Facing Change and Realizing PeaceĀ 

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there's a few people who were not here last week i believe the and
one of the things i think i brought up
was to ask you if you up
if you feel in your consciousness
if you feel conscience of a sense of moral obligation
if you feel a sense of
being required
to be ethical
did i have something like that last time
so i'm asking

yeah maybe i said do you feel some obligation
hmm a sense of obligation
and that so now tonight i asked did you did you feel since you find some obligations some sense of obligation within yourself
maybe i should ask what sense of obligation did you discover anybody care to say


what is the boys off of our
yeah so how do you feel an obligation to help all beings
and not harming them would be part of that
henny other senses of obligation discovered yes

you but you have a sense that some people have been assigned to you

are you saying those kind of a a sense of
of something being assigned to you or someone being assigned to you and when they when you feel that their assigned to you that's when you feel the obligation
more compelling
more required because they've been assigned to you
oh well i prefer to use obligation a lot of responsibility
ethical consciousness
i was followed by screen
because they felt like
they represent pairings
desperation and i was thinking more about last week about the habitual of the rowe versus being in the flow of road
that was thinking about the word response to it
well you know responsibility is to work the ability to respond
and that's the allegation ip
have an ability to respond
when the ethical clashes of conservative
feels like a mecca for the visual response

when second is wanted to point out that you that you'd kind of went responsibility to obligation
and like you to consider the other way around that when you feel an obligation
the responsibility follows from the sense
responsibility maybe has part share overlaps with with obligation part of responsibility might be the sense of it's been assigned to you it's your responsibility
the other part of responsibility is what's been assigned to you you have the ability to respond to
and that's for the freedom starts he said you're you're a sign something
and you're kind of
obligated to take care your assignment
but the responsibility part overlaps with what's been given and you have the ability to respond to that and i'm saying that your ability to respond to that
your ability to respond to that means that your response is not determined by what's given to you
and there's your freedom
but it is rare
in the and in the part where you feel that has been assigned to you it can feel heavy
and burdensome because he's been presented to you it's given to you
you don't i
you don't look inside and choose to feel i'm not asking you to look inside and choose to feel this obligation of the asking you did you find it is a given to you and laurie said that when she feels like it's a sign she can feel more that when she feels like it's given she feels more of the the compelling
requirements side of it and that's the heavy side of ah
so given us
pressing conditions or some other some pressing conditions in you
defined compress it pressing conditions
requirements in your consciousness something about you that you feel that and then that i would say goes with responsibility and that's where the freedom is and that's where the pieces
yes i've a suggestion sir and rica and laurie

the bar


here's no statement for your consideration
arises in our life
without ah
cutting without breaking the bond to the world
and the world is these old tapes
so i heard in your story a sense of when you look for obligation
you found the world of all tapes and somebody telling you what to do
what doesn't look like freedom namely
what's given to you is old tapes and a sense of obligation which seems heavy and not freedom
so if be careful i'm i'm suggesting to be careful
about looking for a freedom which separates and make from the from og sort of our original situation a old tapes and sense if somebody's telling you what to do
and in that situation we feel like somebody's telling you what to do
you may not feel compelled to do what they're telling you to do but you may feel compelled to do something else
in the thing you feel compelled to do that you didn't choose yourself you don't choose what you feel required to do and what you feel required to do is not necessarily what other people are telling you you're required to do you may feel
like some teenagers
if you tell him what to do they feel compelled not to do what you told them but they feel that compelled they feel obligated
by who they are to not do what you said in other words to do something that is not a big but they feel the obligation as given to them they don't choose they don't choose to not to to fight against some instructions so in that story you told there some place in that will you do feel
compelled but not necessarily by what other people are telling you what the old tapes are telling you however the old tapes or given to you and also how you what you feel you should do is given to you and then you have a chance to respond to that situation and that's
for the freedom as i'm suggesting

