From the First Time You Meet a Teacher

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q in killeen would you like to sit where i can see you or would you rather be sort of over there be
yeah me too the space here in the frontier
right here he bring your question with you right there
thank you
here we are sort of
the during sitting this morning i said i don't know if you heard me while i wouldn't need you hear me say something during sitting where did you hear
when you meet
from the first time you've made a teacher
just told her they said just how hardly said
and thus realize the buddha away
so many of you have heard about just sitting right

the part was some people have not heard about his his first part from the first time you made a teacher or the more loaded term master or guru
from the first time you meet a good friend
so there is is teaching there was a teaching that you meet a good friend and then you practice just ceiling
the the practice of just sitting which you've heard about
is something that's given to you in a meeting
many people ask me i don't know why do you need a teacher to practice of zen are they need to teach you to practice the buddha away
and i have various responses to it but today i just want to mention that
the practice of the buddha away
is given to us
by a good friend
called buddha or teacher or
we don't take the practice of the boudoir way we don't find it by ourselves
we find it as it's been given to us that's that's as how refined it after given to us then we can practice it
it's possible
what did
we also have this expression of these this expression bodhisattva precepts
which shop
many have heard about
and people understand i think generally that there's this we have actual formal process in this family of asking to receive the bodhisattva precepts
and then asking a teacher and then teacher saying okay and the teacher giving us the precepts
but these bodhisattva precepts are
essentially the bodhisattva precepts are
what we call just sitting

the precepts are given to us
wholeheartedly given to us
just sitting here is wholeheartedly given to us
and it's given to us in a in a meeting with a good friend
that a proposal
that's a what he caught a sincere earnest assertion that i'm making it's also a thought experiment
from the first time you meet a good friend
just realize unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment
just sitting means unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment just
just unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment
this is given to us we receive it
and in receiving it we begin we begin process we begin practicing practicing
enlightenment practicing the meditation practice of the buddha's
so another or expression which many have heard is from the first time you made a teacher from the first time you need a good friend just whole huh
heartedly sit and thus drop away body and mind
and thus drop body and mind drop away
when the first time you made a master and then also for the second time in me a master and the third time you made a master
every time you received the practice your meeting the front you're meeting a good friend
and just
do the practice which the buddha as give
and this is how your body and mind drops off

all of us today have been here together practicing sitting
and walking and standing right
so i propose to you that the point of the sitting
or a point of this city
or an essential point it's not the whole point in a way but
it's an essential point of sitting that the essential point of sitting or a central point of sitting is to become free of sitting

and walking
and talking and standing
it's to become free the point of this is to become free of the very form were using
as the thing we're going to become free of
but we can not this is another earnest assertion thought experiment for you we cannot become free of sitting without sitting
you might think so and if you think so
if you think it can become free of sitting without sitting if you think so then sit improve it

and not just not in and sitting me just selling it means the city you do which is a gift to you
it means whole heartedly sitting

and we cannot wholeheartedly said
without it being given to us and receiving it and asking for it
we'd just finished a january intensive the green gulch and
during that intensive i i asked the assembly
do you wish to receive
the bodhisattva precepts
do you wish to receive
the just sitting of the buddha's
nobody said anything
but i think people felt something
and this i'm told me what they felt when i asked the question do you wish to receive unsurpassed complete perfect enlightenment
which is the bodhisattva precepts which is the bodhisattva sitting meditation
and then i said are you ready to receive it and no one said anything but they had feelings
are you ready to ask to receive
the buddha or bodhisattva meditation practice
but i'm not ready to ask you that quite those questions to yet i'm asking those questions later
but i didn't save him deny i just wasn't talking to you
i was talking about talking to the people over the hill that green gulch

another turn of this is
that this temple i was asked to some point to name this temple and i suggested naming it no abode
er no no abiding temple the temple of no abiding
to the mind of the great enlightening beings
we didn't which does not abide in anything
and just the other day i was up there and i looked over at the library and i saw a book
can you read them mary
i saw this book
i saw him
how appropriate that this book is in the library here
i thought maybe it was a joke
if somebody made this made this up for me

