Protecting and Liberating All Beings

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A residential retreat at Mount Madonna.


Overview of the topics for the weekend. Zazen is great compassion. Compassion is the cause of buddhahood. The Paramitas (generosity, ethics, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom) are training methods in compassion until finally, with wisdom, the intimacy with all things is realized and the other five are practiced from the standpoint of nonduality. Being intimate is not “fixing” anything, including ourselves. Intimacy protects and liberates all beings. Discussion of how this works with various aspects of daily life including old age, sickness and death, racism, pain (our own and others)

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you can gave me this card
which was given to her her on dinnertime
come by one is a launderette term residents here
the founder founding teacher just placed bob maharajas
was didn't speak for fifty years and started speaking in eighteen twenty seven
so seventh for so for a long time more than fifty years he did not speak and he wrote on a little small blackboard the the carriage around chalk board and so this this this member of the community also doesn't speak does she carry a chalk board and actually he follows
this as teachers example on care as a chalk board
red's not to paper on so i think you wrote a note to uk saying
i've been wanting to give this card to you right
he's been holding for quite awhile so i gave it to her
and she was touched i guess
so she gave it to me
so now
i guess i could give it to you
so as record from by ticking on hon
of critic no harm
i'm a buddha shock and our teacher predicted that the next buddha who would be my trail
and my trig
his lovingkindness some my tree as his lovingkindness matter is sent is polly for it so my trade has kind of meat loving kindness
the buddha of loving kindness will be the next buddha
it is possible that the next buddha will not take the form of an individual
the next boat a magic the form of a community
a community practicing understanding and loving kindness
a community practicing mindful living
the practice can be
carried out by a group by a city by as a nation

so i i heard about this morning ritual done and nung
an african village
or the leader of the village would stand outside the hut and everyone else would stand in their hot i guess maybe that maybe the village was kind of in a circle of the huts for in a circle maybe
and then but it was step out in front of their hut and the later when i think call the name of the person
and then everybody would call the name of the person
so i adopted that practice
for our our dharma meetings
for me it hit down it emphasizes that
this is that
a group event it's a community event that we're doing
and at the beginning of this year we had this
lotus sutra assembly
and the lotus in the lotus sutra there's quite a bit of discussion about the lotus sutra assembly
about assemblies of people can make
things happen that one person cannot or two people can not so it was a great assembly and
we've been having assemblies since and this is another assembly

so maybe it's in the early days or even and in some people's pictures of zen temples there's a lot of emphasis on the teacher and performer may not notice that sizzles is this there's a community
eight but there is a community and so lately it has been maybe put more emphasis on the community to recognize the importance of the assembly

