Protecting and Liberating All Beings

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A residential retreat at Mount Madonna.


The shared and unshared unconscious. Where does the bodhisattva vow come from? Working with abuse or other evils. Helping without preferences.

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sound or at it towards the end of our last session and take some pressure for a rare were raised about company
the relationship between vow and intention and also a vow and preference

so some people have a vow to practice the buddha away
the great way
and one one of the famous statements about that by a a ancestor named zhao jr was the ultimate way
he's not difficult
if you give up picking and choosing
however could say preferences
it's difficult to give up picking and choosing but if those are given up the way is not difficult

so maybe i could consider that the great teacher joke
he wanted a pretty wished to practice the buddha away but he didn't wish to pick or choose to put away
in this way he practiced to boot away and he also he also mentioned that that he didn't abide in purity which could be understood as
i'm just telling you said the way is not difficult if you give up preferences but i don't abide in know preferences
i just i just find that when i don't have preferences it's easy for me to walk the way not easy it's not difficult
so i'm addressing in the issues that you can be really committed to something
and having preferences we do have preferences but usually preferences are our problem
there are problem that we prefer for example that we'd prefer
good over bad it makes it more difficult to be committed to good if you prefer it
it makes it more difficult to deal with bad if you prefer good

i suggest that
it's difficult to deal with good and deal with bad but preferences just make it more difficult
and you don't have to have him
to be devoted to something
but you can you can you can also you can be devoted to something and prefer the senior devoted to
but i think that backfires
now if you want to do evil than it would be good to prefer it that would that would enhance to evil if you prefer it
i think probably it would help
but if you want to practice good preferences are
and no preferences are also proof preference of questionable

and i often mentioned that i happy wonderful opportunity to receive and give bodhisattva precepts
the precepts of the put his disciples i have the opportunity to give them and then i asked people if from now on and even after realizing bhutto it will you continue to observe these precepts
and they they almost always say yes i will and you can they mean it and i ask him three times and they say yes they will yes they will and it's it's really lovely to see them
but promised doesn't mean they're gonna do it
because it makes sense to me is a promise doesn't mean they're going to do it
and so i don't expect them to do it
and then they don't do it on its kind of sad but i don't get disappointed in them
i don't necessarily congratulate them but i i'm there for them if they phone on their face after they said they wanted to sit upright
i don't know i hear their commitment i think it's a beautiful commitment
you know
and i want to support it but i don't expect it's gonna happen you know in the short run like in the next
i'm in an initial run
but i i do think we're on this path and committing to it i do think helps us do it
and having preferences i think you know it's okay but is more like preferences are more like afflictions
but vows or without to do what we without to do is a path which wolf protect buildings from reflection and liberate them and then those echo from about the dirt about protect and so there's a story about the buddha that the buddha was sitting and the buddhist and i'm gonna keep sitting
ing and then various assaults came armies of a soldiers came
to visit and he protected and that he protected but this protection of rose is not a he protected but this protection arose in the face of these attackers and the protection was loving kindness loving kindness is a protection
but doesn't give you know and in the story that the assault or the attackers went away but even before they left the loving kindness was already a protection and in addition to loving kindness compassion is our protection
patience is our protection doesn't make the pain go away and yet it protects us right well it's here
it's a little bit more bugs how protection doesn't get rid of the thing and yet we and yet the budaj and get harmed by the attacks
because the loving kind is protected the buddha the buddha is sitting does not what to do not disturbed by the attack loving kindness
loving kindness protects us from disturbance when we're sitting disturbances come and after meeting if they're met with loving kindness that protects us if they're met with compassion that protects us
that's the proposal
and fighting and hating distraction i know someone is in students who trying to be concentrated in the hate distraction and that doesn't serve them that that that that doesn't serve their concentration it serves their agitation
hating distraction promotes distraction be kind and compassionate distraction is immediately
common or com
so anymore questions about
vow and preference

