How Can I Help Beings Enter? 

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have few moments ago i was standing
right here looking
over an interaction of that wooden board
and i read it and it says carefully listen everyone
great is the matter her birth and death
time passes quickly opportunity is lost awake awake don't waste time
and i forgot a
which way the characters are written in chinese but even so i was thinking
how one way to read it is that
is at birth and death is a great matter

another way to read it is the great matter of birth and death
that what is the great matter that or great meaning or great thing a birth and death

you could say well the great matter is at birth and death is painful
are you can also say
the great matter or the great meaning of birth and death
is that
buddha's appear in birth and death
this is not the minimize ah
the suffering of birth and death but just to say that the meaning of it
could be said to be that buddha's appear within it
and in a lotus sutra
he mentions that there's one it says one great set of causes and conditions for the appearance of buddha's in the world
he uses the same expression great matter or great meaning
and the the cars and condition of buddha's appear in the world is that they desire to open beings to buddha's wisdom and knowledge
and that they desire to
demonstrate buddha's wisdom and knowledge
and that they desire to awakened beings to buddha's wisdom and knowledge and desire to assist beings to enter
buddha's wisdom and knowledge
that desire
which has is for aspects is
the one great
set of conditions for the appearance of buddha's
and what we just recited from chapter sixteen and the lotus sutra
it says but says i'm always thinking
i'm always thinking
how can i call living beings to enter the unsurpassed way
and quickly
perfect the body of buddha
i was thinking how can i
cause beings to enter the unsurpassed way
one thing i can say is that work were asked to carefully listen
and then work asked to be awake and not waste time and one thing we could be awake to is be awake to buddha always thinking
how can i help beings enter the answer past way
we can join boat is thinking
and always think of that
along with buddha like a giant buddha another patient placement lotus sutra and buddha says i'm always thinking of how
to help beings walked together with me on the same path that i walk
so if buddha wants me to walk together on the same path with all buddhas
i kind of feel like okay i'll walk on the same path
which is a path
together with the buddha's and the path of thinking about how to help others and are the same path
and time is fleeting
so let's not miss this moment because here we have a moment
to think about
what buddhists think about
and now we have another moment
someone sent you know you can say human life ish is present precious and short
but all life is precious and short
but it isn't just that we only have two more days or three more weeks for one more year
it said we just have this moment
we always had this moment let's not waste this moment
even if i look even if we have innumerable life's to live still
they are lived in this moment so let's not miss this moment let's not waste this moment
this moment
i think
like buddha
how does buddha think while first of all
i'm mentioning buddha thanks how can i help all beings enter the unsurpassed way
how about
thinking that way and then how about remembering
but the time of thinking it is bleeding so don't wait for later cause this is the time to do it
always now
and then
and so
the diamond sutra
in short the diamond sutra
as as
disciple of were coming to the boy and sang how the body suffers
in the way in the boot away and holiday sometimes they say subdue the mind or
master the mind or
sometimes they say control the mind how can you care for the mind
in such a way that you can walk the path
the body saatva
and the it says
give birth to to this thought for think like this
so the way to
train your mind or subduing your mind into a servant into being a servant of the bodhisattva way is to think like this
make your thinking like this
as many beings as there are
anyway you can think of them anyway that they can be all the innumerable kinds of beings
i vow
lead them to nirvana
complete nirvana and so they can be liberated i vowed to lead them to nirvana
and in nirvana liberate them all
that's kinda the same bar we just said before it
the buddha's all was thinking how can i help people enter the supreme path of nirvana and freedom is another way to say the same kind of thinking that makes sense
this time is the buddha telling the body sought for to think that way
so this works for me would is things like this i want to think like buddha if i want to know how to practice to put away the buddha tells me think like me think like this
give rise to this kind of thinking make mine like this
always ever
don't waste a moment
diamond center however takes another step at this point and says
though i lead all beings
to liberation in nirvana
there's not a single being
that has led to nirvana
at this point the lotus sutra the body doesn't mention that
but other places he does
that the beings that year
always thinking about how to help enter the buddha way
he also
contemplate these beings
your vowing to help each being each be each being a human being
non human being
and nonhuman beings are are i'd like the feelings of nonhuman beings are not human beings that make sense
human emotions are not human beings
it makes sense human emotions don't have for example human chromosomes
that make sense but their beings
to take care of
paul banks all emotions
our animals or plants all beings i've ought to lead them all to nirvana
and yet does not one single one that is led to nirvana
and i know this because the beings who i am trying to remember
don't think about like a buddha thinks about them
and the boy the buddha thinks about beings is
i want to help him
in a supreme way hand
i also don't think about them
i just know them as they really are
they're not my thinking about them get away they really are
i just i mention that do that here's the buddhist great vow which we are even before we were invited we can say i'd like to think i'd like to join that valve if we asked the buddha ottawa how to be a body sought but the buddha says if you want to be a he sought by mozart but then you should think like this and again this point doesn't say think like this
every moment
i suggest that other places he does tell us to think like this every month if you want to be a bodhisattva and also if you wanna be a body sad for you should realize that the beings are that the that the beings are devoted to saving
that not a single being saved in other words you should contemplate this be these beings that you're devoted to
to see them as they really are
if you don't if you just are devoted if you are able which would be wonderful to every moment think about everybody you meet think about how can i help them imagine never missing a beat always thinking how can i help this be
how can i help this feeling how can i help this emotion how can i help this pain how can i help this pleasure no matter what comes
how can i help this blade of grass
that would be wonderful powerful
voice africa and bodhisattvas must do that but if a body sought but don't do the meditation on the beings at their devoted to and then think all there is being that i saved then they're not a bodhisattva there are great compassionate being
that are here was a meditate like to think like that all time
super great just almost like a buddha and the same as a buddha things
so they had the buddha's thinking but they don't have the buddhist wisdom
they have carmen just like a boot in a way but they don't have a buddhist wisdom which is
born of contemplating all these beings where we are devoted to
so that's a bodhisattva vow food as vow same bar
body such as meditation
what he's after practice
is the contemplation of the beings the bodhisattvas are devoted to so the bar and the practice that's when that's what makes a bodhisattva
that's two together somebody thought have great thousand and they also meditate on emptiness
they also had ten the way things are
then their voices that's how to the voice
so i'll stop there for now
and if any response to that

