Practicing the Four Frames of Mindfulness as Gates to Totality 

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i don't know what he said but somebody said to him
you said that on if we're not enlightened we can't really help people or
are we need to be enlightened in or to help people
he said that
but that's the case then almost no one in this hall or most of us in his hall would not be able to help people so what can we do or how can we help
and then he says well as enlightenment has many meanings
but the point is
helping others
hats point
how what of enlightenment
in a bodhisattva
way the point of enlightenment is to help others
helping others is enlightenment enlightenment is helping others
and helping others
means or is
and there's different ways to say this the war way to say it in a way as helping others is thinking that they're yourself
or helping others is considering them as yourself or helping others is understanding that they are yourself
does kind of a warm way to put it isn't it
there was helping other people
i helping other people is understanding that the you that helps them that helps others doesn't her you bit actually helps you to
but when you understand that others are you yourself they are helped that is what we mean by helping others
now another way to say which people find sometimes chilling is understood that if you're helping others means
understanding that
there's no others to help
that also helps that also as was has also helped others are that is actually what helps other as is to understand there's no others to help
so the body sought to understand the enlightenment is to help others and helping others is to understand that doesn't know others to help
and while i'm helping others by understanding that
and when i understand that that understanding i should say helps others there actually are no others that i'm helping i understand aren't there
understanding that others are empty
saves relieves suffering and helps
another way to put it which is back to the warmer side is helping others means understanding the oneness of all beings
helping others means
understanding the one vehicle
so understanding the one vehicle understanding that others are empty of other they're empty of other and their mp of self understanding that
an understanding that others or yourself the same different ways of putting the same thing that's what helps people as what health beings this understanding together with the basic project of enlightenment which is to help others
if anybody could understand that others or themselves without
the primarily devoted to helping others they might miss out on the phone dish on the phone
but for those who are committed to helping others
that's how they accomplished their goal
and so you can go to the hospital and visit sick people are go to the hospital and be a doctor or nurse
our social worker and try to help people and that's great
it doesn't necessarily help them
might actually just frightened him did he know he might confuse
because you might bring with you are lots of delusions and sort of dumping on them like i'm from me to help you and your not me and i'm to help or near the healthy and you're sick and healthy or i'm somewhat healthy but if her on will have a sick but i can still help you because we're not to and and here have some pollution
you know they might actually say oh thank you very much i understand
do your me and so your visit actually my stimulate them to wake up even though you don't but
it isn't necessary any necessarily so that visiting people in the husband's helpful
unless you're
but there are you
so the point again is
being held on know some people come to him
buddhist practice places and i asked him what they're up to where they want them they tell me honestly they want liberation and actually they're thinking of themselves being liberated
from all things that they don't want to be caught up in they want for him
and that's like great for some people actually want liberation for everybody
but wanting liberation could also be said i want to work for collaboration i want to help people but some people that you don't want to help people that just want liberation which is fine there welcome it is a definite the point the point is not an aberration to point is helping others
he liberated
so they can help others be liberated that's the point
that's what some people say and i'm one of them as i said
and then i just thought it might mentioned that if you want to be able to see that others or yourself
if you want to see that others are empty of other otherness
other hood
you wanna see that
the oneness of our buildings then
i was a practice of
loving all limits
loving our limits
like a lot of loving the limit of yourself when you come to an end and somebody else starts or when you come to an end and there's a space and in somebody starts various possible ways of looking at it loving and boundary between yourself and somebody else
loving a boundary loving and limit
he opens the door to seeing what people are
to sing
an understanding that there you