did you hear a question where does the energy for the vow come from
for the vow and the practice well
i think kind of the practice comes from wishing the wish to practice and in the vow really sort of supplements the the wish you can wish to practice and then forget about that for quite awhile
my early days of practice i wished to to practice but then there were these huge not huge and went weeks between the practice sessions but i did wish to because i thought she this be a good thing to do if i wanted to be like these bodhisattvas i heard about because they did this these practices i wanted to do them
i didn't even know about it i didn't really know about bars at the time but i i didn't know i wanted to practices and i didn't know i'm having trouble so a wish his part of it usually reviled to do things we wish to do
so first is a wish then this wow so where does the wish come from the practice comes from the wish
what is are born from wish buddhist born from wish and buddha's wish but his wish
i like that were wish good as wish they wished that all sentient beings
will open to buddha's wisdom they wish that
and they
and they demonstrated
and they awaken people do it and they help people enter buddha's wisdom best their wish they wish although they wish that
they also them an addition to wishing they vow so there there with us what they wish and that wish which is also a vow
makes them appear in the world to help all living beings
which they they were doing that before even before they appeared because they're never separate but they do wish and they duvall and the practice comes from the wish and as it's it's uplifted and ah enhanced by vol involves also
parentheses i'll go into more detail about that there's various things which helped vow be successful but for now just say the practice come from wish and bow but where does the wish come from that was your question right
i don't make myself wish to practice the buddha away you don't make me wish to practice the board away
but our communion
and particularly our communion with the put away with the buddha's our communion with the buddhists in that communion in that conversation the wish comes up
the wish is caused by the communion of awakening
delusion and buddhahood in in in communion with living beings this wish comes up so when it had risen in us it didn't we didn't make it come up
when we saw something which we thought that is that's what i want this is what i wish for this is the life i wish for you didn't i you didn't make that happen i didn't make that happen buddha didn't make it happen
your communion with buddha made it up and it happened from the conversation
that's where i come from so when it comes it is because this wonderful communion is happy monday and even noticed it
like a there's this movie which some of your see it as called i think it's called
resurrection starring alan bernstein bernstein said it
so she's a she has awake if she has been an awakening and she has healing powers so she can chicken commune with people and i just beneficial way but she finds out that she has to do it and in a way that people don't even know because if if they know is cause
certainties of she couldn't cope with too much too much public awareness didn't work for her so she just she wound up working in a gas station and when people came by she would commune with them and they didn't even know it
so we don't just so you know that communities even happens people have a what have communicated with us and after they walked away this this wish arose but that's where i will say it come from
in the meeting yes
just watched yes there's a wish to end suffering
and that leads to compassion
but not necessarily the wish to practice compassion but it does lead to compassion we're talking about the wish novel she went to word is wish come so you can you can feel compare you feel suffering and compassion may arise which is great
but where does the wish to actually practice it even when it's not a robot the even up when it is a proxy their compassion comes up that's great and then but then after that
there might be a i i wish to do that again that was good i want to do that again see the difference between compassion and wishing to practice it and you can wish to practice it right why are practicing and want to keep doing this or after you after it's over i want to do this more
and that's because in addition to the suffering and the compassion there was a meeting a communion that that in highlighted or drew your attention to how good compassion is how wonderful compassion as so we have seen examples of compassion
and in that seeing them even though we were practicing compassion we saw them and they were so lovely that we wished and that in that interface to wish to practice that but the wish could also arise right after you feel compassion in the midst of suffering so that compassion comes from suffering but the vow
our to practice it and now like that but devout to for a to practice it to the point where you can actually protecting liberate beatings that arises because of a meeting with the border
but the company suffering is sort of at the basis of the whole thing
because that's where brutal lives
yes and hama and june and jessica and ut
the wish
or basic
what is
in my it might be like that but you can also wish for what's happening
and asked one yeah but you could also wish like you could wish for wish for buddhahood and feel like you know i don't think i don't think i'm there yet i don't think i've realize buddhahood yet but i still wish for it
and i and i l and i also an abrahamic and i'm committed to realize buddhahood
so that's where coffee
why is
that summer out there you don't have to get into that that it's out there is just such he just said you don't feel like you fully route you can pray now here you feel some incomplete realization of it even though you wish but you don't think it's in other words you
i feel like i have an incomplete realization that buddhahood is here i don't think that it's out there because i've heard that's not right the bulletin de the buddhist buddha's teaching us is not out there and i've i accept that but i don't quite fully understand how it is here
i humbly admit or i honestly admit i don't think buddha's out there and yet i don't really understand that this is that that boot it is here and i but i want to understand that i think they would be helpful to everybody if we all understood that
i'm just say a problem
no you could say it is it's not so much not did you say not seeing the uranus
is that a problem
that's just move doesn't exactly have you can say it's a problem but you could also say it's just what it just the way things are is that you have not fully realized and seeing that seeing that that you don't
no seeing that you have not having his vision that you have not fully accepted it seeing that will help you wish to see it
because you can't really see it that you know but you out you don't you don't understand it yet fully i was talking to someone just a little while ago
when dogon was when dogan the teacher great door dorgan was about to die he said to one of his close students concerning the buddha dharma
which the buddha understands completely there is ten million things i do not yet understand however i have the joy of right faith which just i want to understand the buddha dharma i'm i'm so happy to wish to understand it and wish to realize it but i have to admit
even though i'm
dog is angie
there's ten million things i don't yet understand so he kind of that's where he was out so maybe we're kind of like that to maybe we were ten million and three
but he had the joy of of of the wish in the vow and
and the to wish the joy is i wish to do it and also it's gonna happen we're going to world we are going to realize it
joy of happens yeah yeah
i don't know maybe june
so how did i
a little pack type well
two sources primary suck my own suffering at the time
donald trump series kill
i countered
people to help
they were professional
so i think them
i preserve
and then from experience i trust the process so
look up has been to me this way
through sick plants and this game in town can see or she
the basis is suffering
i can't say i can say he
the basis of
and want
he's from south
and a half
okay you can say that is true
okay said
and you said it's the this is the basis of the base for wanting to continue that's fine with me

