The Seeds and Fruits of True Awakening 

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every week i've been doing kind of like starting from
the seed and then
and then going forward and how to see developed in
taking care of matures
flowers and fruits
and then last week not for the first time i was talking about
one of them basic elements of training that protects the aspiration and supported to grow the aspiration for
for buddhahood
well pardon

so one of the basic training methods that are emphasizing quite a bit last week was the precept the first of the three
pure bodhisattva precepts
and the first the first one is
literally called the precept of
of restraint
it's the precept that works with forms
in a way
distractions are abandoned
it's a precept which i kind of renamed as the precept of presence

so again it's the precept that
restrained distractions from being present
it's a precept which restrains outflows that come from
dualistic views
like one i've stressed is the dualistic view that
the thing we aspire to buddhahood
and our current aspiration
and aren't past aspiration
but we our current level of aspiration the current level of maturity of aspiration which we have now the view that enlightenment is something separate that buddhahood is something separate from the aspiration
for buddhahood that dualistic view
ah this first bodhisattva precepts
trains at giving up that dualistic view
giving up the defilement that enlightenment separate from our current level of practice
and again as i said before if you think that enlightenment is separate from
the current level of development
of sentient beings
then your enlightenment has outflows or defilements because is defiled by that duality if your practice if your current level of practice your current mode practice is seen as suffer from enlightenment and your practice has defilement or outflows so of course me
with my practice has out clause i guess i guess that's not enlightenment
is that makes sense
if your practice has out clothes that that wouldn't be enlightenment
if your practices is infected by dualistic thinking that that's not enlightenment right dualistic thinking is not enlightenment is it
now it's not
but that doesn't mean enlightenment separate from your dualistic thinking
and so an enlightenment that separate from your dualistic thinking which is not enlightenment
he's not that's not enlightenment
so again enlightenment is not separate from what isn't enlightenment
and by the way what isn't enlightenment is not separate from enlightenment so the first
what he sought for precept it restrains
those dualistic ideas
and believe in them
it can also be called the the restraint or being involved in time
so in that sense it could be called the precept of eternity
in the sense of the precept of being present
it's the precept of nirvana
i thought arose in my mind today and the thought was are yet to do
for the rest your life is be present
and i was happy to hear that but then later i thought was not true
so there's expression all you have to do his ex and then there's expression you have to do x so really it's more correct to say i have to be present but that's not all i have to do but i have to be present and that's
so i saw at least although not all i have to do if something i have to do and i have to do it all the time
but there's something more to do besides in a way there's additional precepts
to the first one the first one is the precept of presence and we have to do it
if we wished to take care of this aspiration
but does to more and
during the class last week when i was talking about this daniel mentioned i was taught me about this just being present just being present and he said something like well the thing that i really regret most as some of the things i haven't said
and king said also that sometimes he's in a situation where
he tries to be present and quiet but sometimes it feels like if he talks it really helps so there's two more precepts but they're based on the first one the second to pure precepts are based on
pure precept of presence and they are to do all wholesome actions
on the other one is to mature beings
those two need to be based on the first one otherwise they will be defiled by a lack of presence so from stillness and presence and silence
we give the gift of speech sometimes kind speech
we give the gift of material things we give the gift of fearlessness we give the gift of
the teachings but we give it from the point of presence
we give it a context that this gift is not separate from enlightenment
even if this gift is
not enlightenment
because it's not fully developed and we then we practice the other six training methods
and with this precept of presence and the precept of the six training methods of giving
ethics patience enthusiasm concentration and wisdom we enter reality
we awakened to the truth
but in order to awaken the truth we have to be practicing the precept of presence we have to be practicing these six methods and we have been interacting with other living beings
by practicing this presence and these six practices
with the intention of helping them mature
helping them
practice presence and enter the six practices and mature banks
and then laurie said you you have the right to remain silent we could also say you have the right to remain press
st and silent and still and anything you say or do can and will be held against you anything you say and do
can be held a cannon will be held against you or can be held against you and if if it has held against you then you have the opportunity to be present with that being held against you
and to practice generosity with the thing being held against you
and be careful and ethical with the thing that you said being held against you and be patient with the thing be held against you and be enthusiastic about being concentrated with the thing being held against you
and then
a buddhist wisdom about this thing that's being held against you
an enter reality
so sometimes someone may say something to us or do something
to us and when we may wonder
if we've done something
unskillful because maybe they're maybe they have a problem with us we feel that maybe they have a problem with us
so i guess what i'm suggesting is before you try to find out
if they do have a problem or what the problem might be doing some water
which pass a water to
before we before we endeavored to find out if what the problem might be here before we think about it possible before we think about
what the problem might be practice presence with this sense with this thought there might be we already have a thought to deal with i thought is perhaps i've done something on perhaps undefended this person
they seem to be unhappy in a relationship to me i've already got a thought don't need another one got one before trying to figure out whether that's true or not be present with it and then before trying to figure out with it's true or not practice wholesome conduct towards
it in addition to her based on the presence be generous with the thought
i wonder if i done something unskillful
be careful of the thought
and be careful men's like practice these principles of don't try to you know not killing don't try to kill the thought
that you've done something unskillful don't try to don't try to trade this and thought in for another one that you haven't done something wrong
don't praise yourself at the expense of others like well i did something wrong but i'm better than than the person who's got a problem with me or someone you know be careful of that thought be patient with the discomfort of the thought that you be patient with the discomfort of the thought i may have done something on skillful
not fight
if i think i had done something on skillful whether they're have a problem with they're not i would do the same with that i use the example of where someone seems to have a problem with you and you don't know if you did something or not
like maybe they have a problem with you because you weren't generous enough to them but you're not sure you were generous enough with them but you think maybe they think you weren't are you don't know
but first of all you do these practices and then maybe someday you'll find out
the reality of the situation
the ultimate reality of the situation
so all this is leading to the entry into into reality and the entry into reality is the entry into the reality of the of which is called the name of reality is sometimes called conscious construction only

