The Light of Buddha's Wisdom - Precepts of Compassion

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Buddha sheds the light of wisdom on the true nature of suffering, liberation, and the human mind, on the teachings of compassion, moral causation, and the whole phenomenal universe. This retreat offered an opportunity to receive, study, and contemplate Buddha's teachings on mind, precepts of compassion, and moral cause and effect. The discussions and contemplations were framed in the light of wisdom which is far beyond all discussion. Wonderful teachings were offered together with ways of not clinging to those teachings. There were periods of quiet sitting, walking meditation, oral teachings, and group discussions, with opportunities for individual interviews as time allowed.

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very much
as a way of review i wanted to mention again that i proposed to you that dumb
some people some humans and non-humans have minds which are somewhat poisoned by greed
hatred and confusion
but even now one might have a mind like that
one might know somebody that has a mind like that
all those beings who have minds like that
are supporting each other
and all those who are free of that kind of poisoning
the awakened ones
they are also supporting all the ones who have poisoned minds and the poisoned mind people are supporting
the enlightened people
we're all together
and also the people whose minds are more or less poisoned have the ability to do to have wholesome intention to have intentions which have you know basically the intention
to benefit life to protect life to not harm life
and you can't hear me
because it the park all the barking
would you do me a favor
yeah you fair day would you come up closer
didn't bring yeah
what are just are just come up into that space between between june

oh come come over here and anyway come closer
i'll speak up but i want you to come closer okay
would you mind
so i'm ah
even if your mind is somewhat poisoned by confusion or whatever
yeah it's still possible for eight an intention to arise in your mind
which is good in other words which will bring benefit
the beings
and also have and it's also possible of course in such a mind to have an intention where doesn't bring benefit that course
when you surprise your right
that with mind poisoned by greed hate and delusion you could you could imagine some kind of relationship
which might be harmful to you and others but which is true that that can happen and but the other thing can happen to the that still a positive intention can arise in your mind
okay that's kind of a review was it
it's a little surprising maybe to hear that a poison mind can give rise to a wholesome thought
it can know
you wanna know what is not surprising okay fine
yeah okay good good
and then the additional thing is that
if we if we get stiff around are positive intentions
or negative intentions
and also get tight around the positive consequences of our positive intentions the fruit of positive fruits
and also gets kind of stuck on negative fruits of the unwholesome actions that being stuck on this stuff
is somewhat of a problem
but then the main problem of it is that blinds us
but if we can learn a way to be generous and relaxed with these
processes with his intentions we can open to the light
which is beyond these intentions
then the next thing i wanted to move on to was to say that on
we were just started to talk about you know the activity of consciousness and again the activity of consciousness now now talking terms were sort of talking about the same thing but not calling your precepts the activity of consciousness is also called it's intention
activity which can be call it it's intention
can also be called it's will
can also be called it's volition
these are synonyms basically it can also be called its thinking
gay so every moment has it
every moment of consciousness has activity
on enlightened beings just have that kind of activity and
it's unclear
it has consequence
and it is moral
it's moral it's a moral aspect of consciousness it is actually the moral aspect of consciousness this the intention or the activity and also be can be called the story of the moment
and so now we have
ah we have a classic green opposite elizabeth sin and catherine's in anybody else
gordon wasn't it for a while but he came them up and down instead
anybody else nobody else in the classroom and and in class
i've asked stephen but you thought i was talking to you are you in the and classic green gulch no i didn't think so and stephen is neither am i
oh marjorie you're in it and dale okay so you mind if i go over some stuff that we party went over in class can you tolerate it if you get reborn got a snack

