Observing the Breathing Body and the Mind of No Abode 

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hi i have a public service announcement
can you hear okay john
someone i expressed in a
i need to be supported by others in order to cultivate the meditation on the bodhisattva precepts
so an online study group has started
which is called being upright group study or bugs
and also am today as i think at lunch was talking to rose and korea and who else was there
he didn't to neil was there and they they thought they would like to do something locally many face to face rather than mine line so on if you'd like to
maybe get together with them to study the precepts
perhaps you guys could raise your hand some people can see you can you can meet afterwards and see if other people would like to join you
in studying the precepts together here and the you did you also expressed an interest yeah and brent
is a branch of brett
brent guess there are some brands interested so want to say that was wondering if you have any feedback on not having worked during today
where's that okay or so sore either way's okay any response
happy to bring
period kind of symbolizes for me that were taking care of ourselves ourselves
works or
people or something i don't know how this plays effect comes
that would be my concern
for the reason why we not having it today was just so many people
it's hard to manage yeah but you you like you like the
where cake is it it he liked the feeling that were taking care of this place rather than hiring somebody yeah
did you
makes it easier to get through the postwatch drowsiness
it helps that way okay

well we had a break into next week maybe even if we have a lot of people are next month
even if ever havelock if never have work period and if for not going to have worked pay will try to let you know

he says sometimes it
people used in the expression zen meditation
and what they mean by it is
ah the body sought for practice
ha and then we could say that you know zen meditation or bodhisattva practice does not depend on techniques of managing are controlling the mind
it doesn't depend on on doctrinal study
doesn't depend on ceremonies

it does depend on the perfection of wisdom it does depend on the mind of know abode
in other words it depends on no dependency
i know i'm not dwelling
so we do we do practice and rituals and ceremonies
in in practice of and of developing a mind of know abode we we do do doctrinal study we do ah
pay attention to our posture and breathing
we do these practices but the actual practice doesn't depend on these things these things are opportunities these forms are opportunities to practice the mind of no bowed so that again the practice can live in the mid
list of doctrinal study ceremonies sitting upright facing a wall
cleaning the temple all these activities are activities in which the practice can live
and these all these practices can all these activities can live in the practice of the mind of know abode
the packers harvard doesn't depend on those things
and the practice is not different from those things
not different at all
but usually we need to do those things to verify that they're not different by verifying that we can practice non abiding while we're practicing them to practice them
proves that non abiding and activities are not separate
so for example
observing the bought the body posture and the breathing
which are being given to a small by moment to observe them to observe their relationship is an opportunity to realize nine abiding in body and breath
a wonderful opportunity
any questions

as you asked this morning person observing
the breathing
it's a way to bring me back where it failed as it brings you back to the present moment
is there
i don't the desire fact there is a desired effect
ah depends on who is the desire if i'm the desire what i would put i want
is for people to realize this mind of no abode and
so and you said presidency present moment yeah so that's an amplification it ah to the recommendation is to observe the body the present body
and a present in terms of time and space
and you can say brain this this contemplation of body and breath in the present would bring one back to the present if one had
drifted away from the present if one had lost track of
that we think that there is a present body
we imagine that that there is a body in the present and that is recommended to be the one to contemplate
the desired effect of this contemplation i would say is to realize any kind of dwelling in that body and breath and kind of dwelling in that appearance of now in here
usually people are dwelling in the idea of now and here
and if they're distracted from now on here than their the dwelling and being distracted from now on here
so it is
recommended to focus on now and here because that's the basic
place we abide
that's the basic illusion actually that we dwell him
is the illusion of now and the illusion of here and the illusion of body and the illusion of breath the dreams these dreams are where we
he imagined we can dwell
so the purpose of bringing attention to these dreams and watching how the drains work together is to realize a mind which doesn't dwell in them which is the mind of the perfection of wisdom
once we are good at remembering to pay attention to the dream of body and breath interacting than we can move on to the dream of for example the perfection of wisdom
and realize that the collection wisdom
is also just a dream
either dreams beyond dreams
not that i know
but it's not to say that
beyond beyond dreaming is that beyond dreaming is another dream