the the young
the ultimate nature of the situation is that it's insubstantial
but if i'd been unskillful i practice skillfulness with my own skillfulness i am committed to practice skillfulness with the thought that i meant skillful and that will read lead me to realize the insubstantial allottee of
the and skillfulness
not it would not lead me to the substantial allottee
this on skillfulness i already know how to substantiate skillfulness and unskillful us you will lead me to the insubstantial allottee of it
if on skillfulness was substantial we would never be able to be skillful
because there would be real
it's exchange a skillfulness was with substantial we would never be free because we would have we'd be stuck in a substantially of skillfulness
also which might not seem like a problem we would never be able to be unskillful if subs was substantial
actually they couldn't be
and people think they can be
marfa you just consider the possibility which doesn't mean you thought they were you just open to it and i'm open to a to and then in my openness i said no
they couldn't both be substantial but they could both be substantial and in fact they are both is substantial and there's quite a bit a discussion about why that's so for example you cannot have on skillfulness without skillfulness
it's linguistically impossible it's impossible to have on skillfulness actually for humans without linguistics
or at least without the
fill the the
yeah put without linguistics
cactus construction on leg
let's say hi guys i've also talked to a little bit about this before tonight i would like to mention again
the response to the question of what's it like when you enter into understanding conscious construction online
what's it like
well i it's it's unity
it's duality
as multiplicity
it's like
it's unity
and the sense that everybody you meet everything you experience
is not external nothing you nothing you experiences external
you are you are one point pointed with every everything that your experience all your experiences one pointed
there is no separation between knowing and known there's no separation between one us or self and other
there's no separation between
actor an action or practice and practitioner
there's nobody doing the practice
there's no practices floating
it all separate from practitioners and there's no practitioners who are separate from their practices
there's no practitioner that substantially exist in separate from the practice
that's what it's like
there's practice but there's nobody in addition to the practice
there's presence but there's nobody in addition to the presence there is wholesome action but does not when there's no wholesome action in addition to the wholesome actor which is another reason
why wholesome action is insubstantial
it doesn't substantially exist in addition to the actor
see have a person who's doing something good you can say that does not substantially existing good in addition to the person
doesn't mean there's no good it just means you have in insubstantial good which is independently corps and phenomena which is inseparable from the actor so the actor isn't substantial and the action if some substantial and you also don't have any
he if there's it's unwholesome some practice going on that also wouldn't be separate from the unwholesome practitioner
that's the do that the unity that's the non-duality that's realized when you realize conscious construction online other words any sense of separation any sense of you're in a year or something in addition to your life or your something in addition to others
or others or something in addition to you or your experience is one thing in the your experience of it is another
the colors you see or one thing and your experience of it as another all those dualities are nonsense are insubstantial
they always run real and now you understand that in one point illness the next thing is duality there still is actor and actions there still is self and other there still is nowhere known to still as mind and objects the duelist
structure the mind object the subject object structure is not destroyed in realizing conscious construction only
matter of fact
not matter of fact but
it's follows it seems that
we wouldn't even be talking about conscious construction if it weren't for the fact of the construction of subject and object so the subject object construction is still occurring and the sense that they're separate is refuted but the subject objects not refuted
so there's still duality
in the other thing is multiplicity
the mind is one pointed
what's at one point it on
hmm presence and the present leads you to understand what

