Exploring Consciousness and Realizing Wisdom

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Exploring consciousness with the aid of Buddha's teachings is a path to discovering and realizing deep, liberating Wisdom. Consciousness may be experienced as confining and confusing; at the same time it offers opportunities for learning skills and making discoveries.

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part of the understanding
in such a way as to realized liberation
is to understand it it's dependent arising and so
discussing for the foundation or the had the support of the realm of consciousness
is an
here sir a teaching related to
the dependent core rising of consciousness
and earlier as some questions about that and so sometimes the foundation
mind is also called the foundation or the storehouse mind and again sometimes costa our consciousness but i think maybe to of styles mind you this
it's the it said to be the game
a consequence it's the consequence of conscious activity to contact crimes of comic consciousness activity
so consciousness is supported by the consequences of consciousness at this point at some point
there was this this kind of the
regard to this kind of unconscious cognitive process which wasn't the consequence of consciousness i guess who i haven't heard that said i were just that is reasonable to me that in in the world cycle that we're living in
there was a time when there wasn't consciousness and then it was this unconscious process but one can also say that this whole world system is
note the result of past road systems where there was consciousness and there was consequences of it and sign but anyway
the support of consciousness is the consequences of consequence of consciousness
past can cut cognitive activity past consciousness is
a consequence of past
consciousness which is the storehouse mind
and it has two types that you can talk about one as the shared part users on unshared part when discussing as people sometimes say that sounds like young a racial unconscious or is it is another word for that collective collective unconscious
it's kind of like that
the shared part
an unshared part is the part that do so the shared part is the
is the consequences of the karma of all of us
so you're kind of my karma my past karma year past karma and also the karma of other conscious beings that our human consequences of all them
on the shared
like it's a shared consciousness and underage we all make a consciousness or well make a mind
we all contribute to the creation of a mind
and we share that that consequence and not consequence is part of the support of our consciousness
we also ah create
on cognitive unconscious cognition
and the unshared pardon
the unshared part is the part that supports
that's supports that's
related to our own ah sense organs
it's kind of like yeah it's like very closely related to our own sense organs
it's related to our own individual bodies
that's the unshared park and that unshared part that are in close relationship with our body
supports the arising of consciousness
the shared part
is the physical world
that's not in august not our bodies
but it's the it's a it's a physicality that's the result of arm of all of our karma together and that physicality which is not our sense organs it's not my sense organs it's not your sense organs but that interacts with our sense organs
which also then supports our conscious activity
now your sense organs from my perspective
our part of my physical world
and and my sense organs are party or physical world my sense organs are not your sense organs
but my sense organs as part of the physical world like
for each of you work the rest of us in the room are part of your physical world
and you and and
with the exclusion of your sense organs all of our sense organs along with other physical things are supporting this present consciousness
and interacting with your sense organs
but the unshared part
the unshared part of the unconscious process is the part of the unconscious process as connected to the working of your sense organs a shared part is in all all recalling the walls and other people's bodies which include their sense organs button
it's not really their sense organs it's the way they are to us as tangibles
audibles visuals
of factories
and tess
the way other people are to us in that way is the way they are supporting our consciousness as part of the physical world in that way other people who have sense organs
i like walls and sunsets
it's not actually their sense organ
but them
the way their sense organ is it is a physical data to us
that's the common part
so then the was the physical world that supporting our consciousness
is the physical world which is a cognition
not so much is there another physical world
and one might say well maybe i'm open to that however that physical world
is not directly
giving rise to our consciousness
our consciousness is is given rise to by the our own body
which is closely associated with a cognitive process and the cognitive process gives rise to our consciousness and
a cognitive process which is not our body for are such not our sense organs
but it's also a cognitive process which
is including colors sounds smells tastes and so on in an unconscious cognitive process
so that's ah
aside from other implications you might ask about
that's a picture of the arising of consciousness
and you you may be tempted to try to find out more than that but this is a story which describes the arising of consciousness and this is a picture of which is primary the focus of liberating us from consciousness so now you prob
yeah some questions
why did why like start with bruce since he started this whole thing yes bruce to stand up
please stand up or is it easier for us to hear you stand up
you speak up can you speak up

all our ain't interested comment makes two kinds of has two kinds of effects
one is it affects our sense organs
it he termed it as the consequence of being r r r r r cognitive process which are socially with our sense organs but our com also contributes to the creation of the physical world it contributes to both
it's just that his contribution to one realm of caught of cognition isn't shared by other people
so there's a thing about our consequence tends to make contribute to the creation of her own
a conscious process and another part of our consequences of our action contributes to other people's cognitive process and that's the shared part so we do we effect we transformed the whole
hunger cognitive process some parts of the cognitive process other people share with us other parts of people don't
and this is part of the reason we can communicate
with each other
that were not isolated
ah just pops in my mind if i may say i heard that
an english translation of freud that human beings are powerful isolated fantasy machines
or and i would say
human beings are powerful
fantasy machines and one of the fantasies is that were isolated
we are powerful fantasy machines and the basis of are fantasizing is our own sense organs which are the result of our karma and our shared physical world which are also the result of our karma but this teaching is
say the physical world his mind
it's an unconscious cognitive process
so now what your question

could you speak up

so you saying that the immortality is may be associated with it with the unshared
the unshared