i'm also it just occurred to me that we have this these for vows
and this these vows are that we chant in this for vows we change an english usually but they come to us from chinese and japanese and korean translations and some english translation is
literally does not i but it could understand the ibis as beings are numberless
vow or vowing to save them
afflictions are inexhaustible vowing to literally cut through
damn gates are boundless vowing to enter them or master them and the buddha ways unsurpassable vowing true
become it
in this retreat and other other assemblies and this assembly and other sample assemblies there's been some emphasis on
rather than afflictions are inexhaustible i bought to end them
a more literal translation is i've ah to cut through and the way to cut through i'm proposing the way to cut through reflections is to be intimate with them
so i'm not suggest that's that's stretching the character the chinese character means to cut through
to cut are cut through does not mean literally is not translator as to end
but that's where it's often translated to end the afflictions so some people are teaching the end afflictions i'm teaching you about cutting through and also sometimes when i
i'm recited that vow i
haven't have unintentionally in a way since say afflictions are inexhaustible i've are to liberate them
so cutting through
intimacy liberation
with these afflictions hold of them
and if and then cutting through them than that also facilitates saving beings and also facilitates
finding the dharma door and all phenomena
and again cutting through them from becoming intimate with some goes with becoming the buddha away
it seems to me that we won't be able to become the buddha away if we're at a distance
from the afflictions so intimacy i propose
protects beings from these afflictions and helps them cut through and become free of them and that's not the whole story than after that there's all these opportunities to realize the dharma on particular occasions
once we've cut through the afflictions we can like really study things deeply and discover the truth in them
and again it's hard to discover the truth effort
kind of trying to circumvent the afflictions
circumventing the afflictions will undermine our study of phenomena and discovering the truth of them similarly to become a buddha away we have to become intimate with all the difficulties of our life
and so we we've got to difficulties
and we don't need any more than wind god
and were caught we had the opportunity and also the call to become intimate with him so that we can realize the boot away
again these are these our vows for bodhisattva vows and i mentioned earlier that hung
when making bows
it it there are certain
conditions which make them
make the vow more successful or not make the bomb that are auspicious for the for realizing the awe and one of those things is to be have your vow witnessed
so it can be a witness peice someone or somebody that you respect so that
yeah so the day
they witness it and and and they can help you then
support your vow and as it helps the vow is that you on
you understand that it matters whether you follow it or not
we chant his vows sometimes in an assembly like this but i'm
sometimes to do it
in a more thorough way
making the vow and then having the witness or the the meter a witness ask you again if you wish to continue to practice of valance saying it three times so that it's clear that you have made this commitment so that's part of the practice
for us to think about ah we reached with and many of you've already done that for my but
those of you have done to formerly also sometimes to are repeatedly like i do it over and over with people
so that's something to consider about and some of your are considering whether you want to formally
make vows and have them witnessed and be questioned about your commitment
in the assembly
i'm not i'm just started putting an arm for you to contemplate that activity
of making of our with the support of witnesses
which again supports the realization of the vow usually
many people do what am i do appreciate his vows but hum
and they do practice them but
and you can go quite a ways in that way but then you can go farther when your vows are witnessed
also as part of the witnessing process from ancient times at the time of making allow and being witnessed one gets a new name
a name that hopefully is
unnamed to help you in practicing their vows and you get a new robe to
and then you also get a lineage document have ancestors who are also made of like this and had their vows witnessed and have become also witnesses for future generations
and all and then to consider all this and notice that maybe no preference and no expectations
yet wishing to go through the process

shall i go on was something entre you want to talk about don't know has paul
few moments feeling we're talking about before refugees the for the for vows or which i like to checked although i have not formally
he thought and you remove the car
you know
the i i felt like no way for me i like them or peaks it for me
so i i acknowledge that
a perfect sense what you said what point did not reflect the know don't take that like that's that for me i think is one of the important parts of making those vows is not stay a of
thank you
yeah i am
i was kind of liquor literally translating it and and then there's no chinese character there for i but they do have a character for that but not using it and some people have also said they feel like if you don't put the eye and there's somebody might
again feel like yeah everybody's doing that i'm not i'm not on board with that so thank you we do usually say hi but in this case i wish
and really and literally not adding and adding the word which some people say is understood some other people would say we need these people to realize that they're committing as as people thank you

say hi to not

no meeting every don't try to do we take

an earlier tonight i was talking to someone and i think she said in referring to the major bodhisattva the ten major parties out for precepts
which are
i usually we say
the ten measured precepts are not killing
nah stealing not line
excuse me not misusing sexuality not line not
intoxicating others are intoxicating self not slandering not praising sofa at expense of others not being possessive and not holding ill will
and not dispersion the triple treasure that's one of the versions of the ten measure bodhisattva precepts
that we use in the zen center precepts ceremony
but the person said to me something like
she sure she practices these precepts she recited them she honors them she wants to practice them but the way she told me was something like i vow to not kill
are you said her
i vowed not to kill i vow not to steal hell
so that's an example of another way to put them
i vow not to kill as one kind of a statement
of the pressure but another statement of precept is the precept of not killing
in this case the original also doesn't have the word i replaced it just says precept of not killing it doesn't say don't kill
it's a teaching about not killing is not so much a prohibition of killing
and i would say it's teaching compassion in the form of not killing his teaching compassion in the form of not stealing
rather than
teaching the preceptors don't kill so these are different ways of looking at it different ways to think about it i wow
do not kill
precept of not killing

the bishops are not killing it for me as a bit more like what is it a it were receiving a precept when we're committing to something called not killing but we're not necessarily committing to not kill
for more committed to not killing
to the precept of not killing
not that i i'm not so involved there
accepted i'm committing to this thing that i'm not so involved with in a way yeah
to mix self in with the situation
the precept is not to mix a self in and personally devout and to it to not to to that practice that precept
if i don't kill anything today that doesn't mean i understand the precept of not killing
in a way i and i i didn't i wasn't consciously aware of kellyanne if you today
but i don't know if i
i'm not sure about if i'm really practice the precept of not killing
i'm considering whether whether i practice that precept
i think about not killing tears is
one of the ways that i think about
not not killing his isn't net not to kill someone else's enthusiasm for example are you
yeah not to discourage somebody or
so it's not that the girl like did i slay a dragon today or tonight eat meat
but there are not to waste here to do damn to do harm the movie yeah

