Sit to Become Free of Sitting

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this serve this book
is i guess so
the largest
buddhist scripture the largest suture
on there is a i can call the pali canon and in there are many scriptures
in a total of all those scriptures and in poly and also in sanskrit there's another set of discourses of the historical buddha in sanskrit and pali the total of all of them i think might be more than this one scripture but in terms of each one of those discs
of the buddha is a separate discourses this one discourse is bigger than any of them but all of them together are probably great bigger than this this is the largest one scripture as called one sutra the other times like a sergio
ah and this is scripture had lot of
strong influence on the on the the phenomenological event called the same school the social event conditions go of strongly are influenced by this scripture others to but this one this is a scripture which alma
no one reads
but here it is
and the last section of it last chapter
the last chapter really as a separate scripture but it's also called the thirty ninth chapter
it's really
see three depends on the way the type years but have a three three four hundred five hundred pages long this last chapter
and it's called in sanskrit ganda view her and in the translation is entry into the realm of reality
and it is

a depiction of a pilgrimage
a young
have a boy
in the course of this trip which takes many many years is
he probably gets quite old
but they never mentioned when he stops being a boy
if name is sooner in
in sanskrit
in chinese it sends a zen
zheng zhi
since i da je
so he somehow he has this
wonderful opportunity to meet
manjushri body start fuck
so the beginning of the scripture it has his elaborate description of the presence of this great bodhisattva of wisdom and lots of people are coming to visit him
many people coming in receiving the blessings of wisdom
and one of the people comes is this young man named soon enough
and so the focusing on his what happened to him when he met one you should already saatva maha sidebar

and basically what happened was he was a
he was
in the area and meeting with magician he was inspired
with the wish to realize
supreme perfect complete enlightenment in order to benefit all beings
he had an aspiration
it arose in him in his meeting with manjushri
and the path which he was wanting to embark upon the path to complete perfect enlightenment
he understood that that path has called the path of a bodhisattva
the buddha was a bodhisattva who
what when an alarm
to become buddha and he wanted to also walk that same path that same bodhisattva path
and then it occurred to him that
he didn't know how
to do the practice of the bodhisattva
which is the practice of realizing supreme perfect enlightenment for the welfare of all beings
and he thought that and maybe even set it out loud to manjushri that
i want to realize
supreme perfect enlightenment but i don't know what the practices
and someone do she said well it's really good that you want to obtain enlightenment that you really do and then
to make a long story short
monday few bodhisattva
talks about what a wonderful person is is who wants to who has this aspiration
calling himself like ocean and virtues
he said it's good that you that you wish that you had this aspiration and it's also good that you realize that it would be good if you got some instruction on how to practice
it's good if you realize that you need to meet a good friend