yeah that's the list


i think


share are you telling us how you think okay okay thank you

but by so you're not to your dear live in different you're imagining ideal world that's not what the but instructed you to do the buddha and structure you to think of all the suffering beings
and then think of how
that's the way to boot recommended to the bodhisattva not to imagine the imagining ideal world
but imagine
all different beings in all worlds
and then and imagine
wanting to help them all enter nirvana that's the path of the bodhisattva vow
he was
each each suffering being as a gift yes definitely

pardon if they hold onto it is suffering and if they give it it's not that's right i right
that's right it said the generosity is the bodhisattvas practice to
generosity is
is a way to contemplate all things
the way they really are

how can we help our beings

so if somebody somebody says i don't want you to help me they think they don't want you to help them
and your and your about you're wondering how to help them hundred of supreme way
okay so we got that part was your question
yes when they're doing harm to themselves all the beings who are doing harm to themselves the the buddhist wondering
what if you want to be embodies sought for the way you practice he sang is to give rise to a thought
i vow to help all these beings in particular all these beings who are harming themselves i vow to lead them to nirvana and liberation
we were wrecked were being encouraged to think that way about all the beings who are harming themselves
doesn't ever want festival
gay number two is a practice
realized that all these beings who i'm vowing to lead to nirvana
including knows who are harming themselves who i vowed to lead to nirvana and those who are harming themselves who i am leading to nirvana
there's not a single being whose harming herself that i'm it that is just a to of nirvana
so if they if they don't want to be helped and they're not hurting themselves much are they do want to be helped in the are hurting themselves or if they don't want to be helped and i hurting themselves or if they do on and they don't want to be helped and hot hurting themselves all these different possible beatings
i must vow is a body sought for to help them all and
if i'm gonna pull this off with them for going to do this than i also have to
see that does not a single being with just land otherwise i will be caught on for example that the harming themselves because there's a single being there was harming himself and that's the way i see it so that's going to hinder me from actually
do being a bodhisattva i still may wish to help them but because i'm not contemplating and realizing the way they are
i'm hindered from doing the very thing i want to do with this person who is this type of person who says he is a harming himself person
that's the kind of person they are
that's the karma cake
but if i'm gonna save and like i got do more than just want to save them i also have to contemplate how they are and realize how they are in realizing that there's not a single person then he's then you do save the people
i mean then that that that understanding is what liberates people and that's what you're going to teach them
cause you want to let your vow but you need a practice to go at that which is a practice have not been caught by harming themselves and not harming themselves or whatever
that's the bodies up this practice of meditation which goes with a great file so i feel you and many people have this bar quite strong and quite steady which is great now we need to join with the practice and some people have pretty good at meditating on the way things are but they need to strengthen their vow they need to
wyden into deep in at or make it more regular make it more more by moment
we need a combination the to have being with the vow and being with meditation
the two together

