Practicing the Four Frames of Mindfulness as Gates to Totality 

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i'm turned on
as why send you can he can practices loving for our frames can love our limits humor late
an outwardly see see somebody exuberant don't stop there love that
what about them
the plan
yes exactly
yes yes yes
that's the practice has been present and with your delusions and also know that your present with delusions rather than be present with your realities and your truth
and you're correct understandings
now you could have the delusion of i understand correctly but we need to remember that that's a free
called i understand correctly or i'm practicing really well for i'm practicing like somewhat below average today for today my practice is way above average these are frames on the war on our life desert but my southport today they're practicing somewhat below average or today their practice is way above average this is a
frame and putting on the practitioners
hey i'm not gonna say to start that i'm saying as that we do
k nine but i am saying if you'd like to see through these frames into the true nature of all things and thereby help our beings than love these frames which doesn't mean you believe them or disbelieve remains you to love them
need you to your present and relaxed and generous with them
and if you if you see that you cannot london that's another frame at an our story my story is i don't love this person that's another frame that they intersect his friend now the frame is this person not a lovable that's a frame into personal friend there
not this difference to lovable this was not lovable does your friends on these two beings
the thing is a see your own is to see your own see your own see your own frames it put inwardly and outwardly
then you can help others see their own


how setting a fringe religious ceremony
well in the case of this example the buddhist said the direct path is by mindfulness and his friends
okay the frames are already there
the rd of a frame on your body
he doesn't eat that's already given you i'll be mindful of the frame you put on your body so the ceremony is the mindfulness of what you're already up to
so like we do the ceremony of walking in and out of a room for the ceremony of sitting but i supposed to be the ceremony or mindfully walking in the room is not just a walk in the room but to walk in the room mindful of the walking into the room and in sitting is not just a sip
it's to be mindful and present with the walking in the city so then those are ritual enactments of
what we're already doing
so we can realize what we're already doing
and they're also ritual enactments of the true nature of the universe and intimacy with all beings
but that parts comes after we settle into being mindful of what we're already aware of
but it's the heighten our awareness of or already involved in
which is somewhat limiting for displaying limited
and through that and that means open the door on to work
a former involved in on a much more all inclusive
a selfless love

the ceremony of seeing our limitations yeah for the ceremony of being aware of our of other limitations so we we were we we have the ceremony being where the were on the west side of the endo and we really have we really do put that
we do have their view of the situation we think we're in the left side we don't think we're in the right side we think the right size over there separate from us this is what our mind is doing and by being aware of that we are aware of what our minds doing and then we can become free of it
and help other people

on the same as convincing
our friends conventional truths the frames a conventional truth yes
some other way to say it is if you love conventional truth
that god loving of conventional truth is the dark the ultimate truth
beans are helped by ultimate turf conventional truth is more or less helpful but not related not doesn't really help people much
basically leaves him in
stuck and frames which they do with the have trouble with which to suffer with because frames are birth and death gain and loss self another and therefore fear
fear of death pair of life fair of coming fear of going so conventional conventional world is basically
but that doesn't mean we try to trash it may affect were trying to learn to be really compassionate with it and then open to see what it is namely this ultimate truth
conventional truth is really ultimate truth the way the commercial truth really is is that it's ultimate truth we have to love as i said last time here we have to love the world before we can save it for the law conventional truth before we open to ultimate truth open into conventional truth also opens the ultimate truth
they're blocked together but if you're an open if you're close to conventional truth which is even close to because it often is a real
close to it than we close to the ultimate if we open to it we opened to the ultimate
an opening loving mindfulness presence
generosity and so on car
the way to go
forest helping people helping others

an independent as paralysis is the frame so now i would suggest that you love the paralysis
love the paralysis
that's a really nice friend physically all frames are put paralyzing
solis love the paralysis of process as a nice chunk of being for you to love

are you going to pay a levy
i have been gracious with his paralysis
no okay are you being very been loving the to nothing so great loving with it
yeah a little bit that's enough to get started a little bit as i start a little bit of love towards our inability to love paralysis and we all understand
that browse is not easy to love is not been choked is not easy to love
and then if he tries a well attended then say well can you can you be someone loving to that inability to to issue a hard thing for yeah
let's start
start like or she's son holy too many are there any saturday he had asthma attack
can he passed out and why has passed out he hurt his mother's voice
saying combat they could as i can my ha i think he's as things you call on his childhood name like car seems only too happy to be a whole john combat they could as i watch on combat they could mean keep trying he heard his mother's voice sooner that compare
kind the kind of being shocked and a little little opening in the in the throat open the breast comes through self if you can feel the block
and then you can feel you can't even love the block but you can like alone this guy who can even loved the block a little a little compassion is coming through real compassion because you feel the block he can pass it on the block
and when you say if you feel paralyzed is like the impact
i feel some impact of the presentation of what we're doing is getting to you be being impacted you're letting your you're feeling what i'm saying so that your that the something about her mind with strangles us which freezes us
and i'm saying we cannot avoid that
but once you feel it how we got something which can be now we've got something which is the object of compassion
safe got the frame on the body whose bodies becoming more and more paralyzed as time goes on becoming more and more rigid
compassion towards this body and despise
that's for the life is
but yet would you want to say no
why our pretty want to say
i'm india something like to save me