conscious construction only the mind is present one pointed with conscious construction online
it is it the mind is the mind is the realization of mind only
the teaching his mind only the teaching is all we know all the my nose is itself it doesn't know anything other than itself
when you realize that teaching
you're focused on that teaching and not just focused on it like you were before when you're when there was a focus on it but now you are nothing but the focus of it which is it
so you're focused on that object
in this understanding your just naturally focused on that you're focused on the truth you're naturally realizing the truth with every thought every thought you realize the truth
you're always thinking of the same thing it because you understand that way just like most people
they don't mean to but they're actually concentrated on duality
there don't try they didn't it didn't have to cultivate that they were born with the concentration on duality through this training process you are now concentrated on the truth of non-duality are now focused on the mind knowing the mind and that's what you know all that you know that you know that that the my
and the mine is knowing the mind and that and you're focused on that all the time however is also multiplicity even though you're focused on that one thing all the time because that's what you that's the way you understand the world
he also see all kinds of different beings infinite multiplicity so it doesn't destroy the multiplicity even though you're focused on one thing all the time so you're focused on one thing all the time and you're seeing different things all the time and there's duality that's what it's like when you realize this so you can carry on all
daily affairs but does not close there's no duality
you understand that the idea that practice is something other than enlightenment is just thought construction and there's no separation for new practice enlightenment
if you think even if you think that evil substantial
and that good substantial you could think that but you also understand that it's a conscious construction and therefore
that's all it is is a conscious construction it's not a reality
now because of this understanding you have not entered reality you have now had this is enlightenment this is authentic enlightenment and now you can actually give up this thing that you're focusing on
the idea that you're focusing on now you can give up the idea the teaching of conscious construction only and now you in now you actually abandoned the idea of conscious construction on when you abandon the idea that mind only knows itself that my that the objects of mind harm mind
that mind is always generated with objects you abandon those ideas and then you fully realize conscious construction on
or another way to put it as you realize that all phenomena insubstantial and then you give up the teaching that all phenomenal you give up the idea of the concept at all things are in a substantial you don't hold onto in other words that are standing and then you fully understand that there is substantial

i can be it can be there can be one you can look at it could have like gum well it's always one experienced but one experience can be multiple like you can you can experience some
a variety of colors and thoughts and given moment but you could also experienced just one pot depends on how many
consciousness is are operating like it says in the somebody or more china there can be there can be six cents consciousnesses or there could be just one
so but also it can be different ones each moment that there can be the multiplicity each moment a new
a new one i knew
experience and also that can be multiplicity in the moment
even though you actually focused you are actually concentrated on reality
you train yourself to first of all to remember the teaching to remember the teaching was to teaching well
the teaching is to be present
to give up dualistic thinking to give up distractions from presence of teaching us the practices properties these perfections and to work for the welfare of others that teaching is to listen to the teachings to listen to the teaching us that listen to these teachings to teaching us to listen to these teachings and then listening to his teachings
you become more and more concentrated on the teachings and finally become concentrated on the central point of this teaching
but that doesn't mean that any that your your mind is less rich than it used to be
who are more rich than it used to be