you want to close a glare ahead the from one
sorry faraday say the it's glaring on them
we cannot have it open in knees over here
okay well now we've got that taken care of
so i am so now
i'd like to mention something i mentioned at the beginning of the colon on classes last one
is that them
that has enough thanks
ah is it
some people do not notice the zen tradition talking that much about karma
but anyway it really does because zen is so concerned with stories and storytelling
and again storytelling
is karma
storytelling is kind of karma can be defined as a story
a story in your mind at the moment
it's the story telling function of your mind once again
i do not tell the stories in my mind
i do not make the stories in my mind
however i'm a person who has stories in his mind constantly
all beings create me
by the way this is a story about the creation of me all beings create me
three particular conditions are necessary for medium
be conscious and therefore be me
and then all beings also contribute to the stories that arise in my mind and some of the beings that give rise to the story to my mind our past stories
that i participated in so my past stories are not me
but i've had passed stories happened to me and those pastorius includes my present stories
so the nice stories i have about all of you from earlier today are affecting my present story
the present story in my mind the way i've seen our relationship
last last night and throughout the day that is affecting my current story about our relationship
our friendship and practicing together
gay in other words my story of our friendship and practicing together influences my present story of our friendship and practicing together so those are being so stars are beings that contribute to the story in my mind i not can trip i'm not making the story i am receiving the story
and i'm giving you the story i receive it and give it i don't make it
however i contribute to your stories and the story i have now will contribute to further stories
so this is a story about how stories work how they arise and how they effect other stories and is therefore a story of moral causation because stories have moral consequence
the stories in your mind have moral consequence
and they also arm in themselves also moral consequences
so and a lot of than stories are about people who are who have stories
heather was
their stories about people
who have doors
and their stories about people sometimes who are not tight around their stories
and who have not been tied around their stories for a long time and therefore because they weren't tight with their stories they are now called teachers
because they see the light in their stories
and they see the light and other people but they meet people who are tied around their stories so some people in the stories come to the story with a story holding their story tightly other people are not holding their story tightly and the ones who are not holding the stories and see the light in the stores interact with the ones who are
still holding the stories and don't see the light
and through the interaction
everybody in the partnership both of them realize freedom from the story
realize freedom
from the story realize the light in the story
realize the light in the karma realized the light of the precepts
and therefore they're free
some ten stories the one who seems to be free
he's not successful in helping the other person become free
sometimes it's and stories that one was free interacts with the one who's not and the one who is free suddenly becomes caught by the story and the one who is not free becomes free
because of the kindness of the one who was free becoming stuck
so the other one can become free
this one comes seeing the light this one comes seeing the darkness other words they see
how their stories stuck
it's dark but they don't see the darkness so when they meet the teacher the teacher helps them see the darkness and when they see the darkness and accepted they see the light
so i told to stories at the beginning of the koran class
one that's from supposedly
thirteen hundred years ago and one that's from thirty six years ago
and so these are stories were again for we can look for the light of wisdom and we can also see about the compact that the practice of compassion and we can also see about moral causation and
someone to the stories are are ways for us to exercise what we've been talking about so far
and i apologize beforehand because one of the stories has some kind of aggressive behavior in it
so if if if well i'm this story you start to feel uncomfortable and you'd like me to stop for a little while so you can you know relax with the story let me know
if guide sir
what is it
it's hot rated r
some violence
some graphic sex

and i also want to tell you before him to help me not forget is that actor we told these stories
i asked people than later and if sit in the next class i asked people if they could see themselves reflected in the story because these are these are stories from the past zen stories from the past but then the thing is can you see yourself in these stories can you see yourself rift
effective in his stores can these stories be a mirror for you
maybe i should have told you that before i told it but anyway now you know that you possible to see yourself in these stories
that's part of what therefore so here's this
this teacher in china name one bowl
ah an important zen master and china
a monk came to the temple name lindsay
ah and he practiced in the temp over three years
and after that time the head monk
his name was mojo
noticing that he'd been there all this time and hadn't come to ask a question he would you move closer set please
who is it okay he could put your chair right there next to stephen between stephen and

i didn't i wasn't i wasn't accusing you of that yet
are you or your nice comfortable okay
so the head monk mojo sees this wonderful person named lindsay
and he says have you gone to see the teacher be going to have to teach her about the teaching
i want a part of them practices
he is
looking inward and checking out
the activity of your mind looking inside to see what your intention is moment by moment keep a track of your attention keep a tragic of your attention okay
look at it watch it is it good is it not is it wholesome or unwholesome you know
watch that that's
that's how you will see the light is by looking at your intention
as part of practice give close attention to your intention give close attention to the activity of your mind but another part is and practices to go see the teacher and ask about the dharma ask about the teaching
but also that
that that word ask can also be translated as listen so going ask the teacher or go listen to the teacher as other part of practice
so lindzey was probably doing the first time i think so
because he was very good monk head monk whose also became a great teacher saw his this very good monk who is like doing his work
keeping track of his what was going on with him
but he wasn't going to see the teacher because things were going so well with him he didn't think he needed to
i don't need to see i'm i'm fine i'm going on so everything's good here and i'm relaxed within all that
head monk said you should go ask him
he should go ask him something and lindsay so what should i ask him he said ask him what the true essential meaning of the buddha dharma is
ask him what the true essential meaning of the buddha's teaching years but a buddhist truth so lindzey went and asked him
and before he could finish the question one more hit him
and later on the head monk said how did you go
lng said he hit me
and the head monk said are you should go ask him again