well i don't know if i can shed light on but i want when you're talking when i see you to talking and here you're talking
part of what comes to my mind is that two things one is that some after this teaching was introduced in india some people kind of like put it aside because they felt like people couldn't resist making it into some making it into some are immortal event
and but even when it was introduced first in a sunday near metron of sutra this teaching of buddha said this teaching i i only i don't i don't teach it to just anybody because some people might make this into a self you know myself in the sense
of independently existing permanent thing so i'm introducing this and you're noticing your put some partier
i'd be a process is kind of feeling like maybe you can somebody could make no minute you but somebody else market will make this into a saw that that continues and so there is that temptation of this of this teacher
but this so that's a danger of his teaching then none are some advantages of this teaching to which are maybe might encourage when to practice because one could see that practice transformed the basis of our problems
but as you here's as teaching which has as optimistic implication
you also made me notice that the mind might be able to cook corrupted in some way and make it into something which is basically it's intended to liberate us from that kind of thinking
it doesn't exactly destroy that kind of thinking it just teaches us how to understand
that that kind of teaching is
that's enough light for now
her eyes i see some hands and charlie seems to be really energetic air yes charlie
hi stacey

try more from them by dissolving that that
we'll so
you just an understanding of

where the anger
i think that way you can associate i'm or not but even if you don't associate and you might bring the teaching that the meditation on the on the way the unconscious unshared cognitive process gives rise to consciousness to hope of that is not intended to
associate it with some ideas like in a immoral self and mortal soul but if as if that comes up in somebody grasp it there will be suffering so we could bring this teaching to relieve that suffering
so you could associate him or not but even if they weren't associate used to my bring this teaching to to that illness
or anxious to that symptom of your of illness because his teaching of not only to address that idea which is a symptom but by addressing that idea in a proper way it transforms the basis of that idea
so that even if that idea still arose that idea would arise in such a way that there would be no belief in it
other than that it would it's appearing and it's just a conscious construction
the sun second yes i'm glad
did you basically say yesterday
there's some twisted and i thought i was doing what you proposed
her eyebrows relating to this in such a way that whether whether you associate or not that the teaching would address this belief in order to liberate beings from touch your belief that that sort of point one of the main points of this teaching by sings the dependent arising of something
you realize that the thing cannot be found
so it's not that were like saying there isn't an immortal self it just that whatever it is you can't find it
a mortal self you can find either it's not like there is an immortal self it's not like there is an impermanent sell is just that
the buddhist starts by saying if you would keep in mind that the self
let you're concerned about is subject to death old age sickness and sign if to keep that in mind isn't that doesn't mean that the self which is subject to
exists and it's subject to those things doesn't mean that
it just means that if you keep in mind that the south which you think is permanent
is impermanent that was sober you up
and when you're sober you will be able to see that the self that you think is permanent cannot be found and the self that you think is impermanent cannot be found either
the self you think is unreal cannot be found and the self did you think is real can now be found but a warm up to realize that you can't find anything you can't find rebirth
a warm up to realize that you can't find rebirth is to hear the teaching of rebirth a warm up to find out that you can't find impermanent things or permanent things is not the teaching which warms you up to realize that you can't find permanent things or impermanent things is not the teaching that
things are permanent
the boy doesn't teach that your permanent and buddha teaches that your impermanent but that's not the end of the story that just a sober you up so you can realize not only are you impermanent but you can't even find the impermanent person
in permanent things cannot be found either it's not like it it's not just you can't find permanent things
you can't find impermanent things either
but teaching that things are permanent impermanent first
again sober you up
it makes you are not it makes you able to practice a virtue and by practicing bircher you can realize the way things really are
if that they're conscious construction on way so the early teachings were things are impermanent
hill and not self
and the reason why they're ill
is because we think they have herself but also they're not self
does or warmups to everything's conscious construction on my including impermanence is conscious construction only hill is conscious construction on me and no self as conscious construction on my no self doesn't have a self
but it may be helpful just to mention this just see you don't get intoxicated as you're practicing that all these things are impermanent
okay for now
and then there was a paul


