Pure Land is Here and Now 

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heraldry and
as in cow as
yeah see and listen to me
member and said hi today's to the time he says words
let great joy and gratefulness into your hearts
and know that you will all become buddha

in the of sutra in chapter sixteen
the eternal shakyamuni buddha says
when being see the on ending and ravaged by great fire
my land is peaceful and secure
always filled with divine and human beings gardens
and groves halls and pavilions and various precious adornments there are dual trees with many flowers and fruits were living beings wrong in delight
the gods and goddesses play celestial drums always making various kinds of music and mundo rolla flowers are scattered on the buddha and the great assembly
my pure land is not destroyed but the multitude see it being burned entirely worried terrified and miserable such ones are everywhere
all these beings with the fences because of their evil karma causes and conditions
pass through are some key is of yawns without hearing the name of the triple treasure
however all those who cultivate virtues are compliant agreeable honest upright
they all see me here speaking the dharma
so we live in a time when is
given lots of
opportunities to see a the world burning up in misery
if you can see that
and that vision according to this comes from
he imagined
unskillful stories for a long time
but if we practice in a certain way we will see good at teaching right now
and then seeing what a teaching right now
we will be able to practice with the buddha
you'll be able to look at the buddha and contemplate how the buddha really is
and will be able to look at all phenomena and contemplate how they really are
and the border will be present with us reminding us an encouraging us
to contemplate reality but we won't be able to see the buddha unless we face this world in a gentle harmonious patient of bright com flexible
then again seeing the buddha we will be able to contemplate reality
so this chapter is telling us that
the booty land is right here right now and if we practice a certain way we will see it
and we do not try to see it just for ourselves
we see it so that we can meet the border practice and save all beings
and i think
to myself
people probably have a hard time with such talk
i welcome your feedback
for a while
before you go
from this place yes
did you come forward and speak into the room yeah
get set schedule and wondering if we can see the buddha's teaching
each other
you will see the buddha's teaching through everything
how so without discriminating
without discriminating that correct right so another way to say it is when the boot when you see the buddha then you can contemplate things without discriminating
that's nice thing about having a buddha there as you feel like well i guess i can give up discrimination nightmare mere fact i probably should
as well yeah
well actually yeah but most people have trouble not discriminating until they do see the buddha book
if you don't discriminate funny you know yes you have received good instruction you're practicing and and you will see buddha
so i contemplated the way things are is similar to not discriminating but again as i often say not discriminating doesn't mean you're not discriminate it means there's no discrimination it means you act out non
it isn't that you're not discriminating
it just that your discriminations don't fuck you
because a lot of people might say well i'm not discriminating yeah right but as soon as your discrimination starts again you will start skipping you will be caught me on you will be sydney over discriminating and you be caught by it
i might say that someone might say
but to be discriminating and not caught fire
that's a non discrimination in other words to say this is all and this is tracey
and to treat the both the same way that's nondiscrimination so discrimination zara but doesn't have any
so in that sense since it doesn't have a function there's no discrimination i'm just contemplating the way he is and where she is and where she is and where he is and where she is and where she is where he is that's not discrimination that secret civic or she says not discriminating mean does not mean you don't discriminate
means you study everything
so it isn't just that you don't do it it's that new study everything you put non-discrimination into action by studying contemplating everything
now if you can do that without seeing the buddha i would say
no you can't
the buddha taught you that
the south
he got that teaching for the buddha
and then if you practice non-discrimination than you actually then you'll see the buddha
but you are to gotta from the border so it's kind of a circle
and the other
feedback yes
so but the com erroneous
so forth
you can see how things are instead of things are
well actually the suture says you'll see the buddha's teaching right now and then when you see the buddha you will be able to practice but his wisdom
buddha's appear so we can practice buddha's wisdom we need buddha
so you can try to practice buddha's wisdom but you're not going to be able to do it fully until you meet the buddha
so while you're trying to part buddha's wisdom
be gentle patient not nasty or overbearing deeply com flexible agreeable all that k then you see the buddha and then you're really be able to
practice buddha's wisdom if you don't see buddha yet you you can't really practice buddhist wisdom fully he needs some help
for another way to put it if you don't see buddha and you think you're practicing buddha's wisdom by yourself you're not practicing buddhists wisdom by yourself
but a few practice buddha's wisdom sort of
and then then you see buddha
then you can really practice it because now you realize
the buddha's here teaching us and not alone
but doesn't mean it when buddhists here than you automatically you start practicing
where do you do automatically but you have to do you have to practice to get to do your part
you wanna do your part

