Protecting and Liberating All Beings

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A residential retreat at Mount Madonna.

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once again i
i suggest that
great compassion is
the excellent
for buddhahood
embroidered is
ah is the protection and liberation
of beings who are suffering
in karma consciousness
wherein nurse birth and death
and all kinds of other afflictions
a person death the cycle of birth and as as a summary have an inexhaustible

if you want to open the door you're welcome to
this lady right behind your she wants more air circulation and i said if you want to open the door from more circulation you are welcome to do so so please do that if you'd like can prop the door open with a chair if you want

yeah i hope that helps the air situation
and i was just i was just talking to someone and i thought or ross said
it's like i'm hypnotizing and i think i'm hypnotized myself into
in into
and i'm hypnotizing myself into protecting and liberating all beings
and your hypnotizing me into a true
i'm so
act this morning i thought i would talk about the the prison of cosmic consciousness where we suffer
and also can also talk about other realms of awareness
by the way kurt has offered some books he's giving those books away if you'd like anybody would like those books is giving them away
i'm talking and thinking myself into intimacy
i'm talking myself into
experimenting with compassion
as for for the sake of realizing intimacy

or another in and i'm i'm observing and experimenting with compassion as a way to realize buddhahood
so on their resume
i propose three three minds
one is the
what i would call consciousness
what consciousness and i use consciousness as a synonym for self consciousness
karmic consciousness
egocentric consciousness
as one kind of
awareness that i seem to be
experiencing or
certainly imagining but also it seems like that to me like this there's an awareness of all of you and a world and all the afflictions of the world and i'm there
i'm there are there's an either
and it doesn't mean there
there's a user
and that world is where there's birth and death and all kinds of kindness and cruelty
where there's a subject and object
and that kind of cut that kind of awareness is
as far as i can tell it's it's president almost all the time but not always not all the time
there's breaks in the consciousness for example you know when you have general anesthetic it's temporarily suppressed
when you're asleep and you have no dreams is temporarily suppressed when you when you're asleep you're dreaming dreaming as a form of self consciousness there's a there's a me and the dreams to
anyway it's a sort of like suffering center
our suffering central
it's the center of it's the center of this suffering
it's also called the headquarters
or a command center
it's part of on this planet as part of human evolution is that we have these karmic consciousnesses
they're very powerful very powerful
ah they can imagine all kinds of things and
create all kinds of technologies and
it has great power
and it has all kinds of suffering
and somehow also
there's the idea that some people have awakened to the nature of this karmic consciousness
yeah some people but not even some people some beings have awakened in the midst of this karmic consciousness they have awakened to the delusions of karmic consciousness
and this great awakening or this deep understanding of this realm of delusion is buddha or is buddhas
they are they awake they have awakened to the nature of this confined prison of suffering

an experience in this awakening also the wage protect beings and liberate beings
so the buddha is intimately related to this confined limited realm of suffering
when there's another and then there's another mind
which is but i just said we human beings have access almost all of us to karmic consciousness and we also
i'm not have access but we are also intimately related with understanding the illusion of a comic consciousness but because of karmic consciousness we don't realize it we actually are not the least bit separate
from buddha were not the least bit separate from understanding the illusion of our kind of consciousness
but does not at consciousness in the understanding of karmic consciousness
the understanding of current consciousness is completely free of karmic consciousness and in order to be for completely free of something you cannot be the slightest distance from it
so understanding cosmic consciousness is intimate with cosmic consciousness and it also as understanding the intimacy of karmic consciousness
it's we are we have that mind we had that buddha mind
we're born with it
and we also had this kind of consciousness
but because of cosmic consciousness
of consciousness cannot see the buddha mine even but the buddha mind has sandra word to come in consciousness so encountered conscious we have these words about buddha mind
they're they're light that has
been transformed into words in in this realm of karmic consciously cup for up kind of consciousness the medium of exchange is language
so what is beyond language has been transformed into language for our benefit
for our protection for our liberation and so part of what's being said is that we have this buddha mind as a message from the buddha mind that we we have it however we have problems understanding that
and were gathered in
to contemplate these teachings in a way to realize this buddha mind
which we fully possess
and has never separate from us
but we have trouble
fully embracing it and realizing it an accepting it
and then there's a third mind
ah which i would offer is called which i would call a unconscious awareness it's an awareness and it's a in something just neurologically speaking it's a much
the neurological equipment for this unconscious awareness is much greater than the neurological support for the consciousness
so both both of them are based and lived together with a body so we have a body
and it has
ah all kinds of physical equipment and this physical equipment has given rise to an awareness
i'm very
wonderful awareness that goes with this body
and that awareness has given rise to another awareness called consciousness called karmic consciousness
and along with these two minds the under the very a very extensive much more expensive
cognitive activity of the unconscious which is more closely related to the body than that
are more directly intimate with the body than the consciousness
and the consciousness lived together with and how they actually lived together his wisdom
twenty three
and though the buddha awareness has sent as teachings about how to deal with the prison system in such a way as to
transform the support of the prison system
which is the unconscious so the unconscious is to support of the conscious
there was a time i suppose it seems long ago when there was unconscious cognitive activity but not yet karmic consciousness
cosmic consciousness is a real a newer type of awareness than the other one
then they're unconscious
but now we have those two and by and somehow about the awakening to the nature of those to the unconscious and conscious the awakening to that relationship and those minds as not sending
as teachings about how to be with our imprisoning cosmic consciousness in a way to understand it and protect beings who are living in that mind and liberating and what what happens in the karma and karmic consciousness
in this moment right now
for example what's happening in this cosmic consciousness is this image of that somebody's here and some of some of us call that somebody me and others have you called that somebody's him or grab or whatever in that karma
consciousness where we're together and also or were separate
there this activity going on they have listening and thinking of speaking and thinking that activities going on in this awareness right now gestures are being made eyes are closing and opening and blinking people are moving and touching their feet that stuff going
on in this karmic consciousness
and what's going on in each karmic consciousness is transforming the unconscious process
what what
what this thinking is doing
which is also sometimes called my thinking but when the thinking here
that's sponsoring this speaking
is transforming the unconscious process
and the unconscious process is supporting this conscious process they're constantly co evolving
and by using this my consciousness
according to certain teachings and practices
transforms the unconscious and know in a certain way that
and not and not listening to the teachings are not practicing them also transforms the unconscious which supports consciousnesses
which are less likely to be contemplating the teachings and doing the practices
so compassion
one of the causes of compassion is past compassion
practicing compassion and kindness consciousness is sponsored by past compassion and it transforms the unconscious to sponsor future compassion so the compassion we practice now
it has the the cause of compassion and has the effect of compassion
and as five types of effects of compassion which i'm maybe bring up later
but one of them is more compassion just like this

