A Sanctuary Is Built Right Here, Right Now

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Buddha's 'a good place to build a sanctuary'; buddha mind is intimately transmitted - Sandokai; undergoing surgery; baby developing a self;

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and sarah
any other new people
i'll walk into the new people and
warm up to remember
ongoing themes here
first did the first same as
the story of the buddha walking along
in a group
he could say in his group large group he travels with a large group and
he points to the earth and says this is a good place to build a sanctuary
and it is group there's a various divine beings and that the leader of the divine beings takes a blade of grass
and puts the blade of grass in the earth and says the sanctuary is built
so as an ongoing practice from now
and throughout countless lives
i aspire to take a blade of grass and put it in the earth to build a sanctuary right here
moment by moment
each moment to build
a new sanctuary
the buddha
tell me this is a good place and indra the leader of the divine beings showed me
how to do it takes something fresh
and say now that this is the sanctuary
for me
sanctuary is a place where i
where i returned to work on what's most important in this life
and there's many and so we can talk about what's most important for each of our lives
and what's most important for my life is to do a practice
which is
to all beings or to do a practice which is
the men the benefit of our backs

to do a practice which is the communication of the mind
the great sage of india
and the mind of the great sage india is a
it's a mind which is an intimate transmission
the chinese character this is a this this expression the mind of the great siege of india is the first line of a chinese poem written by one of our ancestors
a chinese ancestor and i believe the character for mind in this case is a character which also means heart so the heart of the buddha in india
an intimate transmission in intimate entrustment
so often stress that poem is often translated as the mind of the great sage is intimately transmitted which i agree it is intimately transmitted but the way it's intimately transmitted is by intimate
transmission so it's not something in addition to intimate transmission
intimate transmission
intimately transmit ten make sense intimate transmission is the process of transmission so the buddha is the process the mind or the heart of the buddha is the process of intimate transmission which i would like to devote my life too
here in this sanctuary
wherever i am

so this intimate transmission or if excuse the expression is a holy communion

it is a communion among all beings
the buddha the buddha mind is the intimate communication the intimate communion
of all beings
you can say the intimate communion communion of the buddha with all beings but when all beings are intimately in communion with each other that the buddha is that is the buddha
so the border is the intimate
communion of our bags
it is that reality
and if one like me wishes to give one's life to such a communion which is also called our practice our practice is this mind
our practice
like we sit upright or stand upright in this communion
i'm sitting now in this communion and i wish to sit in this communion and i wish for my life to be this communion and i feel that i'm wishing for what my life actually is right now my life
is my nature my nature is my life
it's not like my life of doing my nature of favor
are my favorite during my life
of my er my life my favorite during my life and nature
my nature is that i am
an intimate conversation with all beings as my life that's my nature
i'm already that way and so are you
sometimes people call this our buddha nature are buddha nature is that we are actually right now in an intimate conversation with all beings
i just flashed in my mind that about six weeks ago that been more than six weeks ago i gave my body teeth or to or a surgeon and then surges assistance and they like went and they cut me open and they went inside my body
deeply into my body i am i they hadn't they had an intimate conversation with me
they weren't mr say my name but there were talking to each other very intimately and and and they were maybe they're even say
now we're going to come into your body now here we come they went in there and they took body parts out
they took bones out and they put other things in
and they pulled muscles way out of the know and way out they went into my body and had this really intimate conversation with me
and i think when a baby's in the mother's womb she's having an intimate conversation with her mother
you know
she's like
i guess the babies like x giving waste products into her mother's bloodstream february
no i don't know what she's doing anyway
heard where did the babies waste products go both was the mother doesn't give the baby her waste products the mother gives her the baby the nutrition from her blood they have a place where their the mother's blood has interface with the baby's blood row
the mother gives the baby or kinds of nutrition where did the babies of waistcoat
hosts it goes out of the percentage of the baby giving her waste product into the mother's blood so that having this intimate conversation sometimes a mothers may be speaks english or german to her baby the baby can't speak english and german out that the maybe they can but they're definitely having an intimate conversation right
this is our nature it's the mother and babies nature to have this conversation is six is totally or is totally not extreme is in it's normal it's normal is not extreme it's normal that it's like as intimate as intimate can get
and i don't i don't wanna forget to talk to about this
this is a a baby in an interesting caregiver
i'll talk to about this later i'm not like a britain
this is our nature is a picture of our nature
this is a picture of a face-to-face conversation
this is a picture of the mind of the sage of
this is a picture of the mind of the sage of india the great asia of india
this is a picture of buddha
everything are all buddhas have having face to face conversation with a hit with a student or yes
but really the buddha is not the boot over here
meeting a student over there the buddha is the conversation
between the buddha and the person
so our nature is this
intimate communication
and a funny thing is even though we're already involved in it because it's our nature
we have to practice it otherwise we don't get it and we start the practices we notice sometimes we'd rather do something else
like waste they start to have an intimate conversation with somebody to practice your nature
you might think well actually i don't want to talk to this person or whatever this is to harm
like i just started it took a picture of a family dinner where you have like parents at the table with their children and the children are looking at their electronic devices they didn't and the parents we are the of some of the parents are so can we have a
face to face a conversation and the children don't want to talk to look at the parents
all languages they don't want to they don't want to practice their nature of having an intimate communion with their parents they want have intimate communion with with their cell phone