who meet anybody who has his aspiration
and it's even harder to meet somebody who wants to learn how to practice and it's even harder to find a good friend to instruct you in this practice
so he's met manjushri who is a good friend and magician basically
wake them up to this aspiration in there too i shouldn't say much as she does the meeting wakes him up to this aspiration he discloses it and discloses his not knowing how to proceed and wanting a good friend to teach him
and up and monday manjushri teaches them
and in most marvelous way
and damage issue has been
demonstrating in various ways
the great
samadi the great meditation practice that he has
realized the great liberating practice that he has realized
and then goes into some detail about how amazing this practices
and then he says
but how could i teach you what the body sought by ways
and they described what the bodyshop away his and as as the discussion goes on you realize
who would be able to teach that
and manager she says how can i teach what a body up is i have a bodhisattva i've had this great realization but how can i teach you therefore you should go study with somebody else and so in the zen tradition there is a t thing that you have a great teacher but your teacher doesn't know higher tissue
the bodhisattva way so go steady with somebody else another great teacher who also doesn't know how to tissue who will send you to another teacher who also doesn't know how to teach you because how could they how could anybody tissue but the body software ways
and yet
there's another person i recommend you teaching so he goes and visits fifty three
the fifty three teachers he visits here one of the one of them the first one and the fifty third one is the same one
in the and he comes back to munch history
is set up
i finished the course
that has no end
say this is all these teacher in each teacher he says
ah and and as he leaves these teacher he's filled with joy at the teaching which they gave him including that each one says how could i teach you
and sends him to the next one each one as he goes from one another he practices what they taught him even though they said how can i tissue and he's so happy to do the practice but he still goes to next teacher and says again i have set on this path
but i don't know how to practice the way of a bodhisattva and then he goes often into great detail about how much he doesn't know how to practice
and then the teacher says great and then the teacher tells them well i've got
i've got this here's my practice english and in the show they show him the practiced in his amazement upon amazement of the practices of these body ciphers are doing
and then they say
but how could i teach you
away and then they talked about the way which how could anyone did they say sends them to the next person
so yeah so we that's part of our tradition and zan is that we go to see a teacher
who who causes and conditions have led us to the teacher has a wonderful practice and and they teach us and i don't know how to teach us
this is nice because there's so many great teachers in here are some of the teachers are a lot of the teachers are female
there's lots of night goddesses in here
and they have these night goddesses have the spectacular name's about the way that they aluminate
ah the darkness
so we're really
there really aren't any teachers
and yet people make themselves available for people to come and say i hear you have instruction for bodhisattvas and i would like you to teach me the body sought for way and then the person shows their practice and then in the end says i really don't have anything
to teach you
did they come and say i would like you to teach me the bodhisattva way or do they go so far as to say please teach me
did they ask quarter to they just match or this was outside they say please teach me please teach me please instruct me in the practices of the the practice of the bodhisattva way which i don't know even though i visited manjushri
even though i visited thirty five great bodhisattvas even i've visited thirty six even i visited thirty seven i still don't know and these the people are visiting they don't know either that know how and yet
they have this tremendous generous relationship where they give their whole life or practice
and then
each one says but how can i teach you the boys up away please teach me the voice up away here's my practice on and on and on all these demonstrations
and the young person's like totally open to a totally inspired and encouraged
and then they say but how could i teach you and then the teachers some more
they don't know what it is they say so
and they teach it but they don't know how
they teaching it and i don't know they don't know how and they teach they teach they don't know how they teach they don't know how cozy somebody else
who was really a good teacher
and they might say the same thing each would pretty much as far as i i'm not sure if anybody's founded and exceptions but so far i've the all for the same pattern
in our precepts ceremony that we do is send center there is a celebration at the end ah
a celebratory kind of poem at the end where the preceptor at the ceremony says
now at this at at this time
in buddha lands throughout the throughout the universe there's a whole lot of and going on
and celestial flowers are falling and the bodhisattvas in those lands
are amazed
by this
event and they asked her teacher the buddha in that land what what's what's the reason for this and the buddha says
in in the world of patience and the world too much on patients but in the world where you can practice patience like this planet we have lots of opportunities to practice patience right
where there's no lack of pain and suffering the practice patients with in that on that land ah
body sought far bodhisattvas who had heard teachings about the precepts have aspired to receive these precepts
from their teacher
they're preceptor who was inspired to receive precepts
from their teacher who was inspired to receive precession their teacher this lineage of receiving the precepts they have just received the precepts that's why our worlds are shaking
we're we're actually use expression take the precepts sorry i'm going to take the precepts it's okay it means really i'm going to receive the precepts
they're going to be going gonna be given to me and then i'm gonna take him
i'm not trying to eradicate the word take but anyway we take what is given
and the precepts are offered to be received and in a ceremony it says the preceptor has received it from there preceptor who received it from there precept preceptor has received from her preceptor who received it from her preceptor although back
the condition in this historical setting on the planet earth

are these all these teachers had practices which they were involved in amazing practices
o l a lot of in practiced sitting meditation and one way or another
so we are
we practice sitting meditation we actually like sit
upright on a cushion
it's a practice do and

it's a practice which we aspire to do wholeheartedly
and in the whole wholeheartedness
there is just dropping away
there is a liberation occurs in the wholeheartedness of the activity have per sample sitting it could also be done standing

