Leaving Home and Receiving the Precepts 

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it seems like we
have the ability to forget
i'm the most fundamental
when we remember them we say oh yeah of of yeah sure

so i'd like to mecca fundamental point
just to make sure that we all remember that
the on the buddha away and the buddha dharma the foundation of it is
great loving kindness and great compassion
for all beings

so yeah
they can we can build a house on this foundation
can build a community of society on this foundation but sometimes after we start building we sometimes forget the foundation
get concerned with the the beams and roof sometimes
in roofs are really
beautiful sometimes
some festivals on taxi even notice the foundation of some beautiful roofs
the last meeting we had here in august we
we were studying a sound sounding your much on the sutra
the chapter four
a number of you are here for that
dear that the chapter in
this chapter starts out
memorably i feel with the
the the buddha to togheter asking
his great disciple some booty how many people he knows
true or not
living under the influence of conceit
and pride
and how many he knows
who are living
did i say art
how many does he know who are living under the influence hamza
if somebody says well i know
just a few that are not living under the influence of pride
just a few central banks are not living under the influence of pride that i know
but i know incalculable innumerable once sentient beings who are living under the influence of pride
and then somebody mentions
little bit later basically that because of pride we sometimes stopped short
in our
study of reality
we think
when we think this is the way something is
like today's saturday and we just stop there proud that we know it's saturday and there's no need for further investigation
or that were right or and somebody else is wrong or they've somebody else's of right and were wrong anyway we have various phenomena which we meet
and because of pride when we do not keep going in our practice
and then so he had our meeting and we were happy to study our own pride and here at die and nobody nobody seemed to be insulted at this point was made
and almost no one thought as far as i know
it's nice to be among the ones who aren't and under the influence of pride
i'm i'm just so happy that i'm not proud
i feel sorry for the people who are
nobody nobody seemed to be happy that they weren't proud and nobody seemed to be insulted that the topic was brought up
and then i brought it up at the beginning of the session a green gulch which happened shortly after that
and there to the this teaching this suggestion that is quite a few people who are proud and not too many your art it was received i would say with open hearts
and lot of people actually thought yam
i'm proud that i haven't been remembering that
some he says where did you get that idea you what is how can we brought it up it's like is so relevant
not just the other people but to me
so well
because of the sutra wonderful sitter from the store attention and then i went to europe and i brought it up to two people in england
and they don't really appreciated being reminded of a basic problem that we have
and as i mentioned
over and over on on the sort of the evolution towards are becoming free of defilements
conscious and unconscious defilements the last thing
that's a drop that we
ah that we are
become free of
his pride
and of course if you get over greed hate an illusion you know if you're wise and not angry and greedy anymore and kind and
hello must know addictions
it's pretty good
when the last one to drop his pride like a i do understand pretty well what's going on here i'm doing my practice is actually very very good
what can i say it is how can you see that your practice is good which it is
your practice a good it's true you your practice is very good it is
and how can you receive that
without being proud
well yes i hear that he says my practice good but what does that mean
what is that what is he talking about
what is that practice such as good
and in a buddha the states with great confidence how can you have the confidence of a buddha with no pride this is our problem
we want a lot of confidence we want deep faith
this is the buddha away the deep faith in the good away without being proud
while probably were not there yeah probably if we have lot of faith we probably have pride
some people then try to turn their faith down so low
that they think or now you know i don't know my practice is no good and the practice that i'm trying to my practices and are good and buddhism's no good and it's not better than christianity and christianity is yeah christianity is great judaism's grave and my practice of the buddha ways just lousy so now i think
i'm couldn't possibly be proud

