Nobody's Perfect, and There Is Perfection

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Nobody's perfect but there is perfection. "The Way is perfect and all-pervading" It pervades everywhere including suffering. It is the Non-duality of peace, ease and suffering. Luis Gomez and the "Sutra of Non-Activity of All Phenomenon". Manjushri says in the Sutra "Sentient beings are immediately Bodhi".  You being you is Buddha. If so, what about self-improvement? Being who we are completely is hard and requires faith. Don't look for the practice of enlightment in any place other than where you are. Our practice is to remember that. When Suzuki Roshi died 142 people were sitting sesshin at SFZC and 60-some at Tassajara.  Our sitting now is the continuation of his life.

A Dharma talk for the sangha gathered at No Abode Hermitage.