The Pivotal Business of Buddha’s House

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i hope i pray that you had as good a day as i did
it was a great day
filled with joy practicing here
at the
pivotal activity center
the center of pivotal activity
of all buddhas
which is at each being

he's anything anybody wishes to express

shuffling down
the difference
well i think you feel like you have entered into a
a labor contract a work contract like you're gonna do something and give me supported to do it
this fish some form like the shovel in news crew you're working with he he worked with other people
and there's a sensing that you're you're engaging in a training wherever he's wandering and often as people do wander away from their home their i'm the kind of going off in their own and you're not going into training with anybody they're not accepting precepts
of training and they do that for awhile until they feel like ah
when they do when when the precepts of training or offered if you like yeah i can do that that would be good
and that's not you know and as nice if if the offer doesn't see my too much like it's also training to go into the house but he goes to my tears too big a step for him so
in the life of living beings we we actually are born
completely the way were born to the support of all things but we don't understand all that we don't understand how much support made us be born
and we feel it but we don't understand it we don't understand how much he loves coming towards us
we just don't get it
can we go away from it
hi a certain point we we feel like i need some gonna training
and that's what's nice word to reward recovery is is a nice word
are aren't aren't going for refuge
so i think the person has gone for refuge when he starts shoveling done
he starts saying okay annie and is also accepting some way to work with it rather than just whatever he thinks of which is what he was doing before he thought he could practice without his parents
he found out he founded the results of that he didn't know that the reason why seem so bad was because he went away from his support
but now he's getting support again and he says okay i i'm happy i'm i'm glad to be alive to do this
that's the difference you actually entering
somebody else's
give to you
how does that work for you

in right

well ah noise the same one it's the same self
more you see yourself as
well that too but it's through understanding that the things that you're connected to or not you
and you didn't think they were you originally anyway
so the more you accept this particular
the more you realize that this really is gotta say this
contradictorily self identical

this this person is absolutely
identical with itself by not being itself
i do not make myself what is not me makes me
i what is not the south makes herself
and i can hear that but i don't understand it until i'm willing to completely be myself
it's the same self
that thinks that it could be partly itself that seen self that thinks that
as a self i'd which has become completely itself and realized that it really is not itself to same self
and we wouldn't want to change it this little bit because changing it a little bit would be like trying to change the whole universe a little bit
and it's not exactly like you're connected to everything
it's not quite that way because connected sounds like or something in addition to what you're connected to
what you are he is not yourself it's not like you're connected to that you are that
and this is turning so the famous statement by the author of the
list a productive offer of the song of the self the song of that precious mere somebody is you are not hit you are not the universe in truth it is you
it's turning
so it's not that were connected to everybody else we are everybody else can a particular way like this and they everybody else is everybody else in the and as that as that person and as that person is different from as this person but you are you are
or as good a version of me as i am