don't tell the story in san luis obispo
so he went and asked again end
he immediately hit him
and then again the head monk som
and said
how did it go and he said he hit me
how much at all
he should go ask him again
and he did
and again
one though here

now you may wonder what's he laughing about somebody's headings somebody
that's because i know the punchline

i'm laughing because i know the punchline
i didn't mean that as a pilot i didn't mean it as a parent i wasn't laughing because of that
you got it before i did
i'm laughing because it looks like somebody's not been nice to somebody but he really is and i know that that's going to turn out that way it's just what i think it's so funny that it looks like he's not been very nice
it's funny so
so that's thirty three times
and the head the head monk asked him three times and he said three times they hit me but now lindsay says i'm leaving
has we saved his best i had it

that's why it doesn't say it's also we can interpret that but anyway that's pretty says that as oh okay well but you should go say goodbye you should take your leave of him
and lindsay says okay
and then i add from a distance
out of reach
and then the head mcgrew goes to the one bow before lindzey gets there and tells him he's coming he's leaving he's coming to say goodbye to you so you know take it easy on him
help me
one was is
i will
sir lindsay comes and says i'm leaving one was as don't go too far don't leave don't go too far just go over the mountain to the other side and as a person over there i'd like to see his name's die you
i think you'll be able to help you
so it goes to see die you when it gets there
you says where you from he says one mo one bomb means the place and also the name of the teacher of the place i'm from one low he said well what a one both say he said three times i asked him what the true essential meaning of the buddha
teaching was in three times a hit me
and i don't know if i was at fault or not
and thou you says
one ball exhausted himself
for your sake
he gave you his whole grandmother mind
and you come and asked me if you're at fault or not
he gave you everything and use it wondering about whether you're at fault or not in the presence of that compassion
hamlin she said didn't say well you hit me instead he woke up
he had his great enlightenment
he was somewhat enlightened before
that's why they head monk sent him
he'd already seen the light a little bit but his own study but that isn't enough he had to go to teach her to and when he went to as the teachers at teacher pushed him to a deeper level and he couldn't he couldn't go there so he wanted to leave
so long so you'd die you told him tip them off
and he woke up
and then i guess he showed his you know he showed his awakening in some way maybe by crying maybe by boeing i didn't know
what's up and he said now i see there's not much to one boast zen
the one boys teaching
and i you says you bed wedding brett
a few minutes ago you were whining about whether you are rock wrong or not and now you're saying there's not much to won both teaching
and he grabbed him and held him and said speak speak
mng punched him three times in the ribs bom bom bom
and die you let him go said okay
all right
but one boys your teacher i have nothing to do with this
so he goes back to one bomb
and when it gets back one boy says coming going coming going will there be no end to this
and then she said
it's just because it's hall because of your great kindness and compassion
and one boy said what happened
and he said well i went to the you like it told me and i told him what happened and i was whining about it all and he told he tipped me off to how kind of were and i i saw it i solved the kindness which i couldn't see before
and so now i'm enlightened
and ah
one boy said
that old guys too talkative
the next time i see him i'm and again my good spot
and lindsay said
why wait for swatting
and he swatted one ball
and one boy said all this wild fellow thinks he can pull on the tigers whiskers i
and then lindsay screamed at him
and one boy says attendant
take this guy to the meditation hall
so here a story about you know
what then was or would compassion was or whatever
which made it made him feel like he didn't know he didn't need to go see the teacher he was happy with his story he was doing pretty well but you didn't seem think he had a degree he didn't they get will see a teacher even though there was a teacher
actually more than one teacher but there was a big teacher and the head monk was a great teacher to have been one boy was there and didn't think you need to go see him