in the whole hardiness of sitting we we fully realize
the giving for in in probably realizing the giving we are wholehearted
both ways
under his arm
there's a term
as it's a canada zen turn which in the chinese way of saying it is
key khan and key is the key for example of my name sankey kidneys energy or opportunity or function
are working
one is if when when the energy is applied to flying it's called
a flying machine an airplane
when it's applied to the mine is called intellect when it's applied to certain sports is called and is that sport this energy this opportunity can be applied to all of our activities and keep calm and colonies
so it's kind of like it's a way of working with our energy
which are energy becomes come like a barrier
and is often used her
in pictured as like drawing a bowl
pulling the string back on a bow and drawing a bow
into the shape of a full moon
so what you're doing is you're pulling the ball back and making it into a full moon
or you're sitting
have you are making your your body into a full moon
you're making your mind into a full moon he making an effort
a full effort to bring your effort into a full round
and if there's any wish to get anything out of this effort
it's accepted but the effort is just to pull the bowstring to make the posture is just to make the sitting posture and to make it
whole heartedly
again if there's any idea of getting anything out of this sitting at all right
that will make it harder to just pull the bolstering back wholeheartedly it might take away lily your energy so it's okay but you probably need to give it up trying to get something out of it will make it harder to just totally do it so what you're doing is just
being wholehearted
pulling the string of your posture
pulling the string of your attention all the way to fullness
and in that there will be a release
of whatever your
do i
what you're doing is not the release it's the release of what you're doing that happens in the fullness
as many have you heard the story of the artery teacher who taught is doing just pull the ball and just hold it pulled the ball all the way back and just hold it until the string is released
and but you don't release it it will just be released
so we say we just make the body a wholehearted body and that body when his whole hearted that body will drop off we make the sitting when the sitting as wholehearted the city will drop off will become free of the body will become free of the sitting
and when the bolstering his release to your free of the poll bolstering its not so not so much about shooting the arrow into the target there is that too
that's something you to mention a little later
i can feel like that that
the key com the making your energy into like a barrier
a barrier to what
barrier to what what's it a barrier to
i know it's a barrier to half heartedness if a barrier to try to get something
and when you were not barriers established and as no more time to get anything by this practice
the door opens
the strings released
i kind of i've seen today is correct as the feminine part of our practice
it just thought it's like the whole mess of it
we had marry her earlier due to see mary
some mary's can have a baby just next month
the wholeness the roundness
the prick
a pregnancy of the moment
and the moment
and then there's the arrow get a shot you know to break in a straight ahead to a target that's the masculine part
but it comes from this wholeness
so our practice is is this is at the center and then activities which come from this center
they complete the picture but this is at the center this sitting
wholeheartedly without trying to get anything
and just
cause says just wholeheartedly sit and then you are unmistakably unmistakably drop our body and mind
and one meeting up unmistakably is like for sure it's gonna happen
but the other meaning of unmistakably is when it happens when the dropping off occurs it will not be mistaken as something you did
when his whole hearted there will be dropping off but because you wholeheartedly you won't think that you did it
if you're somewhat if you're if you're
seventy nine percent hearted you might still have
twenty one percent have you ever left to think that you did it that you did the dropping off but the dropping i won't happen or you can kick out of this temple if you think that you did it
if you think you did it than you think you did it and you did it you're out
you're being told to practice wholeheartedly you're not been told to practice sitting and then also
release body and mind you told a packed practice sitting wholeheartedly and in the wholeheartedness there will be dropping off and will be no mistaking that you did it and you'll also be no mistake in the somebody else did it
toby no mistaking
and you'll see it's the same thing as being hot freedom as the same thing as wholeheartedness
yes kurt
as you're talking
thinking about thea calligraphy present circle
isn't that nice of zan gets to own that
people give them to send they will say similar to the buttons test their symbol they give people a people are so generous to give us a nice symbol
correct you know what you're talking about it and that's that's that's what that circle supposed to be so every zen priest you know draws a circle to see if they can do it wholeheartedly like i wonder if this was going to be wholehearted
i wonder what the famous for this one
oh darn
yeah like that every make every action like drawing a circle without trying to make a beautiful
wanting it to be but not thinking that you're gonna do it may this be beautiful may this be beautiful
may this encourage bags
may my life encourage beings even though i'm not doing the encouraging myself
so i thought it this morning i was talking to someone who likes the story about it a zen teacher and china whose name was
lupu and the story is the name of the story as lupu faces the wall
and so the story has whenever a monk came to visit lupul lupul would immediately face the wall that was no poor teaching bodhi dharma
it's also known for facing the wall for nine years
but and loop de loop copy and maybe but apparently looper wasn't already facing the largest when the somebody would come you if a so on
he might be know he might have been spent doing something else or when a monk came he would face the wall just fade to wall
reverend lupo please teach me the way
he just paste the wall
i guess is i guess when his face know all that he wasn't trying to get those people to be enlightened
our he wasn't trying to gain anything by this teaches just face the wall
he just be home

because there's no born on you

ah yes
two weeks ago i had an experience
the gratitude pointed death is good
and this of this goodness
and i don't even know how to even say thank you to all these great master
and i wish
to be able to live that
but i still get

that's something to story i just told
saw the great master
and wanted to become
a great master and didn't know how
and he cried quite a bit actually
he cried
for a long time
he walked around manjushri hundreds of thousands of times before he left
with gratitude
not knowing how to do what he most wanted to do
but that's why we need a good friend
who can
practice with us so we can walk around one hundred thousand times crime and keep going even though we don't know how
even though we think we don't know how and even know we feel like we don't know how we need something that somebody to practice with us through that
we can't do it by ourselves
but we can do it together and we are doing it together
and you don't have to feel like anybody else
but you do have to feel like you to you feel
and you have to feel it wholeheartedly
and that's quite a challenge
but everybody's helping us do that
but again
it's even it's hard to help perceive all the help

it's hard to find a good friend and then it hard
to get along with them
it's hard to receive their help

and there is a story of people who had a hard time receiving the help
and this is the story of the buddha away
have needing help
receiving the help and had been rather difficult
but the help is bringing us to the wholeheartedness wherein there's just sitting
where in his chest
complete devotion
to the current event
the current daily life
the we are
how we say practicing where devotedly practicing
a straightforward path of directly pointing
everything we do is pointing
to complete perfect enlightenment everything we do
he's expressing it everything we do is in service of it everything we do is demonstrating everything we do is
making offerings to it and we don't know what it is
but it's what we want because we are that kind of people that we want to be perfectly enlightened in order to help all banks in the best possible way
no face the wall
guti raised one finger

what will you do
thank you very much
me or information
equally tend to agree the place way the team the way beings are numbers
however to save them delusions are exhausted disaster
hey lot and then dharma a southern less
try to enter them buddha as ray sundancer fastball
admittedly comment