The Mind of Enlightenment 

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for several weeks we've been
meditating on
mind of enlightenment
handling and at the beginning
we distinguish between a conventional mine of enlightenment and an ultimate mind of enlightenment
given mostly working on the conventional mind of enlightenment
not tonight i'd like to start talking about the ultimate mind of enlightenment
the mind of enlightenment which is enlightenment itself
we've talked about how that
the conventional mine of enlightenment
the arises in a living being
in the form of a mind which
resolutely aspires to realize awakening for the welfare of all beings
this is a
a wonderful
conventional mind
or relative mind
it's a deluded mind
that aspires to the most wonderful thing
the ability to benefit all beings
how that mine still from the beginning and all the way along
still thinks in a diluted way
it thinks in terms of
things existing and not existing
how this way of thinking in the language that speaks this way is up
a conventional it's a truth
and the first five perfections the first five but he sought for training methods giving
ethical discipline patience
enthusiasm and
concentration on bodhicitta
han the mind of enlightenment
there's still some they're still thinking in terms of existence and non-existence
i now we we've seen that in in the meditation process
by meditating on the equality of self and other
and by met by concentrating on exchanging ourself with others
we will purify the mind
oh that a clean to the south side or the other side
we purify the mind of self cleaning
and we get the mind ready
and willing to open
to the such notice of self and other
to the suddenness of mind and objects
we get ready to be open to the way things really are
the will get ready to open to the ultimate truth about things
we get ready for this the six training method and bodhisattvas called the perfection of wisdom and the perfection of wisdom
is a non dual wisdom
which has as its object ultimate truth
but it's a non dual awareness of ultimate truth so it is the ultimate truth
it's focused on the dharma element the reality of things it's focused on the way things are and it is the way things are a wisdom which is the way things are
it does not think in terms of existence or nonexistence
it thinks in terms
the ultimate truth of emptiness
and this emptiness which it thinks in terms of and which it is
not do a with the emptiness which it is is an emptiness whose essence is compassion
the this this this ultimate truth this wisdom is born simultaneously
with compassion
but this
this boy jetta this ultimate bridgette
does not think that ultimate bodhicitta exists or does not exist
the relative body jet to think somebody egypt exists or does not exist and it wants it to if it's working for the realization of boy chatter but it's still thinks maybe that the body to that will be realized will then exist
still some duality there
so here we are developing now the perfection of wisdom the persian empire meta
which is the thorough ha
liberation how beings from suffering
so we say
form is emptiness
emptiness is form
farm is not different from emptiness emptiness is not different room for
emptiness and appearances
emptiness and conventional things like
the wonderful wonderful wonderful most wonderful conventional thing probably as bodhicitta the conventional body checked as the most wonderful conventional thing
but it's also just an appearance
but disappearance this is
is insubstantial
is empty of having any independent existence
so appearances illusory appearances and ultimate truth
inseparable and they're not the same or different
conventionally they're the same or different but
ultimately they're they're not the same or different
there united
emptiness is that emptiness is united with appearance
the the the interoperability of ultimate in conventional truth is the ultimate truth
the ultimate truth is that the ultimate truth is insubstantial
but the substantial from the truth which is
the same as the ultimate truth that conventional things are insubstantial
that ultimate truth also
he unites everything
makes everything
coming together
in one path and one practice
it's the yuneec breeze of reality
in realizing it the mind turns in ease and joy
to the welfare of all beings
the mine realizing it turns
with ease enjoy towards
the welfare of others
and we say aren't one of our ancestors says
the sitting meditation that i'm talking about is the dharma gate of repose and bliss
is the true gate of ease and joy
he's enjoy
in serving the welfare of others this is the sitting meditation
what you might call our school
but sounds very similar to what the perfection of wisdom
the sitting meditation of this school is the perfection of wisdom
the city sitting that we practice
is a conventional thing
we have to like
had this conventional thing that exists cause sitting
but this sitting in the score is united with the emptiness of the sitting
and the union of the emptiness of the appearance of the city and ultimate truth that is the actual
meditation and that is a true gate of working with ease and bliss for the welfare of all beings
the joyful devotion to all beings
and then and then teaching them emptiness so that everybody together well
suffering to the place it always wanted to be