you could feel an obligation to respond to watch their without baggage that again he actually that can be the centerpiece of obligation you feel and guess what i'm gonna say
well there's always baggage but also the ah the sense of obligation to respond without baggage his baggage
and you can respond to that and be free
your original condition of
wanting of not wanting but feeling that you really should like you
who you are requires that you
not be caught by that that's given to you he didn't choose that
and now you can respond to that
so i'm and i'm i'm some cautioning to look to watch out for are you are we going to break the bond with the world or i say the world but anyway a world
a world means i'll be going to break the bond with some sense of enclosure that our mind
there has been there is proposed in this tradition that we live within a mental enclosure
our life is completely constructed
and that's not different from saying our life is completely given
and in this constructed world
do we feel an obligation to be free
do we feel an obligation to be
to be good
to be ethical do we feel that in there in that world
and if we do
then we can respond to that and we don't have yeah and in the waiver respond i've said we don't have to respond
in any old way but we
but we cannot get rid of the old way
i want to tell a story
about this up
tv show
tv series actually
which was on a few years ago called deadwood
antibody on
it's a bitter bitter
a fictional account of a town in south dakota where there was a gold rush
i think in the eighteen eighties eighties seventies eighteen eighties they discovered gold and the black hills of north of south korea south dakota and this town where i'm one of the main towns there with it miners got together
ah to
do their work from called deadwood
and so the amid a tv series out of it
and i i listened to the the so-called creator
have them
the series which i mean he maybe he did some of the writing but didn't do all the writing he might have done some of the directing but i don't think it did all the directing but he was he had the idea
he was kind of the the creative
the artistic director of the of the event and he said have some point he said
that on how do you put it
he said that
these people got together and worked to create an alternative world
so that these people all lived in a world
they lived in a constructed world that was given to them by the workings of their mind in response to other people's work minds working and all that this was given to them and then they decided to make another world
and they named that world deadwood
and and they made you know like i guess weekly
the a weekly basis they made it a world and then the next week they made a world that some might that and
and they did it together
each of them within their own loud work with other people within their world to make a world that they shared
and he said something about how
i don't know what he said but something like how liberating it was to create an alternative world
i don't think those people thought that by creating this dead that they were getting away from the world
ah you know are being set designers actors writers camera people ah
producers directors i don't think they got away from that world
i don't think so
mere fact i think that they work from that world to create this alternative world
and by creating an alternative world
one becomes liberated from the given world
so actually here in this class we kind of create every week and alternative world
and it's good if if you feel if you understand that your
you're contributing to the creation of this world that each of you is given
a construct a life that's just completely constructed
monk by moment
and we're working and we joined together here
and sometimes we get to a point where we make another world
and we do probably as
that's good
that helps us with the world we never really got rid of and if we try to get rid of our old world by making this world then i think that's not going to lead the freedom i propose that
but i invite you to join in making creating a new world every week in this environment
how the way to say this is that
freedom comes from going up beyond are given situation
where we feel
things have been assigned to us given to us that we didn't choose
we we we go beyond that
and also we don't separate from it we stay the same
so this is a class by change facing change and now i'm talking about
that were all is the same
we're always completely constructed
her life has completely given
you're free
freedom away from the construction i'm proposing is impossible
that would just be ah
a kind of would be the kind of thing that
is more tricky than usual

well i say beyond and then i say without leaving it
stay the same and yet go beyond
breaks a breakthrough breakthrough
without changing anything