consciousness the unconscious process is the support of language
like resemble
these this piece of paper this piece of paper is an example of the shared
unconscious process and as words on it
and then and it and it's also supported by unshared cognitive process they support the appearance of work of language in consciousness language is not going on and the unconscious process
otherwise babies could immediately talk but the cat but they have up a pot processes that supports them learning learning language and consciousness so they keep trying to say words
they make this conscious effort which transforms this process which is predisposed to do that to support this this language process they transform it and transform it until it it supports the performance of language an individual person with individual sense organs
but how practicing language transforms the unconscious process
in order to support language nor conscious mind knows how that happens i don't know how i can't see how i'm able to speak english there's a story that i practice at a lot when i was a little boy
i did a lot of karma language karma as as learning and trying to form these words and i'm still doing language karma to keep my cognitive unconscious in shape to support this as you may know if you go to a foreign country for while combat them in united states
and a foreign country does not speak english you'll notice somehow year
that your conscious mind not operating like a used to
because your body has changed your unconscious processes and is as changed it's not supporting year
conscious activity the way to before because you've been speaking chinese or whatever
but how that works
no conscious mind can see
but you might be able if someone could like watch the physical ramifications of the unconscious process you can make bases the lights going off about ah
signifying the consequences of conscious activity that support
so i'm just saying that all these things that we learn the way we learned buddhism way we learn piano playing to a will or dancing the way we learn walking all these things with we learn them in consciousness which is the great thing about consciousness
the word their learning process is supported by the conscious activity but when you actually learn it
it's coming completely from the unconscious process it the unconscious process you can do things perfectly completely without even being aware of it
you can do you can perform complex feet and olive and between and be thinking about something else but you couldn't learn in that way so how we have that works we do not understand that we know it's possible and the sent the same would be possible with learning this teaching
after while you were just would have without even thinking about it you would know that everybody was not separate from your and you and you could do things based on that are standing but you cannot see how you got transformed into such a creature that could respond that way
so language and and languages that is in language is ah the type of karma which creates
have a shared reality because the karma's similar that's another aspect of this teaching is that when you do similar karma the physical world you create look similar
so the the physical world that humans see
is not the physical world that razzi or that mosquito sc even though rats and mosquitoes were similar rats they make the physical world to their stairs their conscious activity makes the physical world with us but the way they see the physical were which they contribute to is different in the way we do because the way that they contributed to
it was not like the way we contributed to it so when our critic when our contract when our contribution is coming from similar karma we see the physical world and a similar way and we can talk about it well enough
with the same equipment we used to created in such a way that we can see at the same
so according to this people who speak english which see the world more similarly than they would with people speak chinese
but there's a lot of similarity because they're both using language that the chinese see the world little differently from the farsi speakers or the new bang history or the or the his humanity not a language ah what's an african language
swahili or japanese or korean they all see the world differently but
when the language is similar steps to get more similar
and also like sometimes women's language and men's language is somewhat different so they they see the world differently because of the subtleties of the different ways of using english create different views of the world and if men would learn the women's language they start seeing the world
they have more sense of the way women see the world and vice versa
or teenage if you'll learn the language of teenagers
which is very difficult if you're not a teenager because it's crime because they're speaking so fast and so inaudibly because they don't want adults to learn it
you would tune into that world
you know like if you are like ambrose was watching the tv show is called the wire it takes place it takes place in up baltimore when i first start listening i couldn't understand too much the more i listened understood i'm the more ripped
for i felt with the people were speaking it
the more human they seem to me as i learned their language
that doesn't always work that way some sometimes you might meet some people that seem very you feel very much rapport with him even though you don't understand the language but still understanding somebody's language does help you start to see what they see
because it's conscious construction the transistors all to understand the process by which we see the world we see and to see that actually the world we see is
conscious construction only ended this this helps liberate us from
thinking that what is consciously constructed is actually not a mind
it's external to the mind
a see i see the
what the city
on ralph cause he hasn't asked question
so we talked a lot about this concert construction
some cases like congressionally repentance with deliberate
active consciousness kind of trickles down in the subconscious and change yes with change yes and understanding
could you tell them a bit about the xin stories and com
i see a similar thing their workers communicated and a conscious level but from what i understand the intent is
the answer is now and so somehow that trickled down has to happen to a different level of reading i don't quite understand that
i'm in my consciousness i've i feel and a dilemma
and the dilemma is whether i should bring up a new story or go over another one which i told yesterday to go deeper into the one i told yesterday or tell really new interesting one
right there was a key asia
is it
because of our language you can tell that right there was a teaser say she can tell him in our world in our world together there was a tease
somebody has no english as well as you may not notice it was a tease
i think might be good to go over the previous example because you're somewhat familiar with it and then do the new really interesting one
the previous one was
this very brilliant person who has a very brilliant consciousness was trapped in his consciousness
and the teacher said to him in consciousness to teacher said i want i don't want to hear any more from your brilliant consciousness
i want you to say something to me
this is going to and when you say it's gonna be in consciousness that you say it but i want you to say something to me from before
you had consciousness
but not if you can't you can't speak from the unconscious
the unconscious has to you the unconscious for wants to save something it creates a consciousness or chance or some imagine it in response to what at once so i want something in in a spot of consciousness arises in many speaks speaks to that are for that he would have to be sure symbol that
right and not just did not in not just a teacher more than the teacher probably been least a teacher and in fact
yeah until the rest of story but anyway and mom tries in consciousness to figure out how to get before you know so you're free of consciousness and say something from there and the teacher is talking to my consciousness and kept saying it it keeps saying no
this the approach you're using is not going to work
and a monk is that and receives it and is saddened by it and troubled by it and humbled by it and keeps trying to teach kept saying no and then funny just says okay i can figure up new show me and then did you won't do that either
so the teacher is is doing something that a monk
here is it in his consciousness and the way he hears it is it in the story seems to be transforming is unconscious in the in the right direction first he keeps trying it then finally heap
he despairs of his old method who wants to give it up and you but he still wants somebody to show him and consciousness how to give it up and where the teacher shows him and consciousness how to give it up if the teacher says i won't do it for you i won't show you how because if i show you how
you refine it revile me later
it gives him a little bit of an explanation about why is not going to tell him how in other words are rob you of your process
it's going to be hard if we even if i don't tell you but if i tell you how to do it is gonna be even harder because i'm i will be feeding your addiction to solving your problems with consciousness my consciousness
that's not how it's gonna solve
so he goes and dole in it so he goes into some simple work
and while he's doing a simple work
he's a planting new routes he's in the route is planting as sweeping the ground is not gonna make me understand
he this is not how you how you study the scriptures by sweeping the ground but what it is gonna do is gonna transform my cognitive process
along the lines of not trying to find an answer in consciousness to how to be free of consciousness
it's gonna be i'm giving up my old methods of heart of free consciousness by using consciousness
not directly trying to figure anything out it's morphs it's more of an expression of renunciation
which transforms the basis of conscious were skin log a new consciousness to arise that's open to reality
but i can't figure it out you know
to destroy puffs in my mind
this is quite common many stories like this there was a
a theology student in kiev
who heard about this great ah
wise person named starlets and rosie and he thought and he was just tortured by his you can like this monk and the story is just tortured by his consciousness trying to figure out in our theological
problems and so he wanted to go talk to the st
and any walk i think that four hundred miles he walked and then you've got to the town where the st lived in and people and so where is he said they said he lives in a hut on the edge of the town and he walked over
and here
looked at the heart and he couldn't even look inside month is the monk sage was not there because they went on behind the house in there in the tall grass he saw this
centura slumped body could start and he had been beaten by a beggar's they couldn't sit up straight he was kind of slump figure sleeping in the grass and
he saw him and his all his spiritual doubts dropped away and he walked back to care
i imagine that this walking to see the teacher was not he wasn't like trying to figure things out all the way he was realizing i have to go find out another way maybe he can help me and the walking to and from
and i heard no story which may be read it in the new yorker about this this a buddhist priest a zen priest who wanted to help suicide people
yeah the he started he started to piano he keeps kind of he was like i'm a one man suicide hotline and people were calling from all over the world and he was trying to tell them all what know and finally he really was he finally he was just like realize he was killing him so
self by you know people calling them all time day of night and so on so forth he was just he was he was he was draining himself
and and then finally home he almost died actually had a heart attack and for and so forth and and then while you're having while using the hospital he is an email to some of the his people that were needing him he said well i'm sorry i can't respond you know i'm really sick and people riding back to him and saying you were sick too
you know how can you abandon us and he realized that there was no wait for him to do this for them
so then he said you stop he stopped being available and he just went to live in a temple he said if you want to see me come to me and people had to go a long ways and many people by making the trip to see them by the time they got to see him there were okay
the walk to the template they had they couldn't drive right up to to walk to the temple the effort is sweeping the ground
he's not trying to figure out how to be free it's just like realize i've been trying to figure it out i've been asking great teachers i've been studying is just reinforcing the old habit
it just reinforcing the cognitive unconscious which is producing another consciousness which going to try to figure it out and the more sophisticated you are trying to figure it out the more reinforces the more has consequences of making consciousnesses which are morse trying to be more sophisticated and if i just got
no word at a certain point you see this is never gonna work
i remember when i was abbot of zen center i thought that up job of zen center was you know i'd like i'd picked from my hands together and like it was like this triangle this is my job and i worked really hard but i couldn't get into all the corners i couldn't do the whole job
and i worked really hard so i thought i worked harder
you know i kept working harder to get into every corner of my job and reached completely and i worked harder and harder and then suddenly i realized that my job was like this
that it was you know and i would never be able to do it all and i stopped working so hard and i've haven't been working hard since