ah see jessica
is it
his download it is downloaded but then it then continues to evolve throughout your life
it it's it is like cloud except there are certain parts which only which only your cognitive process can tap into through your sensory faculties and the way you do it through your sense faculties nobody else does it that way
but there's other parts that can be downloaded at other people share for example
ah the light of the sun would all cut down with that but the water but there's just way we do it also that is not sure so it is unconscious process is partly shared and partly unshared
but both the shared and the unshared are downloaded at at birth and then they both if the they both evolve and one evolves through your own personal karma three year through here sense faculties and the other of all together with others
so is it

it's not it's it's part is part of how we're all connected but for example it's not about how our consciousness are connected
but it is about how this basis of our country part of the basis of our consciousness is connected
external oh did you say external force know it's it's an awareness it's an awareness which were born with and then and then evolves every moment we have this awareness
no other all other animals and plants are part of it they also share this awareness however the way they share it is different than the way
then the their their way is different from humans
so for example a color is we share of the night we don't share colors actually
human see colors and other people other living beings don't we construct colors out of certain physical data but we share that physical data with other other animals so you turn on a light at some animal's perk up and other animals perk up it's and when humans perk up they might see color
what other animals don't see colors
but they're both responding to this physical data and we share that physical data
like when it gets hot dogs to get hot cascade hot humans get hot trees get hot we share that
but the way we are response to it the way we see it as maybe color which we can construct our minds construct actually or unconscious processes construct but other other beings don't we also make three d out of it not all being c three d even some humans don't see through d if you're
do this you don't see through the anymore so and we cannot you can nobody can make three-day happened
but you can turn it off by closing your eyes dreams are not three d
for your eyes open most people see three day but a lot of other animals when your eyes open they don't see three d we don't week but our unconscious our body and our unconscious makes the world appear three d but what the three d world we see is the same world that the other being see and
two dimensions
and we share that we share the physical space to light the light bouncing off objects we we do that was a lot of other animals
we share that
reception what to perception
no it has perceptions yeah it as perceptions and sodas consciousness they both have perceptions yeah
yet feelings and or guys more the the the greed hate and delusion or and the unconscious to it just to their functioning differently than they do up and consciousness
there are there are much more complex

yeah architect yeah so young for example i don't know where he got it but
this is what he calls an interracial unconscious were all the architecture
so in the unconscious there's all these archetypes which are be the basis for the images that appear in your mind
and we're not in control of the archetype just like one hundred control of three d it's given to our consciousness by our body and this process which we share and all don't and also don't share
and all of this is available for us to observe
an experiment with which were doing and and cognitive science is doing an evolutionary psychology is doing many many people are studying this unconscious process and how it relates to consciousness to to is a conscious process so this this is part of our work
i wish the wish come from
from where