now that won't work
how could i not that any if you've tried it but that won't work
now the new things i like to bring up this this again is to now reiterate that this has been a year which here a new abode at the beginning of the year like january third or something
i committed i promise to concentrate on studying causation
this year and i i
i wish to continue to study causation to develop
and encourage deep faith and cop cause and effect
deep faith in
laughs i'm not a deep faith in karmic cause and effect not deep faith and karma
people have actually already enough faith in karma
they're doing it all the time but good faith in studying the cause and processes of karma to understand how karma works deep faith that understanding how karma works is an essential part
i'm practicing the buddha away
so i've been saying this over and over for nine months now almost there almost nine months in various ways did you notice
did i have been following my commitment somewhat
and i told the story i'll tell again try to make a brief that on
towards the end of duggan's life
he made a strong emphasis on
deep faith and cause and effect
and some people feel like he went back to come like the basic gonna beginners practice by doing that
but whether he for whether that was what he was doing or not anyway he was emphasizing deep faith in karmic cause and effect
basic teaching skillful actions
lead to beneficial results
those who practice skillful actions rise up
with confidence and become free of pride
those who practice unwholesome lee fall down
how that works is not deterministic
but it works by that basic suggestion he emphasized this towards the latter part of his life
now in the latter part of my life i follow his example in emphasize it
and i'm really enjoying
cultivating deep faith and cause and effect and also again
realizing not to not to make the faith too deep in other words not to make a proud
or rather to be aware that there may be some proud in this emphasis pride in this emphasis

when i went to england
the the what i promise to talk about there was not causation i promised to talk about
the dharma flower
can say the lotus flower
turning the lotus flower
don't not the lotus flower of the dharma turning a lotus flower the dharma dharma load is turning the diamond load of said what i promised to talk to them bad for night so i did
i talked about that
and now along with this emphasis on causation of studying comic causation of studying cosmic consciousness
along with this study surrounding this study
ah irradiating the study of
karmic cause and effect i wish to bring in for the rest of this year and through the beginning of next year
the lotus
the dharma lotus turning the dharma lotus
to make the lotus sutra turning the lotus sutra the context in which we do this
difficult work of studying our
karmic consciousness

the lotus sutra says in chapter two one of the most important things in whole sutra is in chapter two when the buddha says
this dharma
ah yeah this dharma is very deep only buddha's together with buddha's can fully know it
and he also says that the buddha is appear in this world
for i would say appear in worlds
for one
great cause a condition
and that is they appear for the sake of
ha ha to they appear by the desire to help people enter buddhist wisdom that's when makes buddha's appears that desire in other words are they come they appear in the world by the compassionate desire
de helpings open sea understand and enter buddhist wisdom
so i would like to
have you helped me reiterate
now for a while the lotus sutra context
the lotus the loudest womb
in which we study kind of consciousness
so we're doing that challenging work of studying our comic consciousness of hearing teaches about how it works with confidence that this is what buddhists do dog and says the buddha is
the buddha to target is there
don't do anything beyond clarifying cause and effect that's all they're doing is a clarifying cause and effect so they do
it but that in the context of they're doing this to help us clarify cause and effect
and we're doing i hope we're doing clarifying causing the sec perfect for the benefit of all beings because clarifying cause and effect just for myself or for my own
improved of consciousness
and will not be sick fully successful only with the aid of this huge context will i be able to do this very
all consuming
our meditation on cause and effect
so i have to meditate not only on cause and effect
but i have to remember
poor and practicing with and for whom i'm practicing

and just again to remind you that we have the simple and so dog and emphasizing had very literally and classically deep faith in common cause and effect an early in his career he
didn't use the word karma so much he didn't talk so much literally about cause and effect but he did say that studying the brutal way is to study the self
so now later in his life he says to study the buddha way is to study the self of karmic causation is to study the way the south keeps propping up karma and way karma keeps pulling the sense of so
so really in a beginning of his life of his teaching he was emphasizing studying the self studying
ah comic causation
and later it gets more literal
and and more and sounds more like indian buddhism
in his early days at teaching he didn't sound so much like indian mahayana towards the ends of his life a more and more gets literally sounding like indian my on a buddhism
and if you skin for saying so me too i'm getting to sell more like indian my on a buddhism
and less like but some people might think them

now i'd like to bring up some really nice i'd like to you to think about how is this teaching studying the self related to study in common cause and effect and how is that related to
buddha meeting buddha
exhaustively understanding the true dharma
i know i
i have been studying and priests meetings at green gulch
two different with two different groups of people one people who are candidates to become priests and others who have already on
gone through a process called it's actually called literally leaving home in attaining liberation
that's that
a classical name for we called priest ordination
leaving home and attaining liberation
there's another ceremony which has called actually staying at home and attaining liberation
and i i
i'd like to offer you some kind of difficult things to look at
because most of you are not literally priests candidates
some of you are but most of you are not literally formerly priests candidates but i'd like to talk to about this because i think it might be helpful but also i think it might be
i'm aware of that but may i continue