i i didn't i didn't want you to believe it to thank you i was hoping you wouldn't
i hope you don't believe anything i say
right but you know in other words i went from trying too hard because if i just do a love him i know a little bit more limit while completely do it
the idea that you if you do more you will be able to that's arrogance
and then so sometimes you realize it just opens up new realized oh i get it
it's not gonna be by by the power of what i'm doing where the self as operating is not going to solve the problem
and then the teacher keeps kind of i gently are roughly saying you're not going to solve this problem matter of fact i don't want to hear any more from you i want you to talk to me from before this hard working monk appeared
so then hard mucking mukherjee monk does something easy in a way it's easy to switch sweep the ground it's it's hard for him to give up his old habits that's hard and that was hard that was a hard part for just to be a simple monk who sweeps the ground and begs for food
but by doing that this simple thing over and over the basis of the idea that i'm gonna be able to that i'm gonna be able to figure out what's going on that i'm here and i'm gonna figure it out the basis of that gradually gets transformed and then finally it's like
it turns you know and then all things come forward the sound comes forward bread and i'm going to understand the sound and i'm going to understand bamboo and i'm gonna understand sweeping and i'm nurse understand buddhism
most people are sweeping or not most people are thinking i'm and understand sweeping
some people actually are so scholarly that think i'm gonna understand sweeping i'm in a really understand sweeping i'm understand weeding i'm understand you know
cooking lunch some people carry it that far
and those people don't have to be converted from sweeping to like and what
looking the ground
where did what can you do that you stop trying to figure it out by your own power
yeah that that's themselves and in other words a mind is not abiding in the sweeping most people do not think if i sweep enough i'll understand their abstruse details and buddhists theology
they don't use you think that so this the more you sweep the more you realize it
this stuff is too profound for any conscious mind to understand but when you an ass i'm gonna do something which to make the testament to that i'm not going to move a muscle
in the direction of figure it out or i'm gonna do things that are just simple things like sweeping the ground are asking for food or eating the food i don't think that if i eat this food is gonna be a great enlightenment if i do have to stop needing that way
so this transformed him so that he finally found his mind which doesn't abide
we don't grasp the south
but it was by consciously doing different things and he had been doing before
i'm doing things differently in consciousness transforms
the unconscious and the go unconscious support to mine which is more and more willing to do things differently than it used to it's not that the new things are any better it's just that
by doing new things and new things and new things you'd kind of get ready to not in the old or the new it is that the it isn't a you switch the new and abide in them which some people on go it's biting an old a switch the new a nearby that you know so the teacher says give up your all wayne and they'd try a new ways and give up that
no that's not going to work either that keep jumping to try new out but each one they reside in to jason show me how you think i'm gonna give you something to to biden that i can show you something but if you it's not going to work for you
and ubs but if i give it to us going to really be sad it's going to be worse than the stuff you came up if you abide in my stuff
so i'm not gonna do that and he didn't and so he went any probably swept for quite a and is probably a biting and sweeping but after wow you to sweep try sometime just sweet after why'd you realize this is not gonna solve my problems it's not
for you have a clean or you to clean floor yeah but he wasn't clean the floor he's clean the ground it never it never got clean and met you'd never got clean just kept cleaning and never gets clean more you clean the more you dig up more rocks anyway after doing it for some period time there was still stuff to clean up
can i never hurting but maybe at the for when he first started said what i really got displaced
cleaned up and now i'm in white nine and and hereby that he didn't think that he didn't think that cleaned the floor was gonna enlighten him and it didn't but enlightened him is that he gave up his old methods and got transformed his consciousness so when the pebble struck bamboo
he kicked he could like be open to it but he had to be open to doing things in a different wave in consciousness so that the unconscious which would let his consciousness be that in a sense totally stupid
and then
and then he could say these things from that place and they had any ended he he became this really creative guy who you know
toward your stories about what he does after his know all this stuff comes up he then he can put all this stuff into comic into comic consciousness to help other people give up their comrade consciousness but you have to give it up repeatedly or operate fragonard he had to change the way you do it over and over so that your more and more
willing to let it really be different
and you know i just want to mention to you a practical example of this is that
i love coming to know about but i'm and doing this one day settings but i i'm a little bit and they've they're so nice and they were got so well that i'm a little concerned that we're stuck in a certain wonderful pattern that's why i like this retreat good is different and add to this week this month
we had fought three retreats instead of one had one on the first one today and one on the nineteenth we had a bodhisattva vows ceremony so
but it's difficult to change if we don't have a word period it's kind of a problem sometimes it works out really well they work great for many reasons if you don't help if i but as part of what i liked about know is theoretically i could do different things each to each each month it's great but does but then there's some prob
i'm doing things differently
so then it easier just to do the usual
so that's an example of
while the the problem is people say you should have warned us or whatever
has some ah what
yeah but that's you know and have to bridge reasonable i brought my work was why didn't you tell me as and gave me you know where to save me a lot of work i would not to bring my work was
such a rockier next time meeting i can have work period of tried time before him but also i would like to not know beforehand if there's going to be a work period and i'm it be surprised myself you know
yeah if it rains people can understand was raining with a high okay but for me just without the rain to make the decisions like wait a and i wouldn't expect so
it's not a good than teaching
who cares if i brought my work workers who cares me you i do
no i care i care i care i already have my work was writing to bring them isn't it kind of did i have really nice work clothes and christine
the really nice
the site is on it to meet i've already got into your system but if you bring them and you're sad that you brought them it effects me so if it didn't affect me
if it didn't
trimester job
i'm talking nearby
if i didn't if i didn't care about how you felt it wouldn't be so interesting
if i could make changes in had no effect on you and or if you have an effect on you didn't he didn't affect me than that that wouldn't be the way it is the way it is is
what i do as effects on you and when effects to have a new have on me that's part of what this and but i feel more daring years and i do as zen center because of sensor use posting everything you do is posted have a committee meeting before you do it
but the committee music and know about only happened once a year