this place is
dedicated to the mind that that doesn't dwell
or a biden anything
who know and how wonderful it is that the way to realize the mind
that doesn't dwell in anything is to wholeheartedly dwell on something
like wholeheartedly dwell in sitting if the way to realize the mind which doesn't dwell in sitting

in order to wholeheartedly dwell and sitting in other words to just sit we have to meet a good friend
we cannot wholeheartedly do anything without good friends

and we do have good friends
we just need to meet him and in a meeting we find wholeheartedness
i cannot do this practice by myself and nobody else can do it for me
i can't practice just sitting by myself and you can't do it for me practicing just sitting is
the way we're practicing together that's the practice of just sitting is the way were practicing together right now that's just sitting
it's the way we're being good friends now it's the way we're giving each other
just setting it's the way you're giving me just sitting and i'm receiving it from you it's the way i'm giving you just sitting right now
can you and where you're receiving it's not me giving it to you and you're not receiving it that's not giving it i'm giving it to you in a way that you are receiving
right now
i'm not doing it for you you're not doing it by yourself we are doing it together by me giving it to you and you receiving it and you giving it back to me and me receiving it
that's whole heart and practice

i'm not in control of it and neither are you and all of us together are not in control of it but we're all practicing it right now
and in this practice
we are liberated right now
our bodies and minds are dropping away right now
i don't make this body and mind drop away i only my thoughts drop away
i don't mind my body drop away
i don't make my attitudes i opened my anxiety drop away
and you don't do it for me
i don't not abide here by my own power and you don't make me not abide
but we actually are non-binding here
actually that's done about actuality not my opinions
i'm talking about actuality how does that happen i don't know
and you're sitting there letting me
talk about actuality which i don't know
could you express in terms of their
acrobat and his apprentice
the acrobat and his apprentice
what could you
don't know that i could asking you if you might be able to okay
so there's a story that
they say the buddha told
among the other things that boy did it while being buddha was telltale stories and some of them are kind of like
i know this might be a parable
once upon a time the buddha said there were some acrobats

there was an acrobat and an acrobat apprenticed
and the apprenticed name was
frying pan
a part of fine fine ten was a female apprentice to apparently a male acrobat

she probably was his daughter
and they were called bamboo acrobats
which i guess me is that they one of them had a bamboo pole which he placed on his chin
to a good place but he might replace it on top of his head i think the chins better
can you can wash the pole and watch your apprentice and i think if i put on his chin for on his head or his shoulder and she would climb up on his shoulders and climb up the bamboo and up at the top
she would attain liberation
so he says that the master the good friend says to his apprentice now you take care of me
and i'll take care you and we will perform this
acrobatic feet and people make donations and we can have lunch
and he said excuse me teacher excuse me master but i think you have it turn around
you take care yourself i'll take care of myself
and then we can perform this feat
or another way to say you take care of yourself so that you can take care of me and i'll take care of myself so i can take her you
so in this case maybe the to relate to what i'm talking about
my job is to take care of me and you're not doing it for me
but as so my job is to take care of me
and by taking care of me than i can take care you huge job to take care of yourself and then and then you can take care of me like if you're the one if is a bottom acrobat your job is to be aware of your feet and your posture so he can bounce the pole
and let me climb up by new
i'm not let you climb up on me
i'd be where my body
my feelings do i need to go to the toilet maybe i should do that before we do this thing
and during
fort or be distracted from the job because i feel like like i go to bathroom
my job is to get in a good posture so i can hold this poor and balance it this is my body i to be aware of it
it's my job which i do not do by myself
do for me
i still my job
but you don't do for me and i don't do by myself
but it's my assignment
and i'm willing to pay attention of this posture also i look at his body i say do does this body want to perform this feat
do i wish to perform the feet of balancing of bamboo
which are not going to do by myself i don't go walk around with bamboo on my chin i do it with my apprentice and with an audience without the audience and the apprentice i don't do this i need a partner
but to i'd i look part of my job is to look do you want to work on this
do you want to do want to receive the bamboo pole to want to receive the apprentice the want to receive the exercise
i do want i do wanna do the practice
i do want to receive the practice and the next question is are you ready to receive the practice this is my work to check and see
my job which i don't do by myself because buddha's talking to me and asking me do you do you want to practice the buddha away

