The One Vehicle Lives In Silence And Stillness

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The desire for awakening for the welfare of all beings; social engagement and silence, both practices pervade all beings; practicing with the limitations of the body.

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one of the things i wanted to talking about this
is on the the the word vehicle
and some of you may have heard of what's called the three vehicles
and some of you may not have
in and are certain stage in the history of the tradition they spoke of three vehicles which were
the vehicle of the of the listener
the vehicle lovely
of the
the buddha who is enlightened by conditions and the vehicle or the body surface
but lotta people to pick of the vehicle of the individual vehicle
which is also the vehicle of the listener for you
when you listen to the buddha's teachings and you understand them and you achieve liberation or where one listens to the buddhist teachings
and practices them and attains
attains understanding of the buddha's teaching and liberation oneself and that and one might aspire to such personal liberation and that that aspiration and that practice which a person sees as i'm listening
of the buddhist teaching and i am trying to practice the buddhist teaching
this kind of on the individual vehicle on
path to freedom from suffering and the buddha seem to teach people who had that kind of aspiration and that kind of practice and he and he in the process of teaching them people did seem to have that kind of realization
and that kind of freedom and peace
there's another vehicle which has called the great vehicle the universal vehicle which is the aspiration to practice in a way that liberates or beings
and actually to attain buddhahood
for the welfare of all beings that their aspiration and then there's a bodhisattva practice
but what i would say to you is that the bodhisattva practice is not so much the practice of what i'm doing by myself
although includes my personal effort to listen to the teaching and practice the kitchens but i'm actually aspiring to a practice which includes everybody else and actually is everybody else's practice together with me
so the bodhisattva vehicle has a aspiration to attain buddhahood
for the welfare of all beings but also it's a practice has an aspiration that vow but it also is a practice which is the practice of all of us together
it's not me coming to this temple and practicing by myself it's me come in the temple and all of us back together it is it is the practice of all of us and not just us but everybody
sleeping bags the practice of all of them is when i would understand the bodyshop the practice
but that doesn't exclude me thinking that i'm coming to the temple and i'm sitting down and i'm talking to you and i'm trying to practice generosity and i'm trying to be careful and i'm trying to be patient it includes that
but although it includes it that view doesn't embrace it doesn't comprehend it
the boys offer practices only comprehended by everybody's practice
so the body practices
doesn't exclude the individual conceptual version of practice doesn't exclude it it completely welcomed it
so the bodhisattva practice practices with individuals understanding of their individual practice
the way everybody is generous towards my individual effort
and i'm generous with my individual effort all that is is the body's is the great vehicle generosity
and that infinite it's a universal is the way we're all practicing together it's the wayward all doing the same practice
and the a third of a third vehicle which i'd relate to these first two vehicles is called the one vehicle
which is kind of it
an extension of what i just said it's the his vehicle which is
the vehicle of those of us who are doing the universal vehicle
and those who think they're not doing the universal vehicle who don't want to do the universe vehicle they're not aspiring to attain buddhahood for the welfare of all beings but they are aspiring to attain personal liberation by applying the buddha's teachings to all of their
so the individual vehicle and the universal vehicle the third vehicle is that they're one vehicle
now there's other vehicles which are the vehicle of i wish to
be the richest person on the block i wish to dominate others i've wished to get people like me i wish that people would hate people don't like me
i aspire to work for the it for the misfortune of everybody who is not appreciating me that that those are other examples of vehicles
and the one vehicle is saying that all those people on those vehicles which aren't trying to do anybody any good except for me and actually wanted to punish people who aren't like me and up
et cetera all those other ways of life
are the same as the boys sought for vehicle and the individual vehicle that everybody is on the same path even those who wish to be on the path of individual personal liberation
and puppy dog wouldn't mind that other people also attained personal liberation but are not so much interested in promoting everybody attain universal liberation
i myself am not into that when i'm an individual vehicle
again this way this this one vehicle is saying that there are these other vehicles but really they're the same
they're identical even though they sound different
and as part of our be talking about that more in the future
an example of of that is that
what somebody said to me that
somebody who is
interested in practicing
silence and stillness in yogic
and yoga
discipline which to practice there were one of his friend said to him
do you apply the same
in the subtleties of social interaction
that you do in your practice of
yogic meditation
in the subtleties of yogic meditation
and i don't i'm the person i didn't hear the person's answer that question but that was the question i thought
what a part of what i'm wanting to emphasize his the one vehicle which is
to put effort to give life energy to the subtleties of meditation in silence and stillness
i think that should get as much energy has given our energy to the subtleties of social interactions with other people
but the next step i would suggest is that when we are practicing with the subtleties of silence and stillness
and yogic meditation that that actually in one vehicle is a social practice
sitting in meditation hall even if nobody answers in the meditation hall in terms of the one vehicle is a social practice
of course if i say to somebody that meeting with other people in discussing
the teaching and discussing the practice to that social that muslims a yeah
but they might not see that this discussion is occurring in silence and stillness but it is
that the buddhist practice is a social practice is the practice of all beings together
and it occurs in silence and stillness and sometimes humans would look at the situation and say
there's one hundred people sitting in meditation hall and everybody sitting still and everybody's silent
okay and most of the people there who
but what they might not be able to see is that these people are having a conversation
that's a socially that
from the point of view of the one vehicle that the they are whole enacting the one practice of all beings

