's not usually has been worked out probably it's not a good time to be open and gracious says it might send that message and so the conscious as well i want to practice being gracious but i'm getting this other measures saying don't be gracious at least
hesitate to be gracious
kind of like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what's the point again what's the point again what am i being asked to do again this is like normal
this kind of situation
so in a case like this this is a job for buddha
this is a job for dharma this is the job for sanga

we need help again it's a social practice so
we're being called to practice socially were been called to practice with compassion and when we get disoriented which were at risk of being
we need help and we need help and also we need help
we need help from buddha
who is who who's giving us the compassion which we've just got disoriented about who is giving us instructions whose reminding us and was reminding us by her presence and by her teaching
which is everything is calling for compassion
and you're also calling for compassion
but also we need a community
and if we've got buddha
we've got dharma and we've got community
but again when we get slapped when we get insulted we might forget one of these three things or two of them or three of them

because we get disoriented

however even though we forget sometimes one of them are two of them are three of them come back and call to us
and respond to our call which we don't even know were making you know we're trying to listen to others with compassion we get insulted and we forget about listening to them but when we forget about listening to them we cry out for help

we put our hands up in defense in these put these these defending hands are we put our words up to defend and these defending words or we put her face up with defending face in response to what
forgetting that what just happened was calling for compassion and when we forget
that what's happening is calling for compassion what do we do we call for compassionate we forget about listening
but we after we forget about listening what do we do we call
we were calling actually before
welcome ellen

you'll probably catch on l and but i'm just mentioning that everybody's calling on us for compassion everybody's dialing us up and say compassion please
everything that happens in our mind for example i'm a stupid idiot that's calling for compassion

excuse me i feel that person has been standing back in the corner because she doesn't have a see the
yeah you what your name what you have our he
what your name beth
beth empathy i just don't disturbed
you're welcome to go you won't disturb coming to see or you have to be near the door why to stand over there but i can see you better and you've been closer
you because you to the door
that executive good place for you got enough air
what makes you want to tear you want your she does not do you want to like
my intention it up
that's great
okay so anyway
i won't say do you get the picture but do get a picture
cause is not the picture
it's a picture it's a picture of somehow
the buddha the dharma and the sanga have got into our consciousness
parents and told us about what's really going on in this world in terms of realizing buddhahood is not really really true that everybody's calling for compassion even if they would also yes we are
is just
provisionally true and if you if i take care of this provisional truth which is everybody's calling me for compassion and i'm calling for compassion random her buddy if i work with that provisional truth or wake up to the ultimate truth
so anyways
since it's been i've been talking for so long i just wanted maybe say that

we need all three of these jewels we need buddha dharma and sangha
and we need all three because they're really one thing
buddha really is a social phenomenon and the social phenomenon buddha is called sanga buddha really is a social community that's a boot is
and social the social community
of the buddha is the buddha the social community is the buddha the buddha is the social community
and the dharma
makes that understood eventually
so i have gotten into a position where i feel in consciousness at least
that i need
the saga the community the community which is buddha i need the community which is buddha and i right now i can see a community
which i understand is buddha i can see a community right now it's visible to me which i understand his dharma
and i'll set the thought i need i need such a community
and it's been given to me
so i'm pretty happy that i am
have what i need
and this this community i need one of the reasons why need it
what are the reasons i need it is to remind me
did remind me to send a message into the confusing consciousness where i get insulted to send me the message no matter how insulted you get we still want you to respond with compassion no matter how bad it gets no matter how insulted and attacked you are we we would understand if you don't respond with
compassion but still we would like it to drift with compassion no matter how mean we are to you we really want your compassion we don't want you to hate us when we're mean to you
i need you to remind me of that and you do
and that's buddha

buddha isn't just some complete perfect enlightenment it's it's it's a social event that reminds us of complete perfect enlightenment but as both enlightenment and reminding us of enlightenment but as both great compassion and something that reminds us up
bought it and gets into our consciousness
our disorienting confused consciousness it gets in there and goes wake up wake up hello hello wake up are you there yes are you awake yeah are you going to continue this practice or that years it's like that we need it i need it i got it thank you