that was his story and then when you finally went
he didn't like what the tissue was doing that was a story
any stuck to it
and because he stuck to it he wanted to go someplace else
away from this story get away from this story
but then he got previous story and when he got free of his story
he was greatly enlightened
and then he was like you know as you say quite term
no quite able to express himself
with big teachers
he wasn't afraid anymore
i'm not attached anymore to any stories
and then the next story how wait a little bit and i wanted to tell you some reflections i got
so i asked people do you see yourself reflected in his story and various people came up in and expressed how they could see themselves how they can see their story in the story of lindsay
these are the stories of the enlightening enlightening stories can you see your story in these stores
more i know in some way like this is my story in that story and that's you know so one person told me i thought was interesting
more than one but there are several stories and maybe
ah dale and marjorie and elizabeth and catherine can if you can remember some other interesting reflections let me know but one i heard which wasn't expressed in class was the person said
that in the story she saw her own hiding
so the great lin g right
she saw him hiding how he was but she saw our own hiding in his not going to see the teacher and he is not coming forward that's why i put this question here for you to come forward to encourage you to
come forward and not hide
gay and we had the head monk may come and have some of you to come up here pretty soon
so she's anyway
she saw herself in the story that she kind of stays back and doesn't go for it
and then she says she also saw
that when she does come forward when when she comes out of hiding and comes forward
she often gets hit
and then when she gets hit she often goes back into hiding
but it's not so nice to be in hiding for so long as nice for a while to be in a closet
like my little dog likes to go into catherine's closet
she's a sweet little thing totally but she's also kind of scared so she likes to go on cats have a closet
potential to come out
if she doesn't get hit but she's afraid she will get hit
when she's she's got some problems is dawn
she's like a really neurotic dog and so of course we love her because she is
that's nice guy
this missouri
and so anyway this person is hiding she comes out she says her can keep coming out getting hit and going back
but then she further sought saw that she comes out
and the place she gets hit
is the place she's holding shouldn't a hit at random she gets hit right at the spot where she's holding
she saw that in the story
but that was really good to see that
when i told the next no history story that occurred
like i said thirty six years ago
thirty six years in two months
ah so it's march
nineteen seventy one and suzuki roshi
asked me to be as attendant on a trip to portland where he's going to do a retreat
weekend retreat like this
and i know and pretty soon after the plane takes off he says i'm gonna teach you to calm people in japanese
the japanese had different counters for different types of things like mostly in english we say like
one bottle of beer two bottles of beer three bottles of beer one person to person three persons one piece of paper to papers paper trip but and or one book to book three books by japanese they have a different counter for counting books and the and cylindrical objects like bottles and torsos and
and flash flood things and people and so on they have different counters
so it's a kind of ancient thing i think i think in english we used to have that more to
different counters for different types of things
like we had you know we also have different quantities like bushels and things like that but they were used for
ah you know originally for a physical correlate their counting things pound
a foot
a yard
and so on furlough on these are like physical correlate measurement things that we've kind of lost them
the root for an hour into like metric which doesn't have much body in it
anyway the japanese still have these counters but he has been to teach me how to count people and japanese and i said okay
whatever he wants to teach me fine and i also mentioned is a class and i'll tell you to know i'm gonna teach you something that zen master taught me
to direct transmission
and you might think was something else he taught you that yoga teachers remove you don't anyway he taught me this is and i said fine and then so that ah
one person is story

