Silent Sitting and Social Action

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Sitting in the world, we can't perceive the whole world; we sit in our dharma position, which changes all the time. Impermanence is Buddhism - this place is no abode..

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if i were to say to you
that i'm sitting
that might be easy for you to understand is it
if i were to say to you that i'm sitting
at the center of a world of suffering

is that easy to understand
so justin doesn't understand it's not
does she do you think i'm sitting at the center of the world of suffering sure you're not sure
so he's not sure that i am if i were to say to you you are sitting at the center of a world of suffering
that makes sense to you
we are surrounded by many forms of suffering
i'm saying that it seems that way to me

i'm also sitting at the center of
a world of buddha's many buddhas her
sitting around me and many bodhisattvas
it's that easy to understand
suffering because
would you like to ask people who turn their phones off
okay so go ahead and ask him

where are these phones
it's everything's taken care of know
art take notes on so
so you're about to be overjoyed

and i'm also surrounded by a lot of uncertainty
are you uncertain just yesterday
he's not the only on certain one around me
i'm surrounded by a lot of uncertainty
how did i did i say that you are sitting at the center of all the suffering to the receiver to you i you surrounded by lots of uncertainty
oh are you surrounded by innumerable borders
and bodhisattvas
ah ha he said he can understand it he feels he can understand that he's surrounded by innumerable bodies progress and borders but it's hard to perceive it
it is imperceptible you cannot perceive all the buddhas around you also you can't perceive all the suffering
but you kind of understand their suffering beyond which you can perceive
you've heard about it and because you've heard about it you can kind of understand it does more than you've heard about you've heard that there's more you can hear about we can't perceive all we can't perceive the whole world that we're sitting in the middle of does that make sense

so there's a job opportunity here
which is to sit in our at our place in our dharma position our dharma position is at the center of the universe each of us has our own dime of position our own true place
and because we're surrounded by so much so much
it's challenging to actually accept the responsibility of our position in this universe
is challenging not impossible to accepted but just challenging
of the reason as challenging as cause the
the responsibilities constantly changing

somebody said to me i i'm i'm swayed by all the people around me i don't want to be swayed
that's unrealistic at an unrealistic we want we are swayed by everybody everybody's swaying us and we're swaying them
however even though we're being swayed influenced impacted and influencing swaying impacting even so we're right where we are
but even though we're right here we feel swayed
feeling suede is right here
what i am is basically
infinite swayed
and sway
and i have the responsibility to work with what i am

and as challenging because part of what i am is i think maybe i can get away from our responsibility
and maybe go someplace where i'm not so influenced
and influencing
that makes it more difficult to except my responsibility is that is to thought that i could get away from it
but that's just another influence term
where's that one buzzing from the other room
so the that's in the other room so
and that room doesn't have a door on it
you have to have a doorbell
so brags skinning
but you're influenced by that right it impacts you
hmm she's she's she's not alone everybody's with her
everybody's with katie
and sometimes katie says would you give me a little break

as i have said many times i am a conversation between me
and everybody else
that's what i am
and i propose you are also
and then again i more or less
enthusiastic about this conversation about being this conversation

and i guess i i trust that if i could accept
then i'm just a conversation that would be good for everybody
and that would help others except at their current their a conversation and that would help everybody
i trust him that someone

this places
the alive
there was no place to get away from it was discovered

i recently returned from a trip to
which is an island about the size of marilyn

some people think is his part of china some people don't anyway there's a lot of people there who are you might say chinese people
they live there
and this on this island the size of maryland which is mostly deep mountains
there's two thousand and three million people

i went i i recently before i returned from there i went there and
i went there because i'm one of my main motivations was i wanted to see the town and the neighborhood where my wife grew up
i wanted to accompany her going back to where she grew up she hadn't been there for fifty years
so i went with her
and we got a hotel that had a very good location
it was walking distance from her house edge where she grew up so we could walk over there