it is the wish that susan
well you can you across you you and there wouldn't be any saving if there was no wish to save so the wish to save
if it's gonna function it needs to be joined to the wisdom so the boot is appear in the world bit by the wish
one wisdom bodies appear in the world by the wish to say being so wishes inseparable and meditation
i should say in in the saving process but there could be the wish without the wisdom and then they would not be saving
the wish together with the wisdom that wish together with the practice is what does the saving
but if there was wisdom without the wish there would not be buddhas in the world so
there can be according to this then the wisdom body of buddha which is not appearing in a world of suffering
buddha's can appear in the vast openness of space
the understanding
the realization and the wisdom which knows that there's not a single being in the universe this can appear in space
but the thing is that when there's a vile together with that wisdom
when there's a i'm always thinking of how i can help beings edges supreme way when that vow is in this was the body than the wisdom body manifests in a world of birth and death
and then it works there
the wisdom body without the vow doesn't save the beings in those worlds it has to
the by the our brings brings it in brings it into the world
and the vow is there in this wisdom there is a vow in the middle of it there is a love in the middle of this vast space like understanding that there's not a single being that there's no separate entities that is nothing independent
that wisdom there is if there is a vow and because of that vow that wisdom body manifests in the world and teaches others
how did have now so says people come to do so how can be a bodhisattva well have the vow and
practice wisdom
body he suffers or not just compassionate they're also wise
but they're tremendously compassionate and they'll do anything for people
that's helpful and they're not afraid to their fearless bodhisattvas
and they practice western this strange wisdom of not a single being
in this world wisdom

everything that exists is in cause and effect
so expedient means is not everything that has an effect it's the things that have skillful effects good if we usually is expedient means expedient the sense of expediting good
so the first the first part that we talked about is the conditions for the appearing of buddhism world that's expedient means
that's the main point of expedient means is that buddha's appear in a world in such a way as to help beings that's expedient means
the next part of the lotus sutra which i just parenthetically mentioned is what you just chanted the sixteenth chapter
gay that's about the way things really are
so the first chapter two it talks about the what makes food is appear in the world is when wisdom has this desire that makes it appear in a world cup for sixteen tells you about the way things actually are which the buddha's who appear in the world tell us about
that later
even though you're already candidate
so yeah skillful means i told about skillful means yes knowing of

that buddha's can know that i buddhists can do that and we don't do that we we give that up for lent
and our future lands to we give it up all the time we do not get into knowing what is skillful means we practice the vow
and we practice some
when it caught when you got what wisdom yeah we practice of vow in the wisdom and then the expedient means comes
zinke's say whether you know how to do you should do but you don't go on thinking you know what to do
like somebody says show how you say yes you know what to do but you didn't think okay i know what to do i say yes
oh yes it's the right answer you don't do that you just give the right answer you get how can we get the right answer because you got this great wow
in this great wisdom together says an expedient means comes out there's no room for this is i know this is the right answer to the question or this is what tells people i want to help people but i don't what a dime but there's no people to help then the vow gets realized
but if if i want to help people and i know how to help them nine know how not to help them
and are you know but a forget that there's no beings to help
that's nice spin it means
because a buddhist don't the buddha's who want to come and help all the beings know that there's not a single being they can come and help that for the brett ah the buddhists are with regard to world's there's all these worlds and is not a single world to help there's all these being in his world and not a single and i want to come and help all these individual beings none
of which are single being
our a single beam