so the perfection of wisdom follows
the concentration on body checked her but also the perfection of wisdom is concentrated
on being the perfection of wisdom the perfection of wisdom as really concentrated wisdom as concentrated on being reality reality when it's realize is actually concentrated
reality when it's not realized it's kind of like not it kind of disperse with the yuneec breeze of reality do you see it
if there's a slightest bit of flickering away from where we are there's any movement or noise if there's any dabbling in existence and non-existence we might miss it
and when we miss it
we have some problems
today i went to the department of motor vehicles
sometimes called d m v
he quite a few years ago i realized that almost all my problems had something to do with motor vehicles

you had a problem with a bicycle
even non motor vehicles
there was a recent thing
anyway i so maybe i maybe an earlier yoga room class i told you that my billfold was stolen from me at the community center no valley community center to anybody to hear about that somebody stole my wallet and mother told my this this bizarre backpack
years they stole his backpack
and in this backpack was my wallet
cell phone
a buddhist book called dependent core rising an emptiness
i was at first i was sad that die
i lost my wonderful dependent core arising an emptiness book but then i thought well maybe the people read it all
and become a great disciple the buddha
anyway a couple days later that i was get the community center right and i saw something look like this black bag and i said can i see that bag said she said oh that's my bag and a recent side and there was dependent core arising an emptiness but no wallet
so one of the things i had to do was get a new license
and guess when i went to get the license
and when i going to get the license they didn't pay me the money i lost
they asked me to pay them some money to give me a new license
and then the game you new license and then in my attempt to
go around the world teaching emptiness so that people will be happy i went through the security line and houston and
put my
driver's license my identification in one of those baskets and i haven't seen it since
so you know what you do then you go back to the dmv to visit again
and then you pay him some more money
he also wait in line for a little while
sometimes you
trusty assistant comes with you to make it easier on you
partly because i'll see you don't have a driver's license as she drives and sit next to you
and then while you're waiting people come up to you and taught you about buddhism
and the time goes by very nicely
you don't mind how long it's waiting cause you're studying dharma there in the dmv
and then you think hey this isn't so bad because here we are
an impromptu zen center
and you set to pay lot of money after giving it after giving the kitchen to set to pay some money
so i get the license

but i don't really get the license when i get is a temporary license because they're going to mail me the real one with my picture on it so i leave and then i go about my business traveling around a goatee i go to germany and switzerland sweden and and i'd come back
when i get and i get back i kind of remember shouldn't my license be here by now
thought crosses my mind i went and looked through the mail there's no license
so then i go to the airport recently pick up my grandson and they point out to me that my temporary license has expired
so i can't have my grandson
they say well as the please so they let me go it to get my grandson even though my like my temporary license had expired
and i had an all license from my picture on it
and is a big you know it's up to the point of the initials or that plays t something
tsa it's up to the tsa people they let me through
so i got the grandson
so now called dmv and i said that it hasn't come yet would just send me another one
it's can't do it
you gotta go to dmv

