I've long heard there is no Zen in India

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i aspire to talk to you about
some wisdom teachings some teachings which are conducive to wisdom and
some zen stories which are
for the sake of developing wisdom

and i feel a need to
make some basic points first

not everybody that comes to talk to me is asking questions which
i feel
i should respond to with wisdom teachings
sometimes the same question in another situation i feel like i would respond with wisdom teachings
so for example someone might come to me and say
i feel unprepared
one person might say i feel unprepared for everything anything for sample they might say but you know you can imagine some things you make a lot of prepared for
you might feel feel unprepared for
have you have a so-called yourself for the death of somebody else
for example may feel unprepared for illness
you might feel unprepared for insanity
he might go unprepared for poverty
or riches
and so on
so when i
all and then disperses said
i don't know how to be prepared
so i felt like that first i wouldn't address this the statement this per presentation at first i would address it with just make sure
with the
inquiry about how
the person practices with
the feeling of being unprepared or anyway the words i
feel unprepared how did they practice with the words
i feel unprepared
i inquired
and the person said while first i'm swept away or i believe it i believe i'm unprepared and i said well
be swept away isn't exactly a practice
small like of response
but anyway if you do have the thought i i'm unprepared and you feel swept away by it you feel like you believe it then still i say how do you practice with philly swept away by the thought
i'm unprepared
where the thought how can i be prepared
and then person told me on the practices than the person remembered the practices that one practices with
what's appearing in this world
versus them well i would i would welcome it
so in the thought i'm unprepared arises one can practice compassion towards it
when the thought i'm not ready for this or i don't need this etc
when any thought arises
one could remember to this compassion towards it starting with generosity
and then move on to have been careful of your karmic response be careful of your prompt your actions of body speech and mind in response to
i'm i feel unprepared
big etc
and then be patient with for example
i feel unprepared
i don't know how to prepare
and then again move on
look at your aspiration choose about how you'd like to practice with whatever's peering
whatever is appearing whatever is appearing other words how to practice with their consciousness because was appearing now we're getting ready for teachings was appearing his consciousness
all appearances our consciousness

consciousness and makes appearances
ah consciousness makes representations of life
which appear to us
when we can feel light like dash i aspire to be really com with all appearances with all
appearances for example
with all appearances and an example would be the appearance of not been prepared for x from my life
which to be really be calm and flexible
an undistracted and relaxed with all appearances
like for example
i'm not prepared to die right now
or i am prepared to die right now
i wish i'd like to be relaxed and buoyant and flexible and open to
the thought i'm not prepared to die or
they thought hey it looks like it's time to die looks like it's this is time i'd like to be calm and relaxed and open and buoyant and playful
with death when it comes
and with sickness when it comes one
when would kind of need to want to be that way in order to be that way so the aspiration and energy to be concentrated
in the face of sickness and death in the face of their appearance before us we need that aspiration and then we have a chance to actually practice concentration with sickness and death
and also with
healthiness and life
by the way
then we're ready to hear the teachings about what this death is
about what sickness is
and those are the wisdom teachings which i wish to discuss with you
but before this wisdom teachings are we gonna work or the other before we're going to be able to enter them we have to be how relaxed
before you can enter from before you can let go of delusions
before we can let go of appearances as bay reality
taking appearances as reality is a delusion of course
before we can let go of ignorance and enter the the whatever of wisdom have to be relaxed flexible undistracted
where are we going again or yeah wisdom
what do we let go of again or whatever i'm holding onto
have to be concentrated
and again if you don't practice compassion with this stuff whatever it is
if you don't price his generosity and ethics and patience and through the as and it's not it's gonna be hard to be relaxed and playful and undistracted by it a slap in the face a spit in the face if you're not already you know
relaxed and flexible and undistracted you might get distracted by it
but if you're really concentrated you have good the i've done a chance of when the slap hits the face you can like whole here wow it's like a home run
or like a beautiful pitch or like a well struck bell
or like a perfect kiss
just the right word
been like just the right color
ah that was just the right slap it landed perfectly and the pain was just as it's just exactly just exactly what it was and now i'm ready to practice wisdom with it okay so
my i hope that you can practice compassion towards what appears to be
this room the people here and the language that is being offered
okay i'd like to suggest to use at home
what's the several things i like to suggest and don't see which one is the best one first
can you hear me okay up there


