Prajna Paramita

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The "Perfection of Wisdom" is the bodhisattva's understanding of emptiness, which is available to those who are settled in the conventional world.

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fresh eggs the texts which are sometimes called the earliest scriptures of the mahayana
our the project power meter sutras
the suitors of the perfection of wisdom and the
the perfection of wisdom
it is a consciousness which has as its object
the ultimate truth of emptiness
perfection of wisdom the pregnant prime me to knows emptiness
setting forth into the perfection of wisdom is setting forth into the understanding of emptiness
and in the in those searches at one point to i think's sir booty
asked the boot up from where does the bodhisattva set forth into the practice of the perfection of wisdom
the buddha says from the triple world
how other words
from the conventional world
it's from there that you set forth into the perfection of wisdom and the realization of emptiness
and in a way these sutures to are addressed to people who are
grounded in the world
well grounded in the conventional world
it's a teaching to help them step
transcended wisdom based on
having really firmly settled into the conventional world the suitors do not give lots of settling techniques
it's addressed to those who are settled which is part of the danger of the perfection of wisdom scriptures
the heart teacher doesn't talk about practicing generosity and
patients and precepts
it's it directed it's a it's it's a teaching from the body sought for to today
to a wise monk named sherry putra
in the eightfold path to
truth of the the first aspect an eightfold path is right view and right view is to me centrally the teaching that
you're thinking
all you're thinking has consequence for every
moment of thinking which means for it every action of thinking has consequence
karma's basically thinking
it's not consciousness itself it's thinking which accompanies basic consciousness for every thinking there is a consequence
so if you're in if you're practicing meditation
and you have thinking going on the thinking is going on where you're practicing meditation has consequence
and because it as consequence
it would seem to be
a good practice to give it your whole hearted
gracious attention
if the thinking that's going on while you're meditating
he's given your gracious attention
really wholeheartedly gracious attention from there you can set forth into the perfection of wisdom and realized the emptiness of you're thinking the emptiness of your karma and the emptiness of the
consequences of your thinking
so there there is a mini card
ah a phenomena in the in the zen world
for people to teach that in in meditation there's no thinking
it is possible that one who is meditating would have no thinking
that's possible but then not thinking if it ever occurs is not the practice
the practice is
the way of relating to the know thinking if there's no thinking
and the way of relating to know thinking
it's the same way as relating to thinking
give your whole hearted gracious attention to know thinking
and this will open the door to realize the emptiness of know thinking
we're thinking
if the thing is wholesome
clearly john graciously observe the unwholesome thinking
and that will open the door to realize the emptiness of unwholesome thinking if it's wholesome thinking
graciously attend to the unwholesome thinking and that will open the door to the emptiness
of the wholesome thinking
did i say unwholesome sorry
if it's unwholesome if the sun wholesome give a gracious wholehearted attention and you realize the emptiness of the unwholesome if it's the wholesome good gracious wholehearted attention and you realize the emptiness of the wholesome it is no thought is no thinking
treated the same
but some people think
that know thought
is what we're trying to realize
so then they grasp know thought and then they don't realize the emptiness of know thought
some people might also think that wholesome thing is what we're trying to realize
but ultimately we want to realize the emptiness of wholesome thinking
almost no one thinks that unwholesome thinking is what we're trying to realize
but even so people tend to tense up around unwholesome thinking just like the attempts up around wholesome thinking
tense up and are generous with your thinking
then you're closing the doors to realizing the true dharma of your thinking
which is that it's empty and also once you realize the emptiness of your thinking and the emptiness of you're not thinking
you realize
that the whole world
his manifested as you're thinking or you're not thinking and all beings are working together with you no matter what you're thinking
so it isn't just release it's also enter entry into the magnificent cooperation among all beings
so if you're sitting in meditation and there's thinking going on do not hate that thinking
do not like that thinking
do not like or dislike you're thinking
if you like or dislike you're thinking that's just more thinking
but i maybe should say do not like or dislike it just that like and dislike are just the same thing so it's as like or dislike just fold them in to the dough
of thinking and then treat the whole
with whole hearted generous attention and this thinking will turn into all the light of buddha's wisdom
and you will see that whatever kind of thinking comes it's the buddha dharma
even unwholesome thinking
part of being generous with thinking
part of relax arrives a part of
i'm being generous with your thinking and gracious with you're thinking he's also opens onto onto
a way of being playful with your thinking
not playful to get something from it and not playful to get rid of it or improve it
but just naturally
receiving playfulness as part of your graciousness with your thinking
and again if you are sitting in there was no thinking going on the same can play with no thinking not grasp know thinking
be play with it in both cases
by being playful with the thinking
i'm a reasonableness of the reasonableness of the situation will unfold and the dynamics and and
yeah the the dynamic and reasoning of the emptiness the of things will display itself to you
you'll see ah
well for example
if you hear that if somebody tells you that emptiness is a phenomenon
then you your mind could play with that and say well if it's a phenomena that means
it can be known
it can be an object of knowledge
but but knowledge any kind of knowledge
ah arises
depending on
it's object
for there to be knowledge there has to be knowing something so the arising of knowledge comes with
some object for example emptiness together with some kind of organ something i can sense the object in this case the mind
and then also the needs to be a previous cognition
so the knowing of emptiness depends on emptiness depends on the ability to sense it
sense i sent oregon also good sense emptiness
at the emptiness of a blue would depend on the site oregon and the bluth
and then also there needs to be a previous cognition for the awareness of the emptiness of blue to her eyes
so the object
is necessary for the subject for the subject and knows it
but the subject in order to rise depends on organ which senses the object
an object also for its function needs to be something i can stimulate an organ and give rise to consciousness
so this shows you that emptiness itself
cannot be grasped other than organ with to sensitive to it an object which knows it and the previous cognitions this is a way to play with emptiness
and come to know it

