The Real Form of the Universe

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how more tea thank you
we did it again another day are practicing you together
the day starts out with blessing rain
and then we get
some rest and some sunshine and we took care of the temple very nicely thank you
we can disavow which is written maya
somebody who has called zen master today and
he says when i a student of the dharma look upon the real form of the universe
i guess maybe he he could look on the real form of the universe's disadvantage your
when he looks in his way on the real form he sees that all is a never failing manifestation of the mysterious truth of the to togheter he didn't quite say that all is a manifestation of the togheter but all is the truth
how did started everything is
have you seen the real form is the truth
and then he says something about
that the other beings who have seen this truth it it makes them
the worshipful of all life
and to extend compassion to all beings when they had this truth and i think some of you i see some of you extending merciful compassion to bangs i see you're practicing the way that
the enlightened ancestors would
would act based on
seeing the real form of the universe
at the same time if we're listening this bow at some point you might say this is difficult to understand how somebody could have a bow like this but again
i would say well as is janet over and over until we understand it
let's listen to it
and listen to it
until we hear the true dharma
is there anything you like to bring up
anything you like to bring forth
yes korea

where kindness

about that
the on
the world that appears is the world as it appeared is our mind and in the world of amount of our consciousness as you say in that world we often see cruelty
but life is is
would i say if are all our actual our mind is not just our consciousness
we have we have a cognitive life and a physical life which is far more complex and rich it's a our life is actually far more complex and rich than it appears in our consciousness
and in that realm there's no there's no self and there's no other and there is no cruelty however
there is the results of past cruelty in that world but there's no act of cruelty in the world of our unconscious cognitive processes
but again there's the results of past appearances of cruelty and passed on skillful responses to the appearance of cruelty
which dancers
more consciousness where as the appearance of cruelty
and then sometimes when when cruelty appears if we don't meet it with compassion
that has consequences in our our body and art
greater cognitive processes which against sponsor more conscious life where there's a parents of cruelty and perhaps more on skillfulness
but the actual life
is not the way it appears in our consciousness
her actual life is doesn't have like actual rigid boundaries between our life and other people's lives
in our life is actually something we're sharing with all beings and they're equally sharing with us however in our life we still have some unresolved consequences are passed on enlightened conscious activity
but still there's no war
between us unconsciously
we're actually working together
and if we practice with our conscious life where cruelty appears
according to the teachings
we will become free a believing that these appearances in our consciousness or something other than appearances
and then we will be by being free of that we will realize what
ah it's not exactly alternative world it's it's it's not an alternative it's more like a
it's more it's more the fuller version of our life it's not really alternative because it includes are small life are small like this sponsored by are greater life are greater less than a separate or alternative
to our ah our limited conscious life
and as we become free of our conscious life that also transforms our
non-conscious cognitive process and it also transformed our body and it transformed other people's bodies and other people's unconscious process it transforms the world and the way it does that is not available to consciousness
but those who become free of consciousness on realized the way of transformation of not just a consciousness but the entire
the entire unlimited life that we sure
where's my jacket an alternative
it's the realm
where together with conscious life we can
to create more and more compassion more and more freedom more and more courage to face cruelty
in a just way
in a generous way in a patient way and in wise way
i'm sorry that angie was elected long
the have anymore questions about that

at this moment
i'm wholeheartedly committed to the practice the conscious practice which i just described
and the practice or i recently understood a new
term com praxis praxis i think it's pr a
x i s
praxis is a practice which isn't a line with the theory
so i'm committed to a practice which is in line with the fury
that we are all inseparable from each other that we are all supporting each other and that we are all practicing together i am committed to practice
according to that theory
so for example i am committed to practice with you and meg and charlie
without an exception i'm committed to that now if i had more faith in it perhaps i would never ever get distracted
and i would never think oh they're getting so difficult i'm thinking maybe i won't practice with them anymore i'm gonna go
and i'm not i'm in a exclude them from the list of people i'm practicing with because they're so difficult
but i almost never do actually come out and say that in my mind that i'm will say this is getting hard but i know i'm gonna work it out with everybody is just really hard now and i'm tempted to
wish i didn't have to work out with somebody
so i'm certain i i went on i don't know about said but mature safe
maturity and buddha's wisdom i'm not exactly saying that i have maturity and buddha's wisdom so that i never shaken and commitment to
become intimate with fear
to become intimate with the stress of the appearance that somebody is separate from me
but i have no intellectual reservations about that i just have i think the results of times when i really did believe that people were separate from me and i really thought i didn't understand it i needed to practice with everybody and not
acted in ways at that time which are are causing me to sometimes be a little shaky in the way i'm practicing these principles
okay said mixes
this morning