this limited thing here isn't really what i am what i really am is everything i'm not so year as much a good story about me as as as this purse disappearance europe here and appearing coherent person and so am my you hear it
this is good explanation of me as i am and i'm not a good explanation of me the whole universe including you for example and you and your new or each of you explain me as well as i do
and i include all that explains me
the one thing that doesn't explain me very well at all is me
because if then it's like i'm something in addition to all the not me that makes me
zuma equation
so was it possible for hypothetical parents of bodhisattvas
welcome to like wonder
point in the right direction before
they did point him in the right direction but he couldn't understand
and as it's possible the parents aren't being compassionate to him
and being patient with him and generous with him and showing him all kinds of good things and she sees it
by still doesn't understand what's been shown to him but he has been shown it and he will later understand what he was shown but he has to go away from it for a while in order to understand how wonderful it is
it's part of our nature that we have to go away
we have to incense reject are on the unconditional love of the universe
even when is delivered in some really nice ways
really kind parents that everybody agrees his kind even the child says gather really kind but i have to go away sorry by by i have to i have to do my things
i have to be a teenager
i can't do it here with you
because i'm a sentient being and i turn your compat like i'm confused about your compassion i know you try to be compassion to me but the same time i feel a little bit like i'm supposed to do what you want me to do but that confuses me because i can't tell us if i'm doing it because you want me to and i want your love
or because i wanna do it
hennepin and the parents can still say will love you even if you don't know or what we want you to do we do want you to do stuff we want you to be happy but will love you even if you're not happy and will love you even if you leave and then the sentient being the body surfaces well then i had to leave to prove that you will love me if i
leave and you'll miss me and wish i would come back so that i can inherit your ligonier your your compassion and transmitted to the next generation i have to go away to find that out but there's gonna be a consequence of me going away which is that a redefine cult for me to find it out
and i don't know when i leave that i'm gonna come back and enter a training program
but i will find out
so i think it's part of our nature that we are born to the support of the universe as part of our nature that we don't understand it and it's part of our nature that the path to understanding it is to kind of like rejected
that's part of our path of realizing it is to reject it and then we suffered because of that so then part of our path is to realize that we're suffering and stumble upon some recovery recovery program and decide we want to do it and as you may know a lot of recovered
programs people stumble upon them they decide they want to do it but they don't really want to do it yet
and sometimes the the person who is offering a new training says no you can't eat
you're not ready you don't really want to do it so that many sad stories in the traditional and story is the teachers there who is represented his unconditional love and noses person has to go through a recovery program in order to receive it and the person comes and says i want it and a teacher doesn't
not just go away
and they say i really do this in i don't i really do it and finally they they really do and then the teacher says okay and then they enter training
and then they find out that that
on accepting
the unaccepted appearance of this perfect complete love was necessary for them to find out that they really wanted to do it
and now stories are sometimes difficult for people to listen to
the famous when the the famous one is is a bodhidharma
when his his main disciple comes to him he says go away you're not sincere
the guy stands in the snow all night
the to demonstrate
that he's not he knows he needs to do his training is not to say
and then he cut his arm off his as here is convince you i'm sincere and boy damn says okay you are definitely crazy enough to be my student
so it does seem to be part of the passing of coming back and even and being given something that by which you can demonstrate your sincerity to do the training
and then you do it and then you continue to demonstrate your sincerity to do the training by doing the training
through through all the resistance of comes up in you
gente start about my daughter giving birth in what he saw last time
i've made maybe i told him in brooklyn so my daughter
my daughter at one point became a mother and after she became a mother she called her parents and said
now i understand
how much you love me
she heard to say we loved her
and she didn't think when you don't she didn't think that
she may had problems with a budget like she had problems with me maybe but she didn't think that i when i didn't love her
there was more like i wasn't
my love was not present enough was not
you know undistracted enough for her
and then she became other than she understood what we met and have ten thing happened with me my father used to tell me he loved me and i thought yeah i almost like why you telling me what you know you have to tell me
but he did have to tell me actually so i could realize that he was telling me something that i didn't know
and then when i became a father i sought or that's what this is what he meant
and i as a child you do not know what they're talking about when they say that but they should say it so you can think when why you're telling me this can for oh now i get it
and yet i didn't know this is a new ballgame
this new kind of love
and you have to go away
to come back and understand it
but is tough
but normal it's a normal thing on the paths
my father passed the same as mom
my mother passed away three years ago
before she passed away she was telling us their siblings on which he would see her
she saw them while she was dying
or before
the final stages of the major
i was reading a room here
knows that worldwide including the school system their teacher
five people die
i i questioned
the notion there
be real because they're separated from
and so the question the question is
what their sees it he said it
projection of the mine
and as far as see
many boy sat for
isn't that likewise says richard points to one
there was what seen as other than
well see
i'm just a second are you not are you going like this
i'm not sure i understood what you said
but i didn't you say something like ha
we see things
and something about some quite about what is it that we're seeing
and so if i see you know if i see you now and then also i say i see my father my my deceased father now
i don't exactly know what to say i'm seeing like i don't know if you say when i see you do i know what i'm see when i see you and if i see my deceased father i don't know exactly what i'm seeing
i know it
now i see you a lot of other people say oh i see him to
and if i see my deceased father maybe none of you see him
but i don't know what if i don't know exactly what i am seeing when i see you or i see this other thing i don't know
yeah i don't
what do i know
i do know i think i see you
and right now i don't see my father
but i couldn't i can almost see him i could do it you know how just to the for you now i'll see him okay now i'm saying