there's no indicator about
effective active

yeah basically yes for in other words any indicators are donated to the to the cause
just give all the indicators throw them all into the into the furnace of the buddha away
so you know
one one thing i mentioned before which is in chapter fourteen lewis center is that the bodhisattva sphere of action
is that with regard to beatings with regard to phenomena like kick with regard to humans and animals and plants and feelings with regard to any phenomena
he sought take no action
they just contemplate the way the phenomena is another translation is with regard to phenomena that have no rules about how to relate to phenomena
in a to you can i can see other this good both reasonable translations of the same original
one is you don't take any action with regard to the to the beating he just contemplate them the other is
you have no way or method by which you take action he just contemplate
so no indicator
he just meet them and contemplate to meet them and contemplated but of course by scientists in the background have this smile so in chapter thirteen when it talks about doesn't mention the borisov vows because they've already done tons of that they've told us all their valid before now they're telling us the sphere in which their valid lives
so the sphere where the act isn't place where they don't take any action they just contemplate the way things are and the the skillful means if proper reaction comes out of the contemplation which is born together with the vault
and and bodhisattvas action come from not taking action
whereas most people there action seems to be mixed up with they're taking action
a resident doesn't president before they take an action
they'd see the way things are and from and from seeing the way things are together with the vow that's where their action confess with action lives
subway surfers are very active
and their action has this the seal of approval called not taking action with regard to things
they have great to have great ways of relating people and the way they do is they have no way of relating to people that's the way they relate
so then their way of relating doesn't hinder their their vow not yet different bows like you want to help people stay trapped in misery then you should have a lot of policies about how to do that
then you'll be successful yes
loss is kinda is gonna say what is it the road to hell is paved with good intentions
same same thing but the road to nirvana
is paved with contemplation of the way things are
including all tenth intentions their phenomena to
we don't pave it with our stories about what to do we pave it with meditation on all of all of our stories about what to do and we realize there's not one single story gets excuse me
that may be lost
it's pretty certain with attachment
loss has certain with to ted as an attachment right and other was lost in other loss losses delusion and then suffer
is optional with non-attachment
you must not really optional is you can't find it with non attachment you can't find a single be vitamins suffering is also a single being you can't find you can't find the suffering you can't call them you're not usually we don't say ivies you know but we also have our to save suffering i bought lead suffering to nirvana but sufferings
also lead to nirvana that's i vowed to lead all suffering beings and evolve to meet all sufferings to nirvana and release all sufferings
kind of suffering releasing ceremony right to release all the sufferings and all the beings with them
so when with attachment you have suffering with attachment you have loss
with wisdom and non attachment
you have giving not loss and no single beings including no single suffering
this is
wow that's a practice of the bodhisattva the bodies to quit parenthetically mentioned i thought to save all beings and i also vow i should say parenthetically also vowed to learn all these contemplation it's the main thing is deliberate beings but along with that all these different diamond practices i also will learn
and now what are they will they're basically wisdom
or basically giving
i'm holding give
and so if you meet suffering don't hold it give it
and then you don't and then when you really get into the giving you can't find any suffering the nice to see does not
a single suffering to be found and i vow to liberate all the sufferings
just the fact that i can find i'm not saying they don't they don't exist i'm saying you can find them i'm not saying there isn't any suffering i'm just saying there's not a single suffering and i vowed to lead all the sufferings to nirvana this is a body south away right did you hear my that clear like clear
there's no original no original form
there's an original form
it but said there's for
you can't find anything including original form that's right
nobody can find anything if they look carefully

what you say when you speak louder please all you can say
when i am nothing exists including you
including including i am
including i am
yeah how oh
yeah okay well that's in there when man right there we have
the hell
okay great i'm glad you view that way

why should be a bodhisattva

can you find a definition for
that stuff
okay all right
hi rights and are you contemplating that stuff
is a contemplation of this stuff
is there contemplation of that stuff

yeah well

okay so you're not sure about whether you are or you are with the hundred guy named hear that you are clear that you want to contemplate all this stuff that's coming


there is what
okay that's that switching that's what you believe
and and the did you want that to be contemplated than being that somewhere
do you want to help that being

he want to be nothing
you want to help that being who wants to be nothing

kelly was doubt that be wants to be nothing
is there the wish to help that doing who wants to be nothing
can you see it that wish that desire to help that being who wants to be nothing