the onboard
said that
how that
the unborn
e c
ha ha
did you see how to stay in division of the unborn and see and season and see the reality of birth
and you can't see them at the same time not at this point you have to switch back and forth
buddhist can see both simultaneously but ordinary body sought because regular bodhisattvas who aren't buddha's they see the unborn when the see the unborn you don't see birth can see what center
siemian born mean is if the realm of emptiness when you can't find birth and death
but when you see birth and death at that time you to you you don't see the emptiness of birth and death
or you see it but when you see the ambulance at birth and death you don't see birth and death anymore see looking at birth and death when you see the emptiness of birth and death in that context you do see birth and death he to see you verify that person and cannot be found and so you don't see birth and death at that time at that moment in mt
as you don't see birth and death
but then you understand that this emptiness of birth to death where you don't find any his birth and death then you can see birth and death again
so as a kind of going back and forth between the two the cancer both simultaneously until you're fully realized buddha
how many
or maybe i should say pie
you have to see a pi times
anybody who hasn't spoken who would like to say something

no yes
he said before
the their desired
excerpt it talks about
sharing your teaching
long right raiders
accessing the teachers
access is already
year we're accessing
that's right word as belonging there's lot there's some longing in your contemplation
here at yeah and you you long for the buddha to come and help you perfect your contemplation
you you you long for the buddhist to come and make your contemplation something that you're doing together with them he don't want to add a certain point you do not wish to be doing this by yourself anymore
if you're if you ever thought you were you don't have a certain point you'd rather like do it not alone plus to it with buddhas
this is part of the contemplation wish
brings buddhists and then buddhist feeling that are longing to receive the dharma face to face
they appear in the world and meet us face to face and then our practices can be completed
so is that mommy cause of condition
yes no because
that's right the response the buddhas are are like vast space actually fundamentally they're like vast space
full of concern for beings but the manifest from the beings according to how the beings want so one way they manifest as a beings don't want them in the way they manifest is there in the world but hidden
sort of their own car on duty and as soon as for a meditation becomes
have a certain condition they appear to us we're ready for them
that's the amazing thing the a thing
and the city does not want buddhists to does not want us to see the buddha and then say no thank you this will be ah
that would set us back quite a bit so we don't want we don't want to reject this great offering
when it comes we should say
thank you very much i'm so grateful that you came

now i look at you
and i say what is it
i wonder what you are
how i wonder what you are
i wonder how you are
i see my stories of youth
but i don't you know i don't go for him i contemplate those two
i'm looking at my story of you and i wonder what you really are
free of my story of you and i wonder if my stories are free of you
i hear the teaching that your unborn even though you seem to be born i've heard you're not in reality i hear your unobstructed an infinite
but maybe i can feel like you're obstructed in finite
so i listened to the teaching while i see how you appear i noticed some dynamic there some relationship
but i actually also one to look at how you really are
more than how you can do what i wanted to or where do you think of me
how are you really i wonder i wonder and i wonder in their wonder and also understand that my wondering how you really are and contemplating how you really are is something that i do together with the support of all beings and in particular those who know how to live this way so i i
i invite them to assist me in remembering to meditate on how you really are