but a face to face
conversation intimate conversation is much more intense than cell phones will ever be
with with with creatures i guess the most intense
meetings we have our the face to face meetings from infant see all the way for our life
face to face
in order to realize our nature
which is the mind of buddha
which is peace and freedom and justice peace and freedom and justice is an intimate conversation
and it takes
us being totally generous totally careful
totally patient totally diligent completely calm and ordered to open to the to our nature
and have this face to face meeting with everything all day long
all day long we are in a face to face conversation with everything
that's it we are we are that conversation and that's also why we're nothing at all
because we're just as conversation or nothing in addition to our conversation it's not like up there's me plus my conversation
my body is is is a conversation
two seconds to say my body was the conversation with the surgeons
my body wasn't like one thing and a conversation another
they're they're get their skillful interactions with me or not one thing and my body and other
yes justin
he said his the interview
the same as
he said is the intimate communication between are beings the same as collective consciousness
the intimate but but the intimate communication between are beings is a connected to the collective unconscious
the intimate communication includes the our conscious minds
but it's not just our conscious mind because our conscious minds are intimate communication with our own conscious minds
some parliament this title with book is half that regulation and the origin of the self so the baby
you may not have what we ordinarily call self consciousness when his firstborn it's not clear that it does like hi i'm here
hi i'm here in euro and year over there it may not have that but through this intimate conversation with somebody who is really interested in the babies the baby gradually develops a sense of i'm here each
a moment i'm here in the world and there's my mom who i own
to my mom i owner and she doesn't belong to my brethren and sisters she's mine
i get to you know had a certain point i am this little granddaughter and she am
i mentioned to her that her mother was my daughter she says she's not your daughter she's my mother

so she had at that point she had a self i am here and i own this really cool lady his mine she's in my slave
i like her a lot she's like the best possible slave
she'll do anything for me
and she looked at me quite a few times in the past and when she looked at me she said i see you
and i kind of got the idea that i was here from her she was there i didn't enter she thought she was there before she met me and then after she met me she who who knew she was there taught me that i was me here now so nine here she's there and i'm suffering along with everybody else
so the intimate conversation includes me here in the world with you i'm in this room with you
i got a world that has you in it
you might have a world has me in it
but even if i'm not in your world you're still on your world
and has called has consciousness is the world they were year there
and then there's a world that's consciousness and that that world has that consciousness has problems for example in that consciousness you could think that intimate conversations were optional
with some people
or even the people you'd like to have intimate conversations with you might think well maybe not today and i'm not the mood
and you can be not in the mood and that can be part of an intimate conversation
but you may not be up for practicing your nature which is that you're an intimate conversation with other she may not be up for it
and if you're not up for it then you're not going to realize it
even though you not being up with it is an intimate conversation already
you can't get away from it but if you try you can succeed at suffering
a second means lots of different styles of suffering
due to not be willing to practice intimate face to face conversation with the other
and with others and the otherness of others
and this yeah
an end this conversation between conscious beings can't be there with our collective unconscious and also individual unconscious and it can't be there with our bodies so the bodies and the collective consciousness and the individual hunger the collective
unconscious an individual unconsciousness and all the bodies are an intimate communication
and based on all this there are individual consciousnesses which are in intimate communication with other individual consciousnesses so is my nature than my body is an intimate communication with your body's
my unconscious is an intimate communication with your unconscious cognitive processes
it's like you're watching my unconscious
working with my body to work out whether i can walk or not now you can watch my body and my unconscious cognitive processes figuring out with how and whether i'm allowed to walk with or without a limp
but i'm also consciously conversing with this process
it's not earn my conscious control
it's not under my body's control is not under your body's control is not under my unconscious control it's they intimate conversation of all this that's what's going on and i'm trying to practice it and i'm having a conversation with your now and i'm trying for this to be
so that i can be in accord with your nature and my nature
which is buddha nature