are you ready to receive it
it is it's gonna be given to you if you want it and are you ready now to receive it and sometimes you might say yes i do want to receive it
but i'm not ready to second grammy pink get reading okay
like i often advertised it and i welcome feedback but still
i also give further information which is
if you have the for for me it's good to asked me before you give it if i'm ready
i've heard i've heard you are one feedback yes they want some now actually not now
are you can give me feedback and i'll be right with you and and ten minutes or receive your feedback
so i do want your feedback please give it to me but when you give it to me check with me if i'm ready or if i want it now and sometimes i say i do want it now and i'm ready
and i some of my say which is part of a deal it's not like
a part anyways part of the deal is that i had a headache right now
could you give to me later or i'm really hungry right now could i could you give to me after lunch
he's a real aspects of the apprenticeship she led me to bring out i think any other aspects of the print
yes relationship or germany bring on
i could maybe i could just say what is going on for me is i often thought of that story
when it's disgusting chances something can give them the receiving
the necessity of the other and i think my mind i haven't been able to really
get those two to match up
because the it seems like that this a strong sense in that story of
you know in the face is it verges were
so it is a strong feeling of the independent side of the independency and that story so it is kind of ah trying to match
so receiving sitting
so the the acrobat is the good friend to the apprenticed
so the acrobat is giving the precepts of acrobatics to the apprentice
who hopefully wanted to receive those precepts of acrobatic behavior
how and then in the process of the teacher giving the precepts of acrobatics to the student the student then gives presents back to the teacher
and this teacher this acrobat really cannot be
the teacher of acrobatics without an apprentice
and the apprentice cannot be a good place without receiving from them teacher but as she receives she also can give back now because she's been given the practice
and also the buddha said
how do you take care yourself so that you can take care of others and then how do you take care of others to take care yourself
so the way you take care yourself as be by being aware of your body your feelings your attitudes your your general consciousness your mental factors that i take care yourself so that you will be able to take care of others and be patient with them generous with them
and so on that's how you take care of others but if you don't take care yourself if i don't take care of myself this way that will undermine my taking care of others but when i take care of others that way by being patient and nonviolent and so on with them that takes care of me
that taken care of others that way takes care of me that way but i can't take care of them that way unless i take care of myself this way plus
they helped me they give the tipping back to me so i thank you for that content is sounds at first like it wasn't quite as we can draw the intimacy out of that story
thank you
one of the aspects of of this tradition is to go find an old story like this one
before there was a zen school there was the buddha teaching this way so now today we look at the story and we use our in that car or caught our hermeneutic ingenuity are interpretive imagination in relation to
hip to this old story
to squeeze the old story into our present story of just sitting
this is also can be called
the blue kind of made a myth out of out of that story of the acrobats
but now i can make another myth about how the story of the aftermath is a story of just sitting
had some people don't like that
but that's where life is

so this this song has not been sung in my memory it goes like this
the teaching of non abiding his intimately transmitted by buddhas and ancestors
now you have it
so please take care of it take care of the teaching of non abiding
the teaching of not abiding
once you've heard about before now i'm mentioning that that teaching it is intimately transmitted by buddhas
and it has been transmitted to you know
so you year
supported to receive this teaching and take care of it it's yours no to take care of the teaching of non abiding
and remember that taken care of the teaching them non abiding which was given to you is an ongoing relationship with the one who gave it to you
so you don't when you when i first hear about not abiding i think long and and on abide in everything because that's the way to perfect wisdom
dimension into it that this nine abiding was given to me it was a gift to me can it has been given
even though i didn't realize it was a gift now i do
so now i understand better what was given to me
which at first i thought i didn't notice that it was a gift
and that my friendship or the friendship in which i receive the gift of the teaching i'm not abiding and anything that friendship must go on
i must continue to practice with good friends and i must continue to aspire to be a good friend who has received
the who has received the practice of just sitting
who has received the practice which is
and i must also give it
i must continue to receive it practice it and give it
as i said recently here not today but recently
practice stillness and transmit stillness in all the activities of your daily life