why does the may suggest to you what you've heard many times before that delusion and enlightenment
we are both
kind of pivoting on
for selfhood
there's a story that when we've already got a self and then wait
carry it around while we live
that's what to look at the when delusions like which many people probably could identify that that's the way they're operating as they gotta self regard
as a kid there was a tv show called have gun will travel
so it's like have self will travel have self will be a mother has self will be a spouse have self will be as and student have self will practice compassion
you can practice compassion even while you're carrying a self the compassion your practice while you're walking around carrying yourself some place on your back on your head or in your in your at your heart you can still practice compassion but you're also to practice compassion while care
being a self is called delusion
when the practice of compassion comes
and you know and engages with but phenomena
and is a self fair that's enlightenment when the self arises in causal process of for example compassion
when self is born there that's enlightenment when the self is born in the coming together of causes and conditions
that's enlightenment so enlightenment sees how the self is born
enlightenment delusion is a south already been born and here we got it and we're going to live our life when our life comes and shows his whole self is born that's enlightenment
back to compassion
moment by moment
i'm the a moment by moment or moment after moment moment after moment is calling for compassion
h moment he sang
help or his moment is saying please give me compassion every moment is saying please give me compassion
so we have a chat which says moment after moment
bot afterthought every thought
he's saying
please give me compassion every moment every thought the same that so we have a practice of compassion where we tried to be mindful moment after moment thought afterthought compassion compassion thought to thought i'm listening to you i'm listening to you i'm listening to you
with compassion and compassionately witnessing you thought
i'm not ready i'm compassionately listening to you i am ready i'm compassionate listening to you i'm no good i am passionate listen to you i'm better than other people i'm compassionate listened to i'm angry
i hear you
how want something else to be happening i hear you
so in that situation if we're doing that kind of practice for a moment after moment where here you are listening were witnessing with compassion now we can hear a teaching which says
well the appearance of the body is consciousness
the body which appears to me mine and yours
the appearance of your body is consciousness
depends on my body is consciousness
we have a mind which constructs appearances and we know them
the way of constructing it we don't know
but the results of this cognitive construction we can see that these appearances which are constructed we know them and now there's a teaching which says in addition to that it sang
that when there's an appearance of your body or my body if you see the appearance of my body if there's any sense of ownership of my body on your part
that's the self
if your body appears
have you think it's in you think i should give a body appears in you think you own it
and maybe has your name on under something but even if you think you own your body so to speak
that's called that's the self that was that self
and that's
something to study and see
what that self is that's it
is it already there or is it just a bunch i've just been born
is it already there are was just born by the
by the ownership of an appearance
the teacher says it is borne by the ownership of appearance
it's worn by the appearance and it's worn by the ownership cut appearance and ownership got a self
and the appearances borne by an inconceivable process a cognitive construction
and we can see the appearance
and we can see the sense of ownership and there's is the sense of self
the feeling of owning a body is fundamental
for humans to feel like there is somebody
when there's just a body and there's an ownership there may not be a sense that there is somebody
if there is
is that somebody a priori to the appearance of the body or as its centenary born in the appearance of the body
usually when it's before the body when it's already there the the self has already there the owners already there and nod it possesses this appearance and disappearance this practice this practice this person this house and so on if it's a it's beforehand
that's delusion is to for beforehand and applied to everything that we're doing its delusion itself also the the south is primarily this sense of mine
mine mine mine
i hate it because it's so selfie
or selfish
is that your student you there
do you possess your student loan
what an accusation
but if there is an accusation like that and nobody owns it hey
yourself and then there is ownership of there's the self they've got born in pairs of an accusation and somebody only it
the ownership is the salford
one can human beings can be aware of this
so you can be you human beings we human beings can be aware of the sense of selfhood cause it's the it's the mine and then there's a me there's me and mine and it's amazing the little tiny babies they learned
that mind nobody teaches him
know before people say that your room that's your food before people say that they somehow figure out that it's mine and they extend that mine quite widely
sometimes without limit
because in fact the whole world to these babies is an appearance burned into the same stuff as older people they and appearances to
their mine is making ten appearances and they own them and their and yourself as developing their
you can see this
can see the subtle thing of appearance ownership mine me
we are not cruel to this setup we are compassionate to right
ownership compassion on a ship self compassion on the appearance ownership self
suffering compassion we're compassionate to this potentially nauseating obnoxious situations of going around owning things
whither without people's in permission
you can you can take your own people even though they don't agree with you
right and then you can have a problem with that sometimes and suffer and were practice compassion towards people will think they own us you think you own me with one practice compassion towards that
by the way disowning is pretty much the same thing
the owning disowning is phoning and then that's the main thing there's also than another sense of his sense of agency
like of action arises
the sense of an agent the sense of who did it that also supports the sense of self
and then this location
there's an appearance and a location
that also is a condition for the self there's a there's an appearance and there's a there so there's a here for you can switch it around that as a here and then there's are there you can be the that you can be the hero or you can be they're usually the self is here and the thing the thing of possesses is they're using the cell
as here in the thing it does is there he could switch it though go ahead
those are the three main one but the central one is mine
and then
there was somebody who did this
me or not me i cannot deny cannot bligh it was me it was a good thing

location however location by itself is not sufficient
check it out just being a harness does not equivalent is not equivalent to minas check it out mean as has here is with it often but just sheerness is not enough
just being don't okay i got the here
that makes me not quite
but if you've gotta hear anise and then also ownership then they got ownership located which is quite common the ownership it
and this sub this is mine and me it's cottage the boot actually pick up and golf and boys teaching me you know self but actually the way the buddha teaches at primarily as mine himself and that's also the way
modern my sciences has discovered that the brain actually does it that way it makes appearances and then congress ownership and that's the self primarily in these other aspects of their too
ownership number one
agency in location and there's other factors too emotional background i've got sense these other feelings are part of like minas but the main one he's the one for you to work on today is just meditate on
ownership and see how the self there and see how
that's the pivot of suffering and release this is kind like
what got somewhat abstract presentation of the teachings on self an object of our study is this self which arises around possessing
possessing appearances actually we can't possess the way things actually are dependently core arising because we're part of the process
how we don't like that so how should we don't like it we have evolved to not be involved with the actual process of creation so we make these appearances which we then can own and grasp
so for now
that's enough on sort of like us kind of a theory the theory of self
which you can find some zen tax this is a theory of delusion theory of enlightenment
the delusion is
hold the self which is born
which is more hold the selfish born
before things happen
hold the self which is already there
that's solution
realize the self which is not yet there but is now being which is born moment by moment by conditions and again if the conditions aren't there there's not a self if there's not possessiveness pork is not that if there's no possessiveness etc agency and someone than the self isn't born there can be moments where
it can happen that can be like a body in front of you and you don't own it or not on it and like oh
this is weird
nobody owns same thing round here
what's something's missing or yeah right self
what can happen
and that's fine that it happens but that's not raise a point because
that moment when something's appearing in nobody owns it is kind of vacation from selfhood
but what really is important is that is when you see this
that when the self arises
you don't think it was there before it came up
that's we have to see and so a break from it might be kind of useful hey there was there was a moment there were there wasn't any possessiveness there wasn't any mine there was no me and then i saw the me come up and i noticed that when it came up i didn't notice that it came up i thought it was already there and that was dizzy
asian or actually there was a moment there when i saw it come afresh
if i hadn't seen such a self before it was just a condition of
ownership ownership came up and then i watched the self born and i was relieved of my belief that there is a permanent self an a priori self