i know family members still live in taiwan right fifty years later than none left and we did go and one of the region she wanted to go as you want to visit her grandparents' gravesite and also the graveside of
mother's brother
so we did go to visit there
oh yeah and
i were just going to accompany my wife but some people pulled some people that i was coming and so some people invited me to go to some buddhist monasteries and give talks
can i accepted the invitations and and i went there to these monasteries and gave talks
which are now on youtube

so i can tell you about what i talked to the people in taiwan about
if you like
some people would like it
would you like interested
you're sure about that
finally sure of something
temporarily maybe after i started talking to their wait a minute
and one of the invitation was to participate in a dialogue which i did and the other was to give just to give a damn and talk and they asked me for a
kind of like a title for the talk and i said what would you like to me to talk about and they said they suggested
i thought they said zen and me but then i think what they said was zen practice and me that was a title they suggested and i thought that's very good title
very good title
so i knew that when i came and i was thinking about it and soon i gave a talk and i wanted things i said to the people there was
want some sensors various means
that i have various identities but one of my identity is this kind of a spiritual identity
so you can say i have the identity that
because it will i'm i'm i'm a citizen of the united states of america i'm a citizen of california
i'm a white male with all those privileges
which i'm struggling with
and i'm also a zen student
being a zen student is kind of like you might say my prototypic spiritual identity is zen student
or then disciple

and i said told the people that i met with
in this talk i said
i brought a spiritual identity with me
to taiwan
and the spiritual identity i had when i left san francisco is not the one i had when i arrived it changed on the airplane
and then when i got to taiwan i met the taiwanese people
and they swayed me
they transformed me they transformed my spiritual i don't i could watch my spiritual identity changing when i met to touch the people there
and when i went and this talk i gave was the second talk i gave the first talk i would give was at another monastery and when i got there the people there
these i guess people who might say are buddhist
they swayed me they they transform me my spiritual identity was transformed when i met them i could watch my
my spiritual identity change in as i met them in as i interacted with them

and again it wasn't just a people in the buddhist centers but the people in the subway and people in the street they transfer i could see myself being i can see my spiritual self being transformed
and then i went to visit another organization
on the eat so that the the cydia was in it was in the north
the north part of the islands called tai bay which means i think north platform
and then went i went to the east side of the island and went to another buddhist organization and ah this that organizations called
said she or compassionate relief it's a it's the biggest
charitable buddhist organization in the world i went to visit there and when i went there
i met this i met these lay people and nuns it's all nuns there i met them and my spiritual identity changed
and then and then i said to know i'm here this monastery and my spiritual
identity my spirit the spiritual me
has changed is changing and now i'm meeting new people face to face and and this meeting with you i watch mice i've worked my identity my spiritual identity change
which is pretty much the same as i watched my zen practice or i watch and practice change
so i said zen practice in me they're both in a constant state of being transformed
into a new person and a know practice the practice is always a practice has never been here before i'm not keeping it being the same i'm not making it change into something new
i'm not making myself change i have been changed and i am changing
you are changing me i am changing you i said this to people in english and it was an a lot of him even before it was translated into chinese were nodding their heads yes think i guess they could understand that i was changing them
and there were changing me and this meeting together
which is going all the time wherever we are that's what we are is that we're constantly being transformed by the world that surrounds us and our transfer in the transformation of us transforms the world this is what this is this is what i am i suggest this is what we all are and
zen practice is act the way we were actually
in conversation with each other
each of us has our own particular position in this unlimited conversation
our particular position and our particular responsibility
which i share with you and your share with me but yours is yours is you is yours and mine is mine
and year have the irresponsibility
for the whole universe as you and i have the responsibility for the whole universe as me i am responsible for all the suffering i'm responsible for the blessing and so are you
and is constantly changing

what's constantly changing it it is then practice but also it is me i'm constantly changing
they are constantly changing we're constantly changing zen practice has constantly changing and in the sense and practice is always the same
it's unchanging because
it never stops being that way of constantly changing it never stops being our our relationship with each other it always is that way and is always changing