watch what i found watching
of her
pull me back in other such dreams
come back to body
observed the coming and going out
the spell
the random dreaming
it would dispel the random dreaming
you also called fluff
okay so i'm suggesting i would suggest to you that when you are dreaming
in this is random way
as a result of losing track of your not so random body and breath
then other dream seems like fluff
but if you're with your not so random basic body body breath dream your basic dream of now and you're bracing dream of here when you're with that basic dream and you really internet with it than these other thoughts do not take you away
then they're not fluff

there are other activities but they're based on being grounded in in this basic way so then you can think other ways in other ways or not
fluff and they don't take you away when they start taking your way they take you away because you lost your footing
keep your footing they don't take you away their wonderful expressions of being grounded
but if if you notice that you're getting
so-called taken away are getting lost in your dreams that's because you lost your footing in your dreams if a ground in our dreams we can dream without getting distracted we can dream as a creative
of wisdom
and in that way the world it the world of wisdom is unfolded from this basic place of
dealing with basic dreams being grounded in them and even not abiding in them and then from non abiding and non imagination to do things from this grounded non imagination
to do the practices which we did before
when we weren't as grounded and also we're abiding
so it's possible then that the buddha offers teachings
without losing her footing in basic illusions and also without dwelling in the basic illusions for the illusions that are being offered as teachings
so when i watch my breath
posture sometimes
awareness of the body

my question
that might just a sense of pressure and tingling might be enough of a body
it's still i was still proposed to you that it's an appearance it's a dream now we're dreaming of pressure and tingling
well we're dealing of inflation and deflation
the body is the body's basically
touch the sense of touch the sense of ah
a hearing the sense of seeing the sense of testing in the tenth sense of smell like that's actually the body you might start with a grocer sense of your body and terms of like arms and legs
and there's there's support for that kind of imagination and we might start with that one you might start with a body that the torso that expanding and contracting but that awareness might become more subtle into that actual what you're dealing with now is a tactile sensation changes and tactile sensation in relationship to
that's nothing nobody body that that that sense i isn't disappeared some gross aspects of the body may drop away like ribs and torso his shoulders may drop away for the time being and i had this is tech kinesthetic tactile
relationship with breathing
and that if your present with that in in the now and here then you can start to see if there's any dwelling in the breathing or the tactile sensations and there probably will be and then we have a chance now to realize
the mind of know abode with this new version of the body but you could have it couldn't realize the mind of know about with an a grocer or more common sense of the body
so when you said the body does your body i would say actually what you described is a little bit closer to on
what the buddha meant by body the buddha didn't really mean the body as the idea of arms and legs is mostly basically an unavoidably the body is our sense keypads are our material since capacities that's the essential body that are mind grows up with and doesn't live separate from


right i did say that i didn't know i didn't i didn't say an experience of non imagination check the recording to i said not imagination not imagination is is
a state of wisdom that comes that follows from imaginative wisdom
an imaginative wisdom follows from
bob paying attention to things like
pastor and breathing and being able to pay attention to the dreams like to images like posture breathing and posture breathing interacting and influencing other this watching these kinds of images in the image of the present and the image of here watching that kind of him
imaginary activity is
called contemplating the body or is the frame of reference for wisdom contemplating body and breath and that ability to do that depends on the imaginative activity of
generosity ethics patients and enthusiasm for
observing body and breath
these practices together set up imaginative wisdom when you actually understand images
then you even give up that understanding of the images and enter into non imagination following from not imagination
you re-enter imagination and now you accomplish things with imagination that can only be accomplished after realizing non imagination
not imagine it has also called
prajna parramatta
and practicing pregnant power meter leads to pregnant power meter but an actor pregnant by me to you re enter into form in a way that you couldn't do before realizing pregnant per meter
so another version of this of this process is wisdom which pays attention to conventional things
like conventional things like
giving ethics patience diligence and concentration body
breath contemplation these are conventional things so one type of wisdom pays attention to these conventional things body breath enter acting this is conventional stuff
and the first kind of was and pays attention to this becomes intimate and wholehearted with these conventional things and then enters into wisdom which is looking at it
non abiding possibility with all these conventional things
and then from the convention from the realization of the wisdom non imaginative wisdom we enter into the wisdom which is the benefiting a beings the wisdom for the welfare of biggs and that's the wisdom which now come back into imagination and shows people how to
use imagination to enter the wisdom process
but the center the pivot point in the middle between these two types of wisdom one before and after is this non imagination
or non conceptual wisdom prajna power meter
nothing circles
the absence imagine