huh so you saying that said again

a linear city and also a focus on the linear pretty good

openness and flexible openness and flexibility right okay that's right and anything else
yeah so
when you focus on the on the word
and you become more focused in the in the kind of focus we mean by concentration
you start to be more open and more flexible
and then you see in this and then you see in these words more possibilities than you saw before
in order to focus most people have to limit to some extent limit the possibilities
because they have trouble focusing on many things at once so they may be focused on each word that they're hearing as you'd become better at focusing he started for as you come better at focusing you also can become better at concentration concentration is not just focus concentration is openness
and flexibility so it the sometimes we have this question if you really focused on something but you're not flexible and open is that concentration and the answer is no but it's like concentration because concentration does focus
but it does not display disability and openness it's not the concentration we mean it's not this restful concentration which can open to the multiple the multiplicity of meanings of each thing to the great possibilities of each thing but in order to focus on something you usually have to look
at some image of it and here teaches when you hear teachings you hear an image of the teaching the teaching is coming but yeah we convert the teaching into an image into a word the teaching isn't a word but we have to make it into a word in order to contemplate it so we narrow the teaching into an image
and we eliminate a lot of what's going on with the teaching
but as we focus on the him on the image of the word
more and more than we when we get to sufficiently focused we started to open up to what we eliminated about the teaching to make it into the word and what we weren't flexible about so then we started to open to the emptiness of the word to the insubstantial city of the word which we used to bring the teaching
we realize the emptiness of the word and the it and the emptiness of the image of the word and we realize the finalists of the image of the world and so on
that's what happens when we had concentrated with whatever including the teaching
and then when we get really open to it than we can open to actually enter into the reality of the teaching
and and be focused on it
and be opened to that the teaching is insubstantial to
the teaching of insubstantial city is in substantial
the teachings of compassion are in substantial
conscious construction only
we don't want to use teachings to realize in such dont geology that we don't we have a new highfalutin substantially that we can't get rid of
so that he is a dip that is a special danger that meditators only meditators have is
making stinks substantial which they've gone to a lot of trouble to realize
so you do make a big effort and than you realize something
it doesn't mean you can't realize something we can make a big effort is just to do everything you realize he is conscious construction home and that's all but doesn't mean you can't realize great compassion great wisdom
it just that you don't get to realize substantial things you only get to riyadh insubstantial things
and already we've realised quite a few insubstantial things but because we think there's substantial their big problem
not their big from our projection of substantially on them

or or even a little bit conscious
lucid dreaming probably has you know various levels of skill
yeah i had a lucid dream of my of my recently deceased dog the other day it was really fun
i was i was looking at or i knew as a dream and i was looking at her and she was like you know she wasn't a real little pup but it was from about maybe six years ago and she was jumping up by the window at the house and i read and i thought oh this is really nice i get to look at or the way she used to be is fun and i was in now
i just kept going you know it just for fun you know
and i just thought how wonderful i can i can what i can actually see her jumping up at the window
i knew as a substantial and that made him more fun
but you can have lucid dreaming without realizing that what you're looking at it is substantial
you know this conversation do i know that well as rocky mars as rocky marciano said if i say i do i'd been bragging
and if i say i don't i'd be lying
so again which we've gone through all these practice now now we are in the but it caught the inner sanctum of being concentrated on the reality that it's not that everything is on
unreal exactly but that everything is conscious construction
in some sense that's the react that's the rate that is reality
that is the way we we can see that that's the way we see
this real is it actually we've been hearing this teaching
and then the actual entry into it requires all this training so it's not just any more hearing about it we actually are residing in that place of that truth
so in one sense the i spoke of the the seeds and the the conditions are the causes for entry into reality entry into awakening and these practices are in a sense in the realm of the kind of like interrupt
personal or they're kind of social
the kind of social practice of social trainings of the aspiration which lead to a kind of non social event
the the the read the entry into reality is in a sense not really social
the enter into non externality you're no longer playing any social games there
but then from that place
and it made to before i go from from that place just go back you understand how these practices these trainings are social
does make sense to you how their social know their social because for example your being present with yourself and your thoughts and your being present with yourself and other people you're practicing generosity toward your own thinking
your own sensing and you're practicing generosity towards living beings
inwardly and outwardly
there's an interest like a good aspect to it but there's an interpersonal aspect of practicing these perfection so that makes sense there's a interpersonal aspect to be patient
with the in your relationships with others and there's a interesting aspect of being patient with your own
personal hardship so the the path leading to this realization to this entry is interests psychic or inner and also interpersonal
or it's non social and social
well everything connected body sought for is not social there's some things which aren't social for example realization
the realization the entry into reality isn't really social because there's no self and other anymore there's no there's only there's only the conscious construction of society
and all beings
there's there's no beings that actually exist anymore including yourself there's just conscious construction online
and this realization this realization is necessary in order to really help beings
so like and that this is that in this teaching in the diamond sutra it says you know if you wish to attain enlightenment you need to have this wisdom and are to have this wisdom you need to vow to save all beings and late all beings to while beings to nirvana and in leading all beings to nirvana you have to understand that no be
things are led to nirvana
if you don't understand that you're not a bodhisattva
you have to understand there's no beings being led in order to actually lead beings
so the actual enter into entry into reality is inner it's not enter to you separate from others it's inner in the sense that is just in the mind there are no other beings there
but then you based on that understanding than you re-enter the world the social world where there are other people
and there are a lot of people who think there are other people and who think that other people are separate from them and you re-engage those beings but you know but now you understand
but these beings who you're devoted to our conscious construction only
prior to understanding that you can care for beings but you don't understand your relationship with them so
your practice is more or less difficult and you also you don't understand your relationship to the practices
but i saw some wincing so i welcome the winters to speak up
i mean i i had some conscious constructions of wincing