yes i just wanted to share a story about change
i was i was driving across her
the original read recently and as thinking about my father's can you hear him back there when you speak loudly eric
he was going over the richmond bridge and he was thinking about his father
yeah my my father recently got cancer and so i've been killing him
and i was feeling a pretender
and can you hear that who could you hear that michelle
his father god cancer
and he has been feeling that that's it that that information of his father that that situation of his father being sick is is impacting him he's feeling it
and i also read
recently about thirty this conduct is they translate his compassionate relief relief
there is a lot of money and send it all over the world
and it just really struck me as a beautiful organization reading about it and
yeah i was feeling as feeling really tender and my tooth was also feeling very tender
i'm just crossing the bridge
and i was could you hear that michelle
his he was feeling very tender driving over the richmond bridge and also as tooth was feeling tender
so i really i was kind of in a swirled feeling all these things and then i lifted my head and right in front of me was this dental truck
that said thirty
and i'd never seen it in america anywhere before but as right by me i was saying like we can fix here you too
hannah said like compassionate about just our summit
could you hear that michelle yeah so they're also in america this organization probably administrator free dental service
two people who need for a dental service
and there again he was feeling tender
he was feeling tender
yeah i won't say in relationship to his father
his fragile father
our fragile father are fragile mother are fragile self
we've got we've got fragile parents and we are fragile
we can feel tender towards this

this fragility is calling for tenderness
which is also say is calling for a conversation but the conversation that is calling for is a tender conversation where i talk loudly enough for people in the back to hear me but somehow find a way to speak with some volume and some tenderness
it may be easy to whisper tenderly
but sometimes we need to shout tenderly
so people can hear us
i love your granddaddy
can you hear me a i am
i feel tenderly towards your fragility grandfather grandmother i hear you thank you thank you
and then
free dental service shows him
i'm so glad you didn't look up and hit the truck
has really great

yes well i have a question about the idea of steadfastness of
steadfastness and consistency she's questioning about
i mean i understand bags
we shouldn't claim to hours our sense of ourselves in that there's a conversation and that really hit first by one another
he also have this feeling and i worked i want to know that here
it seems that destiny systems
you wish that if you come to meet me there will consistently be compassion in the meeting
you want that and i want that too
so we both want that
so how can show that here being changed by the people that
i just knew that
yeah how can you what be sure of something
well one of the main ways you can be sure is by opening to unfairness
the more you're open to uncertainty the more confident you will have ten what
and being open to uncertainty if you if i am really opened uncertainty it isn't that suddenly things become certain but rather simultaneous with the with uncertainty if i'm really open to it there's certainty what's the certainty is confidence that it's good to be open to the
it's uncertain that every time we meet there will be compassion
that's uncertain
but if we really open to the uncertainty that the compassion we want will be present
if we really open to that
there will there was certainty that we want to be compassionate
if you feel compassion to me it's because everybody support you to feel compassion to me
but that's opening to that support that everybody wants you to be compassionate opening to that support
major you have to opened the uncertainty
have compassion
the answer opening to the uncertainty of compassion
opens to the support
for compassion to be present