so today i went to dmv on my way to
b e r et cetera
so i go in there i'm waiting in line to get a number
and and a woman says to me ram
i look and there she is an old friend
did she says how are you i said fine except i'm here
and she said i miss that would just say it again i said how aren't you said worship mystery that again how i said fine except them here he said or now i get it
then she said
you're here to help me
that's why you're here
you know it
i woke up i was there i was a dmv to help her
and that's where she was a mean if a few the dmv she's become blush she's good she's a bus driver so she goes to dmv a lot
she's gonna be a a muni driver she said and that's the she said that's the goal of all the bus drivers as to work from muni it's really a good job
so then me
again you know i just we together in the whole thing you know i was g she was g one eighty three and i was g one eighty four
and as she led several people
go ahead of her because she was no hurry because she was with me
i remember it
what the point is for here for the but we go to dmv for the people in dmv doesn't matter where we are
because the people in dmv are emptiness an emptiness of the people in dmv
and if you practice that when you go there you helped the people in dmv witches the dharma gate repurposing bliss
but you have to study and practice otherwise people won't remind you of that at dmv they would say you're here for your here to help me you're not here to waste your time you're here to help me can you tell you that you don't worry no problem you're you're you're helping me
by being here and the other people were were listening to us they were it was helping them to plus she was letting people go ahead of us they like that too

and even some people who were ahead of us talk to me because they came and talked mayonnaise and after talking with a left dmv they realized you didn't need to be there hundred and why
this guy asking the question chance at all i like i'd write the bigger he left everybody moved up so
happiness is kind of a cold word and if you think a better word than others other words
vastness the void
but this emptiness this ultimate truth
the coldness of it is that kid don't get to get a hold of it
it's essence is in life is a compassion
so now for this class and a night class we're gonna be and also remembered that an emptiness
realized emptiness is a wisdom it's not the wisdom that knows the emptiness
the object of this wisdom is emptiness but the wisdom is not fun not something in addition to the emptiness so the wisdom itself that this ultimate
transcend dental wisdom transcendent super great wisdom itself is not something you can get ahold of either
it's insubstantial and it's the most wonderful insubstantial thing
because it's the insubstantial thing that realizes the insubstantial city of everything and makes wherever you are
where you're supposed to be and wherever you are is helping people and helping people wherever you are is emptiness
that emptiness so no matter where you are nothing can stop you can be helpful there's not there's no form that has a substance that can stop you stop the compassion working
this is the ultimate body chipped the boy to do that works every place
we can just get distracted from it is all
or not be ready for it or not be willing to open to it the unique breeze of reality
wherever you go you can wake you up and remind you of the wonderful work of of of helping people
just by being yourself
really being yourself
so that's an introduction to the ultimate body checked a meditation so now
we try to
continue that the relative minute meditation and voyager to continue to try to remember
that others
whether you are into their existence or not
our yourself
and keep checking to see if you're ready to change places with people to keep checking if you ready to let have people go ahead of you in line
are you ready for that are you ready to with other people to gets in line quickly
wishing for them to be first
so those practices are still
ah part of the deal because the relative body checked it doesn't go away with it we still need the relative body chitter
and you need to teach other people how to have relative bodhicitta conventional bodhicitta
now reckon is now we're gonna bring up the ultimate body chipped enlightenment itself
which is never separate from the relative but chapter which works along with the ultimate
okay yes
you are

hi year you want to say didn't matter i didn't say didn't matter
i don't think i did well you got to take you check
i think i said no matter where you are no matter no matter where you are doesn't mean it doesn't matter where you are
no matter where you are what really matters is you remember that no matter where you are this is the place to practice
that this is the place is not better to be a dmv is not better than the yoga room
any weights like is close now said the source the the dmv parking lot isn't better than the yoga room
for zen center
it's that they're all
equal opportunities for awakening so but still then you might say well then why go to a place where they were people tell you
that wherever you are
is a good place to practice and reason for going to that place is so you you've learn to be to be more undistracted from this teaching
that you'll be with people who will allow you to think that way and talk that way to some extent
you know and we'll teach you a little bit if you're too
sanctimonious or whatever but that will help you actually be more consistent
it in a relative in the conventional relative world we do mentioned the people that it is good to go places where people will remind you that wherever you are is a good place
and when they remind you you can also remind them we remind each other and pretty we more and more remember or yeah now this is the place to practice this is the place to practice these are the people to practice with not
let's leave the yoga room and go find some really good people to practice with or let's leave for the dmv and go to the yoga room where they're really good people are no
but still let's go be with people who remind us so
that the people in dmv reminded me so the dmv proved that it was a good place
and if you're in places where you don't we don't seem to remember very often
and you see some place where you think you might be able to remember more
it's okay to go there so you can remember that the place you left was a perfectly good place to remember that you couldn't
hey i saw i see two brothers with their hands trees i just learned today that job
and now i see the family resemblance
he has been