so this a and recently i've been trying to bring up this issue of scientific research or scientific study of life of consciousness so
socrates said and soccer she said up and unexamined life is not words at
he was like an examined life is really is really the life and i'm in high socrates am interested in
so again unexamined compassion is not gonna beef it's not going to be mature we have to we need to be examining compassion
we need to be observing it
if we're going to have the compassion become great compassion of the borders we need to experiment with it
and right now experimenting with
compassion is going on and experimenting with compassion in karmic consciousness is going on in this room
and i i and where this i is this does not it's not clear how many of the eyes in this room are doing the observation of karmic consciousness
but in this consciousness there is the wish
that everybody is all of the current corporate consciousnesses in the room and there's about fifty of them that all of a karmic consciousness are being observed
and here right here in this carpet consciousness there is confidence that
everybody in this room is able to do this observation that everybody here can actually participate in the observation of the of a particular karmic consciousness which might be called their own karmic consciousness
that you can see an awareness where you seem to be and were used to and where you seem to be different and separate from other beings

and so again this this is self consciousness
and also count cause self centered and part of the affliction of consciousness is that it seems to be centered on the self
it's not but it seems like that and that that apparent centering on the self is
there's good reason for it in the evolution of our awareness but that center that sense that the self as at the center is one of the afflictions
of that type of their karmic consciousness
it's not really at the center but there's an idea that it is and that's suffering
and so another name for this consciousness for this another name for this awareness is carmen consciousness and karma is a sanskrit word or
and it it means a it's translated and i should say as action so this is also action consciousness
our prison the prison of suffering as action consciousness

so an action consciousness is enclosed it's an enclosed awareness
it's a prison
and the overall pattern of this enclosed awareness the buddha called in sanskrit shade to not
and shade tunnel is the definition
it action
so the actions are body
body gestures
j to now his body speech and the mental the overall mental pattern or landscape or watershed or direction of the car of the prison
of the cosmic consciousness
and the buddha said these overall patterns of this
enclosed realm of suffering
the over as three types
wholesome or unwholesome an indeterminate hundred words heading towards benefit in the process of liberation
heading away from the process of liberation and kind of unclear
so the overall pattern of this enclosed mine in which we have moment by moment except like i said in these special six states of
dreamless sleep certain yoga trances
general anaesthetic and so on there are times when this this realm turned off
we struggle we sort of a body we still have the unconscious process but the conscious process has turned off
and there's no karma during that period of time
we go into those states where there's no karmic consciousness
with our hope our whole karmic pattern
and that pattern is held in the unconscious
and when we come out of that break and and consciousness as read zoomed it's really is it is resumed with all the karma that we went in with but nothing no com new karma was created during the period when our cosmic consciousness was turned off
and get this is somebody you can observe you can observe or in your conscious when you're conscious goes away and when it comes back and you can improve that you don't know anything about when has gone
and the end you can turn you can you can do experiments to find out how the how know camera occurred during that time and people have been doing that for thousands of years

so again if if the unconscious got awareness
dissipates we have what's called death
but we can be alive without consciousness
for quite a long time
but we can't talker
understand here or canoe have we can't we can't talk or understand language
when our unconscious is turned off
or turned off
people cannot be seen so
should i close the screen here

you see me now

can you see them differently now
gay so
studying che to no end
the chinese character
that was chosen to translate che to know is this character
this characters used to translate che to now
what she do not patronize the overall pattern of consciousness and this character also means thinking
so each moment of consciousness of karmic consciousness has karma has action and the definition of the action is thinking
action has a pattern and the pattern can be called thinking
and every moment and every moment has thinking thinking thinking thinking
and the patterns of thinking are wholesome
unwholesome and neutral
for example you can be thinking about doing something unkind
and that's generally on and but that's generally when if that sort of the overall pattern as you're thinking of doing something right kind
we generally say that's probably going to be harmful and not beneficial
to wish
all beings are happy and protected from suffering and liberated having an overall pattern of consciousness as sort of seems to be heading in that direction will probably is going to be beneficial
it takes a while to actually see if it's really going to be and
when you're awakened to the illusion of the whole process you can see this has actually gonna be beneficial and this is actually not in the meantime it looks like probably i think maybe this is a wholesome thought
i'm thinking about being careful
and respectful of life i'm thinking about being patient with suffering i thinking about being generous and gracious to all life these kinds of patterns of thought
i'm i'm sort of experiment and been observing that maybe they're beneficial
and i'm talking to people about and i'm consulting with the tradition that maybe they're beneficial i'm not sure because beneficial has to do with their future effect and how they transform beings and i can actually see that so well yet but i'm experimenting with that
i'm experimenting with wishing people well to see if it's beneficial
i've heard that generally it is
this but this is thinking
this is thinking
and by studying this thinking
have chance to become intimate with it and becoming intimate with the thinking we will discover
the buddha mind which is the intimacy
but it's not easy to be intimate with all these afflictions
that are in this cosmic consciousness
and there can be wholesome states of karmic consciousness
that are chock full of affliction