not holding on to my current compassion but being open to had been changed when i meet your so i may be i'm sitting by myself practicing compassion and you walk in and i i get changed and not just i'm a new person
i mean that that's what i'm saying
i might be taking good care of the i might be sitting there
the i meet you and i change
if i accept that change
then i will be steadfast
in the practice of compassion
if i resist that change
then i resist to support for me to best interest
but it's an art to learn how to be changed in every meeting
and accept that
it's an art but again i'm suggesting a few you are changed every meeting and if you get skillful and accepting the change you come up
compassion is there
and you can be steadfast in that if you to the extent that you can keep accepting your steadfastness being changed now my steadfastness looks like this now it looks like that but also now it looks like this is what's being asked me and this is what's being asked to me know i'm being asked to turn myself off now i might be
asked to turn myself or non
now i'm being asked to listen now i'm being asked to speak
i'm constantly being asked for different things and been given different things i'm constantly changed and if i can open to that i will be steadfast in the middle of this
intense impermanence intense impermanence if i'm open to it there will be steadfastness and the steadfastness
that allows itself to be transformed every moment
is more steadfast i steadfastness that resist been changed is unstable steadfastness it's not steadfastness
the teaching is all compounded things are unstable
subject to change not worthy of confidence if you can accept that
then there can be steadfastness and stability at the center of all this instability and change
yes i'm curious your use of the word identity isn't identity by definition prefix is dead his identity for by definition fixed his identity by definition fixed know
his identity often fixated on yes
is it commonly fixated on yes
is it by definition fixated on know what i mean even among friends here just to see my not smiling and out there just
even among friends here
why you do
i use i use him because the people in taiwan asked me to talk about
zen practice and me says what i'm talking about it because in practice in new by definition your again
none up and definitions
well yeah by definition one of my identities by definition is and practice is it again wasn't have just one of these are all about why
i think the things i'm all about or on my identity
i got i'm all about being a man that's my identity but that's not my zen practice and a man
so my identity if is in my job is to be as instant as my so that's that's my spiritual identity
i'm i'm practicing being a zen student and i've been practicing being a bodhisattva isn't is my identity it's what i aspire to be is my identity
am i fixated on it if i am i'm sorry i'm sorry if i fixate on being as and student because being sensed her you're not supposed to fixate on being as and student
but it's not like we don't have an identity
it's like if you got one that's something to not fixate on now see if you can do it see if you can have an identity and not fixate on it that's the challenge that's the challenge of zen practice is to be a person and not fixated on to be a zen student are not as and student and not fixate on it to
learn how to do that
and to notice that if you thought you were a didn't whatever you thought that was it just changed when you met these people
can notice that your identity is in flux it's a temper it's a temporary
despite the identity is a temporary
changeable thing is not worthy of competence being a zen student is a compounded thing is not worthy of confidence accepting that you might notice oh present student in which is not worthy of confidence it's changing all the time and you start to realize that changing zen student the changing id
entity that's buddhism that impermanence of the self
it is what zen practice is about and zen practice is also constantly changing but it don't have an identity
like over the hill this place called zen center here there's a postcard know about that's in sometimes the identity of this place but this place is constantly changing the name of this place is that this place is not displace an uncle when he got a word
kit with the program
this the name of those places not to be stuck in your place
not to be stuck in your identity that's senate that's the identity is place it's not clinging to identity but you've gotta have an identity in order to like texture not clinging gotta have an abode to see if you can realize not abiding and we do have abodes and
everything is creating our abode and therefore our board is constantly changing in relationship to everything that is causing it to sway
yes you explain a compounded things is running game is now
yeah are present bull a lack of inherent existence is not component emptiness is not compounded
hey what are the same or
her existence and yeah kind of dirt they're synonyms has not come home
ah actually a buddhas are not compounded
because buddhas or nothing in another themselves
so compound things are things that i can put together but buddha's not like put together
the buddha's you could say are not compounded and therefore they're worthy of confidence
the way and the way you're not anything up in and of yourself is the way you're a buddha you're just like a buddha