pardon i felt like xinhai and twenty
one of the way
yelling that
carry your life
so i'm not like sweets hanger
he attended
and i think that would apply to all these precepts
to be tender with currently living beings and slandering living beings
doesn't seem like a tender way to speak
and put myself above others
it doesn't seem like a tender way to speak
i'm lying doesn't
speaking disrespectfully is not tender speaking disrespectfully is like killing two
i'd like to say a few words about

some description or some me out some descriptions some story about what we call
are sitting zen
and so the zen people when they're sitting that's sitting then
and what are they
hum esteemed ancestors in the practice of zen sitting was a chinese person and the name of that person was
medicine mountain ja schon
and yasha was sitting
he was sitting
and there's a couple of occasions where you're sitting and one of them was what would he was still in short of hanging hanging hours as teacher he was sitting and his teacher saw shitting and said
oh what are you doing
sitting there
and again what are you doing in other words which your karma while you're sitting in other words what do you thinking

but it he didn't did you didn't dump the judge said what are you thinking but i'm just reminding you that
thinking is the definition of karma
did you say what he's doing and ja schon said to his teacher
i'm not doing anything at all
which again brackets
there's no karma here at all in this setting
there's no thinking here
and the teacher said
well as that idol is sitting are you sitting idle lee
and yeah i shall answer if i were ideally selling i will be doing something
in the teacher said you say you're not doing anything in this sitting
what is this not doing anything
and ja schon said
even the ten thousand sages don't know

so i don't
and his teacher was very happy about that that response
that's the ocean and he i don't think he was saying that there's no thinking going on
i think you were saying
that what he's really doing there
no one knows
what that is
even though he's an ordinary person who's sitting there thinking that's not really what is emphasizing what is emphasizing as great compassion to whatever think he's going on and no one knows what that great compassion is but that's where he's devoted to so he said
great compassion
and if you say what are you doing to somebody who is sitting great compassion the person might say i'm not doing anything at all great compassion isn't doing anything
intimacy with all beings isn't doing anything
it is not doing
liberation it is liberation is not doing protection it is protection
rhapsodizing on that story
but the best experience what are you doing i'm not doing anything at all
what is certain is that is that idol is selling if i was idly sitting i would be doing something
okay what you say you're not city what is this
and he didn't say was nothing and it didn't say it was something he said even the ten thousand and sages don't know where it is
but that's what i that's what's going on here
then later ja schon was sitting again
and a monk came up to him and said where do you thinking when you're setting
again we're kind of car was going on when you're sitting
and ja schon said thinking not thinking
our karma not karma
the kind of thinking that's going on here is thinking which is not thinking
and then books have a hard hard how do you think not thinking or how do you have this thinking which is not thinking in you're sitting
and yeah schon said non thinking
which is a different character from not thinking there's a character with me thinking and as character which may not and thinking and there's a character which means
a sort of other than thinking
and i proposed to you that the other than thanking his great compassion
which is not the thinking that's going on
it's beyond the thinking but it's right there with the thinking and with this compassion
for this thing for the thinking we realized that thinking is not thinking
we realize that karma is not come
we realize freedom from karma
which is the prison a prison is the prison of karma and karmic effect
that's suppression and by practicing great compassion with the with the generator of the situation the thinking
we realize that thinking is not thinking we realize that karma is not really anything at all and even the ten thousand and sages don't know what it is
and therefore we realized freedom in the midst
of great compassion applied to the generator
of the prison of karma the generator and maintainer of comic consciousness thinking
and this description and this is a description
of this zana ancestors meditation practice
which was thinking not thinking non thinking
and the ancestor dog and this was his favorite description of so-called suzanne practice
and as a story about one of his ancestors so he liked stories it's when a family stories about the border away
i don't know if anybody ever asked to boot what kind of think he's going on when you're meditating
but i commend the bottom might have said
thinking not think of another otherwise chattanooga
what kind of che to know is there any cup and consciousness border change and i'm not sure to knock
thinking not thinking in other words
freedom from thinking
yes just to clarify use
i can i get it just it with more
awareness cosmic consciousness world awareness said
just on with that comes greek ash
where whereas great
does he is it
exponentially increased with greater awareness cosmic consciousness

