For a Sentient Being to be a Sentient Being is just not to Move 

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sometimes people who have been practicing with for a long time for short time
asked me
if i will be their teacher or they asked me
you know how can i
develop a relationship with a teacher

one time ago when people would ask me i would sometimes say yeah so i'll be your teacher and but i didn't find out what they meant by that and sometimes later i i realized it felt frustrated because it had some idea what that meant and they didn't tell me and then i didn't fulfill their
their idea of a teacher
so of someone asked me i say well what what you mean by teacher or what you mean by student teacher relationship
and sometimes they say i don't know so they are asking for something sometimes before they even know what they're asking for
so that i'm that we talk eyes and i suggest actually that on
get the that they tell me what form they would like the student teacher relationship to be in
and usually it's it's already been in some form prior to that request had some form
but maybe the but maybe the that form there was not there was no commitment to that former was just the form of how we met the form of our relating but we hadn't agreed that we would continue that form or maybe that maybe there are several forms
and we hadn't we hadn't committed to the several forms either

yeah some people like gonna come and meet and practice with me or practice with design zen center sanga like they come and they said to the study with the community
and then and then they don't come for some time and doesn't seem like a problem anybody
holiday although people can like people come to know a bowl but they don't necessarily commit to come to know about and they they come to a lecture
but the gonna say commit to it
so i was talking to somebody just recently and i said was in a one one formal ah one form that sometimes is used in priests training and zan been probably other kinds of
the buddhist lineage is at new year's
music there's a new year's greeting between teacher and disciple
if the teachers a priest between
keep your priest and disciple priest
the new year's a new year's greeting bowing to each other and the the disciple
give the teacher a written
a piece of calligraphy usually i usually types from the computer
but a handwritten
a hand telegraphed
ah request for that the teacher well i think i er expression may you live another year may you have good health
ah and you know i'm thank you for teaching last year and will you please
endeavored to live another year and kitchen of the year
as a formal request
by a formal ceremony of writing this out and giving it to the teacher
that person i told the street today is not a priest but then i thought
well maybe some not snail maybe some people aren't priests would like to also add new years create their teacher and request their teacher
to be their teacher for another year
and that also led me to ask you
for ah
what's a good word for people who
i'm not priests
i don't particularly like lay person
myself i don't like non priest
we're not priest
i don't like speaking of people in terms of what they're not sometimes so i thought will have been calling people aren't priest coin and bodhisattvas
so bodhisattvas might and new years want to have a greeting with their teacher
a formal greeting hello
and here's my request
so i'm i'm asking you a couple things one is
of course priests can be boys out this too but what's a good word for people who are practicing the bodhisattva path
ah who are not priests as any other word besides body sought for that is encouraging and also
what do you think of doing this form
at at the beginning of the year
in our each year so i ask your feedback on that
why to i say that i'm i was deeply moved when the priest disciples com and and make the effort to write this out and give it to me
i'm just very moving to see people actually read that are nurses
a write those words it's very moving
it sir
i've been doing that someone enough for i don't know how many years
i don't think twenty six like tile was in the first group of priests
yeah so maybe we've been doing for almost twenty years
the priests
who i'm practicing with closely
we get together new years in hand
do that practice that formal
a teacher disciple exercise
hi how how people who aren't press feel about that ceremony
are you happy that the priests do it and would you like to do something like that yourself and or july to call the non priests
yes yes john john
it sounds like
from somewhere
friends of mine use the word
did you say yogi
the bodhisattva yogis
yogi bodhisattvas sarah thornton and by one person or is it done any group
well it can be done either way to the one person
yeah so if i'm working with
if i if i have ordain twenty five years that i've ordain quite a few priests so i it's it's much more convenient to schedule one meeting
there then the scheduled thirty although i sometimes at new year's have ducks on
with each presenter visually and then and then on another day around that time have a group meeting
so it could be it could be each individual ones or could be if there were a group who had that shared teacher they can do together can be it away
i just was thinking that in japan that they call us something home
practitioners they're or something they can't remember that they call typically they say home lever and
how about home householder or
practice may be householders and house years
the japanese word for home lever or home give her upper is shoot a
and home know home
the householder
is called xico
zk and uk
xico yeah japanese is nice because you don't know what it means
hey i can be like a bodhisattva
new year's greeting
self realize
sir self
self realizing for self realized with yeah
yes more
there's a minute schedule redditor years so it could be that it can be done at that meeting except that not everybody that would usually come to know about vanessa they want to do that but could be done around that time some people come to know about but they don't know
sincerely want to formally ask me
ah to be their teacher next year
but some people coming on board would want her so in
it might be that maybe
maybe at the end of the day some people get ever people could leave when they can stay into a ceremony by be a nice way to do it at the end of the
on that first sitting of the year
and if people wanted to do it naked
find out beforehand what it is that usually said
and and read and write it up beforehand and bring it
i actually usually keep him for a year and at the end of the year i burn em