she's listening to the conversation could you hear that ted
forgive her said

can you go get me that ah
gives a black bag in the closet can could bring it to replace
so you're listening to

did you say buddhism nature is peace and no conversation you think that let's talk about that
that's why that way

thank you so much for saying this
you know yeah well it it's coming together in conversation right now
this conversation is is bringing the buddha nature together into buddha-nature
now one of the as you know one of the
one of the names for our historical buddha in india the great sage of india one of the names we use his shockey a moonie which means
the silent one
the silent one of the shocker clan so good i wanna boot his name's is the silent one
because the buddha
lives in silence
so thank you for from reminding us that this conversation is going on in silence
so part of the pract per our nature is this conversation and our nature is living in silence
so part of the practice of intimate
genuine conversation
parentheses which liberate us from suffering
the conversation liberation from suffering or
the parentheses getting bigger now the cut the conversation is liberation from suffering close parentheses that conversation is going on in silence some part of the practice is to bring is to sit in silence
all day long
this is a good place to build a sanctuary for silence this whole day on this this this dmv is a good place to build a sanctuary
to remember that you're in silence
and there's a conversation going on in silence the buddha is sitting in silence
and stillness
in conversation your nature is that you are sitting and stillness
in in your energy deep conversation with all beings
and that is peace
and this conversation is
anything ever happens in our life
which means includes war

if there's war i i aspire to remember to build a sanctuary and war a and remember stillness and silence and genuine conversation in the middle of war
whatever's going on in this earth the buddha points to that place and says let's build a sanctuary here this is a good place and great disciple comes and says okay this is it
i bought this book because i mentioned this burglar in a class the other night in berkeley
so i got this book which
probably never finish good as you can see it's a very big and some of its kind of difficult but i am read some of it
and particular read the part about the baby
meeting face to face with the mother or the the major caregiver
the author's name is alan shore
and i would be willing to to let you look at this book you can catch it in
you can look at it
and you can listen to it he talks if you look at open it up and read the words that you'll hear a voice and it's wonderful voice to tell you about this wonderful relationship between set up an adult person who has herself
who looks at a no baby and thinks the babies really interesting and the baby so interesting that the adult eyes dilate
and the baby looks at his person and sees his dilated eyes and thinks she that's really cool and baby's eyes dilate and then the caregiver goes wow in the baby goes wow
can they get a really really happy together and i know and then a baby's nervous system causing no longer read them and all of these kinds of things happen when you need to happen
an and part of what the adult does it who has a surfaces i got a self and you gotta self and you're just like me and you're like the greatest thing that there is
you know and the baby go okay and you i do
that's what it takes to
something like that is necessary for us to develop our sense of self
and now
that we're adults and we have were here i'm here in the world year here and are you here in the world
so so so yeah somebody who sort of here
he he sort of here
and now you a chance to practice
intimate conversation face to face
and realize our nature which has been going on the whole time and now we're ready to start to put to practice it because without practicing that we don't fully understand it
and we practice it in students
and silence
and we practice all kinds of compassion in order to like be here so we can meet somebody
i have to like practice generosity with my body in my face so i can give you my face so you can give me your face of course we're already doing it but if i don't do his practices i'm not going to be able to before the here and
and so amex i'm not training these practices of generosity to been careful and so on i may kind of like think i could be someplace else
which of course i know i can but i can still try and keep i can try to be someplace other than here otherwise i can try to be not generous i really am generous
and i really do generously give myself to be here and no place else
and i do that because everybody else puts me here
generously and yet i can gonna get distracted from now so the men have attacked than i remembered a boy i should practice generosity
and then i do and i'm lining up with my nature
and then i'll go again ethics and patience and diligence and tranquillity all those practices
help me bring my face to the table for the meeting
and in that meeting with the other
in my mind or these things appear
which like
over one my mind
so that my mind
my conscious mind can have a conversation with something that completely overwhelms it and i can have a conversation which is something totally beyond my comprehension
that i can't get ahold of an and yet somehow i'm not afraid of and i can learn from it
i can stay because of the conversation
and because i'm giving my face and it welcome in the other face
i can actually have a conversation with something which is beyond my my thought my thought can have a conversation with thoughts that transcend or exceed my capacity for thought
i hate to say this but his movie called the arrivals arrival
and i saw the star the movie is somebody who could go meet something as like totally
and learn from that we can learn from something has totally beyond our conscious mind
we can have a conversation with it
and without it like it it can overwhelm us or exceed our capacity
without really shocking us we can like stay present and upright with something inconceivable
which is
how are all supporting each other and being supported by each other
which is going on
we also call this like an enzyme we called a call on
which is like reality made public

