A Family Style for Realizing the Oneness of All Families 

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it looks like i repeat myself over and over and here's another example of that
the teachings of the buddha's are primarily concerned with
living beings
maverick one of the teachings is that buddhas or nothing in addition to living bags
so within within living beings there is a concern for their welfare there is a concern for their suffering
there is compassion for living beings and that's the main business of the buddhist teaching is
ah to help
living beings
to address and bring compassion to their suffering
and it is a part of the teaching
that comes through this compassion is that the suffering ah is dependent on living beings who are involved in grasping
grasping their ideas their term enter feeling tone their bodily experiences
and so on all the different realms of experience when they're grasped
there are suffering they're they become stressful and distressful and unsatisfactory
yeah when you really accept life you realize it cannot be grasped when you grasp life your kind of insulted and stress it and this is suffering and the teaching is for living beings who have this
and this tendency is supported by past actions
based on this tendency of grasping and the grasping comes because a misconception of life we we are innately inclined to see life as something that could be grasped we see life as has a substantial thing
that can be grasped we see ourselves as substantial and others as substantial we see things as permanent so that you can reach for something and it would still be there by the time you touched it so the early teachings of buddha where to teach beings are all the phenomena which beings tend to grasp
i really impermanent
an insubstantial insubstantial and ah and if you got in if you try to grasp them they are suffering
and the later teaching
ha of the great vehicle is that all phenomena are just all the things we're experiencing are just
cognitive constructions they're just ideas

and of course we can grasp ideas and then that grasping life as the ideas we have of it here's another way to surf speak of the cause of suffering
so the teaching that that all that we're dealing with is our idea of her life
that teaching
when we understand it
when we understand that teaching we aren't enter into the reality of our life
in the reality of our life is at it it is in substantial it is ungraspable
and it is infinite

so that's an example of
a message which now has been ah
converted into ideas right now that we know haven't an idea of this of the teaching that what we're dealing with is our idea of our life
and so the teaching also appears to us as in in the form of a word image for linguistic imagery which we
are inclined to
convert all of our experience into linguistic
imagery and even the messages
from the as we also do that with even the message of the teaching even the messages about the practice we convert into something which fits with our usual karmic life
the iconic life can receive these teachings and practice these teachings but will receive these teachings and we convert them into stuffed that our karma and work on

and bodhisattvas
received the teaching that way
as their ideas of the teachers
now one might say while the teachings
the teachings aren't our idea of them
but night the teachings or some other substantial thing that's my idea of them

they're not some like something that's like substantially not our ideas of them
they're neither ideas of them nor they not art it is of them really because saying they're not i depart idea of them puts them in the category of not our idea of them so they're beyond
our ideas and beyond being our ideas are not been our ideas
and all these teachings are really just to help us realize
at the way we already are
is exactly what we all want
the way we already are is exactly already
there were helping each other
but that's hard to understand because we imagined sometimes that we're not helping each other
it looks like that in the world of fraud construction like it looks like some people are don't like the president of the united states and some people do
looks like
horrible things are happening all over the planet
but it is that we deny the things that horrible things are appearing
it's that way
listen to the horrible things and look at the horrible things
there were already likes listening to and looking at
and we listened to teachings about hard to take care of these horrible appearances or nice appearances
and if we listen to these teachings and listen to these teachings there is a teaching that after listen to these teachings enough
we will actually be transformed to a place
are listening to the teaching will transform us into a boy and being that enters into reality
if we listened to these teachings and listen these teachings we will start practicing compassion according to
what we have listened to what we have and we have listened to our version of what has been told to us we have been told how to practice the convert what we're being told or shown into our idea of it and then we practice according to your idea and if we continue this practice
when they can transform to a point where we enter into
the reality of our relationships
so one of the things that seems to be necessary is a great deal of listening to the teacher
those who are
enter this into reality are supported by the permeation or the perfume ings of our body and mind that occur when we listen to the teachings over and over when we think of the teachings which we have heard and read we think of them
will we listened to them we look at them and we spend our time
permeating harm her life with the teachings

and these teachings
these teachings become seas
which become merged with correct study of these teachings
these seeds which are the effects of are listening
enter and are merged with correct reflection on these teachings
and these teachings appear as so one way to say it is as doctrines
and they're meeting or tax
scriptures words of teachers words of the buddha's and treatises which help us understand them
treatises would help us meditate on them
that's how the tissues a peerless