i want to jog about something which i probably shouldn't talk about but i'm going to anyway and what does he is is what
i wanted to talk about
the statement
that there was no zan in china
the that the chon or then phenomena is something that occurred in china
and there was not such a phenomenon in india
and i wanted to tell you about that i want to talk about this story about zan because part of wisdom teachings i suggest to you is
his history history as part of wisdom teachings
when somebody says i feel unprepared
i wanna make sure they're practicing compassion towards that statement you know i feel unprepared i want to check
in that thought
are we listening and we listened to that thought with compassion
if yes then we can tell talk about the history of that thought
the history is is history historical discussion story story discussions history discussions are part of zen wisdom tradition
so here's a here's a story the story is
that the thing called sin that it this historical thing called zen this historical event called sandwich which the story goes that it occurred over centuries and is still going on
i go to china some people trying to say yes and still so cooking away here good korea they say years in yeah they don't say then they say soon
go to japan this stays in come to california a zen zen lot of stuff right
then go to france he has zen an item baguette buttery
so then still going on and were saying that the that then didn't start in india he started in china
we have a story but there's a big country with this great culture and all these amazing beautiful people and all these terrible terrible cruel emperors
and in that country there's a single zen came up which is a chinese way of saying sanskrit word
that's a story i told you there was no some people say there was no sand in india
there wasn't a zen like just any old place and there wasn't a zen an indian buddhism okay
now that would you just what i just was going through there seem to be an appearance of some words and i hope your compassionate towards those words and then i hope you check out to see if you own or don't own those words i'm check and see if eye on them
how are now
oh yeah a little bit of sense of ownership of those words
i'd also like to say that i like the image of this lotus
the lotus flower
and and there's a sutra which we have a story that the suture was composed in india and was transmitted to china and korea
it was big hit in china it was it became the most important scripture and chinese buddhism the lotus sutra
and in the lotus sutra doesn't say when i'm about to say to you but you hear this expression around zen and are a lot
may we exist in muddy water with purity like a lotus
does we bought the buddha
may we exist in appearances
and and possessiveness
and self clinging
and all the afflictions that come up with self clinging er this mud of of of suffering that comes from believing
this might me that comes up with mine in relationship to the world of appearances may we
live in that mud with purity
and if we can live in that mud with purity which is pretty good there's a result which is called a lotus blossom grows up out of that mud if you live in it
if you're living in the mud in your resisted the noticed our will not grow if the lotus flower resist if the lotus issues me if the seed of the lotus flower if you put it in the mud and the seeds says i hate can i add anything to do with this mud the seed will
not germinate
i refuse to have any do it is gooey wet moist polluted situation
i'm a stay right here in this little seed is a lotus seed and going an open to this trash
which hurts i'm not going open to the pain of possessiveness and defensiveness and ownership and self
gay put a lotus put a seed for a lotus flower in the mud and that seed is too hard it won't germinate
the lotus hundred does not going to said detail but i'm doing that for you this is my commentary on the lotus sutra i'm pointing out but actually the buddha a kind of implies that cause he says well i think it's time for me to tell you about the lotus sutra but actually i think i shouldn't because
is there's some people here
he doesn't say this way back to say this way for hard coded seeds and they will they won't they won't let my teaching in and i would not be good cause will like get resistant and aggressive in response to this amazing mode i'm in a given i'm going to give mud which is called a lotus
suture the lotus sutra is mud which makes lotuses
so i'm not going to talk about it since then the people who are hard coded walk down he said great now i can talk to the fools who stayed
who are open to my my offering
so but i'm saying that if i'm talking about the view
if year
in the mud which means here in the realm of thought which means you're in the realm of appearances of thought or thoughts of which are apparently something if you're in that realm year in the mud and it is any possessiveness in that field you're in the mud now if you practice compassion towards the mud than yours
ready for the loudest to grow
and this story is that some people did open to the suffering of india
for example the historical buddha open to the suffering of india for a long time
and the roots of his compassion spread through the mud and spread to the mud and made this beautiful lotus blossom
hannah just and it opened know