faith is what i think what i what i think is most important
my faith is what i think is most important is a thing i most want to put my life towards
so ah
if i if i think that it ended my life the most important thing would be whether or not i gave myself to the welfare of all beings than my faith would be in giving my life to the welfare of all beings i would believe
that but that was the most important thing to do with it with my life
and that belief that faith would be the would be the basis upon which my life would be lived not if i believe that that's the most important thing but i don't act in accordance with that than my face is kind of little bit weak if
if i acted half the time that way i would say that's like a full half strength but belief has strength faith if i was able to night ninety percent of the time to act based on that belief how she be very strong faith
and of course i would aspire to
to a life which in which every action was for the welfare of all bags and aspiring to that slightly different than the faith can have a faith but not aspire
so to have that faith
in that in that path the path which is the same as the path of the buddhist that for their life is
to wish to live for that reason and then to promise and vowed to live for that
the vows would be something and it would be an action that follows from that belief
and so based on that belief some people do these enter into these formal ceremonies are this of
of war in one case called staying home and the other case leaving home
and doesn't say in the name of the ceremony but it's it's staying home and receiving the bodhisattva precepts
are leaving home and receiving the bodhisattva precepts

sustain home or leaving home
is could also be called you could also translate that as renunciation
so if if you would yeah whether you live in a monastery or am
in a house with
only one person in house
it's possible
theoretically possible that you would be practicing renunciation
i'm most people
seem to need somebody else in the house
to help them not just be dreaming that they're practicing renunciation
so one one monastic a manual
start off by saying all buddhas of three times say that leaving home he is realizing
and i would just mentioned briefly that taking the word the out
kind of alludes to the truth we're talking about being the ultimate truth
because the ultimate truth is that there isn't the truth
the ultimate truth is that all altruists are contingent
realizing the ultimate
a real yeah realizing ultimate truth is leaving home
what's leaving home
it's realizing ultimate truth
well that sounds good
what's ultimate truth it's leaving home mother know that part
then a dog and have to quoting this
rephrase it says not all buddhas and three times but all buddha ancestors say that leaving home and receiving the bodhisattva precepts
is realizing the truth

and what is receiving bodhisattva precepts means deep faith and cause and effect
so it isn't just that you
renounce call at attachment and renounce apprehending anything
but you do that together with deep commitment to the bodhisattva precepts
so used you're studying buddhism proprioception studying climate cause and effect together with
not apprehending the bodhisattva precepts you're committed to the bodhisattva precepts
and you're practicing non apprehension of anything
this is an expansion on what realizing the truth is
home tenure
so one meaning and an end in the so-called staying at home and and realizing liberation ceremony
the the haircutting ritual is
to involves less hair being cut
but there is actually a haircutting part of the so-called staying home and attaining liberation path
so it seems to me that the ancestor dogan is
that people who stay at home
can pursue the boot away can enter the buddha away
but they to practice renunciation to
while hopping effective renunciation stay at home while you stay at home
giving up
fame and game
have to see if you stay at home
you still must practice renunciation
you can't stay at home and hold on to fame and gain and practice the board away
so and dog and says if a person is staying at home dashed lay person
if somebody who's not appearing as a monk
there's living without trying to get anything out of life and is trying to practice the bodhisattva precepts they can realize the truth

best and he also hum
so one meaning of leaving home is transcending the values of secular society
transfer transcending the values of the society of attachment
the society of attachment transcending those values
being compassionate towards the society of attachment loving all beings who are devoted to attachment and game
but renouncing and transcending the game and fame agenda society
he's to take on the form and the ceremony of a month
including that you take on the form and the ceremony the monk renouncing gain and fame some monks
seemed in the history of this tradition to have taken on the form of a monk and still being concerned with fame and game
some lay people are also in this tradition people who tried to enter this tradition but got involved in fame and game
pop probably almost no monk has avoided ever slipping into favorite game
that's why we have confession and repentance from monks and non monks