and if there is a desire to help that being who wants to be nothing or that being who wants to hurt herself or that being who wants to do whatever whatever being it is whatever being you can imagine if you want to help that
being okay good got that down on the next step is
let us
observe how that being is
how they're being really is
and again i'm emphasizing the the wisdom and the vow but didn't more detail
if has a warm up to the wisdom practice once you feel this vile as a warm up to the wisdom practice that would also recommend to be whatever whatever being you're taking care of likely as is being who just wants to be nothing so taking care of this being
we need to be gentle and patient and not nasty for overbearing and deeply com with this being and then how is it's being really
this is a wonderful opportunity now the body sat for way
moment by moment
you miss a moment here's another one
how's it possible to miss a moment
by dreaming that you mister moment
kennis can't escape it can escape a but you can you can dream the domestic he can dream you're someplace besides being right where you are you can dream that and you can believe the dream and that's the way
we miss it
by dreaming a missing it
and that's
there were other suffering
have we have a mind which is very good at dreaming that we're missing the moment so
we are plenty to confess and repent
what did you mean you can't find
i mean that if you look carefully for anything i'm telling you you won't be able to find it just me but that's different than say it doesn't exist yeah that's right
like i don't see you don't exist to said if i tried to like you not but your nature the way you exist he says you're not find a ball but that's the way you exist is that you exist not as a separate been that's the way you exist but since you exist not as a separate fee i can't find you