you don't
we don't have to get rid of all the affliction in order to have a wholesome state of consciousness
now when there's unwholesome consciousness they're usually his affliction there
but the way of working with the affliction is probably not being compassionate not being careful not be respectful of all day
while the suffering of all the suffering which is all the suffering beaks
it's probably not wholesome
so both and wholesome and unwholesome we have afflictions
and then neutral states also like for example this kind of thinking that wall seems to be kind of
off white
it's cold the dos or don'ts examples are two examples of thinking they aren't and there's affliction with them
for example i might be afraid to i'm not be feeling afraid and say the walls white but that particular pattern of thinking it doesn't seem to me to be particularly on wholesome or wholesome
i don't quite see that it's like going to be beneficial than
i'm aware of thing afraid were actually being aware of being afraid it's kind of wholesome
so that's kind of maybe it's wholesome but just observing the color of the wall not necessarily wholesome or unwholesome and we'd we have those kinds of states quite a bit we have wholesome or unwholesome and trump most of us some of you just have probably neutral and wholesome
but some of us have all three
and again from the early teaching abroad is saying please observe
the karma consciousness and observe how it does it appear to be wholesome or unwholesome or neutral this is the beginning at hurley simple way of of looking at the prison look what's going on in the prison is wholesome on wholesome or neutral
i mean in these institutions we have in this modern world is current world these huge prisons some of the consciousnesses in those prisons
r wholesome
this is awesome consciousness is in that prison there's some neutral and there's of course
many unwholesome
there's some compassion in those prisons
towards the cosmic consciousness in those prisons
there's some compassion there's some observation going on of cosmic consciousness in nice present
and there's kindness and compassion
there's a six perfections being practiced in those prisons in some of those consciousnesses
so in this nice retreat center
the same that there's there's some wholesome consciousness going on here and maybe some of the other types
again i just in this consciousness as the imagination that the consciousness in this room are are wholesome a lot of 'em are wholesome
some of you make some of these consciousness is might want to bring up some stuff and and and get some feedback on how wholesome those kind of she says are
so people come and see how about this one is this a wholesome one or this seems to be an unwholesome one where do you think
now to make the situation a little more complicated
if you're ready for a slight complication
carmack consciousness is afflicted consciousness is suffering
and some of the afflictions tend to be associated with unwholesome this like greed hate and delusion
but if you have a consciousness in there's hatred in it that doesn't guarantee that it's unwholesome
because all the consciousnesses all these enclosed consciousnesses have afflictions in them just me and closes and affliction
and i gonna get into some other afflictions but greed and hatred are pretty strong afflictions but it's possible that a consciousness could have hatred in it
but it could have so much compassion and the same place in the same consciousness that the overall karma consciousness is wholesome is beneficial because the way this terrible affliction of hatred is being dealt with in that consciousness is so loving and so come
passionate and so kind and so careful and been so many good other factors are surrounding this terrible hatred that the overall consciousness is beneficial
in other words the karma is good karma
and as three kinds of karma but they're all having to do have been confined
but among the good karma there's two kinds of good karma one good kind of good karma is that is kind of perpetuating good karma another kind of good karma is that it's perpetuated not perpetuating but as facilitating study
and liberation from all types of karma of liberating the whole consciousness in other words of understanding it
and lip and in realize buddhahood
by understanding this consciousness this consciousness doesn't reach the buddhahood but the buddhahood understands the consciousness