it's sprouted and may the stem and amid a burden and opened
and let you know lotus is open and you know what they do at night the clothes and then they open again in the nick lowe
in the next night and then the next day they open and you know sometimes at night when they started to close some animals go inside the blossom and hang out there because it's warm
and then the daytime they open up in the animal comes out
these are usually small animals
like you know insects
get to live in a lotus at night and then fly out of the loudest in the daytime such a lotus has do they after they grew up they opened in their clothes and they open in their clothes and then finally
they open and then they'll close and their petals and drop
and when their petals drop they expose the fruit
the flowers great
but there's a fruit which can make more flowers
hansel there's the fruit
have this wonderful flower this is fruit of this wonderful example enlightenment which has grown out of compassion wisdom which has grown out of compassion towards the mud
now i got the fruit no pedals justice
it's a pod right
and it's got it's a it's a to pod container it's a it's like out
it's like a dish so the lotus fruits like a dish right
and as cause is as is holes in it
which have these big fat seeds about the size of
you know marbles inside these little pockets right
and so there is a seed it's expose
and after while the stem
gradually gets weak to
and it kind of like
benzo and bends and bends and in the fruit benz with the stamp and the fruit goes down into the mud
and then being in the mud those seedpods
the still does all round through not really see it's actually those the rum balls or seed pods i believe they have lots of seeds inside anybody you know anything about the lotus is more than me or less than me and if i think he's i think there's like maybe ten twenty little pod calls with with ten twenty
rum balls of sees aside side and then it goes down into the mud and then those seeds or seedpods swell up
and they swell and they swell but it seems like i guess one of them swelling you know especially if his towards the center one of the swelling and just stand and swell and swell and swell and build up more and more pressure but it won't be able to break out until some of the other months swell
born a lot of this well enough
then together
they first the containing the container for all the seas they burst and ex followed this the fruit explodes and explode out of the water into the air
and sends these balls
this is it is swollen soften balls of seeds flying all over the place
and then they fall into the water and make new lotuses and that's what happen in india
to the lotus of the buddha's teaching
the buddha's teaching opened and closed and opened and closed
for centuries
the wisdom of the buddhist opened and closed for centuries but finally
the pedals dropped the seed formed and went into the mud and then it exploded into central asia mongolia china southeast asia
sri lanka
and then the same thing happened in china it exploded over japan and then exploded from japan to the united states and now
here we are
trying to make this lotus
now when you plant a load of any place
if lotuses or anything like humans which they might be because i think lotuses have dna don't they
i think they do i guess they do i imagine lotuses and dna like humans have dna like buddhist buddhism dna right
the when you have dna making a profit making a living being a living being sensitive to for example
some of the things that make dna some of the things that make dna are very similar to what we call viruses
so the human dna is to a great extent
carrying the results of the human of of past generations leading to us of those dna being infected by viruses and incorporating other genetic information so i believe that the human dna is
grey the result of invite of a viral infection not all viral infection can be incorporated into make it into transform the dna
but some can that's that's how we got how we evolve
it's our dna has evolved but also buddhists dna is the same
when you plant the seeds and of buddhism which have exploded from india into chinese soil they get infected by chinese
it tickets are in a red i think i think i think that there's a type of virus which is basically rna anybody correct me on that
as as i remember from my new yorker article
said so aids doesn't seem to be the type of virus which is which is modifying our genetic code but this other viruses which do
we are currently evolving in that way through viral infection
and buddhism's the same a planet in a different environment it gets infected by the local viruses
so when you're in when buddhism i can't remitted to china it got transformed by chinese culture
and made a new adaptation
but i would say emphasized that the that the indian dna is still there is just get the augmented by the chinese
and i think the indian one should be
what we should not forget the indian dna and that will help us understand the chinese contribution and then we can understand how they it's a new flowering of the ancient lotus
cause the flood the indian buddhism of the past is gone there's no there's not as a new indian buddhism
which i you know
the indian buddhism that that we have now in india
was never there before it he'd also has evolved and is evolving now with modern indian cultural context