and that you're not anything in and of yourself nothing by yourself in that way or just like a bullet because buddhas are like that and you're always that way you're all was nothing in and of yourself
and yet in the way you're not anything inner of yourself is not put together
it's actually the way that you're putting it's it's how your hauled away or put together is not anything in of itself because the way you put together is the way all the things that put you together our which are not you
the way so the way you're you and not you it's not a compounded thing
yes but but when you start to talk about a buddha doesn't that become a comparative my my words are my words are compounded things
the thought
the thought of buddha is a component of thing but what i'm talking about
is not a compounded thing i'm i'm talking about how you are nothing in of yourself that's have something put together and you're always you're always that way you're always not something in it up yourself but that hasn't put together not my words are put together they need a mouth and tongue and you know
ninety eight point six and for all they need all of you i everything i'm saying i cannot do without your support
and and what i am is put together and i'm unstable and not worthy of competence but the practice is worthy of competence
so i might not be compassionate when you meet me
i might not be
what's the practice with that
the practices to be compassionate with me not being compassionate
that sounds the practices accepting that i'm a compounded thing
i'm unstable and fragile and be tender with me than the practice is alive
okay linda
yes joe
if you feel to be complacent
the certain
well in a given point in time it might be easier to be compassionate to one person in the other and then in a moment later that it might be reversed
like it might be easier to for you to be compassionate to me if i say joe i'm a lot of pain would you help me that might be easier for you to be compassionate or maybe
might be easier than i take
i hate you go away
but in both cases i might be asking for compassion but one case might be easier for you
some people actually have either easier time with i hate you go away than would you please help me
so you could say it's easier for some people at certain times to be compassionate for this rather than that yes because the easier when you wake a say in one case you can you respond with compassion and the other case you don't yeah in one case your fooled
and you think you're not being as for compassion hear your fooled by circumstances you always are being asked for compassion never not but sometimes you see no no this is not asking for compassion this is asking for something other than compassion whatever that is
you eat your food your tricked by circumstances to not understand that you are being asked for compassion so then it's hard to practice it could you don't get it and was the case you know is so clear that if they want my compassion is so clear and i'm i'm up for it and so then it just flows out
is sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's hard
but the request is always there
it's basically hard when we don't get we on our stand our assignment or when we understand it we just feel like i can't do it that makes it harder right
there's there is a compassion can affect compare and i would say compassionate has no fixed form it can appear in any way
and also the request for compassion has no fixed form we can appear in any way and if i remember that that helps me remember that there's no moments when i'm not be
given and asked for compassion
and that and that contributes to stab steadfastness in the practice of compassion
but it is a learning process to to understand that when you understand that then we had these examples of people no matter what you do don't they they respond with compassion because they they're no longer fooled
buy anything they always understand that that was that's what they're doing and they're always willing to do it by training we can get to that point and so that all the different forms of request of compassion
i understood as such and then and then all the different forms can come forth
where in process of learn training to learn that
jeff did you wanna say something i was not clear on when you are having conversation about around the idea of something not put their something being put together i'm really not clear on that well i like your put together your like you hear your on
you're i'm your man you have a certain history you have certain body parts
other people have different history different body parts all these things are compounded to make you and also that impermanent so your body parts change the people around your change your history changes you change so and so we're always changing in that way browse inflow
ernst by everybody around us and that makes us and that said compound and that's a compounded that's a virtual am a compound of thing so my impermanence
it's a compound thing but the way i'm compounded is also the way i'm compounding others that conversation
is actually the reality of me which is i'm compounded and i'm unstable but i'm always compound i'm always unstable that's so that's that's
three so if not that you should trust me but you should trust the practice and practices to accept that i'm
changing thing
i'm an unstable thing to accept that would be appropriate to the practice
and now and if in and when you accept that or not you support me to be what i am
and if i can accept that then that's compatible with the practice
and if i can accept time