the storehouse consciousness i will say ah
is definitely part of it but the consciousness is part of a to because the wish peers and consciousness it doesn't
the actual to wish may be in the unconscious already the wish to be buddha but most people don't act access it that archetype to be the protector and liberate or of all beings it's it's it's actually already in our bodies and minds but we don't know about it
but something happens maybe between on between different unconsciousness and in different bodies again like we might meet someone and not even see them in are consciously
but in fact our body senses them and in the meeting of our body sensing their body and their body sensing our body
amazing thought arises in consciousness can become buddha and we didn't see any buddha's her wish you know and yet we met somebody some buddha body bumped into our body and know and then up in our consciousness this that came but sometimes there's there's a face on it you know like
he made a you made a person
in your consciousness but you could also your eyes showed to make maybe meet the person on the same wish my number isn't the wish is pretty much the same
for all these different approach fraternities but this the arising of it can be ah
conscious or unconscious we can perceive it or not perceive it up here
so it can be it can come to us in various ways basically perceptible an imperceptible
the most fundamental is imperceptible
because that can happen again this was okay to visit people
who are in coma because there can be an imperceptible communion with them which you don't know about and they don't know about but it's happening and thought of the in the thought of
retaining the way can be caught nourished in their unconscious body and mind by it being in your unconscious body and mind and transmitted to them because he used to have our consciousness but you your consciousness can't talk directly to knives and your consciousness
this talk to your unconscious and your unconscious talk to their unconscious
are you happy now for temporarily
get to you can you wait until after you killed your undergrad so after yuki mask
was asking

where there were to curry where the wish
i think the wish is already in our unconscious
i think we're born wishing to be what we're what we're evolving tours i think it's in there i think it's i think it's in ourselves in our are struggling little cells i think it's i think it's everywhere they wished to realize reality i think is all pervasive but a lot of people don't know anything about it in there
perfectly good beautiful little children and they don't know anything about the wish to be border and then
somehow they have a meeting and a popped up in our consciousness and they may be had meetings before it doesn't mean every meeting will lead to this thing appearing in consciousness again this wish to be a buddha is a cheater know it's a it's a pattern and consciousness it's a thought
i wished to realize buddhahood for this for this suffering world that think but it's it's it's already in our body and mind before i think it just says something's some meetings will cause it to appear in consciousness and sometimes we actually think we're meeting
a teacher or something when that happens or reading a story about a teacher
but sometimes that happens we don't know where did that come from we don't intend and we had a meeting and the person read billion with screwed
didn't even notice which
i'm so happy

s yeah it is yes yes to buddhahood yes to a life of
of awakening yes to a life of compassion then get up when i first saw some of these examples i didn't think the word compassion i just saw it as you know that's really cool
i didn't have the word compassion for him now i would say what i saw was compassion but i thought it was better than compassion i'd heard of compassion before but this was better this was compassion i think this over i saw was great compassion we don't even necessarily look like compassion
it might just look like hello
not like whoa i'm really
can i see a little decision
ah my retina and and linda and
i'm beth my linda linda a bath