actually when you first know emptiness through playing with it
you actually do know the concept of emptiness and then you can continue your play and play with it until you actually open not to the concept but to the direct perception of emptiness which doesn't come through the playing with it in
the same way at the concept of it came to use her playing
so it's possible to have direct perception of emptiness an indirect perception of emptiness an indirect usually comes first
and that's about then that's of a concept or emptiness
the indirect is of the concept of emptiness but the direct is of the actual sensory
direct perception of emptiness
clear both
in that way
you can also then
dr other people about it
when she had direct experience you can talk to other people are bought up by using a concept of emptiness takes to to communicate with them about how emptiness could be realized conceptually
and you can talk to them and speak language and introduce them into a conceptual entry into emptiness and then a non conceptual
so again by being generous with your conceptual processes
he opened to a non conceptual
by being generous with your discrimination process you opened a non discriminating wisdom
and now discriminating wisdom is necessary in order to not get caught by things like the discrimination between yourself and others
or between good and evil
it's not that we don't discriminate between good and evil or self and other
it's just that
we wish to become free of discrimination
free of the trap of conceptual and discriminative thinking
not to get rid of discriminated to thank you know be generous with it welcome it
generously and in the process you will also welcome awakening
so we don't get in to having this kind of discriminating thinking rather than that kind of discriminating thinking we just have this kind of discrimination and that kind of discrimination we have both kinds all kinds we treat them generously
and we enter into not discriminating awareness
and the not discriminating awareness might first be conceptual and second be direct
yes i have yeah
you're you're scratching

thanks for scratching
yes lens

stuckey i start by letting year for example let your thinking be your thing can give your thinking to you're thinking that would make it how big that's a gracious way to be what you're thinking is to give your thinking to you're thinking again that's similar to let your thinking be you're thinking or leave your thinking to you're thinking or yeah
what is it done
bequeath you're thinking to you're thinking
all the different ways you can be generous and giving with you're thinking but
it's a little bit warmer than just allowing
canada and if you do it wholeheartedly it will be joyful