now when this group disperses later today
if there were somebody who is really quite developed in the practice and they couldn't see these people anymore
they wouldn't
still understand that they are surrounded by a community that's reese that supporting them to remember the buddha and the dharma even though they can't see any humans anymore
the buddha walk up to the sanga under the bodhi tree
well i think i'm not sure idea i haven't heard it said the buddhist said i'm gonna sit down now under the bodhi tree and in i'm gonna be all by myself and i'm going to realize the way even though these visitors are coming really that i'm doing i'm doing this by myself
i didn't hear him say that
but maybe he thought that maybe think i'm going to attain away but when he attained the way he woke up to that there was a song or there the whole time and there always will be from now on
but some of us maybe me have not yet been that awakened so that we sometimes don't feel like we're surrounded by people who are calling to us for compassion compassion compassion and who
who we call to for compassion and they give it to us we don't get that when were walking all by yourself sometimes
are we were surrounded by a bunch of hysterical teenagers who are screaming and hollering we feel insulted by the community not called for compassion they seem like they hate us
but we we need we need to little by little or someday wake up to that we have the buddha dharma and sangha with us all the time we need to work on
that we are surrounded by people who really want us to respond to them and ourselves and all beings with compassion and again right now it's very clear
that's been called for i'm been called for that
to me
and i
i appreciate that and but i also want when this retreats over and i'm going back to green god i want to realize that there is no diminishment of the sanga and i want that for you
and if you don't believe and don't understand that the song as with you all day long all night long wherever you are then it usually recommended you go someplace where you'd do understand that like here
do you understand it here
and if you don't understand it here then it's good to come to express to you don't understand it here so that we we hear can help you understand that we hear want that from you and you want that from us
and with what you currently by in this way we will eventually understand that the song as with us always which is the same as the buddha's with us always so i'm telling the story that the buddha is always with us
that there's no buddha's any if if there's no is fine but if there's any booed as i'm saying they are practicing together with each of us
and the buddha's drag with them the sanga and they drag with them the dharma
so the buddha dharma and sangha the triple treasure is all pervading there's no place it isn't if you can find a place where you believe it is great
enjoy it
but also and here you do if you find it here them somebody here is telling you is with you wherever you go
and that's a for a future possibility of your awakening deepening and widening that you understand wherever you go in the world
that song as with you that dharmas with you and the buddha's with you
and if you can feel the buddha's with you great okay that's wonderful and then by the way something else comes with buddha
if you feel like the song as with you great
but there's also buddha dharma if they're sanga their one thing that's all pervading it's with us all the time
and when and and we need to realize that every everyone realize the boot away together with all beings
along this line
i mentioned a few months ago
i talked about what does it take to hold a family together because you gotta a several people with karmic consciousnesses they are they
they can get disoriented from their love of their family members they can get disoriented from their devotion to the welfare of their parents or children or brothers and sisters they can get his oriented when they feel like their parents or their children
one are insulting them
did you know that sometimes in some families that people in the family feel like the other people are insulting them isn't that amazing he's people like love each other so much and they feel like you're disrespecting me or not listening to me you think i'm worthless and britain sometimes britain's that's right i do think you're worthless
people and families talk like that to each other
i heard something like that and they don't get the joke

like when my daughter was little as used to call me a lazy bum
and she said some other stuff and every time she said it i thought i heard this person who loves me as much as she loves anything in the world and she's calling me a lazy bum i thought that was really funny and i would laugh and she did not want me to laugh
and she kept trying different ways of insulting me until finally i didn't laugh and then she was like that's what she really wanted she but she did finally succeed where i'd somehow didn't get the joke
and i can like really just like take a drug bomb it really hurt and she nailed me and she needed to do that
and then and i needed to respond to her with compassion which i did
i was just a wounded daddy totally feeling like oh
i'm here and you got me and i can see you're happy