no but but but but i said i said that in that in realizing that there is do there is unity duality and multiplicity you still seeing everybody
it just as know there's no society anymore every everything is one is one that everyone everyone is there still to still multiplicity and subject and object but there's no separation
and that's all and that and that is conscious construction only that's the way conscious construction not only is when it's realized and that is a conscious construction only me i want to just said
that's okay

it leaves out all one
for that
it leaves out the all one
how does it leave are all one
didn't you just say that
yeah so wasn't wasn't that is not there didn't you say it
so that's conscious construction only
that's the way it is and you and you and that was just a conscious construction right
but the oneness is just a conscious construction to
it's not real oneness that's not a conscious construction
going i'm going right
ask and ye shall receive
it's good to ask get boeing's which are conscious constructions
they aren't substantial moines they're helpful boeing's know especially if you don't grab onto them
hmm maybe the boy was do

there is true oneness there is true oneness and it and you get true wonders when you understand conscious construction only and true oneness is conscious construction on me
and that's true oneness and true oneness doesn't make any dance in true tunis
a true tunis is just conscious construction only have to tunis
there's some false nurses and they're also conscious construction on ball true nurses or insubstantial to
they're also ungraspable

would you say that again more slowly please that last little park he speed it up that
business as usual minus drama
i wouldn't necessarily say minus drama because business a user could be drama you like conducted be your business you can be in the drama business
i do know what you mean i know jemaine and and yeah i know what you mean sure i which me
so it's it's business as usual except as know it except you're not caught by the external the external appearance of business is business as usual but the businesses now unhindered by belief in it
in that things are something other than mental constructions it's business as usual
but the the businesses now coming from the is coming from the inside rather than coming from your idea of the practice and the idea of the practice is not eliminated is just you're not acting from the idea you're acting from the realization that the i of what the idea is
so you still do all these practices business as usual
the but the practice stressed by them being external or them being owned are not owned
or that you have to do them
you're enthusiastic because
of the understanding now
whereas before you and an enthusiastic
because of your imaginings about your aspiration so now your aspiration is purified have any object of of it's it's purified of its rendition it's your your your aspirations still is a kind of a thought like i wish to live for the welfare of all beings and attained
buddhahood the a thought still there
but your purified of thinking that that substantial and so then that that thought goes i'm just as usual the thinking goes i'm just as usual but it's purified
of misconception

you did well when you when you the first point is
it's the same second point is there's a structure of duality third point is there's multiplicity and multiplicity includes all kinds of distinctions but understand done the basic level there's no distinctions
without disturbing any distinctions
would you say that
can accept reality