i'm a one story of were great compassion comes from is it comes from
hmm ah
intimately engaging with not with karmic consciousness but with the flexes not with cosmic consciousness but comes from being grounded in being compassionate towards a
options so one story is
we start by ah
dealing with for example pain and pleasure
and noticing if we have any
what's got biases or hum
yeah any any preferences a rat in the midst of the stuff of our consciousness like do we have a preference for comfort and pleasure
and do we have yeah
a preference of that over
of pain and we have been a tendency is only tendency to hate
the pain and be attached to the pleasure
so by paying attention to the when
the part of the potential hatred or
attachment to the states
we begin the process of generating great compassion
we also to generate great compassion we meditate on
we listen to
not just our own suffering but the suffering of others we don't tend to get attached to other people's pleasure
but we sometimes you get attached to our own and you may and we are usually hate other people's like discomfort we may be hit their cruelty being done to them but we don't hate that they're uncomfortable usually but they might so training ourselves
we learned to be aware if we hate discomfort
like sometimes i have seen my granddaughter seem to hate discomfort
so we work on that as an example of something to get down into the muck
and develop impartiality and equanimity towards pain and pleasure or discomfort and comfort and just sort of kindly notice if there's a tendency to hatred and attachment to those things and just work on that until we feel like you
yeah this is pleasure and this is pan and there's also like impartiality about it
as one exercise to generate great compassion another one is to listen to the cries as a world like
i listened to this book called crack cast and it was just one
bitter feeling one bitter taste one painful feeling after another of listening to the suffering that has caused by this caste system in this country
just listen to it and feel it tasted it it's sobers me at sobers may sobers may
so it it time listening the cries of of the world also is a meditation which sets up the generation of great compassion but that's not all with an app to at along with that listening to all this suffering looking at all this suffering observing all the
suffering and observe it in a way he skillfully do it in a way like ah in a way that you can sustain like don't do it so much that you quit
but do it you know
fine try to find a rhythm where you do it over and over
and a sustainable tasting of the suffering of the world of others suffering meditate on that and that's not enough though we have to also develop a sincere
yeah told feeling a fondness for all things
for all beings
have you know and we start usually
and then also recommend to stepping back this practice of developing impartiality we do it with our own feelings of pain and pleasure are comforted discomfort but we also do it towards beings who we feel comfortable with are uncomfortable with because
if sometimes we feel uncomfortable with being and we hate the big
so if i can be
impartial with my own pain and pleasure than i have a pop a chance now to be impartial with people that i feel really comfortable with and and and with pigs i feel really uncomfortable with otherwise i can start hating and an attached to the beings
so in order to develop that it's recommended to start by meditating on somebody
it on in situations where he had filled not too much pain or pleasure with somebody who like doesn't make you feel particularly comfortable or uncomfortable start with that person start with somebody like that then move onto somebody who you feel comfortable with
and then learn to not get attached to them and move on to somebody you feel uncomfortable with
when it comes to generating
the stealing of appreciation and cherishing of beings
we start with somebody that will
i'm like
and we move on to somebody that we feel neutral about then remove move to somebody who who's a push our sworn enemy
and learn how to cherish and have a gentle fondness for somebody who is our enemy
and if we can do that then we can start again practicing my tray a way
having loving kindness for all beings and their it's recommended to start either with yourself
or you can't do that start with somebody you respect
and then do yourself
and then the somebody feel neutral about
and then somebody you like
and then to somebody who has been really cruel to you and have resentment towards
and then from there then you start practicing compassion
then you start practicing these sick perfections you practice giving generosity
ethics patients and your practice it with suffering beings with stuff of karmic consciousness
and that leads to cosmic consciousness
yeah you find
you're acting with somebody else
even though we may have to be his son things i find the it's a subwoofer like the black lady
know it becomes their relationship yeah
you know
this relationship he has to be is more valuable
yeah it's it's liberating so i'm kind of like carmack cosmic consciousness is okay as long as as well rooted in the in the tiniest most petty consciousness
so in the petty jerky kinky difficult consciousness is that will restart
not skipping over that we start low we started in the mud and then we have all these ways of getting intimate with it culminating in great compassion where we actually really are devoted to working for the liberation
i'm devoting our lives the liberation of everybody
but in art that's the that's the culminating thing as the compassion but underneath it supporting it is loving kindness and i missed that is appreciating beings under that is listening to their suffering and you know knowing how to what what needs to be embraced
not skipping work over any difficulties and also developing impartiality
cause compassion is that
prime cause of buddha on and buddhahood is the prime
protector and liberator