would you sit again

do you mean in this illness in this year in the news greetings or do you mean in general
in a new year's greeting there's a standard thing classical thing

no but that can be added but as to the standard form which some people putting most people just copy exactly and some people alter somewhat push shorten but it can be lengthened i think it be okay to lengthen it
you know like would you teach would you teach dharma for me and all beings next year and also would you teach me about
the lotus sutra or would you could could you give teachings about the sunday or a i could you give teachings about this coin collection or could you teach a but abby dharma and could you help me become fearless that can be added
yeah so it on there is a standard form and when people just copy the standard form that is quite moving to me and probably to them
but it can be altered to it doesn't have to be just as city to nice it's a nice standard ritual
would like very much

the japanese term seems walk
yeah does doesn't it
can like rab
how did that
it comes from rebel
manic that that's because i was born in mississippi
rebel or was a to muster is
it's it's political sense that the southerners had a war with the northerners
back in the nineteenth century
there was a war and the people from the south to pick from mississippi where called rebels
and my parents
where he read from the north there a yankee so when they had this boy born in mississippi this and where his kind of our blue rebel
then the announcer so them at birth although it's not written on my birth certificate my birth
my father named me rob henderson and he always call me read you never call me harold
his name was harold
i was junior yeah but he never call me harold and my mother donna call me harold when she was angry at me
his read on your person know
no it's not
it's in the minds of
he has to mind of fanatics also and it's in the mind of critics of fanatics

for a hassle
the maturity yeah
the molecule cheese
the molecule year the marlin means pure i don't know the means exactly but
can be like we could say the pure body sought this
what this means of
sokka death from the soccer and or persica yeah yeah so opus ah a lame man and persica allay woman
the seeker especially hey

yes he is

say it again

oh yeah you could you could mail your request here your your calligraphy you can mail it
i'm gonna be fine or
ah or you'd come later and later if it didn't work for you to be there can make
if if a lot of people if it in several people said they'd like to do it can't be there at that time it can be postponed until you know
a week later or something will you say
the the next year is
can you duplicate last year year's commitment
is there a place where the classic version can be found so that way out swapped on here
it is connie here the other issues yeah so yeah i think go
connick could it could suggest how to on
make that available to people who want to say how you want people to do
yeah you you had the form don't you
they put on the mobile website yeah
or four people could use contact you and you send it to them
so please see don't we're talking but because they're going to be subsequent decision i like the date and time period happening or yeah if there is what with a week will send it out yeah like
yeah maybe there could be also put on the know about website or or just done
no more website
website or rob anderson dot org when you can be put on a that we're going to offer this ceremony this year
on january third
had no abode and if he wanted participate and know what the traditional statement as you can contact
rubber system and you will be sent to you just seem reasonable
but one other thing as well as this the word what was the say that japanese word cooper sec or the older is as i k and that means what amiss stay living at home
is it just as a beautiful sound with the word bodhisattva it's just
z k bodhisattva
japanese and sanskrit together also where you can say is i k bossaso that would be all japanese
i came was awesome
how do you say householder in sanskrit
in censored
it's the mail is osaka is also poly and the females or persica
yeah sir
oh that's a that refers to a monk who actually
usually you get the name a shrub aka the voice here he shouldn't get that upon
cannot awakening
so it's somebody who awakens hearing the buddhist teaching
so that's a that's a male or female
not necessarily a monkey don't have to be a monk it's a male or female actually enlightened being who has become enlightened by hearing the dharma so that if it could be a monk or
ah or les
so he has a z k bosasa sounds good or as i k bodhisattva
so this would be a ceremony disobey
a us
a new year's greeting of student and teacher for psychic bodhisattvas
primary teacher
the person to retaining will you also accepted
would you say it again if your primary teacher is what has has sent somebody to you for training also accept degree from that person if somebody's primary teaching teacher has sent someone to me via yeah you can you can do this with more than one person
formally requested