he's dropped by as
yes yes and tribalism you know my tribe
in the unconscious risk there's constant surveillance about is this person in my tribe or not it's as person dangerous or not can i do know this is that animal dangerous or not that's going on all the time neurologically in all these associations are being calculated by the computer
just enough like and a little bit of it
the system down here says a little bit of this we should tell the headquarters
so when we go to sleep at night we kind of like three even reduced and the amount of awareness we have of the environment and the unconscious less us do that sometimes sometimes even countries that you cannot go to sleep you think this is this is too dangerous don't don't go to sleep we need you we need headquarters turned the lights and headquarters need to
beyond but fortunately or unfortunately and let us sleep so we can reduce a little or a lot of our awareness of the environment and then things are happening in the environment and the body and the unconscious process are dealing with them sounds of raccoons and gophers and
people walking around the house lodge that's going on it it probably it's okay let let her sleep
and then alarm gotta go off let her sleep but then sometimes
i wake her up so the unconscious can wake you up usually unless you have dementia the unconscious can wake the consciousness up even when has been subdued or turned off
and it's processing all this stuff
a lot of which has the potential for enacting social cruelty
like mrs my tribe and that's an hour tribe and they're dangerous and less killed that's better in our unconscious
and by practicing with our consciousness we bring that stuff up
even stumped up that doesn't come up we transform it and never comes out it gets it gets transformed without even appearing
but some of it has to come up and be looked at with compassion in order to be put to rest you could say not killed put to rest we don't need you to be work we don't need that anymore we're past that one
i will
yes yes
and this is again this is a theory which we can test and again testing testing theories doesn't mean you prove them right it just means you it just means
if if you can disprove them and you can you can get confirmation or encouragement but then that doesn't mean it's proved it just another experiment we keep experimenting we do not come to the unquestioning
trust in compassion we keep can questioned and compassion keep testing it
i was sleeping
question came up doesn't seem
what you're talking about that i started obsessing five
we have a whole story
crazy upset that the child died in lot of nasty obsessed with shot at realized
can you hear that so there's a story about a woman who had trauma after trauma after trauma and basically when crazy with grief and she went to the buddha the buddha said okay here's a mustard seed and you and she chit chatter dead baby of
and he said please go to people's houses and get m p a mustard seed from each house where they have not had somebody die right and she went to house after house and nobody could give her a mustard seed because every house had birth and death
and in that process she recovered her sanity
yeah so in fact there was like something woman finding the president that's a different story
yeah so one story is a woman has a baby
and that's the one buddha says go find the
a must-see for every house that doesn't have that situation the other story is the women and the similar but maybe even more horrendous background or she just went nuts she's the one where she showed up to buddha and buddha said sister regain your presence of mine and she did so in that case he was able to
like to a hail mary with her and and she she she woke up the other cases woman had to had a more gradual process of visiting various people and seeing their suffering and and she became so she kind of cleared up realizing that this is normal human condition
oh really
that was requests to
there we don't have a story about a moment of like to the and said
my husband me to be
yeah you get a story
haunting to imagine that story of
was so she said we have a story of of of people and women being abused by birth and death but not spirits well i think having your baby dot die is kind of an abuse of birth and death but anyway but we don't have snow
worries about in india we don't have stories of women coming into buddhism this man my husband's beating me what should i do you say what we the buddha do well i would say the buddha will protect this woman from this man she will he will teach her how to deal with him in a way that will protect
her that's what the border will do
and the border will show her how to do that i know how we will do it but that will be his that's his vow is to teach her how to protect her and him from his insanity
and in we have many stories of people being abused for exempt you know so
and the zen master usually does the same thing it shows people how to protect like one to comes to mind is there was a zen temples and monasteries were you know zen monks in those days we were very poor and one of their few possessions was bowls and bowls you can sell balls and make money on balls because people needed them
and you put bullets you can use balls to raise money
but put money and stuff in your balls and food so anyway in the monastery the balls were disappearing and they told the teacher and teacher register the report and then later they came back and said we found a room that one of the munch rooms and there's lots of balls in the room and
and the teacher said to them dissembling everybody bring your bowls and put them in that room
so that was his that teachers attempt to protect beings from this safe and that was his teaching
rather than you know the rager call the police
he did this this way so what would you do in the case of a woman who is being abused
what have people done in cases like that
they are taught these people who might be women how to deal with it they've taught these women how to be martial artists they taught me and then and then now it's protection they taught them how to they taught them loving kindness they taught them compassion that's what the buddha would do and that will protect the person
would mean that you maybe would not go home that day it might she might stay with buddha and not go home to sister i think you should stay here with me for a few days are a few weeks or a few months i think you should study with me for a while don't go home you're not ready that's their job is too big for you right
now you don't know how to deal with him and
to solve
when we say sorry
i will he would say you're not ready to deal with it's abusive person right now stay with me and i'll teach you how to i'll teach you how to deal with people like that are our deal with him and i'll teach you how to deal with indian society but doesn't mean abusive men are going to disappear it just we're going to make
these were going to make these bodhisattvas on of all abused people and hope hopefully he will come some day and he will then get his training
and and bhutto he knows how to convert
brutal and cruel people in the body surface but even the border sometimes takes a while so we have we have em the story of the mass murderer who was going to attack the buddha ride the buddha figured out a way to convert that person and was successful and as many sad stories above zen teacher
converting violent people males usually
sometimes instantly sometimes takes a little while the in the story of the indian story was a buddha took him awhile had to work at it for a while but he's succeeded so either to convert d
the abuser or teach the abused how to take care of themselves and others that would be what the buddha would do
an assumption in some cases it's like that and sometimes that takes quite a bit of training so and quite a few women did come to the buddha who i think we're being abused and became his students and weren't abused anymore
in some cases they even went back and i think helped their family with they had to leave for a while because they didn't not a deal with it they needed somebody to teach him how to deal with their family and they
what's the word unkind uncompassionate expectations of of indian society