okay so see
here we have quite a bit time until
what is quite popular at these retreats
i'm i have this plan which might be wholesome
which is to let you go or early second can get your make sure you get plenty of brunch
and if it gets closer and i haven't if i don't look like i'm going to be included please remind me that i'm to let you go to lunch brunch
when one other thing i wanted to mention to you is one of our know
whenever i'm not madonna
dear members are song members is named fred
and he
he's in france
and he ah
you know that he speaks french and sometimes he's happy and sometimes is suffering he hasn't one or more strokes so he's in a wheelchair now and he knew what his our dear dear friend and we really appreciate him and all his practice with us too
gather and so now that we're back together this is the first time we've been back together since he went to france room
he went to france during when we weren't having meetings here i thought it would be nice for us to em
you know have a meeting with him
online so maybe tomorrow at eleven o'clock commander that bigger made possible maybe tomorrow those who at the beginning of our session
at eleven tomorrow we could just all of us say hide a friend
hi fred
i think you i think it would really be wonderful to see us can see right now i can
who i can't travel be with us but anyway i think that wanted to to do that at eleven tomorrow for fred
okay so i can give you i can give you more from was called introduction to your own consciousness and tell you some stuff in there that you may or may not have noticed but which when i tell you about it you will be able i think to observe them
these are things which you probably have noticed before but
i'll give you a little bit more language for them which why they might help you
be kind to them and also help you notice how painful they are
but i also could maybe stop now up for a while and bring that bringing out material up later because i've given you so much
so maybe this is the first couple layers of an introduction into karma consciousness and some discussion about how to how to observe it and experiment with it
so shall fall save this more details for later as i right
he asked me to tell me your name again
on the war on relationship with correct consciousness the conscious yeah new relationship work and stored yeah right so that's part of the theory is that is that at some at some point
there was a bot there were bodies organic beings and they had and they had cognitive function
but there was no there wasn't the type of awareness of like i'm here and you're over there that some of the breakthrough is that occurred with consciousness we're not there and ah
but at some point this unconscious cognitive process
gave rise to this self consciousness
and there's various theories about what point it wasn't seventy thousand years ago or one hundred thousand years ago but it may be around seventy thousand years ago there was his breakthrough where this this karma consciousness arose but maybe as before that we don't know
from that time on this new consciousness
this newcomer to life started to affect the it's his base its foundation which is the unconscious cognitive processes which gave birth to it from then on it if it it co-evolved it evolved from originally but then once the shah
order to live a started to change the unconscious
and ever since then it's been changed the own consciousness
for the yeah the unconscious cognitive cognitive processes and they have been supporting it so all the karma that's happened for whatever number of years that are aeons has transformed the unconscious so we have new unconscious we have an unconscious
that she never was seen before
which is which evolved from the conscious and a lot and a lot of stuff in the consciousness is terrible
terrible terrible ideas and practices
cruelty which had never been imagined before were conjured up in consciousness
these conscious beings he's self conscious beings thought of on kindnesses like the caste system
which other animals never been thought of they didn't they had they don't have the capacity to do certain forms of cruelty
they wouldn't they would if they could and we and those who can do it do it for you have these new things and then they transform the unconscious which sponsors more horror shows
and that's going on but somehow that all the suffering somehow gave rise to compassion at some point and the compassion sorry to turn the process around
to such an extent that some be some awakening occurred
and and as awakening starts to occur it then transforms a base to
in ways that it never happened before either were there were necessary
but anyway
the terrible pot the terrible aspects of the unconscious on the of the consciousness also gave rise to such suffering said facilitated the birth of compassion which then sorry to wake the whole process up
protect their the consciousness is every moment of consciousness
simultaneously transformed his base
and then the next moment of conscious arises from the base arises from it and transformed it
so every moment of consciousness is really important for study and transformation and again i i'm i i'm an expanded study of consciousness but also the unconscious
isn't it just isn't just individual the unconscious is also interpersonal
so that's that's that's the way that our work in our consciousness transformed the base which includes other beings from and includes the mind which supports our bags so it isn't just for ourselves that we do this work because when we do this work at transforms a mind
which we share with others
so they're constantly constantly evolving these two together
and studying their evolution is necessary in order to realize the wisdom mind which is present with both of them all the time
and even if you took away consciousness the western mind still there because to wish to mind is also aware of all of the other consciousnesses
is that relate to your for your question is was like resign unconscious conscious
yeah like
if not separate from either and resides in neither
that's another bumper sticker
the best does a baseball game reside in the players
in this next stand in the field in the audience in the structures in the rules
it the baseball games nodded in any one of the players is not in any one of the
a pro participants
all these different karmic consciousnesses is not in them
but it's not the least bit separate from them because you've you take away or any one of them he changed the baseball game baseball game is kind of like something you can't see you can see the people running around and you know the rule you can't actually see the baseball game
you can actually see this these all these two are working together but the way they're working together is the wisdom mind and the way they're the people are working together is the baseball game but the baseball game is actually invisible but as it's still even those invisible some people really are jar and
joining it
the wish of mine is there to be enjoyed but it's it's invisible
the compassion mind is there to be enjoyed but it's invisible
you can see the suffering and he can see their responses
but the way they're actually working together is always so and were training to discover that
and watching a baseball game you discover the baseball game
and you also if you watch baseball game he also discovered the wisdom consciousness it's right there
but you have to study
how it appears and consciousness in order to open to the wisdom mind
and the consciousness is constantly evolving with the unconscious and their wisdom mine isn't residing in either and not separate from either it is the way they're working together but the way you know the way we're having a conversation isn't resolving recent residing in you
where me is something we're doing together which is either one of us but in fact includes both of us so our conversations and our interactions here include us all
and i'm not residing in any of us like that way wisdom wisdom includes all of us doesn't abide anywhere
and also there's no place and not abiding some places and other form of body which had not that either
but by studying abiding we discovered the and up the nine abiding
by studying
i'm thinking we discover what think he really is
and more talk about that more later but what thinking really is okay for now
yes kurt
i just say i appreciate that a conversation interesting to see in the cosmic consciousness in
can it be with them intimacy like when you were talking about an excuse me with your way and the pain
so if an event just freesheet that
i've been reading your other to access the returning
and be talk a bit of something called store consciousness yeah that's the store consciousness is is when i'm in but i've been talking about as unconscious cognitive activity
here are those things that can we pick up during our lifetime and camps store you know into our unconscious or actions or thinking can be based on dozen apps were consciousness are
yes the can be a password yes so are our thinking our thinking mind is based on the storehouse mind
and the storehouse mind is constantly evolving and so as are thinking mind
and are thinking my transforms the unconscious process which also then transformed other unconscious processes of other beings of other
that other consciousnesses are based on
so that's again why this
this work is really hard and sometimes we just want to give up it's so painful
and also even if we don't do the work we want to give up
i don't wander the work and else i just don't want to live anymore
getting that's a physician that's a common consciousness thinking that to thinking i want to give up that's the form of pot
git you know and depending on what else is going on that could be that could be wholesome you could have that thought i just don't wanna i can stand the pain i want to get outta here that thought could be attended with lots of compassion and it could be a wholesome thought
but not in itself as sons were scott questionable
and generally speaking the path of wisdom is to see all consciousness as questionable even the wholesome ones
questioning his part of compassion is part of and question and compassion as part of compassion evolving positively
any other questions here is linda linda paul homa was that three and june all right
when you talk about
ha states of consciousness
it tends to give me the presence was
i was science
in year
catch is death
whatever arises especially if we haven't had a tendency to
hmm these teams we use for compassion is not here
the it's not it yeah a competitor
compassion from
no right
yeah thank you
the loss when said

