Silent Sitting & Social Action

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Zen students often ask how our practice of silence and stillness relates to injustice and our environmental crisis. In this class we explore this question and study the intimate interplay of beneficial social action and silent sitting.

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i've heard that quite a few people in this group have
made big efforts
encourage people to vote in hopes that on
the am
distribution of power in the government my might shift in a direction that would be conducive to protecting living bags from harm
so we've been talking quite a bit about compassion here and various types of compassion but they all share
the wish that living beings will be protected from harm
so i i think all of you for any where any work you've done to promote what you think would be
for the protection and welfare or beings
and for those who are not here who are
doing so around
the country till tonight
and then tomorrow or the work of compassion will be available
the the cries for compassion will not stop tomorrow
i predict
and and i also predict that
those cries will be listened to
and will be observed
was eyes of compassion
i'm more or less finished working with my dharma brother paul does go
building a coffin
i have my coffin with me in my car on here
quite nice very nice coffin
he also a building one
i've been thinking a building one for quite a while first i was thinking of buying one so it is
for various reasons i i wanted to have a coffin on you know ready to go
if i should die so people didn't have to go shopping
and so it be right there and ready to go if when i died
and i looked at various ones you know online and i also i go to funeral
i'm go to mortuary is
quite frequently for ceremonies and last time i when i looked at or is available stuff was okay but not too good and some of the stuff was really you know
just not appropriate for me i didn't mind spending the money by just didn't see anything that really and then one of the preset was with me so we could make some and so i went back to green gulch and ask go to if going out you would like to
if some people are going on she would like to make a coffin but the administration of get-go didn't want that to happen so i thought well i'll make myself get some help and course the first person i thought of with my dharma brother paul was very skilled carpenter but i thought
i'm not going to bother him discuss so many carpentry projects
but if i will maybe i shouldn't assume
ah that he wouldn't want to do it so i called him and he said i've been wanting to do that thank you so we built
two coffins
pardon my career at there you can see it if you want to
and if you don't see it tonight
it'll be a know about you can see it there a drama to keep it
not today but i tried it on before
we see well yeah i haven't gone i just i often go and i'm coming to the yoga room
so because the shops and open so when i come overture
the shop and so he spent months you know one day at a time for one afternoon in time anyway it's
as that job is done in so now it's ready for various ceremonies
richard welcome to attend
some people made faces but anyway the reason that term
i would like to offer myself for the ceremonies as i'd like people to see
some ceremonies or to haven't seen before and caesar
the yeah the how moving that process can be with certain ceremonial structure of a number of different parts which most people haven't seen i've seen it and i found it quite moving and so i thought it'd be nice for people to see that and
maybe some people like to have that but most people don't even know about it so
and put one of the things that helps to do ceremonies is to have a coffin
for chicken move the person around in a dignified way
hum so again we've been talking about compassion and one way have been talking about it is three types who are what have been calling me protests against
sentimental compassion compassion kind of according to are in accord with dharma teachings and great compassion
that's the way some zen teachers taught in east asia
that same break that same delineation is taught among some tibetans teachers but also some indian teachers on taught a slightly different version of it and also in the the molecule to suture the a molecule to talked about the sentimental compassion
and great compassion he didn't talk about the other types so much
so great compassion is
in that searchers when wisdom is
united with compassion and sentimental compassion is when the compassion is not united with wisdom
going to the seconds and then so in this one particular indian teaching it taught three types of compassion as
that same push one is sentimental compassion the next to our on
for living beings who are qualified by
momentary nurse er impermanence and compassion for a living beings who are qualified by lacking and inherent self
are an inherent existence
so in in a depressant did the variation which i bring up tonight as three types of compassion one where you look at living beings and you had this wish that they'd be protected and cared for
but you see them
he he don't you don't see them qualified by impermanence or lack of inherent existence another issue is a season maybe as permanent
and or you see them as having no an inherent self existence
that's something most people see everything
so when they look at
a pot they see that
or a dog or a human when they look they see this they see things according to their sentimental ways of thing and and
and they they've learned somehow to cherish some are many beings so because they cherish beings they really feel almost unbearably uncomfortable if those beings are suffering so they want those bags they wish those banks to be free