hi i'm beth
why brain for and start is by
references past
i'm practicing with
my family
and i left right now it has i
realized i was unable to stay intimate with my experience who
when the harm
tired of my preference
i made some us from my family will alert and left as now i see fine requests were
help me not to suffer
help you what not to suffer
the actions from them now good
that i will eat would ameliorate my
in which is my suffering from my experience for you and and next generation and the just a this thing who abuse
so your answered was helpful to me because there's also i feel like that's a out of compassion both now i'm not
kind of source
thanks to my family
there is also setting someone that i know sets me last year
aren't i in a position of accountability since i know what's happening in mean aren't you yeah
that their perpetrators that make family that may still be refrigerated other children
r i in a position and accountability and good question is far too
and you are the you are i would say you are accountable but you may not yet be ready to respond you may so one thing as you said you your first requests were kind of tomb amelia you're suffering but before that you said you were not able to be intimate with your own experience
in ordered that's the key thing to and part of finding a way to be intimate with your own experience maybe to make some requests but still it that's the key thing is for you he is to get your feet on the ground of your own experience and sometimes you you have to go away from a situation in order to get your feet and
the ground
and you have to leave in our to help them because you can't help them if you don't have your feet and your own experience you won't be house so you leave them to help them
whether you think so or not
there's the pain i feel like this is part of left that my practice and what
from our compassionate there i think there is mine came
there's my cane witnessing young people in my family