and you hear me say this but if you actually look
you know carefully you will realize you cannot find you but that isn't the same as no existing however in in the situation of nothing will find somebody
you know they aren't there so that's suffer our teacher says in emptiness there's no form there's no feeling it doesn't mean you that there isn't form it just means you can in the round empty nest you can find anything
doesn't mean that things don't exist they do exist
not by themselves that's the way you exist you really do exist not by yourself
i swear you really exist and that also means that you can't be found
all i can get one when it comes to rachel is everything that isn't rachel
which is all the all the causes and conditions from you
for all you are but none of the causes conditions are you
that's why i can't find you
i i i can't find the cause of conditions casino they're the same for them however i can meet the causes and conditions which are you and etc
when i meet you
i can practice with you
but i can't find you and if i think i find you and i confess and repent clips i think i found rachel i confess
and i feel kind of bad about that
that enough
i reduced rachel to a fine double thing
yes right
is rachel's
among the causes and conditions for the rich week
read the previous reaches the previous actual rachel's which couldn't be found our conditions for the present ratio which you can be found and also my previous stories of rachel are causes and conditions for my present story of rachel
and my previous stories of rachel are also causes and conditions for the present actual rachel and my stories about rachel
that's why we can't find anything
but we can contemplate this
and in a contemplation
the vow is realized one
after contemplating it
the warm up in the surround of of contemplation isn't when you meet a being be gentle and patient you know and not nasty or overbearing in the way you're meditating on them and be very deeply com and that than you can stand hopefully
look at how they actually are rather than how you can use them or whatever what the stories to what stories or another or another thing to contemplate
that's not stories are beings to
another thing you can find right so you can count your so when we were actually vowing to save deliberate stories too
the bread beings liberate stories break off from all types of phenomena
i it's actually says the word he uses in his you know his dharma that's the word liberate all in in in cut if you want to liberate all beings in meeting the dharma and meeting phenomena which is all kinds of be
you don't take action with regard to phenomenon you contemplate them you made a stick
you don't take action with the stick you contemplate the stick
and then action comes from that cannibalistic action comes from that cannibalistic patch and come from that kind of place in person action country but he sought bodhisattva action comes from need a phenomenon contemplated that that's the bodhisattvas sphere of action all the body such transactions come from that place
and if you're gentle with all phenomena and so on then you then you're in a much more able to like cocaine or what is this
but just what is this without these warm up exercises or surrounding exercises might not be viable in might lose the connection with the bow
it's the nixon's
got a really great compassion or vow and you're going to practice this meditation
but this meditations for the sake of realizing a vow so then when you turn to phenomena
be gentle with them helps you and meditate on what is it
have been patient with them as they constantly change helps you like meditating on what is it because otherwise you might think okay and meditate on this phenomenon stay the same bro little also makes it easier for me please
don't change while i'm watching you
but they do change they make it
the make it very dynamic so you have to be patient where the situation so patients helps you do this meditation and is constantly changing field of meditation topics all of which are devoted to
equally without limits
so on
the other thing which i wanted to bring up guys is what we just chatted and you know this amazing world that the boot is proposing to us where the buddhist is always here teaching us
and also for the buddha's you know
in a peaceful harmonious land right here with us and yet we don't see it
saffron and i want to talk about that
so the first
this is the first sacraments second talk is about what about this the way things really are which the buddha tells us about in chapter sixteen
so now we're talking about the buddhist instruction to us and then the buddha's teaching by the way things actually are
this afternoon
would you pass those a citrusy please
yes i'm i'm
supreme gravity that spend with
arrive thinking that
i feel supreme gratitude to spend a day a month with you
this is a great place to spend a day together i'm so happy we have it
at that of the second part for as
don't talk about
this is great
the it's not at the cjc
just not gonna understand what is buddhism's position and
ah well i used you just said that you feel gratitude right and then you said you don't hear much right here in kitchens the word
there's something that i did i say gratitude didn't i say it or did i just say you said it
i think i said it and shared it but before i ever eaten
and haven't been on time nine hundred dollar
so i think they had air tickets just a second i think you need to spend more time with me
yeah you just use only one day a month you don't get off the ground
have other people heard me talking about gratitude
oh like what is he said
i don't give lectures about it i just say i'm grateful i did demonstrated yeah so that's the that's the way i that's the way i teach it is a way i teach it and you're grateful for that way right for cute but you just want to wonder why there's more of it why that word
in citrus it said
the spirits heart been been case because i could seem like in christianity and other religions it's just all about gratitude and i just noticed
experiences and i i think i'd be nice to do a search and see on the buddhist scriptures does the word gratitude appear as often as it does in for example christianity i wouldn't be surprised if it a curse approximately the same amount of time
i mean
the lotus sutra his life
hidden brimming over with these boys office thing we were so happy we have heard something we'd never heard before you know there are so great for their full of joy of receiving this teaching every chapter practically have that in it in a lot of cetera but you miss data i missed the word he missed the warheads on this
that sense
noise is just that i just said they'd they'd have no way of saying it but you can see they're totally grateful to the boot and they tell the buddha they say we are so i don't know we are so overjoyed with the gift he just gave us you know
so i don't know that if the but there's no problem the same number of great for just said maybe that transfer didn't want to save gratitude
but they
they are expressing thank you very much buddha for giving this teaching
and thank you very much very buddha for having a place where we come and meet you and on walk around you and bowed you ask your question that they seem to be saying that by with their body speech and mind but maybe the word gratitude doesn't appear very much but i i think it's just what he called addiction or something the dictionary or an addiction what's the word
emily it's idiom buddhist indium is not to say grateful so much but hundred and eleven
the navajo the feeling of zen is sometimes said to be one a main fields of zionists said to be
are they got tie the feeling of thank you
but thank you doesn't isn't the second same word as grateful
but the word that but thank you as a big word in buddhism that's one of the main things is a career she would say to people is thank you very much that was one of his main teachings that he gave by doing that he would say thank you very much
he didn't give lecture by thank you very much he just said thank you very much had learned that from it i thank you i number i was never heard him say thank you
how do you got to go i mushtaq
you would say that in english and and in japanese so but maybe the the word grateful our gratitude
maybe it doesn't appear so much but thank is
think he's a very big word in our tradition
here at the end of the our nation ceremonies
enough after it sort of all over the order the order nan's we learned that ordinary means somebody and somebody would just an ordinary is when you serve
slicing yeah
when the ordinance or finally or knees
at the end of the ceremony when they are become more knees then they ah thank you very much better so grateful to you
they they do three bows to the preceptor and then they say thank you very much into a fourth bow but that was never remember to say thank you very much at the end the ceremony
it's because they're so full of gratitude they're totally disoriented
you know but dates it's like they're full of joy but the can remember the ceremony anymore
so were so full of joy we can't remember that were gratitude but with your help
we can get it in there somehow you can become a translator and change change all the sutures just go through all the sutures and for gratitude for when they say thank you there were filled with gratitude instead of thank you very much a filled with joy
okay agree
i'm very grateful that we have
and i'm grateful you brought it up actually
so perhaps we could i'd like to do a little i'd like to do a memorial service now
two of our community members to priests have just this last week the their mothers died so i like to do a little service now the memorial service for their mothers
if that's okay and we can have lunch so if you'd said the room of
they move your crushes back to where they were before