made by all of you that's compatible with the practice listening to that teaching and remembering it
i'm still a compounded unstable
not where they have confidence but you might say
you seem to even though you're changing all the time you seem to often have confidence in the practice and i would say yeah i often do i have a history of often having confidence in the practice and often remembering to practice that's part of my as part of what makes me but i'm still changing all the time
even though i have a history kind of and nice history that i've been able to listen to these teachings and remember them but also part of my history is that i have there's been innumerable kate occasions for beginning less time where i forgot the practice or why didn't hear the practice that's also
part of my history and everybody's history even the buddha's have a history of where they didn't hear the teaching
and then they had history where they did hear the teaching and where they kept hearing it from now on
well as you speak in what i'm realizing is that we have as humanity all of us he have ah
a lot of compound it
issues that we have not our practice compassion yes the world of hostility or anger or the way he is because saw tremendous lotta ah
kakashi yeah so compounded phenomena which are all the compounded phenomena are compounded phenomena and they're all calling for compassion and part of and then by to the extent that there's not a compassionate response to
these compound thing that are calling for compassion to the extent that a lack of compassion there's disturbance and disharmony
emptiness is not calling for compassionate the lack you know
the way we really are is not calling for compassion because that's not the there's nothing and of itself but if we practice compassion towards things which are also nothing and another themselves but which are compounded if we practice compassion towards them were wake up to
which is not reality is not really compounded or on compounded
it's it's free of all those categories
and the practice which deals with compounded things is also the practice that deals with on compounded banks same practice
so it constantly changing
the path of peace has no fixed form the path of compassion have no fixed form
compassion response according to the circumstances and we sometimes miss we feel we missed the chance of being kind
and then we end the way confess that
and they were sorry and try again yes
i think you just said we wake up to reality
his compassion team
i have those to make an equation
well like
if i wasn't practicing compassion
you might be trying to tell me something
bay area you know in reality or a component a compounded in person who is asking me for something and if i don't practice compassion i don't hear what you're asking me
but if i packed compassionate village whole year
you're actually asking for me for compassion if i practice compassion i realized or you just asked me for compassion if you asked me for compassion and i don't give your compassion than i might not realize actually the reality is that you're asking for compassion and also that i'm asking you for compassion
so by practicing compassion towards you
who i don't see us asking me for compassion
and i don't see that i'm asking you for compassion i don't see the reality of our relationship
if i don't see that the thing to do is to be compassionate with not seeing it
if i'm compassionate with that
if i pray if the practice of compassion will open my eyes to the way we're actually calling to each other and responding to each other that's that's the actual zen practice hoop that's reality zen practice is reality collins collins zen practice is the way you're making me
and i'm making you and if i and if i practice compassion towards me and new
i will wake the that like them some people say so and so doesn't respect me i you know and i met you in you don't you don't see that the person being respectful of you they say no said well have you would you want to see it yeah
well be more respectful to them if you're really respectful to people you realize that are being respectful to you but the weather being respect where you couldn't see it before and without changing the way they're being respectful you wake up to it
people are like being very respectful to me they're giving me life
has very respectable and also after they gave me life
they realize i'm calling from them to do it again and they do but i they awake to that well if you're not respected know practice respect from us you don't notice you don't practice compassion you don't know you don't see it so he had if your practice compassion you realize everybody's compassionate to you
and that's what and also they're asking you to be compassionate to them which are doing and you're happy to do that's reality
which includes the fact that i'm calling to you and you're going to me
and i'm listening to you and your listen to meet that reality is nothing in and of itself it can't get ahold of that you can't get rid of it you can avoid it you can ignore it you can try to get away from it but you'll never be successful of getting away from the fact from the reality
he that you're asking everybody to help you with there's nobody who don't want to support you
which is good because there's nobody who isn't supporting new reality is you're supporting everybody there are supporting you that zen practice that's reality
and that's the same as there's no substantial self and there's nothing to get a hold of