so dog is and
and i think zen center centres and francisco zen center are saying we affirm i think it says it now in our i was practically we affirm the path i think they used to path of the lay person we affirmed a path of those who live at home those who are not residential
a monastics we affirm their path as a way to practice the boat away boy also i think it sensitive or from the path of of formal monastic practice
so now as we're approaching an ordination of quite a few people as and center green dodger we're looking at what does renunciation mean for the for you people what are you renouncing
how is your renunciation and receiving the precepts the same as not apprehending anything and realizing the truth
a testing ground the the classical testing ground to see if you're attached anything if your apprehending anything is the practice of the bodhisattva precepts can you practice these precepts
and not attached to some people who don't purchase them at all they they feel like why don't attach to them i never even think about it
but again as let's try not to be proud
the turn the to turn your your your confidence down so far that you think you know i'm so depressed i couldn't possibly be proud down here
so once again like the the medium in which by which we practice to see if we actually like letting go of attachment his with these precepts
make that clear in and this tradition it's the that's it we work with it to test and verify
non attachment
now very advanced back as could be can you test your non attachment by forgetting the precepts all the time just flew forget them as a test i said
that's to advance probably for this world system

so i'm personally you can see i'm personally trying to practice the forms and ceremonies of a monk the same time
i live in a green gulch and and i live here
but this place and green gulch do not belong to me
and in green gosh harp things for me to not be possessive of
and i'm devoted to my wife and two various grandchildren and their and their parents i'm devoted to them
but i'm also devoted to you
when i first got ordained
when i first took the form of a look at you in an ordination process
my understanding was that i was getting married
for the welfare of all beings
and i and i had the idea that the the last person i was devoted to was my wife
i didn't tell her that
but she gradually found out
and over the years i've stopped making her last
i just make my devotion to her
but i also vowed to make my top my vow to everybody total in that sense i vow to leave home and be totally devoted to all beings not just my wife not just a grandchildren
my wife is not my best friend she's my wife
and i wouldn't have one
so far as the setup
probably won't change because i'm there would be can like take quite a few years i'll be gone before that gets reorganized
some people do it many ways i do
but i wish to be devoted to all beings and the wife i have a it's actually letting me be devoted to all beings
she's not she's remarkably not jealous
the center of gravity the word jealous is to be possessive of what you possess
an envy is like one is something you don't have that kind of belongs to somebody else
wishing you a good looking at somebody else and is more like keeping holding onto your own good looks
so she's she's remarkably on jealous about me she's sharing me with the whole world and also
she appreciates me being her servant and being devoted to her and i do too and that makes my life or really much more simply
that i just focus on being devoted to her and everybody
that's the foundation of living room is be devoted totally to all beings and not being attached to any of them
and once again when the devotion is total it's simultaneous with not apprehending
if you're devoted to someone you're still apprehending i wouldn't say stop being devoted i would say be more devoted
more more more until there's no place to get home
go so low there's no place to go
so once again i want i affirm i am committed to you all practicing the boat away together with all
everybody and i also enjoy doing the practice of the in the form and ceremony so you are actually doing some of the ceremonies and forms that are usually considered the concrete manifestation
i'm a monk and some other people are doing more
then what most of you are doing and they may do this and and are the most formal part of that training happens for five years after that they can continue that same level of formality or they may leave and i would say and i say this prayer
one did this training for five years and now i feel they can present themselves as a priest and other words they can present themselves as someone who has done this training for five years and wishes to continue to to enact these forms
i'm i'm giving my life to this i enjoy this i think this helps
i think it's helpful to the people involved to me and to the people aren't involved i think it i think it helps me help those who are not yet making this commitment
it helped me be clearer about what leaving home means
i'm not i'm in other words not giving up the issue of leaving home and sank we were not leaving home i think that is necessary to leave home
i'm saying to you i think it's necessary that if that you leave home in your home
i think it's necessary that you'd be devoted totally to your family
an attribute devoted totally to a much bigger family
and i think that's best for your family your small family that you'd be totally devoted to them and everybody else
i think it's best for your family to tell your family are giving my life on a dime if you need it
and my true family includes all beings
however i'll probably be buried next to you
looks like that still that's probably where you know not everybody's going to have their ashes right next to mine probably because you're my husband here my wife
you have a special relationship we have a special chromic
a fitted ear
but my true family is paul karmic relationships
and as good for you
special comic relationships to know that they and you together are actually living together with everybody

i hope i'm not been too proud about this but i i do kind of feel
like gently but firmly biting the leaving home bullet