our my neck should not naturally can know what to call we come by it honestly we we innately project limits upon
the universe
we just do that quite naturally and italy we do it we put limits on the world would put frames on the world
we put frames on ah the landscape we put late frames on the masses of living beings with friends on ourself with boot frames on her feelings with but frames on our emotions our mind frame things
but where we can love that and that when i just told you is also framed as the frame story of how we frame so it's i think we could love that we frame and love the frames
i just briefly mentioned that the one of the early teachings of the brown overheard it was but one of the teachers of a historical buddha is called the foundation of mindfulness but it also could be called mindfulness of frames
mindfulness of the frames with project upon her upon our everything are related to all living and non living beings were related to we put frames on
into personally would put frames on the world and interests psycho physically we've put frames on the world there is a psychophysical inwardness of us and we put frames on like great eight delusion
good and bad that the frame
so the buddha taught to founded that the the frames of mindfulness and they said this is a direct path
this is a direct path and it's it's a it's really a good thing and basically is being mindful of frames
for example be mindful of the body frame
he did
be mindful of the foundation of the body the frame and the body be mindful of the frame of feelings be mindful of the frame of mental states like agitated com
evil good worried distracted concentrated beware these frames and beware of mental objects like for example various teachings
our analysis of sensory experience you know four noble truths aggregates the five aggregates ah
ah hindrances to being aware all these things these are the things these are the frames that he recommends being aware of
say says like resemble a monk a yogi
have standing
mother was what we're standing we have a frame
on our life called standing
when we're sitting
the monkeys aware is mindful that their city other words when you're sitting most people will have a frames they're sitting and a wide variety of frames for that's which you put on the body which we considering a some people might
the saying that we're sitting i now but some people might not say we're sitting they might have a different frame on us but you know if perhaps most of us are doing for various reasons most of us maybe be this the frame sitting on our body right now her body is not the frame of our body but we've
frame our body
her body is actually
other people's body
astrid our body actually is
our body is actually
mt of body
and so on our body is actually
the oneness of all beings as for our body actual is so far is angie says when i regard the true nature so he says
when i regarded to form of the true nature of all things
when i look at the real form penny when you looking to reform he says he sees that everything is the glorious revelation of the buddha
when you look at your body when you first look what you're sitting as a frame you put on your body
cause you as you framed it
that's not the real formerly universe
that's a frame
that your mind puts on your body
and if you look at that frame and you love that frame you realize that frame is empty
the body which is actually a free
but you put on the universe his empty and then if you see that you will see the real form of the universe
you will see through the frame of your body that everybody is you
so he he's good he's a he's been a beacon for is angie i guess was loving the frames that his mind was putting on the world so he actually can see the real form and you and i also can see the real form of the universe if we will love
the frame we're putting on it
and one of the friend of his from of the easiest frame for us to notice for example is the frame of our body which are putting on the universe
because we're caught were highly oriented towards them so that's a real good one to love and love means like
you pay attention to it can a loving way
even when the frame is sick body aging body degenerating body or gorgeous body
indestructible body whatever the frame is i'm suggesting to you that if you love it
you will realize is empty and that frame when the frame when loved are loving the frame is the gate to the true form
of the universe
and when we see that
that's that vision is what helps others
that's the point
of of enlightenment or that's what i like him it is
so i'll probably be talking about the this for the rest of the year
and ah i hope you are greatly benefited and hope i am too but mostly have you are because i'm in to help you
and realizing that your me

i bought it goes on road so narrow all these physical postures or frames for you to be he says mindful but the way he talks about mindfulness i would summarize by saying love or another way to put it is love but
i mean by love includes mindfulness
so loving somebody includes being
remembering to pay attention to them
and clear
an alert and had been learned means paying attention to them where they are now not like yesterday was my friend so i'm sort of dealing with the person who used to be no the for the new person the one here right now to pay attention to this way to be warned about that
to remember this and to be clear about it
and to be kind to be in are really like a person or let the body or let the breath really let it be what it is if it's long you know it's song and you love it
if a got him long to short
you know it's become short and you love it you don't like it you don't like short breaths you don't hate short breaths he don't allow a lot hate long breaths sealed lovelock like long breaths you love whatever life breath you have he love whatever body you've got even though it's
the kind of and certain relative way maybe a lot less attractive than the one you used to have and also the person you're talking to is a lot less attractive than they used to be or than the person you are talking to a minute ago
they're not as cute
but you
love them you in other words you love the frame you're putting on them
now there may not get any cuter than they are right now however this loving of them is the door to the true form of the universe
and attracted people are just as good opportunities
to love has really
repulsive people
and vice versa

in both cases
are opportunities for love
in the context of the body bodhisattva
likes and dislikes may arise if like arises is another
frame to love it hate arises to another frame to love
it's a framer it's not reality but your mind is framed a tenure scared to
grasp it
and therefore like or dislike it
now we have to develop this new training to love it
love limits