hey is just entering reality
what is that
i could you hear that
well one of the kind of a little bit to me it's a little surprising things about this teaching is that we're talking about the actual entry into it into this reality is
irreversible reversible
you don't you don't go back and and and then think again or not things you really are substantial and this isn't just my conscious construction i'm dealing with however
there's another aspect to this
which is that the
the basis you know the the on the unconscious basis for our imaginings
that things actually exist
you know out there separate from us that that the appearance of separateness isn't just a conscious construction the way we think that way and believe that way is based on
an unconscious mind which supports this conscious activity in the unconscious mind is the consequence of innumerable past moments of such mistaken
however by listening to these teachings in this way
through our conscious mind which stinks dualistic lee and believes that what we think is something other than conscious construction for hear these teachings to hear these teachings this unconscious is transformed in such a way as to allow us to keep listening to the teaching and keep practicing these to the practices which were learn
along with that is gradually developing a kind of wisdom mind
and even if and when his wisdom mine developed sufficiently we can enter into this teaching and then we don't reverse it however
even if we authentically enter however the basis this unconscious basis for these false imaginings of of separateness between ourselves and others the basis has not been completely transformed at the time of entry into
the authentic entry into reality the basis which led to all the states of consciousness prior to that entry has not been completely transformed so our basis consciousness or unconsciousness which is the past of the result of all over a pass mistake and consciousnesses that can be transfer
warm to the point where we can actually enter this reality understand it correctly but it hasn't been completely transformed so the practice goes on after that
for a long time and then the transformation continues after entry entering into it so these false imagining still occur even if you authentically enter
now it's also possible to be mistaken and so you might be able to have a teacher who can tell you know you didn't really understand that yet there's ways of discussing these matters or you get you can steve where you can get boeing's on top of boeing's
you know you still used to discussions going on you haven't really entered
and that's part of listening to the teachings but after authentically entering you still have a lot of further transformation and before the transformation is complete which takes you to buddhahood entry into enlightenment enter into reality is not buddhahood buddhahood is to continue the
practice with is purified consciousness
which then transforms the unconscious
when an unconscious has completely transformed we have the most helpful situation called
a buddha
it might take generations well they do say it takes three
aeons yeah
but the even in the early phases of the body sought for career we had this aspiration
even in that phase you need to be practicing these six perfections
early on
you need to practice the six perfections and the fourth one is to be kind of today i would say
outrageously enthusiastic
you know and really joyful about this practice
and if it goes on a long time would be i'm up for it because this is really a joy to be on this path even though i am kind of
not too far long on my way to enter into reality
it's not that i don't care it's just that i'm enjoying the practice where i am right now i'm right here and i'm enjoying it right here because i'm practicing presence and practicing presence i could even say that's all i have to do or not right i have to do it and i love to do it i love to practice presence i'm so grateful to practice pro
isn't and not only that but now i can practice of six parameters and one of them is i can be really enthusiastic like i am right now and if this goes on forever
that i'm not for it i'm up for it big time and if i forget that than to have to go back and think about that question and think i might get an eye out for this well yeah yeah i am and so on you have to keep refueling that i told you before you have to keep refueling
that enthusiasm with your aspiration all the way along just set after your enter the refueling is kind of spontaneous kind of comes with your understanding before that you have to keep the inaudible to i really want to do this again what's the point
oh yeah that yeah yeah that really and so on
so time the it's not exactly the longer the better but if it takes that long time i'm totally up for it
that kind of spirit is the bodhisattva spirit which
some people might say is outrageous

just a certain is something he said his question major think and but you could say there another way couldn't chew
now go ahead if you're not going if you didn't guess what i'm suggesting
you said his question made you think
his question when he when you when his question when you heard his question you thought and there were quite a few conditions that made you think that yes
besides besides is there yeah yeah it wasn't just as question and major think that he's not in control your thinking
yeah sometimes maybe sometimes maybe sometimes sometimes fred as or unconscious
he said

i don't know if i said that but that's right
that's good that i did that's good if i did but if if i didn't and you said it it's good to

combine those

well you can just stop right there in and i'll i'll just ticker so he said could they're still be conscious constructions of suffering
he didn't you didn't say that could could be conscious constructions which are suffering the answer is yes
yes that's right
that's the good thing about entering reality is that then when can then after that when they all of this misery comes up you see what they see the way they are
doesn't seem like much of a problem
that's fine it you don't think that and then you empty that too
that's fine
thoughts of horror you you practice presence with them you practiced the perfections with them you think about how to serve mature beings that are on that occasion and you enter into reality again once you enter a reality you rate than all the stuff keeps coming up
and you into reality comes up into reality comes up and reality this isn't a problem into reality this is a problem entering out hey this is great andrew hill whatever comes up now you enter and when you enter through constantly

why don't not but easier on nobody easier but it's more like is more like you don't have to think about it
yeah but you know you could get we could get things that are more difficult than any you've ever seen before but then you
but then you you enter the reality of it
so what gets stronger as this wisdom bodies growing
but before you're like a anyway the
what the word is
but anyway i think you've got it right that afterwards because of the results of past karma we have an unconscious which is supporting a wide variety of conscious constructed
cognitions cognitions that are constant that are constructing themselves by their own nature the present themselves but now these are each one of these things are kind of counteracted contracted and contracted saw the process in a sense is memo know what the word is
anyway it goes more smoothly