what holds a family together i suggested
good stories
again what are the good stories that good stuff good stories are stories that encourage us to remember
the triple treasure
that encourage us to remember that we are calling to everybody
for compassion and everybody's called stories are reminded everybody is calling us for compassion everybody's calling for us to feed and nurture the saga
in maybe in the form of them that one person
maybe in the form of three people maybe in the form of women maybe in the form of
men they've been a form of the young students are all students are the sixth anyway people are calling to us in the sanga to help us
do our job which is to listen and respond with compassion so stories are helpful and we have a lot of stories
and so ah ha
john walk responded to that by saying he would be willing to archive the stories of our sondra
and the stories of our sanga could be the stories of these people with these people but a casca beat the stories of these people with other people but the stories of how you are socially
inspired and supported by other living bags to practice stories like that
our stories how you but how you weren't inspired to practice and then you woke up later to how you were
or whatever
anyway stories of the stronger he's willing to archive them so if you want to contribute to the stories of the song
this whatever song or you're in you want to tell your sanga stories to promote the sanga you can also tell buddhist stories and dharma stories to her great so he got our guy those two if you have any buddhist stories or dharma stories
but also if you have any just stock stories of the community of the community year living in that you're waking up to that you're appreciating
and that's appreciating you it can be stories about how people appreciate you
i have ten stories about people appreciating me how alert for me
here's ten stories of people that i intend to from ten ten stories about how people appreciated him germany those
to you have one or two here's another one i appreciate you
one day rib said in front of everybody i really appreciate you and i'm not and i am kidding but
so now that's a story regina you can tell john wanted or john cause here a he when he can have her so you can put that in or he could tell you his version of it
okay so if you want to contribute to that project john is wine to devote himself to it sorry and you can kite find out his and he's gonna store this stuff in the cloud
with charlie's hope for her and try might help so we got to old saga story project which you can join at your leisure
at your compassion

now this thing that happened here during this last hour
yeah i wasn't i didn't
plan on talking about this but it just came up it came up in response to meaning some of your face to face this morning
had led me to come in here and talk like this
i had another talk they want to give
and then it's a it's kind of like it could have a title and the title could be
appropriate response
so maybe i just say the title
appropriate response
so ah this comes from her i spent one of our family stories about bada
a teacher named cloud
not cloud storage
cloud gate young man a chinese ancestor
a monk asked him what was the teaching of a whole lifetime
what was what was the teaching of the whole lifetime
brackets buddha as whole lifetime
close backers on the buddhist what was the teaching of the buddha's whole lifetime and young man said one translation would be
an appropriate response
that was the teaching of the buddha whole lifetime as the buddha
the chinese characters are actually
meeting the first characters meeting second character his character is a horizontal line which means a one or each
and then the next character is teach or expound so what the buddha was doing the whole lifetime he was meeting
each living being and teacher meeting each living being teaching meeting each living being teaching
in other words he missed the person
and then it whatever was appropriate
would be taught he didn't he wasn't carrying this pile of teachings
he didn't have anything other than complete perfect enlightenment
he didn't have anything other than the dharma but he wasn't carrying it it just when you meet people it came it responded he responded he responded when it met people they called him and he responded
but also when he met people who call them
so he called this monk and among came forward and said what was the buddha's whole lifetime teaching
and then he responded and then the monk responded
he called the monk monk came and called him he responded but then he called the monk by recouped by responding and the monk responded by telling other people what he said
the on for the buddha

so that was what else going to talk about but it's getting too late to talk about that so i'm not going to talk about a very much any but i'm just say one more thing about it
and that is that on
oh i ah by link how bring it up i've been bringing it up quite a bit for the last few months
and that's the distinction between guidance guidance
between be carefully it's between caring for things caring for yourself caring for others carrying guiding embracing and sustaining
which as do they guide beings
they embrace and sustain them they respond to them with compassion
fatter they do and then it is other thing called control
they don't do that
so as i will what i'm going to talk about is looking at this thing about control
and then it's looking at in relationship to guiding beings
as opposed to trying to control beings
and i was gonna just really talk about what a big problem we have now in this social
what in the song in the saga we have this problem of karmic consciousness is really
at risk of trying to control beings
when beings are calling
in pain there is a strong risk
i've tried to control the beings who are calling out for compassion
and get disoriented from responding to them with compassion and carefulness getting is oriented from that compassionate care into trying to control them
that's what i was gonna talk about
and i probably will some day
if i i might talk about this afternoon
i hope you can stay and join in the fun it's gonna be fun
but not because i'm controlling an interphone just that it will be
and but i don't know if you're gonna wake up to that but it will be fun it will be bought a fun
it will be dharma saw fun it will be song song have fun okay so i hope he can stay for the fun it's gonna be really fun
but i don't know what that means by the way
is that enough for this morning or do you wanna talk about something
i hear enough
did you i say something
okay we could if you want to say something i requested view i guess it
a week during one here my request
i would like to say it louder than you've ever spoken hershey
if necessary turn around and face the other direction

i guess what can you hear her in the back they can't hear you me so have you can turn around and he talk to his people back of the room we can hear you're here if you talk
see bread bring back there
k see if he can hear you