a person by the ways is one of the ways to pronounce person is stole
stop each don't ask means each to destinies good person he good stole person
des is it's a good person each buddhists
so story is really to stop
which looks like he's pretty we write it h i t all
looks like hito but the way say stock store so one person or study study
two persons for toddy
three persons is sunday
four persons is yoni five godine rokinon she janine hace name kooning toll
now do you want to learn this or just want me to finish the story
ha faced are you to my learn what i learned no i didn't think so
actually i didn't really want to either symes you can let you be like i was before i was enlightened and leave you there
so anyway we go through that until i can kind of do it
and that and he says can keep doing it so i'm counting away story for tardy saw nino nine godine rogan in teaching in hajime cooney in tow story for toddy
sun mean your name go need broken in teaching mean how can you include and top are doing that and he goes to sleep
and when he goes to sleep i stopped doing it
and when i stopped doing it he wakes up
and when he wakes up he says story
so i got story daddy son nino need go near rogan and janine hi janine koonin top story of toddy son nino name go near rock a new teaching how you need to procure need talk and it goes to sleep again
so i stop
he wakes up and he says story
so i say start for daddy sunny your go named rocko in teaching in hajime and crew in tow and i just keep doing that can he goes back to sleep but then i keep doing it
for the rest of the way and parlin is not that far from san francisco so it wasn't that bad
and as you see as a result of that i kind of know how to count people in japanese
and i was taught that by suzuki roshi
this person
in the history of western buddhism spent his time teaching this guy to count in japanese
and it worked and so now i can teach you if you want
because he taught me
but also want to mention that while at the part of reason why stop was because i really think that important
i was learning japanese and in i
and it sounds happy to learn how to count people and japanese but
i didn't think as i didn't think learning japanese was set important thought i was sort of important because he wanted me to learn japanese but i thought was really important to learn zen
but the zen master wanted to take me to count people on japanese you didn't want to teach me
then text although sometimes he did but this kid this time he didn't
maybe he didn't know his antics
set the heart sutra may chris said dumped cursor okay we're in your heart sutra
kanji his eyeballs that's a gorge and on ya harder than a oh okay that's is in text word workers to that makes him but he didn't do that he does naturally taught me that and i was thinking
what has got to do with then now
where's my idea my story of zen would be zen master don't go around teaching zen priest account people and japanese they are other things to teach them
so this has become such a good story for me because
even now some of you although you people don't have as much problem is some other people
but some people might think that what's going on here they might think this isn't zan in other words this is not my idea of zen some senators if they are in this room nine they would think this is not my idea of zen
you know like
look at that woman's gonna lay sticking out this is not zen
and she's taking her legs are just to see if somebody will accuse her of not being zan for doing
i'm not going to i'm just starting some other people were here someone enlighten people some on your life zennstrom save save at practicing and also you're you're not practicing zen that they would say sitting up there with that thing on your knees
they have an idea was then is and some of you are fulfilling and some of your art
and some of them will have some ideas about with zen in which you are not fulfilling or which you are some of them are tight around that and some of them aren't
even the greatest msg might have some idea about what zen is
like the greatest and most my pretty same as you might think zen is teaching this guy the count people japanese that with zen is and maybe he was kind of hung up on that so he woke up and mimic keep doing it
but maybe he wasn't hung up on it maybe just thought this is a good thing to teach him so i will
and if he doesn't do it i'll keep encouraging him to do it but not because i'm attached to it
but just because he's my boy and i want him to learn this that's all
and if it doesn't so what
how does hit him
and it won't hurt him because he's twice as big as me so no problem
but there is a little thing in our mind you know is this how we doing the practice of the buddha
are we doing the practicing
demons or we hung up what's our story whatever a story is that story has more consequence whatever it is has more consequence
and if you tighten around it
the more consequence still occurs however if you don't tighten around it the moral consequences also do occurs however you don't tighten around it
while you're studying moral cause and effect you will realize that isn't that there's no self in the causal process
that the self just like the self in the process the the independent existence of the process is unattainable just like you can't get a self and cognition itself you can find a in cognition and you can't find itself in your story you can find yourself and your story you're sorry does not have this
