Householder Bodhisattvas, What is Your Aspiration for this New Year? 

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the chant we just recited
was apparently composed by a rinzai
zen master named tony
so ah this morning we did up
a boy so far
ah of arousal
check written by so-called santos and
ancestor and this when we just do it was by a rinzai
sen ancestor so both rinzai in such as zen are
what he sat fat traditions
before talking about training in the essence of the essence of training in body for ethics i wondered if to ginny response you had to this morning you care to express
am i
despite the carefully success and to save several themes
i feel exact survey
he was
in an effort and teaching guy
he is
the to like aspire to smaller increments spread as these monumental
because you set yourself up for failure
well have you made that teaching may have been expressed and and i don't exactly disagree with it but if the difference between
lofty aspirations and practices which are too advanced
so we have to do recommend as part of heroic effort that you be careful not to commit to practices which are too advanced
our training methods which are too advanced
but advanced training methods are different than and than have virtually inconceivably vast aspirations
so for example you might aspire to
to realize buddhahood and they wanted a training methods might be to sit still
so then you might try to sit still for one week without moving
but then my teeth to make too much you might not be able to do that in a healthy way so in a case like that he promised you consider beforehand is salary is are really something i probably could follow through on
and you might think he might think well actually i have an embeddable sit one day hold away without moving at all
so that would be probably too much so permission to try that
so generally speaking we are encouraged to enter training commitments that we think we have a pretty good chance of being able to follow through on
with the awareness
that has we get into them we might say boy this is really hard i don't know if i can do it
but when i signed up for it i thought i could someday be i can
also it's also it's often a good idea when you
both when you make an aspiration but also when you make a commitment to a practice is good discuss with the teacher who your training with
so part which i'll get into a part of and the ethics part of both police up for training is that you don't just decided the training by yourself you receive the training from somebody
and i would not recommend and i don't recommend people do a sunday sessions or green gulch if they haven't done one day sitting so we have a requirement that the the to one day sittings and green gulch before they try to session
and if i saw someone do a one day sitting and i saw that they were having trouble sitting still during the city
either on the floor and a chair i wouldn't if they asked me i would say wanted you to the more one day settings before you try seven
it is again generally recommended not to try some practice some good practice it's okay to try bad practices in then quit
be doing something wrong wholesome no problem of giving up on it
but if you commit to something that you think would be beneficial in that people agree that it is conducive to realizing awakening
those practices is not good to start them and quit
so most people who sign up for sunday sittings suddenly says she's most people who do to my three month practice periods as they get into it most people say this is know this is really hard
hey i made a mistake maybe i should leave
and but again
if you receive in hander
they commit to the teaching together with a teacher then if you see if you want to get out of the teaching is also good to talk to the teacher so then people come to me for example and they say i think maybe i should leave this practice period i should leave this session and then i talked to them and i say well i want you to sleep
just like settle down with the situation and then if you settle down and you really think it's best to me if i support it
and in the don't come back then since can say that they settled down they wanna do it sometimes they do was as the that i support you to go from the important thing is that you don't push yourself so hard that you quit
so i'm pretty careful ah when people are
taking on more and more challenging practices to guarantee
to send you know to help assess whether they they really think that they have confidence that they probably will be able to finish team though in the process the making i can't keep doing this or this too much for i wanna quit
feeling that way doesn't mean you can't follow through it just a normal thing if you're if you're taking on something which is right at your kind of your limit
you probably move have some doubts along the way and that's why you need support
the he don't enter into the training but employs off for training you do not enter into a unilaterally you do you don't you you you receive the training he received the training he received the training from another
but you don't exactly receive the the aspiration from another aspirations different than the training
so he aspiration
to realize supreme awakening buddhahood for the welfare of all beings it's not given to you by buddha
at a difference and you don't make it up by yourself