and you could have bought up by the way and has come and consciousness at her disposal i mean cosmic consciousness at our disposal she has mastered
all the diamond doors of cosmic consciousness
all things in kind of consciousness she as practice compassion with and seen the light and all the and all of darkness each particular darkness not the general darkness that's fine too but
the particular last concert little
break up little karmic what's it called a river teeth that little of the river tees you know about river teeth
so river tees are ah
in like up in oregon and northern california they have these
big trees right
i redwoods
and they fall over sometimes and sometimes they fall into the river
after about five hundred years the tree is almost completely washed away
except for these little know these these tiny burls are not tiny these burls these not in the redwood that for five hundred years of the water running over them they're still there
in fact that in our life
most of our life has just been washed away but there is no hard spots that even after five hundred years we still have to deal with
river teeth
the indestructible aspect of the redwood trees
when they fall on the ground
there's also does not but they're embedded in
in all kinds of other decaying processes such as different than the water washing over which pleases leaves his hard little nodules and our consciousness is like that too there's some things which you remember your whole life
but most of your life you has gone has been washed away but now all of it and we have to deal with all this little hard spots
what does that work river teeth you spell it r i v e r
t e a t age
he answered
it's a it's a word that they have up there an oregon
the person who wrote this is a ecology writer and the name is it's a book of essays the name of the book as river teeth
until he he uses that example from our hakkari or ecology and also applies it to our minds
so i'm i i would like to make some river tees how about his teaching to some of these teachings that will you'd like not get washed away so they'll be available to you through all this all the changes
i like going to be some practices which even when you're have dementia he can still do them
cause you're you know i saw this lady
she was nine or how harsher all she she's now but it wasn't it was a recent video of one hundred and five year old woman
it's i think she was japanese and they brought her out on stage to play the piano
and you know they were they helped her you know because she could barely walk and so they they helped you get across the stage and they brought her to the to and she was kind of looking around while there and like all was where am i what's going on here
maybe so am i on the concert stage again anyway she didn't look exactly like she knew where she was but they brought her of over and they sat her down
and the chair
and she'll get you it's kind of like looking around our there's a piano here kind of like on they didn't say play
i didn't take your hands and put them up on the keys
but it took over article a while for it actually actually serving take her little hands she was a little those really small person and she had a small hands to go along with it but they got up on the keys
and then
they started to and just and gm they started to the kid to hands the body started to observe
and they start to play
i'm not saying it was the greatest concert performance i've ever heard but it was it was it was high level professional piano playing and quit in front of a huge audience where she may not even noticed but it was very it was very skillful piano playing
and but she didn't look like she knew her name anymore anything else but her body had been trained to do this and if you train your body even if you can't remember who you are or who we are you may be able to practice compassion anyway
but if you don't practice compassion and you do remember who you are it's not going to be good
i remember who you i am and i remember who you are and where you did to me
but even if i don't remember you if i practice compassion i'm just going to be really kind to you
and now be good because i don't remember leaving the word compassion from my body if it's after we did to train the body so that something comes compassion some to guns compassion and then put the training when something comes to you don't know even what it is compare
so then it won't be so big a deal to us or people were taken care of us because they will be very happy to be treated compassionately by us even though we don't know where they are
they'll be very happy to take airbus and will be very happy to take care and them even though we don't know where they are
but without training
even if we do have if we do ever mind or we don't have remind we won't be able to practice so as when we have to practice to train our body just like learning english and playing the piano
our body and our unconscious processes that's where the river tees are
so let's make river tees in there to hum
to sustain us through whatever is coming
i don't know what's coming so i want to make something
sustained by our practice
how about you
who end up
this is it was coined the famous two lines that seem to stay blue ways to stay itself stay the southwest get himself
next line
get yourself is to be right for like ten thousand
a to forget the self is to be awakened by all thanks yeah
so the departure of referred to as a little bit later says where it says to practice and confirm all things while carrying the self is delusion for all things to come forth and confirm self is awakening as a different section this section as the
but when you forget to self than everything tells you who you are
but if i hold onto myself to and only some things are telling me i what like if i'm holding onto my salt then maybe you can tell me who i am but angela can't
are you are you can smile at me and that that affirms me but if your frown that doesn't but if you don't if i let go of myself through study can everything can be confirmed and enlightens me
can i want to ask about it