yeah what that's one example you might offer something and you might feel like
you weren't very clear
or you weren't well understood
but what you are offered might have been accepted you know the person might might have accepted it before they understood what you meant
have you noticed the donor stewardship meant and you actually make you might actually sense that if they understood what she meant they would reject it
and so have you stop there are maybe you offer more than you notice they don't want it they don't want to be clearer about the implications
what you said that they didn't understand and uk's since they didn't and then you will give him a little bit more tell him a little bit more
have you noticed that a want to know more they don't want to know
the meaning of what you said as it starts to ramify out
like come home said well then we wouldn't be able to have anything
has got to be bought as it they don't get to have been better
but also
you can give people a little responsibility
like i'm thinking of like people maybe say i take revision buddha i take refuge in dharma i take refuge in sanga to a lot of people are willing to say that
but then if you get into
i i vowed to practice the precept of not killing
that's giving them more and have some people that i'm not ready for that one yet or i bought two i vowed to practice precept of not
selling intoxicants to other people
some people there are no by that
i am but you're giving them more and as you give them more than that they're not so sure
where'd you get more specific get into the details of going for refuge in border they say no i'll just stick with buddha for non married later i'll get into this other stuff but not now
so you're getting more clear so some people might think might understand that going for refuge in buddha
when will include that she wouldn't look down at anybody
that taking refuge in buddha would include that you don't think is better than somebody that
that none buddhists you are not not are not lesser value than buddhists you might not notice that
if you think about caesar are yeah buddha probably doesn't look down on people but some people might not actually
if they knew that they might say what then i don't know one another in a direction buddha if they don't get it look down on people who aren't as good as me
if that's what it means i'm not ready for it
because how can i not look down on people that are as good as me
how can i not think that people aren't as good as me i i'm not ready to like give that up
and then time he say well that's part of taking refuge in buddhist well then maybe i don't want a decryption buddha but
but before you told them that that was involved another one is don't be possessive of anything while something so we're it makes sense of border wouldn't be possessive anything but when i said i'd take refuge that's not good but when i found out that that that way with the precept of not being possessive anything then i wasn't so sure about i want that part
i heard this is another example of ah
there was a a tunnel built under a mountain in vermont in the nineteenth century
which allowed the people on one side and amount to do business with the people on the outer the mountain and in our it fostered tremendous growth in industrial activity in that part of the contribute between like navy upper new york and massachusetts vermont was gonna getting in the way or something
so you made this tunnel but when they talked about making the town if would cost like an our million dollars or whatever but cost only one hundred million dollars or something and if people had known beforehand they were not have built a tunnel some part of what is often involved in getting people are starting their projects is underestimating the key
of the project they say all that's not bad okay
as advice
so you see there's something to that a bunch i take refuge in buddha that sounds fine and then you find out what i would cost hundreds of that cost why they do say it new then you find out and then there's his other things aren't wait a minute but you already said it
it's too late
but it's not too late to shrink back from the implications you hear about layer
you can so resist
another image i got was given to me a dinner at kinko's the other day it was something about
ha i was talking to somebody in are talking about how they've fallen in the quicksand of zen training
they fall into the quicksand of zen training and i thought i it's interesting because quicksand if you follow you don't move he stay on the surface
but if you resist it he started sinking deeper and deeper and almost everybody resists and training so once they fall into a nice that resisting that as get deeper and deeper into it
if you couldn't resist it are all you can just stay from the surface of it where looks really cute
you know the tommy mats
nice black robes
tea gardens said so nice
sitting quietly harmoniously with your friends
naples turning red it's lovely
if you've just stop there and you'll be fine
but if you resist which most people will they stay longer than they get deeper and deeper and deeper and then you start having people who are sworn more enemies coming at you
a dentist and then you postulate
extend compassion to them and if you resist it is a deeper into you know
the practice until finally a swallow you up
as he actually looks pretty stressed
looks really sky you scared
what what's happening
you don't know i don't know either that's why i asked you
to it sounds a little dishonest to underestimate the air
why does but so
i didn't say we're doing that but maybe we should say which was just we don't they would you say at the artisans and or maybe we should say
this is a this is a dangerous path when you enter this path
you're going to be swallowed up
and converted into wisdom and and compassion and they'll be nothing left to view but light and love maybe we should tell people that
and if i tell people that i will probably be silenced
but i can tell you that's what displaces for
this place if is a places as a dangerous practice that if you practice it more and more deeply there'll be nothing left of your consciousness
italy converted into wisdom and compassion
however doesn't mean there's no consciousness it's just you've given years away and donated it to wisdom and compassion they still lot of other people who have consciousnesses and your wisdom and compassion will reach out and touch them
each one of them every movement without exception your wisdom and compassion will be in touch you as wisdom and compassion will be in touch with all beings in practice with them that's buddha
so you just be converted from being an individual person with an individual consciousness into the salvation of all beings so that the dangerous path so i to tell you that before and we'll see if anybody comes next month
after the fifteenth
i don't talk about before i only talk on my parade know anyway i just wanna talk about after
the dangerous path
start now and now is after the fifteenth
but every day's a good day
is just said there are dangerous
the dangerous his you're gonna lose your grey hate and delusion
it can completely lose it and you won't be able to have any good delusion anymore however if there's other people might have behaved delusion and you can be kind of that i mean your wisdom and compassion to be kind to it
so i'm not advertising that this is not a safe but this is a safe path that you had that you have nothing to give up i'm not advertising that
and if i say that as and center like i say people may say don't tell them that
especially our donors yes