which means that
you're not grasping this ineffable ungraspable process which we try to grasp and then we can we turn away from this
where were mutually reciprocally giving each other life
he support the same as practicing compassion you say everybody supporting us are supporting your horn and you quit know practicing compassion

i think i'm willing to say that there's that is the same so there's no way to not practice compassion there's there's no way did not there's no way to not be what you really are and program will be an idiot for me one
so if i'm being an idiot that's the way i'm asking
when i'm being an idiot that's the way i if if you're around if i might if i'm actually meeting you face to face and i be an idiot
that's the way i'm asking you to be compassionate to me at the moment i being an idiot i reap just in general knowledge for you to know whenever i'm being an idiot
i'm simultaneously saying would you be compassionate to make i may not think i'm an idiot
but even though i'm look like an idiot
and i'm talking like an idiot like i'm saying do not support me they're not be compassionate to me i don't want your compassion okay lets you been over here often either then be compassionate to you go run away and you say about the same okay so i'm calling for compassion and i look like an idiot
and the way i call from compassion is saying i'd a wandering the as not to kind of my dad to stupid way to get coffee compassion is to stand on wanted but i wouldn't necessarily say stupid but you could say that i would say it's kind of like
kind of nice a deceptive way is kind of a contradictory way i want you to loved me so i say do not love me that have been kind of silly or stupid
k then you look at me and you think how he's not asking for compassion he is just an idiot phenomenon bye bye to you you might do that and when you walk away from me when you walk away from me that's the way you're calling to me for compassion
there's so many then stories are where the student teacher interacting and the student walks away to see if the teacher will keep loving them when i walk away by his first versa there's many stories where the teacher walks away from the student
to see if the student can see that the guts the where the teacher is expressing compassion has student can feel compassion for this teacher was running away from his responsibility
there's many stories like that everything i thought you were abandoned me now i realize this is this is the way you help me wake up to the omnipresent compassion an omnipresent suffering
sufferings i'm the present because compassion and compassion is omnipresent because sufferings omnipresent
and part of suffering could be i'm trying to get away from it
but when i try to get away from suffering that's the way i'm calling to compassionate banks to be kind to me i got the common that's clear but thing regardless of how they respond best compassion something that they're nice to me that's compassion with their mean to me with me calling and so i called i call you for compact
ocean and you walk away and i feel compassion for you and i also realize that you're walking away from me if the way you responded to me from for example if i say go write go away in your walk away think the next or your responded to me
or i can say to me i do not want you to listen to me anymore
and then but i do want you to listen to me tell you that surreal as all i told her i didn't want to hurt listen to me but actually i was asking her listen to me i wake up to her
so if you if i ask you for compassion in a way in the form like i don't have it
and you see that i'm asking for it in the form of i don't want it and you say whole but when an interesting way of asking and i just feel a lot of compassion for you and also i'm i'm asking you for compassion and the way you're giving it to me as i don't want to see you anymore as to what you give me compassion it's a question of waking up to it
we are all was
listening to me and always calling to me to witness something to wake up to that just sends teams or any world it's everybody in the world
the students are doing that at nonsense students are doing that that way of that were all was calling and listening that's is an practice but some sense students don't do that practice sometimes i mean they're they're they're asleep as an practice zen practice as they're they're calling and listening
and they're been called to and listening the zen practice there but they don't get it
they they don't think the person's asking for help or they don't think they're asking for help i had this great conversation at gringo jet question and answer one time this young man was calling from my help and i said now you're calling from my for my help and he said no i'm not and then it has kept calling me again and
he you know i said you're you're calling for help me said no i'm not his noi not is calling me to say well you want them to for me and he said yes i do and that and as they all have in your call
it was wonderful yes so when we kill the other person
that can be atrophy or passion but i guess i am i don't understand how does
giving compassion are supporting other beings for me
if i were involved in killing something
okay i would say that that that thing actually asked me for compassion
and i gave it in that form
which it was not asking for me to kill it it was asking me for compassion
my level of understanding
but that person or being might understand oh that's the way he responded to my call for compassion he didn't understand it so it's possible that i would call you for compassion and you would
fill it out
no resentment towards me when i called you for compassion
i wasn't calling for your resentment but that's the way you responded to me the way you listen to me was such that he you didn't understand that i what i was asking for
but you did listen to me when i asked you for compassion and then you
you think you killed me cause you listen to me call you and you thought i hate him i want to kill him
but right when i called you you did listen to me and you did respond to me by listening to make
but you didn't understand it you wouldn't you wouldn't you would never kill you would never be involved in killing if you understood this relationship you were not there is no killing their you would never do that