the aspiration to realize buddhahood is a communal event it's a communion
it's a meeting
between you
it's a meeting between an ordinary person like me in you
something really inconceivably wonderful beyond
anything and beyond any conception but somehow when we need that we commune with that
this wish to realize that
that goodness that greatness that wisdom and compassion which helps all beings
we wish to realize it were mr work for it that's the aspiration than the question is what practices fall from that you don't
pretty much since the first time i thought persons and my aspiration has not really i never really lost it
i never changed my mind when i heard about for example tories and his teacher is hawkins mg another rinzai zen teacher i heard some stories about him when i heard the stories i thought cool i wanna do that i'm gonna be like that i never i have never not wanted to be the way i wanted to be
never hundred i never changed but did i forget occasionally yes
forgive me i forgot that and then what did i do and i forgot where i probably forgot to do the trainings with goal which go with it so we fail at the trainees we don't really we fail to realize our aspiration but that's like saying between now and buddhahood you're failing and bowdoin yeah i guess so
but not really if you're doing the practices which are appropriate to buddhahood you're not failing had buddhahood but you don't do the practices when are you don't follow through on practices that are apropos of buddhahood and benefiting things than at that time
you have not followed through and that's that's part of what i would as part of the essence of ethical training is the issue of how do you deal with not following through
so we do not give we do not like when children come to antenna we do not have them sit seven-day sessions we haven't we have a coming of age program you know about that
we don't have this fourteen year old boys and girls are thirteen fourteen year old boys we don't have them going sip seven day says she is
does it do any sitting as part of the program
have a little
but ten years from now they may be wanting to try that and even then he will be difficult
probably from most of them to sit cross legged
for some so we usually say it will want to try one period
even that's hard
so i used to say to people wanted you want a cities they say well when do i know i'm ready for one city where so i don't know exactly but if you can do to periods of sitting if you can sit to walking meditations said and i worked for you that sort of a one day settings like so when you're comfortable doing two koreas to try one day sitting when you
you're comfortable doing one day sitting in try a seven-day setting or a five day city
but as you know the second day is not the same as the first day second days harder than the first day in the third day is usually has heart is a second day or harder but then as you know the fourth day nice that the easier to sort of like here you know your mom mature about it
and the fifth day you're kind of like
kind of settle with it and the six day you think
the jesus is great
it's hard but the system this is wonderful and the seventh eighth are planning for you know and the end of sushi
suriname extended per cent ever logged in which you're wasting more time
so it's very important not to take on disciplines trainings that you don't think you could follow through on but not necessary it's okay to take on things that you think might really challenging but still do it with vincent consultation
so that the person you're consulting with is ready to support you when you hit the wall so to speak
and even then it isn't the end of the world if you don't follow through is just someone damaging to commit to a practice than enough director committed to ethical training and not fall through is very painful
did it to commit to doing bad and not following through is really painful to connect a good to make commit to ethical training and fall through is very very very happy
to commit to evil and not fall through is also pretty happy
it's almost worse to commit to good and not do it than the commit to evil and do it
almost worse or not the kind of the same innocence in both cases you're doing evil but in one ask if feel worse because you don't want to
so yeah so i don't think but i do think that somebody people should not force you into making aspirations
so i heard that in some contemporary
organizations which are sometimes called religions they get children to make like infinite vows like commit to practice that tradition for a billion years they've they've this enforce the kids at the age of are coming of age program the they forced him to do that i think that
that's too young
to make a commitment like that navy is that they should never be forced side i'm hoping that forcing anybody to make the inconceivable half of all
am i look for first funny to you
yeah good
i'm saying
other than sharing
the practitioners
he would like to know
okay well to keep listening you you'll hear about it and but banana things other than sitting
ah isn't other than sitting but as what i brought up his isn't was planning on discussing with you for quite awhile body sought for training and ethics that includes sitting
you hear about that
and he said you like to so remember that
your pre agree to like reddit
any other feedback yesterday