of suffering all kinds of suffering
even little sufferings you you if you really cherish someone so the first type of compassion is sometimes called loving view compassion you really cherished the person
and you want them to be protected from all kinds of suffering
but you have various habitual or sentimental ways of seeing them
but still you had still exists it has this wonderful wish in it the other two types yes you have the same wish
but when you look at beings you see that he sees him qualified in these two ways or modified or illuminated by these teachings
also was when i see my own suffering sentimentally i can do that right
and and and then fussy other people's i can do that but again seeing
i've i mentioned before seeing a few people seeing aware anyway seeing we even one that way gets to be ah you know a bummer
gets to be
yeah it gets heavier and heavier and the more and more you see of that the heavier gives the more if see people having trouble the more you feel most like crushed by it
the dharma teachings when you bring him in they create some in on you get some energy circulating back into your life
he still care is still see the suffering is still difficult but the dharma makes it possible to keep observing them
in this qualified way
and as i said maybe before which a bit scary when you when you see someone
and you see that the that the way they appear has like a unit independent of all the things
what you're seeing as an a loser illusory version of a bang
and then you're sitting in a loser a being whose having a hard time
and you're seeing an illusory version of their difficulty and you're feeling and and also your feelings for them the way you see your feelings although you really do have these feelings your view of them is a kind of an illusory version of your feelings
even your feelings you could be sentimental about
and think that the way you care about the person now is the same as you would the way you cared about them this morning but it's not
the way we care about bags are wish for beings welfare is impermanent is what it's a momentary wishing
a momentary wishing a momentary wishing a momentary wishing each one's different
and or wishing that's always the same gets really heavy and sticky but or wishing that's essentially illuminated are qualified by temporariness or momentary nest er impermanence it's the wishing which stays more alive
it is this is familiar but yet i'm saying a little different
and similarly yeah if if i care for someone and do not want them to have be harmed at all
and that the the care be teaching him impermanent or momentary in us
it isn't like well you know they're suffering nah but is going to change so that's going to be a relief it's not so much that it's more like your the heaviness of your care
is somewhat alleviated by remembering that this person is impermanent
and that heaviness has relieved by remembering that person is
put together by all things and therefore there's nothing to them other than everything
and you still want them
to be free of suffering so seeing them as illusions if it makes you care for them less she got the wrong idea
the seeing them as illusions frees you from the sticky way of wishing for their welfare
which is
yeah it's it's too heavy
that kind
it makes it makes one want to quit current or get away
and so
this this new three three that i gave you tonight
it has since they're all versions of great compassion and great compassion can take these three forms
but in a way it can also be seen as not having three forms it's just actually
but it's just actually the way we are
is that ah other people suffering is are suffering
our suffering is other people's suffering
we include all beings
and were included in them
and because of that we want them to be safe and unharmed
in our arms but in that view
we have a chance to nine of and a duality between ourselves and others
and in fact
that's the way we are
is that i have no dual existence from yours
i had no suffering that's not yours you have no suffering that's not mine
that's great compassion but that great compassion and have these three types
and these three types can help us realize the count great compassion which is not have three type which is not any any of those three times but as but as there with each of the three types and it's also there with
i don't know how many types of not compassion there are
but they're also i feel there also are like feelings
where we do not
really wish that certain people would be protected from harm
and that's a real strong thing going on here in our life right a lot of people
see a lot of people that they do not wish to protect from harm and affray they even wish that those people would be harmed
great compassion is there too
not in wishing them to be harmed no
not that's not great compassion

what's great compassion i told you what is it this is the middle of the class this is the mid term once great competitor what's great compassion
in the case of
someone wishing someone ill
not seeing yourself a said from them
or he put it positively

ah you could have keep that that could be you could have compassion for somebody for myself or somebody else i could have compassion for them
yeah but there's still not quite great compassion
but that's what
huh are room
do you say part of the road definitely part of the road
great compassion is that
if i have your will towards somebody everybody's included in that
and my a you can i'm included in everybody including the people i have ill will towards
that's great compassion
so it's great compassion is right there