the buddhist practices social the board of practices with everybody
the buddha
go through various transformations in her practice and her transformations are the transformation of all beings
and if a buddha if if we had a boot on this room
who was sitting with us the buddha would be the buddhist presence would be communicating with us the border would have would be having a face to face communion with us even though the border may not be saying any words out out of the mouth
the would the border would be sang and many languages
i am here with you i am practicing with you my practice is your practice they would be sitting there and to some people would be very clear that the buddha was saying that to us
but a sitting there saying hello guess what my practice is your practice hello guess what your practices my practice
without saying those words people could wake up to that what the buddhist presents a buddhist presence presences
i'm looking at you
and i'm identical to you
even though you don't think that
that's what i see
and i can see that you don't think that
but i do think that and also i
even without thinking that i realize that
and then some time that you know the buddhist start talking in for example english or canoe other languages and then it looks like the buddha where minute of sick now the buddhist talking to the students
now it's getting social
yes but it was social before the buddha was not when the put it was sitting in the midst of the assembly the buddha was not practicing by herself she was the practice on everybody
and some people aren't it's wonderful they put a lot of energy into social relations in the form of talking to other people and they're really like giving a lot of attention to the subtleties that are involved there and i would say great
now do the same when you're with people and you're not moving are talking
and some people are like really willing to give themselves amazingly well to sitting still and silent and taken care of the subtleties of that
but they don't realize
this is a social engagement
but they are socially engaged that you cannot sit still and silent and be fully engaging with the subtleties of that you cannot do that without interacting with the entire society from you are you
your practice of cultivating your own presence
it's other people's cultivating of their presence your practice pervades them when you're silent when you're silent if silence pervades all beings
and when you're talking you're talking practice pervades all beings including a people are sitting silently
and they are listening to you whether they know it or not
the border sit with us and i hear our cries in silence
they're sitting with us and even though we're not saying a word
or even thinking a word the hear our cries and they're hearing our cries is their practice
and their practice of hearing cries
is our practice cause we're proud were crying to them they're responding to us there is bound to us we're trying to them so this is the one vehicle
which allows the universal vehicle
and allows the individual vehicle but are also points out that they're the same and not to mention all the people who are not either one of them and are on the like catastrophe vehicles are also on the same vehicle but in this catastrophic very
sad and painful way
so i hoped it you can give your full energy
what looks like your individual practice
did she give your full energy to being silent and still all day long and all night long
and that i help you
in your social practice where you're communicating with people all day and all night
communicating your stillness
when you're talking and when you're not talking
communicating your silence
in silence and in speech
for me of course when the bot is talking the border is speaking silence
the buddha is speaking silence the border silence speaking
silence talks
and talked does not reach the silence and that's for the silence has to say

so may way
do this social practice of face to face transmission in silence and stillness and when we're walking together
working together and talking together and in both cases the subtleties are
but the subtleties the infinity of the subtleties of our social life together in silence and stillness
is realized by taking care of the limited thinks the subtleties of the limit
this is a birth
growing up and going to high school
and then teaching high school students
had been parasites costumes
and being out with all people and then died all these things are
social opportunities
at silence
whole harden
genuine conversation
which again promotes the subtlety
i can't be subtle enough without you
without your
requests and comments and feedback
that promotes the subtlety in my attempt to speak with you
and vice versa
i need you
the question me to help me question myself
and you do question me and this is part of the face to face social
practice of us together

so are limited view of our social life together like
forty or fifty people here
the that view
that appearance of this individual humans and relating to those limited beings and not limited appearances
offers the opportunity to open to
our unlimited life
where we can learn things that we can't learn without opening to that but also we can't really open to it without opening to are limited life and we do have some prom opening to are limited life
when when manifests in the form of
people hating us people being attached to us people disrespecting us or us having those going to feeling towards people at that point is difficult to open to the subtlety
and you know of all that limitation
but we can we can open to it we can be compassionate or we are being compassionate or that's reality
we are really open to all the twisted little subtle limitations of my life
for me and my life for you
you've been enjoying the limitations of my body for a few months now watching how i work with my limitations watching how you work with my limitations
and in are not rushing
i had in the recovery process and not drinking back from it being operate with the republic recovery process of this body were ready for the next limitation the next catastrophe
i hope we are
and if we are we're open to something where there's no catastrophes and no limits
what again encourage us to do the same work
i'm working
thoroughly and suddenly with every limitation and in the thorough exertion who every limitation
there is the realization of no limitation
and if we learn from no limitation that helps us
there was limitation
and then if we do we realized no limitation and again that helps us
in the path which limitation and no limitation
are identical
two sides of the pivotal city of everything i've ever limitation

and so we have this thing about clocks which is finite
messages about time
an oscar as demanded and proclaimed
and the early and i get to decide when early is
and i think early somewhere around now
that's what i think and you support my britain my view right
little we're working together
may or in cali
the only stand to every the gunplay