i'm just sorry

the face
thank you for feedback yes
is the bread of the issue
how is the tejas
i them
moderators for as and mediators awesome another way i don't feel like
the good i was coming
cities our last
when you're president
so it's a question of situational relevance as opposed to like
getting something through a teacher
okay situational relevance rather than getting something from a teacher
would that also be the same as a situation relevance as opposed to getting something to a teacher
well i think that that's but i mean it's a two way street i don't i don't feel that i feel that in a sense as lay practitioners we are from teachers in a way because we're in situations where review the rest of the world as our teachers off the
this this thing about your your own teacher be careful of that place you're not your own teacher
you're not sure if somebody who thinks they're their their their horn teacher needs a teacher who's not them
which i feel like we have okay i just finding out you said i feel like we're we're we're our own teachers and to say you're not you're my teacher
and and
february i feel like
we have to make decisions about our practices than what we're doing and not doing without like getting ideas from from a teacher
a specific traditional buddhism can be making decisions about what you do not do without getting gains from teachers has not buddhism that's i know what you want to call it but buddhism you get guidance from teachers on everything you do
he always are practicing together with the teachers you're not practicing by yourself
but isn't this to practice with the buddha's
who are are teachers
but buddhism is practicing with teachers is not to get something from the teacher buddhism not about getting anything but is it not giving and receiving
and that situation
buddhism buddhism's bad
teachers and students being together and giving and receiving together
it's not about students beyond your own with and doing stuff without the guidance and teachers a not what it's about
and the buddha's tell us that
they say i didn't become a buddha by being my own teacher and me deciding what i would do i became a buddha by listening to boaters and practicing together with them
so we need to learn how to always be functioning
totally following through on the teachings were supporters have given us and not making up anything on our own
hoover never making anything up on her own that's what and see i didn't say you're saying that by people think they're making up stuff on your own don't think
most people do i know that you for that most people i've heard about think they think make things are around they think they left their hand on their own they think they think i'm wrong
i can do what i want i'm in complete control that's what i tell myself this is a song for most people
so how can you learn how can we learn that watch doing is been guided by the teachings of the great vehicle how can you see how can you received buddha's teaching why you're talking while you're thinking
this is ethical training that you have received ethics and when you do things you act with in the under the auspices of the teachers which you received about how to act
did you remember to receive teachings all day long and to give teachings all day long
an employee teachings is when the ethical teachings is do not try to get anything
did not try to get something from a teacher so if you feel like the buddha way is not getting things from teachers i agree
but if you think you don't need teachers guidance i don't agree
last time so
again you said it would take up any castile you're not going to take a class time you cannot do that it is given to you
he didn't take any class time after this point
he was given to you i invited you to speak and you did
you are invited but i don't feel hurt i am know to her right now
when i just said that did you feel heard
when you decide that it
what do i need to do to make you feel heard
i think
another time nuts
because they feel that i'm making a specific point about qaeda's yeah you're going you're making a specific point you're you're you're just be unilateral to unilateral
can you give that up as soon as possible and start cooperating with your teachers
i feel like you offered
yeah i did i invited it and you gave it to me and then i thought maybe you want think figure from next i thought you ask me for that
many times
didn't you
yeah so i gave you feedback i told you that what you said is not in accord with the buddha dharma that's a feat that i gave you
and you told me he didn't feel like i heard you and i heard you say that and you thought i didn't hear you say that
and i am i received that true
and i hear you still local heard
center for you know
their solution
i think that's was the question is
convenient other
so are you saying that for you it's there's a question of how to be and an adult in relationship with a teacher
germany and any idea of how to be an adult in relationship with a teacher

the great respect respect

and what is the position of being a child in relationship to someone you respect

giving up your and discrimination
how about giving up your own responsibility here
are you responsibility for your experience
a being adult is is learning involves learning the right ah
the right understanding of your responsibility and taken care of your responsibility
when in the presence of someone you respect to certain special someone you think who's carrying or accepting or the caring for a great deal of responsibility and you respect them for all the responsibilities are taken care of sometimes what you think is that you don't have to be responsible that's childlike
so we look at our parents who are being so responsible were so grateful to them and we think well they're they're responsible for you know taking care of the house and taking care of the kids and taking care of each other they're responsible and i'm not as one child version
that's when things are going well they think that
when things aren't going well then sometimes they flipped to the other side and say i'm responsible it's my fault or i gotta make this work in when their mother is depressed or their fathers crazy or drunk they think this is my responsibility but your
expect the person anymore
they don't think that they're struggling with the responsibility anymore so then they take it all so children take too much or too little for being an adult involves finding the appropriate responsibility and relationship of realizing i'm responsible and so is she
she doesn't have it all i don't have it all and that's much more complicated than she's got her i got it
but we don't go instantly from she's got up and i got it to finding that constantly changing
dance pump
discovering are appropriate responsibility that
and even for find it than things changing with another one is another one so yeah our responsibility is constantly changing and we do have a responsibility all the time and then will relate to does too and it's working with that he is working with becoming an adult
so with someone you don't respect than you probably think for they've got no responsibility and on the parent here with someone you do respect you can shift over to think they're in charge
but that's that's not adult