there has to be imaginary wisdom and also imaginative wisdom
he says
imaginative wisdom imagines imaginary wisdom not imaginary wisdom non project power meter buddhas bodhisattvas it imagines all these things that imagined suffering beings it imagines giving ethics patience diligence concentration and wisdom it imagine
suffering it imagines birth and death it deals with those conventional things that's imaginative wisdom and imaginative wisdom couldn't imagine wisdom to but it can imagine it deals with all the things that we can imagine and one things you can imagine his wisdom
the perfection of wisdom borders we can imagine all things and imaginative wisdom or conceptual wisdom deals with all that stuff
and finally penetrate to that these are all images and nothing but and then one is free from the perspect the perspective of imagination and then one give that up and enters not imagination itself
and from there because of our vows we re-enter imagination and start imagining imagine again but we again we imagine a body and a breath and we imagine it intimately and were grounded it and then we do our imaginations from a grounded place distended the imagination no long
a distraction
it's an unfoldment of concentration and wisdom
and the unfoldment then she was other people how to do imaginative wisdom which studies and become intimate with conventional things so the bodhisattva goes round and round that way gathering more and more people into the process
you're welcome
yes huma
her name's romy home on romi

experience in the body
experience the body of nobody else

i start to feel

back to the body exactly so
i felt the pain
it was just all energy

back to them
yeah and the movement might have been a breath
that was my question was wondering
well actually it was actually it was the imagination of pure energy it was the imagination of the body and it was him and it could be the imagination of breath
get those that's that's what appears to us is his images images of pure energy images of pain in the something or other images of breath
it's recommended not to skip over the image of the body and breath and flip over skip over them and going to images a pure energy
i recommend that images appear and energy are totally welcome
but i think they'll they'll service better if we are aware of images of body and breath and how they relate then we'll be able to
not be
off balance by images of pure energy
we'll be able to not dissociate from the place where we're clean we have to live in the place where we're clinging because that's the place we that's the problem place
but sometimes we have techniques for dissociating from the place where we suffering
so okay thank you how can we please come back to suffering land
and sometimes you say no thank you and in sometimes of suffering says how much pain how much more paint we have to give you before you come back and you say well more than this because i ain't coming back there
but eventually the pain will bring us back to this ordinary basic delusion basic image of a body in a breathing body in the present now
the rock bottom
rock bottom fantasy
which is actually the rock bottom generated reality it's a generated reality but it's the most basic one
so chairs
a concepts and they work with humans because they're related to the basic delusion of a body
some other things don't work so well with bodies because they don't take it into account
for example pure energy might not work so well
but it's allowed
question is do we feel did we get lost in it and i say we will get lost in those things if we're not grounded in this basic one if were granted this one we can go off into pure energy and things like that
as creative studies
when actually days
lost it was not lost
okay and you said the experience and i would say
he said actually the experience and when you said that i thought imaginatively the experience
no i mean i mean i mean you said actually and and i was thinking
she's dreaming of this actuality he calls his dream actuality

shoot the one
yeah yeah and i'm saying i'm a think it's not true i'm just saying it's a dream of the truth of it yeah exactly
thank you
with an end
and a t her to a mind of know about is that referring to the same thing as the term bogey mind is is the same thing as bodymind not quite
the fully developed body mind is full it is a fully developed mind of no abode but it's possible to have this body mind
and what my body mind and a certain level of our development is the wish to give your life to the realization of a perfect enlightenment in order to benefit our bags that is sometimes called body mind and and one could have this wonderful thought
and this real sincere wish to give one's life to the study of the buddhist teaching and the realization of buddha's enlightenment which is the understanding of this teaching in order to benefit base one could have that sincerely
and still be totally camping out in it
it's totally abiding in it and totally biting and oneself the the image of oneself in the image of others and the image of suffering and the image of freedom in the image of buddha
so at the beginning of this body checked when a first arise most of the body surface who have had this horizon them at the beginning have not realized this mind of no abode that's why the buddha teaches it to them the bodhisattva so without it i got this mind of no boat know now that i've got this bodhicitta how am i going to realize
his enlightenment and the border says well practiced pregnant by newton is a well how do i do that and say well don't abide in anything practice generosity without abiding and generosity practice catholics without abiding in ethics the buddha teaches us to the body sought because you have this bodhicitta and as they listened to
this teaching their bodhicitta grows and grows and grows into finally it becomes a grown up brigitta and they're in there we have the mind of know board is realized in the middle of all of these bodies off the practices but it takes quite a while to realize his mind at all activities
and and including the activity of being patient with how long it takes and not abiding in the patients which is so handy that one might be a by are intended to abide and patience how long this is taking yes
is there a k also
so are fighting
what are abiding in whatever is is that equivalent to being attached as opposed to
it's equivalent to be attached the it's equivalent to being attached it's equivalent to suffering is too attached to an experience attached to a color a smell a feeling an idea that's the definition of suffering and that's a sentient being who has not yet been fully trained
so im not so i might be attached to recover blue but that was i able to not a by
become a little can still be perceived or right which is no
right then you're a mature bodhisattva at that moment anyway
yes john
by referees it's called supreme perfect enlightenment is called pregnant per meter
and therefore we can't find project upon me to or supreme enlightenment because we don't know where to get it
but it is not abiding