but there's also that i'm catching the edge of the affliction
i want they're not so i want
there's some of eric and quick catch but it's now sitting upgrade
and becoming more incident
with that came in i experience in my smell and
and my family and living
i was appreciate what you said earlier about ignoring and the ignorance this is the way my family
as the
and it feels like these are the conditions for my
yeah for you for your awakening for your work or and and my efforts yeah i can see my purpose can be accomplished
so there's a slight difficult distinct to be made their between i want them
did you say not to have the suffering not to suffer i want them not to suffer that's one thing as the other would be i want them to learn how to protect themselves from suffering
because the suffering is not this is omnipresent the suffering is omnipresent are not going to get away from trying to get away from suffering is not really going to work but we can protect ourselves right in the middle of it
so if you can learn how to protect yours being in the middle of your suffering that you can transmit to your loved ones to teach them
to not try to get rid of suffering which is not on the that's not on the table has unreasonable but it's not unreasonable to be protecting and protected it's not unreasonable to be liberated but liberation does not mean getting rid of samsara getting rid of birth and death
we're not going to get rid of birth and death get his birth and death is trying to get rid of birth and death as one of its main agendas
but nirvana is protection and liberation in the midst of person does
but still a mother kind of like when my daughter had her second challenges to hers
you don't want them to of course you don't want to suffer of course
and i didn't say but she's going to
i just heard her she deeply didn't want her
a little girl to suffer and her little girl don't suffer and yeah i've been with her when she's suffering she was really good as suffering she was like she could so she could go from zero to sixty like that she's like just
toe in total despair over you know moving some piece of food on the table you know it's amazing the power to be have just that we're not going to stop that you can't stop it but you can be there and show them how to deal with it and i think she does a good job of teaching this with now big girl
how to deal with suffering and in a good way
but at first she just didn't want her daughter to have any
no to perfectly the built-in their mothers do not want your sub their children to suffer at all
okay okay okay then we can move on from there of i wanted to learn how to deal with my suffering so i can teach her how to deal with hers
and right now i have to walk away from these people in order to i get be able to deal with mine and i'm going to do this and when i can do with my room and come back i'll be back i would be back and so i left my friends back in minnesota not because they were abusing me but
because i felt i really couldn't be very good friend to them because i had to do work on myself i left them i said i'm leaving you to be a better friend
i still feel that's why i left and i think i maybe a little bit better friend now than i was because i know more about suffering and i did i know how to i have some
practices to deal with it that i didn't have them
so i couldn't really be their friend because i do not a deal with my suffering with them
and so sometimes we do need to go away like you did this weekend you came here
to to exercise your compassion practices
this goes back to some of the original things you talking about i think i think the last time we met here we talked about com
the lotus existing and money or yeah right
i don't know it's possible well we definitely have talked about the largest and muddy water here because there was this really nice lotus painted on the paintings on the wall here yeah lotus in the muddy water that's right so as not that we're trying to eliminate muddy water we but still when your babies born you wish my baby will have no mud on her ever
no mine want my baby ever
okay but really we should move on from that and wish to perform wanna teach her baby on to be a lotus and muddy water when i was saying the phrase may the wish may we existed letting water with security like a lotus i got stuck on
that purity for a long time in this
i realize well i think you would often do this let's look up the actual root of cheering security in my mind was
i was in the muddy water for sure
i wasn't even really that interested and the lawrence was kind of see a little thing through the wall
you can the idea that in other words i took the purity of the lotus was something different from the money who something about the way he said intimacy i was an email
maybe exists in muddy water with intimacy know
and the purity is purity from set of separation from the mud
the purity is is if that it's not separate if a separate is a little a impure
it's not separate in fact so it's pure is purely intimate with the mud
the life of the lotus is the life for the mud and life for the mud is the life of the lotus that's the purity
pure of duality
between buddha and central bank
thank you
okay now i was going to go into more detail
now i don't know if i should start or not but i just wanted to warn you that
there's a possibility that we're going to a break pretty soon as can be some food is a router yet
some food maybe you offered to you out in the hallway there i hope so
i don't want you to kit
i don't want your blood sugar gets so lava low that you'd disappear
i just want to warn you that i want you to take care yourself so when you come back at three after the break you'll be able to be awake for what comes next
curtis that's often a sleepy time when people come back
or again
not topic is it just i will i think it requires some work some level of a weakness
because it's a little bit like takes some concentration to stay with it because it's some of this kind of new and difficult material maybe of studying karmic consciousness which we can start now for a little while but just just warn you not to not not to get too much exercise
so you come back here and sleep
ah have depression
i have all these things that i can get here
preference seems like we've seen as if you start with friends or read lancaster
a lot of like years
a positive
claim to care and that here's the one preference here again you i
you can care for something like you could care for somebody who is sick with our preferred with i am in a preference that can be healthy but you take care of them can imagine that like you go to visit somebody and maybe you've heard that some people think they're not going to get well and yet you're taking care of them and you'd like them to get
well you wish that they would
but you don't prefer the that healthy person that you want him to be to the sick when you've got
if if if i'm if i'm sick or of i'm suffering and people come to visit me and they want me to not be suffering i would say well maybe visit somebody else
i liked the people who come individually me people who are supporting me to be who i am not who they want me to be even though they may i know you want me to be happy and
you know great and compassionate but
not preferring that over the way i am