it's not someplace else when i have a will towards someone
but of course is not that your will

the maybe i see some people looking their look like
they're having trouble when i just said so tell me about it
i'm having trouble with i think i've said
you swallow
who's who
but i don't see it is fundamental
that with spg joe
the know
i'm not suffer from therapies intellectually
i understand what you're saying it does it
i thought
so the second stage is heart of the impermanence of each individual song
yes permanently
was not have a sense of supervision
after suffering was perfect
so yeah sector
okay so hum would you say last little bit again
what you're having trouble with trouble
the second stage struggles indian
that well see his second stage of seen that this person is just so mad because it's an illusion unit also
same virtues yes trump jumped by that's a higher oil
okay so to years
not that i think i got it now did you hurt so
the wish the a wish for beings to be protected as may be easy to understand as common to various kinds of compassion k and then ah having some
sentimental or customary way of seeing beings you can maybe even see that that can be a problem
when you're having trouble understanding as how seeing them with this according to the dharma maybe you're having trouble seeing that way
or seeing how this beneficial and so if you hear about if you feel compassion and you hear about
on the sentimental type and see as problems that might be one of the motivations for you to study
the teaching of impermanence because just hearing about impermanence isn't enough to be able to see people qualified by that teaching which i think you're saying you don't get yeah so on so what is necessary for someone who feels compassion
and wishes to learn this second type one needs to actually understand the teaching of momentary nose and then that understanding will illuminate the way you see people even if you don't see them that way at the moment
he will you you will be illuminated by the fact that you understand them you could also actually see them that way kind of like oh i get it i see it you could actually see it and then that would also been illumination and you could experience the freedom from the previous
of compassion
could you could you could you could feel enlightening and actually the it energizing is young lose your wish of compassion it just becomes an energized and it it it might be particularly convincing
it the the the teaching and the benefit of the teaching for compassion might be particularly convincing when you if you were feeling really heavy about your compassion like almost
ready to collapse and then this you get that teaching and see how it applies and feel energized and encouraged to continue to work on this compassion
and so if you if you haven't yet ascertained you just heard about employment is to have an ascertained it then you don't have the second kind of compassion yet and the same with usually weeks and we usually we see people as permanent a minutes is conventional i
call you jeff but you're not the same jeff and i used to know
i mean i'm convinced to that
but there's various route conditions to lead me to keep calling you jeff like to begin the glad you said jeff again and so i call you jeff
but maybe i'm not i don't think you're the same jeff that was here earlier maybe i think you're a different person
who who i buy convention in sort of in cooperation with nettie and barba joan i'd say geoff
but i maybe i really don't think you're the same person and also maybe i don't think i'm the same person which is also
really helpful to me that i don't see myself as the same person that keeps showing up moment by moment i'm a new person now they're also is a new person who is older than previous persons
who are not me
who had the same name as me so there's a causal relationship but there's a causal relationship not just between me and past ribs but between me and all of you but i don't think i'm you usually when i'm meditating on impermanence i think i'm mm
it might think i'm the same me as i was sent out a little boy but obviously that little boy is not me and yet i think it is it's like one can get over that and be relieved
in the practice of compassion or some people do not want to get over that they want to be connected to the little boy in the little girl fine but if you don't let go of that's normal human sentiment i'm the same person i used to be that's normal
the second kind of compassion which frees you from the shortcomings of the first
entails giving up the idea that you're the same person moment after moment
not pushing it away or being mean to it just let it go
and the more you see the disadvantages of holding onto it the more you might be willing to let it go
and when you let it go you and you really do that it go and see it then when you see yourself know that people that way you will see that it makes you more able to be compassionate than you were able to before
and then the same now another sentimental thing is to think that we are independent
is rhonda
this person
did you say do you say dwell on that
well well
if not if you're trying to learn compassion i learn by impermanent maybe you would dwell on that teaching
but when you actually understand it you don't dwell on it anymore you just are person who understands let's say that say
try to understand why focus on chair
a very not teaching and then
not say
the that say
along with
understanding the disagree
i'm always fresh always completely new situation that a person
do you also come to understand why
let's structure is or what
i say comedy with
forms of character that