and once again
it's not the case that people who
i assume the form of the priests don't have some
great challenges
how about like a more devoted to one person than another
they seem to continue to have a struggle with really being totally devoted to this person this person this person this person but what does that mean it's not the same doesn't mean the same thing
for each person
the way it the way it plays out is different for each person
and the way we feel in our heart holding back
or not
and again not been proud
of our understanding that there's no holding back you might feel like there's no holding back with somebody
which is great
but actually approve of that understanding how are you proud of it
are you opened the possibility that actually you just
deluding yourself that you're not really totally devoted to the person
and you might say i am i feel like i'm totally devoted but i'm open to maybe i'm just dreaming i am and then something would happen to that will show me that no no
ups i don't wanna do that but i don't want that doesn't actually mean not only loaded just means i don't want do that and so on it's studying cosmic consciousness is really hard

so ah to learn a buddha way is to learn the self
to learn the south is to learn kind of consciousness the buddha away his basic is based on great compassion and loving kindness and the boot away as basically the leaping
beyond all distinctions
of enlightenment and delusion of self and other of little family and big family it's leaping and that leads me to the statement here that
this leaving home the life of leaving home is to somersault
is turning the wheel of dharma

somersault study the self
so ah
leaving home
giving up attachment to everything including the boot away
and receiving buddhist precepts
he's realizing the truth
the state of buddha's his wisdom is zazen
is the lotus sutra
is bought a meeting border face to face

and since it's twelve o'clock i i will postpone all the many other things i wanted to say to you to later
is there anything you any response you have to this
to this encouragement
to leave home
and attain liberation
yes i noticed that you will come back foot
hmm i noticed that you call it this leading home karma bullets
i thought that was curious well it goes resisted because with the thing of i could say
i'm i'm gonna bite dear
the tire
i'm really not leaving home but these expression is bite the bullet but you could i also invite the tire or bite the wheel of leaving home
grinning i circle accidents when people talk about their commitments
use words like obligation
yeah grave grim grave and grey
my way the color of this building's going to be more gray than it is now
this is just this is just a primer it'll be no darker and grittier

yeah had ordered in order to the buddha you must be able to be like an infant
an infant's or sometimes grave and grim
and they see a cry and a scream out in pain when they're feeling grave and grim
but they also i heard laugh ah not going to not the newborns but
from the tiny learn how to laugh they start laughing a lot every day
so we need we need to be having basically a good time having a lot of joy in our commitment to study the self
without joy
we're going to be half hearted
how or when your whole heart you will be joyful but when you're joyful it's not like hey no no greatness
no heaviness now when your joy for your for gravity gravity okay welcome gravity i'm devoted to gravity
yeah gravity
bodies gravity
sit up straight in the face of gravity okay yes i'll try
so i've i say this over and over when the as she was old he said now i'm old
and he said that when he was younger than i am now now i'm old
so i can't sit up straight anymore
but i can try
and that's one of things nice and by and it's a physical practice it's a body practice it's a practice for people who have bodies
it's a practice is a body practice for people who are bodies
and the thing that attracted me to but about it and i'd been attracted to many other body practices prior to running into zen practice like motors as other body practice i realized i would not be able to do a pretty soon by thought on guns and body practice you can do that right up until you're dead
you can try to sit up straight even when you're dying it can try you might not be able to meet you can try
so i am
i'm so happy to be here with you yes yes
so ah
fame and game yeah i think sometimes a five
should read that literally or it's more esoteric than not having belongings on position much fame and gained you can have possessions
without being famous
and you can have possessions without trying to get something
so it would be that you would have possessions but that you be ready to give them away and you wouldn't give him away to tried to try to gain something from getting them away
so the first body on for practice basically is giving
giving your life making your life a gift but not to try to get war you will get reward but you're not trying to get it
you're not trying to gain from the practice of giving you not trying to gain from the practice of tranquility you're not trying to gain from the practice of wisdom you're trying to practice giving for the welfare of all beings and you understand that this is gonna be a great thing but you're not concerned with gain
somehow i had to learn this fancy
by to have confidence without pride is really quite a feat

i'm trying
i commit publicly i'm trying to empty my house
i'm trying to gradually give away everything
and habits and at all my books are you know i'm giving to
zen students and my daughter says when
me i'm the for me first in olympic let may decide who gets what
and my rose
are going to send students
and and everything else i'm gonna try to which i'll keep don't keep them around for a while i'm still using them but there are gonna go
and i need money i have is going to go
everything else i'm trying to everything else who have been difficult for somebody that figure out what to do with i'm going to try to get rid of
anything that would be disgusting and tormenting for somebody to figure out what to do with i'm trying to get rid of
so i'm i'm doing a joyful practice of of trying to empty the house now and you're much younger than me but i thought i would encourage you to try to empty your house
and then if you after mtn if you need to get something out can get it and bring it into the house
and then give it away
like this blue sweater you're wearing please give it to us but you can wear why you're giving it to throw while smile
who just really nice free to wear that thank you very much