stillness is a bodhisattva precepts
remember it
now today elaborated remember it
receive it practice it and transmitted
enlightenment is living in stillness
remember a stillness is remembering enlightenment
receiving stillness is receiving enlightenment
this enlightenment has already been transmitted to us
i said i said it a few minutes ago few seconds ago i said it's intimately transmitted and now you have it let me also say it was intimately transmitted through your whole life and you had it every moment of your life i'm just mentioning it again now
that the teaching the practice of enlightenment is is what buddhists intimately transmit and now you have it and now you have it and now you can take care of
however kind of like however or but it could also be and it's a lot of work
receive this gift
an practice it and transmit it
it's already been given to you and now it's a job
but in part of the job is to job of okay receiving it receiving it
is it that a moment by moment the from the first moment
and it's always a first moment that you receive this this practice
from the beginning of the moment
and now that you've received it you have this this job to take care of it the practice it and now that but to transmitted when
in every action
if people asked me did you say you want and feedback
now here's the opportunity to transmit stillness
yes i did
yes i did i asked for it
and i received it i received a teaching of stillness i reached in which enlightenment is living and now somebody's talking to me and i'm listening and
i'm practicing stillness while i'm listening and then i say yes i did and i practicing stillness why i say yes i did
and then i say but now it's not a good time
and when i say now is not a good time this is my daily life this is my action these are my words these are the words that i'm speaking now
and right now i'm transmitting stillness as i say now is not a good time
the buddha was asked i heard
give me the teaching the buddha said now's not a good time
the great master mods who was approached by a sincere monk who said beyond the one hundred negations
and the for propositions
what is the essential meaning of the buddha away and maza said
i have a headache today
go ask brother hi
now with matsu like on a on enlightenment break
the kind like while none annoying know enlightenment know he was he was
perfect enlightenment by saying know why i can answer that i have a headache see my student hype
he could also said well for negations has you know
are these for and
do you see the central meaning of the buddha dharma right though
before an propositions and one hundred negation is what is the central meeting of the buddha dharma
well according to what you just said you don't want me to talk about the for negations and of kinda
i'm in one hundred negations into for purposes is that correct
the teaching is transmitted right then
not later at in those words
but he could have not so he could have said now daddy can just gone
when the master hits himself in the forehead three times each strike is transmitting
complete perfect enlightenment
each strike is transmitting just sitting to sitting to sitting to city
because that's the buddhist job is to transmit just sitting so they booted does her job
the i later
none of the past now that's when they work
could i forget to live and that's where they suffer is in now no land
and the buddha show us now now now
and if the buddha does a lotta boot and develops a callous
on the forehead
which is a delightful thing to have if that's what
makes it
and the bullet does not do this by herself and she knows it
she cannot be a good friend to nobody
and she's not a good friend and nobody she's a good friend to everybody
which means all the time
because everybody's always here
we're always talking to everybody
as you know somebody
or as
or as hello
or as yes i do but now is not a good time for me

the main message is not now is not a good time for me the main messages now is a good time
just sitting
and the way i transmit just sitting is by saying now is not a good time
and i'm not just in
and i'm not kidding in it now is not a good time
it really is not set a good time
be doing anything other than transmitting the buddha my zeal

do you wish to receive
just sitting

are you ready to receive just sitting
your turn
so i gotta not one not a good time and one another i'm not sure
yes robin
the suffering happened now
suffering is i think almost always accompanied by this thought now
if for example if you think of suffering you had last tuesday
he usually you think that the thought of last tuesday's happening now in you might think last tuesday i was thinking of last tuesday but that's a different tuesday than one you're thinking right now so characteristic of consciousness is known as now is not real
it just it we were into our consciousness as into now