anything else you wanna say for i say a little bit about something else

meet the teacher
yeah nice meeting the t shirt
you click meeting the teacher could mean if i say meet the teacher if i say meet the border that means except i have a responsibility and relationship with the teacher and the teacher has a responsibility and relating to meet them
yeah and that leads to the possibility of a meeting
and it's gonna meeting
that the truth is realized and not just what the teacher just that
the teachers are the ones who teaches how to enter the meeting space
because they become teachers
by having had experience in meeting
having experienced of accepting our responsibility
together with somebody else was accepting his responsibility and i'm see what happens then

what it not
yes yeah
they succeeded to hurt i don't know
coding schemes in my mind after it said one was as part of me ordination ceremony which makes an emphasis on now all things a heard you say that to and i wonder for myself
have learn to interact with obvious as a teacher i remember that definition in the ceremony and it kind of anything
the former teacher relationship as canada
thank you stand in for all the answer each fear say i get a lot of practice injecting view as my teacher and
and then trying to apply this to everybody who looks just like has any relevance for you us into my vision it

oh the man as the other thing that came to mind the end of the color
through for that
the to say for supposedly enlightened and walking away that keeps looking back at teacher
and then the teacher at some point says or does he say
is there anything he raised his horns that is there anything else
before do you say that there's something more or the new translation there's more or another translation
something similar
which to me suggests a interest including the teacher does with the students
time businesses suspect that
that there's an interesting process and there must be otherwise
i'm hopeful there v to interact with all beings as negative
well i think i think it sir
the beneficial words to say that there's a deep entrustment over time but is both directions right
this this teaching that all beings and our teacher
does not mean that i'm my teacher so it's i relate to everybody else as my teacher
and i treat everybody else as though they were is or and though i respected them i learned to respect everybody as though they were my teacher
as i learned to find a way to treat other people as though they were responsible to
when they come that way and the idea the theory is if you'd do that everybody will become that way and that's the reason you're doing it because some people seem like their children and they're not yet ready to accept their responsibility but if you treat them as though he respect them
and they feel that respect
then they trust you and then they trust that they could trust themselves to accept the responsibility
and then you also see them do that and menu
that's that encourages you to accept your response advice so the this way the maturity is mutual
i had to speak for you
one please me for yourself then but from what i got from what evie was saying
see we made a reference to be a practitioner yes mrs lay practitioners we don't always have the luxury of having a teacher access weekly basis sometimes with an answer or this or any teacher sometimes you have to work at on the kitchen yeah well i'm just
saying that's my buddhism that around on the same as mom buddha away to act as your teacher teacher use suggests when you're not around where do we do
what do i suggest when i'm not around yeah written with what do i do and i'm not around
dear students to later
when do i do what do i do and i'm not around
i get a ride i i come around
so the priests the priests who are training green gulch
you know they also don't get to see me all the tongue and they complain about it
do actually see the teacher face to face you don't do it all the time
so what are you doing you don't see the teacher how do you received the teachers guidance when you can't see the teachers face
so tell me how do you do it
you don't do it by getting the tt from yourself do you do you remember the teachers teaching
you're mindful of the teachers teaching
i can't see shakyamuni buddha until i remember shakyamuni buddha's teaching and when i remember shakyamuni buddha's teaching and i practice it i see shakyamuni buddha
seeing shakyamuni buddha means for utc shakyamuni buddha is to see yourself doing the teachings of shakyamuni buddha you doing the practice of shakyamuni buddha is shockingly buddha
it's not somebody suffer from you did you doing the practices which have come from nuts source
and if if i've ever taught unc beneficial and you practice it crime there with you at that time that's i'm nothing in addition to the good things i told you
but if you don't practice and then i'm something in addition and and were separated then i'm going where am i what well where i am is when you remember what you've learned on there
and whether you're living a green gulch and in the same room as me or living in the city in a different place when you remember the teachings you're receiving the teachers guidance
and the bodhisattva the ethics and two parts
one part is labor the household apart the other part is the monastic park
but isn't that one parts better than the other in both cases both parts receive these teachings
and then both parts practices teachings but neither parched the monastics don't make up the teaching on their own and in both parts when you can't see the teacher you practice the teachers teachings in when you practice the teachers teachers that's what it means to see the teacher
and when you forget even the teachers right in front funny you
yeah i'm making faces at you
and you forget to do the teachings of the teacher and don't see the teacher
you see somebody who are you thinking are you
and the teacher taught you that the teacher wasn't somebody other than you but you don't believe it
are you believe that the time if you're not practicing and i remember right now i'm being talked to by somebody who's not suffer from me
that's right a buddhist teacher is is somebody who's a separate from you
when you remember that in practice it the teachers in your face
when you forget it
then you have no follow through on the teaching but then we have practiced for that we shall talk about but maybe not today
but i have five more minutes so i just mentioned the ethics of bodhisattva have extract the essence and voice of ethics which is somewhat our proposed by coincidence
the essence how bodhisattva precepts
as for qualities
these ethical trainings are correctly received from someone else
is that didn't the essence of precepts we have quite
purified intention
quite done to be just boy fully purified just quite terrified
like for example you wish to live for the welfare of others
he wished to develop wisdom and compassion so that you can effectively lead for the welfare of others he wanted to all this for the welfare of others this is quite a pure intention but it's been a perfect because you're not yet
fully awake
but you have enough of a pure intention
that you actually want to practice these things which you have correctly receive from somewhere else was the first two points for to qualities of the essence of ethical training for bodhisattvas the next one is that you remedy are correct
after you do not follow through on what you've received
and the next one is
you actually avoid not following through
and then this process you generate respect for the teachings which you have correctly received and which you always wanted to practice
but now you actually have so much respect for them that you always practicing
by have so much respect that you do
and you get respect
by correctly receiving them wanting to practice them and repeatedly
correcting the not following through
so the first tooth
there is the correct receiving from another together with the wish to practice them for the welfare of others those to produce in the next to those to put produce
correcting or remedying not following through
by following through and by repeatedly doing that the first three crack reception from another now from yourself by from another
and then when you see this that you've received it you know like i see the story of hawkins ngo i receive it from another not from me and i think i want to practice that that would really make everybody happy and then noticing that i don't a correcting it over and over then you come go
the first three produce the fourth
will you actually get to a place we are so much respect for the ethical trainings that you actually do not you you actually start following through each time
what example if you on ah for example if you hear a precept about not praising yourself at the expense of others and you notice that she just needed
then you confess it and and you confess it in the presence of the buddhas and bodhisattvas and a
co practitioner dash a confessor somebody who's mature enough to hear your confession
and then you and then you try again to do it the next thing you say you tried to say without praise yourself at the expense of others or if you lie you notice it
he notice it you contemplated you confess it you see how to die you feel about it and you realize that you want to go back and try again either over and over and tell you any respect for whatever the seniors grows in this process until it's a really strong thing that you really do not want to eight p
poison anymore
the you've done it enough times and what how you felt an an articulated that you've just eaten poison enough said you find for like wow i actually don't want to eat it anymore
i'm done
but it has does he have to sort of slow down a little bit in the process and notice how the taste bad and then even that may not be enough see at an episode of verbally express that it is bad
to somebody who can listen to you