so that's what's been happening today is you been listening to tax
since you've been listening to doctrines and suggestions about their meaning and this has transformed our minds as we've listened to these things
and then we come to ah
i actually have ah
insight into these teachings
but again even as we have insight we have inside
about this how these teachings appear in a way that we can find them to have insight about
still even though we're so apprehending the teachings which were having insights about we still can enter
reality while we're still apprehending
and then once we enter we continue to practice and we stopped apprehending the images which were used to enter
and then we continue the practices of compassion and the practices of listening to the teachings and practices of contemplating the practices in the teachings we continue to do it
without apprehending the images that we used to apprehend
we do the practice
from simply being immersed in the reality which is the practice
and then someone raises a flower and winks
and we smile
and someone says something about
and we listened to them and we
we practice according to what they said
in the same way that we practiced according to what we said heard before

any questions

that's right you're you're not in actually grasping the you're grasping an image of the fear
yeah yeah so that's right you're grasping images of your life
and even though you're grasping images of your life is still causes problems you're actually fortunately you can't get hold your life for your life's actually okay
but if you grasp the images of your life and life's okay but the gaspar is stressed the grasping the grasping being is stressed the life is actually untouched
but the grasping a stress
this stress factor in is distress being
oh so now bring compassion to that
bring compassion to that stress area where those grasping

any further questions

yeah so sprinkler spring compassion to they're tightening shall we
i are you ready to flood compassion come to that tightening

well we'd start their you want to say are you want to say you're ready okay that's a start
now if you see someone who is tense and tight what do you wanna do for them
yeah yeah you wanna let him be so now you want to let your tightness me
blog armada is easy
yeah so it's okay that is easy army it was hard i don't mind i either the thing is you want a brute let it be that's it you do with other people's tightness read you let it be now do it with your own time as let it be that as an act of kindness that's an act of generosity

twenty second the next thing i don't want to let it be you want what if someone else doesn't want to let something be what he want to do with that person
ah you will get the understanding if you keep letting and be
you have to keep letting you can't find out what things are unless you let them be
so you start by letting be and a nudist keep your heart pulsing with let it be let it be let it be has not the whole story but that you keep out the whole time as you trying to understand what this tightness is let it be let it be let it be okay and now
we move on to be careful on this titus
be careful not to try to get rid of it can we're letting in be right now i'm try to kill it don't try to kill this tension because you want to understand it right so if you kill it before you understand that you're not gonna get to understand it
also we don't say bad things about the tightness
and we don't say that somebody's better in some that the untied people are better than the type people
and we're not possessive weather tightness if somebody says could you loan me your tightness we say fine
if you're trying to understand type you might say well if i give you my tennis i won't be will understand it no no he didn't got tightness and somebody needs it and you give it away that will help you understand it
don't lie and also be honest about the tigris somebody says got some tightness theories a yeah i got it would you give it to me fine would you hate it no thank you would you be possessive know disparage it in a way now and so on you practice being careful and gentle and
kind to this tightness in which you're fundamentally letting and be but then you're getting in to intimately reading it be carefully letting it be now then you move on to the patient with this tightness and other words you're not trying to get rid of it and you
we're being totally present with it
so this is all moving towards eventually understanding this thing
and then next you need to like checker go back now and check on your aspiration to understand
and help all beings become free of whatever problems they have
and then realized that he would really be good if you can continue to the practices of kindness towards this tension towards his tightness and now also if you can be really
and alert and open to it
and that you really would like to be really come with us so now youth now with all these practices you can really see it clearly because you're really com
i'm not messing with it
and then you ready to see it and enter into understanding

yeah so upset i'm saying that we need to own a god we need to realize that there's a state of concentration which is both com not both it's com it's focused its alert it's open its flexible it's bright and is joyce
me all this entered this all this kind of we need this kind of the state
the be with for example tightness painful titans we need all this to be present with that in order to now enter it in is reality
and if you don't know how to do the concentration of all those aspects then you practice letting that be letting your concentration which isn't fully developed d that way
any flaw in your concentration the honest about it
be generous towards it be honest about it be careful of it
be honest about the flaws be gentle with the flaws study the flaws be patient with the flaws and then again try to do the practice in such a way that you'd become free of the flaws in your concentration
most of the flaws that concentration or because of not completing the earlier practices which the in which the full you know
the kind of concentration that really is temporary relief from what from
our ideas about things
it's temporary relief from grasping for in the concentration you i should get temporary relief from the tightness which you're studying
and then when you're somewhat relieved from the sun when you're relieved from the
tightness would you try to understand you that will aid your understanding so it yeah