to say hope you say hard hearted has something in addition to what
two awareness
yeah yeah
they're saying
yeah so i'm talking about have some heart there too so
ah also i i have
i told you before and
and had this rock sioux that has is written on it
so in the lotus sutra i told you this last time i think here in the lotus sutra chapter sixteen the buddha says it looks like i was born you know i had and and grew up left home
practiced asceticism gave it up found the middle way
to taught for forty five years and entered pie nirvana looks like that but actually i don't really come and go i'm always here
the buddha is the real buddha the dharma kind of boot is always here but sometimes buddha's it's skillful sometimes for buddhists to appear and disappear when they appear some people get interested in practice and some other people get interested in don't practice and then when they leave the ones who didn't practice
are practicing
after the buddha leaves stimulates into practice are coming and going sometimes helps people but actually the boot is always with you
and so those who practice all virtues
our operate
i actually first folk who are flexible
relaxed operate honest and harmonious they will see the buddha right now
teaching right now
if you're that way so this way of being means with you're thinking you're that way with your thinking
harmonious upright
flexible and honest on i'm honestly thinking this nasty thought i'm honestly thinking of positive thought about you i'm honestly appreciate in you i'm honestly not appreciating you that's my thinking right now and i'm upright with that i'm not leaning into it
i'm not leaning away from it i'm not trying to avoid it to the right or left i'm right here with my thinking about you i'm right here with you and your thinking and i'm relaxed about it and i'm harmonizing with it
that's the way i'm with that plus practicing all virtues means i like dogs interpretation it means entering the mud
and water getting wet and dirty
in order to help beings which means enter your own situation your own grubby difficult situation and then practice that way
and there is warmth them that
but it's a balanced upright worms it's a courageous unbiased nonpartisan warmth
and in that way whoever you're talking to you will see the border teaching
whatever you're looking at you'll see the border teaching
we'll see teaching in every on every a blade of grass
on the tip of every time
you'll see the border teacher
pardon of
have you figure
how do you figure how do you understand okay so if you see any figuring or any attempt to understand gay
give that your gracious attention and that figuring will reveal the dharma
the figuring will not really feel the dharma the figuring basically obscures the dharma the figuring as i'm going to figure out the dharma i'm going to figure out a way to meet the buddha or to be a buddha or to not be a buddha figuring is fine it just a figuring doesn't give you figuring is the triple world
figure is where you step from into the buddha
you don't actually use the figuring out to figure out or you are you use figuring out to figure out but you to stay in the triple world think they're figuring but if you started dressing you're figuring or anybody else is figuring in this gracious way the figuring will tune in turn into
the buddha
if you want to figure keep figuring
no problem
and while you're figuring if you give that figuring your gracious attention the figure you will say
hi i'm really buddha
and you might say well what am i going to figure out how this all happened say well you can see the border now and now you can study with the buddha and actor you become a buddha you will actually know how this all works for now anyway
you finally can see the buddha and become enlightened
but if you're still interested in figuring fine
practice with that the figuring if not the practice that's just karma
the practice is the way to take care of your karma
the way to take care your figuring
and to say oh oh now i'm slipping i'm slipping i'm i'm losing my operators and falling into the figuring i'd think the figure you can actually do my think i'm lost
so now i confess that and come back okay
practice with the figuring
don't trust the figuring just a practice which studies the theory studies that the victory whatever figure
one mark yes
eminent a want to walk and i'm going to walk
how to do it
think that don't make sense don't like any meaning yeah you think you can see i'm heading figuring
you think that it would be good to endure that
graciously endure that
and it
when i heard instruction of investigation so how can one investigate into emptiness is our peter
what you're investigating his the figuring
you're looking at the figure into figuring isn't going to isn't the investigation
but there is food the there may be figuring going on
and you and you studied the investigate the the the figuring
thank you yeah you will see you will see all this working
but that is so his name analyzing that's actually the material to that's actually the material to study
that's actually the material to be upright with and not get involved with
including don't try to get rid of the analysis that's going on
don't try to get rid of the analysis but also don't go looking for it
but if show shows up
be upright with it
for a person who is involved in analysis that's the
that's all at the all the virtues at that moment for that person the analyzer
has the virtue of being an analyzer
that's the mud and water of the analyzer
they be operate with that and honest about that whole harness this is angela analysis going on
and harmonious with that would you please stop your analysis now come over here
okay i'm flexible and i want to harmonize so i will like not be too i won't play
and if i won't mean into this analysis
i won't cling to this analysis but i'm not afraid of analysis either if that's what's going on
some lay some of you were may become great endless
of all kinds of buddhist logic
that may be what you get into some day
that may be your mud and water
so how do you be upright with that and harmonious and honest
the analysis
he says

maybe but maybe what the analysis does is it on ties you from one jail and put you into another one
maybe a more a one or worse one because it's more sophisticated
but still observing how the analysis and ties one kind of not and put you into another one that's that's nice thing to see
but basically analysis doesn't release