well suffering happens in consciousness when in consciousness were now not just that you think of the future
thinking of the future is not suffering thinking of controlling what happens in the future is suffering
thinking for example thinking of some pleasure to be repeated in the future
like even right now i'm having a pleasure
and if i think are halfway through filming the pleasure i think when can i do this again
can i have suffering right now for i'm thinking of
i'm enrolling my present pleasure while thinking of repeating it
pleasure is not the same as desire desire is basically desire to repeat
a pleasure
it's it's suffering because it is the sense that we can control what's happening that we are
a powerful
and that we can make this displeasure happen again just the way we like it that suffering because we're desiring the impossible
but just to think of the future and be open to it being what ever
that's not suffering
if you open to it and then you say but what if it's that
and then you close down on that and try to get into control that than you know you're not open anymore
hoping to the future hoping to the past and opening the present
if you can open to the present and past in the future than you have a chance of opening to that transmission of just sitting
just some his big thing right this is dropped our body and mind is like
in his finest it fits into spaciousness and his greatness that has already beyond location it's a lot to accept that if we can accept
and be gracious with the prep your now
then it's going to hinder us being open and present with something so wonderful
and we have our present pains and we can try to be open to them that's part of our job is to be aware of what they are and to open to them to be generous with them ethical with them and patient with them this allows us than to actually say okay now that i'm patient with all my pain and cares with all my pain
and generous with all my pain nine ready to receive i'm ready to receive just setting
i've done i've done what i need to do i've accepted what i can accept now now i'm ready for the bodhisattva precepts of enlightenment
but if i'm not patient with my pain
for not open to my pain for an generous with my pain that who hinder my really being ready to receive one is being offered all the time
the perfect kitchen
we've a perfect peace and freedom and joy for all bags
but we have to do this hard job of being here
you know
digging showing up from my been doing the job of taking care of myself
that's a hard job if we don't do that we won't be here to receive the gift which is being offered constantly

there's no gaps in offering this is what about the example of the buddha
who is in the lotus sutra chapter
sixteen he says i'm in this nice place where i'm practicing together with everybody in peace and harmony but a lot of people are are living in up you know like a forest fire or than they're living in a terrible fire or pain
i'm just i'm right next to them in this peaceful land practicing with them peacefully and in harmony and they think they're in a terrible
furnace a pain
i don't show them this land
but if they practice all virtues and that their upright and honest and harmonious and relaxed with all that pain they will see
but i'm with them transmitting this teaching to them right now they will see me right now
and practicing all virtues means practice those virtues with everything
with all her pays and with the pains of all beings to like find a place when beings are screaming at us from the outside and inside to find a way somehow
the practice with each one
rip being relaxed harmonious honest there's a fire going on an upright in the middle of the fire
upright in the middle of the fire and relaxed and in harmony with the fire being that way with the fire we see all oh my god
oh my god
they have a right on the gun
buddha's teaching right now
but if i don't do that
the work of practicing with every
practicing the birches with every situation albert is means all the opportunities every moment they don't practice that way if i make exceptions then there's gonna be exception to the revelation
which again a buddhist standing right next to us conveying this do as all the time
but not forcing it to pop or bubble of torment
that the ruble buddhism buddhist sent a message and but it doesn't say you know this is just an illusion buddha says there's a practice you can do in their be up learn to be upright in the flames learn to relax in the flames i know it's hard and are also be paid
with harder and is to be relaxed in the flames
it's hard yes me i didn't say was easy
but it's required to be upright and relaxed and harmonious and again honest nothing will there's no flames i'm don't i have no problems i'm not afraid know if i'm afraid i'm afraid and i'm relaxed and i'm upright and i'm harmonizing with the fear okay where's the buddha over there you are
and then another insult

oh i couldn't sleep last night so if you'd like him in the fire
give you feeling agitated right now
yeah okay that's a good fires start with exactly but i also heard you say ah
did i need to take care of myself to take care of others and vice versa
yeah so this happens to me often or i get my mind gets in a quandary i'm thinking well nowadays this afternoon to go home take a nap and take care of my myself
and then i think that identifier fire i should sit here and be with you
and i can go on like this
not me i
what would you suggest i do with my afternoon
when i know the answer to dash

drink some tea now okay
i would suggest you drink some water
if it's already afternoon by the way i would suggest using some water
and i think you've got a perfectly good fire
and part of the fire is the thought that rest might be might be helpful
there's a part in your mind
was as when there was it was a help it was very i sometimes think that to rest would be
good thing to do