but what i'm saying is i don't think isn't a room i'm just seeing a picture on him which i can still see
i can still see his handsome face
and i can still remember that i always thought he was more handsome than me
so i can see a picture of my father right now and and i don't think that that picture my father is my father now how about you i see a picture of you know to and i also don't this how
also do not believe that my picture of you as you
i don't
but that doesn't mean i know who you are i just do not believe that how your appearing to me as who you are but who you are i do not know and who my father is i do not know but i can make a picture of him in a picture of you and his his case i don't think he's
here and your case i do think you're here but i don't know who you are so maybe you're not here
maybe you just sent a specter of yourself to ask this question and you're actually out in the deck someplace i don't know
i guess that's where i met i don't know
about such things
and i find that quite helpful to me and seems to help my relationships with other people if i remember i don't know who you are and then i take one more step and i say although i don't know who you are
you have a big impact on me how does take way will take it away the word big away you have an impact on me i don't know who you are and you have an impact on me i don't know who you are
you give me my life
you make me
i don't know how you make me
and i don't know who you are so i don't know who i am
because i am
all the impacts
of all of you and much more that's what i am
and i'm nothing in addition to that and i'm not the slightest bit less than that and i'm very happy about being this kind of a person and i'm very happy here the same as me
and i don't know who you are or who i am
as mr rocha said
i don't know if i'm a falcon
a song or a great storm
i don't know what i am but i believe i am all of you
as me and if i wanted to know about myself
you help me and you're the only way i'm going to find out who i am
because there's no me in addition to you
and i have to deal with the way i appear to myself
can i need to do that
for our she said the more i'd do that the more i realize that you or me
and the you this me is not me
i told him before it says on this fan
don't be afraid of being stupid
yes everything you're afraid of being stupid know
or else didn't the are you not afraid of it
here's a stupid question okay
this morning he said
can i say something last night ah i might when i gotta i gave my granddaughter arrived from one place to another and we arrived at our destination she said to her grandmother
she's not as clever as he thinks it is
she's four
his he mentioned a number of pivot points
for this year the universe in the universe's yeah
it around them now it's not that i'm the universe
and it's not that the universe is me the universe
i i am the universe has me
the universe i'm not you i knew as me
the little different
you see it one way and the other universe is itself as you
i think a pivoting you can see it when way than see another ways but the pivoting into the pivoting is not to see it this way in that way it's the pivoting from seeing it this way to that way
it's not the sitting at this way
are saying that way but to see this way of seeing it that way is pivoting
he said because we can't see it both ways at once
oh yeah ah have body surface don't see it both ways at once but buddhists do
however both mood is and bodyside guys are pivoting
why buddhas are pivoting they can see both ways of same time and bodhisattva switch but the switching isn't a pivoting
the the sing it this way and then seeing it that way
how do we normally do
that the pivot is that you're not abiding and see it this way and not abiding and seeing it that way
so we we see it this way than we see it that way and we can if we're third if we see it this way and were thoroughly saying this way than were not abiding in it this way and if we see it that way and we do it thoroughly were not abiding saying it that way and it and we haven't we have our nature working for us
because our nature does not abide seeing it this way are saying it that way it doesn't
but we're not really switching
we're not abide it were not like we don't take up this position and take up that position
and we don't
you don't take up this position and take up that position because this position if you didn't take it up if you take it a par way
then you think you're taking up disposition
if you take up the other position partway than you think you've taken that position but if you wholeheartedly take this position you realize that it's not disposition you realize it you make it true that you do not abide
and therefore you do pivot
can you realize your nature
you realize your family business
and if i am in trouble
wholeheartedly being myself that's again
calling for his recovery work the work of being willing to be this person this position
but not in order to be in that position and stick there but being a position and realize that position as always including the other side and therefore there's no abiding in it
when one side is that
can you hear him he said as it related to the saying when one side is illuminated the other side is dark i would say he says night is not as related it's the same thing
and not the same thing
when you see whole when you see a color fully engaging your body and mind
it's not like
an image and its reflection in a mirror it's not like that when his whole hearted
when your whole heart and when one when one side is illuminated the others dark this is for bodhisattvas
when your whole hearted there just to color there's not you in the color
are there just the universe
there's not you and the universe when your whole hearted
when you're half hearted there's like the color and you
when your whole heart and there's color and know you or there's you and no color when your whole heart and there's just a whole universe
or they just you
it's just like that
somewhat similar
six again louder
somewhat synonymous

somewhat synonymous yeah it was somewhat synonymous it is to purchase regulars anonymous

it's a cinnamon
this tournament in the par majors mean going beyond the mean when you go beyond you
that's the power meters
and when you go beyond you then you go beyond that and you're you again that's the parameters
hmm an apartment is also a help you be completely yourself
i cannot completely did myself or be completely stupid without the prior marriages when i'm completely stupid
then there's no abiding my stupidity
but i have to be generous and careful and patient in order to be completely myself and as soon as i reached that i realized not myself soon as as i leap beyond myself and then i continue to practice parameters so i leapt been
and not myself
and in fact in fact in reality we are constantly leaping beyond ourself
we are not abiding in herself
and the practice of leaping beyond and not abiding is
called the essential
the are the the pivotal activity of buddha's

please excuse
me for going fifty minutes later thingy
the great upon ending time
please forgive me for my contribution to this
may our intention equally eccentric over the place where the true
the survey
the this
he said down the original
that's to low
now the
try to answer them
to surpass the ball
try to be
so if i just because what's a one more thing over too much and that is one of the advantages of being a parent is to help you understand how much your parents loved you
and if you can't be apparent than one of the advantages of being a bodhisattva
is to realize how much your bodhisattva teacher loves you