at he could also called the tradition the bodhisattva tradition of the same lineage is the non abiding which all this and students are trying to like
realise without getting it

it doesn't come and go because it doesn't abide in coming and going but the moments where it doesn't abide come and go
it doesn't come and go
but the moment said where it doesn't abide come and go
no i wouldn't look like coming going what would the moment would look like it's coming and going moments look like to come and go
and it it gains to live in things that look like they're coming and going and to live there without attaching to the coming and going
but doesn't so well i'm not going to go where there isn't coming and going
and i'm also not gonna go with is coming and going i'm just gonna buy abide and coming or going
and so in terms of coming and going it's for the moment

one flash of that is not what
the flash in no transitory the non abiding is not transitory but the place at the place for the nine abiding is living at that moment or the place for not abiding is not living it's not abiding pixies living there but not abiding the place is not abiding that's transitory
and that's where that's where non-binding is necessary is in transitory things that are imagined to be not transitory because the law abiding in them
you know the dream of biting and transitory things looks like not so transitory
looks graspable

the text seems like there's an imagination of pure dharma realm where there is whether fighting going on
and so is a helpful or not helpful to imagine that there is such a pure down around were no fighting going on
it does seem to be helpful like it doesn't really helpful in chant the heart sutra and to listen to the possibility that there's a wisdom it doesn't abide and that in in emptiness
you know you can't grasp any of this stuff refining stuffed up so does seem to be helpful distillate to take that in and just let that plane rain on our consciousness and then by reading on our consciousness it rains and influences our unconscious cognitive processes which support us to listen to the heart sutra some more enchanted some more and
copy it some more and this process does seem to be helpful it gets us ready
to actually understand his teaching without abiding in it
it's been taught how to not abide including not abide in teaching the teaches us how not to buy but doesn't even go to listen to the teaching which is given for that purpose

praise his book
let's imagine let's imagine let's imagine that there's someone sitting and watching of rapid body
let's imagine that i recommend we imagine that could even imagine myself doing that
some stages and cause yeah the image the image of joy and steadiness arises perhaps and what may arise at display
if it feels like there's as a foundation
an imagination of will be was not abiding yeah you can do that too and
when the magic issues
of not a arises is their way through ask is this not abiding or what is not a while
they'll be fine
especially if you are grounded in your posture and breathing
if you weren't skipping over your basically imagination of your life here in this place your and like the zendo on this day with his body in his breath you could also look at home there's an image of not abiding interest arose and then you can ask questions about it from a grounded place
and somebody and you can also go as somebody else some questions about it and they could ask you questions about it can they can even ask you are you abiding in this image of nine abiding and you might be the i think i am i distressed about it
i can stressed about it
it usually the amusement system
yeah i'm i'm i'm a i'm bemused and i'm abiding and be movement and i'm stressed about biting and be amusement got to possible that you might notice or you might not
but definitely imaginations of nine imagination are definitely available
an imagination of not abiding
it's definitely something we are into in this tradition we have words about not abiding people are imagining those words and their their we must use those words
in order to become free of those words we must use the words about the perfection of wisdom in order to be conveyed to the perfection of wisdom
when i used the words of conventional things to understand the ultimate things
and we do and we've been talking away all day haven't way
so once again thank you so much for a great day at
no abode
may i can show people that a standard into the place
the feature
a be a
the us
the to say
the inexhaustible
the economist