and also see
the indeterminate
there's wholesome or unwholesome and can't tell which
that center
yeah right i don't want to lose it either
and i present this wholesome and unwholesome
two as an experiment to your compassion to see if you could not lose it when i present it
yeah right how to stay on the compassion ball even want to go wholesome or unwholesome
compassion doesn't prefer awesome over unwholesome compassion
loves both of them to equally totally equally doesn't prefer and embraces both of them
and then and what's the next test what's the next experiment
no end right to suit to were trying to learn how whatever gets tossed up into the consciousness
distaste can have constant compassion for it but some stop and even buddhist teachings like wholesome and unwholesome we got her who
hey i like to hope that wholesome someone's really good it's beneficial i'm going okay
compassion for that
for that preference compassion doesn't have preference but is as it it embraces preferences
if you got a preference for wholesome over unwholesome it embraces their preference
and then mix it well actually now wholesome wholesome it's beneficial and unwholesome is harmful but the cup and the center of gravity this practice isn't preferring it just observing this is an unwholesome this is wholesome we're going to study both can learn from we can learn from both
and it's the buddha and the the awake and one who understands this consciousness
has studied unwholesome stays
and when the understand he's really deep you can actually say actually this is i can see how this is going to be beneficial or not for now we're we're export we're exploring are experimenting i think there's i think this is beneficial
and i see a preference and i think it's beneficial to be kind of the preference
i'm happy i'm happy that i can be kind i yearned for being able to be kind to all beings including the unwholesome
see next paul
family both my parents died last year when each of them that i think that
gone through a lot of division that so i try
i had no cognition five
my father's case for a couple of years and when you spoke this morning about
consciousness and cognition that it struck in me
i know i had a passion for them as people i think because they were my parents
but i didn't i feel down and i didn't actually connect in with
their consciousness where they're unconscious i i have a story that they had no consciousness because they had no cognition for you yeah so dementia means d mind right you don't have your don't have a mind
i thinks is is referring to karmic consciousness and assert when when our body changes in certain ways our unconscious process changes in certain ways and are it's possible yeah that are unconscious cognitive processes to not support consciousness for example
oil in brain damage
in deep states of your concentration in
general anaesthetic
in those states the the body and it's cognitive processes to not support consciousness so if we have dementia
the dementia of
a yogic state it only last for a maximum are like a week
and then and then things come right back but other kinds of dementia that are more physically based on some from some deterioration or disease those dimensions can go on for a long time however as a cognitive processes are
they're fully working
after a certain point and as you know sometimes the so-called alzheimer's
the the unconscious processes change in such a way as to not support normal consciousness but also they just supported with they change in a way that they can't actually uphold organic process is either so people die of the cognitive price
this is not supporting the breathing and so on so at a certain point the unconscious cognitive processes will actually not whoa whoa whoa changes such a way that the person dies of changes in the consciousness in the unconscious
so when people are demented
where were we're basically we're dealing with their body and they're unconscious processes however
our conscious activity is in relationship to their unconscious this is it was when this had consciousness so my conscious activity is related to yours and especially is related to years in the way that had transformed mine unconscious
this when my contest on untransparent my unconscious it transplant transformed yours if you don't have consciousness and anymore my conscious transformed my unconscious and to transform zero unconscious so you're you're trans formative relationship with a love
one who does not have consciousness goes on
not as usual but still it goes on at the unconscious level that's the theory so like while compassion to nighttime was really for their
for it it just it it is that actually you're on your compassion in your consciousness transform your unconscious in your body and your body and there but and your unconscious are intimately related to theirs
our consciousness are too but not in the same when not as intimately were more related unconsciously to other beings then consciously
yes they were are we have these boundaries but unconsciously we don't have these boundaries
those boundaries or mental constructions
so yeah so bringing up a compassionate person to visit somebody who has no mind anymore it's like business as usual for them to just their compassion is is just
it's just working with them intimately and they're happy and they're unconscious is happy to meet the other hundred gone just not really other part of our unconscious this is the same and part of it as individual so part of its related to my body and and so of its related to your body but part of it
is communal so part of the unconscious is shared and part of it isn't in the shared part is where we transform others by our cognitive by our unconscious and we transform our unconscious with our with our conscious practice
which then
try and supports us to do more conscious practice which were happy to do and reader know how are so lucky to be able to do it but we are
you know but our consciousness has trouble
with people who were used to for who used to have content it's it's we have a lot of grieving to do in order to pay with a new person but we can still we still can do this thing together with them
like we do with babies they a for while their babies don't have much consciousness user
but they have they have a body in the have unconscious processes and that's it's a miracle
seafood next after paul
june june
yeah touch one
ha so much
is ah
present study ditch
the ages
or brain ah
if you're addicted and you don't have much light show the pictures in the dysfunctional part
entertaining months yet this big bane of light weight that would up and so they are say gun surgeons a now declare addition the seeds because they can show where the brain
it's cause of rejection and they also show but not as cure accounts which is you know this part of the brain has to be given a chance to before you think
i'm sorry i didn't mean to get a good yeah but i'm wondering it's a
when you have to say about
terms of
get dress
some extent just as sixty minutes v show on
heroes you when he found this nice make do it again some portion of it
in people just spontaneously risk your life you jump into a burning
and when they cast
and they asked it all and i didn't think it just in impulse
and they say whoa great big giant research brains
it was kind of those kinds of apps is peter
then most well
how the song that fit in life
ah virginia name
it's just your i didn't know this to answer keys and who
i like

i'll try
one a pic part of it for strip okay so part of it is
she is example of people who do these heroic acts of altruism
to help other people and they asked them what were you thinking at that time and they said i didn't think
i didn't think i'm gonna do this thing
and so part of what we're looking at as possibility that the that
of course they they didn't know that they didn't know that they're getting into the burning car they do that but they didn't like think i'm going to get into a burning car
but they didn't notice that they were in the burn and car and they are trying to help to person where did that come from
and i would say it came from the body which is in relationship chisholm the the the being whose endanger the body and the unconscious processes
implemented the karma of going into the car
and ah
you can also say we don't use to call this heroic but when you speak english where did that come from you don't consciously think i'm going to speak english
you cannot consciously actually orchestrate english speaking
it's in your body
it just comes out and it comes out because you have from for quite a while you have attempted to speak english and when you first attempt to speak english you don't have the unconscious cognitive support for it so it's it's what it's like
for a baby right but they're trying in consciousness are trying to speak english and when they try it transforms your unconscious and then they're transform consciousness sponsors further attempts and further attempt to transform the unconscious more and pretty soon they start custom is sounds like english
and more and then they get feedback and our consciousness and a transfer in this way beings get you through how they use our consciousness their body gets transformed into being able to for example do something like speak english play the piano and jump into a burning car to help help somebody
it just comes out of there isn't what what's going on our consciousness is not made by the consciousness it's a it arises from the unconscious and the good things that arise from unconsciousness come from the good cart the good activities come from training the consciousness
this which transforms the unconscious
so this
addictions are are based on past actions
and past actions can transformed the way your brain is working
then once you've got an addiction which is appearing in your consciousness but which is based on your body and your unconscious you can transform
the on the unconscious support for the addiction by the way you relate to the way it appears in consciousness so if you bring compassion and observation and experimentation to the addiction as it appears in consciousness that shredded that changes your unconscious
which changes your brain or changes your body
so the ideas of this is this is unconscious process his body based and we say it shares the risk and benefit the good fortune of the body
but the unconscious process which is console body-based
an end in neurologically its here and there that that unconscious process can be transformed by consciousness by by conscious activity
encryption by
don't take drugs stop and let us part of grain not yet fifth
it could be don't teach it could be don't take drugs but it also could be compassion towards the impulse to take drugs
and it couldn't be that don't take drugs is it is a is a compassionate combat
but it also could be the it's not compassionate and if it's not if we if we if we uncompassionate they said don't take drugs to the addiction it may actually fought it may nourish the addiction
whereas we say yeah let's take some drugs last year let's take some drugs it might actually start to relieve the addiction
if it's done out of love and kindness and open mindedness and generosity and patients with the addiction but if it's don't take drugs is coming from impatience and unkindness it just makes more addiction it transforms a body in a way that makes us want to find so
some way like we did before to to deal with the suffering rather than deal with the suffering by more compassion
a puffs in my mind is one time my wonderful wife was on vacation or vacation from her family so
so the the father and daughter were together when the daughter was good the little girl who are taking a bath and the little girl said let's go in the kitchen and get the get the dishes from the kitchen and put them in and mommy's bed and break em
where'd that come from anywhere
so and i said okay
okay let's do it and she said no
and i think that i feel good about that i didn't say no we can break dishes and my mom is good i didn't say that then she when she would i don't know what that would have done to her i said let's do it then she discovered i don't want to break dishes and mommy's para mount is the best i don't wanna do that but temp
rarely she kind of want to get rid of mommy
and i said okay let's get rid of moment and no i don't want to get rid of much so compassion how's people wake up compassion helps the the addiction to wake up and say this is suffering and and compassion helped me see it and compassion going to help me become free rather than but sometime
aims the way to do it is just don't do it that sometimes that's really compassionate
but that's not enough
that's not enough we have to not prefer freedom from bondage
we have not perfect compassion doesn't prefer freedom from addiction to addiction it finds the way to be free of it not by getting rid of it the buddha found the middle way not by getting rid of protection to your sense pleasure not by getting rid of addiction to sense negation
i found the middle way by compassion
and sometimes compassion to be don't take drugs that can be really compassionate it's code for let's be compassionate to the rather rather than who doing this drug thing why can we do something even better for this pain i got this better thing
it's drugs are good but this is even better
this like worldly pressure is really good but we got something better here
but doesn't have all those drawbacks and is more reliable but harder to find
more painful
now that it's not avoiding the pain it's embracing it and that when we embrace rather than avoid or brace for others and manipulate that transforms us and a different way than there's other ways so i think is i think i would say some people say that this neurological research of the
twentieth century and twenty-first century is supporting a lot of buddhist teachings but another way to say it is a lot of this research is interesting to the to the buddhist practitioners it's interesting it gives us and it helps us a enquire it it is it supports our study not
so much we already knew that
but when that's interesting
like something like karen was telling me of a dilema likes to talk to scientists you know
and they give dalai lama
the gift dalai lama you know they talked to the 'em and they give him little talks about neurology and neuroscience and the dalai lama listen to them and talks to them so they're having dogs on with dalai lama you know
and they're also edge and and they're educated the dalai lama but the dalai lama's like
compassion right to these people force he's he's transmitting compassion to the scientists so what we gonna do is is had the scientific research
surrounded by compassion
that will enhance the research
and the research will enhance the compassion