well you're in that positive feedback loop before to is just that you hadn't entered reality so he now before you enter reality when the stuff comes up you you learn through positive feedback to respond with compassion
which includes generosity ethics patients enthusiasm concentration and you and your and also your practically wisdom in the sense that you're listening to the wisdom teachings as part of your work
kate this is a positive feedback loop in relationship to all these conscious construct and affective states that are being presented to you
gay but you haven't entered reality it but it's still a part of it still big time positive feedback loop you still evolving positively and a wonderful way and to from you know
to make a little tiny bit of progress in this positive feedback loop prior to enter reality is something to rejoice about
it's the it seems like a personal everywhere yeah that's what it seems like exactly and so it's hard personal effort all i'm so tired then you gotta go back and refuel again
see you know what was the point here while what i'm doing is really hard thing on god this is hard on my god and people tell me i haven't made any progress in why am i wasting my time practicing buddhism i'm worse than i used to be they say i'm getting more selfish and morse stupid
what was i doing this for in the first place horse oh yeah right oh yeah wow whew that's cool
yeah i'm don't go back and do it anyway
even though i had made no progress according to them i think i yeah i've recovered more quickly that time when didn't it didn't take me a month me recover from that insult
just about fifteen minutes there wasn't that bad
so in a way i after you into reality the recovery time get shorter
and it's not a personal effort the idea of personal effort comes up but you understand that a dream just a puff there's no personal effort never was used to think there was and you made it you made a big personal effort over and over and over and over and you re didn't regret it
but it was hard and you knew that the time would come when you wouldn't to do personal effort anymore you thought
that to yeah all that and you've heard that you get to a point where you won't be making personal effort anymore and you'll be practicing together with everybody and i'll be a lot more fun and lot easier and you'll get bigger challenges in reward for not been personal
and and you want and you won't take so long to recover from the onslaught
but it won't be personal effort anymore even if the name of the game is okay folks everybody raid tonight we're going to play personal effort everybody aboard and the body sock they have entered reality say already
not like i'm not going to play personal effort anymore
the that they'll play that but they not they know it's a dream they really do and that makes a little bit more fun and easy to play
tonight we're not going to have no pumper no personal effort tonight okay
they they they naturally because of their understanding practice generosity towards what's offered
and then they get a reward of more afflicted states being offered for them to meet and in meeting them that way the basis of them is transformed and transformed and transformed and transformed until
there's nothing left but wisdom
and then there's no more conscious construction
but all there is all that appears as conscious construction but they don't have the conduct wisdom mind as have any of its own conscious construction it only deals with conscious construction towards the beings that it still devoted to so it sees the world of conscious construction through people who have not completely transformed the basis of it
but at a certain point the process to basis of conscious construction is eliminated
that's like and that's where this teachings coming from
what you call the buddha which is the completely transformed
which supports mind of conscious construction
yes ben and then simon


right right
that's the teaching

it might but you you might you might and then when the negative motion when the anger comes up then you start then if then you start practicing these protect perfections
your then your present with the anger so the anger comes up you say are your presence presence with the anger wow this anger and this presents cool now practice the six perfections now practice generosity towards the anger

well that the angers me sometimes primary you can move on from toward your anger to the to this person you can practice generosity to exempt where you can do them first and under your anger but dragons will grow quicker
that's right your face so and it's not exactly intervening it's meeting it now if you if you think that when you're caught up when you're cut off and you don't understand that you just been cut off by your own mind
when you see that than you might say you intervene with the anger if you would address the if you will meet if you would meet the thought cut off for meet that with compassion
before even get angry you might be a then you could you could see it as intervening but could also just say you meet that thought cut off with compassion
like cut off i'm i'm gonna give this place to this person it looked like they cut me off but actually slightly before they cut me off i gave it to
it turns you know like you just about to say cut off you go yours baby
i often met it to i often think of particularly with man
i often think grandson
if if if if if a car moves in front of me and it's a man i often think grandson
in other words go ahead sweetheart
because you know if your grandson cut you off his unit okay right
and actually all these people cutting me off for really
really there my grandson really
or another way to put it it's my mind because my grandsons release in mind something that i love regardless
something i'm not separate from no matter what
so you could just immediately give the thing before the person can take it from you
so you can simply get in the currency okay nobody can cut me off because i'm going to let everybody go in front of me
it's impossible for anybody to cut me off it's impossible because i give way to our beaks
and then some might think well how will they ever get anywhere
this travel at midnight
and then the number of gifts will be less perhaps