self your intention does not have a self
consciousness doesn't your intention doesn't and this has stuck your have with you all the time to study
and we also believe that our consciousness does have a self we think somebody owns the consciousness somebody's doing the consciousness we think there's a independent self there if you study this with an open mind you will see that that doesn't have a self and you will see that nothing has a self and
then the light will come flooding in and you will see how to live your life
and you will be happy because you can see the truth that was always there but because we weren't looking at it
because we weren't paying close attention to our
we didn't notice it
where didn't not our activity and we didn't notice the selflessness of activity
and this that the story of me on the airplane with that
very kind teacher
keeps unfolding more and more light
more and more showing me it's not what i used to think it was
and also again height
do you know i hadn't seen before my story with my teacher reflected in the story of one bow and lindsay nice now by continuing to study these these stories the old stories and my stories i keep seeing more and more connection between my stories and the old stories
and the more you see the relationship between your story in the old stories the more the more you get ready for the light
the more you see your stories and other people's stories
most you see your stories and other living people's stories and other ancient peoples stories
and the starting an ancient people stories come into your stories and this that the light starts to develop
could you come up here by the way
can you say little more
what it's like paying
yeah it's like noticing what story you're telling about what's going on right now
and then you know like in about twenty minutes i'm mean as probably say okay it's dinnertime
and then and then you courtesy do you have a story that it's dinnertime when i tell you it's dinnertime like if i tell you at dinnertime now you might say well that's not my story
you might see that you have a different story
or i might save dinnertime
and you might say oh i have that story too
somebody else may say no that isn't what the schedule says it says a dinners at five thirty
and then someone else brings a piece of paper and it has no sees this as five i don't care what it says on the chart i know it's at five thirty that your story so i'm not going to go over there now
because it's not dinner time so would you understand about when dinner is will affect your intention about when to have dinner and whether to go over there or not if you have a story that i'm somebody who loves you and appreciate you
you know than your intention might be around to take custom
or you know
i guess when i think of intention i think of
directed yeah yeah it's it is the direction of your action so if you see someone and you have a story that to your good friend the direction of your action would might be to augment and take care of that good friendship if you have a story that someone who is dangerous aggressive and
disrespectful you might have an intention to get away from them
but your intention to get away from is formed by your picture of your relationship
sometimes you might have a picture that person's
like that and your intention is like to freeze into iraq
hey can be inaccurate
it can be inaccurate
it can be inaccurate but even if it's accurate
it's not the actual relationship
so one of the consequences of are creating stories about our relationships
is that we're always vulnerable to believe in that the story is the relationship
so it's you know it's true if you had a story that you that i was a good friend that would be a true story would be accurate however my friendship is not your story about it
so there's accurate inaccurate but also all stories do not reach what they're about however there was based on what they're about
but they generally speaking they cover what thereabout they obscure it
and that's why we what they're about these your actual relationship and your actual relationship with people is enlightenment your actual relationship with people is light
does your actual relationship but we can't deal with that
because we pass we haven't dealt with it as a consequence we tell stories about our are luminous relationship with each other and the stories
make it so we can get a handle on our relationship so we can talk to our mother about it i just met this guy is really nice got a good job he wants to marry me
you either says okay but you see you meet somebody without a story said she says what's the matter with years so i don't know i'm just like bathed in light
she's worried about years
tell me what this is about okay i met this person is really nice guy he's really kind and he's got a good job and she says okay
got the story
he just made that ups to you know for your mother's benefit right you really like see the light it's the light that turns you on
and then but then i want that would make do with that put a story on it
and you can talk to people about it and make can refer back to it but it protects you from this
the radiance
that's you know you can't get ahold of and can't get under around or winner from