yeah product we do need we need a cuteness and sharpness and we need a cuteness and sharpness without pedantry
without being pedantic which means which means really caught overly concerned with being overly concerned with being accused
and sharp you need to be a cute and sharp without being overly a concern with with the practice of being a cute and sharp other words you need to be open to be dull and blanca
he was does samurai swords i've heard
they're made of two kinds of steel
one that's sharp
and while one that's brutal actually from is hard and brittle and if use a kind of sword he hit something with it it will break
but you need that hard brittle thing
but also need the soft flexible steel so they read a combined the so hard brittle with the soft flexible concentration in order to cut needs us to qualities he needs to be sharp and acute and pointed and soft and
open and relaxed
the often in that kind of mind will give you relief from the the attack from the ideas
that are causing suffering
and then not only to get temporary relief but then you actually get to go in and see how they really are first of all get relief from the way they aren't and then enter into how they really are
get relief from misconception and be relaxed with it and then from the relieved place of the misconception then
enter the reality
any other questions

i thought process was along the lines of
the same as the horse arise from forces don't be so that
he practiced with the apprehensions mr horizon with erin reality before using comprehend with that reality is me
have you have it
answering but
you're still interpreting with it the apprehension said so isn't their interaction with the reality entering into the apprehension and and be influencing the the evolution of the apprehension
you're describing like the apprehension of all to a point where you than in a reality but
but you when you say apprehension you mean like grasping it's here are our interpretation or even when the reality enters into interpretation but also grasping the interpretation so that's that situation i'm grasping on an interpretation seems graspable
and our time that's the donkey right but satan what the horse coming for a donkey leaves but i saw horse comes donkeys their horse comes and what happens then well
the horse understands a donkey
the docking doesn't understand the horses
apprehension doesn't understand no an apprehension know
so wisdom is actually not apprehending things including not apprehending apprehension some wisdom studies apprehension
wisdom was arises from being kind to apprehension
we got plenty of apprehension we got plenty of grasping gay now we need to bring compassion to it and we need to bring concentration to it and now want to bring compassion and concentration to the app to the grasping and all the afflictions around the grasping the afflictions calm down
and in that calming of the afflictions around the apprehension apprehension also seem to be temporarily relieved we don't we don't really when it's almost the grasping is reduced to zero
however as not but the parcel has been arrived
but possibility but the that the the heart the donkey has not been eliminated the horse to as to could come and understand the donkey
and the horse can understand the donkey even though
the conditions which are supporting your arrival of the wisdom are actually a kind of a calming down on the whole problems with the with the donkey donkey still there but there's no problems with anymore
it's kind of like were relieved that the suffering of the donkey but the donkey hasn't been like annihilated his just been kind of liked what he called it just been com around it now
so now we can look at the donkey and a common situation we look at a we look at the donkey in an enhanced environment
where the donkeys not a problem anymore
so now haven't really left is just turn
it's just become
available for profound understanding which is the horse
and also the horse understand that the donkeys are different thing horse donkey doesn't understand that but the horse does
that's the story there yes
philosophy is of wisdom
it might be more to say last
that's more that's more the buddhist way philosophies more the apprehension flossie is more the love of of delusion
thank you for thank you very much for that philosophy buddhist philosophy is a love of delusion
of ignorance
because buddhist philosophy is the love of sentient beings it's loving sent days it's not like a a because it's loving them
it's loving and not to death
but to non-duality with buddha
we just love all unenlightened bangs into a state that they're already in because i said earlier as or nothing in addition to all the unenlightened beings
second just love all the enlightened beings he can buddha i mean if you love it all the way
and loving unlike beings nice loving on enlightenment
it means loving the causes of their suffering
and if you really love it all the way you have bought his wisdom
and what is philosophy is for buddha's wisdom
if last is also partly from british compassion for buddhist philosophy teaches practices so will be able to love
our practices of loving endurance so we can love ignorance all the way to wisdom

well i thank you again for another what might be called spectacular day of practice
spectacular in the sense that it has been a spectacle
and there was a spectator some spectators some of you have in spectators probably but also i i propose you
that the buddhas and bodhisattvas have been watching a show and they really appreciate your effort
thank you very much
me i intentionally extend to every member is where
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no less
no she say them