well the first part of such this is the one which are warmed up to the last few classes is the such for example of self and other is
you warm up to that by
reminding yourself that others or yourself and you warm up to that you get over your resistance to the such miss of self and other by seeing if you can exchange yourself with others because if such as of self and others is that they're not they have no substantial say
operation they appear to be separate
but the separation is an insubstantial appearance at the sadness of self and other and that's a subtler such to some mind and objects according to ah
one of the main cause of my on buddhism calm the mind only school
is that
the such as of objects is that there are inseparable from the knowledge of them from the mind which knows them that they're such nice
but another such nurses that objects have no independent existence
and that the appearance that they exist on their own
is an illusion is
it's an insubstantial a parents that the that they're out there on their own and they're out there on their owners can never be found

say it again to more your yourself
then what

and the fact that it's that way
is the such miss the consequence of that is that
the separation cannot be found
and that all the elements have no substantial existence
no no independent existence of future
so how can we keep focused on
how can we be focused on that
ultimate way things are this is our challenge
yes mark

well the first thing the comes to mind is
when you're in pain

right so so you're in a situation where you thought i'm not helping the arises and you feel pain so this is a good opportunity to help yourself
by being gracious and ethical and patient with your payments that how to deal with the pain then you're ready to start
arousing your energy to meditate on this person who you think you're not helping his yourself
now you're now you're ready to to be yourself more
to be yourself well as these ideas that you're not helping but along with my ideas me the person who has the idea is not helping and this other person who maybe doesn't have the idea that he's not helping
he may or may not have that idea maybe he doesn't
but i have the idea that i'm not helping him
so i had to do the hired to help myself who's got this problem
if i don't help myself has got this problem i'm not really ready in a in a meaningful way to say he is myself and i am willing to trade places with him
but first is he's myself second is i will exchange myself with him
if i'm not willing to i would caught
be patient and gracious with my pain that i'm not helping him i'm not also ready to exchange places with his with him in his illness
i can't actually necessarily suddenly become autistic but i can definitely train myself to be willing to be autistic
and wish him to be the therapist
can you believe some therapists are not actually up for be having the disease that or treating
i'm being iraq
i'm being ironic i think i think a lot of a lot of the therapists are not ready to exchange places with their patients
and they do not they are not up for and ready to see their patients as themselves they're not doing that training and if they're not that's usually i think it's because you're clinging to their position to their self as the therapist or whatever
you know no hard feelings it's quite normal quite common now we're talking about training ourselves to get over holding onto our position in the process of trying to help people that's our job
but we to do that effectively we have to take care of ourselves in earlier ways of benefiting ourselves why we're still suffering then we start focusing on the body chapter and purifying ourselves of the problem first take care of ourselves with this problem
and purify ourselves of that in the first part of these focusing on relative bodhicitta
and more and more the ideas i have with hi i'm doing become ah yeah they become they're just like go got their the barter i use in purifying myself than the material i'm using for purification rather than
my problem
and then we're getting ready to
open to the emptiness this is where we going to help an autistic person and a non artistic person this is the real place of helping people supported and this is the place will realize the emptiness where we don't get exhausted in our work of helping others but we need not just
not just the relative concentration the concentration of relative chip do we need also
the ultimate border checked us so that we can have the joy of doing this work
including a million times of thinking i'm not been helpful
our million varieties of thinking i'm not been helped that just like
yeah right that's part of the deal and i'm up i'm i'm up for this because it's all a substantial and i can and and i've learned to open to this because i know how to take care of myself when stuff happens to me
and i that but i realized other people are helping me too
every everybody's helping me do this practice
and i need that
i need it and it's reality and i need reality in order to realize reality reality is helping me realize reality
but i also have to do my work i had to take care of my suffering in these basic ways and then i have to train myself in ways to get over my ah
my self centered points of view which are you know we come with that stuff you need to remember it over and over and over and over until we are perspective changes and it will
he would adapt the theory is it will change in this little world where we're noticing what's going on by focusing on that we change our karmic accumulations by confessing that i see myself as separate from people and saw on that i don't see others of myself by confessing that over and over i address a place where that mysql
i transform the ground of seeing others as separate
and i start seeing others as me more and more and i start seeing others is helping me remember that others or me
how wonderful to walk on the street and there their medical competency remember i'm you remember your me
how do people start talk why do we will talk to me like this at the grocery store