exactly seventy percent
hey that

home and du jour behind risk yes homer
him to
hi i'm constantly officer saw like this on of life in potential which stood why you
yeah that is a lot to laugh that i of days and i also observe every time i was for some reason i had potential to be worth to be with what is it actually
feeds on my attention
and then i have workmanship and then i can do more attention to current consciousness which
the freedom is actually ah
he for attentive to harvey consciousness which i i i t v eight forget about is there's something else not this
good courtesy you know so i know the object used in question the question is how can i or i would like not to put something else everything else is no else how can how can

i hear the question
and i also want to mention that you also
told us that in this in this kind of consciousness there is some there our impulses
we're impulses of interest in something else
in karma consciousness there's there's there's our interests
in something other than karmic consciousness and that those interests or those impulses to something other than cosmic consciousness do make it more difficult to observe cosmic consciousness
so you've got comic consciousness and these voices and comic conscious let's party we have better things to do with them look at cosmic consciousness you know this is a yeah this is a mess let's go look some place now showing that that's part of what's going on there is like let's not study here
that's that's part of our that's part of our trouble is it's really hard to study in a place for people are saying let's not study or are you know this is stupid you have better things to do
and then us as flat latter question so
warning warning in both cases
compassion doesn't want to have a cock cosmic consciousness that doesn't have even the thought of something else it doesn't have you know if there isn't a thought of something else cosmic consciousness i mean conscience compassion we say oh okay here we got
a simple person who doesn't even know about anything other than take care of this law suite we will do we will take care of this person who doesn't even think of something else
now here's a person who is
i'm really good at thinking of everything but what's going on here and we were going to love this person to
this present one we're creative like until it really intelligent people who are more difficult for them to to be compassionate with this they're extremely imaginative life of hot of all the things others and what's going on
so that more challenging
but both of them are deserving compassion
one question what's the difference between less not sterling vs upset
the went into resonates with me is lets us let's observe let's not let's observe courts let's not study
this is they also face he instead yeah this just the study has two parts it is to observe and and to experiment to observe in question to observe and explorer that's that's the study this
the study has two parts it has a just
simple just observe and then ask questions explore
disagree and i'll play with it these are all experiments we can do with this kind of consciousness
does two dimensions of of the scientific study
a just observe that's fundamental just clearly observe and then mama
what's that oh what if what if we do this and and learn how to do or do we do this without just just as a gift rather than trying to get something in particular and notice if you do try and get something in particular how that doesn't penetrate as deeply as just let's just try this
why was i was the question so when purely of sir
my mind somehow this observation
may not get anything on a study by the study is to the extent of your pure observation to have to understand me so
the observation is not pure that sometimes try jets that's right if if to observation the odds in the observation wouldn't be good if it got infected by trying to get something
but there could be observation and and observing also the agenda that the observations going to get something so that that's noticed oh yeah read resident haven't letting the the observation be co-opted by trying to get some in our realization
the good the the observation can coexist and does coexist with trying to get something on it
on of kind of conscience so national average gaining ideas going on and cosmic consciousness clearly observe them
oh and then you know get something that you get some but dia and you and you get it by the way you relate to what comes up
i one time
was that the tassajara zen mountain center and
we have a founders hall there for the founder and the
the plaster on the outside of the wall was trying up and falling off
andrew who was probably because to the recipe for the or the formula for the plaster was for japan
the mixture of what they put two and saw it in a dry and the dry hair and heat of ta har that particular formula didn't work very well so it was cracking and falling off and so they want an i an average some people were talking about a hotter and parrot
how many people have heard this story
that's not bad
can we tell it again or do you want to tell it
so he says if they had these so one person can have me and said let's take the plaster off put up on chirac no night you have put up sheet rock and then spray stucco on it
and i said oh okay
and then somebody else came up and said you know there's there's we can add some some other ingredients into the mud that will help it withstand the the dry or air and i thought i sounds better
when i first thought about that oh okay sounds better as holder was to it but little by little this the one that sounded better also i the my dharma brother was to want to put the the plaster on the first place i so i thought he would probably like the second way better resident put stuck sheet rock
on this and asian construction for sheet rock on and stucco he probably when like that i guess
so what i thought was like okay and this maybe this is better with this baby this is better got better and better
and i guess i started to get kind of
stuck on it
and then somebody asked me about how to do it and i from this place of like i didn't observe what what's going on with my mind as i anticipated this the second way become really the best way is shifted from this is good and is better than really got heavily the
best way and when i expressed my ham
my preference i noticed it the person seems shocked
you know like you don't necessarily notice that your build up static electricity and you touch somebody in beckett shot so i was getting charged on this and when i talked to them how i can see he got shot and then i realized oh what i'm getting too worked up about this
i think a prohibition i think i prohibition be in this conversation anymore because i'm too worked up so i didn't say the more about it
and then i went to sit in meditation hall and i said and i noticed that my mind was very turbulent
and i was kind of embarrassed on a turbulent or was supposed to be a teacher you know
the you really like
here is like really really agitated
i think it was because i was getting so worked up about this way of repairing the building you know it just really disturb my consciousness
i don't like i said it was uncomfortable and embarrassing that my mind was so agitated
but i had this opportunity to sit there and and discover it right oh wow what a what a tempestuous situation
so as we have me i need these times when we can look and see if wow my mind is really wild and disturbed
that's good right
if i i didn't have a chance to do that i would you would have been walking around with that agitated mine and just to have to stay away from everybody
because my mind is not for public consumption
but it wasn't public consumption it was for meditation i sat there and observed and thence this is sweet voice came up in man said clearly observe
where did that come from it came from my body in my unconscious that because i had been studying and meditating this message came up just the right time
and then
the ocean just when com
but i had to sit there and look at that
mess due to my own attachment
and then
you know face it and be embarrassed about it and then the instruction comes clearly observe and when it came as what happened it just
and the charge up went away and i never said anything more about the situation
and they didn't what i want this but no because i said anything but because they've recovered from my shocking behavior
give to embrace it will have it be and then it goes com
sometimes dramatically like that in a moment
yes vivian
it's interesting to me
that kind of justice
in my own
all the information says the training well it it it starts and it starts in the pattern of consciousness so that the three types of cultures this one's called mental and that's the source of com that's the source karma is karma
but it's it's like the source then pitch and ramifying into postures and vocalizations so those are also karma
but there are there like expressions of the mental pattern
their expressions of karmic consciousness