right and and army and then it would be see it would be more exciting but no-one will come
i was really exciting
anyway this was exciting and it was different was it ok
and so i'm just saying that
it's it's nice to do something different
did you see what happens to the process to do something different and i am
and speaking of something different ah somebody said to me that maybe we'll be good to raise the seat up a great now i can see everybody but sometimes i can't see people
yeah if if i'm higher if i'm higher i can see over the people's heads in luck you know i kind of minute gianna have right now you can see everybody just happens to be that at this moment i can see everybody's face like elizabeth is between juries and cures and i can see john's but if you sit up straighter deborah wouldn't
it was most time i have many will see john but right now i can see everybody but sometimes i for five people i can't see if i saw higher system was a meager is a seat up but i don't want to get too high
because you know that's it can like too high so how high can i be
two workers
so i do i'm to say that the
and that's a choice a lodge a jacket or raise up with people say okay okay that's it stop that was good that's good not no higher than that

and if there's one one person i can say at the same level because i can see that person they can see me if and only two of us
usually one of many we want prison i don't have to be up above them and sometimes they're about me and they feel uncomfortable looking down on me
some people say that you know really talk mc i feel funny looking down on you
it's okay it's all right
how is it up there
but some people need to sit in chairs and i don't see on the floor when they're sitting in chairs i said of new church who it is a it's kind of uncountable to be said for a while
so jet dress your question this is how
in in this practice we're transforming the body the not just because we're trying to be an all inclusive you know and not just library in mind it's not just that were course we want to liberate the body to will want the body to be happy along with the mind right it's not just that it said the body's not happy to my will
not be allowed to be free he got he got it the body has to be trained before the mind can really be free
so some people actually do in their mind have great insights and they're very happy about it
but the bodies like you know in pre enlightenment stage so after this inside the body than conjures up an an unenlightened hora but are troubled consciousness
enlightenment is great but it has to be reiterated over and over to transform the body so that
more enlightened comes up it's not just a one time thing
even though one time they can be great we have to do over and over to transform the whole body so the bodies totally on board with this understanding when the body when it first happens the body does not get truly transformed
but even as i'm not so enlightened but just really kind thought transforms a body to and as if something's transport the body more but the body is included in it and that's also understanding that is part of will lead to enlightenment and consciousness which again develops the body to read more
like many consciousness
it's a whole body and mind not just the consciousness
that needs to be involved for the consciousness to be liberated because of consciousness where the suffering as