before you ask me to question you thought yeah yeah the idea that you can use and for something
to get out the paralysis will thank you for telling us that maybe some other people had an idea
yeah says we do not reuse and to get out a paralysis then is not used for anything zan is loving the paralysis catherine is
suzanne is wanting to help the paralysis by realizing that the paralysis is me
not trying to get out of it trying to help it trying to save it
i'm loving at first love it
not first get rid of it and then love at first and love it love the paralysis
and i will try to love it too

he started work scheme

keiser sunday
part of the confusion here is that
one of the ways we use love is for extreme liking
like when lighting is extreme we call that love i like you i love you decide
but what i'm calling love i'm sorry
he's not extreme like
it's extreme freedom from like and dislike
so that's part of the confusion but i i'm kind of like wallace that deal with the confusion by using the same word instead of trying to refinance compassion nice
but it might avoid this problem and love does not want to avoid any problems for lessons are confusing her like that that's really excessive delusion he has been kids are often use love for excessive distraction from love is when people call love often
such is that word

and his permission for the thing that you're relaxed with to be itself
his permission to the to the paralysis it's like hey paralysis i'm on your unsupported you completely in you're supporting you're not supporting may binds a more to year
anybody that hasn't asked a question of one just as a question
you have another question
nothing i associate with was loaded
yeah yeah
that's a frame
as a frame
a frame to love love that warmth and you say what feeling of openness and love that feeling of openness
that's another to love
ten that confessional era that the ratiocination am i really loving and not that's another thing to laugh at another thing to be
generous towards
the center thing to give yourself to that no thing to be a good host that's nothing to welcome
and of more and if that's the guy drops away that that particular a questioning process drops away and just take him more and more warmth than openness keep coming to say welcome he said when no problem but welcome means welcome doesn't mean welcome and stay
is welcome and would start to go he says you can go he has been grey city you
i may never have another moment with the all this warmth again but it was the i'm so grateful that i had a little bit see later and more comes wow
the sun sun doesn't come for a while but that's fine for you because you got this practice
so yeah this a frames
but you're talking about
and so in and literally those are frames that the buddha talks about being mindful of those friends would go into the third frame of mindfulness for the fourth the of those examples
both the want the openness and also that
the connotation does all go into things
in two ways of the mind frames as much as vast constructed fatalities of the universe
and if you love all these things
not like i love them they are perfectly good doors to reality
but if you attached to them a thing now these are better doors to reality than most
sorry a catchment is not
but again if you're attached you can be compassion present and and that will be inducted them that loving of that attachment will be a diamond or not conduct not that it's not just the thing it's the loving of it the next in diameter

the present is not a frame or even have a frame called be present but the president is not a frame consciousness itself comes with frame jobs every moment coasters arises because with the frame job but the constants of self is clear and bright and transparent it's not a frame job
but it's good no sprint jobs at nose and insensitivity it comes with frame jobs so it sees the world for frame jobs
but there frame jobs cut which are home to the teaching frame jobs the words from the buddha to say be aware of this frame job and then you turn your as much as the frame but be mindful of it and then the framing
reflects the nature of the universe back in the mind
and it's the nature of the mine and frame or all the same failed to had the same
unobstructed fatality
in other words everything issue

see catherine's experiencing a lot of grief over the eucalyptus trees
so has gonna be clear cutting probably
all these great trees all these great things are actually gonna be cut down probably
he's a great beings is a great invasive and they're invasive
and the and these beings can can then sorted they're great they there so they can they can be fuel for enormous flames
and and and catherine's expressing grief over there been cut down
i think the ideas replanting other trees
anywhere in india national park service's brochures about the thing they show pictures of
what it looks like after they go away and it's kind of a nice picture
but the process of getting their means cutting down these great beings
this great beings which are here by the
by the grace and
whatever of human beings
and they and they provide and there and they're blessed the great blessings histories and how people feel like they're also great hazards so looks like they're gonna be cut down
and part of organisers day and maybe is clean up the debris underneath him out here so that we we don't have four-star in the backyard because i guess they're not going to come into our yard and cut down these trees
the article that this is i think a student
i mean are you can just means know about eucalyptus is i think are standing as sparse i know park service is not gonna come onto this ground and cut them cut trees down so we will be and you collect a stronghold
so called private property and there would be willing i think to come and take his out but on i did not invite them
i hope it's okay but they're not coming here

i hadn't called there's are computers vs

the intention