so it's okay for people who are not thinking of themselves as monks to act like mocks it's fine no problem it just kind of a problem for people who are amongst not to act like monks but the nice thing about being a monk is it people give them feedback when they're not acting like monks
one of the difficulties of being a lay person is if you're being possessive people might not question your what you are you what you're doing they might say well you're lay person so you can be possessive and you can be and again this is the society which we wish to transcend can make a society where we welcome people and they feel welcome to
question has a pretty look like were attached to something rather than just taking care of it like washing your blue sweater that's from and we wanted to do that but if you tried to wash it to keep it from
changing and deteriorating read wow how's but that no new
it's question for you on how one
so part of his part of
practice has to be i renounce attachment to give me feedback on how i'm doing i live in how a i renounce attachment i'm devoted to my spouse but i renounce attachment i welcome your questions about how i'm doing this
is it makes us you know
having trouble

well i think there there's an explicit statement that being a priestess is easier
duncan says that and i kind of agree
it's easier
to adopt those forms
it's easier to be reminded of pronunciation when you're doing certain forms and also you're doing these forms your teacher and co practitioners are obviously literally being asked to give you feedback on them whereas you're not necessarily asking your teacher to give you a
feedback on your car on your house on your clothes you could but you're not necessarily doing
whereas if you're in priests training year you're obviously asking your teacher to give you feedback on your clothes
your car
and your and your room you know
and part of the training is that your patient teacher can see your clothes every day
and see how you wear them and see what color they are and see if you're taking care of them and see if you seem to be training get a better wardrobe and if so what's the reason for it
and you and you you're welcome welcoming feedback on that from the beginning
whereas some late people are not making a clear so often and make cleveland hunting we need feedback to keep on us to
so it gives some ways if you if you buy the tire of thumb print training you
it's it's somewhat easier to get checked the to keep getting checked on it
so in some way not having a support it makes it harder to practice
signed in that sense you could you could make easier ah
equal equal better
but it's not exactly been visiting it's better i think it's just it is easier
just like him when as you know most of you've done sessions and you know that during session is hard but it's easier to be diligent and session and away and recession is over because with as it's like it's easy to make a big effort when you're climbing moment you don't have to push yourself when you climb mount know i go to is climate you don't like do it hard
you're guaranteed most people are guaranteed quite a challenge if you climb the steep incline so it's easy to work hard in certain situations and other situations it's kind of hard to figure out how do you really exert yourself if there's no resistance
so the forms of the forms of
a monastic training a group practice like today it's the forms are somewhat challenging and so not too difficult for you to find
subtraction to push on you actually most of your a funny lilt a little traction here or some of you might find it quite a bit of traction for you at the days over you feel like yeah i i made an effort there was effort there it was easy actually it was company it was fun even to work hard
a few hours and that's how i feel to they go here here we go here goes it's twenty people to see today
twenty one people to see today to to talk to give one lunch to eat
one body to try to prop up
kind of hard but
i'm happy to do it with you
i don't know much longer
but i feel fortunate to be able to make this effort and is kind of hard
but in a way it's easier than to try to find some other way to make that effort in some other venues not so easy to figure out where do i where am i getting challenged
and i am i for it
this one i clearly know from experience i'm up for it so it can just
it can just be turned up because i basically no okay okay all right okay because me in a brand new situation and as i feel that if a i don't know about this new situation
i'm sure it i'm assured the ropes are here so to speak i feel seasick