generally say
sometimes is deeper
yeah still

what does
in in so much that it isn't so much that the resistance is dangerous but i do agree that resistance is a feedback loop it is a feedback loop and the resistance guys you to the middle way where there's no resistance
the dangers are what happens to you when you resist
you can injure yourself if you resist
but the resistance actually is is a feedback system so you resist you get hurt and then you learn home
that heard when i resisted i'm sorry he resists the teaching
he resists your non separation with people he resists helping this person
and he resists can be that you try to help them more than they want
or less than they want or more than they need that kind of resistance or less than they need
self resisting the south and also resisting resistance like so but the resistance is normal part of the process of learning how to become
you know one with our beings
the path the path of becoming real ones are beings is through facing that stress of feeling separate
could you say
yeah i would say it isn't necessary

why know about that because if to get to the path i'm on no more learning you were had had gone through a lot of resistance
i have any left
eventually leptin resistance slept with that employer
paul don't have any resistance left you don't have any left yeah didn't they get to the one gets to a point where there's no resistance but you get to that point by working compassionately with resistance because we normally resist like my leader my little leader she resists a lot of stuff she
she liked you know she as she has very strong agendas and and she resists
different agendas from hers however she's not that sick and so she doesn't like throw a tantrum every time
an agenda other than hers comes to meet her she she struggles a little bit but then she just pretty well but she does resist and she don't have a sense as she knows what's best and she's trying to control everybody into their proper position and she think she can
and i kind of go along with it
you know she is in part as much he likes me is it she thinks the here's an example of somebody i've got control of
she also really loves her mom much more than me and she doesn't think she's in control of her mom
they've got a more advanced relationship
she accepts nothing and control of her mom but when me it's like
it's just playing in the round of
the illusion of control and i'm so happy to
go along with that to certain extent
and in some tissue was made by letting me
disagree and not punishing me too much for that
of practice
seems to me practicing all the time
it's happening
time and then the resistance comes up sometimes to practice
conditions no resistance this is the practice their said
pure cognition
he said
the neighbor next door
the storage attaches
resistance means that story begins
learning their resistance occurs there was after
such an already currently
he said
that's okay i'm were because they were already practicing together or eager are you can save or already
working in harmony together
but if we don't practice
we will realize it
custom in some sense although although we're living together in harmony with sometimes have resistance to the way we're in harmony
because we don't hundred practice in a way that realizes it so that we can realize the apparent disharmony is not really harmony not not really a disharmony
practicing with one another as efforts
the way we're actually practicing together i don't know if it's ever less
i think maybe we're working hard to help each other and we're working hard to accept everybody's help i didn't i think i think that processes a very vital and ever every situation it's just that
we have to sort of enacted we need if terrific
perform it in order to realize it
but we're trying to do a performance which realize this reality and the reality is already such
thank you very much