what i just said to you was a a story about zen
and i didn't tell you what the chinese viruses were but there are these chinese viruses which are beautiful viruses
they're like
life giving viruses they're like they're they're viruses relative to
relative to indian buddhism but relative to chinese culture their the great some of the great products of chinese culture like called taoism and confucianism those those great traditions exude viruses which heavens which infected
the indian buddhism which transmitted and made this made his new schools made these new flowers so the the p m
lotus seeds from india flew over to exploded over to china went into the soil
incorporated the chinese cultural context and made a new flowers lots of new flowers lots of beautiful new flowers and some also some
some not so beautiful flowers some bad weeds came up there too but that happening in the also
and one of those flowers of zen
and the then
then is i think if you look at design store if i look to send stories here's a story i would have about them in the store i have about them is that mostly there
the one the famous ones are about wisdom teachings does not so many sad stories about
monks being kind to their thoughts
for example above monks being kind to the thought i'm not prepared to to practice zen
most of the stories are about monks who knew how to be kind to thoughts like i'm not prepared to talk to the teacher
can you imagine there's some monks in china when they're going to see the zen master may have thought i'm not prepared to meet the zen master
we don't usually hear that the monk was thinking usually we just hear what they said
now they may have actually had that thought
oh hotter they wind up here with this guy
i think i came to the wrong place i'm going to someone other monastery they do actually say that i achieved my mind they do say that but doesn't tell doesn't tell you how they practice with those thoughts how the practice compassion with them but i will say i would imagine they didn't practice with those thoughts that they could deal with their thoughts about their real
how their quality of practice relative to the teachers to teach her body practice relative them
i imagine but again we don't usually hear so much about all the compassion practices they did with their thinking those aren't the the famous stories are but the conversations
around the self
that's what famous windsor but we watch the student come and talk and we were able to watch is a student aware of the self and is it the self that they're holding onto and bringing to meet the teacher or is the self that wakes up or do they come carrying itself and the teacher helps and scenes that carrying it and they switch and realize the self as
born through the interaction and be realize enlightenment this is the pivot of many stories you can see them that way you can you understand an essential for
any questions about this before i tell some stories
hmm yes
talk about
the other
as i go along am i going to
i'll say a little bit right now
one of the
one of the count to one of the things that happened in nut china
ah he said that the founder of this tradition called confusion is he was caught ah cun foods a composer
our confucius confuse a had a one of his main disciples was named monza can i say
and monza headed he had a teaching which was that mind and nature we're close associates
mind and nature as reality
what close associates
which chinese and chinese buddhism chinese buddhism grew up with this
this cultural message that mind and nature we're close
the us is my nature thing go could get translated to mind and buddha nature
that they were kind of like the same thing this was you don't find this much in china and india but if if they're in china before buddhism came and buddhism started to pick that up
then also
there was a great event
a person who they say existed named johnson and he his books called guangzhou and in his book it seems like he's proposing a mind
that was
reality itself
a pure mind that was reality itself
also indian buddhism doesn't put so much propose a pure mine which is reality itself there's some justification for it which i've mentioned before but it didn't say and a few places he said mind is luminous but is defiled by adventitious the delusions
but he didn't say there is a mind which is ah you know reality is suffering so much clearly simply say that but the chinese did and when buddhism came he picked up this quality which led it seems to some people saying at some point is history of zen of saying
that this this is a special transmission outside the traditional teachings not depending on words which directly indicates the human mind
ceiling its nature becoming buddha
that understanding is that way of putting things we have trouble finding in china and india and even if you find it someplace in india still it became a centerpiece of what people thought of as then
i'm not saying that's true i'm just saying that's a story that zen was saying
point of the human mind that's that's the point perhaps appointed practice point of that and i'm saying is not mentioned that in order to point at that
sick and other be a successful subject of study you have to practice compassion with it
but let's say your practice compassion with the mind and you look at it you see its nature and become buddha
but part of the understanding here in china was that seeing as nature is seeing that its nature is buddha it is buddha nature that's part of a new development which became associated with zen but other schools to other schools and chinese buddhism just talking about sam this became
a dominant
element the dominant element chinese buddhism big the six the most successful one is
mind is buddha nature and see
mind you see buddha-nature same buddha nature you you realize buddha
the indian stories different which i've been telling you
the story is
mine three characteristics
an amputation or character of fantasy character
in other dependent character which is dependent arising
and a thoroughly established character on reality character
that's mine has the three characters and these three characteristics are also all conscious construction only
but there is there is when you talk about the phenomenon mind it has a defiled aspect it has a pure aspect and it has an aspect of the pinnacle rising which is pure and filed
that's indian message about the mind
and in mrs also this is all conscious constructs these aren't like substantial realities these are characteristics of mind which themselves
cannot there's no basis for grasping this but still were articulated knees so you can understand mind we're not saying that mind is just the third quality which is the pure are pure pure and purifying aspect of mind and the pure is related to what is pure and impure
the human consciousness is both pure and impure because human consciousness is actually free of the impure and yet it still has the impure of which it is get free so the human mind can have
appearances projected upon it by which human beings can know it but they know it not as it's not as dependent arising which is really how it is arising but they know it by their projections of appearances upon it dash than possess in possession of its self creation and karmic consciousness
for buddhism saying we got this of for any emergency all sentient beings have is karmic consciousness the chinese send people did not lose track of this
i told you many chinese zen stories about where they are aware all sentient beings have this kind of consciousness which is the consequence that arises based on this defiled projection or defiling projection upon the actual creative process of our life
and then there is the actual creative process of our life and then there's the fact that are active actual creative process of life is free of any projections upon the project huge actually do not
do not actually touched the creative process the creative process it's inconceivable and all conceptions are just gobbled up by the intercept inconceivable process they're not excluded
the totally embraced and there's no way they touched the process and that freedom is what in some sense some of the chinese people thought that that was mined in some sense of mine only had one aspect which was a reality aspect
so they're not completely separate because the the early view that mind was as pure