yeah well like
like again you you you construct an alternative world and in fact when you do that
you break out of the other one even though you know he didn't touch it at all and when and when the when this when we walk off the set of deadwood
we're going to be back and you know i don't know i don't know where they made that movie
whether they actually filmed it in south dakota they filmed it in california ah they filmed it in los angeles
yeah so the so they walked out of deadwood and then they went back to you know silver lake in beverly hills and stuff
and then they probably thought up through the whole time that los angeles were still there
in you know that was given to them or maybe they thought los angeles had disappeared you know but that would be another thing that will be given to them but they did create this thing and in creating it they did kind of go beyond are they did kind of breakthrough they knew that they did that i also knew that they can't
or that they shouldn't
and because if they did that freedom would not would not be true freedom plus pleasure also would separate them from everybody they feel obligated to all these other people
we're not living who are not in this program
their family for example
many ancient tradition
the the the relationship between the tradition in us
the interaction
creates an alternative world which liberates us from this world without touching it
and then another world's given
which is completely constructed
see if i understand it seems to be
the way
when you're in your role in a producer director constructive role because nearby it

the drawn
creating this alternative
give you a chance to see the magic of instruction

that could be yeah
there could be that for the creator of the of the thing that that's that could be like as given to him as los angeles but when he makes but when he creates his other world
like the tv program with all these other people
he probably can see he probably loses the feeling that this is not constructed maybe his maybe forgets his constructing when you just given this this this this vision of this world but when he actually sees that is constructed
which is

it have lots of
we can play together
play for a long time
eight hours

we started children
he started
need to get out the child's own keys
like routinely says like oh
the world
recently constructed all the sun
this other rule
are you testing for eight hours this has become very funny of a sudden know all the current and right just was just like another you had a new tip round yeah we drop which was different from the way you probably would have related to it if you hadn't just come from alternative world construction
i was
yeah so funny yeah right
one time i was riding in a car back from tassajara in my
i think i was driving yeah and
my attendant was reading to me about the structure of galaxies you know you've heard of galaxies well that this was an article about how they're actually they're actually side of inner structure to actually like you know out there in a structure he's real to me about that and we pulled into a convenience store
and i looked at these people there are going into the convenience store to buy like ice cream and stuff
it's like i could not believe that human beings did that
you know
yeah i think you're getting at yes

this is metaphor you job

they they were
it it would be it wouldn't be real it wouldn't be real freedom at the left their own world because and couldn't get back
they they they probably wouldn't be very effective they probably would be taken away from the acting job
because they because they go into that world and got stuck there it's to go into it the alternative world does you know when i first wrote that down over and make already notes to myself and i remembered this guy saying that i wrote alternative reality i crossed off reality it's actually alternative world dash alternative unreality
city we should make an alternative unreality so that we realize that our usual reality dash world is unreality it was reality room and any relief from it
but it's not reality is constructed and also is given to us and we should not try to get away from is given to us when we should also remember it's constructed it's not real is just an appearance
however we still feel is obligation and relationship to the appearance and we have this ability to respond and are guilty respond create new worlds which are also unreal
so we're not trying to get it up to a world behind the unreal world we're trying to relate to the unreal world in such a way respond to it in such a way of respecting that has been given to us and not try to get away from it and respect that we have an obligation to accept it and we have an ah
obligation because and because we have an obligation we have a responsibility and we have freedom
oh those listening to you did the story of thinking she'd be nice to have some good recreation like that have a job been creating alternate worlds were like experienced that her john story and like oh wow i just do it and then i was thinking why
this is because this is an enemy this is it is important to remember
creating our acting what all are playing and that it's a role in news
and they will we see that it helps us not think that yeah
it's the except a one point is the way you just put it it sounded like you you you missed the partner was get you missed a given part
anyway that when you're doing this it isn't that isn't that you're creating it but that it's that it isn't that you're constructing it because you is another construction it so that it is constructed and it is being constructed but i'm not constructing it
it's given to me it's given to you just like in his case he didn't construct that think that was given to him he would hit here it was just the innocent bystander got started playing these computer games and suddenly he was given a new world and didn't really realize it until he went to the back to the more usual one so you are doing that
but really it's your life is that way your life is totally constructed your life has totally given and so to become aware of that
it is given us but
to john about the responsibility
isn't that the way in which were it's not passively and
who created by responding yes you new co-created with it's also it's not like
was not so not just completed
why the in that year co-creating but that it is co-created it's it is co-created but not by you and somebody else
so the thing that's going to and is not the thing that i call me my story of who i am the story of who you are
the story of which a who you are is engaged in the story of who you are is engaged in the creation in the construction
yeah but i didn't cute since i'm like you said the story may sound like you said i
yeah well
i just have to say this now because it's really important
and that is this is possibly the reason that we cannot get these teenagers away from those video games
because they when they play those games even by themselves
they're playing with these computer people who had figured out a way to draw them in to creating an alternative world and that alternative world gives them a big relief from a world they can barely stand and they're so confused that cannot find the response of responsibility that totally confused about it
and in that world their parents are telling what to do and they're you know
they can't talk that's the responsibility or that's their obligation and they just really wanted they don't want to go back there
they do not want to go back to the that world they want to be in this alternative world they know they have to go back but are postponing it as long as possible
and we would like them to come back as we think maybe they could find their sense of response but their sense of obligation if they would put the thing down and interact with human beings
i think that's part of why they want they want to these games is that they they get a break and then made they come back they have a little bit of taste of freedom maybe a little bit of freedom from coming back to living with their parents
and the and their high school friends
how can we
yeah how can we how can we how can we in my answer is join him
but it's hard to join em it's hard to join him
because either because of the way the screens bill it's hard to get in there
but the other kids the other kids are through playing some of these game you can join them and i think when that happens the sense of liberation
would be more likely to be realized