story is it like a question mark
you turn your ear to hear your own story yeah yeah turn your ear turn your eye
be aware that when you go from here over to the dining-room it's because you have a story that you're you're acting on a story you're acting on the story that has seemed like a reasonable thing to do to eat it this time or you have some other story like you have a stomach ache and you think i've got a good and good to a dinner tonight
so this direction based on your understanding based on your cognitive version of your relationship with your of your body to the universe it's basically your body first of all your body in the universe your body and your foe your body and gravity or body in keeping it going
because we need that for consciousness and life so we have these stories about this relationship this dynamic dance and it has implications were seen by directions actually that you're not going anyplace she just picture a direction and then you picked your another direction and you put them together like those mickey mouse things you know those cartoons that you think your
so we we create these stories and story after that story and then there's a story line
and we go through this and we live this and we will you you probably will use stories to get over to the dining room and back you have a story about whether it's a good idea to come back tonight at seven o'clock and sit again some of you have a story this wonderful idea and you will come some others who have the idea you're not sure but to the maybe i should come anyway all
while everybody's got different story about dinner and tonight we all do you can can you all have one and you can look inside and see what it is
you see the story is i don't want to come back tonight story as i do want to come back the story is it be a wonderful even story is i think it's better if i just went and sat in the hot tub or whatever everybody's got their stories and some people will directly enact them some people will say that a
bad story i'm not going to say anybody saying anything about to anybody about this story this is a bad story they should not be put to words this is a bad thing i'm not going to put it into action you know you can think of some bad story like these are terrible people i hate them they're totally unsupported me and i don't want to
having to do with him again
but you might know want to act on that because you can sync that's a bad story and i am almost believing it and if i believe that story i probably would do not leave mount madonna without even saying goodbye to rob
and he told me want to save bias or probably
kind of a problem i got here so maybe i should like lighten up on this story but i can see it as very diseases season bomb situation that's my story but i don't want to believe that story i want to be generous towards that story and then you do and then suddenly hopefully
you don't believe it and you'd also don't believe another story you just experience enlightenment by seen that the story is not true
because somebody says all those people actually we're totally kind to you
when you wake up
i once had to story about a person i was talking to her up and toss a hero i was talking to her and i said to i don't believe the story i have about you i don't believe what i'm thinking of you i just sent over and over because i was really on the verge of believing a terrible story about her and i just kept saying i do not believe it
and it can have helped me from to not believe it and therefore everybody survived
and but she heard me sing i do not believe the story so she's like okay no don't
but you can see the story and your story is your intention you can see your and can you can see i want to hurt that person or i want to help that person i want to assist that person i want a question that person there's a story there there's an intention and
we're not telling ourselves the truth if we wanted important
yeah i've had you when you first start looking
you're basically again you're looking at something which is basically to more want to to some extent it's actually covering what's really what you want to see it's covering the truth
karma karmic formations are covering the truth and your current story is covering the truth
so it's a problem karma is a problem
if you study it though
you can start seeing through it you'll see those cracks in it you'll see there's an inconsistency it when you first start studying it it isn't that you should study and and believe what you see it isn't that you should believe the story like i want to help people believe what you really do want to help people you do want to help people but this story of helping people is not the way you want to
help them to you not to believe your story of how you want to help people's how you want to help people it's just a story of how you want to help people and the more you look at your story about which how you want to help people you'll see that it's not really true
it's a story about how you want to help people and when you want to hurt people it's not really true when you want to hurt people that's a story about how you want to help people
nobody wants to hurt people nobody
there's nobody who wants to do that
everybody wants to help people everybody wants to be generous that's what we want we want to be happy not miserable hurting people his misery is fear is choking ourselves to death
so whatever story you have a story of helping people find that maybe have some good consequences
to help you see that that's not a true story and see the truth negative stories are harder to see that they're not true
actually that's because negative stories usually are living in inattention
they thrive when you don't look at the positive stories actually
they get more positive when you look at them and the more positive they get the closer they get to taken their veil off and showing you what they're really about other words it's a positive story it's a story about how you want to help people but it's actually a veil over how you want to help people negative stories we usually don't look at and
then they get more and more negative and more and more obscuring of how you want to have good relationships if you start looking at him they start to loosen up and become more positive
they the negative stories get more and more negative the less you look at them the positive stories become one more positive the more you look at them but your vision is sharper in both cases
and then you'll see that no story is really
reaching what it's about so eurostar your stories of our relationship my stories of our relationship even though today they're pretty nice
there actually covering our relationship but if you give them close attention and then even go talk to somebody about them
you have a chance of not believing them anymore court you might say of understanding rather than believing them don't believe your stories
study them and understand them when you understand them you'll understand that they're empty of a self that they're full of light
that and then you see through them into their actual ungraspable
on reportable
relationship with the world that your mother doesn't want to hear about
i'm sure a mother is a zen master