you can say control over time right because talk about the freshness that but buyers are still less or related to motivate myself reading society is like knowing that there
the say yeah the development and there's a pattern of helpful show up on the moment they are not completely you need every time or you can about our relationships between myself and basil
and they come to be on the an error

the the types of teachings and trainings which would help one understand how things develop
our part of them curriculum of learning about impermanence and lack of inherent existence of things
it won't be possible to see how things develop really
you know in a deeper way than we already do
without understanding these two basic qualities of everything as developing all the things that are developing none of them are are inherently existing and then
and then ah
an changing into another inherently existing thing none of my like that and since they aren't that way you can't understand how they're evolving if you don't accept that they never in any instance or neck existing by themselves so this this teaching will also help you understand
how things are develop
before that basically how ideas stories about things
which you know if you hold onto them and don't realize that their momentary and they don't exist on their own that will not only interfere with your compassion
but it would also interfere with your with the understanding which will eliminate that process
so with hope without giving up the idea that pit things exist on their own independent of everything else
the compassion hindered but also the wisdom is hindered the other way around it when you understand and the lack of inherent existence and impermanence that's a wisdom that's a that's a knowledge of the way things are and that can help to compassion but it also can help you understand the way
the world horizons diseases
so yeah so
learning these teachings and actually understanding them
is necessary to for compassion to evolve but also for they are wisdom teachings

that color

permanence ago
three as and his team that i
thanks again
so that the first way taught it was three types the sentimental which is basically that you you take things to be the what you see them you think they're actually that way and you care for things which are appearing to you that way and you don't question or doubt
that what he thinks things are her you know is to where they are pier and that the way they appears with that's normal way of doing things and also that the people you don't want to help
i'd have ill will towards that they're actually the way you think they're that sentimental ill will and i don't know if at any other kind of real world and sentimental ill will but there is another kind of compassion because the sentimental type so the normal type of compassion some
your dear to me and also your the and also your what i think you are
your dear to me i don't want anything bad to happen to you and by the way your what i think you are and i think you're the cat's meow i think you're great
the cat's meow is also cat pajamas i think you're great you're the best and what i think you are is what you are and i care for you that's the first type
second and then second type is the the
could it could be more than one type but basically two types but it could be more than that it's the it's when you look at people and the way you see them is illuminated by understanding the teaching and then you don't you no longer fooled into thinking that the way people appear is the way they actually are
which which help you in your loving care for people and also protects you from the people who you think
really would big well served by some ill will
people who you wanna like my granddaughter hates donald trump
she wants him to be killed
that's what people are teaching her
and she's not yet ready to bid
a little bit she's she's she's she's a little bit
i'm being taught that the what she thinks things are not necessarily the way they are she's such a little bit that's coming to were like i told you a few years ago i told her that her mother was my daughter you know that one
and shows like no way
what she saw was this person here is my mother and that's it
she's nothing else that's the way i see her that's what she is and if i hear that cheated your her father
various sentimental about her mother now she they're listening or up and getting her ready some day
to see that her mother's momentary but she's not anywhere near that yet
so the second type is that you when you look at people who you care about who you you cherish them you think though the greatest you look at them and you actually
look at them in an illuminated state it doesn't make you hate it it doesn't make you care about the more necessarily it just makes you care about them in a way that you that john will never be derailed which will never be you'll never give up he wanted to serve that
a bigger or smaller is just full full full full full no no ambivalence
hockey i no ambivalence about your good wishes and with the aid of dharma illumination this thing unfolds unimpeded
and before you understand the dharma it's good to hear about it and learn about it so that that can illuminate this wonderful thing which is your sincere compassion for them
which hasn't been illuminated yet
and therefore it's somewhat is defect is to defected
and also you could you could defect and the job
i'm defecting see later scuse me i'm outta here
because the way i'm seeing you is killing me
i mean the combination of caring for you and the way i see you is no good and i gotta get out there
and maybe if dry rest i'd come back and maybe between now and i come back they'll be some illumination