thing in itself representing the truth itself that an indian buddhism in indian my rtg we say mine does have that aspect it does have an aspect that it is free of all human projections all conceptual overlays it is free
but doesn't say that's all there is to it
before buddhism came the chinese had this tp from georgia that that is the mine it's this reality mind is true mind so there is as true my teaching before buddhism came so zen than
talks about destroyed however some of the zen people the way they talk about it they don't take it that simply and they bring back in the more complex story
so that's also part of the story of zen is that
the indian teaching at the mine has a three aspects
and the doll conscious construction and that teaching was very well transmitted to china by the great friends on the great pilgrim who was a great month before he left china then he went to india for sixteen years and brought back these my on teachings on mind translate them very well very nicely transmitted
the chinese didn't like it and they met at this other version which some people say attacked this well transmitted indian teaching about the mind attacked it and pretty much somebody said erased it
and this new version of the mind became dominant and and and some people's is and is part of that but i would say he has then part of it but also says and somehow discovered the erased transmission and we awoke into it
because this is very this one version is not the whole story the version of this the mind is just the pure reality principle
there is a pure aspect of mind and body such as do meditate on that and by meditating on that pure aspect by meditating on how our life our actual creative process of our life his free of all of our ideas of it
and we do have ideas of it right things are going well today things are not going well today we have ideas like this and this is how we know our life but actually our life is completely free totally absolutely everlast the way or life always as every moment in everlasting everlasting time in its
colonel eternal time is that it's free of all of our projections the projections are turning away the cuddy process of causation is turning away in each moment of causation is new like we say the yuneec breeze of reality can you see it as the first poem
in the book of serenity
creation is constantly including the patterns of spring into the ancient brocade
the ancient brocade
is the history of our evolution as beings and nature constantly this reading a new stuff the new fresh material creations always new and fresh and different were not the same as we were yesterday this is a fresh moment and this moment is fresh again and again this is creation it
and anyway we tell stories about like the one to just told the couple major said it never reaches it and that purity is what the freedom of all of our stories about how creation works including the story that it's working and that it's beautiful and that it's inconceivable all those stories to which
our standard stories
never reached the actual beauty
an inconceivable process of life and it's always that way is always pure
but we have to train to see the purity by recognizing the imperial the chinese kind of were suggesting just look over the purity
because if you can see and that's what bodhisattvas are looking at they're looking at the purity and by looking at the purity you become buddha that agrees with indian buddhism look at the reality body of your life look at at the reality character of your life that's what bodhisattvas focus on and they evolved to be buddhism that part agrees
but the part that that story doesn't include is that
in order to get to that place
which doesn't depend on words and it's outside the scriptures you have to be very generous and compassionate towards the words and the scriptures you cannot enter the the wordless realm of reality except by being compassionate to the realm of words and
that teaching
of there's a pure mine and just look at and become buddha it's true there is a pure pure mind look at it become buddha but you cannot see that unless you're kind to the impure
realm of words projected on your dear life
and i will say more but if i live longer wish we i won't actually are but if my successors live longer
the day they'll probably keep talking about this because they are conditioned to do so because they talk about it much probably continue
okay so now you're ready for the stories
get so
i was gonna tell them this was gonna bring up the story which i just brought up just now in the story and the way i was gonna tell the story was i i i wouldn't say i have long heard the story
that's the zen was a uniquely chinese creation which had no real precedent in india i was gonna say i've long heard that that zen is this combination of indian buddhism chinese
taoism and particularly chinese taoism and chinese confucianism from lungs i've heard that i was gonna say that i've long heard this but i didn't i said i have long heard
of dragon pond last man
because that's when i said i've long heard at that oh yeah wherever heard that before well i heard ha
i heard a dash on the zen zen master dish on say i've long heard
so i switched from telling that i've long heard that zen was this combination of indian buddhism taoism and confucianism
i switched to the other i've long heard and i switched to it i told the story i didn't mean i didn't mean to i didn't mean to but it was so perfect because i told the story of this guy who said it the guy who said i long heard of dragon pont du schon he was a guy who was very committed to it
in buddhism
an indian buddhist story of the bodhisattva path and then he heard of sense dissenting of
see nature become buddha like that he heard that and he thought that's heresy
so there was still chinese buddhists and his time who were still kind of
loyal to the indian transmission when they hurt the zen one he decided to go and defeat these heretics
when he when he finding and he was through various things to make a long story short you can listen the last year with last week's recording in get whole story of does sound travels
we meet the lady and mountain and then he finally gets referred to go visit dragon pond which is a place and a teacher
so he gets the dragon bond he gets to the place and the teacher
no i imagine a dragon pond didn't think he owned dragon pond
the the imagine driving on could see the appearance of dragon pond both the place
and the person but many dragon pod did not it was not possessive of it or merely dragon pine sol the possession of it and saw the self arising and was enlightened so the enlightened dragon pond was waiting for dijon and thirteen comes
and says i have long heard and dragon pond but now that i'm here i don't see a dragon nor pond and then dragon pawn steps out from behind his hiding place and says thus you have truly arrived had dragon pounds that's a story to a less than we hear you are sick
did you tell her about michelle
anyway you can listen to it you wanted
but you see that's a wonderful thing i wasn't really distracted i told a story about this very issue of this
this thing i've heard about for a long time as a special thing that happened in china where to school of zen where they said see mind
look at mine see its nature become buddha that storied popped up there
despite i've long heard and
dragon pon interacted with vision in such a way that i think doesn't switched from being this excellent monk who was practicing bodhidharma
to seeing that in practicing bodhidharma there's an excellent monk he woke up from i'm practicing the diamond sutra i'm a teacher of the diamond sutra and i'm going to
the throne these zan heretics
and he switched from
student of the diamond sutra the surroundings and heretics and then there's a self he switched it switched and switched with the aid of one of those and heretics
and how did it switch
he was with his and he was with dragon pond late at night
and dragon pants and maybe you should leave now it's getting late and he stepped outside dragon pass room and he said is dark and dragging upon lit a paper lantern and as he handed it to dijon he blew it out
and the shantsev
the birth of the self and was awakened
but the heretic woke up the arctic the person who who was correct
this what this was heresy but the zen heretics can sometimes wake up people even so
that was last time story this week stories different