why is it freedom
because you you
you understand that the world your came from you understand more deeply that it's constructed you understand the unreality of where you came from by going to a place that you kind of can remember pretty much that this is not real and yet it feels like a world
but you know it's not real the kind of keep track of that
but still when you come back from the computer game or whatever
you have some fried there's freedom in this world and your you have a sense of responsibility from the world you left and then are your sense of obligation in the world you left and you think it's real you feel the given us but you don't feel the constructed this
thoroughly enough to be free if you feel the constructed in as completely you also feel the given this repeatedly those two together if you feel the construct the given this completely you will not try to get away from it
if you think there's a little way to get some possibility to get away from that
the reason why you want some possibility to get away from it is because you don't but understand that this constructed if you completely understands constructed you won't try to get away from it and you'll realize that your cat if you really could accept it you would see that as constructed and that you can't get away from it but you can be free from was given
when you can be free from your obligations or with your obligations if you understand that totally constructed


well that that's another aspect of the story is that this this man who said this to creator
he pointed out that a community created this world
and you can you can imagine that when you get all these people together and their livelihood depends on it
and their their artistic success depends on it their sense of their worth in this life depends on it and are there other people have different opinions and some people who become become late to work and so on so all you have to actually practice generosity and ethics and patients and so on to create
to make a really good alternative world if you do it by yourself i don't think it works very well
that's why i think that if to tip the child's during the screentime by themselves i think it's less likely
that that that the screentime will be as beneficial when they when the screens put down and they come back the they might get addicted to their screen time rather than not being addicted to creating not being addicted to creating alternative worlds but do it as a regular exercise
without cutting off from the world that you have not received some freedom with
we're not usually got going into and trying to become free of the alternative world
that's not the world we're trying to become free of
unless we unless we got stuck there that will try to get out but the addiction is the addiction of yeah being stuck there as a way of avoiding this one such way to balance not going away from the usual world
by creating
an alternative world
like biofeedback for meditation
whatever we should do it in in a community so if anybody gets stuck on one side of the other there's people around to notice because you can kind of notice by what do a person moves and the way they talk in the way they yeah


what's wrong

have to drive to sad
one of the scene
this guy worked on deadwood
he asked

she's done a dog

he'll thank you

we just you have do you say that when you go to the supermarket you're making it on turn to world