and you you were these stories but the the ever got the the overwhelming presence the the inconceivable presence of the story which is right there with the story
when people first look at these stories i go why or nothing happens i don't get anything
the the presence of the story this this
on income possible presence of the story
is comes through having a conversation
with the story but also with another human
and then you can have a conversation with the other story or the otherness of the story
you can have a conversation with the otherwise of everybody
your nature
there have been talking about is otherwise
and you can have conversation with my nature which is also otherwise which is your nature you can have a conversation with that
you can learn from it i can learn from it we are learning from it
yes garrett

you just did you just do just use the industry's language for the very purpose
but you
are you interested in

it seems to me it's necessary so we don't just get lost in our imagination of of the conversation
ah languages how we are languages how were lost in the conversation and language is how we're gonna get a free of being lost in the conversation there's there's no
there's no way to be lost in conversations without language
you can't get lost without language is now possible
but with language as you know you can get lost in various ways even you know he could even get lost where you think you're not have a conversation
actually we're always i'm saying we're always having a conversation were always in a conversation and with the friendly assistance of language we can be lost a lot of time
but we wouldn't be able to be without language and in order to be
in order to get rid of being lost in a language and being and getting rid of being lost is another form of being lost anybody who has like gotten rid of being lost i would say your really last
but i just found you
i just found you who told me you're not lost i gotcha
and i got you with language and you might even be willing to admit i gotcha yeah you got me you got me saying that i wasn't lost a fabulous and now you've right i'm not lost anymore know if you found me
and we can work that old but more and then become free of lost and found
with you we use language we have used language
we have used language to get where we are
and to become free of where we are we must use language
and we are free of where we are we already are free
our nature is that were already free were already in this conversation which is totally free
we're already in his intimate conversation with everybody and it cannot ever be imprisoned or confined or hindered there's no way to hinder it it is unendurable it is the working of kind of a big thing
told the earth but the earth is the sun and it's the total working of the universe in each part of the universe is unhindered
and we can find peace with that if we remember stillness and conversation
and if will if if we are using language if i'm using language in a way that's making you feel lost or going along with you feel lost or me feeling lost
we can work with that
and we can work with the linguistic pattern called being lost in order to become liberated from the linguistic pattern whatever it is an open to our nature
which is all the while that we're having this story of being lost we were in this intimate communion with all beings our nation was there throughout
and the more thoroughly
you engage with the language i am lost
and there's no be lost without it being a word there's no real being lost there's just to talk about it
but that doesn't mean there's no talk about it and doesn't mean that the talk isn't real it said there's real talk of being lost i mean there's really talk of being lost and that's what it is and when you thoroughly engage in conversation with the story of being lost you will realize
lies that
not lost
and that's another conversation it's the conversation between be lost and not been lost
their in conversation
how you're welcome to yeah i welcome you to bring your face
i'm welcomed in your face
and you can bring your language with you and bring your stories with you and will work with the stories and will work with the stories in such a way at that we're not gonna lie
try to change the story into another story unless we do try to change the story to know the story but before we try to change any stories were going to just try to pull they do the story of got right now and will realize that that story is not that story
that's how you work with the language to become free of the last are now lost