okay so which one should i tell first option tell this one this one
this would do
minutes when registering dismay
okay so
we had this said if we have a story about his name's fi un
vion which means time i
the science diet two versions of one story for you and one version of another story
and i'm going to tell you two versions of one story
actually bought both story one and story too but i really bought the same thing same technique but there's two versions of of the one story
so what are these stories are gonna be bought they're going to be a bot
people who are studying the self
switching from i'm studying the self or i'm studying buddhism
two in the study of buddhism their there's me this is a story
sapphire was teaching at a monastery
and that was a director or superintendent at a monastery
his name was a hickey was called superintendent to
which is short for
a frenzy superintendent shredding sir
so one day the the teacher of the monastery was talking to the director and the teacher said to the director why don't you ever come and enter my room and to my room is a technical term and zan meaning you know comments study the teaching with me
so he was a teacher of the some of the monastery but the director never came and talked to him by the teaching he just took care of the monster so how can we never come and talk to talk to me he said oh don't you know teacher i already got enlightened with somebody else

oh yeah
yeah tell me about it and this story appears in the story is told in case seven of their to the cliff record and case
so i'll tell you the look for fracking story this morning and afternoon i'll tell you the book of serenity story
you get to see how and works with different people about the same thing

so superintendent says well ah
i think for yeah i i said to or
to the teacher the teacher's name was letter says name shirt shirt part of his name is lynn teacher lynne
he said i asked him
version one i asked him
what is buddha
hey i want to you right away in version two he asked him what is
what is the students' self
someone stories as he says he is different and said i asked master lin what buddha and the other version story says i asked master lin what is the self
it literally is what is the students' self which because you understand is what is myself
the stitching tight what is the self and what is buddha kind of the same thing is not to say this self as buddha it just that inquiring what is a self
he's the way
indian buddhism and the zen teacher and his and people so here's where you know if this is more like indian buddhism not to say
he's yeah it shows it shows that they don't just think that the mind is buddha if that inquiring into the self is is what inquiring into buddha is inquiring into delusion is inquiry the so one story is what is the buddha what is buddha of what is the self

so the master lin said inquiry i in response to what is buddha or what is self he said the fire god comes looking for fire
hey so when superintendent
sir was with master lin he said what is booed him what is the self astor said the fire god comes seeking fire
and doesn't say here but i understand what he means is that when he said the fire god comes seeking fire hi
entered reality
what's manner linda
he listened
well you may feel you miss something again but the superintendent said thinks he didn't miss something he thinks he understand you he thinks he was enlightened when it he asked the teacher what is buddha the teacher says fire god come seeking fight fire and he understood what buddha was
dash he understood what the self is
you're not sure you're not making that claim
so this story might be helpful to you
he or he he didn't think you had to ask anymore questions you're not like him
so then fi and said
good words
k now there was what to teach your said he was good words what is buddha
fire god comes to seek fire what is itself fire god comes to six self fires as good words good teacher good boy
but i'm afraid
you misunderstood
to understand that part
via says to the superintendent i'm afraid you misunderstood even know i i like your teachers teaching but i don't think you understood
they said can you save something more to me
so then the superintendent says
the fire god is in the realm of fire and is seeking fire with fire
you can translate that implicate what is buddha
buddha is seeking buddhahood
but it isn't around her buddha seeking border can translate that way or another way
which i'll tell you in a minute
i'd say it enough
the other one says

i said her the super ten said i asked what is the students' self and
a master lin said the god of fire is seeking fire
forest fires at how to understand the superintendent said the god of fire is in the province of fire
to seek the fire is to seek is like seeking the self by the self
as such what he said to fire an incisive by answer i'm afraid you don't understand
good words but i'm afraid you'd understand
so then he says could you say more
superintendent explains that you get his explanation
from you forgot it for a great gal say it again
the fire god is in the realm of fire
in a province of fire
he is seeking fire likewise i am buddha
yet i went on searching for buddha
that was a superintendents further explanation of his understanding and then you can imagine what fire and says next
sure enough the superintendent does misunderstand
restraining his anger
the superintendent the left
the monastery and went across the river
following sorry no the superintendent got angry when the fire and twice said to him that he misunderstood
violence and left eye and said
if this man can be saved
this man can be saved if he comes back
if he doesn't return he can't be saved

his teacher gave him and he didn't think he thought he had enlightenment he told the story of his enlightenment fi and said you don't understand explain more explain more via and said yes you don't understand he got angry
can you imagine this didn't get it getting angry when a teacher says had understand
and thinking this is a really stupid teacher
and then leaving the the monastery well as what happened in this case
this enlightened director didn't like fire and telling him twice cities in our staff he left
and fire and said if he comes back he can be saved
if not

out on the road the superintendent thought to himself
he's a teacher of lots of people
how could he deceived me
so he turned back and again called on fire he said to him
just ask me and i'll answer
the superintendent said what is buddha
and fi and said
fire god come seeking fire
at these words
the superintendent understood

that's by and method of helping
people study the south
any questions

humility is definitely part of compassion
that different part of it and he might have been humbled before
you know when he went when he went to master lin and he said what is buddha and master lin said fire guys cease fire god
he might have been humbled when he asked
if you really humble you might be able to notice all
i'm coming to have to teach her a question
and he had i asked her what buddha he says for god's six forgot and maybe in a humility
he saw
that the person
who came there to ask was gone and now in the coming of the response also a new person came maybe he woke up to the birth of the self maybe solid buddha was
and then guess what happened
yes kim
he lost his humility
he lost his humility he became enlightened
key the self became enlightened
apparently that's what happened so i went to see fiat and didn't have any questions because he wasn't humble anymore
why aren't you know what is an enlightened person need to be humble well he found out
because if enlightened person is not humble than they don't go on as teachers questions and the teacher says how can we don't come asking questions and then he says well because i'm enlightened than you know
and he says oh really tell me about it so then you tell him about your enlightenment you tell him about your enlightenment
because why not you don't worry about being humble anymore
now you can be possessive knowledge your enlightened
now you can carry yourself around but it's an enlightened self so no problem
so when an enlightened person thinks that they don't have to ask questions about dime anymore
then we have a diluted person
which via and kind of thought that might be the case because he never came to to ask enlightened people
ask questions
like him
as the question at an enlightened person
unless there was some self to dinner and that the deluded person
but if you notice a delusion person your humble sonia more questions so you can learn how to ask question and realize that in the process of asking the question and meeting the teacher in the coming together those things as a self born there
and you can see how it is
an illusion
so he
he lost his humility
but somehow he did ask the question
and then the teacher said verified that he actually was an enlightened person who was carrying around an enlightened person
so therefore he was diluted person carrying around an enlightened person
and he told him so and the diluted person who is carrying around enlightened person did got angry and left but then he reconsidered
something about him which was his seat of enlightenment code and go back and he went back and again the teacher he asked the teacher what is buddha and the teacher said the same thing and again he probably understood that as as the question
was asked and the teacher answered there was a self born and that's the self and nothing more and he was awakened again
but after this second awakening he probably didn't stop asking questions he probably didn't hold on to his enlightenment probably
but maybe had to do it a third time and a fourth time to have a practice i kept noticing
if a self has been carried and if it is to be humble about it to say here i have a self i offer my delusion help me help me find a way to work with this so we can turn the corner so we can melt the glue
that clear now
this is this is a technique of fire with the superintendent
and then this afternoon i'll tell another story about how five and worked with another
as the words of summer
you could say are
the makes identity identity inquires
so busy talking about would you say again being a animates identity being animates identity made a definitions
identity inquires into be
hopefully and also being inquiry into identity
when being inquires into identity or rather when inquiring inquires into identity
there's a realization that identity is nothing more than a word