that's like that's more connected to our unconscious that our our ancestors
all the good and bad things they've done is is part of what in the background of our body and that sponsoring our consciousness so
you know we can say things like let's put plus break the dishes and put my mommy's bed where'd that come from well i came from our ancestors you know
for no no

yeah right right and that that that's one that's the ancestor of that statement being mad at mommy for going away
that's an ancestor ancestors our past selves and our relatives it's oliver is is all all that we've done or that we've thought and all that other people have fun
yeah this is psychological bread this is a psychological prison
and my interpretation
not only classic
when i tell if i think it'll be taken as a girl
when you tell it it will be a karmic expression of the psychology that that speaking
he will tell it the people that you can also here

in the summer
hi beth
and then was there i can be
they bed was very high can i found my face off the bed because he was sleeping in a young
the next day i had to do a very important topic at grand rounds ucsf
and i was a big deal because they wanted to hear a cultural humility and i was planning to be provocative to not only talk about racism homophobia other things we're talking than to talk about the stigma of unvaccinated moon and to really read
really have a conversation that can you bring compassion to that has trying to figure out how to do this time zone the night before that i've done dentist have so many times about different things about cultural humility
i went to sleep i fell on my face
my sister took me to get stitches on my lick my nose is broken and i couldn't figure out how to write an email to staff the cancel my talk and rounds at a big deal
and then my sister said in spanish came on time to cares right the email if you can't talk and they believe we still didn't know if my my teeth are broken jaw
so when i wrote the email about why
i heard
just like when you heard about this step
what was it again clearly observe clearly observe i heard
i fell on my face
just something so simple clearly observed i fell on my face not to make me up that for me it changed everything
better to find your face basically that to climb your face with the entire medical community talking about cultural humility and the are vaccinated and unvaccinated stigma and all this energy that maybe i was that allowed the helmet and zoom
and i felt so good even though not pay and i have pain
yes per similar strummer that is that psychological who that's
thief was either i think the psychological was there and then you could say this this this wisdom came up
and but the wisdom of
i fell on my face that wisdom
came up out of your whole body but it came up about a being compassionate to your body and observing it observing all that was going on with you
and that
that is illuminating the psychological situation
by saying
i found my face clearly observe don't take drugs
it is it comes out it is with its wisdom be expressed in language
but as wisdom that comes from being kind to the psychological situation
the wisdoms there but if we aren't kind to the psychological situation the wisdom which isn't really psychological is the truth is the revelation that psychological is deluded
but we have to be compassionate to deluded psychological in order for the wisdom become in to our body and mind and say i fell on my face
or you know i shouldn't be talking to people about how to fix this building
sometimes you know you could talk to somebody in person but you can't talk to him on zoom
that's part of my problem with zoom is that if if i'm really save something intimate i have to see the people's faces and if there's too many people i can and i don't know them
you know they can turn off their screen in a can go away i am but if i'm with somebody that they can't really turn off their face
so some things are too i can't do on zoom and and my body knows that so i say i found my face or i'm not suitable to talk about this right now but i maybe i could do it in person
thank you for very very parallel
i heard parallel
yes and yes
could you hear okay elizabeth of am so great in other ways it's over yeah yeah let us not
yeah please please let us know if you're having trouble hearing we can we will will adjust okay
the for like
this year this is the mine
yeah needed okay
that's because you want to say something
a kid you're gonna buy a kitchen and analysis for village other people left we're at a little thermometer a temperature with broke mercury
here's a laval mercury and then restart yeah
so i know it's illegal now you'll die potential fell in
there'd be this little ball and he soon as you touched it it doesn't last and then you touch it and go somewhere else movies
fastening it my experience here this morning is love now eight
hey get the damn mercury not good conversation and i feel on

not quite ashamed but stupid now
i feel like are you kidding at this point these basic things you still don't get so you confessing that feeling and it had to do with what he spoke to window about about
if compassion is accepting if we're to accept and well the ethical with be patient game then i don't understand about it for they don they don't understand that pulse of behavior isn't better
hello i don't see how it's like what there's a michigan piece for me and understand it now i don't get it
the you don't understand what about wholesome and unwholesome i understand how wholesome is better than unwholesome if your bowels to say one think
oh i should
can i say it again i don't understand how wholesome is not better than unwholesome fisher valets to save all central banks