also this person i was talking to said i wasn't who said i wasn't dmv to help her
she also told me that she said i've wanted to tell you i i got baptized
so this is a person who grew up in a buddhist family this person i knew for the time she's kind of a little girl
and now she's a big girl and and one of her stepson just jumped off the golden gate bridge a month ago
and and she told me that she's baptized she and she said you had to get baptized because of her recovery work she needed to do it i said so now you're a christian home and she said young for i said i'm a christian to the by i did have i got baptized six
eighty seven years ago but i still want i'd never stopped i never can like
what got a
i never did baptize myself i never liked went to the churkin said i'm not a christian anymore
i basically feel like you know
all his christian churches are my church all of them
i don't press it on them but you know they're all my church and i kind of feel that way by synagogues to and i'm trying to feel that way about mars
not that i possess them by just many way and is and she thought i was gonna be angry at her for getting baptized as a unknown she's relieved
and i wasn't trying to help her but
that was helpful to her that she was not gonna be excommunicated from buddhism
and then anyway and she's talking about all the ways of buddhism helps her
through all these trouble she's been through
with drugs and alcohol and losing her husband and our children
almost killing herself
so buddhism and recovery and then she became a christian as to help her recovery work
yes nancy
i was talking to one of your friends yet couple days ago i was talking to one of your friend the couple of days ago
yeah beverly hungry
she said she says does my friend nancy still taking yoga classes i said yeah she's still there
yes nancy

yeah right
before you felt that you come to class you you you hear some talk your mind here is it your mind thinks about it and that changes you
not one hundred percent but if it is over and over you haven't start having different response this put it there but for the grace of god go i you know there's something
there's something
it isn't it isn't there but for the grace of god go i know there was there for the grace of god i'm glad it happened to them it's that that could be mean
i'm not gladys them
and i'm not glad it's not me
is not i'm glad it's not me get more i could beat that that couldn't be me is that that that way of reading and would be more in accord with this that could be me this person
yeah the and night that been the grace of god yeah that this is that this this whole process is the grace of the buddha's it's toll process arising from my relationship with the with the awakened ones were not making this thing run by herself
and and we are getting fed we are getting stimulated and we are evolving
yes david