see the question
well a pulse is a group
why people are ready for lunch
how is kind of a mild response we we we are playing have lunch we are inclined to have lunch soon i think i'm planning to have lunch i mean i'm plenty for you to have lunch
i want you to have lunch
won't you join thank you
had i always feel welcome to have lunch with your here and i'll feel like if i would if i needed any extra food i feel many of you would welcome me to come and ask you to share your lunch with me said right now
not not everybody said yes
that's okay i'm get
some of your lunches in my be a little you know small i know
do you think yeah so
you can you can wait now do with people he's away okay it's okay
if you ask question it sounds like it's okay
you have some supporters the as a way to

you do
will help
the quality his ownership
it's my understanding and again i could be
to be something in
deserve it
and of consciousness
what is your isn't
as opposed to
in the south
lots of stuff that the human
can do to people
is no so
so that's in contrast
that's in contrast
one that's somewhere
you know with the consciousness so i think the question is
just a consciousness
needs to be alien body so it doesn't necessarily have to be me mine mine again
i mean just that some
okay i just smoothness
is it then i'd like to say that before you said say something i thought you were asking me not to speak
yeah because i was going to speak and you said he stopped me
i won't tell you that that i was gonna speak in you and you told me to stop and tell you where that she hadn't finished your question
she just said you went like this way like you were stuff she hadn't finished questioning i the district required but i'm just telling her that until she asked me yeah
i didn't know that fossil our i was gonna respond before she thought she would think she can assure her question right so then i stopped because she told me to stop scientists tell you that i didn't know then because she said she was acting as though was waiting too long did you notice that
cascading caps here you're getting i just saw as he had hutch to point out the interplay that you're speaking and i have a response and you tell me to start because you not done and then i give you the space and you tell me kind of you've had implied took too long i going to pointed out
one thing i would say is that i keep i feel that
i feel that that when when we talked about trauma or dissociation for example
for example ah
was a gold autism
how autistic people i think are people who are really
prone to and skillful at dissociating
they used association to cope with what's happening i would say they used association to cope with ah
the stress of embodiment
that they are embodied and they day like less
people who are less prone to association were also more prone to association and i think we we tried association when we possess
our body
so i would say that the pit dug that
how would you suggest it they actually do have a sense of self but the stress the field around it is so intense that they did that they can't stand to be there so we so when you first embodiment i think we are all embodied all of our consciousness is embodied
and that embody consciousness that embodied consciousness creates an appearance of the body
which then if there's possession towards it their stress and sometimes sundays are so sensitive to that stress it's intolerable so then they dissociate but their dissociating from their embodiment they are embodied the consciousness their dissociating from their body conscious
this because it's too stressful
and we all have some tendency that's what i'm talking about the loudest in the mud we had to train ourselves to be compassionate with distress
not as president body much but distress of an embodied consciousness which creates in appearances which are possessed creating a self which then creates stress and that pain we need to learn to tolerate we need to do it ourselves
so we can teach others who are not able to tolerate it skillful ways to deal with a when it comes rather than dissociating
because even also dissociate they know that that works but then it's hard to come back to the mud
i got hurt this guy michael the story this is autistic man who when he was in a playground you know and people were messing with his body it was so painful he couldn't stand to be there so he would start squaring numbers
and most of us can square for a while
you know like to square is for foursquare is six and is sixteen sixteen scored is to fifty six covertly c squared is a kid could do it and then square that imagine how concentrate you have to be to do that if your that concentrated
you know that can get you away from the stress of being on the playground he said and it worked he said after a few rounds of squaring i was on this peaceful island surrounded by beautiful serene waters he said it worked the problem is how to get back
some people what they need is a need some way to get assistance and instruction and whether they can hear it
that will help them deal
and be compassionate to the stress of being
a consciousness that is possessive of what it sees and as a self which is then
stressed sounds are stressed
cause there's a separation between
your mind which has created and parents and your mind which thinks it's own the appearance it's really the mine is being split apart by this process of illusion so we need to be compassionate to this
and if compassion enough we can relax with it and then we can start carrying the teachings which point of the process
you're very welcome and did you want to ask your question before lunch
to alonzo harris was the only that was pretty interesting that he
adrian lam
it isn't an issue that interesting yeah i'm so glad that none of you have left thank you for standing
the then massive hell it
he had to see me
that caused him to turn that yes he did it was just thinking that her he removed himself that he may have had the space to do practices give some generosity
yeah yeah
it'll turn back and also just seems really consistent that any any of the enlightenment sort of discovered that are times that sort of the so can i see transport
would you say what you said again louder
i said she comes in threes cm my usually your the stories coming freeze
so production and see if twice to activate
are you saw me a second time is now oh and look out over lunch
okay i will look out over lunch while i'm begging for food
thank you very much
good night
may intention he played extend into agree evening and days when i attended an amateur team
the way the
less ah
how to save them the patients
exhaust tomorrow i'm going to end them days or less
the to answer them
as a way is unsurpassable
how it to be comment