which she actually is used on isn't that's not your story
okay you see how to find your intention
you can find it but once again and trying to say one more time she says how do you know if it's true
it's not
but that doesn't mean you don't see how it looks and the more you look at it
the more you'll see it's not true
until you see it's really totally not true
and yet it's studying how is not true will be the way you'll see the truth that the story is about
so you want to believe what you find his true you need to understand what you find and you'll understand what you find isn't that is not true it's just a covering they gives you access to the light because the story has lightened it it has the truth in it
you're welcome
loved hearing you talk about stories
i'm surprised people aren't pointing to the ceiling can you hear him
i now they getting so tired of not raising their hands
just thinking about how is my story
they're just thinking about dinner
love hearing you talk about stories over the years and one thing that's been confusing for me is as i heard you talk about suzuki roshi
i thought of that story that is your relationship it doesn't cover it so that in a way
what doesn't make sense to me as is putting it is like a duality between their stories about reality reality it's not a duality but they're not the same
but that becomes to me i guess that becomes know
your story about your relationship with that is your religion no not story about it
how's that different than
you a nice
it feels like it just gets folded into the relationship separation between story about relations right that's right that's right i didn't say separation i'm not saying separation but you are i'm telling a story which is a you're telling me that there's a separation
okay that's a story i'm telling and i'm saying there isn't a separation and you're saying there isn't a separation to but you're saying that i'm saying there's a separate issue but i'm not isn't they're not separated and the story does get folded into relationship are actual relationship gets our actual relationship or actual luminous mutual support
of each other evolved by the stories we tell each other
so the storytelling were doing does feet into our relationship but the stories are not our relationship
but they affect our relationship they contribute to everything does but we don't think everything is the truth
we don't think the salt would put on our egg is a truth but it contributes to the taste of it but we think our story of our life together he's actually what's going on sometimes
because that's what we you know that's our karma that's that's that motivates our speech like i think you're my friend so i say thanks for being my friend
if you know but i might not believe that and i'm still say thanks for being my friend
i we have to look and see due to my caught by my story that were friends there's ways of testing
present i can say you can say you're not my friend and i can say wow
you know where i can get a fight with you because you say we're not friends when i think we are
so we you can tell me i can tell you we can test ourselves to see for of are stuck to our stories about our relationship
and if we're stuck to him than we than we can address that by being patient and generous with being stuck and then we be less stuck know i'm more patient with the our stories and for more patient with our stories we can wake up in the middle of storytelling to realize
that our stories are not our stories that are stories or other people's stories and other people's stories who didn't use to be our stories are now our stores so then we start realizing how we're working together
so the captain said that your story she thought my story wasn't her story
right but she could have said that's history but that's my story but that is that kind of thing you know whose story is it
you know
who are we what are we in storytelling and studying stories and been generous with them opens them up we start to see the light
but there's no duality between
the there's no duality between the fact that we tell stories in our relationship with each other
we're we're storytellers who
to support storytellers and we're storytellers who support storytellers to be caught by their stores
the of people get uncaught by their stories
and you love listening to the stories
but i must say as any separation between anything i would always say the story that we'd tell the story of separation
and that's as you're unhappy story and it's only a story there's only a story of separation without the story of separation is no separation separations are only mental constructions
it's reasons for them like electromagnetic radiation is part of the reason why we have a story where separate because of because because there's a story that because of electromagnetism good because their electric magnetic radiation i can't walk through you
because of the you know that electric fields around our bodies you won't let me through even though there's plenty of room for us to walk through each other but there's magnetic fields around us gravitational fields knowledge to interfere with us walking through each other even though actually
certain beings can fly right through me and right through you
and then they feel like they don't feel like or now i'm going through robin i'm going through nd they just say i'm going through the andy robb area that are not which is which are you know who's who they don't see any separation they just know we're both here which we are where here you and me no separation

iraq and one little question i would leave you with a before dinner is the question of do you see yourself
reflected in lindzey
not one are you go see the teacher
that was quick
so look at that about whether how you see yourself in in his relationship with longbow how do you work with that and then we can talk more this evening
did you wanna say something to for dinner
have a question it's getting kind of post dinner so could could you wait can you come and ask me individually if you want to
but it is it can wait is it does it affect a whole group
okay what is it

well it better

this is a little odd this is out of scale this is too much for his five o'clock so you said it was sure it's getting to big okay so later hooray
thank you did you say yes small announcement i think
this now
she was she wants to make an announcement this is regarding packing up all packing up
not with down i would like us to be out of our rooms by ten o'clock tomorrow so in case someone wants to start
so by ten
our in your car's your stuff in your car you can get audio cars and
put your stuff
put your stuff in the cars and bring your body here without your stuff
ha not separate know an odd separate just your stuff in the car and you're here and you're not separate from them but they're in the car not in your room
and being in the car is not separate from being in the room but they're in the car because they want to clean your that's the story
ah leave your stuff in the room and they'll clean your car
but then you have to but can you help so leave your car here and we can take a bus back to some to where we're from
they might have a good dinner so please
do what you want to do with that