yeah how much up there is yeah
yeah and and there was like a little what he called the from a bevy of giving lots of he wasn't just me and heard all around us history happening
and just the
it's also fun the right kind of was i mean when when i called the people on the telephone there's also calling on the telephone and go and waiting to talk to people there's that i couldn't figure out how to do the thing and deirdre had to help me get a person on the phone to talk to i couldn't figure out how to do it
so when i've got to talk to the person i actually kind of put my head down like this country
when the person said you know you'd have to go back to dmv
or maybe the next time they tell me how to go to dmv also i'll remember oh great
without expecting it to be like a was laughter
without expecting them without expecting the miracle god huh what what
where'd you say
oh yeah he the guy they can lead to date these guys were very nice to me they had pity on me he said to me you can make an appointment so the next appointment is september twenty seven
that means i have to be chauffeured until then
and i thought well maybe i submitted this is all a thing that i should know i shouldn't be driving i should be chauffeured maybe this is maybe the world try and tell me you shouldn't drive anymore you never were good and you're getting worse
you should go to dmv frequently but never dry
yeah guide that these people on the phone they were taking pity on me
and they they did say well you can make an appointment is method and the next appointment is said maybe you should go in just go in
many should just go in maybe you should go to dmv hey scott dmv
there's something waiting for the as a surprise
yeah the world is helping us
the boot is are helping us the path is there
so how can we remember that that's the hard part because we at least we have this deep reservoir of karmic accumulations which is kind of like
challenging us to remember
it is little part you know where this little circle of water or focusing and surrounded by this huge ocean of comic accumulations so it's a struggle
but remembering this huge thing actually i think it's good
so we know we think this is gonna be hard to actually stay on on on on message yes and rica
yes good let's do it

edited i'm an hour with very little patience the october i am she had the other really choice and i kind of i didn't want the way but then
now to myself that i can be a translator that out of the usual option i translator for your mother fraud and you said there was he said there was some problem of integrity yeah well as an activity i will tell you the excellent movie
not if it wasn't it wasn't it and an activity of integrity and you're and you're being invited to a sister in this non integral activity okay yeah
although that i
that i could do that for be there without
my that work
the oven
you're what doesn't help or your judgment now i want
couple or
are consequences of that
oh okay
he he
bengali pay
i'm actually not know that and i was communicate
the her first life
see her a
he said
the way she was all that it was a lot of perfect and one okay
no need for me that he her that she's that was to and a very able to speak at power
getting into the
the photo or info and willfully going thousand and and i wasn't starting perfect know because i love telling her something that i wasn't attached to to ask for the to see her and easily
yeah that he greatly that i can see that and not
yeah that's great to see to see her as you doing that as a right now i've done it in my life times rate and particular i have no more quiet and she did
and what have you been out is ah
i still have to have her with foundation of a little bit robert
you're never you never get away from her know and i know that that's good that's the bodyshop away never get away that the my my i'm going to take over i didn't want to go
you have a now you sound more already
i obviously i see that it's not about me getting away from or yeah
the detachable actually
i see that it's actually
it's really beneficial to me he was right it's really beneficial for you is really beneficial for you to not get away from her yea
are really beneficial for you for huge to stop trying to get away from her yeah and and if you can be that way that will help her that's the main thing that will help
happy that
yeah yeah
yeah it was my favorite thousand not to have mental
we're mostly yeah or there may be judgment but that's just like out what he called a stone in your shoe it's not the point the point is you're going to stay with the stone in your shoe the judgment or whatever it is you're going to do this with her that's a thing and with no matter what it is you're going to do this
and it and in and know be consequences for everything both of you do but no matter what you're going to stay with her is this was sad her fuel
i that
you know how some people will realize that she brought it up yourself
these that kind of parents who did the right
well be the more you just walk with her
through what out all this process the closer she gets to realize that this is how this is the consequence of her own karma then she can realize that because you're just there with her dealing with the consequences of your karma you're not trying to get away from yours
then not shows her hard i try to get away from hers
this is how we learn and help each other and this is how she helped you this is how your helped
me yeah he's got my time magazine
my router
oh my
yeah with all these our guy
i shouldn't be pissed off for to do that i should be happy for we have contributed a scheme that will find me that yeah
with the acronym for being with mother
b w m
bw m's a good place to practice
anything else tonight you want to bring up yes
an undifferentiated boy
somehow wasting