oh well way this is a this is what a song a teachers as the essence of the teeth of of on the body surfing
ethics the essence of ethics
it would be
i guess checking he would be it would be something that you would be clear about what was corrected was incorrect
do something that you would be probably taught about what will be the correct and correct way of receiving it the when include those those kinds of indications he would have some form that you can check on and agree upon it for example i just mentioned that in an incorrect way of receiving ethical discipline would be to think that somebody was first
thing and upon you that would be incorrect to think that somebody else was responsible for the practice of it other than you would be incorrect to think that you're going to do it by yourself that you're responsible by yourself to do is practice it would be incorrect so when we do bodhisattva precepts actually there's quite a bit of discussion about what what's
going on here and and who is responsible and whether the responsibility is shared and someone and so forth and what are and wanted these preset mean and how are they practiced and how do they apply in this situation and the in the situation i felt like i didn't follow through on this precept and am
like sometimes people tell me i didn't follow them and that precept and i said i understand what you mean i don't see why you didn't and then they tell me the rest of the sentence
you know the only told me half of the story
lewis he didn't really have the ability to say how are they did
so you didn't they actually weren't aware of how to say it in a way that actually captured the the not following through that i didn't follow through on the confession so then they finished the confession and i get it as a all i see he didn't fall through
and then we'll save you now you want next time you want to fall through i say yeah
so that would be an example of part of crap crackling receiving
actually that would follow from friends with receiving the thirty that they would be clear about the precepts in that case they might say
i might say afterwards that i agree with your understanding of the precept i never had someone might say blah blah blah and honestly i don't think i don't think you i don't think you're understanding is correct i think you didn't violate our present i don't think that was lie i don't think that was stealing
i think in other words i often use example someone says i took that from you i say no you didn't i gave it to you
now some people to say i took that friendly my safe yes you do so in case when the person says that she didn't you think it in well then in a way you can work enough but sometimes are part of the correct reception is that you're open to feedback on whether you're doing it
which means open to feedback about what the precept means