yeah this is this is basically a body practice when i'm talking about
this this way of practicing is fundamentally your body so your body is with somebody your body arises with the awareness of another body
you don't take action with regard to their body you just contemplate them that's the way your body as it's kind of body you've got
and it's pretty nice body that is basically not trying to use people are avoid people are get anything from people but just giving itself
in meditation to giving itself in meditation giving itself in meditation in relationship to whatever's coming
you're not saying anything you're not thinking anything
he was giving yourself to whatever you're saying and thinking or whatever anybody else is saying and thinking so it's really basic that's the kind of body so the bodhisattvas body practice is also called the boys out the sphere of action
so this is a kind of body that potentially can teach the dharma to people it's a body that when it meets other bodies
are you know if it can be a human body that when a meta human bodies it's a body where there's like okay
give up any way of relating to this person and just be with them
without any idea of how to be with them
and just contemplate how they are before any action
now this is where we this is where
with the practice is alive and it's physical credit for not saying anything or thinking anything
and then in the situ goes on to explain when you talk how you talk and when you think how you think but this is at the level of just your body this is the kind of body and boys off the house it's a contemplating body so it's a bot is aware of the existence of things his car
cautious of the awareness of things it's a body which knows that there's other physical phenomena and also it's a body which knows
her mental phenomena and meditate on all of them that's kind of body it is
and in that realm the bodhisattva acts and in that round the bodhisattva teachers without saying a word without moving moving
and then the words and speech to come from there
her in accord with that
one company
see recognizing your story earlier
by recognizing your story right at the time you recognize a now
the more you recognize a story the sooner you the earlier you recognize that it's a story
like credit the beginning of the story you know it's story rather than halfway through or towards the end or when somebody tells you that to story actors all over
art or after they tell you that it's a story and you tell him that no it's not as reality and some time after that he realizes his story starts to work your way back to the beginning so you know from the beginning well here's my mind creating kids my mind creating his mind his gives a man constructing a reality there to constructing a reality
doesn't need to stop it
but here goes here we go there it is bow and that's gone and here comes another one know cool
some stories stories with faster and then you get onto their story like nature from more quickly and this is like happiness
he get more skillful the more you watch and your stories get more co-operative the more you'll watch him they start telling here we come where you are this is a story man yes when you were doing this with the story see i get the image of a
lava lamp a lot
seen that was he did you see that story
the protest
is the sauce
is the source of longing karma karma is one of the conditions for the long and because without comment there would be no longer
hmm what what other condition will there be in addition
long oh there would be booed what tethering along for been this case the buddha's would be a condition for your longing for the buddhist the light is some people yearn for the boat and send up
different kinds of karma
good karma would leave get along for buddha's will lead you along for
compassionate wise teachers to come and show their face to you to teach you how to meditate on reality to help all beings are pessimists result of good karma and good karma come from paying attention to bad karma and good karma
ah com
now paying attention is not com
i'm just gonna happen where in this room
you're wondering up and probably some other people wonder too and guess what
the buddha's know how come you're here they can actually see
understanding how it all works is a considerable a considerable step beyond understanding the way things are
for example the way the way the ultimately our is it is separate from how their work but basically the way the ultimately our is that nobody story including buddha's reaches the way they are they're empty
gay buddha's realize this bodhisattvas realize this but buddhist go on further to actually understand how it all works and tell us about it but that's a big daddy after practice far beyond realizing emptiness to see how it all works that who gets to be where when how and hopper all along and you know
but we we can grow tremendously far in along the path but before we attain that complete omniscience
great wonderful things can happen before we become fully enlightened buddha
and the buddha's by the way i've told us you will become buddha and then you'll know about this stuff in the meantime it's okay to ask when you get you know can ask when you're gonna know it as didn't get a prediction about the date during enough
and the name of the thing
that's right
when you're yearning you actually start to feel a little better because you know
you kind of on the right track when you're yearning and boy's gonna show up quite soon if you start yearning
does you are yearning are are under heavy pressure to start alert yearning the knows you're already yearning
those are already yearning of kind of like a little bit surrendered okay i am i all right i need help please come help i invite help
i invite you to miss i invite the teachers they can come and teach and i will listen
this already is lightning things up quite a bit
i can do what i want time complete control as when i tell myself i gotta minding my own i'll be all right alone donate any body else that you know that's
those people will also become buddha
gave myself a good talking to no more being a fool for you
and i remember
how you make me want to surrender
the boat away
you're taken my resisting away put away
so yeah everybody's that's the message isn't this amazing message of the lotus sutra as you all become buddha hall
not all such as agree with that not all buddhists have agreed with that something only son will become buddhas the lotus sutra
his pandering to the masses
the infinite masses of suffering beings they send your hog and it become buddha without exception so it's a popular sutra and
i'm feeling quite popular about it myself
south homage to the lotus sutra of the wonderful law
so heres an ancestor dog zingy is totally on that you will all become buddhas page
that's his practice to that is teaching you will all become buddhas
and i know some of you put as dog and says i know some of you are not longing to become buddhas and not long to meet buddhas and you also are going to become buddhas
those who totally disagree with this program are welcome to
bystanders resistors of propositions enemies to all welcome to come forward and make the border
may our great fouls equally extend to every being in place with the true merit a buddhist way
as i