you have been antigua's i don't think he was in a sondra
i think you want
when he was with the teacher he was in a teeth using the teachers monastery he was one and amongst their
he was
he was actually a student of this teachers teacher
the teachers teacher was the great bhaijaan he was a student bhaijaan for a while but he couldn't give up his comic consciousness he couldn't come freely he didn't understand
because he kept trying to use his like again like like croft stuff he was trying to use the addicted mind to become free of the addicted mind rather than do something with the addicted mind to transform the support of the addicted nine
which means to do some things that aren't the addiction which you haven't done before
which aren't you know
and so he and but he was still addicted to his previous methods and the to set up your that this is a this is a pretty nice addiction to be used in are using your understanding of this teachings as a way to become free but he was abiding in is he was abiding in mind that studies the scriptures and teacher why don't we give up a
abiding and he couldn't do it while he continued to study so i stopped study let burned his books or threw him away and went to just do something really different where which wasn't his habit wasn't his addiction and probably when he first started doing it the diction was still there but the more he did it the more he transformed the basis of his
addictions and finally he was like able to hear a sound in a way he had never heard before
but he wasn't as
i think he was a bodhisattva throughout he went he went to this monastery where the great teacher was this is a monster for bodhisattvas but his training was incomplete so he studied with the senior to set a senior disciple of him and he studied with that person long enough for that person to say okay fine i've heard enough from you
just don't tell me more about what you already heard don't tell me but about your studies or the scriptures i don't want to hear by mock not because i i'm i'm not because i'm not interested but i want you to speak to me from a different place in your addiction
and the guy couldn't do it


he still wanted to do that to a bar somewhere
what you say didn't go just anywhere he he where he went was he went into a state of renunciation he went to a place where he's basically saying i'm giving up being a scholar i'm giving up studying the scriptures the web and doing it i'm just gonna be a simple beggar
monk which lot of monks were but he he actually was not the most monks were not like him he was very brilliant
and he was going to use his brilliance of sometimes people say really smart people have a harder time learning zan and people are not so smart
like some i know some people you know it and the scariest thing i can ever say to them as stopped reading
and i i i do say it through them and they don't they don't do it and keep reading
because they're so smart and and get such a kick out of reading the scriptures and i just gonna give up they won't they refused to stop studying
banana and they become famous you know teacher enjoy but then they repeat the kansas too much but this guide the teacher didn't tell him to stop he just he saw
that continuing along this line of using as much as conscious mind to figure out how to debate before the conscious mind can see it wasn't gonna work and then when he saw a cousin wasn't wouldn't work he thought well maybe the teacher can show me how to do it but that would just be another conscious trick
it's also like that story you know where the in a famous story on down the art of
archery work a teacher said just pull the bolstering back and hold it until it's released
it'll be like them it'll be like the string of through your fingers and he figured out a way for to for the book string to be released without him doing it and as soon as i got released a teacher saw the trick and said get out
he figured out a way that he wasn't really letting go of it
because you wouldn't like say okay let go he figured out a way for it to be released without him releasing it what he did was i think he held on half as half as hard didn't release that you just tell them half as hard and then he held on half of half
and then he held on half of half a half and so on and finally the industry just went
they figured out a way to not consciously release it
the teacher saw that that was just another trick and he could tell and he kicked them out for quite awhile
this story i'm telling you the teacher didn't kick him out except in the sense of the teacher said
i'm kind of said you stopped doing everything you've been doing
that's and if you stop doing everything you don't give it up you might give it to find us and he tried to stop doing it but
somehow it felt like to leave the teacher for it stopped trying to get the tissue to show 'em how to do this thing
and said he found it by doing something different that wasn't trying to find it just take care of the ground and begging for food
and that we don't know how long that went on
but it's a famous and story of the pebble striking bamboo hearing the sound he heard the dharma
just like it's not it's not the sound it just hearing the sound i heard the dharma because he had transformed the mind which supports his consciousness in such a way as consciousness could like hear it
here it
without abiding in it he heard the sound without abiding in it and therefore he was not abiding and has self either
he was released and at the same time he hurt he understood the teacher's instruction
and he said
i'm or what he said
he said the teachers kindness surpasses that even in my dear parents if you were told me if you had explained to me i would not have this this realization would not come to pass that's where he said and then he any wrote his paw
home which i was gonna read to you
but not abiding