you could you could we do you but a lot of people think they go from their house to their car to the supermarket they don't feel like they moved to an alternative world when they got in a car it takes some effort to create an alternative work huh
no no i was riding in a car for a long time
imagining these galaxies
in structured in certain ways with the aid of these scientific stories
and that imagination that that realm i got into i i worked out for several hours and then i went into the seven eleven and then the seven eleven which is my usual world
look very strange i could not understand why people would were so concerned with like getting
ice cream bars it just seem like hulk it just seemed a mean ordinarily i can see yeah you go to it convenience store to get the kind of stuff
right that's my usual world
but when i went in into these not just galaxies but the related that sort of the the family relationships among galaxies and i was doing that for a while that i went into that world
then when i went to seven eleven or whatever it was i was shocked by what i saw
i got i gotta break from my usual understanding of that situation
and i i i had a totally new perspective which was really
yeah i was very enlivening and enrich enriching it was you know one of the i mean it was in nobody got hurt you know i guess if i if i went into a a seven eleven and i got robbed and shot that would be a very a big change in my usual attitude towards seven elevens to but this was like nobody got hurt people doing
be robbing at or you know people were stealing anything just the whole enterprise of people like
feeding each other it just seem really far out
to me and people be concerned like to eat eating i thought was really just like while people are like that they care by stuff like that
that's what i mean
but you have to sort of like make an effort you can't create another world quite that quickly
the world that word that's given to us
we don't know how that happens
but it's very complex and it recruit includes our whole history together
to make this new one it isn't quite as of it doesn't seem quite a substantial and uncreated as the one we usually the one we live in which is completely created doesn't seem completely created and we think there's an alternative to it
when we build one the more we get into building it the more we can see yeah it's the more it starts to look real the more effort so in that damage program it it it really was an unusual world but it it really seemed
real i think to them and to us and so you know got a lot of words it didn't it seem like a highly crafted
creation of something
and they all had to work really hard to do that and then i feel that this guy was saying that when he came away from there there was as big change the way sauce or nine work life
so i don't think when we usually go from house to card to grocery store
we think this is not constructed this is not constructed and this has been constructed but if you go to the grocery store and you walk in and say
shoppers we have news we're going to create a new world here so everybody you know you all have to stay here for six hours because we're going to make this
grocery store into a town and the eighteen eighties in our course that people would walk out and would be crazy but if you actually got everybody to go there he would it would be different thing think we're going to create something here
and and if they did and then a certain point you get to it's like a magic show at a certain point you do the magic could do the magic do the magic people don't see it you do the magic can do the magic of son as they see it
so the buddhist example which i've used in the last class the magician uses materials which are not elephants
you know and suddenly people see an elephant
they see works they see the appearance of an elephant and the magician sees the peers appearance of an elephant but the people in audience think it's actually an elephant
but the magician knows is not
so the magician doesn't get the same relief from is ordinary life that the people are watching the elephant do
when they see the elephant and they think it's a real elephant than when heat when he dismantles his magic show they go back to their ordinary life refreshed the magician however does not however the magician as the advantage or maybe the magician does though
maybe maybe the magician does he just doesn't fall for it as much as they do you don't think he does
people enjoy
yeah so maybe the ah yes here's it the magician
not so interested in the benefits of freedom
as the audience
so the magician put on the show disappearance appear of and he sees the appearance and he knows it's not a real elephant or he knows it's not a real deadwood
the people watching it for a moment they think it's a real deadwood and then when the show's over they get some freedom as a result of that but the magician because not interested in being getting any freedom because the magician knows there's never any separation from bondage and i see a lot of hands raising now
the sharon voc and jeff
i think yossi was first jeff was next and share and what's next yes