when we're practicing in the world and the theater
i have to make some decisions
yeah it's really helpful to have team support to have peer support
it's also very helpful of course to have teacher support and i'm wondering if there is a way this year where some of us can get together informally as some of us inside and try to do periodically as household
to sit together and to check in
either here once a month for suffice else so you're wondering about that
and you're expressing that in this group
where does teacher come into player well you play with olive it anyway
how do i hear ya
and so
and so i will welcome the opportunity to have some type of organized peer to peer sitting and
informal discussion
in addition to
in addition to studying with year from persons why we're here okay well i think it's a really good idea and
are you are you are dr some responsibility in this matter
i would welcome mat
you walk me to have some responsibility
and what is my responsibility to that you're welcome
are ready to sell him responsibility and what is that
i'm happy to hear that by the way but what is it and what is what am i what responsibility am i am i fulfilling vis-a-vis this succession you just made
saying that he thought that it was a good idea yeah that's that's part of that's one way i did it how a old am i doing it
why either either holland's am i doing it or could you articulate more about my responsibility
i don't really have much more to say about what i think he responsibility as in the situation okay dear are you have i think that
happy is responsible
true to the group into each individual with is a primary responsibility
if he wanted to feel that you don't have to like come to the in front of group they think the find a new my of the informal and to have a peer to peer discussion could i come as a guest and course
heidi was a way back to back to this more responsibility i would i wouldn't suggest to you that why we're talking to each other that was my responsibility i was in i was practicing my responsibility by talking to you about this so when you brought this up and i said i think that's a good idea
that i responded to you and that and i have that responsibility to see i devote your left and then i can i just kept responding to you he was just that was my responsibility so
i'd like you to see that i have the responsibility that i'm from consumption in with you that way when you can't see the responding to you
can i would have you you have the ability to respond to that
by telling me i don't think you're responding to me i think you can have please show me your responding to me but i ask you to do that
don't cut me off teacher
keep responding that's a teacher's responsibility don't cut me off disciple as the disciples response ago i keep responding
and in this particular case
between times when you actually meet the formal teacher face to face to meet co practitioners face to face might be very helpful to meet and talk and sit together and study together i think that it's really a good idea
and i could ever response to that in addition to saying as a good idea i can give some i guess motor responses i say i think it should be on thursday
reich i can say if i would suggest you do it there are i would suggest you know you do it for certain amount of time and out indefinitely i i could have lot of things lot of responses to it if you want me to because i think that's really good idea that ah
that you practice in ways
for example the don't require much travel i think it's also good
so in an all-boys near to nowhere number you live but you might be able to find some people who are even nearer to you
and so you can meet more often there would be good
and i can i can support that
in a responsive way i don't have a fixed idea behind your car you should do it
but you might have ideas than you could tell me so that you wouldn't be doing it
you wouldn't be the precepts
the training methods you be using to an implement this more continuity your practice he wouldn't you will be receiving them from someone else
even though you got that idea which you just told me i received that from you
i think that
given the constraints of didn't the with the babies didn't arrive yet some babies are coming fast
the arrived today were on the babies
they're here already okay so maybe the babies have arrived so maybe should on t and then we have our ceremony and in the ceremony
it's a simple ceremony ah it involves you bringing your ah a request for me to teach another year and wishing me well and also involves me by to you and you belong to me and your boss to me ah a sign
a way of saying please continue the practice with me and my barn to you is thank you for the invitation and i will do as you wish i will continue to practice with you for one more year
for more than we can have the end of the year we can talk about it again and maybe recommit to another one and another one
but for now it's in the coming year and if you'd like to make that request if we can do the ceremony after we have some tea and
is that i'm already thirty get when you can who can rejoin after the t into the ceremony if you feel up for it
thank you very much
may ten
extend to the and place
during the as way
or less ah to stay around the
an tomorrow
rather than dying
a sign on the ah
a to write down
as well as soon as possible
ah to be comments