my about emptiness won't know that
well the
the emptiness
of the buddha's is
a wisdom
as an essence of compassion
can be empty
very linear
yeah like or another way saves at something
a vast
a vast space filled with love
that's that's emptiness but that's also
non dual wisdom
and non dualism actually requires compassion because you you have to actively engage all dualities like you have to
yeah to you know be present and not run away from your mother or not run away from your judgments about your mother or not run away from the pain of being with your mother and the consequences of her karma
the willingness to completely embrace that without any sense of that of separation from it is compassion but it's also
and when and when it gets to the point where you're not even into the existence and non-existence of the suffering and on the compassion
that emptiness
so that there there there are kinds of people are kinds of kinds of people which means kinds of understandings people are kind of different varieties of understanding with a kind of understand emptiness to some extent but it's not an emptiness has filled with can
fashion so it's not the correct understand and correct understanding of emptiness is filled with compassion
so it and that really makes giving ethical study patients vigor and concentration it really makes them transcendent forty shots for practices but it also includes them and wisdom that doesn't include them would it be
wouldn't be buddha's wisdom
a buddha's wisdom
knows this in substantially of everything
but because it's buddhist wisdom this this knowing of insubstantial city which is not separate from the insubstantial holiday it's filled with great compassion
it's amazing yeah and the amazement is empty to
but also everything the emptiness that everything is like this
the emptiness of a fear and a pain for same
it's not a emptiness over there
that's my boot is emptiness that's not the emptiness of the buddhist teaching it's emptiness which is non dual with observing that it's an observation which is not separate from its objects
this is with the train ourselves and get ready for this and train ourselves
in in this work in this practice
and the alternate
yesterday he mentioned how the mind plays tricks in making us perceive seven other person who seems to be over there yeah and sometimes converge that we use seem to reinforce that even when we say others as are so yeah right
it still seems to put them on the mine which thinks that way and the language was talk that way this is conventional reality
this conventional truth and it's but it's called a truth because in the conventional world you can say that these conventional truths of these conventional things are incontrovertible they've been worked out
you know you are ted has been worked out
so the is can it is called conventional truth
an ultimate truth but ultimate truth does not think in terms of existence and non-existence conventional to it does and though then there's a language which goes with it and the live with goes with it is part of what makes it incontrovertible
because we worked this out and in work it works for us in a certain way and also worked for the buddha's to use our conventional truths to get us told to understand the teaching and start during the practice
so the language which reflects this conventional
a dualistic diluted way of seeing things is also the language with the buddha is used to help people study conventional truth and studying conventional truth leads to understanding conventional truth
in such a way that you open to ultimate truth
he just we didn't see it as conventional yeah we didn't if we don't respect congressional truth like nagarjuna says
with ah
before you're familiar and he's kind of being kind of an understatement but i would say before you thoroughly familiar with conventional truth the ultimate is not appropriately taught that's why we warm up before weeks before we bring up the ultimate body chipper
if you need with congressional things like
your censor yourself and sense of others with these confessional things we need to really be intimate and practice with them with generosity ethics and patience and concentration and vigor we need to be that way with conventional truth and no conventional truth for example know
that others are ourself and know how to exchange ourselves with others is part of being familiar with congressional truth
so if you know something about conventional truth good now can you exchange yourself with everybody if you learn how to do that you know more about conventional truth and you did before
people who can do that are more skillful are more knowledgeable or more thoroughly educated about conventional truth and the people can't
and without that kind of familiarity with conventional truth out emptiness should not be touched taught or touched so now i'm teaching
the ultimate but he checked her but i also should say you know there's some danger here
this is ultimate teaching is not really appropriate unless is grounded in your studying the conventional being very respectful of conventional deluded consciousness
the mine which thinks in terms of existence and non-existence you can see that mind will take care of it does that caring for that is the basis for receiving the teaching of the ultimate
but we must but without the liberation is not possible just by conventional truth we also have to ultimate truth so ultimate truth should not be taught unless we're well grounded in conventional and we need the ultimate in order to have liberation
so don't forget the first four classes as you start just to open to ultimate truth don't forget the first four classes as you
look and opened to the yuneec breeze of reality
the one
the one taste of everything
one more class
thank you very much for your
openness to these teachings
and i hope you come back next week i'll bite do too