that in that moment when everything
confirms you is that both the word was young and both can both of those quotes when every all things bring you fourth the at that moment
all things
karma consciousness and all things become the same thing and the karmic consciousness it doesn't have a prison isn't a prison anymore and through it know you never really was a prison you said it was a prison got it i think it is a prison but
but the prison is not a prison yeah yeah but you are but the people who know that the prison is not a prisoner prison experts
people really know the prison know that it's not a prison you know it's a factory or whatever it's a church
so the other core i like to mention to
we were reading in your book a couple days ago cup silver's where you tell the story that says what comes in the front gate is not the family jewels and then student says than what should i do and then the teacher says this is a cool
that struck me as so
and it was something like this you know it you you put it in europe
piece of than what should i do and and he said let your chest to your heart open up and feel all countryside
we are let it let it flow out from your breast and cover the whole world
what that were that sentenced to be said
is that the same thing is letting all things bring you fourth letting your
just flawed
inside yeah you don't bring a moon base they've come to you and your from you and then it could just flawed of you but if you're carrying a selfie interfere with the process

yes kurt
this way you get some exercise

mr microphone
ah yes when going back to the
non thinking are thinking and the non thinking and it was er thinking not thinking putin their non thinking be so when none thinking
is happening
it doesn't mean that thinking isn't happening in this means that ah ones being intimate with thinking
yeah when you're intimate with thinking it doesn't mean think he's not there but when you're intimate were thinking thinking is turn is pivoting would not thinking when you're intimate with thinking thinking is stuck and thinking yeah and also not thinking is now stuck and thinking there could be not thinking
then let some people think buddhism's about you know not thinking having no thinking but this teaching is saying booted the buddha away is that thinking and non thinking are pivoting on each other
and non thinking that's the way to be with the thinking to realize that everything's pivoting with everything that's not his
you're preventing with the entire not kurt universe
and so when the i'm thinking is happening like he certainly he's not doing anything so they were like being he just being there completely being intimate with situation you don't do that is something it's it's already there you awake
up to it you give yourself do you donate yourself to your intimacy
so the intimacy isn't that like being great compassion come yes like it did they are already a general idea and and enjoy getting great compassion is intimacy
so non thinking is into the system
as being with each thing as it is yeah what's going on in zaza is intimacy been completely
with with no separation between self and other between self and the whole universe which is already the case we are we are intimate with the whole universe right now but we have to practice that to realize it and
the great compassion is
he is practicing that
and so when you're being intimate with everything is self still there
have you been intimate with that as well the self is still there and the self is not self at the same time it's than you realize itself is still there but now you realize this is not just a self they're not self is there to before i was just self he didn't see any not self because you are
you are an intimate was it he thought this is what i think it is the realize oh this is not what i think it is
this is free of my ideas
when you're into with somebody
you don't know who they are
you don't know where they are and they also ten zaza sages don't know you're so the ja schon teacher says or what are you doing this is a bit you know he didn't say i don't know he sang kind of like parentheses i don't know and even to ten thousand and sages don't know
nobody knows who i am or what i'm doing
and and yeah you ask me so i georgia i'm not doing anything at all
but nobody knows what that means not doing anything all it is
but it's more of a being that are doing his been something is broken you can say that but nobody knows what they're being aziz ago
nobody knows who we really are and we can accept that by practicing compassion with the way we appear to be but we we can we can be who we really are by not knowing it like canvas like a not knowing mind you can just
except that not knowing is part of great compassion and in our ear candling you're here here devoted to something and you also realize you don't know which what it is you're devoted to so not knowing mind promotes great compassion
because great compassion doesn't really know anything
so i mention that to tomorrow morning about the three kinds of compassion which i didn't tell you about but we studied in from afar other assemblies
but great cash and compassion doesn't know what it's what is being compassionate with because it's too intimate to know
what it's working with it then what is working with something it doesn't know doesn't it doesn't doesn't have as an object
i think too late to bring up but my okay but it's three kinds of compassion and the great compassion doesn't know what they're thinking is
it's just with it is just with him
with the best intentions
and the great far