yeah so this is this is example and this is why would you're talking about which the scary part of what could happen is that if you see beyond this if you see those are constructed you might then break the bond with the world of construction
with the world of unreality here
yeah like and that is given to you to care illustrate you lose that can that's constructed to it is but has given to you and if you lose track of that part
it's all constructed and now yoshida ask me how can we help this person because if you tell him you know i need you to come on here he says well yeah that's just constructed
i yeah so i think what what
what needs to be done is your friend needs to be taken to some place
where the metaphors gets shifted somebody needs to take them simply like this person i am
so switching metaphors for for not exactly reality but metaphors for literate for literal miss
for to make a metaphorical interpretation and a literal interpretation i never gregory bateson says schizophrenia x take the literal as metaphorical and the metaphors literally
there was one of the things he sought when his study of scripture for next so i know this woman who was sitting next to me during a meditation retreat and she thought that her seat was next to me because she had been chosen as my sucks
she thought that this she didn't just happen have their sexual gotta because she was the most gifted of all the meditators
in the initiate initiation group and an initiation period went on for five days for five days are a lot of time she was sitting there thinking that to herself and afterwards she was in this new place
this alternative reality is a an alternative world which he thought was a reality and she couldn't come back and people told me about it and i went up to her and i start talking your i said you gotta come back and she wouldn't come back i said well you sort of have to leave but i know you can't leave because people want your stay
so i'm just gonna go to tell people that you're doing this and they'll probably want you to stay but it's not going to work she listened to me but and i went and told people that she was doing this and and effect they didn't want her to leave they weren't they wanted to like keeper in the monastery
and states have some way to help her and she kept
can all like it took about ten people to take care of her because she was up all night day after day because she was like in this other world so she was free
from the ordinary world of the monastery which is as you know it has problems
it's like you know it's confined is constructed this obligations you know
there's birth and death but she got to go to a different world and she was like really happy up all night and she wore out the not the whole monastery but she wore out about ten people who are generously trying to take care of her because we didn't feel like we can just like everybody go to bed and just let her be up by yourself all night because you might wander off in the woods or something
this is like an the mountains right so
and he weren't going to put her in a cell you know such so she was like free to move around but cheat we felt like somebody needs to be with her and she was like just never sleeping
and finally everybody got worn on said okay we can't take care of her
so i just want go in the car and of course she went with me because she's
she's who she is
i didn't she wasn't forced to get into the car she just that was her world that all he's going so i'll go with him finally they're acknowledging this
that i'm the one
and then we got a car and then i got out of the car in the card what left and it took her to
this place which were they have doctors and nurses and stuff and she got out and when end just and she snapped out of it and she was you know to all
i see
i said she got it but it you know that she was dreaming that she was in this where she was that
the enlightened buddha
and people were just kidding when they said you know this is really not working for us
somehow she said on these people aren't buddhists these are just like regular regular doctors and stuff and and there's no i can't really argue with them about whether i'm enlightened or not
and they didn't have to give her any medication or she just snapped out of it as soon as she got into the hospital
but you and just beijing we just bring embarrassed after that
so if there's some way to like jiggle that
moving to some situation i don't know with other people around
the to to break the glass little bit and just make him realize that this is not any more real than where you were before
because no matter where we go it's constructed and given
it's given and when we feel is given with feel well it's given i guess have to deal with it yeah right
my fact is required that i deal with what's given to me i if if if i if i can't get away from it i had to deal with it if i if this person if if i'm agree with this person for the rest of my life i have to deal with them i can't get away from them
and then people started asking questions about well what can you know what if someone is beating you up blah blah blah well he doesn't mean you have to let the person beat you up it just means you realize you can't get away from them
even when you protect yourself you're not getting away from anybody
that's given to you to and yeah but have no matter what it is
he have an obligation there's some pressing conditions in every situation
what are they what you would you feel they are and what you're saying is the appearance of these pressing conditions and now you have the ability to respond to this and you will and that's where you check in to see what what's my response in my responses
i maybe my response might be i really wanna take care of what's been given to me i want to respect
my obligation and my ability to respond i want to say yes to
and that's where the freedom is
and we know we can know that this is where the freedom is
without knowing what the freedom is we do not know what the freedom is
because you can't know what freedom is but you can know sort of
where it is sort of are not even where it is but you can know
practically you can know that this is your freedom you can be sure of it