and the question comes to me as somebody who has been wise to that understanding of the priesthood naturally they have must have renounced their fame and game so why does this famous game coming to the place again for it doesn't come because they are
so because they've done this great thing called ah called renouncing fame and gain then they've just take them they slip into thinking they gain that containment
your mom i'm sure your favorite game fabulous
i'm in an area and i can i really am i mean
and somebody said to you while you mccain i see you're right to have enough
and illness or some kind like whole actually i kind of identifying with dan and kind of possessing that
cool cruel
which cool cool
said i didn't know if he's gonna be cool
the last thing pride
because you've done so well because you've been so sincere he worked so hard
and then you
become proud and think this is enough
and that's too bad but not the industry we can recover from our pride supposedly
and you many of your people
maybe i can say all your people have a lot
have material you can be proud of
jennifer privileged time yes
glad grant please i had a reaction i'm hearing you talk about pronunciation i'm hearing liberation and freedom
yeah read it which says it it says moving says renunciation and attaining liberation
renunciation one statement his renunciation he is realizing truth that's one statement or another one his renunciation is he
okay the way
he doesn't say acted the sentence i didn't have an english word isn't it it's chinese right leaving home attaining the way
renunciation attaining the way
so again in in a staying at home and attained way in silent staying home there has to be renunciation to
some both cases it just set the form or concrete
ah leaving home as post is is there in one case but in both cases renunciation attaining away way renunciation realizing the true realizing the truth
but what i feel about that is letting go of fame game
of the confines of the ego guess is part of that process yes so is cancer free and an opening in a know expanding yeah self and away right then then then a negative
another way to say it is studying the self in attaining the way
are learning the self and attain the way
and using the precepts has a way to study the self
attaining the way
and you can say it's not negative you can say is my positive for you can say is transcending negative and positive
the begging bowls or buddha
is that an image
that's that's game you know a thing e a monk has to learn to ask for support without turn again anything
and i ain't it
a person is not literally taken from a monk should do the same where they should offer their work as a gift
so the monk offers his bowl has a gift
if he makes a request as a gift without expecting the gift to come lay person should also offer her herself her work as a gift without expecting to gain something
the game to sustain yourself
yeah i saw i would say you don't you don't need to gain to sustain yourself when a baby you could say when a baby receives milk the baby gains the milk you can say that so we're talking about teaching the baby to suck on the tit without trying to gain the milk
and babies babies were to it is that their work is to wiggle and poop and eat and cry and laugh and wiggle and so on and get rashes their work is that kind of work everybody has to work everybody is working
so we're all working were all working the question is are we working skillfully
and part of working skillfully is to make our work gift and looking to see
when you came here today you've been working you're working at you're sitting you're working you're walking you're working you're listening you're working you're questioning your working these are this is your work today
and are you doing this again something
if you are that's a problem
look at
he confess i was trying to get something out of the day
why was sitting to try to gain something i confess that i wasn't really giving myself to the practice of city i wasn't just sitting you're worshipping the buddha's wisdom by sitting i was trying to get some buddha's wisdom
but to sit
worshipping buddha's wisdom to sit for the sake of others you do get buddha's wisdom but to try to get buddha's wisdom is antithetical to buddhist wisdom so we have to learn
to devote ourselves to buddha's wisdom without trying to get anything for ourselves or for anybody
this is site called pronunciation of our usual approach
but you do work
you do work you you're going to work for the rest your life and but in all your work for the rescue life could potentially be a gift every bit of work you do for the rest your life could be a gift that you give to all of us and we will get back to you but if you give to us in it
and don't
mean it as a gift and you don't you try to get something back then you can induce an obstruction to realizing your generosity
which is too bad because you are asking reality you are generous
there are really giving yourself with no expectation in reality but in delusion we think we're giving ourselves to get something
do it
when we notice we're doing something to get something we just go and is a little bit collusion delusion to leave i'm trying to get something delusion corrupting the giving
about all body such as have noticed innumerable cases where they're giving was tainted were trying to get something
i've been noticing that in my giving since i was eight years old when i made a donation and i look to save my mother noticed
yeah so many times i've i gave something and i was little bit did anybody see me give it many many many many times
i gave but not really i was really giving to get reward
but now when i see that i just i just say how there it is tainted
giving know there was not giving trying to get game
so whether you're wearing this robe the big robe the medium-sized rogue or no robe
there's a possibility that you'll slip into trying to get something out of his life
and if you do there's something to confess and repent
and not try to give again without expecting anything one two three here you go
and you will be supported
you will receive livelihood for your for your work either way you're going to receive livelihood either way you're going to receive support
either way means you can try to gain from your work or if you don't try to gain from your work both ways you get supported by one way you'll be very happy you be
he should confess that and repent that get over it
and so should i
such a all