i'm okay with that but even when you're feeling your language is hindered that feeling of having hindered language is occurring in silence
there's no hinder language without silence
and if you fully realize hindered language you realize not hinder language
an hinder did not hinder or pivoting in silence
another expression which came to my mind homer was talking which i proposed to you you are always listening
and speaking
i just a moment ago nobody in the room was talking
but lot of people were listening
but you're always talking to
and if i'm list when i'm listening to you when you're talking to me and i'm listening to you i'm also speaking
and my speaking is
you know kind of first and foremost what you're saying
when you're still and listening you understand it everybody else is you're speaking is everybody else is speaking of yours
yeah spread
how does the internal monologue monkey mind how does that factor into this communication well that's a i guess you have no troubles understand the that that speaking
right you gotta know if if somebody said hey you got a monkey mind speaking all the time you say we are right
but he also understands your listening all time
he do
great that's correct
so internally your whole every every moment you're listening and speaking
so yourself licking ice cream cone yeah
and also when you're talking to other people it's a sin
we're always we're always in this conversation sort of so-called inside consciousness and between consciousnesses
and everything i'd this is again difficult to understand everything i'm doing here it today from when i first arrived
was a display
you know i accept that and i'm up for that when i came up the stairs i had a lot of witnesses
so can he walk up the stairs and i said yes i can watch look mom no look mom no kane
this is what you're using a handrail yes
anyway all day long
you're going like the making these gestures
you're talking
and when you're not talking you're talking
and what you're doing if you're displaying yourself
two other consciousnesses
and you're calling them with your display like when i came up the stairs i was calling to these people were watching me
i was calling to them
i wasn't a sir calling and to watch me i read
can i saw they were already watching me but i was calling to them step by step every step i'm calling to them i'm calling to them i'm calling to them and they are listening to me and then and now responding to me what am i calling for i'm calling for i'm calling to them
to to assert
i'm i'm i'm saying i'm asserting i'm here to make i'm here to meet you i'm calling to them to assert that i'm here to change places with you and there and i'm calling them to join the assertion that they're here to change places with me
i'm here to realize that your me you're here to realize that year me
i'm here to realize it i'm you
and so i'm here just everything i do is
calling has an assertion and to assert that to you and calling you to assert that to me

we can say there's know you and me and then we can also say there is you and me
does this is say
it's it's what it's is they're pivoting on each other they're reversible to there is no you and me is pit is reversible with there is you and me but you g the
you bring that to a conversation level than vendors
if know if you bring into conversation level you have a chance to become free of two and one
he want peace right here in the peace
also return but real and realizing your nature means realizing peace and whatever you want to bring to the table to one you get to bring it and then we have a conversation about it and when the commerce safe when you're fully responsible for the conversation we're doing your part and not asking me
to do your part and you're also pulling in or you're holding me and calling me
to be my part when we have this conversation and were free of one and two and
three and four