so that i can
to this
so i mentioned it to dharma teachings which are two big ones impermanence and emptiness are not self those are two big ones to study and when they illuminate your mind than they illuminate your compassion great compassion is always already here
and it's not dualistic and it embraces all the different the of these other varieties of compassion but it embraces all the beings who need compassion who are eight core feeling compassion in a defective way in a skillful way and all those who can feel almost no compass
fashion it's right there with them to
because when it is it's the way or all the people who are learning about compassion are included in everybody else and everybody is else is included in those who are learning about compassion and some of the way some people are learning about it if they haven't even heard the word but they have heard about ill will and they're into it
but they're also in are included in this great compassion
it's just that they're not in these other times of they don't have these other types of compassion yet they haven't even started
however they could actually it's possible amazingly that the you someone might get them interested in practicing studying impermanence and
emptiness and if they if they can if you could get them to study that
that would open the door to them binding compassion and then the compassion would be illuminated by what they already learned so if you are to have compassion if i already have compassion that's great now i needed to be lumen illuminated by the teachings so that it will be defective
and so it can open to great compassion which has already here for everybody who was a beginner at compassion intermediate and compassion had advanced compassion and great compassion sorry to hear for people who are not consciously trying to practice compassion at all
am i talking loudly enough
here it really far away marty
would you do me a favor and come closer thank you
can bring your share to
is that like is that a little bit clearer
and this is something to or
for most of us have to go over this quite a few times to get it and then then you have to think about these teachings a lot in order for them to actually like come into your mind and be the way you see things even if you don't see things that way all the time
you sometimes see him that way oh i see there's improve oh i see lack of inherent existence but after you see you have to it's it's already there even when the weather you notice or not
yes came

concept of singer
illusions are the concepts are illusions yes they they appear
to be to have this formed in this shape and they seem to be about something but they're not about something they're they're an image of something but for example you're not an image but i have an image of you you're not a concept you're a living being but i have a concept of you
so if i think the concept i have a view
if you then i'm deluded but the concept i have you is an illusion of you it's an illusory version of you

sisters same time
is it
it's possible to see an image of illusion
or a concept of illusion and understand that that's not she's me to see an image of impermanence or a concept of impermanence and understand that's not impermanence that's an idea of it but by being mindful of the concept or the emergence of impermanence
you might actually see impermanence that's not a concept
in other words that's not an appearance you might actually see the reality of impermanence
when you don't understand it suddenly it it like that story comes from my mind often a monk goes to visit another monk whose sick and the traditional thing is how is your venerable health sir and amongst says i'm sick and the other monk says you're so
ik and the ticket monks as online sick
so he knew he was sick but he didn't understand
but he said it and the other monk set it back to him and then he understood
i'm sick and and in a in a new way so
i see you as permanent
and by admitting that i see you as permanent and annoying that i'm admitting that i i'm resisting the kitchen that's almost as good as remember that remembering a teaching maybe even better i don't believe the dharma i don't believe the dharma i don't believe the dharma you are permanent you are permanent you are that could be a method that
you were used to wake up to whom
these people aren't permanent
and i think i heard that before
but now i understand it
and also yeah i feel relieved of a lot of baggage
that i was carrying
when i was trying to help people my hands were full of baggage now i can put down this permanence and not my hands are free to help impermanent beatings her wonderful
i got hands to help him permanent biggs before i was carrying the baggage of permanent beings and i couldn't help them either not to mention impermanent beings who were like i didn't even know anything about them but now i put down the baggage and i can help actual people that need help the people who need help or the impermanent the permanent don't need
any help and also they don't exist
but if they did they wouldn't any help would be nowhere to help him because they're that they'd be set in stone like ice nine
they will then into permanent don't need any help it's the impermanent is the fragile living beings they need help and who wants to help him me and but i'm but i'm carrying the imperva the permanence of them will i'm trying to help them well that's getting in the way just take put down the permanence
and say oh my gosh now i can really help them
i don't even know how and therefore i really can
okay kangaroo
maybe i would help if i changed your name is occasionally
and yes
