The Practice That Fills and Is Filled by the Entire Universe and the Bodhisattva Precept of Not Killing 

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a tradition of
giving and receiving her sixteen bodhisattva precepts
the first three of these bodhisattva precepts
is z
precept of going for refuge in buddha
dharma and sangha
at the first three precepts
this morning i was talking about
going for refuge in buddha
going for you know to go for refuge to enter into the practice of the boys that's the first precept first bodhisattva precepts
the first teaching him the boat for the body sought those is
enter into buddha enter into the practice of the buddhists so those are the first three the next three are called the three pure precepts and the first prepare precept is precept of forms and ceremonies
actually to embrace and sustained forms and ceremonies
so to embrace forms and ceremonies is there's a teaching about embracing forms and ceremonies and the next one has to embrace all wholesome
activities and the third one is to embrace all bags so those are the three pure precepts and i may just morning
the first of the ten major precepts
and they're actually presets you to put negatively
so the precept of not killing the precept of not stealing and so on
so i wanted to
if if any of you would like a copy of these of this bodhisattva precepts
the clear up on unaltered there you can you can you can receive one up an altar when you lease if you're like
so i wanted to talk about the precept of not
it doesn't say
no killing but there isn't any killing it doesn't say do not kill
it's a is the precept of not killing is the teaching of not killing
why you couldn't almost said teaching of non killing
which is different from the precept of don't kill
don't be a different teaching
which is a pretty good teaching
like guy lot of people teach their children not to kill
don't kill your brother don't kill your sister don't tell your mother don't kill your dog don't kill don't kill you know i don't squash ants you know
sir likely can get their teaching but this is a teaching about not keyless
and somebody just said to me recently that she heard that this precept of not killing for example and not stealing that they're not rules
and she said so if i think they're not rules and i kind of i think while i guess i can
it's like an kill him because it's not a rule
did you say well maybe i should make it a rule
because i know i don't want to i don't want to hear i don't want to hear that they're not rules and then go ahead and kill things
because i i think the precept is not a rule
i said yeah that would be a problem to think that do not a rule and then and then and then think that actually the precept of not killing since it's not a rule isn't is a permission to kill that's not really what it means either
so about five felt basically what i want to say to her was that the precept of not killing is a teaching you gear you can receive this teaching the teaching is not killing not think about that
be mindful of that about the mindful of that
all the time
just be mindful of are teaching a precept
and again the word precept means
to hold
sepsis the to hold or receiver take beforehand so just now that you're like for the rest your life now you have this precept of not killing just bring it with you everywhere you go home was always observe at think about it
what is in this situation right now
for you and make
there's a precept called not killing what is that precept here now

so i'm i'm i'm ah i'm bringing this up for you
and i have received this precept
i'm not killing and i'm taking care of this precept of not killing
and when i received this precept of not killing i i was asked promise to take care of it and not let this precept be lost and i said
yes i will i will take care of this precepts i'm taking care of it and i'm bringing it to you
to take care of
to think about to be mindful of
this precept is a one of it's a jewel that we take care of and
it can be turned and looked at from many different ways

and i wanted to say and what doing says about it he said
life is
not to kill
life is not to kill
that's what life is
let the buddhist seed grow
and succeed to the life of buddhist wisdom
life is not killed
isn't that you kill life
and it turns into death life does not turn into death
has its own position and it's the phenomenal expression of life it doesn't change into death death does not change into life
death is death like his life birth his birth death is death they don't change into each other one arises when the conditions are there and when the conditions go away or change
life goes away death arises when the conditions are there and when the conditions are not their death cause of death comes and goes birth comes and goes according to conditions
he don't kill life and make it into death this is a kitchen for us to look at
and life itself
what life really is his life is not killings
and someone said to me many people say this to me
that they feel that something is missing

for example if you're practicing the precept of not killing you might feel that something is missing
when you're filled
what the pre when you fully do the precepts of not killing
when you let us fill you and your and you give yourself to the precept of not killing completely
you feel like something's missing
when you practice the precept of not killing a little bit or even quite a bit but not fully you might think nothing is missing
in the practice of this teaching of not killing
someone says to me i'm worried that i can't practice something perceived so you could worry that you can't practice the precept of now
kill you can worry that you would not be able to practice it
if you tell me that i accept that you're worried about this
but if you're not worried about
not being able to practice the precept but you're actually practicing it
a actually practicing and you're not worried about not being able to practice at he urges practicing
and again if you practice it not you're not worried about not being able to practice that you're done you're busy with you're practicing it
are you might ship from practicing it to worrying about the maybe won't be able to but then you stop practicing at now you're worrying
gay okay thank you are you give me your worry i'll take it for you while you need a pack let me know now this is ready to go back to the practice yes knife if you're doing the practice called not find practicing
not killing hottie practice it while i'm thinking about it i'm wondering what it is i'm practicing wondering what is not killing i'm actually practicing that right now

and i think for the way i'm practicing it is nothing's missing a fine but you are practicing yes i agree
when you think nothing's missing okay
and i know that if the person keep practicing and the practice completely fills them with daniel say something's missing
there's something missing when you're doing a practice and you seem to have something missing that shows that it's turned its filled you