i am unassisted when it was coming up from his travels talking is that that phrase about nothing special
and so as thread is talking about an appropriate response and way we can be a compassionate relationship with one another
i you know it's just been coming up over and over that you know this is not an exclusive situation it's you know something that we are ah
can engage in and into that know in the way that we can all engage in it that it isn't anything special that it's and
and who said that night i am and nothing that any of us owens per se even a two people that look like they're engaging and say an an exclusive conversation perhaps others are benefiting by the quality of their really good together do and i noticed that as a teacher in the classroom
and and terms of taking care of the environment and can you hear her great supports them you know the quality of that one student to another the kindness and was they speak to him i just noticed that the other students in the class are able to really sort of relax and engaged differently
and i think that's probably the case also in our families were on if the parents sir have loving and respectful regard for each other that that that the children whether or not there appear to be in that conversation with that interaction
i guess i'm also feeling about the stillness of remembering the stillness that we we have their practice and that i'm as were engaging compassionately with one another
an aspire to remember stillness that maybe we also realize that we don't
that's not used to chile or exclusive things not have something to be preserved for that makes me think about the increasing
thank you amanda
harry caray speak our yea please
or she may
does a relatively new relationship where i feel like i've tried to be really compassionate
i feel like a manager and feel like sometimes i
control in some way you feel like you are being controlled intention such a large number of the operating it's very it's very challenging to our compassion because
no and i wonder if that's still up it seems to me that still ought to be my attention of a
one or two you have any advice
the situation
oh i'm not saying it ought to be your intention i'm guessing buddha is practicing compassion with all beings but has not trying to control beings but as trying to transmit compassion like amanda was just talking about now a lot of the people that
buddhist trying to to transmit compassion to are beings who are trying to control
even the buddha
it's challenging to give up trying to control somebody and switched to being tender and kind and generous and patient and careful with them and give up trying to control them when they are trying to control you
when they're disrespecting you in the form of trying to control you get you under their control crush you into what they want you to be is challenging
which requires compassion to deal with that
that's very hard
and yeah i agree it's very hard
and the people who are trying to control me are calling from my compassion they're afraid of what will happen if they don't get me under control like some people
like some teachers think they'll get fired if they don't get the kids under control
and maybe the principal conferences if you don't get these kids under control i'm in a fire you and sometimes maybe they do fire the teacher because they don't get the kids under control but sometimes they don't fire the teacher sometimes you just say i'm in a fire you and this teacher says i hear you and i will do my very best to be kind of these
and then the principal might say i'm not asking you to be kind to them i'm asking you to control them and the teacher might say i hear you and and the teacher might be practicing compassion towards the principal who is telling them to crush these children into submission
this person might listen to the teacher the principal with compassion and the principal might wake up to what they said is not really what they're here for they're actually not here to crush children into control their here to help the children become healthy happy
compassionate adults
but in the meantime you might get threatened if you don't get these people are to control you're going to be in big trouble and that's very difficult to not get disorient that's why you need a sancho around you to say riaa where with you were supported you we need you to be compassionate this person who's yelling at you and threatening you
you not only tried to control you but he's trying to make you control other people he's trying to make you be cruel he wants you to be cruel and we're here to tell you we need you to be kind to him or not we're going to support you and even if they fire you were just gonna lift you into the state of buddhahood
where you can continue to be kind and compassionate to the person who have fired you and transmit love and compassion to the all those children and watch all the children wake up to the reia did not
get afraid of the principal and get them try to get them under control but he responded in principle in this totally cool way and then they all start turret responded to the principle that way to and the principal finally wakes up because the children takes the principal compassion which the teacher taught them by now
getting distracted from kindness and switching to control
but he had a lot of support had the sanga reminding him we need that so when people are trying to control you we are here to support you to be compassionate to that person and compassion could take the form of saying excuse me sweetheart guys a question
are you by any chance trying to control me
of course i am oh just checking thank you
just checking
thank you
jennifer's morning
thank you very much
i know a whole bunch of other people have to buy i'm asking is that enough for this morning i see five hands but you know it's
if it's been going on for a while
so if if if it's enough even though i appreciate that there is lots of interest we can go on and on or on it's fine with me but just but isn't enough green coverage
we can have another gathering later today and i think we can get into this
guidance and control thing
the buddhist guidance and somebody's control who's who is trying to control his name starts with t
the big t in this guy may i tensor a early stand to every and plays
this matter the buddha as way games are numberless lie to save them delusions are inexhaustible
hi to end them dharma days are boundless ah to enter them buddha as way is unsurpassable i can become
so now we have been
food is being offered to