stick an example stuff than i had a meeting somebody
that electrical passion

you can do that
he was leaving that time be ah
i was jumping him back
to me for we saw a woman
some cookies i put them on and zip ali's grave and i think make it ten was my time is that or it's a lot i it's an issue does that so
my question is
i've long loved kick back as fall
michael but my question is always out can i act so that something changes in this passage
potential attack the sp that they didn't know happy
oh to be
i'm so
how can i add could change someone's perception is kind of related to
wishing that they would be free of their perceptions
and if i thought the perceptions
i regret if i thought would be them being free of their perceptions word protect them from harm and also other people from harm
then that would be like one of the basic ways to state what compassion as
is that someone's i see they're stuck in our perceptions can i would like to i wished that i will wish that they can be free of their perceptions which i don't think are doing them
good or aggravate which i think our stress causing them stress and suffering i wish that they will be free
have their perceptions and be able to be free of suffering
and am
so that's that that's the wish now the other thing is the great cook the great compassion is
that person over there who is not compassionate
is me
you know is is included in me
i'm like i'm like him
and that is that's the real compassion is and also
i'm like him and he's like me
both ways
and that's in the background or surrounding my wish that he would be free of his perceptions
and then also on i wish that i'd be free of my perception that he's not compassionate
so whatever he is i don't know it i think he's not compassionate but whatever he is is included in me that's great compassion
and open to that it's helpful if i can do the other two so great compassion is there whether i'm practicing these three forms or not
so i if i see someone who appears to be not compassionate great compassion is right there with me and him right there great compassion is how he's included in me and i'm included him and also on everybody else is on not just him and me is how everybody else is included in him and he
he is included in everybody and everybody's it's how we are working together
that's how we're working together
that's great compassion
the open to that
usually requires training in the teaching and also practicing these other forms of compassion
but it's you know is challenging one with like
if i see my granddaughter who wishes donald trump ill
can i
can i can my view of her be illuminated by understanding and permanence
yes can i love her just as much yes can i be less drain my can make can my love for her be less drained when i remember impermanence yes
i do love her
i do want to protect her from hi paul harm
the more i remember impermanence and i'm illuminated by that the more the more that mob is alive remembering also that she's not over there on her own that also energizes that form and those two together
free me from the previous type and then i need to let go of those two so i have an additional teaching in addition to impermanence and non self existence i have the teaching of great compassion
which is how we're working together
and how that the great compassion is not unceasing on the ceasing
beginning this
an endless so unceasing also as beginnings and endless
omnipresent so great compassion accepts suffering as omnipresent
it isn't debilitated by omnipresence of suffering it is the omnipresence and being accepted is very much its nature

and what and wanting this person
the protected from harm is very similar to one in his person to be protected from his own perceptions
i know some people who are the main problem the hab is their own perceptions of themselves they're tormented by their own perceptions
that's exact wishing them to be free of suffering is wishing they'd be free of what they think of themselves
they think they're worthless that's what they think of themselves nobody else in the neighborhood thinks that a bottom maybe there was somebody of twenty thirty forty years ago said to them you're worthless may be but now they're surrounded by people who don't talk like that there's one person is still talking like that
this person and they're actually saying it and they know it they know it's a habit but they're saying it
i wish he would be free of that way of talking about himself
and what can i do to help well i can be
where can i include them
it also that i'm included in them and i can be aware of that
there are impermanent and they don't have an inherent existence dem not having at her existence is very similar to they don't exist independent of may or may have them that were being with them can be transmitted
they can see how strangely we behave
like they tell us i'm worthless and we said you're worthless and they go i'm worthless
i mentally ill you're mentally ill oh my mental you
oh that your perception and that's my perception oh that's my perception
can i get in there
you're working on it can not
game game great passion
said disinterested
no it's not disinterested it's more like gum it is it is characterized as what's the word
like ah
you don't get jacked around by by people getting healthy and sick
when people who are healthy you wish you wish to protect them if they're sick you wish to protect take them if they're if they're healthy you wish that they'll be healthy again and again and again if they're sick you wish that they would be free of sickness
you wish them to be free of sickness and they refuse to get well
if you have these if if your wish that they be healthy