you said
i wouldn't say you can't have an idea i'm not saying you can't have an idea but you can understand that your idea doesn't make it
no yeah you you will you can negate it but before you can
when a basic principles i would suggest you before you go run negating anything beloved beloved delegation
i sometimes we say loved to death but houthi love things to negation don't get anything that you haven't like wholeheartedly loved
don't get something to get rid of it
but if you love something wholeheartedly you realize that it's not that's something that's something love it fully your you realize it's not something
which is a kind of negation
you are not negating me
the people i'm having conversations are not negating me
and if you know if we get into your negating me i haven't got to the fullness of the meeting at and a fullness of the mean there's no negation of me
but in the fullness of the conversation i without negating me i become not me
which i was was
i become you
railway station
that realization as realization of the nature of negation
the case that in this place
is there no conversation
we can have no conversation yeah in conversation we can have your conversation
in stillness where this conversation going out going on no conversation is totally welcome like here i am hi guys i'm mister conversation and i welcome the faces of no conversation these beautiful no conversation faces what it's all welcome
the other is welcome
the and particularly the face of the other
and then in that in that the other overwhelms my thought and then either i am with thought that is overwhelmed and i'm having conversation in a state of overwhelmed and i can learn you can learn things when you're not overwhelmed with you've already learned
but you can learn other things when your when your mind is overwhelmed by its own thoughts
without you know without really just doing any disturbance to you
and that's what we need this conversation to support us to have such amazing opening conversations because we we need just regular faces to uphold our little body you know so our body doesn't run away and do something silly
like i can't stand this anymore whatever like i mentioned to you after the operation where i allowed myself to be really intimate with all those people
i was born again into a new world i woke up from the surgery i told you before and i said wow there was this world was like boom a world full of all these skillful kind people
but there was one more thing which i wasn't expecting so much fried kind of if you're going to ask me beforehand do you know blah blah i probably said yes but still what i found out was i got this new body i was born into a new world with a new body and new bodyguard was really different from an old body even all the whole body was bro
token the new body was extremely fragile
so i got this new body which i wasn't of like really expecting
and it was like
perfectly precious extremely fragile little baby that i had to take care of now i wasn't expecting to be like them primary caregiver of this very fragile body but in fact i i was a sign that by all of you
thanks a lot
and i kind of thought how this is a bit much time like the either know about this i don't know if i want to do this take i wasn't expecting such a fragile little baby body
but very impressed behave and taking care of this last few weeks
i got over that and you know i told you before what helped me get over it was i go i went are
as we say i go
oh my little fragile tiny little baby body that i out that constantly requires such care is just like my country
it's just like this world is yeah
okay okay
this is my this is my part
i know it's a lotta trouble but it is we got a lot of trouble to take care of here so i if i can do my part
this is my contribution to what all of us have to do we all have to be very careful all the time not to get nasty are impatient or put ourselves above somebody or hate somebody or wishing somebody was dead
gotta be careful and crackers stuff can come up i couldn't get a fragile body you can wish it was dead
when you have a fragile fragile government you could wish he was dead when you have a fragile whatever you can wish it was dead that's the in so when you have a wish like that you gotta be careful right
to love it for freedom against you have to love it before you can negate a at to love i learned to keep get rid of this fragile body is so much trouble i i i didn't know it's gonna be so much
gotta be careful with anything other than okay i'll take care of you
and then thin and the doctor says and also you can do anything for six weeks he can't put your weight on the leg which is we did a good job with prefixed it's sort of it just see you can probably weighed on of her six weeks
you can actually start doing any exercise you've got gotta sit there and just be careful for six weeks
if it's just for this body on and of is worth the trouble but if taken care of this body is for or all bodies okay
i wanted to say thank you for your dialogue with time
and for
we i felt encouraged by you
having dialogue with us about how you might be feeling discouraged yeah i was feeling discouraged as and discouraged and that was encouraged i was discouraged i was like not brimming with courage like okay no problem i got this unexpected fragile body to take care of it
and i'm like let's do it i wasn't like that i was kind of ah
is maybe i'll just die
can i can you die thanks a lot can i just don't
no because the whole countries like that and you know what the whole country to die no i don't just me
i'm the only problem mp guys your all great but no that's not true because everybody's feeling like kind like or can we must die but no we can't because lots of people we love ours can still have to deal with this so if you guys are to deal with
i have to deal with
so then my courage comes back okay
this is my assignment
it is not just for this body
it's not just how this body can live a little longer this mass not the reason
it's to sure that we that we're going to build a sanctuary here
and as not just for here is for all everybody else to do their job
and if i don't do mine
i'm not doing my job i wanna do my job and my job as well and three hard but i don't wanna do it yeah

said that to say
continuing here
whatever reason
that's a great joy to be that clear

so if i do feel alone
i might feel like i too much just a genuine just too much forget it it's not worth the trouble of taking care of somebody who feels alone oh but the whole country feels like this
the people out in the countryside who want more guns they feel all alone too
the people in the city will feel like how do we get into this situation they feel like this too
everybody's can feel i'm all alone you know like how could this happen how could we be in such a world you know
so when you feel like that way everybody feels like that
when you feel like x everybody feels like x and when you feel like x sometimes it's like this excess too much i give up i'm just gonna like do something stupid
i'm even a little angry about this x but if you find out everybody else has ex
then if you take care x you're doing something to help everybody take your backs so then it's kind of worth the effort
but in a x can be anything it's up to me to say as too much
but then remember everybody's got that x
and everybody need you to take care of that x because you're taking care of this is a hard part understand you take care x is everybody taking care of x everybody's included in your willingness to deal with your stuff
and unfortunately when you don't deal with your stuff everybody everybody's included in you're not dealing with your stuff sorry
so you you hurt everybody when you don't do your job and you help everybody when you do and that's hard to understand but again that's our nature
we're in this conversation if you take care of the conversations you take care of everybody and if you don't everybody's included in your laziness or your lack of courage
thank you so much
excuse me for saying so i love you am i love you into negation
i love you and to not you
we love you not to also
the a day to a place where the true
a the
the deal
the exhaustible
the train them the so
to them buddha residents are passable
evolve to become it
so how we we have lunchtime which as you know is the time for lunch
and they were going to have a little work period i guess
please them
gwen have much if you want


japanese yeah