the i think that if i think that if you hadn't requested before that this would be this would be of this would be the beginning of that would be your first formal request there would be the beginning of it usually when people begin they don't write that bank that issued for the new years but this would be like you would be start
in your relationship with teacher x on new year's
he would be asking this teacher to teach
not just for you but to be your teacher and a teacher of others for the following year and you hope the person it has good health so they can do that so yeah that could be your first
mom though it can be a first request of somebody

yeah so i i brought this up because
the the the requests that are made mutual requests that are made in training have a certain form which are not necessarily do not sell a work for
as i k both senses
for example in my case when i'm training press i wanted to be in residence with me for five years
which means living and green gulch in the situate currently that hasn't worked for some people who are who do want to study with me but doesn't work for them to move to kringle sure five years
there's other requirements to that don't necessarily work for people like having going to toss a for to practice periods
but i think there is there's a growing
i request by by people who are not quite ready to this priest thing to make some other forms of some other formal modes of relationship so this one came up today so i thought i'd bring it up and offer it
and i appreciate your response and so it looks like we'll probably do that
just it
no it isn't as i sit here with it wished
you talk about it it just feels so supportive
it's interesting to work on to cancer
container finding but yeah
can make to support a bond to become free abundant
winterfest the bond that releases
hopefully that makes me wonder how that priests themselves fail
well how'd you feel about tail
about that ceremony
or about me
how do you feel about that new year's greeting and writing out that that that that document that calligraphy


refreshing a refreshment of something that started centuries ago the usa yeah
and this is an ancient tradition and word word were refreshing this ancient tradition how'd you how'd you feel during a carolyn
the song
let's just appreciate me
could you hear that she said is it's quite solemn and formal
and she appreciates that
and then afterwards as there's a photo opportunity
led by taiyo for seen that see informal part
so yeah see a beautiful beautiful it's
it's simple yeah it's a simple ceremony he just to doesn't take long at all
how do you feel about county

i must confess that one year
i am
i had some expectation of people coming
and they didn't some of them didn't
and i didn't do well with that
i'm sorry

calgary part of it also is the teacher writes a death palm
at that time
so i i i i have something ready to have puncturing my death bomb to the disciples
that's another part of a tradition
it's a well one way to understand is it's traditional present priest to write a death poem as are dying
so if you look in a records and priests
so sometimes they write it on new year's so that it's a dilated they get sick later and are incapable of rain opponent i've got one
and if they don't die while that was the death poem of that year and he did he didn't die
but sometimes they save him so i have a few saved up
and then
can instantly sometimes to teach your as a teacher's dying teacher
says it up phone just before they die that's also the case it's a one is kind of a poetic
farewell to life in this form
said tradition
in a school of death
so now we like we could do a ceremony for the for the wellbeing of some of our
ah friends
it might be good to just pick up their mass