say again
yes that's a frightening heart that's a really frightening heart

yeah right
so he's in a pretend world where he doesn't care
he's in a pretend world he's pretending to be in a world he's pretending to be a person that doesn't care okay yeah

i think it's really good to be very patient it's really good to well it's really good if possible to be close to him
it's really good because if you if you would smash this
this pretend world where he doesn't care about everybody all of a system that world a little bit right like per sample all of us probably occasionally there's somebody we don't care about but that's a pretend world also the world where we do protect what we do care about people is that pretend world
but that one has a
obligation in it
because we we are we are obliged to dick
when we care about people were we have an obligation
because of that care but that's also constructed world
so the one he's in
the problem with it is it it is really off because he doesn't have any sense of obligation so that world we have to be very careful not to break it and their stories of zab zen teachers who are broken those kinds of
those kinds of worlds and the person
the person not really
really had no bearing it didn't didn't survive really were crazy for the rest of their lives or for years two years to recover so in a in a real hard case like that you have to be really gentle
you've heard there was this guy who was in the i think arizona's state
mental illness clinic in las vegas new mexico or in las vegas arizona is las vegas arizona new mexico
no no i'm new mexico okay so he's in las vegas new mexico
no there's las vegas nevada
there's two
one one is quite famous
and the other one is about to become somewhat better known
and there's a state mental hospital in that one new las vegas nevada las vegas new mexico and a healer
a man who knows about magic and illusion went to this hospital because there was a person there by the way this this healer also was crippled
so he's brought in you know ana
on a wheelchair or on a gurney just to heal the the people in hospital so there's one guy thought he was jesus that was his world he was living in the world he was jesus that was his constructed world which was given to him
but he didn't think he was given to him he thought it was true if you understand is given to you you understand it's constructed he didn't understand it was constructed or that i was given he thought it was true constructed reality
and if the anybody who wouldn't relate to his thing he wouldn't talk to wooden relate to and apparently all the doctors would not relate to it would not speak to that world he was in there would not talk to that place
where he was jesus and this person came near milton erickson and what he went to the man he said i understand your a carpenter
and the guy said that's right i am
he said would you build me some bookshelves
the guy said okay and he built the bookshelves
and he he realized that this is what he thought he was he thought he was jesus and you'd probably kept thinking with jesus but
he he he responded a little bit and so he was released and probably continue to be a carpenter thinking that he was jesus every now and then just like i think i'm rob of renowned
but if if some of you wouldn't relate to me thinking i was reb i still would i still talk to you
so you don't put me in a hospital
hey jeff

exactly the magician can
yeah like this yeah like this guy this erickson was like he he he he's a healer he's say magician could be a healer and i told you this guy was and when there's a magician he's a magician healer he goes in there and he it has little magic trick which is how can i get it how can i have
can i affirm his world and say i'm willing to enter your world without literally affirming it
how can yeah

yeah yeah




right right
now so the alternative magic show is people are looking at the stage and suddenly they see a huge bunny rabbit and they don't know where it came from
because they're looking at the magician gets them to look at the dancers and suddenly
he takes away their attention to the dance and they see the bunny rabbit but the can see where it came from but actually just walked out there they didn't see it

so in this class
everybody in this class is invited to become a magician and we can become a magician everybody's invited to be a magician in this class to think about how you're a magician rather than because there are magicians in this room
so please
with the real magician stand up

we're all we're all potentially have you know
a capable of joining the project
of creating a world
and when we join that we are we are artists we are magicians and we are doing that
question is how to become conscious of it and see how thorough it is it is complete we are completely making a world together and we each of us is included in our own totally constructed world and we're making a world together at the same time
that situation offers the possibility of freedom and peace
if we can tap into this process
may our intention
equally extend to every being in place with the true merit of buddha's away