accepting me the way i am will help me be what you want me to be and again some people go visit someone they love them dearly and they wish they weren't the way they are well get that person away from we don't need that person they should go work on themselves
people who prefer for us to be some other than we are who prefer it they're their touched you know they're very advanced people to deal with
but people who wanted to be very well and and bury it awake that's fine as long as they don't prefer for it that
and so he they can come and take care of me
without preferring than on this way or that way is possible and if they can't do that i'd rather have some other people taking have to have nobody to care of me i'll take care of myself and i'll give the chance to take care of me to people who don't prefer me to be one way or another that's the people that you should take
care of me
i don't want to distract them from their work and you follow in his and at all
don't be afraid not to
a little bit yeah so again
you can take care of someone wholeheartedly wishing them well knowing that and good chance they're not going to get well and maybe they're not going to be feel better and you're still taking care of them and you don't and you accept the way they are but you know prefer the way they are you don't prefer that their
and you wish to their well but you don't prefer it because you're working with who they are and who they are is they're sick and they need somebody to help them not to prefer
some other way than they are so the real help that we give people is to help them get over their preference for being anything other than what they are and if they do have preferences to help them be compassionate to those preferences
but it's from people who are having trouble with their own preferences as good descendant people who have been and what free or preferences to show him another way
does that i also noticed that cares
say again so does that make else fight
say you care about the climate yeah and so
yes yes
i can work better to protect the climate if i don't prefer certain outcomes
i i'm doing i'm doing a little bit you know i'm trying
and you know i'm making my attempts and other people have different agendas for me and i'm trying to be kind of the people who don't agree with me in our hearts so easy to some extent it's a matter of priorities right how how important is to drive that car how impa
patent it is to turn the heat up how important etc how important it is to eat meat and so on all these things i'm working on him
and i find that preferences undermined my work and make it to distract me from to work is not preferences work workers to take care of things the preferences are not helpful but they keep popping up and they interfere with me interacting with people especially people who disagree with me
so if i if i disagree with you about how to take care of the environment okay now we have to have a conversation and if i have preferences they like i have a preference that you'd be different than you are
the that doesn't help the conversation
i got hurt this this year just up about the stigma not unvaccinated and then we had this conversation between was very
he's a representative of the medical profession is named dr gupta
and is coming a camera improved yeah and he's having a conversation with i'm a man who doesn't think it's necessary for him to get vaccinated he doesn't think so he thinks i'm are really healthy i've got great immune system i don't need the vaccine and i don't want anybody to tell me i should get it the doctors trying to tie
talk to about that and then they talked for a long time and they they recorded it
and i watched a little bit of it i thought they had a pretty good conversation that i thought that they both are little sense of humor and they're kind of respectful of each other
the doctor wasn't like looking down on this is a t he's a radio personalities create a charismatic person so
they're concerned about it him saying you don't have to get vaccinated if you're if you've got good immune system or whatever
and they talked to the jog but i thought there was i felt it would expect i wrote appreciated the way they respected each other they weren't talking down to each other there were listening to it each other somewhat afterwards someone interviewed the doctor and said do you think you've got through to him
the person didn't say did he get through to you
and i thought
ivory i mean this is a good guy both of my kind of good guys but they've really different views
and i think it's not a matter of me get through to them only it's get through each other that's what i'm concerned about and taken care of the environment we have to get through to each other and it's really hard to respect people who disagree with us and who we think
have views that are harmful is very difficult to respect them but if you respects that they'll think you're intelligent and they might listen to you if you don't respect to them they think you're crazy worthless a what and etc
we're going to if we're going to come to a good conclusion
we have to not get rid of our preferences but be kind to them so they don't get in the way
i think that's why i think we do have preferences we don't have no preferences we need to be kind to them so that they don't become stumbling blocks due to being unattended
unintended preferences can trip up our communication with beings can trip up our our compassion
okay so now it's getting really close to one so what i like to do is again look into the into the
inner depths of karmic consciousness and look at the afflictions their around the self
and you know who am i what is the self these are key questions in buddhism understanding the self
is what buddhists are up to they understand self but you have to deal with these afflictions in order to understand the self and that's difficult work so that's what i'd like to do in the next session is going there and look at these affliction see if you can observe them and yourself
i think it's possible you can actually see all yeah there's that when there isn't and then i would and then and then watch how do you relate to it you know i tried to get rid of them and you know can you respect them because they won't respect
so i'm so i decided to do in the next session but i get it
i hope you can find it interesting and and be wait for it
he preferred the really
hi do not prefer it and if you all come in here and sleep you will you will see your the test of my practice
does he still love us who were all asleep
now if you don't come is don't shop does he still love us when no one comes you retard to see that unless i started screaming
yeah come on come and sleep and watch how i deal with that
i can i haven't i have all the thing i just switched to these are my grandchildren
they can sleep through whatever i'm saying my grandchildren are not the least bit interested in me
a half so yeah i do not prefer it and yet i can be i'd tell you i i would love it if you i wish you would be awake
and i don't prefer it and if you think i do check it out
are you prefer that would be a wig richard are go yeah i'm sorry
er no i don't but thanks for asking keep checking on my preferences do you prefer that i would be a great zen master ah i don't know if i'd prefer that but thanks for asking i think would be great if you were if at the end this thing up just fifty cent masters there have been totally cool
but do i prefer it
that's what i say