is that the embodiment
if you let the sound just be the sound than that would lead you to not abide in the sound
and probably
when he was sweeping he was not trying to like understand
he probably wasn't every sweep you are probably what a proud wasn't saying how can i after why progress a hawk and my sweeping or show me the mind show me my show me the place before my self was born he probably gave that up and just was sweeping and letting the sweeping be the sweeping there some familiar condescending sweeping be sweeping rather than swim
swimming is a conscious activity right
and it's a conscious every time you sweep it transforms your unconscious process and if you sweep to try to become a famous zen master
which you could do by sweeping in a certain way it can become famous
but you can imagine if you were sweeping to become famous that probably wouldn't release you actually there's a pics there was a picture of men and in a newspaper with my daughter and my back sweeping the streets and pastry
i got a new to san francisco chronicle picture of me sweeping and somebody saw that picture and when they saw that picture they went to send center this was a like a professional gambler
a mexican gambler he saw this picture of this guy sweeping the streets of san francisco and he gave up gambling and went to become a monk of zen center
so yeah you can be here you can have big
and you can become famous just by sweeping
but if you're sweeping if you're sweeping to become famous that's not in the sweeping just sweeping
and it but with the a famous or not just to keep sweeping sweeping sweeping sweeping this is not trying to figure out enlightenment
with your consciousness this is using your consciousness to find a mine of no abode and even forget about that and just sweep sweep sweep said eat sleep and he couldn't do that but after while by sweeping sweeping he got to this place where he was just
in the sweeping there were sweeping in the seeing they were just a sweet seeing in the hearing your just the hearing the mind of no abode and when he finally when he heard that sound he did not abide in it there were just
and then he sought any song a life before the south
and then he saw an easter with teachers asking
and but it took wanted to transform the support of his consciousness of consciousness could like let things be without trying to get anything from them and one of the things you don't try to get from them is a place to hang out
just one question okay so when you were talking about the shared reality that he shared the have a shared lounge
the not shirt is the not sure is the one that beyond younger
the than no no no the not shit like you're sipping the ground to share it is that somebody want to standing nearby and they both think there's a grounder and especially of humans
the sounds and smells and tastes that you share and that's great and that's result of of all of us including the rats and in the deer we all have this ground to stand on this is our consciousness of to share this is a consciousness is also this would that's also called the container world it's a world we all
live in which is not world as a result of our karma this has been a early buddhist teaching the physical world that we live in together is a result of the karma of not just humans but non-humans and within that world is another road called this has called the
it's called the pajama loca
a container world
people it sounds like pajama it it's very funny some pajamas loca
that's that's that's the can we share that world we live in that room and that is the according to bureau that's the result of all of our karma from beginning us time then within that there's another world which has called the sidebar loca
and that's the world of individual living beings and each person lives in a different software loca which is related to your individual sense organs that's also a an unconscious process
and that unconscious process the shared unconscious process
my i should i have a shared unconscious process with you which supports my consciousness and i have unshared unconscious process which source of support my consciousness but doesn't really support your consciousness that fried my consciousness is different from your consciousness so
the way i'm practicing is different from you in the sense that my sense organs are supporting my consciousness
but not yours really i don't share that with you part of my unconscious process i do not share with you and i don't feel too bad about deck as you don't share part of your unconscious would mean
i'm part you do and part you don't depart you do contains us all the partner don't is just for you and just for me
so these two parts of our unconscious process make our consciousness
that's a story
the story it said
our experience
our center
our since experiences are interdependent but i don't i don't have your sonic since experiences because your sense experiences in my sense experiences are related to a similar work to the same world so it because we share the same physical world we can have intersubjective communication
intersubjective subjective
did i say separate
i don't think i said separate and i might have but i i think onto that too often except when i did not separate
nine different
no didn't one of the ways they're not separate is that the karma that you're that arises in your consciousness
is supported by partly by the same thing to support mine and also the karma that is done in your consciousness creates my world
so your karmic activity which is partly supported by your sense organs changes my world your sense organs
changed my world your sense organs make my world your sense organs make my day and my night
how much interconnection do you want
but the way the way your sense organs which are not mine and i do not i do not experience how they're working except by watching you as a as as a worldly and to as the world
the way that that affects me is that your sense organs contribute to your consciousness and your consciousness creates my world by transforming my unconscious your conscious activity transport my unconscious
yours and elizabeth
my conscious activity transform your physical world
if i sweep the ground that transformed your world but if i sit still and transformed no matter what i do in my consciousness it transform your physical world and no matter what you do it transplant all of our physical world that's how year conscious activity makes my world next man makes lily my day and my night
and my droughts and might spring and summer and fall he your conscious activity maintains that world and mine yours that we sure that we share
that makes you never unconnected
and you're you're conscious activity which i do not share
the consequences of it is the way i share it i don't know what you're thinking but what you're thinking makes my life
so we are no we're not this is not separate the fact the fact that i don't know what you're thinking and i don't know what you're feeling does not separate us
a map that is what connects us because we're both that way it's
and we're not even connected because connection rape and he's kind of implies separation were not even connected were not separate and were not connected where interdependent were inseparable
so you can't actually be connected even
separable also implies that we have independent existence work we have no independent existence of each other
so are not separate and were not connected but we are totally interconnected
a interdependent
the it didn't say ah
connected coa rising he said dependent core rising
he didn't he didn't teach interconnection a taught interdependence
i depend on you but i'm not connected to you because i'm not separate from you
and we aren't we often like connection but like connection has a price which is separation
buckle means to fall apart and to come together
cleavage me to separated that's where the breast touch
everything's like that any separation a connection we like connections sort the sense of separation separation makes the heart grow fonder
but the bodhisattvas heart is fonda note that nearly separation to get fonder
i was funny wasn't it
you mentioned two worlds they collect the world any individual world seems to be a third thing no elected it's not really call it is not collective world an individual world it's not
didn't i just want to say it's not world it's collective cognitive process and an unshared cognitive process and the unshared cognitive process is not a world
partly where he said
the collective unconscious process is the physical world
which then supports images of it in our consciousness
okay next up is lesley
my parents were extremely and skill that's what you think