so one story is that my bow to save all sentient beings is to free people your bags from preferring wholesome over unwholesome
and if and but still we could say wholesome better than unwholesome we could say benefit is better than harm we could say that
that statement can be made
but that statement isn't freedom from suffering freedom from suffering is being compassionate towards that statement
like holes and better than unwholesome
compassion that freeze beings are jargon is free beings it's not to prove that wholesome better than unwholesome is to deal with the thought wholesome better than unwholesome is to deal with that thought
and so we put that thought out there not so much the thought that wholesome better than an awesome but anyway we could even say benefit is better than harm
that's a thought to deal with
people can get caught on that thought and they can become like me they can become charged about benefit is better than harm
compassion goes there to help that person who thinks benefits better than harm to help that person not be caught by that thought benefits better than harm really don't think anything is better than you read that
right now for your benefit i do not think that
i'm i'm like right right now i'm looking at you and i'm here and that you're saying to me you're asking me that question and i i actually don't think that right now i'm not always thinking anything i'm now i'm not always thinking that i don't like believe that horses better than unwholesome i don't actually believe that
but i but i still bring up the teaching is that this karma is beneficial and this karma is what is is harmful i bring that up so people can look at their minds and see this mind is probably going to be harmful this mind is
we're going to be beneficial i say let's look at the minds and notice this is probably going to be harmful
that's probably not what you want and this is product you do what i'm more like looking at it rather than saying it really is true that this is this way and that's that way i'm more like observe rather than believe the stories but i put these stories in gets to help people find out
out if they have some addiction to one of the other
cause that's where the problem is
but if we don't bring up something where someone could say wholesome and unwholesome and therefore benefit and harm but i don't have to believe how wholesome and unwholesome wouldn't are not ultimately true
but i want to look at that and then you tell me that you a problem with where they just brought up and i say yeah and that's what i've heard to help us with is the problem we have with good and evil not to say good as good and evil is evil but you can say that good as good and evil to evil new you could say it again good good
someone can sail that but i'm rather bring it up let's bring it up and look at i didn't see if anybody is attached to anything in this field of good and evil a benefit and harm as any attachment derision pain and pleasure is there any sticking points so let's bring all this up
but i'm not bringing up to say i really don't think this is true and that's not true or this is this is better than that what i'm saying is i think the problem is that we have attachment and misunderstandings here
and if we can illuminate us will discover wisdom
but an order to illuminate than we have to be kind to them
kind of what
kind to unwholesome and wholesome
and kind to wholesome better than analysis
benefit is better than harm
it's a benefit i want to be compassionate it's a charm i want to be compassionate is there harm seems like it we can add on and that by way that aren't known as good as to benefit you can add that in there dude there's that to you name it we've got it
but do we have compassion for at all that's trying i having trouble with but i know i might have thought i thought might arise in my mind like horses better than unwholesome
and then why is wholesome better than unwholesome because wholesome helps us understand that wholesome and unwholesome are not separate
so the muslim that's more of a reason why wholesome better but if i would believe that it is not doing his job as job is to free me from thinking it's better than unwholesome
an unwholesome usually doesn't lead to us understanding that unwholesome not better than wholesome or worse in are so we we do buddha did wreck to buddha did say practice wholesome give up on wholesome and study your mind to put it just say that we're here
but didn't really say that
that wholesome better than an awesome he just said do the wholesome that will help you realize how to not do the unwholesome and in that process she will he will have to be compassionate and by being a passionate with the situation of wholesome and unwholesome you can become free or both
because even wholesome karma is still
in the bondage system
help but think you're welcome and your haiti
yeah and and also went up when i used to play with the mercury and we used to put the mercury on coins that would make them shine here
then the market would wouldn't be a beat anymore you could just make a dollar coin shiny to have try that
so let's use the mercury to make the delacorte and shining
he has
oh okay
about be tested
it seems to me
yeah maybe we can maybe good that's for a big topic the topic is distinguishing between intention and vow gay so it's getting close to you know what
and i said i'd let you go okay so tradition now every moment of consciousness
has intention and the intention is three types wholesome or unwholesome and neutral every consciousness has an intention which is the pattern and is it
beneficial on beneficial or i'm not sure
vow is
like intention but bow is a commitment even have intentions without a commitment without a without a file
that is express
it couldn't be but you can also make a vow without preference like i can have it is possible
there's a lot of possibilities here it is possible to vow to become buddha without a preference to bay border
it's about be it is possible to vow to somebody something that you cannot have a preference about i shouldn't say that you don't have a preference about
and that and that part and that that's part of the reason for vows is that things you maybe don't prefer you think you need a vow in order to realize them
it's possible to watch something without preferring it
usually we want things and and we overlay the want with a preference that makes life that that's an affliction
putting preference on to our wishes is generally afflicted
i in some cases you will be more successful and realizing what you want if it's free of preference want to put away who want to be border yes well then don't prefer to before the and you will be more successful
to even if i'm feeling
you can't separate
yeah so i think actually your preferences
it is sometimes your preferences the you're all set you know because you prefer whereas some things which you don't really prefer but there are so important that you and you want them so much and but you don't prefer them so then you actually have to make a vow because all the other things you prefer
the prefers like hear your habits now you want to do something that's not your habit called being a buddha and you don't prefer it
so you make a foul because you need the to help you do something you don't prefer
so this is a pre brunch
hors d'oeuvres okay
so we can resume this in our next discussion the subtle difference between intention and vow and how preference actually is not banished we don't not have preference because buddhahood doesn't vanish preference but it does point out
out that it makes buddhahood more difficult to realize
realize buddhahood is not so difficult if you don't have preferences but you'd who need browse the buddhahood arises from vows not preferences but it doesn't it but it deals with the preferences and we vowed to be compassionate to preferences but the perfect preferences of our operating carmen consciousness
they're not operating buddha
but is free of reference
and full of compassion for preferences free of preference compassionate breath is not operated by preference but it doesn't prefer to be buddha buddha just is buddha
which is a good thing
but not better than section banks but it does not think she's better than sentient beings
she did not prefer to be sentient beings but she does prefer to could have brunch