you might end it but and still give you give give the person
always give it to them
so either always give given to them or when you start to slip into the they they they cut they took they stole
then practice compassion towards the appearance of stealing so i'm not saying to eliminate the appearance of stealing i'm saying meet dealing with compassion makes dealing with generosity then you meet dealing with vigilance conscientiousness other words you don't pray self at the expense of the cutter you don't think well i'm not a cutter
i'm better than a cutter
you don't slander the cutter body block codec cutter you don't slander them you don't say anything about the cutter that would make anyone carol have less compassion for them it's on you don't lie about the cutter
you don't have you don't have ill will towards a code you don't wish i would like the hope they just drive off the road
did you say so hard to do that that's what i said earlier person when his personal effort attired until you into reality these practices are often hard and if they're not hard it's kind of like wow
that wasn't hard that time amazing usually their hard
i'd the to the word from the ancestors you don't hear him sing or it's easy it's easy
it's called the joyful way it's called the comfortable way this has called the comfortable way but the comfortable way it's not easy
the comfortable way it takes great enthusiasm and you have to think about how good it is to have enthusiasm for something that's really hard but it is hard
but it's it's so great if it ever happens
once in a lifetime of one of those things happen that would be worth the whole life of suffering
because it actually when that happens
you're going to become buddha
thanks with question simon

check out what

so that is that different from entry reality what you just sit there

it's a temporary state it's a it's a temporary state however that understanding that comes and you just said if that if you actually understood it in that some odd in that concentrated state if you understood that
it's temporary but it had it transforms you from transformed for that you have not entered reality now you're on a different path so the path before you enter is called the path of preparation or concerted effort the patent and then there's a path to them for the temporary moment when you're in for understanding it's quite quick it's called
the path of vision we had this vision than after that you have the path where
now your vision every time it encounters these things transforms them before your vision didn't transform these things your vision was still off however you you you are practicing compassion with the situation so you evolved to the point where you had wisdom once the wisdom is there than the wisdom meets all these things which you met beef
for with delusion
it's attempt this temperature to seeing as a temporary state then you'd than the results of the seeing is the wisdom which end is applied to all the states that follow
which which they

the state of having entered reality yes

no in that state there is the appearance of self another
but there's no but there's also realization that at an illusion
we could arise but you wouldn't believe it
you wouldn't believe it
mean that they could something about your karma could chalk that up again but it would just be something that you would know is false
and i mean you you know it's false different than before when you know it's false but you believed it still
like now you know it's false kind of dontcha
most of your kind of sort of think it's pass
but you don't completely see yet once you completely see it and when to if it should pop into pop up and there's certainly pops up and other people and when it pops up and other people it's like really horrible sometimes right
the way it pops up this terrible pain terrible fear and even violence and cruelty around that so when it pops up it's still really challenging to your and means it's big it's still a big challenge and your compassion and goes to meet it but you're not fooled by it anymore you don't you understand it's a couch construction

in this situation
the third level of smadi is the one exists little story tonight is third level is the one after you enter so there's somebody before you enter if somebody in entering and then there's somebody afterwards
so the somebody afterwards is like the fruit of entering reality
and that fruit gives developing until it becomes buddha before that it's also developing towards buddha but the it's more that is now the cause of entry so the first part of the first were the first part of the class is about talking about the causes of entry the second part about the fruits of the end
three causing the awakening and the fruit of the awakening and the fruits of the awakening are not immediate buddhahood after you enter but now the transformation process is more powerful and anyway the post enlightenment transformation is necessary in order to make a buddha you can have
enlightened people that are not buddhists
and you can have people that are not enlightened who are very very good practitioners
but they still don't haven't quite entered reality but they're awesome and lot in practice perhaps
people get very highly developed and still not having entered and then after entering you have people who still have a lot of work to do
not just some everybody after entering has a lot of work to do except somebody who's already done the work and use can't tell
like shakyamuni buddha did a lot of work before he was born
so just you not in thirty buck thirty years he could like
finished the story

the second one that happened to as you enter

i just i said that the belief can still the rise but you don't believe it
no then you had then you haven't entered it after you enter you don't believe anymore
but the belief can arise it just you don't grasp it because you can't it just it you can see no way get a hold of anything including that
that's a big thing to be tempted to grab onto i'm it's a big one is a super big one more very important but there's lots of other tempting stuff that you don't grab either because they're conscious construction only you can see they cannot be grasped it's impossible you understand that
but you still have to have them come up and say hello i love you you know and you're not external you start to do with all those things
it isn't just okay i understand you have to you have to is protested innumerable times and every time is tufted it transformed the past karma into wisdom
okay i loved and to your question daniel but it's getting really really late
so whole lot young can remember and read and write it down and bring it up next week
thank you very much
and by the way if you'd like to know there's a formal way of holding your hands with during walking meditation it's like this
left-hand thumbed down to fingers around against sternum right-hand cover the left-hand like this etc
formal soto zen way if you want to try it
one more classes