which fortunately you're not attached to that anymore
ha ha ha
a very long i was attached to that even
yeah you don't want to be rack
yeah it's like i was like i had a of implants exactly exactly it was intentionality i'm a bit i never it
no my relationships are screwed because
so this is third day i not well i'd better go so what i hear is this whole practice seems to me to to me grow by responsivity the longer responsible but you're still responsible
the responding with it
you're responsible but you're not responsible by yourself because of comic implant
comic implant is possible to and you're not the karmic implant but once i see as an implant i can respond and a way as my job respond to that
yes but even before you saw you still can respond but you're responding would not be a skillful you do respond we cannot help but respond but studying responsivity having that be part of our work makes are responding more skillful
is there are over here
yeah i kind of feel like it would be good if if i could continue practicing with you for a while
this is going is is because it's really enjoyable and and and leon
and leon still here
the wrong question
yeah i got these things to save you from things going on too long
yes leon
seem to be an assumption that there's a consensus
right action right speaking
i used you think as you have an certain is an assumption that the that there's a consensus yeah i don't shoot i'd i'm not part of that consensus so if you are assuming that
please excuse me from that consensus i do not
i do not have the assumption nor the belief that we have shared consensus
of what's right yeah
and i'm happy to work with that and i'm happy to work with that you might think that we do have a consensus but i just told you that we don't because because i don't i don't think that i have a consensus and want to talk to people i find out that
i get reinforcement that we don't have a shariah
what well
do i bought them
to find right back what we'll do you draw from her prime to find right action or this various wells
i would i have some recommendations though among the various ones are to someone's i don't think you should draw from i don't think he should draw from the well of i know what is right that would be not a good while to draw from cake that's where i think some people might disagree with me i think some people do i get the impression
is some people are drawn from the well of i know what is right in order to do right i don't recommend that well now
so that's why you're here we share that belief that can the belief that being on the belief and giving up self-righteousness would be good
so one of the places for the well that the well that i'm i'm the well that i'm working on an outside while commuting join me with is the well of i aspire to do good
i wish to do good is the main well from which i i draw to look for explore and perhaps discover and realize or right action
is i wish to discover that
part and i'm also part of that well as
that i think that the best action will be an action which comes from not dwelling in any idea of what's right action
but first i had the wish to practice right action
i really want to i think it's really a good idea and if an end when it comes to action i may think something's good i may think something's helpful i might think something for example is gentle and respectful and loving and patient and care
careful and tender and generous i may think so
and according to
what i think would be helpful all those things i think would be helpful
and i would like to do act in accordance with those but i don't know if such such an action will be in accord with it
i may wish to be generous towards you but i don't know when i'm but i'm doing if it is generous and you might say to me that wasn't very generous and i i i would draw up in the well and responding to that by saying i hear you know to listen to that to welcome to again to
try again to be generous towards you telling me i'm not generous or i myself might think you know rob you're not very generous like i seen before you're sitting there trying to be upright between you're not very generous and you're too generous
or i'm going to be so generous that no one could ever accuse me of not being generous but that's my generous either
and that's the kind of an ethic that's arrogant know i'm no one could possibly excuse me i'm not being generous because i just did that i just gave my body in my life well
you are still trying to get famous by that
your to any you are you weren't gonna be generous you are trying to become the most famous buddhist in mill valley you know by giving your whole body okay and an a i would think that finding right action would be to listen to that comment and again part of finding a good so
if you want a practice right action this is how you you do these practices to develop your good routes you and you do what you think is good but also you prat you serve buddha's which means you
serve your good friends and your asked for their counsel
and you say i'm thinking of doing this or i did this act on it was good you where do you think i'm thinking of doing this i think it would be good what most people you don't have to go to your teacher thing i think this is bad and i think i'm not gonna do it you can do that but
you don't have to do all right to tell your teacher all the stupid things that you thought of doing that you don't think you're going to do you not to tell your teacher all the stupid ideas that came in your mind and nasty comments that you didn't say
but if you think something's good and you can you gonna do it
to tell or and if you think something bad and your did it you should tell so confessed his things that are bad and the things you think are good talk to your good friends about see what they said and i might say again they might say well that sounds really good but i feel like you're abiding in it would be nice if you not only did that but did it without a
like australia tell over an oprah but this this monk his teacher who is a monastery and one of the senior monks in a monastery he said to the monkey said you know it really it just it just so heartwarming is so inspiring to see the way you take care of the other monks you're so kind of them you give them such excellent instructions
be nice if you do something spiritual occasionally
and then he said this about various in sincerely appreciate in various things he didn't he say by managed to get do something spiritual about it also invited amongst of or you mean do something spiritual i said stop trying to get something out of this stuff
so you can do good and five it by trying to get something it's still good it's not bad all of sudden is still kindness is still giving good instructions still encouraging people is still protecting them and being their friend but you're trying to become the most famous monk in the monastery or whatever
it's tainted so
in addition to trying to do what you think is right in any good friends and you tell him about the great things you're doing so they can say i smell something funny what is it oh it's a saint get and me maybe that you wow
you might have said
why would come on the sheriff unconscious
the shared unconscious is the way i get to see if somebody's is what the sharon unconscious is the physical world where i get to see somebody who looks like they're arrogant
that's a shared unconscious
that produces images in my that produces images and words second i can hear a person talk and i can sort of here the way they talk and i can see it sounds like you think you're better than that person
i hear i hear a certain tone you see that that's that that my conscious and we're hearing of somebody who supported by the world i share with them
recognize someone who was
that's right now
yeah so that's part that's part of the virtue of the shared on qantas is as you can seize you can sing
great teachers
they get new and you can see him and other people consume and also you can see that you see him differently because you have different sense organs and you but you still see that the you see that guy there yeah you see a girl area
helpful to their teaching see their teaching
see that non teaching see that bad example see that good example of this is
an in our our karma has created a world that we share and we can we can talk about together that's very useful
but this teaching district pointing out that what we're looking at
if something has supported by a cognitive process that that we're creating together that we can transform the work that we are transforming the world so let's transform it in a good way that will promote more practice
so if we do a little walking meditation
i would first to go like this