is illuminated by these teachings than when they refused to get well you won't you won't stop visiting them in the hospital you want say water you know or if they won't take the medicine you want abandon them so if we wish people to be well and we and our wishes illuminated we won't give up
on them
if we wish him to be well and we're stuck in what we think wellness is
when i get into when i get stuck into what we think medicine is and what they should do and who they are and who we are i'm the one who knows this is the medicine you should do this rather than you're just they're witnessing them
and also witnessing that their impermanent and don't exist separate from you
and if they get well of course you're pleased if they don't get well he pleased to not that they didn't get well you're pleased that you care about them
and that even if they never get well you just keep caring and you're so happy that no matter how sick they get you'll never resent them for getting sicker
okay so it's not really disinterested is more like you're basically always compassionate if you learn this and and people getting well you don't stop okay are you need me anymore and people getting sick you need me but only if you get better and
so on get not going to trouble that way yes
oh so
i often find that this teaching is in a way of pragmatic decisions
like if i have
a friend or quieter so i worked with and really are below
and i practice this teaching
no longer
seems like things are good except that perfect
do you see an exceptional perfect except that so their next day or next week and with that person get it and still it's really more to your blog takes a lot of effort back some stuff yes
even i you going to take all my effort and you know a maybe eventually i slip up don't make it through the meet with a whole investigation things like that but if i'm were just practicing is currently five so i just needed to this practice better
or on the temping alternate alternative there's like for media should just fire disperse to get someone is easier to work you know should just leave this friend and see was i oh no those practicing her compassion integrity three home with him and nineteen and register
there's this like tension between the reality of way
yeah i just did his practice for in i currently as a very right but
can i hit as someone as i do that here
so ah that permission to give up us
do you have permission to give up
well i don't know who's gonna give you the permission

if you do give up on these relationships
you probably will feel really bad
that's that's caregivers often do give up on caregiving
and they can be caregiving for employees or employers they can
and when we if you if you if you if you're not a caregiver than you might not feel so bad if you give up caregiving because you weren't doing it but if you are caregiving if you're trying to like be kind to employees or employers
and then you can then you give up on them that's called
well it's called depression or burn out and you'd feel bad and that but people do that so it's not the end of the story
people do run away from people that they're having a hard time from with but doesn't at the end of the story because you we are going to all the people would ever have run away from we're going to
we're going to come back and work out with them some day
but you know there can be periods where i've had it i'm outta here and i'm not going to talk to you anymore
and i used to be like really devoted to you and i don't i don't want have anything to do with you that does happen but it's not exactly that there's somebody in charge of giving you permission to do that
apparently i've watched people who do that and nobody seems to be given them permission
so they don't feel good about it
we don't feel good about abandoning people i mean that's really who we are
now if you take enough drugs you may not notice that you know you don't care that you abandoned the person
so many drugs or know where you get the permission
so a lot of people who do that they take drugs in than and permission to not care about people than they do stuff
when there are drugs that that show that they don't care about people when they're on drugs but then sometimes they after they sober up if you're bad yes just keep thinking that rise
it is situation
this last situation
i said
try to find a mindset or
me and the situation
whatever i say no
is that the situation and i asked in a way that is awesome resonates on true
i the situation
yeah i know what i say
is dependent on arises
this is great
well great compassion is dependent arising
we are dependent arising i'm a to i'm i am a dependent arising and i am to pentagon rising i'm arising code and independently with you that's what was actually going on that are actual life
and gum and that's all just as an and great compassion is living that
and also the that processes inconceivable
great compassion is inconceivable to pinnacle rising inconceivable and we are encouraged to think about both of those things all the time
which includes thinking about all the other types of compassion and all the all types of cruelty
a very basic question
but if a fire
practicing welcoming when is accepting what is that's not the that's the first time it's not the whole story
no it's not the vote no it is not the whole story because there's also welcome and what isn't
so as welcoming what is now and then there's also a welcoming what isn't
is very similar know
but it is for it is basically the whole story
there's some said you know so you'd like that i wish me well said you said i would well well well think as as be accepting what is what is this your said well if you if i wish that you'd get well and by the way i do as soon as possible