when you understand that the that is the same that of that relationship is the same as not killing zen practice is not killing when you understand that practice you understand and practice not kill him if you don't understand you might find yourself in a world where you think you're killing
or someone else is killing that that's the way things might look to you when you don't understand the way you're sitting in the middle of all beings calling to them for compassion and big risk and being listened to
pardon as a hotel
yeah it's very hard to the this is one of them this reality is one of the most difficult things to understand
there's nothing more difficult to understand that reality because we have a mind which has all kinds of delusions and attachments at it
but one reality is when i just told you this is what we're really doing and in this way we fully possessed the wisdom and virtue of a buddha the way we're supporting everybody and being supported by everybody the way we're calling to everyone
and been called to do a were listening and being listened to
we have that that we already have that
and that's our buddha virtue
doesn't make sense do that buddhas are listening to everybody to know that they're also calling everybody yeah
and everybody's
calling to them but many people did not know they're calling to the buddha's
and many people do not know they're listening to the buddhists who are calling to them to practice reality the buddhas are saying you all fully possess the wisdom and virtue of the buddha's they're calling to us and telling us that they're also saying you called me to tell you that and i'm telling you i'm rusty
bonding you by telling you this teaching gig
however because of people being human and having erroneous views and attachments we do not realize it so it's very difficult to understand
so here all of your support us having this meeting or we can talk about this and think about it and say is difficult to understand and when you say that
it's not too difficult for me to understand you're calling for compassion when you say that and maybe when you say that it's not so difficult for you to see that you're calling for compassion by telling me is hard to understand
and the right and i called you for compassion
and you responded by telling me is hard to understand
hey so it's hard to understand that we're already doing it
there were two k runners
canadian war communities he will sometimes say don't comfortable
something like that
don't start when they will be it and what i'm hearing it's a real cause for compassion that court just because mean compassion doesn't mean on necessarily have emily
well you could say it doesn't mean your habit i will say it doesn't mean you necessarily can see it well read like that but if making most of the understanding of sockets it's not on there when i think about when i think about like kurt
courtesy i do think of a conflict with national prison
the an accident
and then and then it'll come around for a minute this is not life and be compassionate with my own
an ability in that moment and something of that but if i'm getting something okay not to today k
that's a call for compassion so if you'd
it were together and something if somebody calls you for compassion and you say to me you know not today
you're asking me to be compassionate to you feeling not today for that situation
and you might end up any you might be able to see that that the you do feel like not today but when you feel that way that's a call
not the person here
saying you don't feel it towards they might not feel like you're asking them for compassion but you're also asking like if you asked me would you be kind to me and i say not today
i do know you asked me for compassion and i said i can't give it to you but then you might wake me up by by showing me that although i wasn't ready to be compassionate you today you are ready to be compassionate to me i might wake up and say oh i guess i am ready
it's like waking up
it's like not been trapped by our ideas of what compassion would be look look like
constantly waking up
or not
so i didn't right now this does not look like compassion that's what i admit and and me saying right now this does not look like compassion that's my call for somebody to show me that it it how it is but right now that's the way it looks to me like it's not and my job is to say right
now that's how it is for me and i'm calling
and i'm telling people that i that i feel this way and i'm asking for compassion for my limited
compassion or from my lebanon are standing that you're being compassionate
what separates us
as i noted for sale you're thinking about how to somewhere
killing somebody or
this path
but then i'm trying to understand how it is a minus does he know i'm just pulls us trying out of that that that understanding of network why the person that we shared a common rapper reality
he just seems like it's a simple but yet so easy to get hold yeah into the stop patterns young and a sirens out yeah well as that's not a way to say it we're in this situation of fully possessing the virtues of the buddha
i'm not been anything in anbar of ourselves of being in this intimate communion with all beings we we fully possessed that however because of our thoughts and attachments in a sense we pull ourselves out of it are we feel alienated from where we already are yes and so and then ago
again when our being as to be compassionate towards this miss will add
attached mind by being compassionate to are misconceptions and attachments they can drop away and then we realize the way we always were and always will be but again it's even hard term for this
misconceiving attached mine to here's the tissues of compassion by which we can let go of what interfering with the original nature original reality so this is a very hard that's why we are here to help each other do it is hard way
work has been compassionate when we've when when our mind is pulled us out of reality not really but seems like it
seems like we're just caught by are misconceptions and attachments and we don't say
our true relationship with all things
okay well that's that's calling for that situation is calling for compassion
and if we see or yeah i'm on this situation and men as calling for compassion
oh well maybe i can welcome it
maybe i could like be kind to my alienated situation where my i see my mind pulling me out of
my true relationship with everybody

is a is that enough for this morning
is that enough for this afternoon