ah see i'm laurie will explain
and i'm not feeling well today
later maybe

so the but as a dm
this is this is a one a buddhist precepts not killings one a buddhist precepts
and the way of entering into buddha we talked about this morning
tidy up your life so you dared now to enter into the practice of all beings
and then if you're in the practice of all being you hear about the body such somebody's off for precepts like not killing
then i have not killing
and you give yourself the practicing this
and i am so if you feel that you're completely doing it and nothing's missing that's okay that you feel that way
and that's probably than a probably you might say if i feel like not as missing probably it hasn't completely filled me or i haven't given myself completely to it
can see consider that aspect of the meditation
now if you do feel like if something is missing that might be really good
it doesn't can guarantee that that means that's filled but if it's fair if it's if you're filled in the it is a guarantee that you'll feel something's missing
but to sit you feel something's missing isn't like somebody who hasn't started yet they might feel like something's missing but don't have the same you need to go through the phase where you think
then nothing's missing
then go beyond that to realize something's missing
you create
being from one to have your room
i now insane as or equivalent but i i think that that would be one of the ways that you've got that could be one technique by which you don't have to be missing is to make the precept limited to being rules where your frame on your frame on the precept
what i i'm just looking for clues as to how you're holding like would then the sense of something missing also be and uncertainty about the precept
it could be an uncertainty about piece of but also could be that the thing that's missing is the precept the precept is missing he devote yourself to the precept and now you can find it anymore
when the precept is missing
the precept is empty
in other words
the precept has been a way that you can open
to the truth
i feel like you're saying is the opposite the contracts contrasts or pink ball and then empty
but the truth is neither nor
i get lost in the in the either or
is it
she shakes life is not to kill that

that's life that that's life over exit that's life
but it's not just it's not just that's life life is not to kill
life like as not to kill that
not to say you wanted to but somebody might wanna kill that thing you just told me about this uncertainty is being lost lot of people wanna kill being lost
they want to go over they want to kill last and and go over to found
but found is another version of killing
now you really can't find anything so life is really not to kill
but to think you can find something as bear is disrespectful and kind of as a kind of kills us
so finding things he's not really life
it's a delusion that living beings get into finding things
this precept of not killing is like saying okay think about not can i think about
although your mind frames things
meditate on that frame so that you don't hurt anybody or anything with the frame your mind puts on us and if you feel lost
something's missing
but presets missing been found is missing but been lost if some ways
closer to the precept than being found
opening to the conflicts around this precept opening to the dynamism of not killing
not killing a way of life are not killing what is it
i don't know i'm lost i'm devoted to it and devoted not to being lost i'm devoted to something and my devotion makes me last
and my habit as i'd like to find out something
i'd like to know i'm not going to go that far to say i would like to find out what this precept of not killing his i'm not going to go that far
i'm not that cruel then i'm actually going to find out what this precept is
somebody made but i'm not going to do but i am going to be devoted to it just like the people who have found it
who find a way to get ahold of its they're devoted to it too
but looking at myself i think that five founded that would be less devoted than to be devoted to it without finding it or defeated devoted to it's so much that i can't find
that there's no me and a anymore
i've completely given myself a buddhist precepts of not kills
and has no there's no me left over to find what the precept is there's just a precept it's taken over
and i'm lost if you want to know about me high and lost or you want to know about me i have been lost
all that's left is the precept which nobody can find
but the precept is alive
and the precept his life the precept is alive when the precept is alive life is alive
in the precept is less this precept his life and this precept is buddhist wisdom in the form of not killing
to yourself or somebody else don't kill
while practicing not killing finds it is possible to say to someone for such say to a child please do not kill your sister
but you don't say that in a killing way
you do you do it as a gift not to kill this this child who's about to kill who's about to dream of killing was dreaming of killing and thinking of acting and out for various beneficial results
like being an only child find my

so i get i told the story which i can tell again my wife's out of town my daughters mothers out of town
and my daughter and i are taking a bath my daughter's three or four
maybe five
and she says let's go in the kitchen and get the dishes and put him in mommy's bed and break em
so i say okay and she says no

so you know that's that's my story about practicing the precept of not killing mama
somebody's thinking of killing mama and i hold their hand and walk into the killing practice with her and she realizes she doesn't want to kill mama she wants to practice not killing mama
and the buddhist seed grows
i didn't do that allow me how do you do it the i was wonderful isn't it
and so great
splish splash i was taken there
round about a saturday night
like that your plane you're playing you're playing what he playing you're playing bodhisattva precepts what a bodhisattva do they come and play precepts they come and they get in the bathtub with the people and they play with them and they transmit the precept of not killing in a play
away and when they're really into the play something's missing
what is it me i'm missing the precept three steps missing buddha buddha is missing
everything's missing
and we're acting out the missing right now
we're putting missing into forms were putting you can't find it into forms
so wonderful
it's not killing
life is not to kiss so please if you wish can think about this piece of both time
enter into buddha's mind enter into but as mind enter into the practice of buddha and take care of the precept of not killing
care of it hope to care for to care that you are all the time

thank you for cleaning the temple
thank you for tidying up the temple
thank you for cleaning your body and mind
i'm i'm
i'm so happy to clean bodies and minds with you
now please
it's saturday night
it's party time
you took your bath
okay now take your clean body and mind and please give it away tonight give it to every person you meet can give your body mind and to boot his way
you're invited
are invited
and like i say if you need an explanation is here
she'll explain everything to you later
unless she has permission to leave italy right now
in other time so maybe later carolyn
if you really want
may buddha his intention
an equally extend to every being and glaze the
no way the
umbrellas ah to say them delusions are inexhaustible i was doing them diana a tsar bomb as i love to run
to them buddha as way is unsurpassable to become