he also doesn't really release
what release is what release this is everything that supporting the analysis and the way the analysis supports everything that's what releases
that's the source of the release is the is the way the analysis is is put together and the way the analysis does not make itself and does not produce itself and it's empty of anybody's idea of the analysis that's what releases its are actual
ah we're in a buddha nature or are actually the action which is actual enlightenment is what releases
so we need to open somehow to the enlightenment and it for analytic people than we need if we're close to being analytic people
a closeness will keep us locked into our closeness tours
you know and in the form of analytic person or fuschia if we're not analytic and we hit it we hate analytic people that will also keep us trapped
the enlightenment is already available we just need to open to it
through being open to our current experience
and everything has tremendous potential
to start out of thinking don't try to censor started
yeah don't make a living out of it just observe it clearly observe it
not worry about concentrate
he he thinking you're doing could be that you're worrying about concentrating on your breaths yeah so
so then that would be what you would observe you say oh here i am here i am worrying about concentrating on my breath so you practice with that
poor and for you before you're having hard time breathing and you think you're having a hard time breathing and then be generous towards that or you could be following your breathing are concentrating on your breathing and be just like totally happy about that well this is great i'm following my breath and i'm concentrated this is like i'm i'm comfortable happy
hey this is great know what no jasmine well first of all is a judgment
at this point was a judgment things are going really well this is swell i wanted to follow my breathing and that's what i'm that's what's happening i wish that i would be able to and it came true that i'm not fall my breathing and it feels great and i'm relaxed and i all kinds of good things are happening this is judgment city
hey that's fine
it's also find to be not exactly find that sort of fine from my perspective if you want if all your breathing and your cat and your miserable about it and hate yourself for not being able to follow your breathing that's also fine with me
the words that's the way i would practice with myself if i was in that kind of thinking kind of
so there is judgment but the practice is to be generous towards things which isn't really a judgment
it's like giving
to the judgmental one let the judgment won't be the judgmental one is judging positively let it be that way if is worrying let it be that way whatever he is be generous towards him
yeah don't fall into him that's not really generous let him have his own space
don't try to crowd in there and beat him
and also don't try to get away from him he's your close friend
my fact he might even be called you by you
be generous that's the first practice
with whatever
so first practice
and at first practice goes right into concentration practice can you don't you don't stop that to the generosity when you start practicing concentration hopefully otherwise your concentration will be undermined
by a lack of generosity
know what i meant by go into it is that you continue to practice giving whether you're practising concentration or patience or precepts or diligence or wisdom no matter what your practices you're always practice of giving
that's a basic practice it goes on all the time that's i mean by goes into
yeah and the other one's called through the giving
but we start with giving and as you practice giving more and more you'll start to realize that there's ethics in it
but usually have to look at the ethics to find that the ethics and the giving if you don't look at the ethics then you may not understand that the ethics are in the giving the in other words get a look at ethics directly actually maybe some lack of realization of ethics because of lack of practice of ethics even while you're giving so that's why we go from giving to ethics
it's to discover that actually there's some realms of working ethics that we haven't been practicing you are ethical to your knowledge generous your ethical they could on practice ethics
you don't understand how your ethical
you actually patient do
you actually patient even when you're freaked out angrily you're actually patient but if you don't practice patience you'll just think you're angry and be very unhappy with the results of your anger say it that way at the practice patients in order to realize that your patient and so on in order to practice cons
contrition i'm in order to realize you're concentrating at to practice concentration and in order to realize wisdom you have to practice wisdom but you're already perfectly empty and perfectly gracious as to have to practice these practices and our to realize our nature
fortunately there are available and begging you to take pick him up and take care of them
so please is many of the practices as you can take care of pleased
except them and take care of them until we meet again
and also wanted to know do a ceremony for those of you can stay a ceremony and this is ceremony for someone who is very sincere zen student who also likes used to like ride bicycles very fast and fancy things on them
and now she has broken her neck
up in montana
she said i'd i would i didn't want us to happen but now that it's happened i can see
how all beings are supporting me and i couldn't see it before it's too bad to break your neck and or to see this of course
but sometimes we have to really be smashed hard
to the ground to realize
to open up so now that she's in that way right now issues
she's opening up to
a great realization and it's extremely high price but still we hope that she will
be able to carry on know what she's realized so i'd like to do a little ceremony for her
this is a chant
a to bring her
the great compassion and healing
ma you go canon yaw com
in the early show
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the and and
the day
we'll see around also and
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no it's a non-issue and
and was and
agile john and day on loan and
having dedicated than major coup on go have enchanted it and made dooku canon go a merit of this we dedicate to the complete recovery and well being of our dear friend jenny
the mccune may you find her true plays in the buddha way and share her realization with all the the

thank you for organizing this day i leave thank you very much for the
peanut butter cookies
everything and thank you all for taking care of this little temple and practicing here
and i also want to say that
there's a sectors and one day sitting here scheduled for august eleventh and keep in touch please with eileen before you come because might get moved due to celebrating my wife's sixtieth birthday
so mike moved so
check check with i lean before you come on that day for with catherine
so make it moved
or cancelled panda
or possibly in some other thing like it might be a half day or something
other possibilities life
like you know will have the setting but it'll be led by razi
he rises the dog that here somewhere where is she
she's restaurant
she's resting up to to accept her grip