and when the thought
you're asking me for my suggestions right
when the thought of rest would be helpful or i'd like to rest when i thought arises
i would like to at that moment
receive not later but before i take a nap
when the fall of the nap arises i would like to at that moment receive
the practice of enlightenment
i may never live to take a nap
but before i don't get a nap
i wished to received the buddhist precepts
while i'm thinking of taking a nap
as when i was
that's what i would want to do so i would ask you why you're in the fire of feeling agitated and thinking about taking a nap do you wish in that situation to received a buddhist precepts of enlightenment
and are you ready to receive it
are you receiving it
and then keep receiving those precepts and then the precepts then like mom will guide you
to stay here or will guide you to go down those stairs and go someplace else to take a nap
but it might also guide you to take a nap upstairs
we allow people to take naps
and you might think i think i good i think i'm i to take a nap
you might even say i think i asked rob if it's okay with me for take a nap and and then if you ask him we'll see what happens
and probably it will happen and it couldn't is a good chance at what will happen as i would say are you asking me if you can take a nap in that room of there
and you might say he estimated are you receiving the practice right now and you might say yeah
i'll probably say wonderful
and you might say i don't need any naps forever again
i'm just gonna be on one huge celebration of enlightenment from now on
i'm i've look like i'm napping but really
there's a there's a film of as she was some of your seen probably
he's sitting in inmate it's a picture of sitting in meditation and then there's a voice over here of his own voice talking about how is really important not to sleep
one year when you're sitting in meditation and he's going like us

so in his sleep
is he awake
i don't know
do you wanna be awake in your sick when you're asleep
you don't say shit
well to free country
i wanna be awake when i'm sleeping
and occasionally when i'm sleeping i have dreams of being awake and i say i sit out what a wonderful dream this is i'm asleep but i i'm having a dream of being awake and everybody's like coming to help me be awake and the buddhas are cheering and this is a great dream
i don't know how much longer i can stay asleep with a dream like this
i'm going to stop doing this because i want to sleep more ah but i woke up
but it's a free country
they've had the good ones i like to be away for less money when i have a nightmare i say this is going to be to help this is maria i held up wake up from it then i wake up
there's that story too

and under the story him
this seems to be a nightmare i hope it is a nightmare and hope i wake up soon but before i wake up
i think there's an opportunity to hear
and when i'm awake i'm not ready for the opportunity usually if you have asked me are you ready to receive the the transmission of the buddha's
enlightenment i said
i don't know name is sleep do i have to had a better chance of of saying yes i'm asleep
i dreamt that i said i was ready and i woke up and realize that we just a nightmare

for i woke up and found it's not that easy
ah i'm of the i'm of the school that dreams occur current consciousness
that's where dreams occur there a type of consciousness and i might have my understanding is dreams did not occur in the unconscious they a current consciousness and we can learn in dreams and we're when we're asleep and we can learn in dreams when we're awake
in both situations we can learn in both situations we can say i'm not ready to received enlightenment and in both dreams we can also say
i am ready
and sometimes we say i'm not ready but i'd like to be
and now i am
many people say that can be actually i'm not ready to receive the bodhisattva precepts
but i wish to be day ready and then they come back later and say i'm ready now
and then i say oh you're ready now to receive okay well if you want to received and i would suggest you ask to receive
and then they often say well i'd like to receive the precepts i said well i hear you're like to receive them and that you ready but
so if you're if you're if you're ready and you'd like to then ask and say what i'd like to receive them so well it's not actually asking
when you're ready if you want if you want and you're ready then
ask when you're ready i'm not tell you just when you're ready to ask you want to ask and ask and then finally they say
will you give me this gift
and i say yes and then that's another world
from i'd like to there is i liked to that's part of it
there is i'm ready as another part of it and then there is please give it and that's another part of it and that can all happen in the dream when you're awake or when you're asleep or summon each
and and i woke up and and yet
right dream that i wasn't ready and i woke up and i am ready
readiness is is where that
but it's also good to be ready to say you're not ready as totally welcome
someone told me recently that day
the they feel like they don't belong as well as i miss it
is she said i feel like i'm not worthy graceland
there are some situations where we're not worthy for example most of us are not worthy to be on the play playing field down in santa clara this weekend
we're not worthy to be on that field with the other players it would not we're not it's not know it's not for us
and they would tell us you're not worthy to be your get off
no way
we don't belong there
where worthless and what you know we can get hurt
but this is a place where everybody's worthy including people who think they're not worthy this is for you if anybody thinks they're worthy they're welcome here
anybody who thinks they're not worthy is welcome here no matter what you think if you're if if if you think you're ready you're welcome
if you think you're not ready you're welcome
if you don't know you're welcome
and if here an nfl player iraq
but i understand that
you have other things to do maybe