it is because
the intimacy to the whole circle
i'm losing it so you can you could shorten that to say that the not knowing of great compassion is due to the intimacy is it due to intimacy when you're intimate with somebody you don't know who they are if you think you know
no somebody is you're not intimate with them yet
then then then then i can see the partiality
i stopped rejecting and as the separation yeah and and if you get if your intimate with that you don't know what that is either
but liberation is right there
yes what this
i don't know and you want to get it
here yet
what this is reminding we had non thinking intimacy and what you're saying now its reminding me of that construction in the see just seem that who never strategies
constructing that's really
and compassion
it is you
and torso as the instruction and wisdom
and wished him
it's wisdom and compassion simultaneously

i'm getting i'm i'm i'm so i don't know what's going on here but i'm getting these appearances that people are getting sleepy
you know and then making a great effort to stay here is something other than line compose down
so we could use to do jumping jacks or we can say thank you very much a good night
where do you think is it
know your another option how much cemetery where can you hear option three eight you
fair dish people perked up when you when option three cutie appeared like what is this option three here and my gun
the heart sutra yeah referred to great and passion and we talked about as far and here
extensively leaving yes we have in this very room she or he listens yes
cyclists who
but i was thinking what if the first line and the hard by the way it she does listen is true and she also looks but her name actually is observes she observes
thank you you're welcome
so the first line of the heart sutra which of
student may have recited several time here you really can be a story i was just thinking or registering i all started i thought are solved what was a story
our key far you know what he suffered a great compassion one day was practicing usually rape the read japan me tomorrow which is on your lips young
hmm and and and then she saw that all i've us when you spoke about meeting and all this aggregates in their own me you
our and yeah and she was saved from all suffering well one translation that she was saved but the other one is that she saw that he was empty and all and that relieved also suffering not that she was wasn't just her suffering that vision saved or beings
does it she observed she if she saw this realize she's yeah she saw that and all suffering was relieved
the recreation wasn't so much i don't think it's about her well it's about him that that vision liberate all beings not just her in protects she was liberated before that vision
she was just you know doing it again for for our for our benefit
through really good story hits such a good story and
that's the only perfect resume sutra were avalon good touch from is the is the story
and that's the one we chant because so what we chant the perfect wisdom scripture that as awful i can cash for as the one who sees
and there's other good body surface in the other suitors not perfect wisdom searchers but this is the only one who which has the bodhisattva of compassion who sees the way things are and that's what i meant for emphasizing and this retreat is compassion is the cause of wisdom
i'm this great western
shrine going to i was saying
plan your day with renowned sheep so can we say that is no wonder why i know like you our police studies has been right say an aspirin
i didn't quite fall over what are your what your point was i guess i just thinking about
some of my colleagues her naps yeah but there is no wonder we don't usually say he or she in a translation right just of lucky just for our saw this and all suffering was and relieved are suffering we don't usually say here she and it's not in them is not in there
no but but an initial tradition that the third alternative brought up
if the gender came in
so and edge in india of a contest for are usually depicted as a male but in china have a good test for started to become depicted as female
but our teacher it doesn't really say male or female it just says
the one who observes that doesn't have the deliberated one who observes saw this and relieved are suffering
don't worry about wine check
maybe or maybe has a kind of run
breakthrough in china can buddhism to see a good test for it as as a as a female it's kind of a great breakthrough so in china most mostly of like a cash bar is depicted as female even though there are some very beautiful chinese sculptures and paintings
things of a male version above all good test for mostly as female and if if you talk to chinese people they often referred on the contest far as the goddess of mercy
they don't even say bodies up with this a goddess
and that's fine
this there must be billions of them off who can you know billions of have look at test pregnancy to have been sculpted
so any other a fourth alternatives to calling it a night
i'm for jumping jacks who to jumping jacks and much miriam
i fear i keep forgetting to ask my physical therapists if i can do jumping jacks
i think it's okay to do just to jump up and die that's okay no

i just got back from texas and i found myself sell saying yes ma'am yes ma'am
so yes ma'am i want do jumping jacks
beings are numberless i vowed to save them afflictions are inexhaustible i voted the internet with them gamergate gates are boundless i vowed to awaken to some put away is unsurpassable i bought to become it
thank you so much
for hanging in there
even though you think typically little tired

so you let me know i can do jumping jacks okay

unless they to cast for the second time

get my much
you know
it's not surprising to me