you see that hot
now when you said how was that wishing things to be different
it was amazing
ah if i have a wish that you would be well
like for example now i had this wish that you'd be well it was i wishing for things to be different
what i did anybody see me wishing for things to be different than anybody see
apple or just like it did you did you say it wasn't a good example
i asked her but you know did you just say that was a good example and did you say that wasn't a good example did you hear me say that was i wishing things to be different
was i didn't amazing me wishing for things to be different i didn't see it
what is i wishing you well and good health is the same time
oh you want somebody oh i see i i can't wish people who are well to be well interesting it's just not long
well maybe not for you but i wish people who are well to be well maybe you don't do that but i do that mostly i i'm doing that with everybody which turns out to include healthy people
it isn't i don't just wish people who have cancer to be well i don't
i wish you to be you have cancer
yeah like but it's okay if i wish you well even though it's a bad example i think and i think it's a good example i think wishing trace hate well it's a good example i'm trying to set that example i'm walking around wishing tracy well
have you ever noticed me wishing you well
was the right was it okay that i did yeah maybe hours
definition you're certainly going to stay well as your years know i do not wish to stay the way she is definitely not
i do not what i do not wish her health to stay the same and i do not wish to be different i'm wishing for neither honestly i do not wish for honestly i do not wish for our health to stay in the same i do not wish your health to say the same i do not wish my granddaughters
health the cesium i don't do that kind of wishing
i don't wish for you to be better and i do not wish you guess what nurse i don't wish to be worse i don't i really don't just my granddaughter wish somebody to be worse yes she does do i wish her to be different no i don't
do i wish your to wake up yes
is that differed know
she doesn't understand that and smear some of you don't i'm wishing you to be what you are which is well if you have cancer i wish you to be well not different at the moment you have cancer whatever kind of catchy you have i wish you to be well
at that moment the next day the next moment you have a different cancer and i wish you to be well again and then they come in and they say you don't have cancer anymore
that's somebody says that they maybe they know about such things i don't is a you know you don't try to catch anymore and just by wishing you well stop when you stop having cancer know it diverse what
i i think that the stability of my well wishing
is supported by me accepting the omnipresence of suffering if i don't accept such the omnipresence of suffering it makes it harder for me to wish everybody will
but i don't want to stop pushing people well which is loving kindness i don't want to stop wishing that people were free of herman which is compassion i don't want to stop those practices
and abide do not accept that sufferings present all the time that lack of acceptance will undermine my practice or compassion but
i do know wish people well
even if they're really healthy
even if they're rich
of course if they're poor of course it's are sick bayern have a problem with that
but i'm not wishing that sick people would be different from the sick person they are right now they might be doing that i'm here to set another example which is i wish you well and that will be an improvement you are perfect right now and i wish you well right now and it's not going to be an improvement if you get well and if you do
get well it will be like hey you didn't get it you didn't improve i'm outta here i'm here to improve you and if you don't give i'm going to find some people i can improve
the i've been coming here for quite a while
and i'll just keep going with a view improve of token coming
if you don't yes
just dealing with emily like it seems like it
meeting someone where where their learned to iraq
you're meeting people where they're at
but the nuance of the way she said that who almost like there's this is a special situation that you learn how to meet people where their hat
it's like we have to learn that but that's the way we already are were already meeting people where they're at best our life we're already doing this and they're meeting us where we're at that's great compassion but somehow we have to train to realize that that's reality
so let's train let's train and meeting each other where we're at which means i meet you where i'm at
i'm here and this is where i met you and i meet you where you are you're there and we're together and we meet we meet here let's do that and less noticed when we have some problem sometimes like we want to fire some like sometimes some of you want to hire fire me
cause i'm a little bit difficult or maybe i'm really difficult
so but some of you actually keep me around and don't fire me because i'm difficult
so some people just love to cab difficult people around so i get to stay other people were like to fire me but they haven't figured out how to do it yet
this is all part of the deal of mating where we're at that's reality
i'm i say that the reality and great compassion is is that
you're welcome tracy apple
who i wish well and i will i hope i never stop
can i hope to and i also believe that this well wishing of you really has no beginning
and and it will never stop but i hope i realized that with you
thank you so