yes so what does the stillness of to talk about what is stillness
well in actuality
it's it's where enlightenment lives and then you can ask what was enlightenment
it it doesn't it'll lives claimed many lives without abiding enlightenment lives and stillness
and i don't know what enlightenment as by the way
and i don't want to do illnesses
but i'm talking about i talk about it
i talk of i talk about things
which my word do not reach
and the only way to reach these things which words do not reach and of simply the only way to realize what my words don't reach
is by words

to the extent that sitting something more than a word is not sitting
sitting is nothing more than the word sitting and that sitting which is nothing more or less than the word sitting is being transmitted to your right now
and my words do reach it but my words are the only way and your words are the only way to realize it
if we think there's some other way other than our human comic chatting
that's just the mistake and even if that were this case that would just did also another example of words
the worse don't reach it
the words are the only way to realize it our consciousness doesn't reach the realm of this transmission
there's no trace of anybody's conscious with some people have really high quality consciousness i know it's just is awesome some people's consciousness or is awesome
right you've probably know some of his people there on youtube
and now you people learn here too because of this
not right now someday it'll happen
i'm not done it has one mentioned that
my consciousness and your consciousness do not reach the just sitting which has been transmitted right now
but the only way to realize
just city is with our consciousness our words our consciousness as woodland
so i don't know what it is my work my knowing does not reach it but my knowing is the only way to realize it and my knowing is totally
totally intimate with your nine
and none of our noise plus all of our noise do not reach just sitting
but the day it's it's our knowing that needs the realization
and we realize it by welcoming it by saying i want it
i requested i'm ready for i'm ready i'm ready i'm ready i'm receiving it i'm practicing it and now i want to transmitted and everything i'm saying isn't reaching it and everything i'm saying of realizing it

freedom freedom it means freedom of body and mind
so when in just sitting you're free of your body mind

it's the body and mind that arse the body and mind are sitting and they're sitting so wholeheartedly
that there's freedom like i said the point of just sitting is to become free of sitting
the point of just sitting is to become free of the sitting body and mind as that's the essential point now wants to the freedom then there's all kinds of wonderful things that can happen for the transmission to people getting people open to it while that can happen to which is a function of the freedom
but the essential ingredient is that we become free of are abiding by whole heartedly abiding
he got the abiding already right
look like he he he lived you're transmitting abiding to me thank you
now do not know this new that wholeheartedly ready they ready to do it wholeheartedly
we didn't say yes
yeah so she's not ready to say yes so we'll get her later
but she's she was abiding their i she gave me this message i'm over here abiding so i was ready to ask are you ready to wholeheartedly do it and she didn't say yes but later i'll ask her again if he's ready to wholeheartedly abide because you got the abiding thing that you gotta going alice we have with them with the
help of your good friends you can do that wholeheartedly when your whole heartedly abiding there will be dropping off of abiding
i didn't know she meant but i said
hi mean i sorted thought i knew what you meant but really i didn't my thoughts did not reach her question
but i still said yes
so i'm gonna give me something new

here sure years
she's always given me something
but i don't know she knows it every moment she gives
yeah she misses a few opportunities even though she's constantly transmitting to me
i pray you continue to transmit the true dharma to me even though you might not believe you are
she said likewise
me or intuition equally extend to every meeting and plays with through married
as way beings are numberless i to save them delusions are inexhaustible
then dharma gates are boundless hi to enter them
as way is unsurpassable high bar to become it
putting have lunch
plunge facts