and the i thought i may also just say that this afternoon or and it when we're working some of you are going to go away but you can apply this when you leave to but particularly i hope that during work today we have a
that were able to come
can you to practice compassion while we work in other words continue to love the limits that you're putting on the
the things you're working with
we've rented a dumpster which would be nice to put something in there since we rented it had a his expense
you know i really would like you to
love the frame that you put on everything you touch that you bring to the dumpster i'd like you to stay in touch with loving with whatever you're dealing with throughout this work period to remember that while working
this is a great opportunity
i caught the the management is allowing you to practice while you work here
i don't know that will increase the amount of stuff that gets an a dumpster or decrease it
i'll watch my watch to see if i put more or less than a dumpster if i practice this
and also the body which is like picking stuff up and moving it around here
love that frame love your body while you're working today due to carry a body take care of your body's relating to love inwardly psycho physically mindful in loving
of the body
have the pasture
love your posture whatever posture in
notice what past your urine
and i'm standing i'm actually not gonna bend over twisting to the side in order to grab this thing
this is the frame of my puck and i'm putting on the universe of my body right now okay
please enjoy that enjoy being mindful of your body posture throughout the work period
this is similar to say wider by were busily taken care of this property this the space or were busily taken care of it remember the one who's not busy

remember the
the one who's just loving
whatever is
be whatever's been given whatever's coming
and whatever comes his his cut you can say is a frame job
because in reality things are not coming on going but our mind projects coming and going upon the world so then things are given in the coming and going frame
and again if we love these frames of coming and going they opened to the world of know coming and going
which is similar to remembering know coming and going while you're coming and going
susan love it love tourism and love dualism
it was under one of our to
our most famous an outstanding frame ups
the great frame the basic frame of dualism of self and other
a birth and death
of truth
and falsehood
the that framer limit
i'm tempted to say lover to death but i don't really wanna
make you think that you're gonna kill it but can love it to death in the sense of love it into radiance
love it into
into the true form of the universe
it also love delusion and anger that waited
love delusion and anger yeah
a country club and club delusion middle of the frame
the basic delusions basically a frame that we impose upon the world which
if uncared for can choke it
and also can wax
wack wack wack is that sometimes heard you talk about things like lover other virtues sometimes you talk about them as if it's something you can develop and practice and sometimes you talk about a desserts it's not something you can do it's just the way things are right
are these two different
mia so how would i say i'm
you can develop the
of the the ritual and argument of love love is reality
but and we do this with his frame version of love
so we really so we hope into the reality of love
and you can develop the frame the framing you can develop the working with the frame
and then the time comes when the frame just is realized is empty and then you realize the actuality which is not which is not been framed is not being grasped but without the frame version can't realize the actuality without the frame vision you can't realize the actuality without the frame version we would
we would we were just need a reality
but when problem when you're surrounded realize that we we just be it so
love or compassion or intimacy i would say our gives the reality is that true form of the universe
it's the actual way that beings are helping each other in our to realize this we mustn't we must do a kind of like a developed a cultivate a cultivated version of this or aversion this can be cultivated but that goes with
this frame version of it that we have certain that that can be developed
and it developed and developing welcome to finally
i just drops away
so when you say something like love isn't something you can do you not saying just give up reenactment and for the desk
not gonna say that
i'm saying please
i devote yourself to the enactment of it to the ritual performance of it
like today during work try to make work a ritual performance of love
and if you have to stop working for a second
and remember know what's the point again of being here
whatever comes that's the point of being here okay now let's go back to work with that understanding
so know that same thing as he goes poorly it's the same as doing something early afternoon
loving something is the same as doing it thoroughly doing it thoroughly means being mindful gentle
not trying to get anything giving yourself entirely doing and learning it be itself all that's included in thoroughness

yes the first came to the surgery
encountered some day devoted past people
first on changes like specific the presbyterian church in merced california
turned off by ah
an exuberance sort of loving s
the scene memory or two
if i let that were to saying i don't know what their real practices and then it seems to not to be real to me and it was real that to me it seems like so the practice i'm talking about is when you make this kind of when you meet people
can you have this kind of experience